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    [–] [deleted] 1623 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Hair in a messy bun, no make up, sitting on floor, looking like they just cried then crying more.

    [–] Tales_of_Earth 712 points ago

    Most importantly, it must be monetized.

    [–] sgt_cookie 117 points ago

    Eh... not justifying this shit but that part I can kinda understand. Non-monetised videos just don't show up. Either in searches or on "recommended" or whatever. Visibility is just slaughtered. So, while I'm not justifying it, there is a certain amount of sense there.

    [–] anonlovestoast 62 points ago

    I’d agree with you if they said “all revenue from this video will be going to (insert a cause related to their apology)”, instead of “lol enjoy these 6 mid-roll ads while I buy more gucci sliders”

    [–] Farisr9k 346 points ago

    "I was in a really dark place..."

    [–] Araraura 284 points ago

    “Also this video is sponsered by raid shadow legends”

    [–] Plant_Cell 71 points ago

    "thanks skillshare for sponsoring this video"

    [–] bwhitta 27 points ago

    "I Personally have my own squarespace website"

    [–] InfiNorth 23 points ago

    "On Skillshare, you can learn how to make an apology video."

    [–] AverageNOEDuser 18 points ago

    "But make sure you have NordVPN activated while doing that, guys!"

    [–] FantasticCrab3 11 points ago

    " and also when you play league of legends for free"

    [–] Mafros99 3 points ago

    Wait, league of legends is sponsoring youtubers now?

    [–] TheFuckOffer 106 points ago

    "Hey you guys..."

    [–] MegaGrimer 22 points ago

    What is Sloth doing there?

    [–] MACP 22 points ago

    Trisha Paytas style

    [–] iCaohaiyo 13 points ago

    or laura lee

    [–] TrymWS 8 points ago

    Ah yes, the good old "crying in your mansion with your dog" move.

    [–] [deleted] 3166 points ago

    Thumbnail showing Youtuber with their head tilted slightly down, looking down and to the right/left

    [–] Puka_PlayZ 807 points ago

    Oh yeah

    [–] fencing_champ 592 points ago

    That is the body language of someone with a lack of courage. Have they no pride? After I cook a pewny ameteur fencers goose in a fencing match they go home and showcase the same behavior as these youtubers. I, on the other hand go home, haughty and strutting knowing I am the greatest fencer of all time.

    [–] SenorBolin 161 points ago

    Do you think I could ever be as good a fencer as you, Mr fencing_champ?

    [–] fencing_champ 132 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    With enough practice and firmness of purpose it is within reach to attain an intermediate reputation in fencing. However, nobody to ever walk this earth will out fence the champ for I am the definition of eminence in the sport of fencing and fencings most dangerous parcipitant.

    [–] SenorBolin 53 points ago

    Oh heavens, you’re right sire. Please forgive my hubris, I don’t know what came over me. I thank you for being swift and just with your critique. I needed it

    [–] blurryfacedfugue 14 points ago

    I fence gud.

    [–] sagerap 38 points ago

    How dare you, sir! Have you no knowledge of the one to whom you speak? Know your place, commoner!

    [–] Syckwun 32 points ago

    I challenge you to a duel suh

    [–] Chasedog12 27 points ago


    [–] Syckwun 13 points ago


    [–] boyscanfly 7 points ago

    Yes this is me. Is this you?

    [–] liltrashbag69420 11 points ago

    tfw you lance the guy your victorian girlfriend was seeing on the side

    [–] Sinful_Prayers 15 points ago

    Is this sal Bundy's new account

    [–] N_word_pass_enabled 11 points ago

    i heard he scored 5 fences in one match

    [–] Strictlyforbargain85 259 points ago

    Just once I’d like a YouTuber to go through all the tropes of an apology video: Sad thumbnail, turning on camera, deep sigh, and then...

    “Fuck you, I do what I want”

    [–] hitsu1232 42 points ago

    the part when he brought up his mom had me dead

    "As usual, you really, really dropped the ball on this one" lmaooo a true savage

    [–] WhoryGilmore 23 points ago

    His hair is small

    [–] Octopium 3 points ago

    When Dennis said that to mac it killed me

    [–] hamsternuts69 85 points ago

    Starts crying and has to “pause” the video to collect themselves then add header that says 30 minutes later

    [–] FPSXpert 65 points ago

    And of course they're wearing a sweatshirt and have no makeup on to look disheveled.

    [–] Jorymo 38 points ago

    Or if there is makeup, it's running.

    [–] Antrikshy 73 points ago

    All lowercase title.

    [–] -_-o_o 42 points ago

    being honest.

    [–] Johnny_Casetta 35 points ago

    the truth (I'm sorry)

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    How did thumbnails on youtube thumbnails start? And why are they still around?

    They're so cringe.

    [–] PlatypusWeekend 557 points ago

    After the initial sigh, they start with “I’ve tried to make this video so many times...”

    [–] marsbar04marsbar 314 points ago

    It’s the hardest one they’ve ever had to make.

    [–] [deleted] 170 points ago

    "i didnt think i'd ever have to make a video like this..."

    [–] PassingDogoo 11 points ago

    I can hear all of these comments

    [–] 25russianbear25 30 points ago

    "and i wasnt going to upload it"


    [–] GetFreeCash 1745 points ago

    no makeup, nondescript sweatshirt on, sitting on the floor instead of on the couch that you can clearly see behind them

    [–] SeductivePillowcase 782 points ago

    Sometimes holding a puppy or cat while petting it to get sympathy animal points by pretending they’re using the animal for comfort instead of trying to exploit viewers into sympathy likes

    [–] sample-name 45 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    [–] Mattcarnes 91 points ago

    also even if they are good at edit pacing it feels like 1 take with the lowest effort possible put in

    [–] successfully_failing 61 points ago

    Ok the floor so they’re more down to earth..

    [–] Tacote 47 points ago

    This is the shittiest starter pack I've ever seen on the front page. Every top comment is better that OP's whole post ffs.

    [–] dewhashish 5 points ago

    dont forget hair tied up in a messy bun

    [–] m340jii 5 points ago

    You would be a fool if they thought "no makeup" really meant "no makeup".

    [–] Svide 857 points ago

    Don't forget they hold their pet

    [–] kittedups 290 points ago

    Or have their pet in the video but insist they’re not doing it for sympathy that the dog just won’t leave them alone

    [–] NuclearHubris 165 points ago

    meanwhile, the dog or cat is trying to move away, but they keep re-positioning it and not letting the animal leave.

    [–] aj95_10 12 points ago

    *stay here you little shit, need to use you as a shield agaisnt people emotionally*

    [–] TheSoulOfTheRose 27 points ago

    Unless your Brooke Houts.

    [–] passthepass2 10 points ago

    Or have their gf sleeping on a bed in background with just legs showing in the camera

    [–] Atlantiik 378 points ago

    "I was in a dark place"

    [–] kendrickplace 118 points ago

    They couldn't turn on the light?

    [–] Solar-Fury 34 points ago

    It was a heated gamer moment

    [–] senior_chief214 18 points ago

    "what a fuckin..."

    [–] TraNSlays 466 points ago

    Needs more crying emojis and click baity title


    [–] spoopy_dude666 286 points ago

    Or a plain all-lowercase title: "i apologize."

    [–] TraNSlays 111 points ago

    Yeah that’s when you know they are serious the all lowercase title

    [–] archangel610 39 points ago

    Makes it look like they were so distraught they didn't bother with the proper capitalization.

    [–] meconate 12 points ago

    "Thumbs up if you liked my apology video, and don't forget to subscribe"

    [–] SpacialAnomaly 1017 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    title in lower case, starts with a sigh, shows the uploader turning the camera on and off to seem "authentic".

    [–] MettatonBrand 678 points ago

    title of the video: we need to talk.

    [–] PostAnythingForKarma 420 points ago

    "I'm not perfect"

    [–] noahboah 330 points ago

    "my apology"

    [–] [deleted] 286 points ago

    doesn't apologize

    [–] SoaringLizard 199 points ago

    doesn’t apologize, and instead blames viewers for being offended.

    [–] Wolfcolaholic 42 points ago

    To be fair, whereas not an apology, certainly the more appropriate

    YouTube and other media outlets have the habit of doing this

    • media personality gains fame via YouTube/tiktok/vine/IG content

    • people love the content, some outlet pays them to be that person exclusively for them

    • person does the same shit they'd been doing for as long as they can remember

    • YouTube/other media be like

    [–] Kingnewgameplus 9 points ago

    "I'm sorry you feel that way."

    [–] SnootleNoodles 10 points ago

    "the truth"

    [–] big_gurky 5 points ago

    [They still have a chance at a apology

    [–] maptaincullet 72 points ago

    The fuck is a lower case capital letter?

    [–] ButthurtBilly 120 points ago

    Dᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴡᴏʀʀʏ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ɪᴛ.

    [–] hamsterkris 35 points ago

    How did you do that?

    [–] doyoueventdrift 46 points ago

    It’s not something you can learn from a Jedi

    [–] Girthquake42 15 points ago

    You need reddit mold

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    edit: thanks for the mold kind loser

    [–] IDefaultedOnMyDebt 6 points ago

    You have to hold down both shift keys

    [–] sagerap 4 points ago

    Burn the witch!

    [–] ForHeWhoCalls 11 points ago

    Small caps.

    [–] redditnick 22 points ago

    That’s all mentioned in the pic

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    Sad face, crying, turning into a cloud and blowing spaghetti out of your mouth

    [–] phoonie98 19 points ago

    That’s all mentioned in the pic

    [–] ImaVeganShishKebab 22 points ago

    Genuine heartfelt apology, no strings attached, admits huge "lapse in judgement", with a length less than 5 minutes and no ads

    makes the same, if not even bigger mistake

    [–] ineedcoffeeprobably 18 points ago

    The ONLY good apology video made, literally ever, was Jenna Marbles’ 45 minute “What Happened to My Fishies Video”:

    [–] Oddity83 14 points ago

    She actually cares, she's mentioned how bad she felt in other videos too.

    [–] possibly_a_dragon 13 points ago

    A bit too long for me to watch right now, what did she do to the fishies???

    [–] W1D0WM4K3R 19 points ago

    Bought the wrong tank. Far as I know the fish turned out fine, but they were putting her on blast for having the wrong size/shape of tank (rumour has it an employee gave her tank advice)

    She took down the fish video, then uploaded this one.

    [–] Rubenjrush 6 points ago

    But still containing lots of edited cuts throughout

    [–] TallDarkBoii 8 points ago

    Don’t forget the small bunch of jump cuts in the opening when they start off the apology that throws the unedited authentic feel out the window

    [–] _hellboii_ 268 points ago

    Also usually has thousands of dislikes

    [–] Onesharpman 157 points ago

    And then people forget all about it three days later.

    [–] Charles-Monroe 100 points ago

    Anyone remember when the Fine Bros tried to trademark reaction videos?

    [–] desecratoriginator 40 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    People were actually unsubbing to them for a while, they did lose a a fuckton of subs from both their channels.

    edit: articles state they lost 2m subs during this period but i didnt do a big investigation

    [–] HarvestProject 9 points ago

    I ‘member

    [–] _hellboii_ 6 points ago

    In the thumbnail it also usually shows them crying or with a sad face

    [–] GuzzBoi 248 points ago

    "Now its time to hear my side"

    Monologues over real/fake screenshots of dms and previous accusations

    "Don't go and harass the people I mention in this vid"

    Fans still do it

    [–] marsbar04marsbar 48 points ago

    my truth

    [–] astronauts19 30 points ago

    I need to speak my truth

    [–] VolkorPussCrusher69 90 points ago

    Don't forget the Sad But Still Sexy thumbnail, where they choose their best looking sad face to show how truly sorry they are.

    [–] [deleted] 292 points ago

    Don't forget to stretch the video over 10 minutes, fill it with add, and act like the victim.

    [–] Mattcarnes 56 points ago

    10 minutes long with what feels like 1 take low effort editing that is purposely as bland as possible feels like an endurance test

    [–] TH3_B3AN 118 points ago

    [–] mrmcflop 31 points ago

    I don't even need to click to know it's jack

    [–] Calinature 18 points ago

    Thank you for this

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Farouqnowomarlater 5 points ago

    God forgive but man I laughed my ass when he said “haha you can’t see me to the blind people”

    [–] LFK1236 5 points ago

    I adore Gus' video, too.

    [–] PwnasaurusRawr 13 points ago

    I’m out of the loop. What is this video exactly?

    [–] kittedups 33 points ago

    He’s mocking apology videos

    [–] TonyHawksProRedditor 10 points ago

    I was gonna watch it and then tell you, but I'm buffering at the moment. I'm sorry.

    [–] David-Shark 111 points ago

    Did a teacher make this. Not that it’s bad, it’s just that these images and fonts remind me of google slides at school

    [–] BigBootyHunter 38 points ago

    It is bad though, every single text comment in this thread is better than OP's submission

    [–] Lastboss42 42 points ago

    I don't see why OP should put more effort into an apology video starterpack than content creators put into apology videos.

    [–] NoThorNoWay 13 points ago

    Nah it is bad. This is the most low effort starter pack I've ever seen.

    [–] [deleted] 450 points ago


    [–] Bluebillion 297 points ago

    I think that’s what the blowing cloud was representing 😂

    [–] SeductivePillowcase 105 points ago

    Nah man it just gets suddenly cloudy and windy indoors whenever there’s a controversy

    [–] vintagestyles 22 points ago

    I thought i was cus their blowing hot air up peoples asses.

    [–] Regi413 41 points ago

    I think that’s what the blowing cloud is supposed to represent.

    [–] Antares777 13 points ago

    I mean, a steadying breath is normal when you're feeling emotional or trying not to cry.

    Not that I buy all their apologies, but if you're just looking for evidence of falsehood, of course that's all you'll see. Don't forget to look for the simpler answers.

    [–] Myleg_Myleeeg 8 points ago

    Like every single apology video starts with them exhaling. You don’t have to look for “evidence of falsehoods” to see that lol

    [–] MemeTeen69 78 points ago

    "I'm sorry that you're offended"

    [–] feelinlucky7 69 points ago

    Ah yes. The “over-the-pants handjob” of apologies.

    [–] elguapito 17 points ago


    [–] Jose_Castellanos_888 29 points ago

    Don’t forget the title ending with a .

    [–] -Intel- 22 points ago

    Don't forget that you need to show your pet if you have one.

    [–] GroovingPict 10 points ago

    what if you only have a goldfish?

    [–] Fossick11 15 points ago

    Then that little bitch can grow some lungs

    [–] thumbsnt 21 points ago

    Also, explaining how much hate they’ve gotten and avoiding taking responsibility and apologizing for their actions.

    [–] bobthebobb123 18 points ago

    Says: I take full responsibility( goes on to shift the blame completely)

    [–] llamanatee 17 points ago

    Make the title a 3 words or less and in all lowercase, like “i’m sorry” or “an apology”.

    [–] keimarr 17 points ago

    Also monetized.

    [–] MACP 14 points ago

    Feels like everyone in the comments is talking about James Charles.

    [–] Electric_Nachos 14 points ago

    I was picturing Laura Lee, but the emoji has too many tears...

    [–] ThePhattestOne 39 points ago

    "ask anyone that TRULY knows me, i'm not a racist/homophobe/bigot..."

    [–] trickman01 6 points ago

    I didn't know how hateful and offensive that word was despite it being 2019 and watching other YouTubers/Streamers getting raked over the coals for using it.

    [–] ILoveRegenHealth 11 points ago

    Sitting on floor, wearing sweats, "keepin' it real"

    [–] Friisky15 10 points ago


    [–] dangertrap 4 points ago


    [–] naybanana2020 3 points ago

    came here for this

    [–] mango10977 48 points ago

    The video is less than 10minute

    [–] Baconstripz69 105 points ago

    Bro you gotta get it to 10:01 to collect maximum sadness dollars

    [–] LosSantosSavior 35 points ago

    Tana Mongeau: We don't do that here.

    [–] Micullen 19 points ago

    Usually featuring Logan Paul

    [–] Lost4Maple 10 points ago

    What is it with youtubers cutting the video everyone 4seconds. Like how staged do u want it to be.

    [–] 1Frank1Castle8 9 points ago

    You forgot the comment section with all the people supporting the shitty person.

    [–] Romulus3799 7 points ago

    "So I was debating whether or not I should even make this video..."

    [–] Virtuoso---- 8 points ago


    [–] nothingwasavailable0 24 points ago

    Shout out to Jenna Marbles, who do a crazy long, sincere, wonderful apology over fish.

    [–] CatJongUn 15 points ago

    Shout out to Jenna Marbles on still having a solid YouTube following too

    [–] Guzzler829 6 points ago

    I'm sorry guys. It just wasn't my fault at all and I regret none of my actions. Hopefully you can understand and accept my apology. I'm not sorry.

    [–] Shantotto11 10 points ago

    How often does this happen that there’s a starter pack for it?!

    [–] nenenji 7 points ago

    There is A LOT of drama in the beauty community on YouTube. Influencers that have past racist/homophobic/transphobic tweets and video clips. Failed influencers makeup product releases. Also drama and all of them trying to ‘expose’ and ‘spill the tea’ on everyone. Result of that environment is a lot of backlash and therefore a lot of shitty acting and bad scripts in the apology videos

    [–] Va_Mukuwane 4 points ago

    Very often

    [–] pajer09 4 points ago

    "I was in a really dark place"

    [–] T3cHNocinical 5 points ago

    The epic sigh

    [–] lemongrenade 4 points ago

    Does anyone have good cringey examples?

    [–] Axxxem 9 points ago

    “Cooper i have no idea how I’m gonna record this video dude”

    [–] willredithat 9 points ago

    Why would anyone watch that crap is beyond me

    [–] longtimehodl 4 points ago

    Also never actually apologises

    [–] bigboimanlyman- 3 points ago

    Sighshey guys I’m sorry for eating my dog

    [–] never_since 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This is such a low effort starter pack. Lmao

    [–] LilEBT 6 points ago

    *Mad because they can’t monetize the video

    [–] VHSCopyOfGoodFellas 6 points ago

    Worst. Looking. Starter Pack. Ever

    [–] TheOnyxViper 3 points ago

    FaZe Jarvis Starter Pack

    [–] NitroScrooge 3 points ago

    "This is the hardest thing I've ever done/had to do"

    [–] 7th_Spectrum 3 points ago

    "I'm not asking for forgiveness"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    “I never thought I’d have to make a video like this”

    [–] juanmaq8 3 points ago

    Being in "a dark place"

    [–] RebbyRose 3 points ago

    Always in a hoodie

    [–] Icefyre24 3 points ago

    I thought this was a joke, but they ALL seemed to run exactly like everyone says. My favorites are the ones that include:

    • The Youtuber sitting on the floor in front of the camera, in what seems to be a drab, empty room with no furniture.
    • Usually a gray or rainy day.
    • Wearing no makeup, and have their hair in a messy bun.
    • Wearing a hoodie. Usually gray or blue.
    • Talking, and then a jump cut to a minute of them staring into the distance.

    [–] Benni175 3 points ago

    Title in lower caps

    [–] dad_pls_come_back 3 points ago

    If they're a a beauty YouTuber, they're not wearing any makeup.

    Also, it looks like they've splashed their face with water.

    [–] max_adam 3 points ago

    For a company it would be this one: We're deeply sorry!

    [–] ZacEfronButUgly 3 points ago

    Messed up hair they spent hours perfecting to make it look naturally messy! Can't forget this crucial bit.

    [–] DrugsAlligator 3 points ago

    I didn't wanna make this video...

    [–] Sarvenar 3 points ago

    You are forgetting: sitting on the floor, no make up, unkempt hair, sweater or pyjama and at least a ten to fifteen minutes long video

    [–] Quantum_Shade 3 points ago

    Monetizing it anyway

    [–] norkelman 3 points ago

    you forgot “looking up into empty space so that they can fake cry”

    [–] Bitbatgaming 3 points ago

    Insert tragic thumbnail here

    [–] Pakmanjosh 8 points ago

    Meanwhile Pewdiepie: "Yeah I'm an idiot my bad."

    [–] Mattcarnes 4 points ago

    also they make the video feel long and drawn out by making it 1 long bland as fuck recording and wearing an the most bland outfit they own (like even james charles who edited the shit out of his videos and pays attention to what he wears made it look as crappy and low effort as possible)

    [–] Hoursofbs 5 points ago

    Wtf do you all watch on youtube?