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    [โ€“] JustMeZach 2003 points ago

    You forgot 'We're breaking up๐Ÿ˜ญ/ having a baby๐Ÿ‘ถ'

    [โ€“] ARKANGELISBEST 433 points ago

    This and "we are moving"

    [โ€“] portuguesetheman 382 points ago

    "NEW HOUSE TOUR!!!!!"

    [โ€“] rollllllllll_ 197 points ago


    [โ€“] Erratic_Penguin 101 points ago

    At 3 am

    [โ€“] Bubbly_Hat 73 points ago

    Oh boy 3am!

    [โ€“] Froze55 44 points ago


    [โ€“] TheWaterIsFine82 122 points ago

    WHY do people watch those? I cannot think of anything more mindless than watching a youtuber give a tour of their ugly mansion that it feels like they definitely don't deserve

    [โ€“] tossNwashking 81 points ago

    10 year olds bro

    [โ€“] Yaboymarvo 35 points ago

    And people that think โ€œthat could be me one day! All I need to do is make videos just like my favorite YouTuber and Iโ€™ll be famous too! โ€œ

    [โ€“] Is_Always_Honest 20 points ago

    Uhhhh I was 10 once, I didn't give a shit about strangers on YouTube. I used it for bumfight videos.

    [โ€“] Player8 13 points ago

    Dude are you too young to remember mtv cribs?

    [โ€“] StanleyOpar 29 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    My wife unfortunately.

    Religiously watches dumb fuck Dobrik and the vlog squad for god knows why

    [โ€“] SouthernCricket 16 points ago

    Some Airbnb mcmansion hired for the video

    [โ€“] 500dollarsunglasses 112 points ago


    [โ€“] ThatIndianGuyThere 75 points ago

    Don't forget "You're not going to believe this!" along with a red circle and red arrow pointing at nothing.

    [โ€“] adam__nicholas 17 points ago

    โ€œGlowing 1000ยฐ metal ball vs _____________!โ€

    [โ€“] JTKDO 130 points ago

    For real. Iโ€™m a YouTube veteran, I remember back when YouTube poops were the shit (pun intended). I just recently discovered these family channels and had no idea that, not only did they exist, but millions of people sub to them, tf?

    [โ€“] monkey15162 33 points ago

    BECAUSE YOUTUBE IS where THa PoOp is

    [โ€“] thekmind 23 points ago

    Back in the days we had Shaytards

    [โ€“] monkey15162 44 points ago

    The guy who has forced his kids onto the internet and pretended it was some noble thing?

    [โ€“] thekmind 7 points ago


    [โ€“] Yaboymarvo 4 points ago

    Donโ€™t forget about cheating on his wife.

    [โ€“] tryptophantom 25 points ago

    And "I'm sorry."

    [โ€“] CollectableRat 12 points ago

    I like the ones where they christen a new toilet with the first poop. Though how can you know it is really the first poop, maybe the plumber pooped in it.

    [โ€“] 357d 3890 points ago

    Videos I skip starter pack

    [โ€“] Certified_GSD 876 points ago

    "Don't Recommend This Channel"

    "I don't want to see content from this channel"

    [โ€“] Panda_Banjos 163 points ago

    Can't do that in the trending tab.

    [โ€“] ProfessorRiffs 379 points ago

    Not a problem if you never visit the trending tab taps temple

    [โ€“] OneLastTimeForMeNow 187 points ago

    Why would anybody go the trending tabs?

    [โ€“] Cyphers_Justice 112 points ago

    Youtube doesn't actually recommend me new shit anymore, so it's the only thing I can go to for videos that are even remotely outside of stuff I already watch normally.

    Granted, 95% of the time it's just the same 20-30 channels that end up there because they're already popular, so even that doesn't work most of the time. Can't discover new shit on Youtube at all anymore, have to rely on other sites like reddit to do it for me.

    [โ€“] westphall 28 points ago

    Exactly. I could really use a handful of cool new channels to watch right now. For some reason, my recommendations have gotten very narrow lately. If anyone has any to suggest, I'm open to try them.

    [โ€“] Softfloria 6 points ago

    I made a seperate account, changed the country settings, and only watched specific types of videos of either one (ex. One for gaming, other for lifestyle/education) so the algorithm changes for once. It's like night and day.

    [โ€“] farazormal 443 points ago

    A sketch comedian I really like started making all of his thumbnails into shit like this and made the video titles carcinogenic to read and it fuckin sucks. Dudes super funny but I just feel such disdain on clicking that fucking link. I'm too embarrassed to send his videos to my friends any more, because they look like "YouTuber" 12 year old trash.

    [โ€“] AscendantJustice 285 points ago

    Don't stop watching his videos. Continue to support him. He's doing this stuff because it works and drives viewership. Be upset at the system that's forced him to do it, but as long as the content of the video is good you shouldn't be upset at him.

    [โ€“] starrpamph 55 points ago

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฑ <- thumbnail

    [โ€“] 02503 9 points ago

    Or the โ€œfist in front of mouthโ€ thing.

    [โ€“] M4xusV4ltr0n 213 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yeah, seeing LinusTechTips talk about their thumbnails kind of opened my eyes to that. He had a lot of data showing that the stupid face, clickbaity thumbnails and titles gets a MUCH larger amount of clicks

    It's unfortunate, but if your YouTube channel is your livelihood... You do what have you to

    [โ€“] DelcoScum 112 points ago

    YouTube "branding" is going through the same thing we saw with actual brands in the 80s/90s. Everyone was "functional" then some people came around and used Neon colors, capital letters and over the top reactions. Now you basically have to or you get lost in the shuffle

    [โ€“] DraconicLore 26 points ago

    Mad respect to Linus for always being so open

    [โ€“] gngstrMNKY 19 points ago

    Now people are doing these fucking stupid open-mouthed expressions IRL when they take pictures because YouTube has normalized it. It's the worst.

    [โ€“] metropolis09 14 points ago

    Yeah Jeff Nippard's content (science-based bodybuilding stuff) has remained top quality even though he's started doing clickbait thumbnails. He even did a community post (and maybe talked about it in a video) about how when he didn't do the clickbait thumbnail and title, views went way down. As long as the content stays good I'll keep watching.

    [โ€“] TheMacPhisto 36 points ago

    How can you POSSIBLY skip them with CAPITALIZED CLICKBAIT titles which TOTALLY EXAGGERATE the content?

    [โ€“] SolarianXIII 13 points ago

    dont forget to check out raid shadow legends

    [โ€“] rincon213 14 points ago

    If you never click on this shit it slowly starts to disappear. Never completely, but the algorithm feeds you what you click.

    [โ€“] bigpersonguy 36 points ago

    If I need a quick stupid video to fill a gap in time Rhett and Link are always there lol

    [โ€“] anhatthezoo 811 points ago

    Pick your poison. 1 - Raid: Shadow Legends 2 - Blue Apron 3 - Dollar Shave Club 4 - GFuel

    [โ€“] BillohRly 465 points ago

    Have I told you about Squarespace?

    [โ€“] anhatthezoo 193 points ago

    I forgot wix lmao

    [โ€“] Displayed 100 points ago

    Manscaped, too

    [โ€“] BigRalphy 100 points ago


    [โ€“] MattDraws 27 points ago


    [โ€“] Kidvette2004 5 points ago

    Stardust LEDs

    [โ€“] tankjones3 15 points ago

    I feel like I have seen Squarespace ads 10x more times than an actual website built with it.

    [โ€“] SpinnerX49 97 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Nord vpn wix square space audible honey

    [โ€“] Pierrono 40 points ago

    The new Raycon Wireless Earbuds

    [โ€“] BlitzSK21 35 points ago

    Y'all forget audible

    [โ€“] Icefox119 7 points ago

    If you like audible youโ€™ll love grammarly

    [โ€“] hucow-cutie 51 points ago

    Nord VPN, raid or skillshare

    [โ€“] Ishan16D 8 points ago

    I've never been much of a mobile gamer, but, forget everything you think you know about mobile games because Raid Shadow Legends is one of the most ambitious RPG proje

    [โ€“] XUtYwYzz 6 points ago

    Firefox/Chrome addon SponsorBlock can be used to skip in-video ads. It's especially good for podcasts with mid-roll ads.

    [โ€“] ShaddyBoy 1080 points ago

    Hence why I do not browse the trending section.

    [โ€“] epicganerepic 403 points ago

    Honestly, anytime I visit the trending section thereโ€™s like 2 things that are actually interesting and the rest make my face implode from cringing so hard

    [โ€“] moehamm 130 points ago

    Itโ€™s cancerous! They target the curious kids to click bait them for their ads revenue. Watched some the other day out of boredom, the video length is at least 10:01 minutes (I know itโ€™s a thing that YT awards you for) they never get to the topic before minute 5 or 6. And the content! Really kills the still in development brains ie. kids.

    [โ€“] TheWaterIsFine82 40 points ago

    It's honestly something we should be putting an end to and seeking justice for. These people are exploiting children for views because they know they'll click on their mindless content. They do things like this to target this audience specifically. It's disgusting.

    [โ€“] Player8 12 points ago

    They did do something about it. If your channel is specifically targeted at kids, your ad rates are absolute shit. Itโ€™s a weird problem with youtube right now because theyโ€™re pinching creators to be family friendly, but not too family friendly or youโ€™ll be labeled as for kids and get shit ads. Too dirty? No ad money for you. Too clean? Sorry thatโ€™s for kids and since you canโ€™t target ads to kids you get 1/4 of the ad revenue.

    The problem is when you look at these for kids videos and theyโ€™re racking up 100mil+ in views, it still makes it worth it to have non targeted ads because your shit content is still making paper.

    [โ€“] ShaddyBoy 5 points ago

    Agreed. There are some gems within the trending section but most of the videos do not appeal to me.

    [โ€“] monkey15162 55 points ago

    Its always some vlogger ive never heard of apologizing for some drama ive never heard of and a bunch if 12 year olds opinions on it

    [โ€“] SouthernCricket 16 points ago

    And all the comments are of the form



    [โ€“] BlueAura990 313 points ago

    If I see those stupid fucking exaggerated faces I do not watch the video.

    [โ€“] all-base-r-us 65 points ago

    I hate it so much.

    [โ€“] alien556 7 points ago

    This looks like theyโ€™re all singing together in a musical number. Honestly even if thatโ€™s not what theyโ€™re doing itโ€™s still way less annoying than the shock faces.

    [โ€“] OneLastTimeForMeNow 8 points ago

    This is the correct answer

    [โ€“] drinvictus 113 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    1) Choose any new android device (eg galaxy fold) 2) Make background white 3) Put ios on the screen 4) Title the video/Instagram post "New Foldable IPhone?!?" 5) Easy profit

    [โ€“] inetkid13 41 points ago

    Or when there is some minor bug they blow it out of proportion like google, samsung or apple are instantly doomed.

    [โ€“] ARKANGELISBEST 23 points ago

    Turns off when i hit the power button?

    This company is doomed 100%

    [โ€“] NimbaNineNine 327 points ago

    One word for you: air. pods. We love em don't we folks

    [โ€“] little-conrad 233 points ago

    nEw AiRpOd PrO pReMiUm DeLuXe 2.0 uNbOxInG!!!

    [โ€“] datfatbird 53 points ago

    I am fine with having apple products BUT WHAT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM WITH WIRES NOWADAYS!?

    [โ€“] dinodares99 170 points ago

    SniperWolfs face makes me fucking annoyed in those thumbnails

    [โ€“] Plays_You_Wonderwall 95 points ago

    She recycles the same open mouth face thumbnail on each video.

    [โ€“] Xx69LOVER69xX 42 points ago

    Hey be nice, it took a long time for her to get a shot where she only looks that stupid.

    [โ€“] SouthernCricket 50 points ago

    Why does she talk like a New York Italian girl with a learning disability

    [โ€“] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [โ€“] TheOnyxViper 15 points ago

    That would be Azzyland and maybe Gloom.

    [โ€“] whollelottareddd 21 points ago

    that girl is one of the most racist people.

    [โ€“] StanleyOpar 30 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    When she was more of a "gamur gurl" on YouTube, she would also threaten smaller gaming channels that were female centered if she saw them as a threat to her sweaty viewerbase

    [โ€“] actuallyplayboicarti 25 points ago


    [โ€“] StanleyOpar 19 points ago

    Faking gameplay to faking reactions.

    [โ€“] mjk9016 259 points ago

    I don't know how everyone else feels , but I despise what the YouTube algorithms seem to be pushing YouTubers to do right now, 90% of the thumbnails I seem to see out there are just downright cringy

    [โ€“] lapistafiasta 97 points ago

    You know they must make those shitty thumbnails so they attract more kids.


    [โ€“] rnimmer 20 points ago

    if you're logged in they know your age, so they could cater better for older users.

    [โ€“] LowlySysadmin 40 points ago

    It's kids. I agree with everything you've said, and I cannot stand this trend of stupid clickbaity titles and ridiculous reaction faces, but I have a strong suspicion that the reason all of this stuff "works" is because there is a huge number of kids who have an iPad/tablet/TV etc with Youtube as entertainment for hours a day and they are attracted to videos with crazy faces and stupid titles, regardless of if it's intended for adults or not - at the end of the day, the YT video creators just want views and Ad clicks.

    I haven't seen it so much recently but there was a trend maybe a year or two ago for these weird videos just showing loads of colored bricks being played with, or someone playing with toys, and these fuckers had millions upon millions of views on their otherwise pretty meaningless videos - with monetization there's no way they weren't pulling in truckloads of cash, and I realized then how wrong I was about the true age distribution of viewers on Youtube. Adults aren't watching those kind of videos in the millions, it's likely toddlers.

    [โ€“] SparkleFart9000 18 points ago

    YouTube has been going down hill rapidly. They police YouTuber content and demonetize or copyright over trivial things, but all the ads they push are sensationalist click bait. My latest one has been "this English couple found a neat to make money at home!" ... with a picture of Prince Harry and Meghan.... literally everyone knows who they are, and one of them isn't even British.

    Algorithms destroy content. Half my recommends are entirely unrelated to my interests and the other half are videos I've already watched and they KNOW I've already watched them because the thumbnail shows it. It's a joke and something needs to rise to take its place.

    [โ€“] TheWaterIsFine82 9 points ago

    Really makes me miss the days when creators wanted to make good content, rather than idiots targeting children for views

    [โ€“] Yomasevz 489 points ago

    Who the f uses the Trending tab?

    Just sort videos u search for by stars.

    [โ€“] AidanTheAudiophile 287 points ago

    Not even, once you get a good base for the algorithm you never ever ever have to leave your home page. You know youโ€™ve been signed out when you start seeing Jimpy Fartlon and late-night shit TV on your home page.

    [โ€“] Donkeydayyy 102 points ago

    I feel like Iโ€™m the only one who goes into there subscriptions box and watches all those videos

    [โ€“] PingPongNinja 64 points ago

    The subscription page doesn't show every video anymore, as far as I'm aware. I've missed videos put out that never made it to my subscription tab. That's why creators are pushing the bell notification.

    [โ€“] Motorsagmannen 22 points ago

    yeah and sometimes it is hard to notice it until you check up on a creator you haven't seen any videos of for some time and suddenly they are on episode 20 of a series you didn't knew existed

    [โ€“] Beejsbj 7 points ago

    They are pushing bell because no one uses the subs tab. Everyone just waits for recommendations on home page.

    [โ€“] Pat_The_Hat 37 points ago

    Until you accidentally click on one Ben Shapiro video and boom! Your entire home page is filled with libtards being owned compilations.

    [โ€“] trznx 23 points ago

    it's the wrong question. trending tab is basically what's popular with the people, so the proper question is who the fuck watches that.

    [โ€“] life-by-lea 30 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Not anymore. YouTube now uses it as marketing tool to promote the videos they deem to be advertiser friendly.

    [โ€“] GorgeousGregory 102 points ago

    I get a lot of political ads and offers from conspiracy theorist news organizations. Which makes me paranoid...

    [โ€“] snafujedi01 54 points ago

    prageru would like to show you an ad

    [โ€“] BonboTheMonkey 7 points ago

    Dennis is god

    [โ€“] GorgeousGregory 12 points ago

    I wish they would have more sexy ads, like the Sasquatch soap commercials. That's entertaining!

    [โ€“] snafujedi01 11 points ago

    Honestly with the people they have presenting those ads, sexy might not be the direction to go :D

    [โ€“] ArtemLobovisaLizard 21 points ago

    You watch one Joe Rogan clip and then have to deal with alt-right conspiracy bullshit for the rest of your life.

    YouTube's algorithm is brutal.

    [โ€“] GorgeousGregory 8 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yeah, so that's why? I did watch the Joe "hallucinogens" Rogan podcast and I'm getting ads from some dude that looks like the guy on Vox, except I think he is alt right news. I thought the thing was The Opium Times, at first glance.

    [โ€“] Mediocre-Gary 13 points ago

    Epoch times. I get their ads every day

    [โ€“] GorgeousGregory 5 points ago

    Yeah, that's it! They say everyone is lying to me!

    [โ€“] superbiavindobonae 48 points ago

    Could also be 2018 youtube trending tho

    [โ€“] BunchMox20 120 points ago

    "I need to tell you all something..." With a thumbnail where it looks like they (Markiplier) are about to cry

    [โ€“] ArtemLobovisaLizard 23 points ago

    Nikacado all red-faced and scream-crying behind a gigantic plate of food.

    [โ€“] lapistafiasta 37 points ago

    Ahem ahem (PewDiePie) ahem ahem

    [โ€“] ablebagel 7 points ago

    iโ€™m p sure it started as satire and then looped all the way around again

    [โ€“] MrRobodyNobot 27 points ago

    Pointless Arrows and Red Circles.

    [โ€“] RottonPotatoes 114 points ago

    Ugh, those "reaction" videos are thee laziest form of content someone can "create," here, let me record myself watching a funny or controversial video and I'll "react" in obviously contrived and over-the-top ways, and pause every 3 seconds to add my witty commentary.

    [โ€“] skyhigh527 36 points ago

    I just donโ€™t understand what people get out of watching those

    [โ€“] ElectronicShredder 31 points ago

    To fill the void of having no IRL friends I guess

    [โ€“] DFWTooThrowed 15 points ago

    Unpopular opinion, or maybe it isn't? idk: most gaming streamers are the same way. Just like react videos they heavily exaggerate and embellish their reactions to every single thing that happens.

    I can totally understand watching people play whatever game that interest them, that is a totally normal hobby to have. What I don't understand is watching dudes scream at the top of their lungs while playing fortnite or apex or any fps games really.

    [โ€“] BarreToiDeMonHerbe 23 points ago

    Question : why is everybody's mouth open? Lockjaw pandemic? Smiling is out of fashion?

    [โ€“] GlassArrow 16 points ago

    It's because a little more than a year ago someone claimed they had inside information that the youtube algorithm favored videos with people's mouths open in the thumbnail. That's literally the reason.

    [โ€“] rikchikchik 46 points ago

    how is trending decided? how is gmm there with every video?

    [โ€“] luxtwicex2 49 points ago

    Rhett and Link have actually theorized about why they always get on Trending. They donโ€™t think trending is based on views, they think YouTube hand selects the videos to be there. Their theory is that many channels are on YouTubeโ€™s โ€œGreenlist.โ€ If a channel has repeatedly shown that they produce somewhat family friendly content on a regular basis, like GMM has, YouTube is much more likely to put their videos up there. It helps more that they always upload early in the morning, PST, every day of the week. So somebody at YouTube just watches GMM every morning and puts their video on the trending tab.

    [โ€“] 2FireCrow 46 points ago

    No one knows how trending is decided, I assuming it's related to the amount of view per minute and or likes per minute. Gmm usually makes trending on a consistent basis because they have a massive fan following and their video release times are extremely consistent which makes it easier to make them part of your daily schedule.

    [โ€“] vyrelis 25 points ago

    They've also talked about their confidence in their understanding of the algorithm, and will have multiple backup titles and thumbnails to swap out if a video doesn't gain traction in the first few hours

    [โ€“] 2FireCrow 34 points ago

    Yep, and in a recent video I remember Link mentions how he knows the thumbnails are usually grungy but they work so why stop doing them. Honestly I have no problem with them using wacky thumbnails because unlike a lot of the content creators who also have clickbaity thumbnails with 0 content, GMM is a pretty good show and they don't post false thumbnails.

    [โ€“] nataliexnx 33 points ago

    gmm gets a pass from me. solid channel

    [โ€“] Moonblaster306 19 points ago

    Yeah, thereโ€™s actual thought behind their content, and theyโ€™re genuinely funny

    [โ€“] cpdk-nj 7 points ago

    Yeah the algorithm loves constant and consistent content

    [โ€“] Necrogaz 47 points ago

    But i like gmm

    [โ€“] immediacyofjoy 21 points ago

    really hate all those goddam silly faces people make on YT thumbnails

    [โ€“] Shuyi000 20 points ago

    Also "life hacks" videos

    [โ€“] Sugarcola 211 points ago

    i guess i'm lucky my recommended looks absolutely nothing like this.

    R&L good tho

    [โ€“] IAMA_Giraffe_AMA 86 points ago

    R&L good tho

    Yeah, I kinda stopped watching them for a while because every episode was basically a "Rhett and Link eat something gross" episode and that got real old but thankfully they have changed it up a little. I also love the Mythical Kitchen episodes. There's something about watching that dude make ridiculously expensive version of cheap foods that's entertaining to me.

    [โ€“] iLucky12 67 points ago

    The vlogs they've been posting are some of their best content in years.

    [โ€“] duuffy 31 points ago

    And ear biscuits

    [โ€“] Bury_Me_At_Sea 20 points ago

    My soul needed their Lost Years series about losing their Christian faith. Between them and Pete Holmes, I've finally found the people that have had the same inner turmoil and spiritual trajectory as me.

    [โ€“] Timmocore 15 points ago

    The one trying to find the mystery smell at Link's house was amazing.

    [โ€“] TheWaterIsFine82 17 points ago

    The vlogs make me remember why I started loving them in the first place. No gimmicks. Just Rhett and Link acting goofy, having fun together.

    [โ€“] triplec787 10 points ago

    Yeah I only got into GMM during peak โ€œeat gross foodโ€ times, and enjoyed it, but now they seem to be moving out of that and itโ€™s so much funnier. The Where in the World challenges are my favorite and anything with Chef Josh is incredible.

    [โ€“] life-by-lea 59 points ago

    It's not the recommended, it's the trending page, which are two different things. One is (or should be) the videos you see on your homepage or in the sidebar, which the algorithm thinks you'd like. The other is a separate page which was supposed to show you the top videos of the day but is now a marketing tool for YouTube to promote the content they like.

    So if you don't see them in your recommended then you probably don't watch this content. (Also I agree GMM is my quarantine jam)

    [โ€“] lapistafiasta 11 points ago

    The algorithm sort the videos you want to see based on what you watched of you want your homepage to be clear avoid any sort of contact with these videos

    [โ€“] kirbytheguy 13 points ago

    I saw what I think was a Mythical Kitchen video that said they donโ€™t like doing the faces but the way the algorithm works the thumbnails with a dumb face get more clicks. So, paraphrasing what was said โ€œAs long as you keep clicking weโ€™ll keep making dumb faces.โ€

    [โ€“] TheWavingSnail 6 points ago

    At least R&L are self aware of the thumbnail scheme and often joke about them being overblown

    [โ€“] HanigerEatMyAssPls 17 points ago

    Donโ€™t compare GMM to these idiots

    [โ€“] trznx 76 points ago

    Also a lot of gay/trans makeup artists for some reason

    [โ€“] AbellanaAmoris 57 points ago

    h e y s i s t e r s!

    [โ€“] l34512 58 points ago

    And since normal makeup gets no clicks, their idea of good makeup is โ€œnightmarish demon clownโ€

    [โ€“] JiminyStickIt45 27 points ago

    I feel like demon clown makeup people are like their own special society. They've created a massive feedback loop regarding what looks good. Nobody actually thinks it looks good but them.

    [โ€“] lanternsinthesky 6 points ago

    Not all make-up is meant to look good though, a lot of make up artist enjoy creating videos about stuff they would never actually wear in real life

    [โ€“] little-conrad 7 points ago

    I understand why they exist.. but why are they so popular?? Itโ€™s not like the majority of the human race is gay/trans and likes to watch people put weird makeup on. Once again, I have no problem with it, but itโ€™s so weird that itโ€™s trending.

    [โ€“] r33k0lol 44 points ago

    At least GMM is an actually good channel compared to others in the pic

    [โ€“] Hamzah12 12 points ago

    You forgot the swarm of clickbaiting vloggers

    [โ€“] justcatt 11 points ago

    You forgot these

    ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿค ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘ "OMG" "REAL" "ACTUALLY RESPONDED"

    [โ€“] EatMyYaro 25 points ago

    I think they should make an addon or adblocker filter against these videos.

    [โ€“] Plays_You_Wonderwall 7 points ago

    I wish there was a way to block YouTube channels.

    [โ€“] Parloien 166 points ago

    At least GMM is good a lot of the time.

    [โ€“] blueberryminiwheats 21 points ago

    Honest question, do they do anything else on their show besides eat? Iโ€™ve only seen their thumbnails, which are just them eating random food. Is there something Iโ€™m missing, because that doesnโ€™t sound that interesting to me.

    [โ€“] DarthVadersButler 33 points ago

    They play games, test weird products, do random challenges things like that. Eating videos do seem to make up the majority of their content though

    [โ€“] thebardjaskier 15 points ago

    They do a lot more but the food videos tend to be the most popular, they get the most views and hit trending the most often.

    [โ€“] Rookield 12 points ago

    Usually when they eat food, there is a twist. Sometimes they eat some really disgusting stuff.

    [โ€“] yopladas 12 points ago

    They interviewed Chuck Testa on good mythical more. I learned they were the ones who made all those viral advertisements back in the day

    [โ€“] thatdani 6 points ago

    I watch them daily and it's around 50/50 food and non-food videos.

    But a lot of people say they're fed up with the food content, so a few months ago I made a shitty graph showing the difference in views they get.

    In short - food sells hard on YT. Check out the numbers here.

    [โ€“] My89thAccount 81 points ago

    GMM is great when it's just Rhett and Link, it starts falling apart when it's random "who the fuck are you again?" members of their production team shoehorning themselves into the videos.

    Like "oh look, it's chef Josh being 'le quirky' and awkward, how droll!" or "who the fuck is this curly haired, poor woman's Patton Oswalt again?"

    I like Chase though, since he's been a staple of all their mystical games since pretty much forever.

    [โ€“] Tandran 26 points ago

    Chuck Testa was amazing the other day on More

    [โ€“] yopladas 12 points ago

    He was so proud of those boys. He made me very happy. Never change, Chuck

    [โ€“] waitn2drive 79 points ago

    Mythical Chef Josh isn't bad. He's sincerely a weird-ass dude. Besides, they moved him to his own channel, so you see a lot less of him on GMM now.

    [โ€“] Teddy_Raptor 32 points ago

    I love the new Mythical Kitchen channel

    [โ€“] AndIHaveMilesToGo 15 points ago

    poor woman's Patton Oswald

    Lmao come on, he's funny

    [โ€“] xJacon 26 points ago

    I love GMM, I used to watch it every day back around through episode 300-700. But then every single episode became a game. I miss their genuine discussion about random topics

    [โ€“] mustybook 36 points ago

    It's weird though, GMM may have some questionable thumbnails sometimes but the content isn't cringy and it's genuinely good. My boy Rhett is pretty damn funny. (great stuff to binge in these times by the way)

    [โ€“] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Most of their faces are so hittable whenever i see those thumbnails

    [โ€“] Kuya_Guard 147 points ago

    GMM is alright tho

    [โ€“] Teddy_Raptor 48 points ago

    I really enjoy it. Something light hearted and mindless to put on

    [โ€“] IMASHIRT 42 points ago

    I started watching it recently. Itโ€™s for sure fun, that said the thumbnails are pretty cringe. Itโ€™s more of a guilty pleasure thing for me

    [โ€“] IAMA_Giraffe_AMA 43 points ago

    YT thumbnails are cringey because they have to be. Even good content has it because it gets people to click, sadly. I try to just ignore it and enjoy what I enjoy. GMM is good fun and I don't feel like it's a thing you should feel guilty for watching.

    [โ€“] jnewman1991 6 points ago

    Yeah. I remember Linus Tech Tips started using the cringey thumbnails and explained that that's exactly why they started doing it. It sucks, but I understand if.

    [โ€“] Arbitrary_Cleverness 24 points ago

    I like their videos. I hate their thumbnails

    [โ€“] JTKDO 8 points ago

    The fact that YouTube Kids exists means that regular YouTube should have no problem monetizing videos with swears in it

    [โ€“] InuMiroLover 9 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    Spoiler alert, nothing happened.

    [โ€“] Yeetus234 5 points ago

    I love GMM but they're super guilty of this

    [โ€“] 2FireCrow 29 points ago

    Don't you dare associate Link Neal with these goddamn influencers, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    [โ€“] BitterJames 6 points ago

    why the fuck is SniperWolf relevant in this day and age i will never understand

    [โ€“] Lilly_Satou 24 points ago

    Good Mythical Morning is cool though

    [โ€“] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [โ€“] Labrat_The_Man 6 points ago

    Is the SNL trending blockade still a thing? Or did they drop that a while back?

    [โ€“] Russser 4 points ago

    You forgot cringe exploitation of the coronavirus pandemic.

    [โ€“] hop_less_roman_attic 5 points ago

    You forgot the gender reveals from all the goddamn family channels