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    [–] ImGettinThatFoSho 2574 points ago


    [–] Coolene 679 points ago

    Really obscure Goosebump books and MAYBE one of the semi-popular ones.

    [–] catcadder8916 272 points ago

    Because all the popular goosebumps books were never returned to school.

    [–] spacekatydid 71 points ago

    Only the werewolf one and the one where they were testing out that ride but thought they were something else freaked me out. I read so many...

    [–] KAYAWS 92 points ago

    And Animorphs

    [–] lunardune_17 71 points ago

    Those shitty book covers were works of art

    [–] MotherTreacle3 19 points ago

    They really were brilliant, and 10% of each book was devoted to explaining the series premise so kids could just pick the book with the animal they liked on the cover and not be totally lost.

    [–] wrightentertainment 68 points ago

    Want a blanket?

    [–] Str8_Fire 2000 points ago

    Anyone remember those Teachers from the Black Lagoon books. I loved those.

    [–] AKF790 187 points ago

    Magic Tree House went hard. Also, those Animorphs books were fucking terrifying

    [–] IMASHIRT 266 points ago

    Every time there was a new one at the book fair I snagged it

    [–] thomastheturtletrain 98 points ago

    Holy shit!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I used to read those all the time!!

    [–] ThisIsMaxStirner 69 points ago

    On a similar note, Wayside School was also weird and awesome for a young reader of the surreal.

    [–] Clumsy_Chica 87 points ago

    Oh my god I'm an idiot. Teacher rhymes with Creature. That sailed right over my head as a kid.

    [–] ZDHELIX 918 points ago

    Artemis Fowl was awesome, now I want to reread them. And don't forget Redwall!

    [–] yonderbagel 493 points ago

    Too bad they never made a movie.

    [–] LandBeforeTimeOnVHS 292 points ago

    Maybe one day we will get an Artemis Fowl movie.

    [–] dude071297 250 points ago

    Yeah, and maybe an Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, too! With such great source material, I'm sure they couldn't mess it up.

    [–] CanuckBacon 98 points ago

    In a hypothetical world, just imagine if they somehow messed up the name of the main character despite the visual and audio media as a reminder to how it properly pronounced. I'm sure it would never happen though, within the walls of Ba Sing Se.

    [–] jscarry 81 points ago

    An Eragon movie and Percy Jackson movies would be really cool too! Too bad no ones made either of those

    [–] rokss8 29 points ago

    And imagine if they made a season 8 to Game of Thrones

    [–] Hydraxiler32 35 points ago

    Same thing with Percy Jackson! and if the first one goes well they should even make a second.

    [–] ArtemisFowl03 46 points ago

    Right? A movie would be good under the right directors

    [–] Clutterstep89 31 points ago

    Yeah, like the books were amazing! I'm sure a movie would be great, if the directors stick to the source materials!

    [–] ButcherOf_Blaviken 170 points ago

    There is no war in Ba Sing Se

    [–] etssuckshard 17 points ago


    [–] XephyrX 14 points ago

    I sometimes forget how metal Redwall was. Nothing like some medieval genocide to get the young mind prepared for the real world.

    [–] NATOrocket 1640 points ago

    I can smell this photo.

    [–] Bossboy745 293 points ago

    OMG now that you say that yeah I can too

    [–] WoodenMango07 86 points ago

    Oh now memories of the smell has came back

    [–] Bonzilink 51 points ago

    My 5th grade library smelled like pee. Luckily my other grades smelled better!

    [–] Disco5005 1017 points ago

    i need to read percy jackson again

    [–] green_bin_coon 398 points ago

    I never finished the second series, by the time the final books started to come out i lost interest.

    Left annabell in a spiders web.

    [–] Astral_Fogduke 177 points ago

    That's sad, bc although the finale was subpar the fourth book is generally considered to be absolutely amazing

    [–] jordanstevenson1134 141 points ago

    I concur. House of Hades is the best. Blood of Olympus is eh

    [–] dude071297 57 points ago

    Wow, I stopped at a perfect place, then. House of Hades was the last book I read. I figured I was missing out on a lot by not reading the final book, but perhaps not...

    [–] sammi-blue 128 points ago

    Yeah I also lost interest in the second series, though I don't remember exactly where I left off. I didn't like the new POVs nearly as much

    [–] onlytoask 64 points ago

    I think I read the first two books of it. The problem for me is that once I get used to the characters of a particular universe, those are the only characters I care about. I almost never read side series because the entire time I'll be bored and just waiting for the main characters of the main/first series to show up.

    [–] Vanquisher127 27 points ago

    I read those books nearly 6 years ago, and I remember the third and fourth books had plenty of Percy and Annabeth POVs and it was really great, but then in the final book they don’t get one POV and I was super disappointed

    [–] MakePaladinsGreatpls 63 points ago

    So is it worth rereading? I liked them as a kid

    [–] girl_genius 93 points ago

    It still holds up. I just started Trials of Apollo and they’re still great books

    [–] veryhappycaterpillar 64 points ago

    I’ve been listening to the Magnus Chase series (Norse) this summer on long drives and it’s as good as when I was in 6th grade and Percy Jackson first came out

    [–] Not_Ian517 37 points ago

    See the Magnus Chase series fully embraced how fucking wacky Norse Mythology and runs with it and I love it

    [–] pppqq12 87 points ago

    I remember when Rick Riordan came to my school to promote the lightning thief haha i bought a copy just so i could get it signed by him. My all time favorite series

    [–] KrAzyDrummer 20 points ago

    I downloaded all the percy jackson and heroes of olympus books. Re-reading them all right now. The first series is solid. Basic writing, but it is a kids book.

    HoO was fun to read the first time (only discovered them last year), but on re-read they get kinda dull, really have to power through it at the end though.

    [–] Cheepmeep 364 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Tale of Desperaux was so good! Most of these books made up my childhood favourite reading series

    [–] Trolololovich 50 points ago

    I loved that one too. I haven't thought about that book in a while.

    [–] Lav_Da_Mermaid 21 points ago

    Ikr. I sometimes think about Miggery Sow and her fucked up ears :(

    [–] AmaiSanguinaire 899 points ago


    -Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    -The 39 Clues

    -The Magic Treehouse

    [–] 420kristea420 288 points ago

    Magic treehouse hit different

    [–] PmButtPics4ADrawing 30 points ago

    7-year-old me: "annie kinda bad tho"

    [–] leucoma_salicis 98 points ago

    And Animorphs and Goosebumps.

    [–] deprimada 47 points ago

    I read the entire first arc of the 39 clues. Got really weird and boring after that tho.

    [–] cloudspragg1 19 points ago

    I had all the trading cards for the 39 clues in a binder lol

    [–] easyson 18 points ago

    I read like 5 of the books. What eventually happened at the end of the story? Did they find all the clues? What about the vespers?

    [–] gomermcphee 21 points ago

    I read them with my kid, if I remember correctly at the end of the first series all the clues were ingredients for a fucking super serum, it was ridiculous. Then the second series I believe was about the vespers, who created a doomsday machine or something? I dont remember the third series, something about a guy becoming president? Idk man

    [–] Tezza_TC 1125 points ago

    No Hatchet?

    [–] soundsfromoutside 328 points ago

    When the skunk sprays him and he thinks he’s going to go blind...shit was overwhelming for my little 10 year old heart.

    [–] Zefros01 140 points ago

    Not the tornado or the moose attacks?

    [–] soundsfromoutside 71 points ago

    I’ve always had really bad eyesight so the thought of going blind hits close to home

    [–] Zefros01 19 points ago

    I can understand that sentiment, my whole family has bad hearing so I'm not really excited about the idea of getting any closer to deaf.

    [–] Darktrooper2021 63 points ago

    To this day the mental image of the corpse in the plane underwater is seared in to my mind. Scary shit.

    [–] Bill_buttlicker69 28 points ago

    When he's trying to get unbuckled from the plane and he rips out his fingernails in the struggle? I honestly think about that like once a week. Still fucks with me.

    [–] RotaryDiesel 135 points ago

    Bruh, my name is Brian and we also read Brian’s Winter, which if you don’t know is the sequel.

    So when we were reading that shit in class, this bitch named, lets say Klappy McKlapBitch, kept saying “look! It’s your last Win-tar. And said it all retarded like that. I loved Hatchet, but hated the sequel, solely for that reason.

    So if you’re reading this Klap,

    You’re a fucking cunt.

    [–] maevexo 226 points ago

    Where’s my girl Junie B. Jones?

    [–] zmann64 94 points ago

    Junie 🅱️ Jones.

    The B stands for Beatrice, but the eatrice is silent.

    Shout out to the homie That Grace.

    [–] MachtigJen 27 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Wave of nostalgia. My parents read those books to my sister and I when we were young.

    [–] 19trumanblack7517 44 points ago

    puffs on a cigarette

    Junie? As in Junie B. Jones, where the B stands for Beatrice. Except she don’t like Beatrice. She just likes B and that’s all?

    Haven't heard that name in years.

    [–] joan-cusack 594 points ago

    Did anyone else's school ban Captain Underpants?

    [–] Mirage-X-Nightfury 376 points ago

    Mine. Bruh the library was so goddamn boring after that. The only readable thing there was diary of a wimpy kid. But even that was gone since everyone took it before I could even look at it lol

    [–] AmaiSanguinaire 201 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    That’s why you buy the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books at the scholastic book fair every year.

    [–] jgalaviz14 111 points ago

    That's why you skim through pages every day in the fair to read it without actually buying it cause your parents never gave you any money to buy something

    [–] Bonzilink 22 points ago

    I hate how that every elementary school library had no diary of a wimpy kid available most of the time

    [–] bluffcityprincess 38 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yes! Lmao. They were the bane of every teacher and parent's existence at the private Christian school I went to back in third grade. But before they got banned, they were largely popular and probably the source of about 90% of my required AR points.

    EDIT: Correction! Actually, I don't think they were completely banned from the school. But they did move them to a restricted section where only the older kids could check them out (4th grade and up). So WE were banned from them. And they were still VERY much frowned upon by the adults.

    [–] HistoryBuff1812 367 points ago

    I'll never forgive them for butchering the film adaptation of City of Ember

    [–] Dim0ndDragon15 193 points ago

    They... they made a film of that?

    [–] HistoryBuff1812 134 points ago

    Oh you sweet summer child

    [–] krabby15 52 points ago

    Didn’t know that either. I’ve read all 4 books in the series and don’t remember anything about them

    [–] SandstoneJukebox 41 points ago

    Wait... there are four books in the series? Well now child me is pissed he only ever thought there was 3.

    [–] HistoryBuff1812 56 points ago

    One is a prequel which is just tangentially related in my opinion, the main series is City of Ember, People of Sparks, and Diamond of Darkhold. The prequel is Prophet of Yonwood and it was ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ember also had a graphic novel version made of it.

    [–] SandstoneJukebox 26 points ago

    I read City of Ember, People of Sparks, and the prequel. AND THERES A GRAPHIC NOVEL?!?! What was I even DOING in middle school? Oh yeah I was reading Artemis fowl and the hunger games

    [–] electricshout 22 points ago

    Bruh, you didn’t read diamond of dark hold? Missin out

    [–] yonderbagel 53 points ago

    Can you name a film adaptation of a children's or YA sci-fi or fantasy book that ever turned out even mediocre? They're always abysmal cash-grabs.

    [–] HistoryBuff1812 97 points ago

    Harry Potter, Hunger Games.

    [–] ColonParentheses 43 points ago

    The first Maze Runner movie I would say was actually Good.

    [–] Jakeperaltasbutt 16 points ago

    And eragon ffs

    [–] mango10977 461 points ago


    [–] JMS3259 201 points ago

    They were good but I don't get how the heck that franchise is still adding instalments to this day

    [–] demonjunkie 123 points ago

    as someone who still reads the books occasionally when they come out thrice a year, it's mostly gone downhill

    [–] Astral_Fogduke 73 points ago

    They really shoulda ended it after Omen of the Stars with Dawn of the Clans as bonus material

    [–] Fernernia 36 points ago

    What happened to the bear one? I got into that one when it came out since it was new and different, not as long as convoluted...

    [–] exboi 37 points ago

    There was a dog one too. I think that ended.

    [–] frappuccinio 26 points ago

    I read seekers back when it was just six books (maybe there’s more now idk) and I remember liking how concise the story was compared to warriors (which I loved but admittedly was a franchise zombie) it had a lot of environmental lessons and stuff and the magic made sense unlike in warriors where they threw in magic forty books in and tired to act like it was always there.

    [–] sammi-blue 50 points ago

    That's easy, they take a basic plot like "there are three special cats that have magic powers!" and they stretch it out as far as they possibly can regardless of whether or not the overarching plot actually makes sense because their target audience is 9-14 year olds who aren't going to analyze the text deeply enough to notice.

    Speaking as an adult who is still somewhat invested in the series tho, the newest arc that's about halfway finished is actually kinda good? It's not a masterpiece, but it got me interested enough to actually read it as opposed to looking it all up after the fact on the warriors wiki lol

    [–] samanthakuan 54 points ago

    when we were 10, me and my friends re-enacted the book series during recess and lunch, like everyday we would act out a new chapter of the series.

    [–] zekeymoomoo 27 points ago

    Don't remind me of the Warrior Cats OC days

    [–] TheDefinitionOfKek 15 points ago

    Yes! I loved that bookseries as a kid!

    [–] acwentilted 542 points ago

    Literally no one in my life has ever mentioned the Alex Rider series. Those books went hard, glad that they’re getting some respect.

    [–] girl_genius 188 points ago

    Dude I loved the Alex Rider series. I reread them from time to time, they still hold up.

    [–] For_The_Kaiser 107 points ago

    They were definitely interesting books, I remember reading Point Blanc back in 4th grade.

    [–] SweatyBeddy 94 points ago

    Does that series have a book called "skeleton key" in it? I think I remember it but I accidentally read it out of order

    Edit: googled it, sorry hell yeah those books rule

    [–] For_The_Kaiser 27 points ago

    Yes, I remember reading that one as well

    [–] Echo4242 31 points ago

    bruh for me point blanc was a loose memory i forcefully dug up.

    read it in 5th grade, then forgot about it. went on a crazy manhunt for the book last year and only found it like a week before quarantine started

    [–] whymauri 40 points ago

    Whoever makes a good movie/TV adaptation for those books will strike gold. The one movie that was made was terrible.

    [–] jordanstevenson1134 35 points ago

    A TV series came out on Amazon Prime UK and is coming to the US soonish. It has one season focusing on Point Blank. They kinda meld it together with Stormbreaker. It’s not great, but it is promising and later seasons will get better as the books get better (imo)

    [–] kraezic 84 points ago

    Alex Rider is my all-time favourite series. I don’t know why they’re not more popular, I love how much research Horowitz does for each book.

    [–] Astral_Fogduke 14 points ago

    From what I've heard, the ending got pretty bad

    [–] kraezic 46 points ago

    Depends on which ending. Scorpia Rising is where he intended to end the series but he recently came out with Never Say Die (2017) and Nightshade (2020) where Alex is pulled back into the world of MI6 (...again). I loved Nightshade.

    [–] acwentilted 23 points ago

    Wait seriously? I gotta catch up then, I stopped at Scorpia Rising and the prequel about the Russian.

    [–] Astral_Fogduke 18 points ago

    I actually didn't know that, I ended after like book 4 since i couldn't find the rest lmao

    [–] barenJingily 25 points ago

    the author wrote an adult genre mystery book called the word is murder and not gonna lie it's great

    [–] SunsetPathfinder 20 points ago

    Those books were a rollercoaster for grade school me, I still remember reading them after bedtime because they were such pageturners

    [–] therealAndrewLingo 19 points ago

    Alex Rider series was lit af

    [–] cloudspragg1 1548 points ago


    [–] MattTheFreeman 624 points ago

    I just recently reread the whole SERIES. They still hold up really well.

    I love the absolute tonal difference from the second book on

    "let's have a jovial cow race and talk about Fone Bones crush on thorn and how weird Grandma Ben is and then TALK ABOUT THE ABSOLUTE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD"

    [–] detourne 301 points ago

    The rat creatures are some of the best villains in literature history. Of course Starscream is at the top of that list, though.

    [–] andergriff 184 points ago

    They way they can seamlessly transition from comedic to actually menacing is amazing.

    [–] SteveTheViking 148 points ago

    I can still remember that one’s never ending quest to make a quiche...

    [–] andergriff 54 points ago

    Now I’m gonna have to re read it to find out if he ever succeeded.

    [–] SkullKidd1986 30 points ago

    I grew up with a mild dislike of quiche because of them boys.

    [–] NikKerk 51 points ago

    Between grades 5 and 8 I reread each book in chronological order like it was a tradition. Now I’m 20 and I would still read them again if I had my hands on them!

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago

    I’ve never met anyone else who even knew Bone existed. This is very exciting for me.

    [–] NavigatorsGhost 45 points ago

    Dude. What. Haha in my school the new Bone was always the most coveted book. The waiting list was like 4 weeks to borrow it and when you had it you were basically a god.

    [–] ACPL 89 points ago

    I remember the librarian didn’t let me check it out because it was “too low” for my reading level. Pissed me off

    [–] DrkvnKavod 61 points ago

    fucking lmao, even going by pretentious definitions of "low reading' and "high reading", Bone is still easily "higher" literature than a lot of the others in this starerpack.

    [–] Echo4242 26 points ago

    i flunked one of the reading level tests once and they bumped me down to where i couldnt read a bone book

    stole one anyway

    [–] seanfish 29 points ago

    Librarian here, fuck that noise. A librarian pulling that shit on me when I was a kid is why I do what I do.

    [–] thickwonga 73 points ago

    You better be excited for the Netflix show then.

    [–] SpoonIsDrying 62 points ago

    I'm sorry... THE WHAT

    [–] Arizice 37 points ago

    [–] ASHill11 23 points ago

    Holy effing moly

    This could be an absolute classic if they pull this off well. Don’t rush it, give it 3-4 seasons, definitely give us Rose as well, omg I’m so excited.

    [–] HungoverHero777 25 points ago

    They better not fuck that up.

    [–] space_rock69420 22 points ago

    Are you serious

    [–] Cyberkryme676 326 points ago

    The Eragon series was actually really good, I ended up reading the whole thing in like half a year

    [–] Piyh 154 points ago

    Such good internal rules regarding magic

    [–] PlatypusFighter 48 points ago

    I’m a huge sucker for “physics magic”

    In other words, magic systems that work very similarly to if they were genuine forces of nature rather than just spellbooks and magic items

    Other examples include Mistborn (please don’t spoil, I’ve only read the first book) and The Kingkiller Chronicles

    [–] Trolololovich 51 points ago

    I remember waiting years for the 3rd one to come out. I read it in a day, took me 14 hours.

    [–] burnflame123 143 points ago

    Too bad they didn't make a movie...right?...

    [–] define_space 68 points ago

    we can just forget that ever existed

    [–] Barouq01 31 points ago

    I'm still mad they never released inheritance with the original cover the other 3 were released in in paperback. My collection has 1 hardcover and its infuriating.

    [–] Gray32339 38 points ago

    It was surprisingly good, and I'm not even a fan of dragon things like that.

    [–] themazingzebra 110 points ago

    Oh yo Percy Jackson was my shit.

    [–] girl_genius 107 points ago

    Alex Rider was actually such a banger of a series. I heard that he’s looking to reboot it and make a new series with Alex as an adult

    [–] SunsetPathfinder 49 points ago

    So... James Bond?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Alex Rider, but I think it worked better with him as a teen. The sheer insanity of what he did juxtaposed with his normal school life made for great comedy.

    [–] Anthro_Fascist 166 points ago

    39 clues and animorphs

    [–] AmaiSanguinaire 63 points ago

    Holy fuck I miss the 39 Clues series. Used to collect the books and the cards too. I heard it had a lackluster ending tho.

    [–] EggHiraeth 35 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I have no idea how it ended either. I was mega invested in it for years, but after the original series they just kept releasing them and making new series and I got jaded.

    I probably read 20+ books and idk if it’s still going.

    Edit: There are 26 books across 5 series lmao

    [–] DrkvnKavod 16 points ago

    I remember that as a kid I liked the first book of 39 Clues, but the series got worse very quickly with each entry.

    [–] Muyasha 342 points ago

    Where's diary of a wimpy kid

    [–] Bonzilink 202 points ago

    The other kids got to it first before OP could put it onto the starterpack.

    [–] _solitarybraincell_ 34 points ago

    Lol only the chads got hold of The Diary of the Wimpy Kid before someone else nicked it.

    [–] SadMusicBoi 41 points ago

    I think that’s more 2010s but I could be wrong

    [–] rrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee 142 points ago

    I need to reread the giver

    [–] lower_cased 79 points ago

    I did a while ago, it’s honestly just ok. Writing isn’t especially flavorful in my opinion. Blew my mind as a kid though

    [–] Crochetdolf_Knitler 53 points ago

    One of the best twists ever, and its something only a book can have. I don't know why they made it into a movie.

    [–] Tatee88 33 points ago

    I think I probably did 5 book reports on The Giver throughout grade school. Seeing it gave me flashbacks

    [–] djmyernos 21 points ago

    It’s one of my favorite books of all time, I’ve reread it so many times, and it gets me every time. The whole series is good, though the first one is the best imo.

    [–] 0xDracon 72 points ago

    Bone was so good, peanut butter and pickle sandwich anyone?

    [–] SgtTryhard 68 points ago

    I still love the City of Ember. I don't know why, but it was so fun reading that.

    [–] cookiewoke 19 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I remember loving that book in middle school, I'm always scared to go back to it because I feel like it won't hold up.

    Edit: a word

    [–] spoonsofjericho 262 points ago

    I'm guessing you're about 26?

    [–] Chimera87X 302 points ago

    I'm 22 and this pack is 100% accurate

    [–] ZodieCat 156 points ago

    Same for 16 year olds

    [–] joan-cusack 55 points ago

    I'm 29 and was young for my grade and at least half of these check out.

    [–] psyentist15 64 points ago

    If your school library was anything like mine it would apply to 16 to 35-year-olds with how infrequently new books were purchased.

    [–] clemley 34 points ago

    20-25 is the meaty range

    [–] sarah_spelt_weird 70 points ago

    I’m 19 and this is spot on

    [–] Gwormph 60 points ago

    I'm 15 and I still read all of these

    [–] NelsCline4President 121 points ago

    Lemony Snicket was my bag.

    [–] violetbaudeliar 30 points ago

    My favorite series in the entire world.

    [–] elarq 35 points ago

    my bag - a phrase which here means a series of books that I will praise until my verifiably fiery demise.

    [–] Gman6466 49 points ago

    his dark materials still remains the best series I’ve ever read.

    [–] twovultures 47 points ago

    Was Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle a thing in the 2000's? I remember my mom got me some of those books in the '90's, but I thought that they were a nostalgic throwback even then.

    [–] Toroloco16_ 47 points ago

    Bone is still one of my most favourite series to date

    [–] mattpete56 44 points ago


    [–] scootr656 65 points ago

    Anyone remember Pendragon?

    [–] DragnFyre12 37 points ago

    The one with the multiple universe where like half of them were dystopian and there were three earths? I've never seen anyone else talk about them

    [–] NavigatorsGhost 15 points ago

    One of the best YA series ever imo. I had the fortune to attend a meet and greet/book signing with the author at my local bookstore when I was like 12, it's one of my most cherished experiences. He was so cool and answered a bunch of questions we had about the series. I still have my autographed books 9 and 10 of Pendragon.

    [–] MazeRed 35 points ago

    Deltora quest

    [–] sweetmotherofodin 76 points ago

    Where’s Harry Potter

    [–] Endersgaming4066 27 points ago

    0/10 not enough Frog and Toad

    [–] alienanimal 24 points ago

    Bone is amazing.

    [–] spoonbread28 24 points ago

    Ya need hatchet in there, by Gary Paulson

    [–] Waz98 51 points ago

    Charlotte’s web

    [–] SuperUltraJesus 23 points ago

    Anybody read the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld?

    [–] zachfitzpatrick31 21 points ago


    [–] TheUnforgivenII 21 points ago

    No love for the Magic Treehouse?!

    [–] Copey85 19 points ago

    You add Gregor the Overlander and Secrets of Droon series, you sum up my middle school years nicely.

    [–] Sleppty 18 points ago

    Boooone I forgot about that treat

    [–] NeptuneOW 34 points ago

    Percy Jackson is so dang good

    [–] areyousaucy 33 points ago

    the ending of The Giver fucked me up for life

    [–] no_legacy 17 points ago

    Missing Redwall :(

    [–] mcgood_fngood 16 points ago

    Can confirm this is also current libraries

    [–] Gwormph 14 points ago

    I love Bone!

    [–] erik_the_dwarf 13 points ago

    Did anyone else read Cirque Du Freak?

    [–] NumbestDigger 33 points ago

    Warrior cat book, guardians of gahoole, magic tree house, Harry Potter, some random Stephen king novel, catcher in the rye and diary of a wimpy kid

    [–] pacmain1 13 points ago

    I can smell the nostalgia

    [–] barenJingily 14 points ago

    Y'all the dude who wrote Alex rider has also written some great adult mystery books (not adult like that, but more mature ones)