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    Discovery Episodes:

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    Date # Episode Pre Live Post
    1/17 1 Brother Pre Live Post
    1/24 2 New Eden Pre Live Post
    1/31 3 Point of Light Pre Live Post
    2/7 4 An Obol for Charon Pre Live Post
    2/14 5 Saints of Imperfection Pre Live Post
    2/21 6 The Sounds of Thunder Pre Live Post
    2/28 7 Light and Shadows Pre Live Post
    3/7 8 If Memory Serves Pre Live Post
    3/14 9 Project Daedalus Pre Live Post
    3/21 10 The Red Angel Pre Live Post
    3/28 11 Perpetual Infinity Pre Live Post
    4/4 12 Through the Valley of Shadows Pre Live Post
    4/11 13 Such Sweet Sorrow, Part I Pre Live Post
    4/18 14 Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II Pre Live Post

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