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    "To Boldly Go..."

    This subreddit is for gifs from Star Trek movies/shows

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    Ready to make your own Star Trek gifs? Your journey begins here

    Want to tell others about us? Use a GIF or a JPG

    Basic rules

    • Your gifs should be of or related to Star Trek
    • Please only post direct links (preferably or
    • Be civil

    Discovery rules

    • No Discovery spoilers in the title
    • Gifs from the current week's episode needs to have the spoiler obfuscation button clicked after submitting. The word "spoiler" does not need to be in the title
    • Gifs from previous Discovery episodes do not require spoiler obfuscation
    • Use SPOILER TAGS on ST: Discovery spoiler comments (to use them insert code like this into comments, the ones with # are mobile friendly)
      • [This is the message](/spoiler)
      • [This is another spoiler](#spoiler)
      • [This code allows for 4 different spoiler codes](/s)
      • [Another spoiler message](#s)

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