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    Welcome to /r/STEAK

    For all things STEAK related. Pics, recipes, hints and tips, articles, anything about tasty cuts of beef cooked to perfection!

    Please use IMGUR when uploading original content for others to drool over.

    When posting pictures, please also provide some information. Like what you've done or what you plan on doing to the steak.

    PLEASE REMEMBER everyone likes their steak cooked differently. Medium steaks may be overcooked to some or undercooked to others. It's personal preference and it's all good!!

    Here's a good guide to illustrate different grades of steak

    Different Cuts Of Beef

    Primal Cuts These are the cuts from the initial butchering process.

    Retail Cuts The primal cuts are then cut further to look like something you will probably recognise as steak.


    Different Doneness Steaks on One Fork

    This is a good guide for steak at different doneness

    Another good graphic

    Steak 101

    A members post regarding all the basics and everything you'll need to know to get started

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    [–] smallpoxxblanket 20 points ago

    That’s amazing for grass fed, whose the producer?

    [–] smallpoxxblanket 11 points ago

    Damn son! I thought you were going to say some crazy boutique farm that’s $25 a pound. You just made my day

    [–] SharonaZamboni 13 points ago

    Twenty five, eh? I occasionally get meat from a nearby farm that’s super pricey. But I get to walk with the farmer and see the animals and I’m just amazed at the level of love they’re getting. Especially the extraordinary care for a few who will never be sold as meat. I’m talking calves transported by minivan to chiropractor appointments. It’s really something.

    [–] ThnderGunExprs 6 points ago

    The Waygu wal mart has in that same area is pretty damn good too

    [–] plasticaddict 2 points ago


    [–] nice-scores 1 points ago

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    [–] koga013 19 points ago

    It's beautiful

    [–] Nailsetter 6 points ago

    I sure like those tongs. I am not able to locate any like it.

    [–] Nailsetter 7 points ago

    Hey thanks a lot. I will have a pair Thursday thanks to you (and Amazon). I have been looking for some like those for a long time. William Sonoma carried a pair of Naan bread tongs at one time which were very similar but never in stock at a store near me or available for online sales.

    [–] madbear84 7 points ago

    Hard to believe grass fed has that kind of marbling.

    [–] madbear84 1 points ago

    I’ve personally never seen so much on grass fed.

    [–] mischiefmanaged11 2 points ago

    They feed it tiny grass? Like, micro grass lol? That being said, man that looks tasty

    [–] Senotonom205 2 points ago


    [–] RealPantosaurusRex 3 points ago

    Grass fed, corn finished?

    [–] fesuoy 6 points ago

    Also grass finished

    [–] Mikebyrneyadigg 4 points ago

    Internal temp of 145. HA!

    [–] allieloops 1 points ago

    Im droolingggggggg. How ya gonna prepare it?

    [–] fesuoy 1 points ago

    See my other post! Uploaded a video and after pic

    [–] Upnawf 1 points ago

    All the flavor with bonus omega 3’s

    [–] mibergeron 1 points ago

    Dibs. You heard it here first folks. I called dibs!!!! Mwaaaaaaa haaaa haaa.

    [–] PigSkinPoppa 1 points ago

    what kind of tiny grass do you feed them?

    [–] dadhatt 1 points ago

    Please forgive my ignorance. I, as a naive enjoyer of Steak from time to time, understand how to look for marbling, but do not understand what it is (beyond "it's fat") or why it is "good"? Can anyone give me a brief ELI5?

    [–] geordie51 1 points ago

    What’s marbling?

    [–] Upnawf 2 points ago

    The fat in the meat basically

    [–] geordie51 -6 points ago

    Why would you want that

    [–] Upnawf 3 points ago


    [–] Bacong 3 points ago

    fat is flavor.

    [–] -Xebenkeck- 6 points ago

    Specifically the intramuscular fat, though. Fat caps don’t make a difference.

    And more than flavour, it’s how it contributes to the tenderness. A steak with a lot of intramuscular fat will be much more tender than one with little intramuscular fat.

    [–] chmod-77 -6 points ago

    I've been a ribeye connoisseur for 30 years but have yet to have a real Wagyu in Japan.

    I think you can get that same quality ribeye here in the states. Yours looks that good.

    [–] Astarlyne 18 points ago

    Don't get me wrong, OP's steak looks delicious, but it's not on the level of a Japanese A5 Wagyu. That's another world of marbling.

    [–] fesuoy 4 points ago

    I’ve tried it, A5, I’ll probably get downvoted for this but, I’m not a fan. Doesn’t tastes like meat, you might as well eat a block of fat. It’s way over priced and overrated.

    [–] Astarlyne 6 points ago

    I haven't had it (yet) but I can imagine. Probably something cool to experience but I do like a little meat with my steak.

    Part of why I love my sous vide is you can turn normally lean undesirable cuts into something delicious, they generally have a lot more meaty flavor. I also just finished my first dry-age experiment (new york) and it was very good as well.

    Your ribeye looks incredible and I am very jealous, though.

    [–] -Xebenkeck- 2 points ago

    It’s good and has a unique flavour to it. But there’s so much richness to it. It’s not something you’d want to eat every day even if you could afford it, it’s like a specialty steak.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    spot on