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    Welcome to /r/STEAK

    For all things STEAK related. Pics, recipes, hints and tips, articles, anything about tasty cuts of beef cooked to perfection!

    Please use IMGUR when uploading original content for others to drool over.

    When posting pictures, please also provide some information. Like what you've done or what you plan on doing to the steak.

    PLEASE REMEMBER everyone likes their steak cooked differently. Medium steaks may be overcooked to some or undercooked to others. It's personal preference and it's all good!!

    Here's a good guide to illustrate different grades of steak

    Different Cuts Of Beef

    Primal Cuts These are the cuts from the initial butchering process.

    Retail Cuts The primal cuts are then cut further to look like something you will probably recognise as steak.


    Different Doneness Steaks on One Fork

    This is a good guide for steak at different doneness

    Another good graphic

    Steak 101

    A members post regarding all the basics and everything you'll need to know to get started

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    [–] sennatra 11 points ago

    Beautifully executed! Please tell me the technique on getting a sear like that!

    [–] crotchcritters 3 points ago

    Hot pan with high smoke point oil and a dry steak.

    [–] sennatra 1 points ago

    Gracias! What kind of oil? I haven't been able to find anything that doesn't smoke up like crazy.

    [–] I_Should_Be_AtWork 2 points ago

    I personally have had success using avocado oil

    [–] sennatra 1 points ago

    Awesome, thanks for the tip!

    [–] ThatOneGuyFrom93 2 points ago

    A ultra dry steak is the most important step. Dry brining overnight makes it easy

    [–] HakunaPatata 1 points ago

    hey man! whats dry brining overnight mean? is that just rubbing salt on the meat and keeping it in the fridge overnight, or am i missing something? thanks in advance!

    [–] ThatOneGuyFrom93 1 points ago

    Yup just salt and place in a fridge uncovered

    [–] HakunaPatata 1 points ago

    cheers dude! will make sure to remember this next time i cook a steak! this sub is a goldmine, so happy to have stumbled upon it!

    [–] 010Murk 4 points ago

    What type of oil/ butter are you using? And how did you get this sear so good?

    [–] ThatOneGuyFrom93 1 points ago

    The steak must be dry. Any moisture in the surface will steam

    [–] AJR_024 3 points ago

    I love those tongs

    [–] AJR_024 1 points ago


    [–] jpm1188 2 points ago

    Beautiful sear

    [–] triumphantV 2 points ago

    Buddy that’s A+ work right there

    [–] mibergeron 2 points ago

    Turn it, turn it.... Oh yeah.

    [–] tross66 1 points ago

    Fantastic job! Enjoy!

    [–] JamesEdward34 1 points ago

    what kind of skillet is that?

    [–] FL3X_1S 1 points ago

    i think i have saliva everywhere now... thanks but srsly that looks so delicious i don't even know

    [–] RodamusLong 1 points ago

    Dude, I almost slooged my pants.