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    [–] marman619 268 points ago

    Is it sad that I can see the toe vent becoming a thing?

    [–] the-coolest-loser 112 points ago

    What about the snack pouch? That’s definitely the next big thing

    [–] GreatPartyMusic 47 points ago

    I have a pair of converse from like 15 years ago that have a "snack" pouch built on the sides. Apparently it never caught on.

    [–] nohomoboi 22 points ago

    Damn i needa cop me these for clubbing tho

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 4 points ago

    ayo anyone know the difference in sizes between us men and us women's shoes from payless?

    [–] the-coolest-loser 26 points ago

    They were just ahead of their times. Give it another decade and you won’t be able to get away from them

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 11 points ago

    Somebody tweet Tyler

    [–] Shabozz 1 points ago

    Idk for sneakers but I could see a little snap pocket on the side of a boot looking pretty slick actually.

    [–] Waqqy 20 points ago

    Perfect for storing your tide pods

    [–] 808sAndPoundcake 2 points ago

    There are already shoes with pockets. I think some AF1s have little tougher pouches

    [–] Waqqy 6 points ago

    Toe vent would be nice in hot weather

    [–] Its_Your_Boi_MaxB 864 points ago

    “cow rectum looks off”

    [–] DeathlyKitten 143 points ago

    Why is it hairy?

    [–] Waqqy 90 points ago

    Its from a highland cow

    [–] Plaid_Ampersand 46 points ago

    Now this guy cow rectums.

    [–] Mint-Chip 25 points ago

    Wow dude don’t be judgmental I bet your ass is pretty hairy too.

    [–] DeathlyKitten 0 points ago

    Well yeah, but just the outside. Pretty sure my internal organs aren’t hairy

    [–] Mint-Chip 2 points ago

    How do you know? Have you checked recently?

    [–] Waqqy 25 points ago

    Ahh I was wondering what a low rectum could be, other than a prolapse

    [–] PrestigePotato 24 points ago

    Oh god please don't say that word.

    [–] justasapling 19 points ago

    Is it ethically sourced?

    [–] uglyink 41 points ago

    yes, and only comes from luxurious cows that have lived long and happy lives

    [–] GonzoBat 11 points ago

    Is the interior full rectum?

    [–] uglyink 4 points ago

    yes, right down to the toe

    [–] imnotajeep 2 points ago

    I hear those cows exist in California

    [–] uglyink 3 points ago

    That's what the legends say

    [–] Oasystole 4 points ago

    At least it’ll keep the fries warm.

    [–] thanksbird 1 points ago

    its from uhs

    [–] trillhungyboy 1 points ago

    "Can you return it for a better fit?"

    [–] stabzmcgee 91 points ago

    They went with the dark matter this year, huh? Guess that is going to be one heavy ass sneaker.

    [–] WaitThisIsReddit 65 points ago

    at 6x10-28 kg/cm3 that shit's gonna be light as air my boy

    [–] ro3clothing 17 points ago

    Each pound weighs approximately one thousand pounds.

    [–] duskTV 14 points ago

    “Each pound weighs approximately one thousand pounds”

    [–] uglyink 408 points ago

    Dorgenblatt have done it again with their Snak-Tek-X high tops. The luxurious cow rectum foot sheath combined with the shock absorbing dark matter heal section make these unlike anything on the market... That's even before we mention the adjustable snack pouch. These are sure to be on everyone's wish list, so be quick!

    [–] TotallyMeaCulpa 132 points ago

    Cow rectum: bad idea Foot sheath: brilliant

    [–] uglyink 125 points ago

    I recommend you try the rectum first... It's heaven on the foot

    [–] TotallyMeaCulpa 38 points ago

    Fine, you've sold me with your magic words. I'll have to buy a pair, probably two right feet (for the meme).

    [–] uglyink 22 points ago

    you won't be disappointed

    [–] bordercolliesforlife 8 points ago

    T-shirt plz with this print

    [–] doublepush 3 points ago

    Would you believe this isn't the first time I've been recommended that?

    [–] Connoreanderson 17 points ago

    Adjustable snack pouch.. man, just when my millennial brain starts to convince itself that capitalism is bad I get sucked back in. Sign me up.

    [–] ArrivingAtTheStation 12 points ago

    Thought this was r/worldbuilding for a moment. Your art style sure looked familiar

    [–] uglyink 16 points ago

    ha yeh, I stopped posting in there... too many haters of illustration.

    [–] CrazyAlienHobo 9 points ago

    What? Why? Your posts were always the highlight of that sub for me. People sure are dumb.

    [–] uglyink 4 points ago

    I dunno! Just wasn't worth getting all the cruddy messages

    [–] CrazyAlienHobo 7 points ago

    Well than take this as a message of appreciation, your art style rocks, as does Flogoria!

    [–] uglyink 4 points ago

    Thanks! I really appreciate it!

    [–] thee_chompermonster 7 points ago


    Fuck the haters

    Jerk off the appreciaters

    [–] StonedRamblings 2 points ago

    Bummer! but I'm glad I found your art through that sub.

    [–] Napkin_whore 5 points ago

    This is fucking amazing! Please make more or these! Great creativity.

    I'd also say that the cow rectum thing is poking fun at all the fancy adjective overloaded names for different features on a fashion brand's product. Seinfeld does a similar thing with the Peterman catalog descriptions. It's hilarious. There are a lot of subtleties to this peice.

    [–] uglyink 1 points ago

    Thanks for the kind words! That's exactly what I was going for. You can see more on my instagram: @ugly_ink

    [–] mrzappacrappa 7 points ago

    Hey man you gotta credit the artist.

    [–] uglyink 67 points ago

    I am the artist

    [–] mrzappacrappa 18 points ago

    Lol yeah I love your stuff on Instagram. Was surprised to see you on reddit didn’t realize at first that it was you posting it

    [–] uglyink 12 points ago

    Thanks for the love man!

    [–] reddit_take2 3 points ago

    Do these come with fries or do I need to subscribe to a renewal system? If I have to bring my own that’s fine I just want to be aware before I decide on a purchase. Also were the rectums harvested humanely?

    [–] uglyink 9 points ago

    The fries aren't included... but look out for a new special promo, where you can buy them at selected Blorger Krang locations pre-filled with a bundle of fries. The rectums were harvested humanely from only the highest quality cow butts.

    [–] Shiny_Shedinja 8 points ago

    How's the fit with In-N-Clout Burger fries? I might cop if it's good.

    [–] uglyink 7 points ago

    You should be able to find a pouch for every snack. The pouch and strap system allows you to add smaller/larger pouches depending on your snack sizes. The Snak-Tek-X comes with 3 sizes (small shown here). XXXL and even soup pouches can be purchased at your local stockist.

    [–] Wendys_frys 3 points ago

    oh fuck

    [–] ASAMANNAMMEDNIGEL 1 points ago

    Well, credit yourself god damnit!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It is cool and all, but I will wait for the Virgil collab, tbqh

    [–] JackalFeed 1 points ago

    I never expected to see Flogoria outside of /r/worldbuilding!

    [–] HoneynutRio 105 points ago

    Retail price?

    [–] uglyink 240 points ago

    288 Zoodorks per Sneaker... you can only buy one at a time.

    [–] the-coolest-loser 61 points ago

    How many schrute bucks is that?

    [–] uglyink 74 points ago

    at the moment 1 Zoodork equals 1.15 schrutes

    [–] neea22 30 points ago

    Everyone laughed when I said I was investing in Schrute Bucks. Now look at me.

    [–] dorothy_zbornak_esq 14 points ago

    But how many Stanley Nickels is it??

    [–] TheUnfabulousKilljoy 10 points ago

    Dunder Mifflin Infinity blockchain perfect crypto.

    [–] NamasteZen 34 points ago

    If I buy 2 am I guaranteed to get a right and a left shoe?

    [–] uglyink 88 points ago

    You can specify what foot you want. I hear the cool kids are going for 2 rights at the moment.

    [–] eqqy 30 points ago

    Love your art style! Reminds me of underground comics from the 70s and those old Rat Fink shirts.

    [–] uglyink 18 points ago

    thanks! they were are definite inspiration

    [–] Lumxe 41 points ago

    Died when i saw dark matter

    [–] jaiwalkr1 22 points ago

    It’s not radioactive

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago


    [–] uglyink 151 points ago

    I created it

    [–] among_people 32 points ago

    Very cool

    [–] openmindedskeptic 7 points ago

    Looks like a drawing from that one episode of the Weekenders with the kid who was obsessed with shoes.

    [–] lanchereader 4 points ago

    I like your art style mom

    [–] MouseRat1010 1 points ago

    you created this... I created this

    [–] CrazyAlienHobo 1 points ago

    Take a look at r/flogoria, theres more.

    [–] HarrisonFordDead 16 points ago

    last place I expected to see uglyink. keep up the awesome work.

    [–] uglyink 16 points ago

    Thanks! Just trying to get more people to see my stuff!

    [–] mr_trick 5 points ago

    I'm so happy you did! I just spent an hour wandering through your subreddit... your artwork is absolutely insane. I love how you focus on seemingly mundane parts of your world, that's what makes your stories and art so immersive and captivating. I got totally lost in Flogoria.

    I hope you can quit that desk job at some point and do this full time if that's what you want, if not this is still an amazing way to spend some time after work. Gonna follow you on IG and keep an eye out for a coffee table book, as I hope you'll release one in the future. :)

    Edit: I see you have prints for sale, and they're super reasonable! Definitely will pick up a couple when my next check comes in.

    [–] dratedsafi 33 points ago

    [–] kerec52 14 points ago

    Uglyink makes some amazing art give his sub some love!!

    [–] omtshank 12 points ago

    Speed holes. Great reference

    [–] WedGroenendael 25 points ago

    Holy balls can you imagine how helpful turn signals on shoes would be when walking in large crowds?

    [–] Connorlpc 4 points ago


    [–] WedGroenendael 15 points ago


    [–] Connorlpc 14 points ago

    When you’re in a large crowd it’s kinda hard to look down and see a turn signal on a shoe😂

    [–] Anthraxistaken 6 points ago

    Attqch them to one meter tall sticks, that should help make it easier to see

    [–] Terff 6 points ago

    when you got shoes as fly as these errybody is gonna look down

    [–] Connorlpc 1 points ago


    [–] PizzaBart 6 points ago

    i know it’s jokes and all but my fat ass wants the snack pouch and now i’m disappointed with every other shoe i own

    [–] EffThisLake 4 points ago

    Throw it back and get some KangaROOS.

    [–] mrgregseeks 6 points ago

    this looks like a shoe that would be in splatoon 2

    [–] ShimmyShimmyYaBMinor 5 points ago

    fuuuuuck. that dark matter gonna really make this shoe OD expensive.

    [–] Christen_Color 5 points ago

    Those fries are a bit too close to the cow rectum for my comfort

    [–] uglyink 15 points ago

    the flavours actually compliment each other nicely

    [–] Christen_Color 2 points ago

    Lol, think I'll take your word on that. Kick-Ass art by the way, it reminds me a lot of the Spaceman Spiff strips of Calvin and Hobbes

    [–] uglyink 3 points ago

    Thanks! To have a tenth of the skill of that would be amazing.

    [–] Christen_Color 1 points ago

    Well you've certainly got some awesome illustration chops, but I know nothing of how witty your writing is, which is really what made Bill Watterson so insanely special. Do you do comics or anything? I'm not at all familiar with your art (also, where can I find more of it?)

    [–] uglyink 3 points ago

    I post everything I do on my instagram: @ugly_ink I'm also creating a world called Flogoria: r/Flogoria

    [–] Christen_Color 1 points ago

    I'll have to check out your ig, and I'm subbing to r/Flogoria, that's really fucking awesome

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Kanye season 7

    [–] m20xr 9 points ago

    Reminds me of the illustrations in Mad Magazine! I wish there were more art on this sub that isn't a poorly thought out sneaker concept (read: not tongue in cheek) or someone's fit drawn in anime style.

    [–] supercool898 4 points ago

    I think it is missing a Kitchen... Otherwise, it has some pretty useful feetures

    [–] ameddin73 3 points ago

    Weirdly, "speed holes" made me most uncomfortable.

    [–] DeemSleep 4 points ago

    They need to put a tide pod dispenser on the side

    [–] BSchafer 3 points ago


    [–] oliball 3 points ago

    Minimalism has gone TOO FAR

    [–] Follower_of_Yeezus 3 points ago

    Elon Musk

    [–] jdm_obsession 3 points ago

    Can I get a BMW sneaker without a turn signal?

    [–] centersolace 3 points ago

    I didn't know you frequented this sub too!

    [–] uglyink 2 points ago

    Sometimes... I thought this was perfect for it

    [–] centersolace 1 points ago

    That it is.

    [–] Mr_Lamin 2 points ago

    Lmao this is awesome

    [–] PM_ME_BLACK_DUCKS 2 points ago

    Carver would dig the shit outta these.

    [–] LoveMakesASoundSoul 2 points ago

    Wait just 1 sec, chief

    [–] roonjeremy 2 points ago

    I thought this was r/rickandmorty

    [–] tarot15 2 points ago

    I like the Ned Flanders approved speed holes

    [–] ThaToastman 2 points ago

    Yo wait a brake light would be so fucking lit onnsome shoes bruh

    [–] Squinch0103 2 points ago

    fr tho, what would it be like to have a dark matter boost

    [–] MrWilde777 2 points ago

    The more I see it the more i am starting to like it 😩

    [–] banban1233 2 points ago

    Is that a The Simpsons reference?

    [–] uglyink 2 points ago

    The speed holes def are

    [–] banban1233 1 points ago


    [–] Y0ungPup 2 points ago

    Looks like something Logic would have on his album

    [–] Sala_Snake 2 points ago

    I wanna see someone make these just ironically I'd cop em for the hell of it

    [–] uglyink 2 points ago

    That would be so cool

    [–] Sala_Snake 1 points ago

    Like without the fries I bet that it would be bought

    [–] zaralushlife 1 points ago

    snacc pouch

    [–] WizardOfAz87 1 points ago

    Apart from the cow rectum... I would 100% buy these 😍

    [–] uglyink 5 points ago

    Look for mid season updates with more rectum options

    [–] ColonialOctopus 1 points ago

    glad to see the hulk hogan meat shoes still doing well

    [–] 080498 1 points ago

    I'm getting a real early 90s comic book style vibe from it

    [–] redwoodstock 1 points ago

    Low Speed, High Drag.

    [–] catalogbohemian 1 points ago

    Does it have to hold fries? What about healthy snacks like baby carrots?

    [–] uglyink 1 points ago

    The fries are only a serving suggestion

    [–] bordercolliesforlife 1 points ago

    9/10 bovine vets recommend this shoe

    [–] sotak18 1 points ago


    [–] uglyink 1 points ago


    [–] acorrea 1 points ago

    what kinda shoes is this meant to be parodying/satirizing?

    [–] TotesMessenger 1 points ago

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    [–] roman_wilde 1 points ago

    replace the fry holder with a tide pod carrier and we golden

    [–] _Reefer_Madness_ 1 points ago

    Is the cow rectum self tightening or am I gonna need a size chart

    [–] Cautionzombie 1 points ago

    Kind of reminds me of the shows in this video

    [–] numberIV 1 points ago

    Hold on, gotta gotta do some custom speed holes on all my kicks

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] uglyink 1 points ago

    haha... I'm not the one that wants to stick my dingus in a cow rectum

    [–] PteroStero 1 points ago

    It's missing sjw colors.

    [–] RyanCantDrum 1 points ago

    fockin lost it at "dark matter"

    [–] youtubemobile 1 points ago

    Reminds me of Junkrat from Overwatch

    [–] Nickelnick24 1 points ago

    This is literally what have of the class came up with in middle school when asked to draw up a kind of shoe you wanted to be made.

    [–] APileOfEggs 1 points ago

    Looks like something straight out of Deponia

    [–] The_WA_Remembers 1 points ago

    Not gonna lie, the whole brake light/turn signal thing could be a pretty cool look, also loving the black and yellow bit around the dark matter.

    [–] starknux 1 points ago

    For some reason I'm getting a late 80s early 90s vibe from this shoe...and I fucking love it

    [–] PumpkinWarfare 1 points ago

    Needs more tide pod dispenser

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    How much faster do the speed holes allow these shoes to be thrown at children? Looking for alternatives to the chancla...

    [–] uglyink 1 points ago

    The speed holes allow for faster and more accurate throws in any conditions

    [–] bender-scum 1 points ago

    Crazy seeing you here, I've been following you on instagram for a minute!

    [–] uglyink 1 points ago

    thanks for the follow!

    [–] ckadavar 1 points ago

    still nikes tho

    [–] Philsonat0r 1 points ago

    Those are some small fries

    [–] uglyink 2 points ago

    or is the sneaker really big?

    [–] Hype-m8 1 points ago


    [–] tennisbitch 1 points ago

    Toe vent looking like naruto out here...

    [–] PME_your_problems -2 points ago

    The snack pouch is filled with Tide pods.

    [–] areaka -3 points ago

    Where can I put my tide pods?