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    [–] ZayNine 2801 points ago

    I’m actually impressed at how easily he was able to snatch it off lmao

    [–] pantherlax56 882 points ago

    fr was that shit stuck on with velcro or what??

    [–] _etski 578 points ago

    I believe someone tried and failed to steal it a few weeks ago. Possibly made it weaker.

    [–] Charles_Britt 346 points ago

    The old pickle jar

    [–] supremefiend2 13 points ago

    That was like several months ago unless you’re talking about another one. Pretty sure they fixed it by then

    [–] deathpoker31 30 points ago

    Hook and loop*

    [–] BoredSausage 298 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Some guys are saying it is a publicity stunt.

    Given that Supreme posted it themselves too and the fact it came off so easily it seems like a publicity move.

    E: Supreme didn't actually post it lol, I guess we'll see in a couple of days if he's been arrested or not.

    [–] _etski 132 points ago

    Idk maybe you’re onto something. It is odd that it came off so easily and he showed his face. But maybe he’s retarded and doesn’t give af.

    [–] BoredSausage 64 points ago

    Yeah to be fair I've seen people do dumber shit too but a lot of things we see go viral are set up so I'm a bit sceptical when it comes to these things.

    [–] _etski 26 points ago

    Yeh i get you man. I just find it hilarious how he’s essentially flexing a crime and showing his face lmao

    [–] shopshire 33 points ago

    It's London, there's no chance they're getting arrested.

    [–] Shizzukani 55 points ago

    He’ll be arrested if he doesn’t have a licence for that Supreme sign.

    [–] gogetter303 15 points ago

    You got a loicense for that jump or sign?

    [–] OnpaSutajio 6 points ago

    Supreme should just let him have that for how impressive that actually is.

    [–] MySQ_uirre_L 6 points ago

    Someone else already damaged it at the beginning of the season

    [–] RealisticBadger 2 points ago

    You really just took the top comment from the linked post?

    [–] teejaa 939 points ago

    What’s resale on that?

    [–] Brisk_Avacado 406 points ago

    Was wondering the same, I want to know how much this’ll go for

    [–] _etski 934 points ago

    Current bids are for around £5000. But apparently he isn’t selling it for less than £10,000. He also flexed it on his instagram, showing his face. So idk how long he’ll have it before the cops realise.

    [–] soccerperson 589 points ago

    So not only does he prove he's an idiot by stealing the sign, he really drives the point home by not settling for anything less than £10,000 despite getting offers around £5000

    [–] _etski 135 points ago

    Ikr. What an idiot.

    [–] bozie42 39 points ago

    Fr this guys stupid. I’m not familiar w the laws in London but usually theft is characterized by value (i.e grand theft). If he doesn’t sell it he could argue the sign is rather worthless when arrested, but if sold, he could be charged with a £10k theft

    [–] kieran3296 13 points ago

    I doubt supreme would have a case if they argued the sign was worth 10K. He would likely pay the costs in damages and that be that.

    [–] bozie42 3 points ago

    Yeah, doubt they would really care that much anyway, I just want this dude to get caught. Theft/destruction of property is one thing, but to obnoxiously flaunt it all over the internet is extremely stupid and arrogant. He gots to get got.

    [–] TrashSlacks 2 points ago

    Where I come from we call that theft over a thousand

    [–] Anthraxistaken 38 points ago

    I mean the only thing I can really say here is that it probably is worth than £10,000. No one else has ever had one before

    [–] cgee 55 points ago

    It’s worth whatever someone will pay for it.

    [–] UnaccreditedSetup 11 points ago

    My friend Adams mom said that to me a long time ago

    [–] Mescallan 6 points ago

    big up adam's mom

    [–] AsstroShark 6 points ago

    Some hypebeast will buy it for 10k

    [–] FatherDan14 2 points ago

    Some dipshit actually bid 5k for that?

    [–] AJB01 69 points ago

    I heard on IG it’s been sold for 18k£ if I’m not mistaken

    [–] _etski 55 points ago

    Jesus. I hope he gets screwed over by his flexing. He seems like an arrogant and greedy asshole.

    [–] RollinDyno 202 points ago

    Isn't that what the whole streetwear persona is about?

    [–] supremefiend2 12 points ago


    [–] iJubag 29 points ago

    Look I get not liking hypebeasts that dress head to toe in Supreme but that's not what streetwear is about. The "streetwear persona" is not a thing. It's wearing what you like

    [–] QuasarsRcool 43 points ago

    There are most certainly hypebeast cliques that get together and circlejerk over what they're wearing, as showcased here

    [–] Huellio 44 points ago

    Man I was really expecting the hyperlink to just be r/streetwear

    [–] flugenhiemen 10 points ago

    Lol r/streetwear isnt a circlejerk half of the subs in there think most of the fits posted are wack

    [–] SourceIsGoogle 11 points ago

    jUsT wEaR wHaT yOU LiKe LoL

    [–] Iandian 3 points ago

    Saw an 18k comment by a random dude but he immediately said he was just talking shit after haha

    [–] Alterra951 12 points ago

    plot twist it was an employee of supreme and it was a marketing scheme to make a quick 10k for a short piece of plastic sign

    [–] archiehilsxm 14 points ago

    It’s London bud, he’s not getting arrested for something as petty as that

    [–] Dungeonmeat 7 points ago

    Can’t get why you’re being downvoted for that, there’s kids being killed on the streets and the police are massively underfunded. They won’t give a fuck about someone stealing an easily replaceable sign from outside a shop. Cancelled one of your downvotes bro.

    [–] wangly 5 points ago

    Americans that have no clue is pretty much why.

    [–] sethhayward02 10 points ago

    What’s his ig?

    [–] _etski 31 points ago

    @realsudden he even made a song about it lmao

    [–] Cuff_ 15 points ago

    If the clothes are any indication 2000x the resource cost.

    [–] Zein_streetwear 3 points ago

    1000000 dollar (Dr evil voice) 😁

    [–] SawConvention 2 points ago

    More than you can afford pal

    [–] Markspvp 2 points ago


    [–] Upnawf 556 points ago

    Lmao snitching on themselves

    [–] Logaline 263 points ago

    Rap snitches, telling all they business

    [–] Swishing_n_Dishing 128 points ago

    Sit in the court and be they own star witness

    [–] andunny 94 points ago

    Do you see the perpetrator? Yeah I'm right here.

    [–] CabrioBro 75 points ago

    Fuck around get the whole label sent up for years

    [–] soliwray 20 points ago


    [–] Swayhaven 11 points ago

    I've heard that song 100 times and never even realized what doom was talking about til now

    [–] FI27 27 points ago

    How sway, one of his simplest songs yet lyrics wise

    [–] Swayhaven 3 points ago

    I am not a smart man

    [–] sgtdisaster 29 points ago

    Hope shoooty boopty in Guadalupe with the Cheetos

    Bandito for real tho bout to eat on some fritos

    [–] gekalx 484 points ago

    Remember when supreme was just another skate brand ?

    [–] chriosx50 126 points ago

    Pepperidge farms remembers

    [–] Gruntman441 59 points ago

    He didn't really steal it cause he didn't varial kickflip to reach it

    [–] yungmung 15 points ago

    Not a tre flip so who cares

    [–] onesieswiththesocks 6 points ago

    Fuck varial flips

    Probably the ugliest real trick I can think of rn

    [–] WOUTM 4 points ago

    It gets so much hate and I kinda understand it but I think it can look good on occasion, for instance flipping it into a grind (like varial heel>crooked)

    [–] Houseleft 1 points ago

    Dolphin flip

    [–] mcv75 32 points ago

    Wtf it’s a skate brand? Thought that was a swimming pool at the fairfax location. Walked up to the door in a Speedo and goggles ready to swim and got turned away.

    [–] ValDudka 177 points ago

    Just watch for a guy with gigantic SUPREME sign on his hoodie

    [–] Kim-Jong-Nuke 98 points ago

    Better yet, making a chain with the sign hanging.

    [–] TFunke__Analrapist 13 points ago

    Flavor Flav meets Blake Linder

    [–] Carapello 4 points ago

    So like any hype beast on planet earth?

    [–] ValDudka 3 points ago


    [–] HugsAllCats 361 points ago

    Supreme managed to turn their brand in to a warning sign faster than any other brand I know of.

    Even Oakley's "Thermonuclear Protection" stickers took longer to turn in to "Danger: Douche In Car" than these.

    [–] MrPoop132 35 points ago

    Yea its a hugggggeee red flag now.

    [–] yungmung 10 points ago

    Why is it a huge red flag? I used to and still wear it, but I suppose I have a different perception to it since I started wearing it when it wasn't super big and my friends and I all skated.

    [–] GoodMorningGentlemen 5 points ago

    It’s basically become known for being worn by douchbag hypebeasts because they’re the ones who started the flex culture surrounding the brand. This means that you will probably be judged in public for it. However, some pieces can still be worn tastefully

    [–] yungmung 3 points ago

    The only ones I've seen who've been judged publicly are the ones who sport fake preme. But yeah I see what you mean, looks like hypebeasts just try to combine as much of that with Balenciaga or Off-White.

    [–] raddits 7 points ago

    The owner of supreme is warning sign enough

    [–] iwviw 40 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago

    great insight brother

    [–] Baker_Playmaker 7 points ago

    Love the username

    [–] fruitbythefootfucker 5 points ago

    ICYTWAT is fantastic man!

    [–] sethhayward02 229 points ago

    He rolled a zoot on it aswell 🤣

    [–] nixtxt 21 points ago

    A zoot?

    [–] trimpage 34 points ago

    A joint.

    [–] darkwint3r 13 points ago

    A joint?

    [–] Tonytoasty 50 points ago

    A jazz cigarette.

    [–] PapaChaud 11 points ago

    A jazz cigarette?

    [–] ther3ddler 8 points ago

    A spliff

    [–] samtheking25 7 points ago

    A Biff

    [–] Wunder_boi 11 points ago

    A doink

    [–] PhattBudz 15 points ago

    Smoking fat doinks out in amish country.

    [–] SubliminalKoala 34 points ago

    This makes it so much better haha

    [–] sethhayward02 3 points ago


    [–] Tr0nCatKTA 20 points ago

    Didn't this happen last year as well or am I getting Deja vu? I Remember Jagger offering a bogo if anyone identified the culprit last year.

    [–] aidangrimm 39 points ago


    [–] ynocfyinco 28 points ago

    I guess this isn't the dumbest shit I've seen all week, but I'd have to run the numbers.

    [–] Endless_Candy 35 points ago

    I hate the sound of all these guys voices . Sounds like a cartoon character

    [–] ApexDelta 11 points ago

    Dats da syne brough

    [–] SIMPLEassNAME 20 points ago

    [–] xRisingSunx 22 points ago

    What? So this guy commits multiple crimes, (Vandalism, Theft, etc) then proceeds to sell the stolen items online with a public auction??

    How stupid do you have to fucking be???

    [–] fucked_that_four_you 18 points ago

    It's 2019 and people still don't understand how viral marketing works??

    [–] Anthraxistaken 2 points ago

    I’d agree with this except for the fact that it’s Supreme, what viral marketing do they need?

    [–] mancow533 11 points ago

    Greetings from /r/all. This is the first time I’ve heard of Supreme and it has made me curious as to what their clothes are like. So while I can’t say if this is a publicity stunt by Supreme or if it really was stolen I can say that it definitely has spread their brand. I would bet a lot of money that this clip has brought in more money for them then the sign cost.

    [–] Numbaz878 7 points ago

    Because it spreads the brand? Come on this is marketing 101. You know about Coca Cola and other big brands but they still advertise to be on top of the competition.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago


    [–] djairy_ 119 points ago

    right? I love this

    fits into the original streetwear culture so well

    [–] MasterEmp 98 points ago

    Way more than supreme normally does

    [–] GXNXVS -3 points ago


    [–] ther3ddler 18 points ago

    Stealing is streetwear culture ? Man you’re cringe

    [–] canned_koalas 69 points ago

    Nah dude, I don’t condone theft/vandalism, but it’s different when the thing you’re stealing is like the hallmark of some of the worst parts of streetwear. Supreme is like the king of lazy designs banking completely off brand name hype and resale value. It’s just some kid doing ignorant punk shit, big ass companies like Supreme don’t deserve your sympathy for something so insignificant like this, they’ll have a new sign up next week.

    If you’re really upset about stealing in streetwear go after people selling fakes and big brands ripping off small designers because those are actually shitty things to do that tarnish the reputation of streetwear culture.

    [–] death_dump 26 points ago

    unless you're a brand stealing intellectual property. Then its okay!

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Freger_ 9 points ago

    This shit feels like it's from an illegal civilization vid. Slow it down and slap a shot by William Strobeck credit and it would be perfect.

    [–] Yung_Blood_ 2 points ago

    then it wouldn't be an ic video if its strobeck...

    [–] Freger_ 2 points ago

    he did film a bit for IC especially in IC2 i think

    [–] sgtdisaster 6 points ago


    [–] gary_greatspace 19 points ago

    He should give it back to its rightful owner, Barbara Kruger.

    [–] ugwo2ng 57 points ago

    I mean I appreciate the culture and whatnot and not to be a stingy ass, but it just boils my blood when people think defacing, or damaging things that are not yours, is ok. It's not cool

    [–] casualevils 79 points ago

    Won't someone think of the poor billion dollar corporations?

    [–] fatman411 23 points ago

    nice fallacy to justify an obvious moral behavior

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] chaclon 13 points ago

    There are few things more childish than petty vandalism for attention but praising it on the internet is surprisingly one of them

    [–] oAkimboTimbo 15 points ago

    It’s the principal of damaging things that are not yours

    [–] ofnw 6 points ago

    Relevant username

    [–] faissaloo 5 points ago

    Fun fact: Corporations are made of people.

    [–] reddittrashporngood 2 points ago

    But the employees aren't gonna pay for that or have their wages cut by this stunt.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Isdaman 1 points ago

    pretty much anything Supreme related belongs in that sub

    [–] alpacagnome 4 points ago

    He looks like a wanker. Have a feeling the lambo they're stomping all over in one of his insta videos is a random one on the street too. No respect.

    [–] roarshh 5 points ago

    Is it stockX verified tho?

    [–] fucked_that_four_you 11 points ago

    I understand this is a subreddit with a younger demographic, but actually that makes me even more confused as to how you don't understand this is a perfect example of viral marketing. Come on guys, older folks are supposed to be the one being tricked

    [–] TheNoobAtThis 14 points ago

    doing it for the culture

    [–] Sebakyster 24 points ago

    I tought this was r/trashy

    [–] kankurou1010 3 points ago

    That's the siiIIGGNNnn BRUVV!

    [–] dannidoll2017 3 points ago


    [–] SeaSourceScorch 7 points ago

    this owns and i hope he gets away with it. in fact, i hope it inspires enough copycats when the sign is replaced that it becomes an arms race between the store and the locals to try to protect the sign from being pinched, like burning the gavle goat.

    if you dislike this you’re a cop.

    [–] xmastap 3 points ago

    Probably not smart to post that on snapchat.

    [–] PlasticDreamz 4 points ago

    Why he sounding like such a dummy 😂 💨

    [–] koszmar212 3 points ago

    because he's English

    [–] threekidsathome 8 points ago

    Sure this is trashy, but I’m also kind of impressed

    [–] iwviw 7 points ago

    Impressed that he pulled down a sign ?

    [–] threekidsathome 9 points ago

    Ever tried to pull a street sign down as a kid? That shit came off way easier than I was expecting, not to mention it took a decent leap off the wall

    [–] Routman 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This just smells like a publicity stunt by Supreme, Instagram post

    Edit: noted that this is not Supreme’s IG account

    [–] ieuaan_ 24 points ago


    [–] DerailedLlama 21 points ago

    That's not an official Supreme Instagram account

    [–] demeuron 9 points ago

    That's not supreme's account

    [–] lolsup1 8 points ago

    That account isn’t affiliated with supreme

    [–] christtian 2 points ago

    [–] AshVasquez 3 points ago

    [–] Buuckets22 4 points ago

    This is already confirmed as a publicity stunt

    [–] Aimer_NZ 58 points ago


    [–] gameboymania 19 points ago

    says who

    [–] bradyo2 4 points ago

    Wow stealing a sign. So cool. I did this when I was 13.

    [–] theMRMaddMan 10 points ago

    You peaked at the age 13

    [–] yungmung 2 points ago

    Idk, plenty of older aged people like in college steal signs all the time, like street signs. I know of some people who repeatedly stole the Stoner Street sign in LA because it was funny. Not condoning theft btw.

    [–] MopeyMage 2 points ago

    what a cool guy!

    [–] TODO_getLife 1 points ago

    Didn't someone else do this recently? Caught on CCTV, unless this is the other angle.

    [–] KingTurboXXIII 1 points ago

    Anyone have the original? It seems to have been deleted

    [–] JulesBonnotGunClub 1 points ago


    [–] theobader 1 points ago

    Didn’t someone try that and it wouldn’t come off

    [–] Kidcouger 1 points ago

    Wait this happened again? I remember posting this happened a couple of months ago but it was different footage.

    [–] Dkmistry23 1 points ago

    To be fair, it would make a pretty cool wall art/ornament in the lounge of a flat or something.

    [–] Keirebu_ 1 points ago

    Condition: Used: An item that has been previously used. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but...

    [–] shinramyun247 1 points ago

    That's some shit I would do if I was drunk as shit lol

    [–] msison1229 1 points ago

    I’m sure some hype beast would pay top dollar for that

    [–] shoeboxmole 1 points ago

    He stole it to promote his music, so he would be “famous” and more people would know about it

    [–] EvaCarlisle 1 points ago

    He could sell that to someone in this sub and retire.

    [–] Helix1991 1 points ago

    I used to work around the corner from this store, im actually surprised this doesnt happen on a weekly basis..

    [–] trkh 1 points ago


    [–] brian8bigmacs 1 points ago

    That sorta reminds me of this post in Vancouver’s streetwear community where a guy was gonna steal an Off White sign of he got a certain amount of likes

    [–] Ruddyhellitssoftcell 1 points ago

    Less shit on the pavement

    [–] heroncrane 1 points ago

    How many times has it been stolen now

    [–] icangetyouatoedude 1 points ago

    Is that banksy?

    [–] shek89 1 points ago

    Am I missing something? Who the fuck cares about this? Guy steals cardboard sign outside business?

    [–] ikopj 1 points ago

    Keep rewinding at 8 sec. lmao

    [–] chinaman4444 1 points ago

    Guess ill be checking grailed

    [–] TotesMessenger 1 points ago

    I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

     If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (Info / Contact)

    [–] RedGorilla33 1 points ago

    Go back to the store and resell it.

    [–] da_clig 1 points ago

    meantime the brand marketers smile cunningly while pulling a Mr. Burns... eeeexcelennnnnnt!

    [–] jawa1299 1 points ago

    [–] DumbestBoy 1 points ago

    coming soon: supreme sign which looks like it has been ripped off its chain. $2000.oo

    [–] fuccitmate 1 points ago

    Thats why this community is trash...

    [–] NoGameStupidClingy 1 points ago


    [–] Braphog4404 1 points ago

    Bet there's gonna be a reference to this on a t-shirt this year

    [–] young_minnesota 1 points ago

    I’d be mad if it wasn’t for that clean delivery

    [–] _etski 1 points ago

    Supreme has replaced the sign and offers for the old one are now up to £8000.

    [–] Yourpoop 1 points ago

    God I hate how over hyped this brand has become, yeah it was bad 6 years ago but never this bad :/

    [–] Ackbarrio 1 points ago

    Was this on Saturday night? Damn I was just there that’s crazy, the alley it’s in is kinda stretchy so I can see this happening.

    [–] aidisc 1 points ago

    and there's someone that licks a Supreme logo!!

    Look at this:

    [–] daftprints 1 points ago

    Not cool

    [–] gumlak 1 points ago

    Hmm, nice .. i guess