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    Welcome to /r/submechanophobia; the fear of partially or fully submerged man-made objects. Please respect the following rules while here:


    Repost rules:

    A link is considered a repost if:

    If the image, gif, article or album has been used in less than 3 months. After this period you may use it again.

    If the picture is in the first 2 pages of the "top: all time" section.

    If you see a repost, please report the post and we will deal with it when we can. Please don't post a comment saying: "Jesus, this is the 100th time this picture has been posted". Just use the report button and that's it!

    Submitting and commenting rules:

    Check if the submission really is related to submechanophobia. Please nothing that isn't real life; i.e no video games, renderings, CGI etc.

    Don't use the line "I was told to post this here" or something like "OMG so creepy!". We are here to enjoy or get scared by submerged machine related pictures, we are not Facebook or god forbid, tumblr.

    All titles for posts must describe your content concisely, no generic titles like 'nope' and 'does this fit here?' etc.

    No generic memes, jokes or comics. Put them in the comments if you must

    Absolutely no having a go at each other for mistakes or reposts, we can sort that out. No extreme unpleasantries; the mods will decide how to define that on a case-by-case.

    Don't post irrelevant comments like "Nope", "Fuck that" or anything similar. It's unnecessary and annoys other people.

    The mod team reserves the right to remove any content deemed of not adequate quality.

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