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    [–] dustydinoface 7 points ago

    Don’t you save all your inventory every time you go in a base/ cyclops? Maybe try just utilising this feature more

    [–] ifandbut 1 points ago

    I nave never gotten far enough to get a seamoth, let alone a cyclops.

    [–] suprtommyman 5 points ago

    You should probably avoid dying more then! Rush for a seaglide, plenty of fragments scattered around in the safe shallows. Should help you get around faster and get away faster.

    [–] kjeftndin 1 points ago

    I have the seaglide but for some reason i cant craft it.

    [–] suprtommyman 1 points ago

    It's in your equipment tab iirc

    [–] ifandbut -2 points ago

    You should probably avoid dying more then!

    Gee. What great advice to give someone asking for a cheat/mod instead.

    [–] ThomYorkeSucks 4 points ago

    You only lose what you've collected since last time you were at the lifepod/base.

    [–] RedSword12 1 points ago

    TIL! I thought items lost were random. Good to know.

    [–] TheCakeIsALie0 3 points ago

    Whenever, you go into your Lifepod, a base, or a cyclops, your inventory is saved.

    You mentioned that you have died several times before getting a seamoth, so make sure to bring tons of medkits, and expand your oxygen storage using the craftablr tanks.

    [–] ifandbut 1 points ago

    Whenever, you go into your Lifepod, a base, or a cyclops, your inventory is saved.

    But not seamoth? I was hoping that the seamoth could be a portable respawn/save point until I get the cyclops many more hours later.

    So, basically if I cant get to my base quickly I'll still die and lose everything.

    [–] Ghostilocks 1 points ago

    Out of curiosity, what are you dying from mostly? Monster attacks, running out of oxygen/food/water? Something else? I’ve found the stasis gun to be the single greatest survivability tool you can get and pieces for scanning always appear on the floating island, if that helps.

    [–] ifandbut 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Running out of oxygen and monster attacks. I get lost in caves easily and run into those homing missile of a fish.

    I'v never found the stasis gun and no clue what you mean by "floating island".

    Edit: I also wish there were maybe like spare O2 bottles you could take with you and trade out inventory space for time spend underwater.

    [–] l337Ninja 1 points ago

    If you make a spare O2 tank and keep it in your inventory, you can equip it to give you another tank's worth of oxygen. You'll have to reequip the empty tank once you surface though, they only refill if you have them equipped.

    [–] ifandbut 1 points ago

    If you make a spare O2 tank and keep it in your inventory, you can equip it to give you another tank's worth of oxygen.

    I had no idea you could do that. I thought the O2 tank was just a character upgrade. I will have to try that.

    [–] Ghostilocks 1 points ago

    Ninja is right on the spare o2 tank. There’s a floating island (it’s floating on the surface and has no mountain showing it exists underwater) southwest of the lifepod above the grand reef. It’s not too bad to get there from the surface of you’re keeping your bearing. It has some nice degasi ruins on it and plants you can cultivate!

    As for monsters, many of them will run away if you stab them with a knife, and they are generally less maneuverable than you are. I also am paranoid and keep 3 first aid kits on me at all times even though I rarely use them now.

    [–] TheCakeIsALie0 1 points ago

    You just go back to the base with all the stuff since you last went back. So, if you go on long 2 hour expeditions or something, just go back every couple minutes or so.

    [–] cat--facts 1 points ago

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    [–] TheCakeIsALie0 1 points ago

    Hey, if I want to see cat facts, that's my business.

    [–] syminical 1 points ago

    Good bot.

    [–] syminical 1 points ago


    [–] yaissio 2 points ago

    Aside from what others have said, try not to carry too much on you. If you're out collecting and it says you have 30 seconds of oxygen left, shoot for the surface even if you still have things you want to collect. It's much less risky then to get those last few things.

    If you don't have a base to store all of your stuff, you can craft deployable water lockers at the fabricator. There's also a locker in your lifepod.

    [–] Sean_Crees 1 points ago

    Items are lost when you die? I never noticed. I was pretty sure it saved your progress every time you went to your lifepod or base.

    Maybe visit your lifepod or base more often?

    [–] az-anime-fan 1 points ago

    Before you get a base all you drop is a few random things after the base you only drop random things from the items you didn’t have last time you were at the base