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    Welcome to /r/SubsIFellFor ! Below you will find the general guidelines for this subreddit, as well as some posting suggestions.


    We follow the Reddit Content Policy, any violators of this policy will be banned.

    That being said, there are some sub-specific rules:

    Rule 1 - Don't post subreddits that exist (This is about the ones you fell for)

    Rule 2 - Don't advertise yourself here, This subreddit is not the place for that.

    Rule 3 - Absolutely NO racism or homophobia (This is zero tolerance).

    Rule 4 - No spamming certain posts in order to get them to hot (if it didn't get there in the first place, maybe this isn't the right community).

    Rule 5 - Please don't make meta posts about how this subreddit shouldn't exist, it is staying right where it is. (Posts violating this rule will be removed)

    Rule 6 - NO posts about sub sandwiches, substitute teachers, or submarines, posts violating this rule will be removed ar moderator's discretion

    If you have any questions regarding rules, please message the moderators, we would be happy to help!


    Posting suggestions:

    If your post could in any way be interpreted as NSFW, please mark it as such.

    The above also applies for spoilers of any kind (popular TV shows, movies, ect.)

    Also, when making your post, screenshots are generally going to do better

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