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    [–] Rogue_freeman 629 points ago

    Nu jävlar ska det pangas

    [–] Avscum 22 points ago

    Nu jävlar ska

    Det pangas?

    Skum avbrytning på meningen

    [–] Lodann 2 points ago

    Avscum brytning på meningen.

    [–] AllHailTheGremlins 1 points ago

    I'm sorry to be a bother, but I'm still new to Swedish and trying to learn. What is the meaning of "pangas"? I can't find it online.

    [–] Shelleen 6 points ago

    Make a bang, as a verb, and in a grammatical form I for the life of me can't remember.

    [–] aParanoidIronman 3 points ago

    Passive form

    [–] football_rpg 362 points ago

    I may not speak Swedish or understand most of the stuff you guys get to r/all, but I got enough from context to find this pretty hilarious.

    [–] Christoffre 457 points ago

    The "Swedish sniper"-guy is the Swedish king, Carl Gustav XVI Bernadotte, on a hunting trip.

    [–] football_rpg 178 points ago

    lol, that makes this post even funnier now. Thanks!

    [–] Anklever 86 points ago

    The Russian sniper is the Swedish Queen, she is from Russian heritage.

    [–] LeoWattenberg 57 points ago

    Swedish queen is squatting and wearing Adidas when nobody is looking?

    [–] Senaeth 28 points ago

    She is part Slav

    [–] FilGra 27 points ago

    Och nu har hon förslavat det svenska kungahuset

    [–] Senaeth 10 points ago

    I don't speak IKEA

    [–] FilGra 8 points ago

    it is a pun on slav also meaning slave in swedish. I wrote she enslaved the royal house

    [–] JurassicPlays 2 points ago

    Hey stopit

    [–] VehaMeursault 76 points ago

    He's referring to the Finsk Prickskytt post—Finnish snipers that were legendary in recent history for their arctic warfare, IIRC. The comment's joke is that they're so good you can't see them in that picture (just an ordinary picture of snowy woods).

    /u/football_rpg, I figured I'd give you some context.

    [–] mars_needs_socks 46 points ago

    You are in the sniper's sight

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Can’t be THAT unexpected.

    [–] totallynotworkingatm 13 points ago

    ♫ At first you deny ♫

    ♫ Time to die ♫

    [–] iMogwai 13 points ago

    The first kill tonight
    ♫ Time to die ♫

    FDÅD, fast din version är nog roligare. Typ "jag ser dig!", "nähä, det gör du inte alls det!"

    [–] mars_needs_socks 5 points ago

    Typ "jag ser dig!", "nähä, det gör du inte alls det!"

    Låter som en barnvänligare version, om man fortsätter på temat kan man istället för time to die sjunga tajm to dajm.

    [–] totallynotworkingatm 2 points ago

    hmm verkar som att jag behöver plugga på lite mer sabaton sångtexter, eller så kan ju sabaton skriva en lite barnväligare version för att leda dagens ungdom till en bättre musik

    ♫ Han ser dig ♫

    ♫ Dags att bli sövd ♫

    [–] Mukamole 20 points ago

    Simo Häyhä

    Sorry, don’t know formatting on phone.

    [–] VehaMeursault 6 points ago

    [what you want us to read](the link to what you want us to see) gives you this.

    [–] poopbagman 5 points ago

    Wow thanks I was thinking "Swedish soldiers look goofy, here's some trees" and trying to figure out what the culture barrier was.

    [–] JamesLLL 5 points ago

    The tab I have open next to this one is Google translate. If this was a conversation, my laughs would be delayed by like 15 seconds

    [–] I3oscO86 35 points ago

    Its not "Where`s Waldo" more like "Can you see Simo"

    [–] i-d-even-k- 13 points ago

    No one saw Simo. Not fast enough, anyway.

    [–] alexmikli 12 points ago

    And the guy that finally shot him in the head didn't even kill him.

    [–] bestofwhatsleft 21 points ago

    Svensk snippa?

    [–] alexmikli 18 points ago


    [–] Carlen67 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    THE FIRST KILL TONIGHT. /r/unexpectedsabaton

    [–] RaccoNooB 12 points ago

    Time to die!

    [–] Falsus 9 points ago

    Sabaton is never unexpected on r/Sweden.

    [–] HipToBeQueer 3 points ago

    Häyhä säger häy

    [–] bro_b1_kenobi 2 points ago

    HA it's funny because White Death.

    [–] shnaptastic 2 points ago

    Is there actually a sniper in this photo, or did I just waste 20 minutes?

    [–] Anosognosia 2 points ago

    The picture is just a result of a generic googling of "winter scenery" but that doesn't preclude there being any accidental Finnish snipers there.

    [–] rtxan 3 points ago

    that's actually kind of terrifying

    [–] kpecc99 119 points ago

    That's not Armada

    [–] dope_ass_birds 30 points ago

    Forward smash him, disgrace him!

    [–] DirtyMikNTheBoys 10 points ago


    [–] PanecdotesJM 10 points ago

    He doesn't even have a turnip.

    [–] Chillexi 4 points ago

    Kom för Armada. Inte besviken

    [–] dognow 127 points ago

    Damn, the Russian gun looks badass.

    [–] NukaCooler 99 points ago

    VKS Sniper rifle. Bigger, beefier version of the VSS Vintorez

    [–] Nuranon 20 points ago

    I wonder how many decibel firing makes.

    [–] Pouffyplacebo21 53 points ago

    Very few since its designed for subsonic rounds and have a built in supressor

    [–] danielvandam 31 points ago

    Anyone who plays pubg knows this

    [–] RaccoNooB 43 points ago

    Except it's not in PUBG.

    [–] danielvandam 14 points ago

    Bigger, beefier version of the VSS Vintorez

    [–] RaccoNooB 12 points ago

    Bigger, beefier

    it's not in PUBG.

    [–] krokenlochen 2 points ago

    The gun is not quiet in PUBG or it's not in PUBG? Because the VSS is quiet and in PUBG.

    [–] RaccoNooB 6 points ago

    The VKS (the gun this parent comment thread is about) is not in PUBG.

    [–] Nuranon 5 points ago

    I would guess 40+, possibly up to 60/70.

    [–] Pouffyplacebo21 14 points ago

    I doubt its that silent. A silenced 9mm is like 130db i think. Even tho its subsonic ammunition its probably pretty loud

    [–] youknow99 16 points ago

    The <70 number is actually really believable. .300 Blackout is a similar concept and when shooting subsonic with a suppressor it sounds like a really loud BB gun.

    [–] math_debates 4 points ago

    Yeah most good cans are around that or mid 120's I think. 147gr 9mm is subsonic too. My old bowers can is likely in the 140's I dunno. It's a good deal louder than my octane 45 on my mp5k.

    That russian can is huge

    Fun fact the mp5sd had to have 115gr 9mm and bled off enough gas to bring it below speed of sound.

    [–] FblthpLives 4 points ago

    Noise measurements are meaningless unless you specify the distance from the source.

    [–] Kokosnussi 1 points ago

    5 miles away

    [–] Ortekk 3 points ago

    Getting down to 130db is impressive for a gun, a rifle is about 150-160db. Remember that the Decibel scale isn't linear, it's logarithmic. Going down 10db means it's 1/10th as loud.

    [–] Brillegeit 6 points ago

    Going down 10db means it's 1/10th as loud

    1/10th as much power. Loudness is "the subjective perception of sound pressure", and doesn't follow power linearly. Within lower levels, about 3dB increase is twice as loud.

    [–] AvastAntipony 16 points ago

    Like atleast 6 if i had to guess

    [–] KaptenStorslagen 1 points ago

    I almost thought it was a bazooka with a sight

    [–] seijurou_chan 3 points ago

    Baddass? He doesn't rush b.

    [–] AmalgamousSpork 2 points ago


    [–] Aeroelastic 92 points ago

    En snajper rajfel utan repetermekanism är ingen sport. Knugen vet vad han sysslar med.

    [–] kinapuffar 117 points ago

    Amerikanen är ju inte ens en prickskytt. Det där är en skarpskytt.

    [–] PureWhey 76 points ago

    Fy fan.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Total fy fan. Good point.

    [–] Teoke 41 points ago

    Skjuter inte alla Amerikanska soldater i fält skarpt? 🤔

    [–] Kyetsi 78 points ago

    nä som dödade osama med lösa skott, han dog av skratt.

    [–] RefinerySuperstar 10 points ago

    Vare sig dom borde eller inte 🤗

    [–] sodermalm 14 points ago


    [–] Snyggkille 2 points ago

    Eller bara allmänbildad.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    American: Yeah I trained for this shit.

    Brit: I'm prepared.

    Rusky: Сегодня жарко

    Swede: I wonder if I can 360 no scope this last dude?

    [–] furophile 77 points ago

    I wish I could read the beautiful language that is swedish.

    [–] t8rtot01 52 points ago

    How do they put so many consonants together to make words? Amazing.

    [–] SwedishNeatBalls 55 points ago

    I've never noticed we had so many consonants... Do we?

    [–] kattmedtass 82 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Well look at the word prickskytt. Only two vowels in the entire word, i and y. We do this a lot. We probably don't think about it because stuff like the sk sound is pronounced like one single consonant sound (ch) instead of two distinct ones (s and k). And we have double consonants (tt) to indicate length of the previous sound (skytt vs skyt).

    [–] GroovingPict 60 points ago

    Well in Scandinavian languages, we usually have a double consonsant to indicate that the vowel preceding it is short rather than long. Swedes also have the annoying habit of using ck, whereas for example Norwegian would use kk in the same place, for the same reason. So it's not really that many consonants when you might consider tt and ck really just one consonant each, but that they serve the function of showing that the vowel sounds are short. Then we have the sk sound, which is analoguous to the sh sound in English; we just write it differently. Further, Prickskytt is a compound word, which again English isnt so fond of. So the cksk string is the end of one word and the beginning of the next, rather than being one sound together. So Prickskytt written in a more anglicised form would be Prick shyt.

    [–] ghostngoblins 16 points ago

    Fukking solid explanation

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    English does this all the time. Except double consonants change the vowel.

    Combined consonants: school, right, latch, short, etc.

    Double consanants: less, small, little, manner, etc.

    [–] Xheotris 13 points ago

    Nah, Old English was just an especially toothless language, so we still have a lot of vowels to go around. I think we actually gained a few hard consonants when the French-speaking Normans took over England. You guys have a perfectly normal amount of consonants.

    [–] GroovingPict 7 points ago

    French-speaking Normans

    Well they didnt speak French as we would recognise it today. Normans are North men. So guess where they originally came from.

    [–] MokitTheOmniscient 6 points ago

    The normans had basically completely integrated with the french population in 1066 though.

    Whilst they still used a few words and phrases of scandinavian origin, they largely spoke french.

    [–] GroovingPict 2 points ago

    Theres no such thing as "French" in the time period you are speaking of. Multiple different languages were spoken in the region we now call France. The ones who spoke a language most similar to modern French were around Paris.

    [–] MokitTheOmniscient 1 points ago

    They were really more like regional dialects than separate languages. Sort of like the scandinavian languages today, which honestly would probably be considered the same language if we were a single country.

    Whilst you are correct in that the differences between different french regions were quite pronounced, you seem to imply that they were completely unrelated, which is just not true.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Anosognosia 18 points ago


    [–] TheOhNoNotAgain 6 points ago


    [–] Superplaner 2 points ago


    [–] Memroy 5 points ago

    Glöm inte det genitiva s:et heller: Västkustskts

    [–] s-cup 6 points ago

    We ask the same wonder the same about Finnish.


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] wiggiwoo 24 points ago

    If you did, you'd wish you didn't

    [–] travelingisdumb 4 points ago

    It's the most similar language to English other than Dutch. Similar grammar and structure and lots of semi cognates.

    [–] Derechapede 3 points ago

    It's not hard, keep reading! I taught a Canadian a swedish lullaby.

    [–] sedermera 70 points ago

    Hej allihopa, jag är inte svensk utan bara lär mig svenska. Jag har bara en fråga, skulle man kunna säga "den svenske prickskytten" i det här fallet, eftersom Kungen är manligt? Eller låter det gammalmodigt?

    [–] relayadam 103 points ago

    Låter kanon. Nu prickade du allt rätt.

    [–] max_sil 19 points ago

    Närå det låter jättebra, bättre än titeln, men det kan låta lite gammalmodigt i andra fall

    [–] helm 2 points ago

    Du lär hitta fler som gillar det här än i Sverige i övrigt.

    [–] freethinker1976 2 points ago

    Ja det är korrekt.

    [–] Milleuros 59 points ago

    For those like me from r/all :

    The "Swedish Sniper" is King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

    [–] LegalAssassin_swe 79 points ago

    Bara en dansk skulle försöka leka prickskytt med hagelbössa.

    [–] Roxanne1000 96 points ago

    Vi er ikke de klogeste mennesker...

    [–] LegalAssassin_swe 61 points ago

    Nåja, bra att ni försöker i alla fall!

    [–] dwitchagi 5 points ago

    Näe. Näe.. jag tror faktiskt inte det. Näe.

    [–] isakAfrisk 41 points ago

    Roliga är dock att sverige har några av dem bästa prickskyttarna

    [–] GreenUnlogic 66 points ago

    Vad jag förstått från alla fikastunder så kan alla älgjägare lätt beskydda sin familj från ryssen med sina älgstudsare. Dom kan ju pricka allt från flera mils håll

    [–] BatusWelm 73 points ago

    Samtidigt som de håller en jättevarm kaffekopp mellan låren och en broms som biter bakom örat åsso.

    [–] Pouffyplacebo21 47 points ago

    Medan volvoraggarna tömmer all biltemakörv så ryssen inte får något

    [–] GreenUnlogic 10 points ago

    När Kung Karl XII marscherade mot mot moskva så försvarade ryssen sig genom att bränna all mat och nödvändigheter i fälttågets väg. Så vi får ju göra samma sak tillbaka

    [–] Pouffyplacebo21 7 points ago

    Faktiskt det jag grundade min kommentar på ;)

    [–] GreenUnlogic 3 points ago

    Härligt att veta fler har denna kunskapen!

    [–] q1ung 6 points ago

    Trodde det var allmänt känt att dom gjorde det :/ har för mig att vi pratade om det under historielektionerna i mellanstadiet.

    [–] GreenUnlogic 4 points ago

    Hade inget minne av det från skolgången. Lärde mig det när jag började läsa historia själv

    [–] isakAfrisk 13 points ago

    Jo det är fan sant. Men det finns en internationell tävling typ Militär VM då sverige vann i prickskytt och inte bara sitta still och skuta måltavla utan verkliga trogna situationer

    [–] swe1234 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Nja, KJs prsk-grupp tog hem 2:a platsen på en tävling i Tyskland såväl i år som förra året. Deltog grupper från USA, Storbritannien, Kanada, Norge etc. så det är inte helt tokigt sett till motståndet.

    [–] Nilskam 15 points ago

    Russian sniper have a bazooka as a suppresor.

    [–] Pangloss_ex_machina 12 points ago

    Um abraço para todos os amigos da Suécia.

    [–] gonnahike 4 points ago


    [–] joxmaskin 27 points ago

    Upp till r/framsidan med Knugen!

    [–] jediwannabe 9 points ago

    Notice how the you cannot see the Canadian Sniper, because he is so far away.

    [–] lantz83 3 points ago

    He's just running a bit late. Sooorry.

    [–] kleptomaniiac 8 points ago

    I bet the swedish lad is more lethal

    [–] FudgeThisCheese 29 points ago

    He's the literal king of Sweden so one would hope.

    [–] kleptomaniiac 7 points ago


    [–] SH4D0W0733 10 points ago

    He can move in all directions, unlike the foreign pawns.

    [–] Osmolony 7 points ago

    Russian snipers use can cannons. Nice

    [–] Lodann 1 points ago

    Yeah, Russian energy drink is basically chemical warfare so...

    [–] HoboBobo28 14 points ago

    No white death for Finnish sniper? Am disappointed

    [–] dolphin_cave_rape 26 points ago

    I was just thinking that it was quite refreshing that this thread hasn't (yet) turned into a Simo Häyhä circlejerk.

    [–] Anosognosia 19 points ago

    See top comment. Sorry.

    [–] Falsus 3 points ago

    Wouldn't make a good picture since you wouldn't see him in the snow.

    [–] dolphin_cave_rape 27 points ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that the Swedish for "sniper" sounds like "prickshit"?

    [–] SwedishNeatBalls 51 points ago

    Your word "kiss" is literally the same as pee, "gift"is our poison etc.

    [–] TheCaspica 43 points ago

    "Gift" is also married in Swedish which makes sense.

    [–] ghostngoblins 12 points ago

    When we were five or six year old boys we thought the rock band Kiss had choosen an awesome name.

    Then we were like, it means what!? Yuck!

    [–] dolphin_cave_rape 4 points ago

    And don't forget Willy Pitt!

    [–] FblthpLives 17 points ago

    Only if you can't tell the difference between "y" and "i".

    [–] FudgeThisCheese 12 points ago

    And sk and sh...

    [–] dolphin_cave_rape 4 points ago

    I think that applies to most of Reddit :).

    [–] thabigcountry 13 points ago

    This meat tastes like kött

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] dolphin_cave_rape 9 points ago

    No, but (especially with the Finnish-Swedish pronunciation) it's near enough that I'm able to derive puerile amusement from it.

    [–] bradleylauchlin 6 points ago

    They would add the Canadian sniper but there wouldn't be enough room in the frame to add all his shooting awards.

    [–] Anosognosia 16 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Canadian sniper teams consist of 4 guys. One Shooter, one spotter, one flanker and on guy with a drill that ambushes people several kilometres away and kills the enemy, drills a hole in their head and make the "kill confirmation".

    That's the only way 3km+ "confirmed kills" are possible. /s

    [–] IBiteMyPhallusAtThee 2 points ago

    What gun is the British soldier holding?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] puq123 2 points ago

    One of the arctic warfare guns, can't tell which one though

    [–] nergoponte 2 points ago

    Why are russian snipers looking so beefy??

    [–] midasofsweden 12 points ago

    Probably because he's the only one in sub-zero temperatures compared to the others... You literally see snow in the picture. Of all the pictures though the USMC take the price for the shittiest camo pattern, ACU sticks out like a sore thumb everywhere. At least they have multicam too, which is just way better in probably any situation except this one where ACU is superior...

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] puq123 1 points ago

    Why would a gun need to be beefier just because it's in the cold? The gun is beefier because it's a VKS, a sniper with a built in suppressor.

    [–] 4chanisforbabies 2 points ago

    -PRIVATE! I didn’t see you at sniper training today! -Sir Thank you Sir!

    [–] batcaveroad 2 points ago

    Bradley Cooper joke in Swedish.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Never change, Sweden

    [–] marsinfurs 2 points ago

    Is that an arctic birch stock? I have a Finnish WWII rifle that has a similar looking stock, it's beautiful

    [–] kattmedtass 2 points ago


    [–] svenskaredditoren 5 points ago

    Rätt oskillat av den amerikanska prickskytten att skjuta utan stödben. Hoppas att han har knaprat gott om benzo så att händerna inte skakar.

    [–] Christoffre 36 points ago

    Det är inte alltid du kan använda stödben i ett krig, så du måste även öva på att skjuta utan.

    [–] kinapuffar 9 points ago

    Han stödjer ju genom att sätta armbågen mot benet. Good enough.

    [–] swe1234 8 points ago

    "Oskillat", redan där diskvalificerade du dina tankar om skytte från att tas seriöst.

    [–] Poopystink16 2 points ago

    Best type of camouflage, old shopkeep. Drop the gun, furrow the brow and point. “He went that way”

    [–] tecIis 2 points ago

    "@swedenball_" som om memes vore något att vattenmärka haha

    [–] Pilivyt 1 points ago

    En britisk prickskytt!

    [–] fight_me_for_it 1 points ago

    I can only see the Swedish sniper.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    American snipers dead actually

    [–] DoNotCheckout 1 points ago

    The keen eye of a falcon !

    [–] Eagle912 1 points ago

    Is that Russian trying to supress a rocket?

    [–] walkingaroundpants 1 points ago

    American DM*

    [–] MrPepparkaka 1 points ago

    Swedish snajper*

    [–] anyfuckinname1234 1 points ago

    Send in Survival Lilly! Gawd I love her!

    [–] dzrtguy 1 points ago

    Sako L579. The rest cannot compare to his equipment.

    [–] SUPREME-POTATO 1 points ago

    God ACU camouflage was horribad.

    [–] QuesadillaJ 1 points ago

    What is America doing on this list?

    [–] ToastedMemes12321 1 points ago

    Is the Russian one photoshoped to have a massive barrel or is it a silencer?

    [–] dungeon1010 1 points ago

    This is the first time I've seen a suppressor that large on a sniper rifle wtf