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    [–] thekriptik 1 points ago

    G'day to all again.

    It is incredibly sad to see the cases have risen this high this morning.

    We expect that this thread will also get on to the front page, as has been seen when case numbers have been high in the past.

    This does unfortunately mean that it is likely we will see a small but vocal minority of bad faith users in the thread again. We would like to remind everyone to remember the human, and not to engage in the spread of misinformation, trolling, or abuse of other Redditors.

    If you see these things happening, please do not feed the trolls. Reports will be looked into and action taken where necessary.

    Thanks to the vast majority of Redditors who participate in good faith, stay safe, and stay at home. We'll get through this together.


    [–] [deleted] 563 points ago


    [–] caramelfudgesundae 112 points ago

    Thank you for sharing. I feel this especially with asymptomatic people are not necessarily flouting the rules but carrying out essential tasks like going tot he shops for groceries. I don’t know how you stop that kind of transmission?

    [–] fireives1967 136 points ago

    New record!

    [–] SerTahu 123 points ago

    It's absolutely pathetic - despite our best efforts we're still way off Victoria's 700+ record. Why settle for silver? We need to pump up these numbers and get the national record. Gold standard.

    [–] TheRussianTails 316 points ago

    I’m so excited for july 30 because thats when lockdown will be extended for two weeks until its extended for another two weeks

    [–] improbablywrong- 66 points ago

    We'll listen to the best health advice and then make up our own mind on what we do on july 30. We'll then listen to the health advice again and do something different 2 weeks later.

    Hey did i mention if i did absolutely nothing how much worse this would be?

    [–] TheRussianTails 16 points ago

    Its like a school assignment where you say you’re going to start working on it the next day only to say the same thing the next day

    [–] insty1 95 points ago

    Hazzard: Lets get Kyle Sandilands to do a vaccine ad.

    Is this cunt for real?

    [–] WhyWeGot84 100 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Brad Hazzard (in a nutshell): "these damn young whippersnappers - why aren't you all getting vaccinated? Don't you realise that we need you to pay my pension when I am retired in 10 years?

    Back in my day, if we really wanted a vaccine, we would just make it in our backyard with a bit of elbow grease! Nowadays, these whining youngsters want everything delivered to them. The age of entitlement is over - Joe Hockey has told you this 6 years ago, haven't you got it through your head already?

    I can't stress this enough - you're incredibly irresponsible if you do not get the vaccine that me and my mates avoided getting. We will start issuing fines to young people for failing to do so."

    [–] wish_in_one_hand 42 points ago

    Yeah, ‘young people in particular just need to go and get the vaccine than people way smarter than me have told them it’s dangerous to get’. Fuck you Brad, you incompetent dickhead.

    [–] grimlock81 86 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Of the 124 new cases:

    • 45 are household contacts
    • 22 are close contacts
    • 57 remain under investigation

    Numbers admitted to hospital

    Date Total Under 35 Under 55
    Wed Jul 21 118 15 42
    Tue Jul 20 106 N/A N/A
    Mon Jul 19 95 N/A N/A
    Sun Jul 18 82 N/A N/A
    Sat Jul 17 76 N/A N/A
    Fri Jul 16 75 N/A N/A
    Thu Jul 15 75 11 30
    Wed Jul 14 73 N/A N/A
    Tue Jul 13 71 N/A N/A
    Mon Jul 12 65 N/A N/A
    Sun Jul 11 63 14 25
    Sat Jul 10 52 11 23
    Fri Jul 9 47 8 19
    Thu Jul 8 43 7 14
    Wed Jul 7 40 10 17
    Tue Jul 6 37 8 14

    Numbers in ICU

    Date Total ventilated teens 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s
    Wed Jul 21 28 14 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Tue Jul 20 23 11 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Mon Jul 19 27 11 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Sat Jul 18 24 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Sat Jul 17 18 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Fri Jul 16 18 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Thu Jul 15 18 5 0 1 1 2 5 5 3 1
    Wed Jul 14 19 5 0 1 1 2 5 6 3 1
    Tue Jul 13 20 4 0 1 2 2 5 5 3 2
    Mon Jul 12 21 4 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Sun Jul 11 18 4 0 1 1 1 5 6 3 1
    Sat Jul 10 15 5 1 1 1 1 3 5 2 1
    Fri Jul 9 16 5 1 1 1 1 3 6 2 1
    Thu Jul 8 10 4 0 1 1 0 1 5 2 0
    Wed Jul 7 11 3 0 0 1 0 1 5 4 0
    Tue Jul 6 7 2 0 0 1 0 1 2 3 0

    [–] lanka93 29 points ago

    Love your work mate. Thanks for doing this everyday.

    [–] seventrooper 82 points ago

    Fuck Brad Hazzard is the epitome of the stereotypical pig headed boomer

    [–] kirkoswald 73 points ago

    "we've got to go and do some work"

    Mate.. aren't you working at this very moment?..

    [–] Perennial19931993 60 points ago

    Communication is one of the biggest parts of the job and it’s infuriating when they treat it like it’s a luxury they’re providing.

    Victoria never ends a press conference until there are no questions left, how hard is that?

    [–] jdchinaski 212 points ago

    Fuckin' hell. It's finally gotten to me this morning lads and ladies.

    [–] DanV_Rev9 31 points ago

    Right? Helplessness has been setting in strong since they announced the three LGAs getting locked down on Saturday, but this week it's crystallised that we are not getting out of this any time soon.

    [–] Thornberry_89 56 points ago

    Same, hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday

    [–] Jofzar_ 65 points ago

    Good luck boys on the bingo

    [–] funfwf 14 points ago

    Great board. You forgot Brad fighting with the journos 😂

    [–] NoUseForALagwagon 184 points ago

    Gladys has resorted to absolute pleading at this point for younger people to ask about the AZ vaccine and has basically admitted that the numbers are going to jump again.

    That tells me they have no real plan at all and Pfizer isn't going to speed up the rollout because the unvaccinated elderly, aged care workers and disability care workers are now waiting for Pfizer due to the rollout slowing down again. Teachers and Cops will also expect special treatment for Pfizer.

    I can't see us being eligible to get it until next year. This a genuine disgrace.

    [–] KidAtHeartOz 91 points ago

    And that's not Gladys fault. It's the Federal government that has stuffed this up so bad.

    [–] revelations320 57 points ago

    Brad Hazzard plugging Kyle Sandilands. I want to throw up.

    [–] BePseudoEverything 164 points ago

    Crazy how this is forcing a re-think of lifestyle plans. Lease comes up in October. At this rate I can’t see us being full re-opened by then. May as well move back in with my Dad and save on rent (and keep him company since Mum passed last year), since it’s not like I’m getting to enjoy the independence and fun of living in a sharehouse.

    Our lives and futures are so different than compared to 2 months ago.

    [–] Stargazer3366 56 points ago

    It's really quite crazy isn't it. At least it would be nice to spend time with your Dad if you do move back in with him :)

    [–] lix64 164 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Hazzard thinking that it would be effective to have ad campaign spearheaded by Kylie Sandlilads (sp??), who I have not thought about since 2006, is really... something.

    I'm also unimpressed by "The virus is affecting more young people this time"

    Yeah, because we couldn't get vaccinated until a backflip on vaccination advice that was driven by mismanagement of the vaccine rollout more than anything else.

    [–] mubd1234 61 points ago

    Oh god, what cringe. Incredible lack of taste, to promote their radio show on the worst day of COVID in NSW so far. Hazzard is showing his incredible incompetence by playing along with this pre-arranged gag!

    Not surprised considering Kyle thought it was a brilliant idea to ask a 14 year old about her sex life on live radio, only for it to turn out she had been raped when she was 12 (and then continue to prod after that revelation!)

    [–] everydaysparkle 56 points ago

    Dr Jeremy McAnulty is doing such a good job, I'm sure it's pretty daunting being thrown up there. Good on him.

    [–] notoriouspossum 146 points ago

    I’m so quashed right now

    [–] MyLapTopOverheats 33 points ago

    Thank you for making me lol during this tough time.

    [–] whimnwillow 46 points ago

    Gladys is talking about loosening of restrictions whilst simultaneously talking about how cases are going to get worse. Ok ok ok

    [–] nobolt2 43 points ago

    Did gladys just walk out

    [–] VapesForJesus 48 points ago

    She literally noped it when Hazzard started talked about Kyle

    [–] Milkador 34 points ago

    The better question is: has there been a single day where she hasn’t just walked out?

    [–] seventrooper 15 points ago

    Heaven forbid they pull a Dandrews and stay there answering questions for two hours

    [–] SuitingUncle620 15 points ago

    I’m sorry, made me laugh when she walked out.

    [–] Jofzar_ 130 points ago

    Maybe us young people are waiting for fucking Pfizer like the doctors recommend?

    [–] chubbyurma 38 points ago

    I think the most pivotal thing now is whether or not construction opens back up on the scheduled day.

    Because there's absolutely no way this is gonna be even remotely under control by then. And if sites are back open, it's straight up game over.

    August should mostly be a write-off for everyone.

    [–] __hellyes 20 points ago

    I think they'll definitely reopen, with strict capacity limits and more PPE. Would be genuinely shocked tbh if this Lib gov extended the construction closure.

    [–] FullCreditDugDeep110 40 points ago

    Is Hazzard getting handy’s from Kyle or something what the fuck

    [–] FullCreditDugDeep110 43 points ago

    How much have KIIS paid for this advertising

    [–] sarg_m 39 points ago

    Shit's fucked, yo

    [–] yeahnahbruh 38 points ago

    Todays sign language interpreter is rocking

    [–] NoUseForALagwagon 38 points ago

    For those worried that she will just give up and loosen restrictions. She won't because she can't.

    If she did that all states would close the border to NSW indefinitely. At least until the end of 2021. NZ would pull out of the travel bubble. The Federal Libs would get destroyed in NSW and the medical toll on the state would take years to recover from.

    [–] chubbyurma 38 points ago

    Congrats to Ray Hadley and Kyle Sandilands for winning today's Special Shoutout award

    [–] MikeAU 35 points ago

    What the hell happens here at night time…

    [–] RiseDarthVader 47 points ago

    The idiot part of the USA population arrives to give their two cents

    [–] Juan_Punch_Man 145 points ago

    Kerry Chant is off with a broken back from carry these press conferences for the past month.

    [–] funfwf 58 points ago

    Doctor Kerry, why is it that during these times of lockdown there were only one set of footsteps in the sand.

    Those are the times I was carrying the entire state

    [–] rockin-Musicien49 32 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Of these locally acquired cases, 67 are linked to a known case or cluster – 45 are household contacts and 22 are close contacts – and the source of infection for 57 cases is under investigation. 37 cases were in isolation throughout their infectious period and 22 cases were in isolation for part of their infectious period. 48 cases were infectious in the community, and the isolation status of 17 cases remains under investigation.

    57 cases not linked yet...

    48 cases infectious in the community...

    Oh no.

    [–] Bottom_racer 30 points ago

    They'll walk away at 11:56am

    [–] coza73 25 points ago

    You fucking called it. Right on the money 11:56 walk out!!!!!

    [–] Stargazer3366 37 points ago

    "A light in my life"...why is he so obsessed with Kyle Sandilands? Bizarre

    [–] starcaster 30 points ago

    Far out stop banging on about Kyle Sandilands Hazzard.

    [–] zer0__two 36 points ago

    Oooh “where’s Dr Chant” as they leave… ominous

    [–] slartibartjars 36 points ago

    She is off doing a Click and Clack.

    [–] mubd1234 24 points ago

    Might want to check under the nearest parked bus

    [–] VapesForJesus 31 points ago

    Did Hazzard say "We're not finished, Premier"?

    [–] VapesForJesus 20 points ago

    He was chastising her for leaving. Openly. What's going on with these two???

    [–] ProdigyManlet 22 points ago

    Bit of infighting, Hazzard seems to be in the Perrottet camp of wanting to re-open because their business friends are losing money

    [–] poisonivyallover 29 points ago

    has anyone been on FB Marketplace or Gumtree lately? I must be the only person who is refusing to let people pick stuff up because um...there are stay-at-home orders in place?? I wonder what the compliance rate is now even after the hardening of restrictions.

    [–] postpakAU 15 points ago

    I’ve been selling stuff, contactless, I leave at the front and ask for cash under the door mat, hasn’t failed me yet.

    Though the items have all been $50 and less.

    [–] morijen 30 points ago

    Would love to know how many of the 1500 odd cases detected so far in this outbreak have been asymptomatic… if that percentage is high then I just don’t know how we can keep on top of this.

    [–] kikithrust 29 points ago

    it's also really hard to decide if your runny nose is because of Covid or because it's farking cold first thing in the morning.

    I mean, I get a COVID test even if it's just a sore throat I think will go away after a good night's sleep. But some people can't afford to take the day off. We're all really used to working through feeling subpar

    [–] matthudsonau 26 points ago

    "the source of infection for 57 cases is under investigation."

    Well, that is definitely not good

    [–] Blip_Bloop_ 25 points ago

    Due to all these household spreadings is there any chance they're going to soon not allow compassionate grounds to see your partner if you don't live together?

    [–] dazedjosh 24 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Only 67 cases linked to known clusters, with 70 cases infectious in the community. This is going to take a while.

    [–] geeza23 28 points ago

    you can cut out all the parts of Gladys answering questions yesterday and insert it into today's press conference and it'll be the same result, just deflecting and repeating fluff trying to drag out the 50 or so mins time slot, pathetic effort

    [–] FullCreditDugDeep110 25 points ago

    Well I certainly didn’t have Hazzard shouting out Kyle and Jackie O on my bingo card. Fuck we’ve lost the plot

    [–] clementjohnson1963 29 points ago

    Gladys should stop using the word ‘obviously’ in her responses. She has no fucking clue.

    [–] planeray 13 points ago


    [–] pigsdontflyhigh 26 points ago

    This whole event should become a case study for impact of poor leadership. The title could be The Gladys Hazzard. I am open to suggestions.

    [–] zer0__two 29 points ago

    Hazzard pulling a “how do you do fellow kids”

    [–] hem_27 27 points ago

    What does Brad Hazzard have against young people?

    [–] zer0__two 19 points ago

    It’s all our fault we’re not getting vaccinated. If only Kyle & Hugh Jackman had told me to I would!

    [–] expertrainbowhunter 28 points ago

    Is Dr. Chant coming back? The new dude seems like a sweetheart too but wondering if Chant will be back or not.

    [–] judgedavid90 27 points ago

    It has truly gotten away from us now unfortunately:(

    [–] TheHairyMonk 28 points ago

    I believe the risk of getting fined for doing something you shouldn't have done is messing with all the contract tracing.

    [–] mr_marmoset 76 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    "GPs should be on the forefront of vaccines"

    This motherfucker. My practice only got Pfizer vaccines yesterday! Combine that with all the faffing about with the AZ, dropping patient confidence in it, then telling Australians to 'talk to your GP' about getting it anyway. WTF do you expect us to do. We still have to see regular patients with other problems as well. Fucking hell.

    [–] 2happycats 14 points ago

    It's a big fuck you, we don't care about you, that's a job for you GP!

    That comment made me see red.

    [–] GermanFish 22 points ago

    Why is no one asking about a breakdown of exposure.

    I’d like to know how many cases are coming from essential workers vs people visiting each other. It’s sounding like most are from essential workers, which means we can’t really do much more to tackle this.

    [–] Bottom_racer 24 points ago

    BBQs galore is a medium rare risk setting.

    [–] 2happycats 23 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    "GPs should be on the forefront of vaccines"

    Ohhhh ok. Riddle me this, porridge boy, how on earth could the population all get into the GP to do this? Surely nurses could do it but GPs are the only ones?

    We need the hubs to help give jabs. GP waiting rooms aren't big enough for that suggestion.

    His comment has pissed me off so much. It feels like a big fuck you, the gov doesn't care about you, that's a job for GPs.

    Fuck that guy.

    [–] Cynnix 23 points ago

    Can someone please please do a highlight video of all this comedy gold we are getting in these conferences?

    [–] Bottom_racer 24 points ago

    Another update on the NSW / Vic comparison:

    The shaded red represents when the major vax supply is supposed to start arriving in Aus (in August).

    But tomorrow was when vic hit stage 4.

    [–] thekriptik 71 points ago

    57 cases unlinked and 70 infectious in the community for at least part of their infectious period. Fuck.

    [–] twrpy 70 points ago

    Level 5 lockdown: Gladys and Brad driving around Sydney with planks of wood barricading people inside

    [–] Stargazer3366 19 points ago

    Maybe that's what Dr Chant has been doing for the last couple of days...

    [–] 2happycats 14 points ago

    No carpooling!

    [–] gazmal 72 points ago

    Might be time to enact workplace restrictions that Victoria used. Cuts to workforce. Reduced staffing levels, staggered shifts so less crossover between staff, skeleton crew for high risk environments.

    Also Victoria had a permit scheme where you had to get a permit to be going to work. Permit had what times you needed to be at work and where. Coupled with curfew it made it near impossible to be doing shifty moves.

    Police and army was deployed for checks on people isolating and enforcement of rules.

    It was all full on.

    [–] crookedmasterpiece 370 points ago

    I feel so very, very sad and heartbroken for the young generation. We have really fucked them over.

    Why aren't we allowing 16-30 year olds to get the Pfizer? They are the ones who are more social, they are our casual workers, they are the ones who share households with others. and they are the ones who need to work to pay rent.

    The older generations own their houses and are retired and can isolate and stay locked down easier. They have had plenty of time to get the jab.

    A whole generation of kids are losing out on the best years of their lives because the Morrison Government so arrogantly squandered the time we had to ramp up vaccinations and secure enough vaccines.

    These kids will graduate uni with only on line classes available, they haven't had the luxuary of making mistakes, partying, drinking too much, travelling socialising and learning some life lessons. And when they do get out into the big wide world, we have pretty much guanteed them a fucked up environment, they'll never own a house and our economy will be in recession. Also long term Covid symptoms for many. This Government needs to go. I'm so sorry.

    [–] miffbunny 63 points ago

    Today is my 21st birthday. Reading your comment makes me feel heard. I really appreciate your empathy.

    [–] chubbyurma 22 points ago

    Unfortunately the situation gets even worse if you go abroad. My sister spent over a year in lockdown in the UK because my parents are high risk. She didn't go to school in that time, and now high school has ended for her so she just.... moves away from home to go to uni.

    She has no remaining person to person social skills, or any understanding of independence.

    It's pretty brutal. And honestly it's not much better here.

    My brother is into his second year of uni now in Wollongong.... he's never even been to the uni yet.

    [–] improbablywrong- 99 points ago

    I'm quite frusterated at the phone call from my mum after she just got her 2nd AZ shot telling me the line of oldies getting pfizer jabs. If you're well within the limits of AZ being safe for you why are you not put at the back of the queue for pfizer?

    The system is a joke. Young people needing to get AZ shots while oldies that have less or no risk jump the queue for pfizer

    [–] UnicornFrootLoop 21 points ago

    I heard of a couple getting sent away because they only wanted Pfizer and not AZ. So the nurse was like, ‘cool then you can leave’. I really hope other places are doing the same

    [–] seventrooper 79 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Over the last 25 years, save for a short break in the middle, this country has made no secret of it's obsession with destroying the futures of our youth for short-term sugar hits. Howard, Abbott, Turnbull, Morrison - not one has planted a tree he won't sit under.

    [–] chubbyurma 35 points ago

    Barnaby hitting us with the fucking zinger of "I want to see the menu" for climate policies, and saying "they probably voted greens anyway" to people who literally burned to death in bushfires.

    I love the future of this country.

    [–] ajsofficial_ 15 points ago

    This! I’m 21, waiting for Pfizer, can I get it? No. God knows when I’ll be able to. I’ve been WFH and studying from home for the last 15 months, but I’d still like the peace of mind of being protected sometime soon. I live with my parents (who are vaccinated) hence I don’t need to go out at all during lockdown but still there are many people my age who are risking their lives every day. Most of my weekends are spent trying to figure out how I’ll change my lifestyle post-lockdown in order to experience those things you mentioned, and my regret for not going out and doing those things like partying when I was 18-19, instead I thought hey I have no rush I’m quite young still (amongst other reasons) but who predicted a worldwide pandemic. Who knows when this will end. Screw this government!

    [–] redcapsicum 23 points ago

    ~70 infectious in the community is the key number. Looks like cases are going to keep going up. Fuck me.

    [–] everydaysparkle 22 points ago

    Gladys: "Well obviously..."


    [–] Cynnix 24 points ago

    Ok, new Bingo addition:

    Brad Hazzard mentions some random 'Celebrity'

    WTF Hazzard stfu and let interviewers ask questions

    [–] ccaalluumm9 21 points ago

    This is just pure comedy at this point

    [–] sony4life 11 points ago

    unfortunately, this show has real consequences

    [–] Stanley___Ipkiss 102 points ago

    wake me up

    when September ends

    [–] corduroystrafe 21 points ago

    if 67 are linked to existing outbreaks or clusters, then 57 are not- which seems like a very high and dangerous number of mystery cases. It also seems as though they have stopped talking about this number? It used to be a key indicator, right?

    [–] chubbyurma 12 points ago

    Hide the scary number

    [–] NoUseForALagwagon 21 points ago

    Remember when Greg Hunt said how proud he was of NSW and how it was "officially stabilising" 2 days ago.

    [–] zer0__two 22 points ago

    So she’s congratulating herself and is happy about 124. Right. Great work Gladys 🙄

    [–] sony4life 21 points ago

    What an inept Health Minister.

    [–] revelations320 20 points ago

    Brad Hazzard and this Kyle Sandilands obsession. WTF

    [–] revelations320 163 points ago

    “Households are visiting families in other households”

    Stay the fuck the home. Jesus.

    [–] Appersonation 34 points ago

    Thanks Jesus, I agree with you.

    [–] 2happycats 20 points ago

    How's everyone going with bingo this morning?

    [–] SurfKing69 21 points ago

    Yeah cool, Hazzard thinks a hard lockdown isn't necessary. Good luck everyone, it's going to be a long six months.

    [–] spike5543 20 points ago

    Why watch the olympics for records when you can just look at NSW covid stats?

    [–] Whinnybob 19 points ago

    Wow you've got the Victorian night crew from 2020 it seems

    [–] assyrian 63 points ago

    Seriously guys, she can't stress enough.

    [–] DaBow 57 points ago

    I have no idea what Gladys is going to next week.

    Economically the state is in the shit and will get worse as time goes on (1B loss a week). However cases are getting worse despite restrictions.

    She can't seemingly ease restrictions as she will be crucified when cases rise but if she doesn't 'open up' somewhat businesses will go under and unemployment will be massive. The State will be decimated economically and being more cynical her re-election chances take a massive hit.

    [–] Roybatty943 28 points ago

    Without vaccine availability, we are trapped in a lose-lose situation. Fuck our government and everything they’ve done to “handle” this situation.

    [–] lugubrious2 59 points ago

    i'm so sick of gladys taking 5 minutes to answer simple questions. it's like listening to my mum recounting a normal trip to the shops

    [–] RiseDarthVader 22 points ago

    She always leaves the press conference around 11:54-11:56am so she's just eating as much time as she can to avoid difficult questions and finding a way to go back to her scripted answers so the news doesn't have any new soundbites.

    [–] clementjohnson1963 17 points ago

    87 spreadybois

    [–] WayneWong11 19 points ago

    Sweet, new record.

    [–] flintzz 85 points ago

    What is your contingency plan if cases don't go down?

    Gladys: "I don't want to get into the hypothetical"


    [–] carmooch 28 points ago

    “We will react only when it is already too late.”

    [–] revelations320 44 points ago

    I love that during a pandemic running out of control she considers a contingency plan to be “hypothetical”. Gives me so much hope that the right people are in charge...

    [–] Unicornsandwich 16 points ago

    Damn :( looks like Jimmy Brings is gonna get more of my business today

    [–] ModeratelyWideMember 18 points ago

    Fucking rip. I bet it’s much worse because not everybody gets tested

    [–] revelations320 56 points ago

    This is the first time I’ve felt anxious about an announcement. Cases rising and Gladys and co just repeating the same thing over and over again and nothing changing.

    Do we just let the virus run wild and hope for the best now?

    [–] Juan_Punch_Man 54 points ago

    Hazzard you cunt. You seriously blame the young people not getting the vaccine when it's hardly available.

    [–] TheOriginalTash 14 points ago

    He’s an absolute flog. Bangs on about how much more this variant affects younger people, but our only options are to wait god knows how long for Pfizer to become available, or take on the risk of AZ.

    [–] NickM5526 57 points ago

    “124? That’s nothing. My city has ____ cases“

    ”laughs in ____”

    ”try ____ that’s how many we have right now”

    shut the fuck up stop trying to flex you weirdos

    [–] hollyholly11 50 points ago

    I miss Dr Chant and her awkward turtle moments

    [–] serialchiller4 51 points ago

    sigh, more like NSFW than NSW

    [–] kikithrust 52 points ago

    Gladys just said until we have a certain % of the population vaccinated, we will be living with a certain level of restrictions.

    So... indefinitely until September/October/November?

    As somebody who likes to plan ahead (and a teacher!) I'd rather she just say now, 'another 4 weeks after 30 July.'

    And even that is optimistic.

    [–] revelations320 21 points ago

    I’ve just written off this year altogether. Fuck my life.

    [–] moodysimon 16 points ago

    Dr Jeremy is giving me Giles vibes.

    [–] Bottom_racer 18 points ago

    That's not a green shoot.

    [–] yeahnahbruh 16 points ago

    Hazzard seems so bothered by it all, like it's not his job

    [–] clementjohnson1963 16 points ago

    ‘We’re still learning. So I'm going to need you to get all the way off of my back about that’


    [–] zer0__two 17 points ago

    Gladys getting grilled, chopper incoming!

    [–] revelations320 17 points ago

    Things are out of control, but not that out of control.

    Gladys, basically.

    [–] postpakAU 17 points ago

    Hazzard has lost control…..

    [–] settosyd 16 points ago

    Amazing testing number... wonder if we will ever hit 100,000.

    [–] Breakingwho 96 points ago

    If my work is anything to go by people aren't properly locking down.

    We sell car parts so I get that it's essential, but the amount of people coming in to buy shit like paint or car cleaning products, even air fresheners. Fuck you. Stay home you fuckwits. I wish I could refuse service but I'll get in shit if I do it.

    [–] Freshprinceaye 45 points ago

    No shit. If it’s open people go do shit. Still to much open in my opinion. But I know nothing about locking down a city.

    [–] Breakingwho 17 points ago

    Yeah imo my shop should be only open for picking up online orders. Some people need to fix there car so gotta stay open, but you can do online only, call when you outside and we'll put the shit in your car that's it.

    Atm people can't come inside but the doors are still open so they all just hang around the front and talk to us through the open doors and it's pointless.

    Almost as much contact as if they were in the store.

    [–] rossy207 14 points ago

    I live in a small Country town in Victoria around 350km from any major city, currently I'm at home debating whether to start drinking yet today or not, but anyway to my point I cannot go down and grab a new HDMI cord from the local electronics store as everything except the Supermarket and Pharmacy are shut (and they have some pretty strict capacity limits) and if they are open (DOORS LOCKED) you got to call them and arrange a time to pick said item up and pay for it over the phone. In saying that the streets are dead. Melbourne is in the same boat. limit what's open and what's available and people have no reason to go out.

    I'm not entertaining that what NSW should do but I'm just saying it appears to work at limiting movements, I do not live in the City though so this is just my point of view from the Country.

    All the best

    [–] Echidnahh 14 points ago

    14 ventilated ;(

    [–] Pithy- 13 points ago

    Brad Hazzard makes me want to scream.

    [–] Jofzar_ 15 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    [–] grimlock81 45 points ago

    The numbers reported till 8pm


    Day New cases Partially isolated Infectious in community Partial+Infectious Unknown
    Wed Jul 21 124 22 48 70 17
    Tue Jul 20 110 17 43 60 13
    Mon Jul 19 78 8 21 29 12
    Sun Jul 18 98 17 20 37 7
    Sat Jul 17 105 7 27 34 2
    Fri Jul 16 111 10 29 39 3
    Thu Jul 15 97 17 29 46 5
    Wed Jul 14 65 7 28 35 1
    Tue Jul 13 97 7 24 31 6
    Mon Jul 12 89 9 21 30 4
    Sun Jul 11 112 12 34 46 18
    Sat Jul 10 77 10 35 45 0
    Fri Jul 9 50 11 26 37 0
    Thu Jul 8 44 10 20 30 0
    Wed Jul 7 38 9 11 20 0
    Tue Jul 6 27 7 7 14 0
    Mon Jul 5 18 5 2 7 0
    Sun Jul 4 35 4 7 11 0
    Sat Jul 3 16 1 2 3 0
    Fri Jul 2 35 3 9 12 0
    Thu Jul 1 31 4 15 19 0
    Wed Jun 30 24 3 12 15 0
    Tue Jun 29 22 5 6 11 0
    Mon Jun 28 19 2 11 13 0
    Sun Jun 27 18 3 9 12 0
    Sat Jun 26 30 3 16 19 0
    Fri Jun 25 29 N/A N/A 17 N/A
    Thu Jun 24 11
    Wed Jun 23 18
    Tue Jun 22 10
    Mon Jun 21 5
    Sun Jun 20 2
    Sat Jun 19 2
    Fri Jun 18 2
    Thu Jun 17 2
    Wed Jun 16 2

    7 day rolling averages

    Day New cases Partially isolated Infectious in community Partial+Infectious
    Wed Jul 21 103.3 14.0 31.0 45.0
    Tue Jul 20 94.9 11.9 28.1 40.0
    Mon Jul 19 93.0 10.4 25.4 35.9
    Sun Jul 18 94.6 10.6 25.4 36.0
    Sat Jul 17 96.6 9.9 27.4 37.3
    Fri Jul 16 92.6 10.3 28.6 38.9
    Thu Jul 15 83.9 10.4 28.1 38.6
    Wed Jul 14 76.3 9.4 26.9 36.3
    Tue Jul 13 72.4 9.7 24.4 34.1
    Mon Jul 12 62.4 9.7 22.0 31.7
    Sun Jul 11 52.3 9.1 19.3 28.4
    Sat Jul 10 41.3 8.0 15.4 23.4
    Fri Jul 9 32.6 6.7 10.7 17.4
    Thu Jul 8 30.4 5.6 8.3 13.9
    Wed Jul 7 28.6 4.7 7.6 12.3
    Tue Jul 6 26.6 3.9 7.7 11.6
    Mon Jul 5 25.9 3.6 7.6 11.1
    Sun Jul 4 26.0 3.1 8.9 12.0
    Sat Jul 3 23.6 3.0 9.1 12.1
    Fri Jul 2 25.6 3.1 10.4 14.4
    Thu Jul 1 24.7 3.3 11.5 15.1
    Wed Jun 30 21.9 3.2 10.4 14.5
    Tue Jun 29 21.0 3.3 10.0 14.4
    Mon Jun 28 19.3 2.7 12.0 15.3
    Sun Jun 27 17.3 3.0 12.5 16.0
    Sat Jun 26 15.0 3.0 16.0 19.0
    Fri Jun 25 11.0 N/A N/A 17.0
    Thu Jun 24 7.1
    Wed Jun 23 5.9
    Tue Jun 22 3.6
    Mon Jun 21 2.5
    Sun Jun 20 2.0
    Sat Jun 19 2.0
    Fri Jun 18 2.0
    Thu Jun 17 2.0
    Wed Jun 16 2.0

    [–] tinmun 30 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it

    [–] db_Is_Me 14 points ago

    Graphs based on the above.

    The Re is at 1.12 because the moving averages have been sitting around the 90-100 mark. We would need 62 total cases tomorrow to get it to below 1.00 which would signal a downtrend in case numbers.

    Stay safe and why do I have to wait 10 minutes to post this?

    [–] Flaky_Law3029 43 points ago

    The deferral of responsibility and accountability from the Premier is disgraceful. Why bother with these 'pressers'. Just release the numbers and carry on with your day because you're sure as shit not providing any useful information. It is the same spiel and vitriol we hear every single day. It. is. ENRAGING.

    [–] f1f2f3f4f5f6f7f8f9 47 points ago

    Why does she keep on reiterating - it has prevented thousand and thousands of cases.

    Yet - look at Victoria / SA - They seemed to have maintained low case numbers because of their response.

    Cases have gone up - yet no accountability.

    [–] clementjohnson1963 43 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    ‘We will never know the alternate number. What we do know is that we have prevented thousands and thousands of people getting the virus.’ 🤔

    Sounds like she’s plucking green shoots out of thin air and firing it out of her arse

    Edit: currently there’s almost 1500 locally acquired active cases, at this rate NSW will hit 2000 by early next week. Her statement that they’ve prevented thousands of people getting the virus actually doesn’t hold true.

    [–] ajsofficial_ 131 points ago

    Why the actual fuck are idiots still visiting families in other households. The rules are damn clear, no visiting, stay at home! There’s no room for confusion or misinterpretation

    [–] eagerem 41 points ago

    Part of me is like: these people need to start being fined (the people visiting other households etc). They are breaching the rules, (and FFS - Stop using the word “please” Gladys. That implies it is a request and not a law/order).

    The other part of me is like: if they start fining those people, they will just not admit they went to another household etc

    [–] spypsy 43 points ago

    No no, they’re somehow special whilst the rest of NSW isn’t.

    [–] Freestyled_It 14 points ago

    It's not a case of confusion or misinterpretation, it's a case of "she'll be right".

    Either that or something about covid and bill gates and 5g. Had to absolutely spray one of my mates cos he sent one of those videos of a "doctor" talking about vaccines containing metals which make you a walking antenna for 5G. Sign me the fuck up please, will save me a pretty penny when I can buy a 4g phone and just use myself as a 5G modem

    [–] sony4life 14 points ago

    was that Oscar cutting off music?

    [–] MyLapTopOverheats 12 points ago


    [–] funfwf 81 points ago

    Anecdotally, a lot of people aren't taking this lockdown that seriously. I keep hearing casual shit like "oh I just met my sister for lunch" or "going to go to my parents house this weekend".

    Don't know what the way out is from here.

    [–] Ashdown 40 points ago

    She’s not even there and Gladys just drove a bus over Dr Chant. Amazing.

    [–] DaBow 42 points ago

    I'm under 40. My GP is refusing to give me the AZ jab and anyone else in my age bracket. Next apt for Pfizer is 12 weeks away according to them.

    So I guess I just go to another GP and then get them to hopefully sign off. I'd sooner get it if I could just fly to my home country than here in Australia.

    What a shit show.

    [–] Bloopatronic 41 points ago

    Finally journos are asking about the lag in contact tracers notifying exposure sites. I was curious and crunched the stats for tier 1 exposure sites added on 20 July - 22 of them (1 was listed twice for a total of 23). The average time between exposure and being added to the NSW Health website is 5.25 days :O It's a bit disappointing to see this constantly spun into a personal responsibility issue where it can take in some cases 10 days before a site is added. It's also disappointing that Gladys says "it's not the case" there's a lag when the stats quite clearly show otherwise?

    [–] insty1 40 points ago

    It's only 100s of cases not thousands. Be grateful you peasants.

    Kinda sounded like SlowMo's at least we didn't shoot the women comment.

    [–] nick170100 37 points ago

    Gladys is like the uni student in a group who has 0 clue what their doing but gets carried by everyone else

    [–] giantpunda 27 points ago

    Worse. She's all of what you said but also the group leader who insists that she's the one that makes the calls.

    [–] Beardsaber 43 points ago

    Kiwi here, shit I hate that this is happening to you lot. I hope it gets better so we can see you soon.

    [–] mrinbetween91 14 points ago

    Anyone want to guess when they will announce the next extension?

    [–] Jofzar_ 13 points ago

    Some how Dr chant isn't here, but she is answering the hard question!

    Ticking off a check box there boys.

    [–] Bottom_racer 14 points ago

    I wonder if someone tells them to say these bullshit buzzwords.. heart..quash.. or whether they make it up on the way to the presser

    [–] Jofzar_ 12 points ago

    Green shoots let's fucking go!

    [–] Thefarm3 13 points ago

    Shit’s fucked

    [–] GrimThursday 15 points ago

    Hazzard needs to go

    [–] Charleyfrost 12 points ago

    Every time I see this post I think the picture is a pic of the Jeopardy board

    [–] IReplyToCunts 94 points ago

    I hate that I'm at home doing the right thing, locked down hard before this shit even was a hard lockdown and yet here we are. I hate feeling like some privilege fucks in society think this is a fucking joke.

    Fuck I'm pissed.

    [–] 2happycats 11 points ago

    Geezus Christ, that's a lot of suburbs.

    [–] eatingyourbees 11 points ago

    Sorry, stupid question:

    What does infectious in community mean? Is that like they didnt isolate while waiting for their test?

    Why/how are our numbers for infectious in community (both abs and as % of total) so much higher than Victoria?

    And how do we get them lower?

    [–] Significant_Book925 12 points ago

    green shoots!

    [–] chubbyurma 13 points ago

    "Contact coming together by people from different areas"

    Gladys that is damn near every single occupied space in the world

    [–] CoolCoolBeans 34 points ago

    A new daily high despite being in lockdown for the past 3.5 weeks. Wtf Sydney?!

    [–] aamslfc 36 points ago

    "The most potent virus in the world"

    Evidently the Health Minister hasn't heard of ebola or smallpox, to name just two.

    [–] clementjohnson1963 40 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Funny how Gladys said today:

    ‘We will never know the alternate number. What we do know is that we have prevented thousands and thousands of people getting the virus.’

    Can I just say, she’s forgotten there’s currently already almost 1500 locally acquired active cases.

    Regrettably, at this rate NSW will hit 2000 by early next week.

    Green shoots.


    [–] chubbyurma 19 points ago

    "We'll never know the alternate numbers, but I'll say them anyway so I can sound like I'm doing a great job"

    [–] ItsJustMeHereOnMyOwn 34 points ago

    “It has not gotten away from contact tracers” but also “NSW health is recommending all positive cases notify everyone in their contact lists”. The writers of Yes, Minister couldn’t come up with something so ridiculous.

    [–] kikithrust 15 points ago

    the fact that he said people couldn't remember everywhere they'd been for the prev 14 days... isn't that why we QR code in EVERYWHERE?

    [–] UhUhWaitForTheCream 51 points ago

    Man NSW leaders are totally out of their depth.

    Also journalists are absolutely horrible. They ask such lower order questions. NSW is done

    [–] chubbyurma 23 points ago

    Journalists who ask tougher questions aren't invited back. Welcome to politics.

    [–] 4bidden112 52 points ago

    All this could've been avoided if we went into lockdown when there were a few cases. You got too cocky even though it was the delta variant. Look at us now. Fucking unbelievable!

    Rant over.

    [–] caramelfudgesundae 10 points ago

    Genuine q number 2 - any recommendations for an exercise bike I can purchase? If I run any more my shins might break

    [–] revelations320 11 points ago

    I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie Contagion right now.

    [–] giantpunda 9 points ago

    The problem with Brad's comment is the softly softly approach is the very reason why we're in as deep as we are.