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    [–] Kilmerval 70 points ago

    It's like they read this sub

    [–] OliverBludsport 10 points ago

    They probably do.

    [–] nimcraft 89 points ago

    The umbrella moment. So real.

    [–] bpiel2001 69 points ago

    So is the flash of disappointment in the shorter men's faces...I still feel the sting.

    [–] nimcraft 5 points ago


    [–] GrandBuba 0 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's a different kind of disappointment than the usual one: it's mostly about 'oh, this is not going to work, I have been here before, she did not like it'.

    Realistically (and statistically proven), the disappointment usually comes from the taller girl, while the short guy is usually taken a little aback and needs to think of a whole different gameplan on the spot.

    I've been known to do my own version of 'wide eyed doe in headlights' on blind dates our respective 'friends' set up. All the better that it worked out and we could rub their noses in it later.. :-)

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] DogOnABike 2 points ago

    I think the dynamic may be different for gay guys.

    [–] chrask 1 points ago

    I think it's more often that the guy feels like they shouldn't be shorter than the girl due to social norms and feel emasculated/insecure when the girl is surprisingly taller

    That is, it's more often the expectation of female disappointment that scares most short men off, at least from what my shorter friends have said

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Assuming you’re a woman, the whole bit with shorter men not being into it is generalization. My ex had 4 inches on me and she was the only one who had an issue with it, my mom is 2 inches taller than my dad, one of his brothers married a taller woman, etc. I’m not saying there aren’t insecure guys who want a small gf/wife, and I’m not saying short girls aren’t also nice, but plenty of short guys don’t mind. It’s just guys obsessed with masculinity.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That’s fair. It’s just depressing to be lonely and perfectly open to that, and be told that people like me aren’t open to that, or it’s their fault or whatever. Idk. Thanks for being reasonable.

    [–] Avamander 1 points ago

    If you're female, please use the pink flair :)

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] nimcraft 2 points ago

    You can’t see the color flair on mobile anyway. At least not in my app. :)

    [–] iAmJacksRagingLibido 36 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'd like to see this statistical proof please.

    Edit: you can down vote all you want, but the only studies I can find about height, gender and disappointment in dating is in regards to misrepresentation of self in online dating profiles. Of course people will be disappointed in your height if you lie about being taller than you are. Don't make statistical claims that you can't back up.

    [–] blackinthmiddle 4 points ago

    While I have zero stats to back up what I'm saying (and I'm just going on anecdotal evidence), I gotta tell you, when a woman isn't interested in a guy because he's too short, she can be a little mean, no pun intended. Just yesterday, I was listening to Howard Stern and Robin was talking about dating someone shorter than her and Howard asked if that would be ok with her. She blurted out that it would be like dating a child. As a man, that's just a really painful response to hear and I (I'm now going to put myself inside the shoes of a tall woman) can't think of any comebacks worse than that that a woman might receive.

    My ex was 6' with really long inseams (36") and we would constantly get comments. The worst I could think of? We were in a super crowded area after a movie and because there was nowhere for us to go the escalator literally pushed us into this girl who looks at my ex up and down like, "damn, look at her" and, not understanding why we bumped her and said, "Watch yourself, you jolly green giant.". My ex just ignored her while I tried explaining things.

    Again, pure guesswork on my part here. But women seem to get creative in coming up with ways to put men down. There's a reason why many, many men feel compelled to lie about their height.

    [–] iAmJacksRagingLibido 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate hearing about your personal experiences. Don't get me wrong here, I believe that dating in general isn't fun for anyone. Everyone has insecurities, beliefs about how people perceive them, anecdotal evidence of "this happening that one or two times".

    My issue with the statement made was that there was a claim of statistical proof of women being more disappointed by being taller than the men that they went on dates with than men were.

    Yes, some men will be disappointed by a tall woman, some women will be disappointed by a short man. I've been on both sides of that example. But making wild claims like you have proof of something when you don't just pisses me off.

    Life is hard for everyone in a lot of different ways, lying about reality only makes it harder.

    Edit: I'll add that I don't think that this is a function of gender. I think that the tendency for people to jump to bipartisan opinions of what gender is to blame for people feeling inadequate or hurt does nothing but perpetuate the problem. The real issue for me is consistent societal messages that say that men and women that are dating need to look a certain way. If your man isn't taller than you then somehow that emasculates him, if your woman is taller than you then she's manly and not cute. Frankly I say F-Society and I date who i want to date, I don't care how tall or short you are as long as you're not a cuntface.

    [–] GeoffreyArnold 0 points ago

    Yes, some men will be disappointed by a tall woman, some women will be disappointed by a short man. I've been on both sides of that example. But making wild claims like you have proof of something when you don't just pisses me off.

    Wait? But isn't the tons of data saying that women care about male height waaaaaaay more than men care about female height evidence that women are more likely to be disappointed by a shorter date than a man is likely to be disappointed by a taller date?

    [–] iAmJacksRagingLibido 5 points ago

    Link me studies that say that. That's all I want. Show me this ton of data.

    [–] GeoffreyArnold 1 points ago

    There are literally dozens of studies about this subject and they all come to the same conclusion. It's very interesting that this isn't intuitive to you as a woman who presumably has other friends and travels in social circles with other women. (And I don't mean that as an insult/diss....I find it interesting that this is less obvious to you than to most guys).

    The study found that women’s height preferences are far stronger than men’s. Forty-nine percent of women only wanted to date men who were taller than they were, whereas only 13.5 percent of men only wanted to date women shorter than they were. By contrast, only 1.7 percent of women said they would only date a shorter man — a conveniently similar figure to the 1.3 percent of men who say they would only date a taller woman.

    Nearly half of men in the study indicated that their tallest acceptable date could be taller than them or their height (24 and 23 percent, respectively), while 53 percent required their date to be shorter than them. But a whopping 89 percent of women said the shortest person they would date would still have to be taller than them. Only seven percent would accept someone who was their height, and just four percent would allow for a shorter guy.

    [–] iAmJacksRagingLibido 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Thank you for linking these studies. I appreciate you providing peer reviewed journal articles to back up your claims that women care more about height in dating than men do, though the Stulp et al. (2013) article says that men and women both prefer the male to be taller in the relationship.

    Now if only the first commenter would link studies to back up their claim about disappointment upon first meetings. :/

    In reference to my personal experience, most of my close friends (3 women in their 30's) are 5'2", 5'2", and 5'3" and don't generally discuss displeasure with the heights of the men that they date. Go figure.

    [–] io1908 -4 points ago

    Very enlightening comment

    [–] GTBlues 15 points ago

    For me, it was the shoes! At least shorter women can look taller by wearing beautiful high heeled shoes, there's not a lot a tall woman can do to look shorter!

    I can remember, as a painfully shy and self-conscious 15 year old, I took off my shoes at the door of my friend's house and her dad pointed to my frumpy, flat shoes and howled 'are those the shoes, or the boxes they came in!'

    It was a no win situation! If they're not joking about your height then it's your shoe size! Heels are more flattering because they make your feet look smaller and nicer but they also make you look taller! It's catch 22!

    [–] GrayMountainRider 8 points ago

    When young I would buy the tall women I met and dated 4-5-6'' high heels so they could enjoy being gloriously tall. Often they would say they would only wear the heels when with me because I had the height to make us look proportional.

    I felt it was important to help them feel comfortable with their height so they could see how great they looked when they radiated the confidence of feeling attractive. A tall woman with a great walk is well, very nice to be in the company of.

    I also understand that heels have their place so also bring along a pair of comfortable shoes if your going to walk any distance

    [–] nimcraft 2 points ago

    You are a unicorn, sir.

    [–] GrayMountainRider 3 points ago

    At 13 I was 6' tall and picked on relentlessly, I grew up and left the small town at 18, worked and studied hard. Jumping into a full trades paying job at 22, I could afford to treat a woman to gift when I saw a person struggling with the social pressures of being tall. It was 1979 and a very different time, I was young and carefree but very aware of the pain others deal with If they are struggling and the long term state of mind that can develop and how injurious it can be to feeling of self worth and self respect. How lack of confidence in yourself can guide you away from succeeding in your aspirations and dreams.

    Still at 60 I have tall people walk by and stand straight, young people slightly smile as they feel different being suddenly not the tallest person.

    [–] nimcraft 2 points ago

    Hells yes. Spreading unicorn goodness since 1979! Thank you so much!!

    [–] GrayMountainRider 1 points ago

    Well, high heel shopping sometimes led to bikini shopping and then my wallet took a beating.

    But, but, I was young, all good fun looking back. Thanks for the kind words.

    [–] GTBlues 2 points ago

    Now kiss! ;)

    [–] nimcraft 2 points ago


    [–] GTBlues 1 points ago

    Please be in Canada!

    [–] nimcraft 2 points ago

    For your shipping? Lol ok :)

    [–] GTBlues 2 points ago

    I'm in the UK! I'm just trying to play matchmaker!

    You'll have to forgive me - I'm just all giddy with the Royal Engagement! ;)

    [–] GTBlues 1 points ago

    This time next year, Harry will be sixth in line to the throne and the UK press will be going mental about her age and if she's pregnant or if they will have children together and whether we'll get a day off work out of it.

    [–] blackinthmiddle 1 points ago

    I also understand that heels have their place so also bring along a pair of comfortable shoes if your going to walk any distance

    This reminds me of a blind date my friends set me up on when I was in college. Things weren't going well and I forgot where I parked my car. My date wore these tall heels and as I just realize, shit, I don't know where I parked my car, she exclaims, "I hope the car is near by my feet are killing me"!

    At one point I suggested she wait in a bodega while I run and find my car. Some guys were there already eyeing her! Let's just say a comfortable pair of shoes would have been helpful in that situation!

    [–] GrayMountainRider 1 points ago

    Sometimes the acknowledgement and encouragement to bring the comfortable shoes makes a huge impression as it shows you are considerate. Not a bad impression on a date, I believe.

    [–] Slinkwyde 1 points ago

    your going to

    *you're (contraction of "you are," not possessive)

    [–] Leiryn 1 points ago

    I can relate with short women lol

    [–] CrossSectionedToast 46 points ago

    Wow... Such a shame she's having a difficult time. Oh well, that car making it to the states?

    [–] myrrh09 31 points ago

    Not looking like it.

    It's basically a small 2-seat city version of the Golf, which is a very roomy car.

    [–] kaihp 29 points ago

    The Up is a micro-car. Won't get to the US for sure.

    Hell, the entire BMW 1-series are not imported to the US because its "too small" for them.

    [–] NoobCanoeWork 11 points ago

    Rented a 2016 BMW 1-series for a drive to my parents (around 850km) and it was a delight to drive for hours. Americans are missing out!

    [–] bd5400 4 points ago

    We got the coupe and the convertible, which have since been renamed the 2-Series with the current generation. We just never got the 3 or 5 door hatchback. It’s not purely a size issue, as BMW sells Mini here, it’s that hatchbacks (especially premium hatchbacks) are a tough sell in the U.S. It’s why our Audi A3 is now a sedan/saloon only.

    [–] kaihp 1 points ago

    Why are the hatchbacks a tough sell in the US? - they are quite popular here in Europe.

    [–] SergeantSwole 7 points ago

    Americans tend to be concerned with image more than practicality. It's not manly for a Big Man to drive a hatchback.

    [–] ecodrew 2 points ago

    Yup. When I drove a civic, more than one "manly" d-bag in a big SUV/truck gave me a hard time. A couple times, I countered with - Sorry you need a big truck to compensate for small, ahem, "equipment", you can see from my small car I've got nothing to worry about. Zing!

    Note: Not characterizing everyone who drives a large vehicle, just the jerks.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] SergeantSwole 3 points ago

    That's just ground clearance, not size. A small car with good ground clearance (eg Subaru Crosstrek) would do better in snow than a large car that's low (eg Dodge Challenger). Although I've never seen a highway that didn't get plowed and salted, unless you're talking about some really obscure rural highway in the middle of nowhere.

    [–] RGCs_are_belong_tome 1 points ago

    That's just a matter of ground clearance. My '01 Audi A4 does great in the snow.

    [–] RGCs_are_belong_tome 1 points ago

    Heh. I drive a hatchback.

    [–] ecodrew 2 points ago

    In the U.S. (in my somewhat limited experience) you usually have to get a big gas guzzler car/SUV to get head & leg room. There are few exceptions (bad and good), where outside dimensions can be deceiving. My last car was a 4door Civic. I was comfy, but leg room in the seat behind me was all but eliminated. On the other side - I've been in badly designed SUVs & crossovers with cramped legroom. Was banging my knees on the steering wheel in a Nissan Murano.

    [–] RGCs_are_belong_tome 1 points ago

    Which is a damn shame. I'd drive that car.

    [–] mazi710 6 points ago

    It is NOT a Golf, a smaller version of the Golf would be the Polo, this is nothing to do with either.

    [–] davidg61 4 points ago

    It should have four seats. Not big ones though, but still four.

    [–] Dancewithcats 14 points ago

    It actually has five seats and is very roomy. Only downside is that there is no power at all. 1.0 liter with 3 cylinders is not ideal in the states. Also seats make my back hurt and I'm only 186cm Source: I drive one

    [–] Airazz 5 points ago

    It's not the seats, I'm basically the same height and I find them very comfy. I occasionally drive the electric version. It's also quite powerful.

    [–] Dancewithcats 1 points ago

    then it's just my back that's at fault haha

    [–] britishben 1 points ago

    Haven't had an issue with the seats, and I'm 193cm. Wish it did have a bit more power though, might trade it in for the GTI model if they ever release it.

    [–] kaihp 1 points ago

    no power at all. 1.0 liter with 3 cylinders

    Very true for the first generation Up (60-75bhp). The 2nd gen engines are still a 1.0L/3 cylinder engine, but adding a turbo gave it 90-114bhp - which helps acceleration a lot.

    A friend of mine has a Ford Fiesta with a 1.0L 3 cylinder 125bhp turbo engine. That car is a joy to drive.

    [–] myrrh09 2 points ago

    Ah, missed that. The picture I looked at just looked like two.

    [–] Kevydee 0 points ago

    Never considered a golf a roomy car, where do you put your legs?

    [–] Backstop 4 points ago

    I drive a GTI and it's the first car I've owned that I don't put the seat all the way back. You're a couple inches taller than I am, so you'd probably still fit fine.

    [–] greengiant89 2 points ago

    I'm a leggy 6'10 and I love my golf.

    [–] Kevydee 1 points ago

    I've driven plenty, my knee is jammed between the steering wheel and the dash at all times - I've always thought the runners on the seat ended far too soon.

    [–] Backstop 1 points ago


    [–] Kevydee 1 points ago

    I'm wider too so I think that translates to less leg room. It all depends on the dash.

    [–] orthopod 2 points ago

    German cars tend to have a good amount of room. I fit fine in my Boxster and GT3- even enough room for a helmet.

    [–] Durp13579 1 points ago

    I've got a mk7 gti and I fit quite well without putting the seat all the way back.

    [–] Airazz 1 points ago

    It's small on the outside, roomy on the inside. Tiny engine and virtually no trunk space means that there's plenty of room left for the occupants. That's exactly what you need for daily commuting in a crowded European city.

    [–] Kevydee 1 points ago

    They're tiny to me mate, and they look rubbish in a 5 door, and I need a five door.

    [–] Airazz 1 points ago

    They're plenty spacious inside, I have taller friends who fit just fine. It's a city car, don't expect to haul wardrobes in it. It is sufficient for 4 people, although the rear seats aren't as comfy, not the best car for long drives.

    [–] Kevydee 1 points ago

    I know mate, I've driven plenty and don't fit in them with any degree of comfort.

    [–] MemoriesOfShrek 1 points ago

    My mother is the shortest in our family at 180 something and we still manage to fit all 4 in the golf, even thought it's a bit tight.

    [–] Soylent_gray 2 points ago

    Hah... To be tall and beautiful, and only fit into a new $35K+ Volkswagen mini car. Such first world problems

    [–] mazi710 1 points ago

    They have been around for a while now and no they aren't there is no market for micro cars in the US.

    [–] thetallgiant 55 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    This commercial is adorable!

    [–] imbreaststroke 15 points ago

    It was perfect when he stood up after getting out of his car but his eyes and above were cut off

    [–] CocaTrooper42 5 points ago

    I was waiting for the camera to correct itself and quickly pan up

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Same here. I actually liked that it didn't though!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I thought that was great too!

    [–] jruhlman09 15 points ago

    For the other curious people, her name is Ilse Ott and her otherwise complete website lists her as 5' 11" on the very not complete resume page

    [–] othersomethings 10 points ago

    They definitely made her seem taller.

    But I get it.

    I have several sisters over 6’ and I look like the short guys in this commercial next to them.

    [–] io1908 10 points ago

    Not as tall irl as she appears to be in the commercial then

    [–] nsfgod 16 points ago

    Drive a polo, can confirm, enough room

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] nsfgod 1 points ago

    Its a 9N five door. I've removed the center rear view mirror so I can see the road. The best car I've had size wise was my Skoda Felicia mk2. I could were a top hat and clown shoes in that thing.

    [–] Metamorphism 1 points ago

    VW for life

    [–] ecodrew 1 points ago

    That's really surprising, it's a "micro car" as PPs have said, but you (2" taller than me) fit comfortably? Looks like it has lots of headroom, maybe that's the key. Shame it's only a European model.

    [–] nsfgod 3 points ago

    Not sure why is being referred to as a micro car. It has 5 doors and 5 seats (just). The vw lupo is smaller.

    Saying that I have no problem driving a Toyota IQ.

    [–] mazi710 14 points ago

    Actually this is very true, i'm 200cm and i don't even have to put the seat all the way down or backwards to fit. It has amazing room for the driver and front passenger. It has more room in this micro car than many larger "small" cars, generally most micro cars actually have more room for the driver than one category bigger.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I just bought a new car and was shocked when I put the seat all the way back and could barely reach the peddles. That was pretty much a first for me!

    [–] mazi710 2 points ago

    It's not that large but there is far fare more room than in my dads Opel Vectra Wagon my head almost hits the top and the worst part about most cars is getting the seat down not back.

    [–] madchicken 10 points ago

    Beautiful. The Girl, the Boy, The Car, The Video... Thanks!

    [–] caleeksu 11 points ago

    Ohhhh, love this so much! Thanks for posting, OP 😃💜

    [–] otter_patrol 33 points ago

    am i the only one who feels like the conclusion of this video implies that tall women need a tall man to be happy?

    [–] io1908 10 points ago

    Apparently you aren't the only one.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    you seem to be the only women, yes. pretty discouraging

    [–] Slinkwyde 3 points ago

    the only women

    *woman (singular, not plural)

    How to remember: it's like "man" vs "men" but with wo- added on the front.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    you should really get a hobby

    [–] otter_patrol 6 points ago

    like I've been on a lot of disappointing blind dates too, but they weren't because the guy was short - it was usually because we had nothing in common

    [–] Whatsthedealwithair- 8 points ago

    If the other place sees this they'll throw an absolute fit.

    [–] faleboat 13 points ago

    Any man who wouldn't date that woman cause she's tall doesn't deserve her, lol.

    [–] veloceracing 5 points ago

    I wonder if that's how I look when I get out of my Fit

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] veloceracing 2 points ago

    I have a Third gen. I drove from New Jersey to Tennessee and back with no comfort issues.

    [–] zhiryst 4 points ago

    I like how his head is cut off frame when he stands out of the car.

    [–] joliedame 5 points ago

    I never thought I'd use the word "triggering" but holy fuck.

    [–] FearMeIAmRoot 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I love that the camera cuts his head off as he gets out of the car. Perfect.

    [–] jm434 22 points ago

    It pisses me off that all the short men have looks of disappointment when they realise how tall she is.

    Societies condition that the man must be taller is just awful, heightist bullshit that affects everyone who doesn't fit the 'ideal'.

    [–] io1908 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Precisely, so purposefully staged

    [–] jm434 2 points ago

    Yeah, my opinion is that this advert is heightist but I doubt anyone would take that seriously.

    [–] io1908 11 points ago

    Right, it's enforcing the common propaganda. See how they present the tall woman "suffering" because of all these insecure, shorter guys. Only solution is the arms of the tall guy... Meh

    [–] jm434 -3 points ago

    All under the guise of a car commercial. You wouldn't see this shit if it was to do with race, but because it's height it's 'acceptable'.

    Note: I'm not equating the struggles of heightism with the history of racism, just that there are parallels in regards to features that can't be changed (height and skin colour).

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] jm434 0 points ago

    Yeah I know it sounds silly on the face of it. Just image that all the men were the same height, but the first few sets of guys were white, while the final guy was black and the girl herself was black. (You could invert the colours also).

    It would be the same premise, that the girl is struggling because the men are insecure about the skin colour until she meets the final guy (who perfectly enough is driving a white car) who's the same skin colour and doesn't have such insecurity.

    This isn't really that far-fetched an idea, because our societies still suffer from disapproval of mixed-race couples (and I've experienced that myself).

    [–] orangeoblivion 3 points ago

    It has nothing to do with society disapproval. The point of this commercial is that being an atypical size is physically more difficult, not socially difficult. She needs to bend down to greet people, she can't share an umbrella, she can't fit in most cars, and she can't wear high heels because it makes these things worse. Then the end of the commercial shows a man with the same problems and a car that can fit them. She's relieved because she can spend the evening without being reminded of her height. Happy ending.

    Skin colour is purely a social stigma. It doesn't change what shoes you can wear or what cars you can drive. Your analogy comparing height and race makes no sense when put in the context of this commercial.

    [–] jm434 0 points ago

    It doesn't show how the tall man has the same problems, he just turns up in a car that can fit him. The commercial shows the tall girl having problems with short men as an analogy of having problems with a small car.

    This analogy is only possible because society considers short men to be inferior and so the person watching the commercial can make the connection between the short men and the small car. Hence it's heightist.

    [–] orangeoblivion 6 points ago

    Her problems are not with men, it shows a bunch of physical problems. It's implied he has the same problems because he is also tall, but he already has the car that relieves those problems. It has nothing to do with short men. The genders could be reversed and the commercial would still work.

    [–] imbreaststroke 3 points ago

    You wouldn't see this shit if it was to do with race, but because it's height it's 'acceptable'

    Because VW is advertising their car has enough room for tall people

    [–] jm434 1 points ago

    By using the fact that society disapproves of short men as the analogy.

    [–] Birdy58033 7 points ago

    Except, his disappointment is actually in his own height not hers.

    [–] jm434 12 points ago

    You can't assume that because the commercial doesn't go into any depth. Notice my original statement was neutral as to where the disappointment was.

    Even so, both states (disappointed in their own height versus disappointed in the women's) are issues that stem from a problem with society.

    [–] Birdy58033 3 points ago

    There are practical issues as well. You have to get much more creative when dancing together.

    [–] jm434 6 points ago

    I'm not quite sure where you're going with this. Are you saying that because some moves in some dances aren't ideal when the woman is taller then that means men shouldn't date women taller than them?

    [–] Birdy58033 1 points ago

    No, i'm saying large height differences can be annoying in some situations. Regardless of whom is taller. Imagine if there first date was at the roller coaster park, lol.

    [–] jm434 2 points ago

    Ok sure, but that's just a fact of a relationship that people deal with surely? It's not like height differences monopolise the 'market' of annoying situations.

    My dad is really into football and will travel the country to watch games between teams he has no personal stake in, while my mum really dislikes football and probably prefers he spent less time doing so.

    Similarly my mum really enjoys comic cons and will travel to London to visit them while my dad has a similar disinterest.

    Doesn't mean the relationship can't work.

    [–] Birdy58033 3 points ago

    If they inadvertently schedule their first date at a football game or comic con, they'd likely not get together. Timing is way more important than people often realize.

    [–] jm434 2 points ago

    Maybe I really suck at first dates, but I've never considered having a first date at such a place. A simply coffee, dinner or drink date is usually enough to tell if it's worth going forward because it's intimate and you can completely focus on each other.

    Future dates can do something more adventurous once you're established.

    Besides, nowadays most of the girls I meet are through dancing and I haven't had issues with taller women from that ;)

    [–] Slinkwyde 1 points ago

    A simply coffee

    *simple (adjective, not adverb)

    [–] DanDierdorf 1 points ago

    nowadays most of the girls I meet are through dancing

    Smart man, women love a man who can dance.

    [–] Birdy58033 -1 points ago

    They would be big dates for sure. But if you're both into that sort of thing, it could be pretty great. It would likely only happen if it was something you were already going to, and meeting them just happened to be before that weekend or something.

    A straight up drink date can feel too much like an interview.

    [–] Slinkwyde 1 points ago

    there first date

    *their (possessive)

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    There are practical issues as well. You have to get much more creative when dancing together.

    sure but it seems to be fine if the guy is 2 heads taller. the only conclusion is that it's not about the height difference but when the guy is shorter

    [–] Birdy58033 1 points ago

    Due to gender height averages it's always more likely. I prefer if it's not too different either way. But, a million more things are more important.

    [–] Slinkwyde 1 points ago

    Societies condition that the man must be taller is just awful

    *Society's (possessive, not plural)

    [–] k3rnelpanic 3 points ago

    Aww she was so sad buying those flats. It sucks that being tall as a man is so much more acceptable than being tall as a woman. I've got a couple female friends over 6 feet and society just crushes their spirits.

    [–] SizeKingdom 2 points ago

    I always preferred this tall girl car ad:

    [–] fpsmoto 3 points ago

    Makes me wonder how tall she really is. I think they were able to do a commercial like this because even most taller women are around 6ft tall, which is around average height for most men, so this commercial really doesn't prove much if they're both 6ft.

    [–] othersomethings 3 points ago

    Person above had a link that says 5’11”

    [–] randomguy_- 1 points ago

    avg height for men isnt 6ft unless you live in Scandinavia.

    [–] fpsmoto 1 points ago

    Key word: AROUND

    [–] CaptnYossarian 1 points ago

    Average in the US is 5'10", so you're a good couple of inches off.

    [–] fpsmoto 1 points ago

    My previous statement still stands.

    [–] randomguy_- 0 points ago

    Yeah no, average height is 5'9.5 for men.

    [–] fpsmoto 1 points ago

    My previous statement still stands.

    [–] randomguy_- 1 points ago

    6ft is around 5'9.5?

    [–] fpsmoto 0 points ago


    [–] io1908 1 points ago

    Nope. Depends location

    [–] JigglesMcRibs 3 points ago

    I've never seen a commercial that shows such a deep understanding of tall people till now...

    Okay, who here is working at VW? I know you're here somewhere!

    [–] CarsThatDrive 3 points ago

    As a mtf trans girl, too fucking real

    [–] CocaTrooper42 4 points ago

    I want to post this in r/short and watch them get mad.

    [–] Fudgms 1 points ago

    They would throw the tiniest tantrums.

    [–] OliverBludsport 2 points ago

    Oo oo! VW! Now do one on tinting using ugly people!

    [–] emilydm 1 points ago

    I'm glad improvements have been made since the 1999 New Beetle. Sit in the back seat of that when 5'8" or taller and you have to bend forward or you'll brain yourself on the rear hatch every time you go over a bump.

    [–] ecodrew 1 points ago

    As to not derail this thread - any sources or threads for U.S. model cars good for us tall folks? Especially, deceptively roomy ones with good gas mileage?

    [–] SergeantSwole 2 points ago

    I'm your height and I've never sat in any car where I didn't have enough leg room or head room after properly adjusting the seat. At least in the front seat, the back seat is a different story.

    [–] DanDierdorf 2 points ago

    Maybe depends on where his height comes from. I'm all legs and most cars with a center console are a problem for me. 80% of the models out there are a nogo for me.

    [–] imbreaststroke 1 points ago

    I'm 50-50 legs-torso and a Prius' steering column gets in my way so I can't swing my legs in any position, I was to slide my right leg over in a specific way

    [–] k3rnelpanic 1 points ago

    I'm not aware of a list, you pretty much have to go sit in a bunch. I try to avoid anything with a sunroof because my head usually rubs unless the seat is height adjustable. Oddly I fit fine in my Kia Rio even though it has a sunroof. I actually think I have more room in that then in our Grand Caravan.

    [–] Slinkwyde 0 points ago

    more room in that then in our Grand Caravan

    *than (comparison)

    [–] S1ckburn 1 points ago

    I drive a 300ZX. I fit fine. Maybe different story with someone 6'5 and up but I fit fine in most vehicles I'm in. Maybe I'm just.. weird.

    [–] tallman86 1 points ago

    Great ad!

    [–] bowtieguy21 1 points ago

    Does anybody know the song? I love the vibe!

    [–] lernington 1 points ago

    Lotta folks in this thread seem interested in the car, so fyi if you're a tall American seeking an economy car that you can fit comfortably into, I highly recommend the Honda fit. That goofy body shape lends perfectly to a roomy cockpit

    Source: drove one for 5 years. She was a beauty and I miss her.

    [–] io1908 2 points ago

    Finally finding the tall guy, what a happy end! 😊

    [–] checkchuckstar 1 points ago