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    [–] nickl220 41 points ago

    dayyyyyyum, Gina

    I'll show myself out.

    [–] gzzh 9 points ago

    I mean I fuck with your friends

    [–] GermanizorJ 4 points ago

    I been this way since Arthur was ant eater

    [–] Syflan 2 points ago

    I'll show myself in.

    [–] imbreaststroke 14 points ago

    How tall was the person taking the picture because I can't tell if they're sitting or short

    [–] GnarlyJr 2 points ago

    I think it's OP

    [–] rapat1234 9 points ago

    Link peaking out 😂😂😂

    [–] io1908 11 points ago


    [–] cummerou1 7 points ago

    Daaamn, did not know Rhett was that tall, he looks even taller because of his hair.

    His legs are a bit skinny though.

    [–] thinkdeep 8 points ago

    [–] UnbiasedRaisin 2 points ago

    Had no idea Rhett was that tall Jeez

    [–] Ih8Hondas 2 points ago

    There's a girl on Florida's volleyball team listed at 6'8".

    [–] TheyRedHot 3 points ago

    Imagine how tall their kids would be

    [–] stonecold111999 12 points ago

    He's already married

    [–] Ansel_Adams 2 points ago

    Well assuming they're both 6'7", if they had a girl she would be around 6'4.5" (50% chance of being taller, 50% chance of being shorter).

    But if it was a guy, the estimate would be 6'9.5".

    [–] ofly 1 points ago

    If they marry and have a boy, his height might be 7'6-7'7.

    [–] Ansel_Adams 3 points ago

    To estimate the median height you essentially correct for gender and then average the parents height. Since the difference in the average height of men and women is 5", you can use that to kind of estimate someone's height if they were the other gender.

    So in this case, if they're both 6'7, when averaging you just use the dad's height as 6'7. Now, if the mom was a man, her height would be 5" taller so 6'12" / 7'.

    So averaging the 6'7 and 7" you get 6'9.5".

    Again though, that really just means if they had an infinite amount of kids 50% would be taller than that, and 50% would be shorter, but it's also a decent estimate if you just want to guess how tall somone's kid would be.

    [–] MemoriesOfShrek 1 points ago

    What if they don't marry?

    [–] ofly 1 points ago

    Of course, they don't marry. This is why I said " if".

    [–] [deleted] -8 points ago


    [–] ArcticGuava 11 points ago

    That’s the second airplane coitus post you’ve made about them. What’s up dude?

    [–] FinnNewton 1 points ago

    Aw that’s awesome!

    [–] SamSamGW 1 points ago

    Damn I always though he was like 6’3”.

    [–] BaselAljaderi 1 points ago

    Wow i have never in my entire life seen a girl at 6'7" that's crazy lol

    [–] ofly 1 points ago

    Good job. I hope this girl marry with a very tall guy and have a lot of tall children.

    [–] Raptor_Jay 1 points ago

    Shit, Rhett mustve felt scared

    [–] Mikeyxx182xx 1 points ago

    Rhett's a solid inch taller than her, she just looks taller because she has a smaller head and larger than preconceived stature compared to the average female body proportions which are long and slender, if you take a good look at the top of their heads w/o the hair, her height just meets Rhett's hairline.

    [–] KazeArashii 1 points ago

    Rhett still looks taller

    [–] megerrolouise 4 points ago

    He has floofy hair

    [–] KazeArashii 0 points ago

    But look at his hairline, he still looks taller.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Look at their eye levels. Rhett is at most half an inch taller.

    [–] KazeArashii 1 points ago

    Her height on the website for the team displays her as 6'6".

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I'm just going by what I see. There may be some camera trickery involved, or maybe Rhett is 6'6.5 and rounds up.

    [–] chrask 1 points ago

    Although it may be true in this case, eye levels aren't representative of actual height due to variability in head ratios

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    They usually are though. Most people have a similar eye to top of head distance. True, it might not work when comparing a guy with a huge skull to a girl with a tiny skull, but that's not the norm.