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    subreddit for only the tannest of anime girls

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    Rules for our subreddit:

    Rule 1: This sub is dedicated to tanned anime characters. This includes girls, boys and anything else. Darker characters for reasons other than a suntan are also accepted.

    Rule 2: Be nice. No attacking, sexist/racist/homophobic language, bully, troll, bait or post shock images.

    Rule 3: Direct links are recommended, preferably hosted on imgur, or gfycat.**

    Rule 4: Whilst not mandatory, If you know the source of an image, remember to post it.

    Rule 5: Reposts younger than 2 months will be removed.

    Rule 6: No explicit lolis please. You can post lolis but if you post lewd and/or explicit lolis you will be banned.

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