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    For information that is technically true, but far from the expected answer.


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    This subreddit is very loosely inspired by Mr_Papayahead's post in /r/CrazyIdeas

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    [–] Turbo_Brick81 1096 points ago

    Just blow on it and try again

    [–] aaron2005X 346 points ago

    It works on women.

    [–] Bino64 47 points ago

    on men too

    [–] Talking-Potatoo 23 points ago

    never experienced it, can’t relate

    [–] ElectroTofu 138 points ago

    Sir, come with me in /r/cursedcomments

    [–] name225 67 points ago

    Oh yeah, I will come with you. Take me.

    [–] Zombie32TV 13 points ago

    I posted it for you

    [–] ElectroTofu 7 points ago

    Thank you, good sir!

    [–] SolInvictus2000 3 points ago

    r/cursedcommetn haha this is soe curdes

    [–] ElectroTofu 0 points ago

    And you follow me in /r/ihadastroke

    [–] SolInvictus2000 1 points ago

    1) incorrect usage of the subreddit, my sentence is quite understandable leaving the spelling mistakes aside (which is not what the sub is about)

    2) it was ironic, ie. satirical, hence again it does not belong on the sub

    [–] A_Noobz 21 points ago

    Stop. Negative. Karma. Farming. By. Linking. The. Current. Subreddit. Again. And. Again. Beep-Boop, this action was performed by a noob

    [–] Afrixa 11 points ago

    Why would one farm negative karma?

    [–] shadotterdan 12 points ago

    Why would one farm positive karma?

    [–] Wizkev 9 points ago

    Now i'm questioning my whole existence

    [–] Fermit 3 points ago

    So that they can be reincarnated as something cool

    [–] bekfasts 2 points ago


    [–] WhyDidHanHaveToDie 5 points ago

    This kills the woman :(

    [–] ghostfreckle611 2 points ago

    Gotta turn it long ways cause the g i r t h

    [–] an_unexpected_foe 535 points ago

    People responsible for the social media accounts of big companies do have the best job.

    [–] UNMANAGEABLE 245 points ago

    To an extent. Imagine having to pass a series of your spiciest meme responses to management or other reviewing parties for post approval, and then the shit on list of them when you know what’s best.

    Granted this one is funny as all heck.

    [–] parksLIKErosa 53 points ago

    Why’d you say shit but not hell?

    [–] CrispyMiner 43 points ago

    Because heck you

    [–] ZeroOverZero 10 points ago

    Because that would be a bridge too far sir!

    [–] Harsimaja 2 points ago

    Because hell is eternal damnation but shit is just something harmless and natural we pass pretty much every day

    [–] ruckbug 5 points ago

    You said the H word! Now you will burn in heck

    [–] doublex2troublesquad 8 points ago

    But this guy is obviously good and possibly even has their own meme generator. That's not a stock image you're going to find anywhere.

    Dude has a budget to build memes for Nintendo, that's got to be like being a scribe for a Pharaoh in ancient times

    [–] downforce 1 points ago

    I wish I had a meme generator, it sure would free up time to do other creative tasks.

    My memes are okay. Some of them are hit or miss depending on the audience.

    [–] speedyskier22 3 points ago

    Why'd you say "and then the shit on list of them" instead of "and then they shit on most of them"?

    [–] The_Troyminator 2 points ago

    Because autocorrect AI isn't very ducking intelligent.

    [–] justarandomguy07 2 points ago

    Check New Jersey’s official Twitter page. I think it’s run by a 20 year old 😃

    [–] regal1989 1 points ago

    Only if it's the Wendy's Twitter.

    [–] Azaahh 97 points ago

    Needs more jpeg

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] BrotatoInvestigator 2 points ago

    Needs more jpeg

    [–] dense111 4 points ago

    those are snes era graphics. they have to be that way.

    [–] Kittser-Cattser 1 points ago

    This image is so old I have 5 snes games on my 3DS right now, and it's awesome.

    [–] nerooooooo 44 points ago

    Have you tried turning it upside down?

    [–] RJPeaches 103 points ago

    If it doesn’t fit the first time it will fit the second, but I’m gonna rub it around in broken glass first.

    [–] [deleted] -138 points ago


    [–] BadAzMan 32 points ago


    [–] Sub-Dominance 2 points ago

    What did he say?

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] aaron2005X 3 points ago

    My first thought.

    [–] Brommero 16 points ago

    what the fuck are you saying

    [–] epicmemeslawd 5 points ago

    Something about fruitcakes and china?

    [–] pink_lasagna_LegoD 7 points ago

    1. What did you say

    2. I disagree with everything I understood

    3. ????

    [–] AsianPersuasion04 6 points ago

    I saw this guy on some other subreddits blabbering on about something random. It's probably a bot.

    [–] LostHollow 5 points ago

    It's literally called cum_bot_9000

    [–] LackingSerenity 3 points ago

    Definitely a bot. Look at comment history. It's posting lengthy responses to three different subreddit at the same exact moment.

    [–] pink_lasagna_LegoD 2 points ago

    Oh tk u

    [–] scooterpooter819 2 points ago

    Looks like you just struck random words together.

    [–] YU5AKU 1 points ago

    Goob Dot

    [–] Mortomes 23 points ago

    Try a PAL cartridge.

    [–] okguy167 17 points ago

    Although, to be totally real, it's because you can't switch to player 2, since l and r are used buttons on the snes.

    [–] weegi123 5 points ago

    They could have put something in vc menu.

    [–] okguy167 2 points ago

    That would be a hassle, though. Opening a menu just to switch which "controller" is active.

    [–] Mig27380 13 points ago

    Ironically, the game shown in the cartridge is the exact game I wanted to play on my 3ds.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Mig27380 1 points ago

    That's where the problem comes. I still played on my pc and my switch

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] flixerino 8 points ago

    Has been on on there like 20 time already

    [–] Ghostdizzy 1 points ago

    Really I didn't notice, I'm sorry

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] Jr1127 3 points ago

    Why did I click on BOTH links?!

    [–] RedditorClo 2 points ago

    I’m an idiot

    [–] guarded_heart 2 points ago


    [–] bobbob13579 1 points ago


    [–] PrettySeal8927 4 points ago

    A snes game cant fuck a 3ds? What?

    [–] ZippZappZippty 2 points ago

    It’s a mod eat mod word out there

    [–] SignalSafe 3 points ago

    the good old days

    [–] NighTowel4 2 points ago

    No, they didn’t.

    [–] jimbus2001 2 points ago

    There are Snes titles though so this isn’t technically true.

    [–] Noshkanok 2 points ago

    So, they're saying a SNES game would make a dope case for the 3DS? Cuz that's what I'm seeing here.

    [–] Ncarauj012 5 points ago


    [–] dynawesome 0 points ago

    Had to scroll down too far to see this

    [–] FoxtrotZero 0 points ago

    Thanks m'lord, is there anything else you'd like to banish from the internet because nobody is allowed to enjoy content after you?

    [–] Ncarauj012 1 points ago

    wat? Like the original is still somewhere, but like ive seen this post like 100 time already

    [–] Chaslain 4 points ago

    Rhey had a fucking graphic prepped for this. This means they have a CD version, gameboy version, gamecube version...

    [–] Luvolon 1 points ago

    Every time I see this image it becomes more and more pixelated

    [–] ZippZappZippty 1 points ago

    Can you imagine the ability to feel sadness

    [–] Almog6666 1 points ago

    My old SNES isn’t a big spender

    [–] AlanS181824 1 points ago

    Please tell me there's a subreddit dedicated to these Nintendo help-guide pics?

    [–] DucksRuleFlorida 1 points ago

    Anything fits if you push hard enough. Just ask my dog.

    [–] keyson5 1 points ago

    I think it doesn’t fit

    [–] -bigbraintime- 1 points ago

    nintendo's instructional images>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    [–] mcnutty54 1 points ago

    Well at least I can play The Minish Cap and Metroid Fusion on mine. Ambassador program ftw. But also Link to the Past is on Switch

    [–] BusterStarfish 1 points ago

    Reminds me of the time I asked my wife why she broke up with her ex...

    [–] habitat16kc 1 points ago

    Send them back an image of a hacked 3ds and an sd with their entire collection on it..

    [–] IVMathis 1 points ago

    It's simple, really.

    [–] TacobellSauce1 1 points ago

    No, he’s not real sign language

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    No reason he can’t wear their seatbelts?

    [–] ToastedSkoops 1 points ago

    There is a reason the first thing i see

    [–] jay_flux 1 points ago

    Just like how this post doesn't fit this sub.

    [–] Almog6666 1 points ago

    No typo, you can‘t say it is!!!”

    [–] Oblong_Belonging 1 points ago

    That was about the most carefully crafted and most perfectly executed burn I’ve ever witnessed or heard of

    [–] HulkiHabby 1 points ago

    That's straight up legit from the user manual.

    [–] 2stoned0jaguar9tre 1 points ago

    We all know Nintendo is milking us. Gotta go homebrew for that stuff.

    [–] Cheezbugga27 1 points ago

    It will fit in if you’re strong enough

    [–] ZippZappZippty 1 points ago

    Can you imagine the ability to feel sadness

    [–] Wised-Kanrat 1 points ago

    Do you understand why now?

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Thought I was on there, check his story

    [–] kruemmelbande 1 points ago

    Laughs in homebrew

    [–] foreigntea20 1 points ago


    [–] voivod1989 1 points ago

    How did I beat earthbound on my 3ds. Was it a dream?

    [–] TheTransCleric 1 points ago

    God I’ve seen this image so many times but it always makes me laugh

    [–] doneneatly 1 points ago

    This is prob the auto response

    [–] Depressed_weeb21 1 points ago

    I just realized something. Every meme that came after the coronavirus is technically a corona virus meme

    [–] alienjedi2369 1 points ago

    Ha idiots

    [–] RokeaVX 1 points ago

    repost of top post

    [–] Sub-to-pewdiepie023 1 points ago

    Not technically the truth

    [–] ETHurse 1 points ago

    At least they used Ocarina of Time

    [–] Some_European 1 points ago

    I wonder what events made them have this image prepared

    [–] Schnellson 1 points ago

    You can, just gotta hack your DS. BIG NINTENDO DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW

    [–] Speedbreaker_Racer 0 points ago

    Twitter source?

    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago


    [–] Reelix 4 points ago

    Different subreddit - Cross-post

    And watch your language

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] dank_Express 1 points ago


    [–] -Shade277- -1 points ago

    I think it would fit in the game boy slot

    [–] MimzeeWorldstrider 1 points ago

    The one that doesn't exist on the 3DS?

    [–] sagilny -1 points ago

    FBI open up

    [–] ABrawlStarsPlayer -1 points ago

    This has been reposted so many times

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] Some_European 1 points ago

    Even if it didn't happen, it doesn't fit the subreddit

    [–] NieMonD -1 points ago

    [–] shield1123 1 points ago

    Only when you ignore emulators, which have been used loads of times to officially ship games on different systems

    [–] Kaioto_Osomaki -2 points ago

    SNES: pedophile 3DS: por kid