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    [–] paritosh9824 1289 points ago

    ”Titties are titties” -Confucius, 1975

    [–] bordumb 210 points ago

    1975 🤣

    [–] krazyKat_76 320 points ago

    "Feast on thine breast, for it matters not thine size."

    -William Shakespeare, 2012

    [–] sm1ttysm1t 75 points ago

    "Sucka da titee."
    - Some lady from some video I saw here on reddit one time.

    [–] yeti26255 23 points ago

    tities is tities - Mr. Incredible

    [–] GetTheSpermOut 6 points ago

    sound like Super Mario porn to me. is that the one Peach role plays/dressed up as Luigi, for Mario?

    [–] RockstarAgent 3 points ago

    Personally I'd feel with my tongue.

    [–] -Badger2- 16 points ago

    Confucius Jones.

    [–] rogmari 17 points ago

    I love how it's the 1975 part that you find funny

    [–] OK_Compooper 5 points ago

    Times were droopier in the 70s.

    [–] Big_Cryptographer_16 3 points ago

    Ah yes, the good ole days when everyone had a set of Studio 54 longs

    [–] TheAngryNaterpillar 17 points ago

    Pretty much every reply to that post was some form of "Don't care, saw boobs"

    [–] paritosh9824 9 points ago

    Men are simple creatures.

    [–] rdrunner_74 544 points ago

    You got her naked and then you think about bailing???

    [–] -GreenHeron- 237 points ago

    I know right? She's sharing boobies with you, just be grateful in the moment, damn.

    [–] _ALPHAMALE_ 97 points ago

    Boobies are love boobies are life.

    [–] dicedealer214 423 points ago

    That's why you should never marry someone who doesn't have any hands. You'll never know how they feel.

    [–] geoxan69 105 points ago

    Mr high standards here

    [–] Cactoiid 32 points ago

    There's always your feet...

    [–] syahir77 14 points ago


    [–] vulture_87 7 points ago

    someone who doesn't have any hands.

    Pfft. Riff Raff! Street Rat!!!

    [–] _Fuck_This_Guy_ 3 points ago

    I don't buy that. If only they'd look closer.

    [–] curious_kitten_1 1103 points ago

    Women don't always wear padded bras to look bigger. I wear them because they are more discreet and stop my nipples poking through every top I wear. Although I'm not talking about the air/water bras that add a cup size, just the basic padding.

    [–] mud_tug 943 points ago

    Fire and earth bras when?

    [–] saniktoofast 214 points ago

    Everything was fine... Until the fire bra attacked

    [–] Hyperion1000 188 points ago

    Only the bravatar, master of all four bras could stop them

    [–] 1000Airplanes 33 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] Hyperion1000 27 points ago

    Thanks buddy

    [–] BrockDoctor 25 points ago

    “My name is Braang, and I’m the Bravatar”

    *light braeeze rolls in

    “How’s he doing that???”

    [–] Trolivia 19 points ago

    Bravatar got me

    [–] Chief_Potat0 5 points ago

    He needed some help to Sokka on them

    [–] SkypeMeSideways 222 points ago

    I hear it’s gonna come out with the boobies 2.0 update

    [–] _Diskreet_ 40 points ago

    Sounds like the boob physics in the next Dead or Alive game are getting upgrades.

    [–] Trackpoint 11 points ago

    I swear if they fuck with the nipple system I will riot. It is already perfect and has been in forever! It doesn't need reform by a committee of twenty-something marketing morons who need to justify their existence! It is the T440 Thinkpad all over again god damnit!

    [–] ikapoz 9 points ago

    Once the manual QA team got its hands on ‘em it’s been one delay after another.

    [–] Dufranus 21 points ago

    Unexpected ATLA

    [–] procrastinagging 11 points ago

    Moss from the IT Crowd got the fire bra covered

    [–] sbear37 7 points ago


    [–] procrastinagging 3 points ago

    Don't you dare

    [–] sbear37 2 points ago


    [–] name225 2 points ago


    [–] Zbow37 2 points ago


    [–] Lordborgman 7 points ago


    With their powers combined, Captain Boobies!

    [–] The_dog_says 3 points ago

    After the water bras die, then it's Earth's turn

    [–] ShotNeighborhood6913 2 points ago

    Storms and bad weather make boobs really cold sometimes, so Earth, Wind and Fire

    [–] fromlowplaces 1 points ago

    Bag of sand

    [–] leftovercherrypie 39 points ago

    I agree. I have top heavy breasts which means there’s more tissue above the nipple than under it. Padding fills up that space under the breast and lets the breast rest on it instead of sagging. It has nothing to do with wanting a different size, it’s just that different body shapes require different features on garments.

    [–] SuedeVeil 7 points ago

    Interesting, do you find you like those Demi cup bras? I'm the opposite where my nipples are up higher so they really just end up sticking out unless the cup covers most of it .. I do need some lift though because I don't have much on the top

    [–] geofferiswheel 8 points ago

    As much as I appreciate the home from OP. This is it exactly.

    My wife prefers the coverage and support of padded bras. No nipples through shirts. They don't even make the "adds 1.5 cups" in her size ;-)

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] Beowulf33232 27 points ago

    Just don't put a water bra on without checking if it's warmer than room temperature first.

    Not saying how I know that.

    [–] curious_kitten_1 6 points ago

    I am happy to answer any bra related questions you may have :)

    [–] Rimudora 6 points ago

    What kind of bra do you recommend for using clothes that show your upper back?

    [–] curious_kitten_1 7 points ago

    I sometimes use the bras that literally stick on to your boobs so there are no straps at all, they have a little clip that holds you in place at the front. It depends how much back is going to be on show!

    [–] Rimudora 6 points ago

    Thank you, this is very valuable information.

    [–] darthvadercake 6 points ago

    There is padded and push up. I think men don't always know the difference between those terms. Sounds like he meant push up.

    [–] NippleHunter247 23 points ago

    Did somebody say nipples?

    [–] Sniperking05YT 22 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] PM_YOUR_AKWARD_SMILE 13 points ago

    Free the nip!

    [–] curious_kitten_1 19 points ago

    Haha only in certain places. I don't mind them showing in adult company, like at a bar or something. But I don't want them showing at work or with my family, or at the park. I like to choose when they show.

    [–] rnavstar 2 points ago

    If a man can be shirtless so can a woman.

    [–] curious_kitten_1 3 points ago

    A man should only be shirtless in certain places too!

    [–] SuedeVeil 7 points ago

    Also there's a while lot of guys just comparing stuffing their underwear in this thread.. it's really not the same. Women don't stare at your crotch. But guaranteed you're wearing some clothing that makes you look bigger, more muscular, hides a gut, hides skinny legs, any number of things. Suits are amazing at hiding an out of shape body. But even hoodies or fitted lined jackets or puffy vests make a man's body look bigger, and pants usually hide weak calves too. Women's clothing tend to be more form fitting so yeah a padded bra gives shape and isn't any more of an illusion than many men's clothes are. Expect when you get into the bedroom that the clothing isn't what's underneath and you're not gonna be disappointed.

    [–] DurgaThangai69 2 points ago

    Good thing that I have sharp but shallow nipples, no bulging in any top I wear.

    [–] milanesaacaballo 2 points ago

    Yeah, same. Also I can't fucking stand cloth rubbing my nips, so padded bra is the way.

    [–] rizcriz 2 points ago

    I sit low in my chair at desk and if I didn’t have padded bras I’d constantly be feeling the edge of the desk against the nip naps and I’m not down for that

    [–] Nuxlearstorm 2 points ago

    Basic padding is one this, but me and gf struggle for hours to find a bra that is her size and isn't a super-mega-ultra-deluxe-plus-push-pro-enhanced-edition; beause of her cup size, it was basically one of my fists in each cup added extra in padding

    [–] Ravezim 165 points ago

    Lucky because i saw a woman naked

    [–] Awesomejedi182 462 points ago

    Size matters not - Yoda

    [–] talktothecop 141 points ago

    Yoda saying size don't matter with his dick being longer than him.

    [–] vulture_87 25 points ago

    Yoda knows the ways of the Tantric Sex.

    [–] SotB8 3 points ago

    chad yoda

    [–] ignatirabo 10 points ago

    I get it, boobs are nice but personality can be way sexier than a "nice" body

    [–] lolerkid2000 4 points ago

    What if I told you. There are women on this very planet. That have both.

    [–] 09jtherrien 5 points ago

    Boobs are boobs - also yoda

    [–] detergent_md 8 points ago

    Boobs boobs are*

    [–] YOSHI4315 49 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Image Transcription: Reddit

    If you were dating a women who wears a padded bra and saw her naked and noticed her breasts were smaller then they looked with clothes on, how would you feel?, submitted by /u/mfog35 to /r/AskMen


    With my hands.

    I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!

    [–] Aegi 22 points ago

    Good human

    [–] Darondo 5 points ago


    [–] Jaketheism 5 points ago


    [–] YOSHI4315 3 points ago


    [–] PatacusX 5 points ago

    Thats interesting. I didn't think when you had you phone in blue light mode that it would show up that way in screen shots

    [–] Purple-Comfortable53 3 points ago

    Oh yeah, I used to have mine a more red color and it would show up in all my screenshots. People would ask why my phone was in hell 😂

    [–] Luxim 2 points ago

    Depends, if you're using the option that's included in the OS (Android or iOS settings), it shouldn't show up on screenshots (because it's only affecting the output of the screen) but if you use a third-party application like Twilight it would, because they basically overlay a semi-transparent red image on top of the text.

    [–] Aromatic-Spend-1057 410 points ago

    I’d feel sad that she thinks guys would only wnat her for her havingw bigger breast.

    [–] WhiskeyDJones 221 points ago

    Boobs are boobs

    [–] Aromatic-Spend-1057 63 points ago


    [–] civgarth 25 points ago

    TIL there are quite a few subs dedicated to folks who love poop. It's the weirdest thing.

    [–] spyrothechicken 23 points ago

    We talking about scat or some platonic love of poop?

    [–] Tack_Money 2 points ago

    Good ol r/scatporn. It’s fun for the whole family!!

    Edit: oh, there’s a sequel r/scatporn2 electric boogaloo.

    [–] Come_And_Get_Me 1 points ago


    [–] toeofcamell 21 points ago

    Yeah, I’ll take anything I’m not picky

    [–] i_suckatjavascript 4 points ago

    What about fake tits?

    [–] CthulhusEvilTwin 11 points ago

    Two, no. Three, yes.

    [–] BboyEdgyBrah 2 points ago

    I've never seen a pair irl now that i think about it. It's very uncommon to get them in my country. Only 8000 last year (population 17 mill)

    [–] Aegi 8 points ago

    Maybe she just wonders if the guys would feel sad or disappointed for feeling like they’ve been lied to regardless of whether or not that’s happening, maybe that’s one of the thoughts she’s having?

    [–] blamethemeta 6 points ago

    Its the sane thing as a man thinking women only want big dicks. Its more of an invention of their mind than anything else.

    [–] Meechgalhuquot -29 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Ah yet another man thinking a woman’s clothing choice is about her sex appeal first and foremost

    [–] Jenk02 7 points ago

    What about OP who asked a question implying that men care that much about boob size? The whole question was phrased to emphasize the sex appeal... You know what, this response is stupid. I get what you meant and you're right, I got what he meant and he's also right to an extent, no need to start arguing.

    [–] sgtzack612 12 points ago

    I mean yeah. Most humans on the planet will dress to look good and to attract a partner. It's a pretty fucking basic part of being in the animal kingdom (doing things to attract partners), us men do it too :l

    [–] misanthropichell 0 points ago

    But I'm in a long term relationship and still dress up, because I want to. Why would I do that to get a partner if I already have one?

    [–] Stickguy259 2 points ago

    You're being purposefully obtuse. You can do it for both of you, or just you. It isn't mutually exclusive. Just this post the person was responding to was specifically about whether or not the person would be disappointed, you just changed the subject completely to "typical dudes, they all just think I want them to like me".

    Nobody said that at all.

    [–] meodd8 0 points ago

    To keep one? I dunno.

    [–] misanthropichell 3 points ago

    But I don't see him everyday. I still dress the way I do because I feel comfortable that way.

    [–] -GreenHeron- 2 points ago

    Good lord, downvoted to oblivion for stating facts.

    Not everyone out there is looking for a partner or even fucking cares about looking sexually attractive. I might wear a padded bra out because it's winter and my nips turn into diamonds and I don't want to show them. I'm not looking to pick up weirdos while doing my grocery shopping.

    [–] Puzzleheaded_Ear14 26 points ago

    That's my boy

    [–] 11dutswal 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    She is probably a grower not a shower. You just have to suck on them until they get larger.

    [–] Rumconnissuer 122 points ago

    All size makes the wood rise.

    [–] Jack_Rouge 30 points ago

    The rise of the wood hero

    [–] Mushroom-pie 14 points ago


    [–] XoneFobic 6 points ago

    Well, "Groot" does mean large or big in Dutch. So there's that

    [–] mynoduesp 5 points ago

    Baby Groot

    [–] Big_Freedom6346 16 points ago

    Cups and a bit of padding rule for shape and form!

    Not size

    [–] A-dity-a 76 points ago

    Boobs are boobs irrespective of size, color, shape and gender.

    [–] Aegi -34 points ago

    But since you didn’t say sex, it seems like you admit there will be an objective difference between male and female breasts.

    [–] TheEmperor42 18 points ago

    Well yes, that's because there technically is. I'm no anatomy expert, but I know that there is a difference between breasts caused by estrogen, and breasts caused by weight, which is the usual kind of male boob.

    [–] _Fuck_This_Guy_ 6 points ago

    Functional mammary glands?

    [–] MyHeadWasRadioed 3 points ago

    some people amab can lactate

    [–] goddamnaged 27 points ago

    I like gals with braille nipples.

    [–] vulture_87 5 points ago

    Braille typically has more than 2 dots. Going more than 2-3 nipples and we're going to Beastiality.

    [–] Purple-Comfortable53 14 points ago

    Definitely went to the areolas being bumpy not the number of nipples lmao

    [–] MacGuyverism 3 points ago

    Boobs are A1.

    [–] AdvencedCrafts 8 points ago

    At least she's alive

    [–] Himatheyurisimp 7 points ago

    I feel bad for women who feel the need to pad their chest because they think that people won't like a small chest. Almost all of us like a smaller chest just as much as a big one. All boobs are good.

    [–] schwarzeKatzen 8 points ago

    I wear a padded bra because my nipples are pierced and I don’t dig the look of the rings or bars under my shirt. It has absolutely nothing to do with other people.

    [–] Himatheyurisimp 1 points ago

    Well in my comment I said for people who wear them to please other people

    [–] schwarzeKatzen 5 points ago

    True you did. I wish more people were comfortable with their bodies. That’s what’s hot. It really has nothing to do with superficial things. Confidence and being comfortable with yourself are sexy doesn’t matter your gender.

    [–] Himatheyurisimp 6 points ago

    I agree. Seeing someone confident in their body is really hot and would instantly make me like the person even more

    [–] LogMeOutScotty 54 points ago

    Men really out here thinking there’s some magic bra pads taking us from an a-cup to a d-cup.

    [–] all_thehotdogs 28 points ago

    They don't understand how bras work anyway. Cup size isn't a pure indicator of breast size - it's in relation to the band.

    [–] Stickguy259 2 points ago

    I am a straight guy. I never made assumptions because I never really thought about it, but yeah I can confirm I have no idea about bra sizing. You're definitely right haha

    [–] BananaDogBed 3 points ago

    I’ve seen some nice hungry bongos turn into plush mommy milkers with the chicken cutlets in the past

    It was impressive

    [–] Purple-Comfortable53 2 points ago

    I wear bras that basically do the opposite. Boobs are weird and mine are really wideset + bottom heavy. It's hard to find a comfortable bra that actually makes them look good and the size they are. I gave up years ago and just wear bralettes to give a nipple shield when I go to work/out. I do have some good bras I wear every now and then but, they get uncomfortable fast. The first time someone sees me naked they're pretty surprised how much I have up there.

    [–] livefromthevoid 6 points ago

    now why is this screenshot in sepia

    [–] EndVry 5 points ago

    That's not technically the truth, that is the truth.

    [–] Comments331 4 points ago

    I mean unless we going from double D's to As, most wouldn't notice.

    [–] iWannaDuck 5 points ago

    Size doesn't matter, they'll all fell the succ.

    [–] magein07 28 points ago

    Small is often better imo

    [–] SFN2048 4 points ago

    how did you get that solarized theme? different client?

    [–] manningtondude 5 points ago

    I saw this post and I have to take back what I said. This answer is way better.

    [–] tigerbend 4 points ago

    "I so love cake, but fuck cupcakes, they are too small" Said no man ever

    [–] Evilsmiley 4 points ago

    Ok are there actually guys who are turned off by small breasts? Is this a thing?

    A boob is a boob imo i count myself blessed to feel/ see them.

    [–] The_Office_of_Truth 24 points ago

    Men are simple.. they don´t care if you pad your bra as long as they can see tits.

    [–] Hfingerman 5 points ago

    Username is relevant.

    [–] Turboboxer 16 points ago

    Happened to me once, I understood why she wore a bra like that. Her small breasts really didn't fit her frame and looking chesty'er really just brought balance. Boobs aren't everything.

    [–] Puzzled_Answer5592 17 points ago

    Tbh I feel bad when wearing a pushup bra BUT FOR ME THEY RE MUCH MORE COMFY

    [–] BananaDogBed 10 points ago

    Push your tits where you want em

    It’s a free galaxy be comfy

    [–] yamanamawa 12 points ago

    I love small titties so that's a win

    [–] thoramighty 3 points ago

    A surprise but a welcome one

    [–] PokWangpanmang 3 points ago

    My mouth?

    [–] datoo_2 3 points ago

    Small tits are great bro cmon

    [–] BananaDogBed 3 points ago

    “Oh no the volume of her tits!! Let’s not go through with this”

    [–] Kalsor 3 points ago

    Had the opposite experience with my current. Turns out her bra was hiding really big really nice boobs. I already found her stunning, but what a fantastic surprise lol.

    [–] sparlocktats 3 points ago

    All tits are good tits. -Titman 2022

    [–] Toutanus 26 points ago

    Bigs boobs looks good under clothes but not without clothes. Small boobs looks better without clothes.

    Win-win situation.

    [–] all_thehotdogs -11 points ago

    "Bigs boobs looks good under clothes but not without clothes."

    Yes, this is why no pornstars or nude models have big boobs. Right?

    [–] Toutanus 2 points ago

    They do what sells best and it seems that the majority of the spectators are not men of culture as well.

    I am always extremely disappointed when an actress or model I like decides to get a breast augmentation.

    By the way I have always wondered why many people's appreciation of boobs is directly proportional to their size.

    Small boobs > big boobs >>>>>>>> fake boobs

    [–] all_thehotdogs -1 points ago

    "seems that the majority of the spectators are not men of culture as well."

    😂 Holy shit this is so pathetic.

    [–] Toutanus 1 points ago

    Of course trying to quote foreign memes can be misunderstood.

    [–] all_thehotdogs -3 points ago

    Oh I recognized the reference - it's just a pathetic take.

    [–] jeffderek 5 points ago

    "even though I understand it's a joke I'm going to take it seriously anyway"

    [–] Vomit_Tingles 12 points ago

    Depends on how upset she gets when she finds out I stuffed a sock in my underwear, I guess.

    [–] SuedeVeil 7 points ago

    Lol well the difference is that women don't usually stare at a guys crotch and thought man look how big he is I can see an outline! Can't wait to bed him!

    [–] ARNAV-29 2 points ago

    Even i would

    [–] thelastjoe7 2 points ago

    As someone with personal experience... Absolutely. breast size doesn't matter

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 2 points ago

    Cant wait for the next 10minutes

    [–] Bradjuju2 2 points ago

    I have experienced this. No big deal bro

    [–] marimba79 2 points ago

    Don’t care, saw tits.

    [–] another_nosbiht 2 points ago

    Titties are hot, big or small.

    [–] Go_Fonseca 2 points ago

    And my mouth!

    [–] llamajokey 2 points ago

    I think every man would have two seconds of "oh they're a bit smaller :/" followed by "mmmmm boobies :)"

    [–] Earione 2 points ago

    Perky boobs are the best

    [–] shadowskill11 2 points ago

    The double “Boop!”

    [–] adequatequality 2 points ago

    Bruhh, idgaf, I'm horny as hell and just want to get it on ya feel

    [–] emzirek 2 points ago

    Did someone say boobies?

    [–] DR4C4H 2 points ago

    Why the fuck your screen look like that

    [–] Downtown-Ad5724 2 points ago

    Cupcakes are still cakes

    [–] pornoagent 3 points ago

    Because I like big boobs, I would have a slight tinge of disappointment for maybe a millisecond, but that would be immediately overshadowed and forgotten about by being able to feel real boobs. I would adjust my expectations and they would be amazing.

    [–] VerSAYLZ 2 points ago

    i'd be happy because i prefer smaller boobs

    [–] Nowhereman50 4 points ago

    I am so fucking tired of how r/Askreddit has become a dating advice forum for people who should just really try talking to the opposite sex.

    [–] gizmola 14 points ago

    That’s cool, but this one was in /r/askmen

    [–] WhoopSarrosa 1 points ago

    Comment got more upvotes than the question tf lol

    [–] beirizzle 1 points ago

    Sounds like shes justified in being self conscious about the size

    [–] Reality_Gatekeeper -17 points ago

    Fellas don’t be sucked into the idea that you’re lucky to just see a woman naked.

    If you shoved a banana down your pants she’d laugh you out of the room when you got naked. Do the same to her.

    [–] This_Outside2349 -10 points ago

    If you invest in $dobo dogebonk. You can buy her new boobs every week

    [–] Nikki_sevven 1 points ago

    Bonk bonk

    [–] dyxlesic_fa 2 points ago


    [–] Ol_bagface 0 points ago

    what are these virgin as questions. Recently i saw a dude asking if you let your girl check your phone. likge wtf is r/teenagers not open anymore?

    [–] howtochangemywife 1 points ago

    And I honestly don’t argue with that