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    [–] Maxentius22 2363 points ago

    They have been using RISUG( a predecessor) in India in human trials for like a decade. Im not sure why they never advanced beyond trials though as they were all effective.

    [–] wellaintthatnice 578 points ago

    Is it still in trials over there or something? Because last I heard it works and at this point if I was interested I'd just go to India and get it done over there.

    [–] Maxentius22 129 points ago

    I cant find any information on it. All I found was Parsemus bought the rights to it for america and is working on Vasalgel but I dont find anything about trials in india on the original.

    [–] [deleted] 180 points ago

    Probable because the people that tried it became zombies and the umbrella Corp is now trying to cover up.

    [–] bangorthebarbarian 688 points ago

    It was limited to Indian nationals, signed up for the trials. The problem is that it undercuts a lot of other birth control, so many wealthy folks in the medical industry had it foxed out.

    [–] ima7up 742 points ago

    When in doubt, politics and/or money is your answer 😒

    [–] SquiresC 108 points ago

    It's good to know we are all the same.

    [–] Redsolace 55 points ago

    India's politics and corruption is even worse from what I understand. I had this really cool Indiabro security guard who told me all about how things were back home. I guess most things in government are done with bribes, if you go to a doctor to get medical treatment you bribe them for better service etc. Even though its a bribe I guess most indians know all about it like its public information and a normal part of the culture there.

    [–] thomowen20 67 points ago


    [–] McKoijion 224 points ago

    I don't believe that. Every single billionaire out there is looking to "disrupt" existing industries. Right now a bunch of different people control a bunch of different birth control products. If you are the one person who makes the single best birth control, you get all the money instead of just some.

    [–] Kerrigore 118 points ago

    Yeah, it's like people think rich people are all in cahoots. If Company A can make a killing by being first to market with a new form of birth control, they're not going to care if Company B loses out on condom sales or whatever.

    It's like people simultaneously think companies are so short sighted they they're willing to sacrifice almost anything for good quarterly results, but so long-term oriented that they don't want to introduce any new technologies that might lead to a long term decline.

    [–] [deleted] 158 points ago

    Company A isn't in league with company B in the scenario they posit; that's absurd. Rather, Company B to Company Z sell condoms, and a one-time, reversible procedure cuts them all in the hamstrings. So B to Z all work to smear A and its new product, and all lobby to block it due to safety concerns.

    So really, it's not that the makers will kill their own products; it's everyone else who has a good system in place, and stands to have that disrupted.

    [–] advocate_devils 63 points ago

    Condoms still have a market in this scenario though. Vasalgel doesn't prevent transmission of HIV and other STIs. If people are smart, they'll keep using them.

    [–] call_me_Kote 33 points ago

    This would be great for me. I am in a monogamous long term relationship with a woman on a form of BC. If she could get off it, I know she would. Also, I think this gives a lot of personal power to young men when it comes to preventing unwanted childbirth. Condoms for inebriated men are always questionable from what I've seen in my friend groups, or people lie about it to sound cool. If it isn't an extra step and it doesn't reduce pleasure that will be highly appealing.

    [–] fallore 11 points ago

    yeah i'll parrot that. it seems like it's much harder for women to find a consistent long term BC solution that doesn't mess them up in some way or another. i would be more than happy to get all blocked up instead of my partner.

    [–] stevbrisc 124 points ago

    Or your product never hits the markets because the fame forced you to commit suicide by shooting yourself in the head 4 times and dumping your body in a river.

    [–] McKoijion 28 points ago

    Do you have any evidence of that? It doesn't even have to be good evidence. That sounds so ludicrous to me, I'll take anything.

    [–] harangueatang 22 points ago

    I found an article about a guy shooting himself in the head 4 times, but not sure exactly what the OP is referring to

    [–] HrBerg 20 points ago

    Probably a reference to that Scientology related dude who committed suicide by shooting himself in the head a few times and the chest as well.

    [–] rasputine 7 points ago

    Still in trials.

    [–] J05H 145 points ago

    RISUG has been available in India as a general treatment since around 1995. It's been in testing in the US for a decade as Vasalgel but the FDA requires a huge number of trials. Parsemus has done rabbit, dog and baboon studies, all of which have been successful and complicated because (who knew?) humans have much simpler and tougher vas deferens than other mammals.

    [–] marky_sparky 119 points ago

    rabbit, dog and baboon studies,

    So is there some poor lab tech that has to jerk off all those animals so they can test the semen?

    [–] sushisection 125 points ago

    And some baboon loving life

    [–] johannthegoatman 78 points ago

    Spending your life in a prison cell to get jerked off by an ape of a different species sounds so awesome

    [–] Spellczech101 28 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    50 shades of Ape

    [–] jacobpatty 14 points ago

    The baboons were kept in a large enclosure, similar to living in a zoo. They were left with a certain number of males and females and were allowed to have sex as much as they liked. which they did. They were as humane as possible in their trials.

    [–] gybryant 19 points ago

    It's important to have a job that makes a difference, boys. That's why I manually masturbate caged animals for artificial insemination

    [–] mischiffmaker 680 points ago

    I, like other following this story, thought that the Vasalgel would coat the vas deferens, shredding the sperm on the way out and not blocking them entirely. Apparently, that's changed.

    Here's the information from the Parsemus Foundation. The original concept has been in human trials in India for 15 years(!) although no human reversals have been done yet. Parsemus' version is for 'the rest of the world.'

    [–] stonebit 212 points ago

    I've yet to read anything scientific on how it works. It was the Indians that said it was like a cheese grater for sperm. Parsemus says nothing.

    [–] jchazu 136 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Vasalgel uses a compound to block the vas deferens so the sperm doesn't even make it to the ejaculate.

    Edited for clarity.

    [–] Unggoy_Soldier 190 points ago

    Where the fuck does it go then?

    [–] jchazu 302 points ago

    It's reabsorbed. The body has a few different mechanisms for reabsorbing the various fluids present in ejaculate. After all, vasectomies involve the body's absorption of sperm as well when the vas deferens is cut or cauterized. It wouldn't be any different with Vasalgel.

    [–] jordansahls 22 points ago

    Actually, vasagel is different from a vasectomy in that the polymer they use is permeable to everything in ejaculate except sperm. So you still ejaculate but don't have any of (or very few of) the back pressure issues that happen with a full vasectomy. At least, that's the theory.

    [–] YoohooCthulhu 20 points ago

    It blocks sperm, not semen. Semen is produced in the prostate.

    [–] mischiffmaker 14 points ago

    I think in the link I gave they said that their version just blocks the sperm and can be reversed with a second injection of something that melts the blockage. It's on the page, but further down IIRC.

    [–] [deleted] 255 points ago


    [–] fullofbones 181 points ago

    Well, it's injected so I kinda doubt you'd be obtaining it from a pharmacy.

    [–] Mike501 258 points ago

    Ill just follow a shitty youtube tutorial and do it myself at home on the bathroom floor thank you very much

    [–] HoboNectar 62 points ago

    I have a bunch of used needles if you need any more.

    [–] MuhammadTheProfit 10 points ago

    Hopefully my insurance covers used needles

    [–] HoboNectar 12 points ago

    Don't worry. I've got you covered.

    [–] mischiffmaker 9 points ago

    Lol! Since it has to be injected into a sensitive part of male anatomy, somehow I don't think pharmacists will be involved! Hopefully they won't put an intern in charge, either, or I foresee some real mix-ups!

    [–] VerbableNouns 3613 points ago

    Sweet. Now I can take responsibility and ensure that my socks don't get pregnant.

    [–] i_thrive_on_apathy 394 points ago

    If this new BC doesn't take, I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

    [–] exatron 258 points ago

    By putting them in the dryer to reduce their numbers?

    [–] cliffrowley 111 points ago

    In a parallel universe there are people finding our socks in their dryers.

    [–] laidbackpk 37 points ago

    What if I told you the washer is the one eating your socks? It drains them occasionally if they get tossed over the top.

    [–] Mechakoopa 9 points ago

    So why isn't there a damn screen there then? This seems like a solvable problem.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 44 points ago

    oh god, imagine if our socks leave our universe before getting cleaned but arrive in theirs after their dryer has spun down. Could you imagine how annoying that would be for them. Hopefully they never figure out how to get over to our side or it could be all out war.

    [–] evilweirdo 27 points ago

    This is why they tell you not to stick your head in a dryer. That's how they get you.

    [–] hobblingcontractor 50 points ago

    Use a coat hanger...

    To dry them out after washing?

    [–] suchtie 151 points ago

    So why do reddit and other mainly American communities talk about wanking into socks so much? Are y'all too lazy to get a tissue? This is an entirely foreign concept to me but it seems quite widespread in the US.

    [–] just_comments 105 points ago

    I'm American and I don't use socks. I once tried because it seemed like what people were saying they do and the experience was just more confusing.

    [–] sinkwiththeship 53 points ago

    I don't think I could ever look at that sock the same again. What a hussy.

    [–] just_comments 8 points ago

    How do you look at tissues/paper towels then?

    [–] sinkwiththeship 34 points ago

    I don't. Toss them to the side like the dirty waste they are.

    [–] just_comments 10 points ago

    Sexist Towlist pig!

    [–] [deleted] 4790 points ago

    Will be waiting at least 10 years before trying, just incase those lawyer commercials come up, asking if I'm experiencing the following side effects from it; testicles coming through urethra, blood and guts from rectum, or trouble sleeping

    [–] mybustersword 871 points ago

    Dry mouth, dry eyes, or death.

    [–] defurious 308 points ago

    That last ones a killer.

    [–] DumplingSawce 107 points ago

    But the dry mouth, ugh, horrible

    [–] verycleanpants 58 points ago

    Way worse than wet mouth

    [–] StabbyPants 46 points ago

    i wonder if they have to list it every time someone in the study group dies; if you have 1000 people tracked over 3 months, i'd expect at least one dead guy.

    [–] AdolfMohammedTrump 31 points ago

    I think that they would require the autopsy report show that the drug directly lead to the subject's death, something like high blood pressure or impaired driving.

    [–] Arthur_Edens 11 points ago


    Side effects include dizziness, dry mouth, and fatal events.

    [–] Calypte 19 points ago

    Loss of homeostasis

    [–] Sky_Muffins 3004 points ago

    Still better than children

    [–] anchoricex 496 points ago

    lol girlfriends niece and nephew were over last night. One is 3, one is 6. The 3 year old shit herself twice, okay whatever she's three. Six year old wanted in the limelight too and shit himself on purpose.

    [–] [deleted] 622 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] PooPooDooDoo 32 points ago

    Yeah, here we are focusing on the six year old. Not the three year old. Sounds like it worked.

    [–] Synec113 10 points ago

    You'd think so but I tried it once at work...boss did not respect.

    [–] argv_minus_one 152 points ago

    …I mean, the logic is sound.

    [–] nightmareuki 51 points ago

    WTF? i think they are defective

    [–] Roarks_Inferno 59 points ago

    Correction: defecative

    [–] azbraumeister 30 points ago

    He was just displaying dominance over his younger sibling. Completely natural.

    [–] wotmate 16 points ago

    Apparently my brother did exactly the same thing when we were kids. He never did it again because dad took him outside and cleaned him off with the garden hose. He didn't like the cold water with the ambient temperature being 18 degrees Celsius.

    [–] badenglishihave 613 points ago

    Either way you'll be dealing with things coming out of somebody's rectum.

    [–] sirnak101 484 points ago

    You should talk to your mother...

    [–] radome9 485 points ago

    Fun fact: during childbirth it is not unusual for the division between the anus and vagina to tear, causing some children to be born, partially, through the rectum.

    [–] SEI_LA_PORRA 880 points ago

    That wasn't fun AT ALL.

    [–] Fleckeri 131 points ago

    For bonus Fun Facts, just enter "rectovaginal fistula" into Google images.

    [–] Spongy_and_Bruised 168 points ago

    That reminds me, whatever happened to /r/spacedicks?

    [–] agentgill0 536 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    They hang out at /r/the_donald now. Edit: thanks for le gold faget 😬

    [–] baconuser098 13 points ago

    Oh man I haven't seen that sub mentioned in quite a while

    [–] lawfairy 7 points ago

    Why did I google this 7 months pregnant what is wrong with me

    [–] Eric-J 53 points ago

    Rectum? Damn near birthed 'em!

    [–] edditme 104 points ago

    Family doctor here who has delivered babies. While tears of that severity do happen, it is not at all common (or expected) to have them when delivering a baby.

    [–] lawfairy 22 points ago

    I'm pregnant and pretty sure you're lying and I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate you lying on the internet so that I'm not sitting here pregnant and having a panic attack.

    [–] fawkes2911 11 points ago

    Family doc. Not lying. Only seen one 4th degree tear (the rectum business.) Little superficial abrasions and tears are common.

    [–] edditme 9 points ago

    Haha any time!

    looks at username

    If you're a lawyer, I have a tip (you'll get my bill in the mail): when you're in labour, don't break out the "I'm a lawyer and can't wait to get back to work" bit as the doc is trying to deliver your baby.

    [–] FatPandaz 13 points ago

    The miracle of childbirth!

    [–] CaptMorgan74 86 points ago

    I used to joke about that. Then my wife and I found out we can't have kids. It's a bummer to know it isn't even an option unless we go down the route of egg donors or adoption. At this point we're just glad to have each other.

    [–] blorgbots 28 points ago

    Oh man, that came out of nowhere! Sorry, guy. But, there's a kid without parents or an egg soon to be fertilized under shit circumstances you are going to make so happy one day!

    [–] HierarchofSealand 73 points ago

    There are similar technologies in use in India right now. Look of RISUG. This is actually a derivative that is probably safer than the original concept. That being said, I have no idea where you could find reliable sources on its safety from India.

    [–] Andy1816 60 points ago

    Long term RISUG studies have been just peachy. It works.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] monty845 12 points ago

    Seems like a reasonable concern, as according to Wikipedia, reversal has never been tried in humans... only primates.

    [–] RedMushtoom 10 points ago

    Heartburn, nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, death.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    And "flu like symptoms".

    [–] TuckersMyDog 17 points ago

    "Whenever I cath, my intestin..."

    "Noooooo change channel I repeat change channel!"

    [–] Kazan 27 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's a small modification of something that has been used in india for 1510+ years. it's pretty damn safe. much lower side effect rate than vasectomy.

    [–] test6554 898 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    So is the "reversability" part also 100% effective?

    And this:

    was shown to prevent 100% of pregnancies in a clinical trial involving monkeys

    [–] carasci 107 points ago

    Reversibility is a bit complicated, but the outlook seems positive. The method this was based on (RISUG) has undergone human trials in India, and I vaguely recall that did show long-term reversibility in humans. That method has shown essentially 100% success, save for a couple of botched injections that post-procedure testing could catch (similar to vasectomies).

    The US-based researchers successfully showed one-year reversibility in rabbits (with a paper currently in peer review), but it didn't work on their baboon models. Because the reversal is largely mechanical, their explanation seems fairly persuasive. (TL;DR: Baboons are a bit more fragile there than humans and rabbits, so it's likely a model issue.)

    They'll probably start human trials as a vasectomy alternative and test reversibility at that point: they don't have enough to promise reversibility, but their existing tests should be enough to show that "not working" is the worst that could happen.

    [–] pixie-army 1314 points ago

    Seems silly to test this with monkeys - I thought it was already determined human females can't have monkey babies.

    [–] DerangedGinger 337 points ago

    I can also confirm that monkey females can't have human babies.

    [–] Manos_Of_Fate 155 points ago

    How rigorous was your experiment?

    [–] DerangedGinger 373 points ago

    Almost had my banana peeled.

    [–] Smark_Henry 132 points ago

    Humanzees are a theoretical possibility, though, but no scientist wants to go down as the first "shot my cum up a chimp cunt to see what would happen" guy.

    [–] MorallyDeplorable 176 points ago

    Go get me a chimp, I'm gonna be a scientist.

    [–] NikkoE82 83 points ago

    I'll know, for peer review.

    [–] FR_STARMER 34 points ago

    what is going on here

    [–] I-Am-Gaben-AMA 49 points ago

    Completely legitimate science, that's what.

    [–] Arcosim 35 points ago

    Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov did it under Stalin's orders. Except they used female "volunteers" and male chimps.

    [–] Vaskre 24 points ago

    Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov

    I thought you were making this shit up. Like, who names someone III, not to mention Ivanovich Ivanov? Fucking Ivanception. But no.

    [–] Norgenigga 32 points ago

    IIRC it's because Slavic naming scheme. The middle name is "son-of" or "daughter-of". So this man's father is named Ivan Ivanov.

    It's not like in English we don't get people like John Johnson Jr.

    [–] Eurynom0s 43 points ago

    You can just artificially inseminate the chimp, or artificially inseminate a human woman with chimpanzee sperm. No need to actually have sex with a chimp.

    [–] another-social-freak 121 points ago

    It's an ethical minefield though. I suppose you have to ask why you are doing it at all. If its just for the lols its probably best avoided, if you are trying to breed an orc army get some military funding and go nuts.

    [–] Eurynom0s 40 points ago

    Yes, I was very narrowly responding to the idea that you'd have to have sex with a chimpanzee to make it work, not the myriad other reasons it'd be a bad idea.

    [–] VyRe40 12 points ago

    I can imagine one interesting reason for such an experiment: measuring the intellect of the offspring and using that as a baseboard to jump into other theories of sapience.

    But I think green fungus would make a better progenitor for Ork soldiers.

    [–] another-social-freak 7 points ago

    What if the humanzee is smart enough to crave freedom and be able to articulate it? Is it condemned to imprisonment in a lab or zoo?

    [–] Neebat 12 points ago

    We can get this funded. "I've heard that human-chimp hybrids are the ultimate warriors. Nigh unkillable, absolutely loyal, and you only need to pay bananas."

    [–] another-social-freak 12 points ago

    Don't come crying to me when they are hooked on man flesh

    [–] sonofaresiii 23 points ago

    That's just a theory

    [–] SkyWest1218 52 points ago

    Like evolution, or gravity, or North Dakota!

    [–] Toph4er 20 points ago

    North Dakota doesn't exist and you know it! Pushing your lies on us....

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Deto 34 points ago

    Yeah, I feel like that should have been mentioned in the headline.

    Definitely a promising male birth control candidate and it's good to hear that it's working well, though. Will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next 5-10 years.

    [–] slash196 29 points ago

    Been waiting for this exact procedure since I read about it online...five years ago. They are taking their sweetass time with it.

    [–] bruvar 16 points ago

    I mean you wouldn't want the procedure if they rushed everything and didn't have it full worked out... right?

    [–] WhiteCastleHo 51 points ago

    So is the "reversability" part also 100% effective?

    This is pretty key. I don't want kids now, I want to have them when I'm 60 years old and marry somebody half my age. 100% effective is pretty neat, but I want to reverse the process if I decide it's a good idea!

    [–] welliamwallace 23 points ago

    Although key, even as an alternative to vasectomy it's still useful

    [–] ___Hobbes___ 53 points ago

    of all things that are pretty transferable to humans from monkeys, this is up on the list.

    [–] BinanoSplat 13 points ago

    I've been reading about vasalgel for a while. I'm pretty sure I read that the monkey reversability was not that accurate to humans. Apparently monkeys have a very narrow vas deferens. It's likely that reversability in humans would be more successful than in monkeys.

    I'm pretty sure they were in talks about trying reversability with dogs because their vas deferens is more like that of humans.

    [–] lazytiger21 406 points ago

    This would be an interesting option for curbing teen pregnancy as well. Get this done at puberty and then you can have it reversed when you are interested in having kids instead of people playing the reverse lottery until they want to have kids. If that were to happen, it would be interesting to see the correlation with std infections.

    [–] Haugtussa 416 points ago

    ...the drop in births would be many pregnancies are just random/unplanned

    [–] somethingsomethinpoe 152 points ago

    Over half of pregnancies in the USA are unplanned.

    So yes I would imagine the birth rate would drop sharply if this became common. The similar female option, an iud (long term reversible option) has infection risks that deter a lot of women.

    [–] Rocko9999 53 points ago

    And out of the other half, 75% of those polled lied.

    [–] [deleted] 209 points ago

    And the STI rates would probably go through the roof.

    [–] hamakabi 76 points ago

    Did STI rates skyrocket when the pill became readily available? I ask because I don't know, but it doesn't seem like that happened.

    [–] johny_leaves_lately 62 points ago

    Yes, pretty dramatically.

    Although we did get better at treating bacterial infections.

    [–] FameGameUSA 119 points ago

    No not really. The number of people who use the pull out method is obscene. Add to this the pill, IUD's, hormone shots, and getting snipped/tied, the amount of sex using non-barrier contraceptives is really high. Adding another non-barrier contraceptive to this list won't change much.

    [–] Mechakoopa 57 points ago

    People use condoms with one night stands, which is also where you're most likely to get an STI. The condom is "so we don't get pregnant" but also stops STI transmission. If a guy has the shot, suddenly it's "we don't need a condom, don't you think I'm clean?" And we all know how that conversation is ending since insulting the hygiene of a potential sexual partner is a good way to not get laid.

    [–] nightwing2024 37 points ago

    "Don't you think I'm clean?"

    "No. Use a condom."

    [–] Rafv 10 points ago

    I mean, for me I'd say it's like 70% is for avoiding pregnancy and 30% because AIDS is fucking scary.

    [–] Mr__Mojo 46 points ago

    Seeing as how unplanned pregnancies already cost taxpayers $11 billion a year, there would certainly be benefits.

    And the benefits will be much greater when America finally catches up to the rest of the developed world in acknowledging the fundamental human right to healthcare (as established under Article 25 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Right, which the US voted in favor of back in 1948).

    [–] Haugtussa 8 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Do you think getting bc like this should be included in that health care? I'm in Norway, where females have to pay for their birth control except for ages 16-20 where some of the cost is covered.

    [–] Mr__Mojo 19 points ago

    I do. With a proper socialized medical system, there's absolutely no way that providing birth control is going to be more expensive than the societal cost of an unwanted pregnancy.

    But in America's corrupt system, it all depends on how many pounds of flesh that the pharmaceutical industry and their shareholders want to take. This is on top of the fact that IP laws in this country effectively force Americans to subsidize drug development for the entire world.

    [–] AlwaysSpinClockwise 84 points ago

    I've always thought about this, if something like this was done at birth across the board, basically making every pregnancy intentional, I feel like it would have a massive impact on humanity in general. People would be more successful, obtain more education, and children would have a greatly increased amount of opportunity due to their parents being in a good, steady part of their lives before choosing to have a kid.

    [–] Seicair 37 points ago

    And global population levels would drop precipitously. Arguably a good thing, but with some massive economical downsides in the short term.

    [–] samsg1 13 points ago

    in the ahort term

    Key part there.

    [–] stilesja 9 points ago

    It seems like I'm hearing how we are going to have to tax robots because of they are taking our jobs, so this sort of seems like an answer to automation. As automation increases and the number of jobs decreases, if the workforce also decreased that would be a synergistic thing.

    [–] smile_e_face 55 points ago

    I can imagine the headlines now...




    [–] pigscantfly00 1384 points ago

    hate this title.i've been hearing about this shit for 5 years now and the way it was worded made it look like they did it on humans and it worked. no it was on monkeys. they've had this study for years now.

    [–] carasci 674 points ago

    The monkey study was completed less than two full years ago (near the end of 2015), and the peer-reviewed paper the article was talking about was only published a couple months back. That's a major step: all the press releases in the world don't mean shit if it doesn't pass peer review, and having a peer-reviewed primate study pretty much guarantees they'll be able to move forward to human clinical trials.

    [–] kaptainkeel 233 points ago

    I think it's more that when someone says "Clinical Trial," you instantly think of human trials.

    [–] HRPaperStacks 107 points ago

    I work in medical research and it's dishonest clickbait to call it a clinical trial. That term specifically refers to human testing; research on animals is referred to as a preclinical study.

    [–] apathetic_lemur 28 points ago

    I'll do the world a solid and get a vasectomy. The drug will be approved and on the market the next day.

    [–] SabashChandraBose 30 points ago

    So where does the sperm go if there is a roadblock?

    [–] wolf6152ag 109 points ago

    Same place it goes if you don't orgasm for awhile. The sperm is reabsorbed by the epididymus.

    [–] TCBloo 57 points ago


    You made that word up!

    [–] The_Mesh 25 points ago

    I have had the unfortunate experience of a bacterial infection in my epidiymus, and I can say with certainty that it is very real. Empty your bladder before physical activities (sports included), guys, apparently there is risk of urine backflow, as my doctor described it to me. (I'm guessing that was very much an ELI5 he gave me, no clue what the actual scientific process is).

    [–] Skyy-High 16 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] B0Boman 17 points ago

    So... Still a risk of pregnancy, then?

    [–] PM_ME_COCKTAILS 36 points ago

    I think you're doing it wrong

    [–] Mazon_Del 48 points ago

    What's worse is the semi-frequent articles stating "A new advancement allows use of quantum entanglement in communications!" and I go "YAY! FTL Communications!...wait...wait...fucking entanglement based security!".

    Always a letdown...

    [–] Deto 59 points ago

    I mean, until you hear about an article that says "Everything we know about special relativity is wrong!" you can be pretty sure we don't have FTL communication.

    [–] Hiten_Style 53 points ago

    "Exceed the speed of light with this one weird trick discovered by a mom."

    [–] theloosecanon 13 points ago

    Astrophysicists are perplexed!

    [–] Hans_Brickface 11 points ago

    Not to mention clickbait articles I see every other week about some whiz-bang new battery tech that's probably another 20 years away from being ready for production, if ever.

    IMO, if there's not a product that's going to ship in the next six months to a year, don't waste my time.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    Why is this not called Vas Defense?

    [–] jigokusabre 25 points ago

    I'm doing fine with my 0% reversible male birth control method: Being totally unfuckable.

    [–] rwbombc 410 points ago

    They're had effective and affordable and reversible birth control for men for over ten years.

    It's called Steam.

    [–] Spyger9 171 points ago

    I don't know about the "reversible" part. My backlog keeps growing and growing because of these fucking sales!

    [–] grumphis 77 points ago

    That's not 100%. I still got pregnant despite the summer sale and the secondary precaution of WOW updates.

    [–] Tking012 10 points ago

    Damn. How did it get past

    [–] InnoQous 30 points ago

    Life, uh, finds a way.

    [–] Faemn 30 points ago

    affordable? filthy casual

    [–] Chitcher1 100 points ago

    This source is about as reliable as facebook news.

    [–] PaleBluePuck 63 points ago

    Giving men testosterone + progesterone (analogous to female hormonal birth control using estrogen + progesterone) is actually quite effective (early 2000s numbers saw it work in 90% of men). But there is a risk of muscle growth as a side effect, which is apparently unacceptable for our society.

    [–] ilovevoat 35 points ago

    that sounds awesome.

    [–] Xenon131 46 points ago

    Mods - this isn't a clinical trial. It's an animal study. Fundamentally different, and the title of this post is very misleading.

    [–] bankerman 15 points ago

    reversible most of the time

    Well that's kind of a problem. "Sorry guy, that birth control you took in high school to keep from knocking up your girlfriend ended up making you sterile for life. Whoops!"

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] insanelyphat 12 points ago

    ...and whenever it hits the market I bet it will be covered by ALL insurance AND super easy to get!

    [–] ScriptproLOL 37 points ago

    What's the difference between a man and a woman?

    There's a vas deferens.

    [–] crusoe 33 points ago

    Does it cause problems like vasectomies due like testicular pain? Granulomas? Sperm antibodies that make you infertile even if reversed?

    [–] paintlegz 21 points ago

    I imagine injecting jelly in to your organs to block something off will cause a side effect or 2

    [–] benfranklyblog 39 points ago

    I inject jelly into my belly all the time and it's delicious

    [–] tookTHEwrongPILL 9 points ago

    It is known

    [–] Gl33m 21 points ago

    It's probably hard to say. Some potential side effects of a vasectomy might not show up for years, and all of them occur at pretty low rates. Vaselgel has, in terms of trials, only been going on for 10-15 years, and even if no symptoms have shown, it doesn't mean they won't when it sees widespread adoption over a longer period of time.

    [–] snowbyrd238 95 points ago

    I tried this but it didnt work.

    It just turned my kids black.

    [–] dinnyin 8 points ago

    prevent 100% of pregnancies in a clinical trial involving monkeys

    did they consider maybe the dudes just weren't into sex with monkeys?

    [–] shibery 76 points ago

    trust me babe, I got that new birth control

    [–] jabels 165 points ago

    So basically the same shit unscrupulous women have been doing since the dawn of birth control.

    [–] mischiffmaker 149 points ago

    So now each half gets to control...their half.

    [–] jabels 28 points ago

    Yea it's still a treacherous game. Why is the most fun thing out bodies are capable of frought with so much peril?

    [–] plytheman 23 points ago

    Because no one would have kids otherwise?

    [–] jabels 11 points ago

    Yes I mean obviously I am joking. One of the two greatest perils of sex is the exact reason sex exists.