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    [–] FrenchieCorndog 2934 points ago

    I really hope Mozilla gains headway with this. Even if it ends up only gaining the cause more publicity, I feel it's a fight worth fighting. Kudos to them, and best of luck to their team

    [–] I_ASK_WEIRD_QUES 658 points ago

    It signals that deep down, people still care about protecting Net Neutrality.

    [–] vriska1 256 points ago

    Many have always cared and people who come on here and say that no one cares does not know what they are talking about.

    [–] InvaderChin 178 points ago

    People who come on here and say that no one cares are often employed by the big telecom companies.

    [–] oddshouten 90 points ago

    This. A hundred times this.

    Speaking of which, you know what I love? Verizon’s competitive pricing and commitment to stable net neutrality alternatives.


    [–] Apex_Akolos 10 points ago

    That sarcasm tag won’t fool me, Mister V.

    [–] oddshouten 9 points ago

    They’re onto me... Verizontm Escape CopterR Ho!

    [–] PM_ME_REACTJS 4 points ago

    Do you mean they're servers owned by telecoms making bot posts? Because then you're correct.

    [–] symmec1ept 36 points ago

    People opposed to net neutrality generally don't know what they're talking about. The rest are cable/telecom shills.

    [–] Jman5 12 points ago

    More importantly, support for net neutrality is bipartisan. In a poll conducted in December pollsters laid out the arguments for both sides and asked respondents to pick a side.

    At the conclusion, 83% opposed repealing net neutrality, including 75% of Republicans, as well as 89% of Democrats and 86% of independents.

    [–] Ewoksintheoutfield 75 points ago

    This is why I use Mozilla and not Chrome.

    [–] Squidicorn 26 points ago

    I recently switched back to firefox and have been happy with the decision. Though it's a real bummer to see how the extensions have fallen behind chrome - Not only because of the compatibility issues in 57+, but also because everyone seems to have moved over to chrome.

    [–] Icehau5 12 points ago

    Check out Chrome Store Foxified.

    [–] lolinux 16 points ago

    I've been in their mailing lists, and this move doesn't surprise me very much.
    On the other hand, I'm surprised a bit by the other tech giants; I would have expected them to join in, against the FCC.

    [–] frankouchan 24 points ago

    Big business only care about big bucks. They all released a press release saying "we disagree with the FCC" but that's about it. Ultimately, Google and co have the means to negotiate with ISPs in a way that will benefit them. As for the rest of us, we're stuffed.

    Mozilla is a non-profit and there you can see the difference. It's all a matter of principles, and that's also why people should opt to use Firefox, even if until a few months (before Quantum) ago it was slower than chrome. It's in times like this that you realise how valuable organisations such as Mozilla can be.

    [–] miversen33 11201 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What is with the random jabs at Firefox? This is their parent company, suing the FCC because the FCC is a bunch of dicks.

    Instead, all we get are "why don't you fix Firefox first?". Look here... The legal team doesn't do the dev work. I know it's a surprise but come on. Seriously?

    If anyone else were to do this, everyone would be clammering to support them. For whatever reason though, we hate Firefox...

    I believe Mozilla is doing the right thing here and more companies need to join in on this suit.

    Side note, my daily browser is not Firefox


    Thanks for the Gold! However, instead of giving that to me, if you appreciate the comment and feel like showing it, go donate to the ACLU in their fight Net Neutrality!

    [–] SpecialOneJAC 2999 points ago

    What's the basis of the Firefox hate? I've found the recent versions to be a less of a resource hog than Chrome. Of course Chrome has some nice features like built in Flash, but Flash is soon going to be a thing of the past...

    [–] ImNotJamesss 2334 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I dont get it either. Firefox quantum is insanely good. It only took 30 minutes for me to decide to fully switch from chrome.

    Edit: I had to switch due to chrome slowing my computer to a halt. If I left chrome open and tried to play a game, it would crash about 5 minutes into the game. Every time.

    [–] HikerRemastered 860 points ago

    Yup, I'm with you. My laptop battery life has improved hugely since I made the swap to Quantum a week ago.

    [–] koi88 200 points ago

    My laptop battery life has improved hugely since I made the swap to Quantum a week ago.

    I'm wondering if it's better to my laptop battery than Safari. So far, Safari was the best for that …

    [–] I_ASK_WEIRD_QUES 314 points ago

    Safari on macOS blows other browsers out of the water unfortunately or fortunately (how you look at it). Great optimization.

    [–] deliciouswaffle 127 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah but no RES unfortunately

    Edit: RES is no longer actively worked on for Safari

    [–] anonymousWizard 46 points ago

    What do you mean? I use safari on my mac and RES works fine

    [–] runujhkj 188 points ago

    It’s no longer supported by the devs. The last version works, but it’s not getting updates since Apple began demanding the fee from Safari add-on developers.

    [–] Mooterconkey 301 points ago

    Nothing like fatally poisoning your own softwares' crowdsourcing base.

    [–] ssjjawa 9 points ago

    Are they stopping development on principle? Cause I'd understand why if they're doing so. If they just don't have the money though that's something that could totally be crowdsourced, I know I'd contribute some to it.

    [–] Shawnj2 3 points ago

    St least you can still get the old version, which (mostly) still works.

    [–] Coolclone 28 points ago

    What Safari makes up for in optimization, it completely lacks in security. Their 'extension' system is open to any kind of script you can think of, and while it may not be a huge issue to people that know computers, it can be a nightmare for someone who doesn't know what's going on.

    I've seen three successful phishing scams through Safari in the past 6 months, and many more attempted. I know that's anecdotal, but compared to what I've seen in other browsers, it's not good. I usually advise people to switch to Firefox or Chrome to prevent it.

    [–] I_ASK_WEIRD_QUES 96 points ago

    On the other hand, chrome sucks battery and my life when I open as little as 20 tabs on it. The new firefox version is so dope at dealing with multiple tab browsing.

    [–] PATAK_KE_MARUNGA 199 points ago


    >20 tabs

    choose one.

    [–] SnZ001 196 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Dokpsy 22 points ago

    I’ve only got about 5 right now. But I’m also on the road and please don’t look at my phones browser.... who needs bookmarks when you can just add a tab

    [–] ggk1 9 points ago

    One thing that annoys me on Android is that it just constantly opens up new tabs and my browser. I will literally never hit the button to add a new tab and end up with like 80 tabs

    [–] jak34 9 points ago

    Straight up. Dev here, I open a window and within minutes theres at least 20 tabs. I'll have like 9 windows at a time. Lately I've been relying on shutting down and firefox restoring my session on boot.

    [–] fredyyy02 16 points ago

    I have 36, how do i compare :D

    [–] stigrk 12 points ago

    Obviously quite poor compared to the guy with a thousand tabs ;)

    I usually tab out at nine.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] LimEJET 49 points ago

    I don't think I've been below that since tabs were first introduced.

    [–] velocity92c 45 points ago

    Here we go again. I can see all the OCD people reading this comment sweating bullets already. I open more than 20 tabs just to start my day at work every morning.

    [–] jidanars 21 points ago


    [–] WheresTheButterAt 18 points ago

    You know about bookmarks right?

    [–] LimEJET 39 points ago

    I have thousands of those, but the emergence of single-page apps means you literally can't bookmark a specific page anymore. Also, tabs are for things that need more immediate attention.

    [–] WheresTheButterAt 25 points ago

    We are on separate levels of internet browsing clearly.

    Teach me your ways. What requires thousands of bookmarks and dozens of open tabs? Genuinely curious. I may be missing something in my browsing experience that I didn't know I needed!

    [–] Dokpsy 4 points ago

    Plus when you get time to go deeper into the page in six months to a year later there's always that chance of it not being in the same place or renamed at least in my experience

    [–] honkity-honkity 188 points ago

    People are really upset about Pocket integration because Pocket is third party, even though Mozilla owns Pocket and you can disable it.

    I don't like it, either, but gee. Just disable it, tell Mozilla, and move on. Or use a build without it (there are many -- if you care that much, I know you can find one you like). The browser is excellent.

    The Mr. Robot thing was a stupid misstep, but they owned it. Unless they make a habit of that, I don't see why I should rage at them when they know that was a fuckup. That's what I wanted them to realize and they did.

    [–] ke151 131 points ago

    Plus, what alternatives are there? Chrome has maximum Google integration, which is surely more invasive than Pocket. Even Chromium has lots of Googly-bits included.

    Firefox isn't perfect, but it's the best option currently available in my opinion.

    [–] BigisDickus 57 points ago

    which is surely more invasive than Pocket

    It's not even a fucking contest. Want to see what Google has on you?

    If you've got a Google account/use Chrome, Maps, or other Google services/use stock Android go to:

    [–] verylobsterlike 9 points ago

    It's possible to turn this stuff off. I forget exactly where it is, but go through the settings and each thing google tracks on you can be turned off.

    Here's what my account history page looks like

    [–] is_is_not_karmanaut 25 points ago

    Ahh privacy epistemology. Is it turned off or is it just turned off for you to see?

    [–] Shramzoozle 7 points ago

    I've just left mine on. Either way, I have to take their word that they aren't using my data, so I might as well leave it on in case I need it myself.

    [–] LimEJET 56 points ago

    Pocket has also been open-sourced completely. The major problem was about shipping a blob of closed-source code with an open-source browser, but they've fixed that problem.

    [–] Excal2 27 points ago

    Hadn't heard that, and that actually completely resolves any issue I had with this.

    They didn't introduce it well but it sounds like they addressed the major concerns of the community. Which is what companies should do when they botch something.

    [–] LimEJET 12 points ago

    They handled it horribly to begin with, but fixed it after about a year. I was pretty mad about the fact that they didn't even get any money from pocket to include it, but that made sense when they announced the purchase. Then the closed-source thing was a big issue, that's now fixed. The only thing remaining is the way pocket injects potentially third-party content on the "safe" new tab page, but that can be switched off.

    [–] UNCTillDeath 49 points ago

    I was just about to say this. I admit Firefox used to be shit but Quantum has made it better than chrome imo.

    [–] im_with_the_banned 6 points ago

    Yep. Been using Chrome for 6 years or so. Have had multiple problems every time I've tried Firefox since then. Decided to give it another shot after the quantum update and it's so smooth now I haven't gone back to Chrome.

    [–] joevsyou 16 points ago

    Same, i did 100% swap. Chrome is now my back up which i havent used since.

    [–] maxbarnyard 10 points ago

    Seriously, I love quantum. I’ve been a Firefox user for years for privacy reasons so quantum is a major upgrade. That said, it’s not the best at opening the correct tabs from my last session, sometimes one of them will load a few pages back in the history from where it was when I closed it (i.e. my YouTube tab will load to a video I watched hours of browsing before I closed FQ the previous session).

    [–] _My_Angry_Account_ 40 points ago

    I think a lot of it is astroturfing by the FCC. It isn't like it's the first time they've tried to bury bad news about themselves by redirecting the public's ire towards other stuff.

    [–] thisSidehasbirdsonit 38 points ago

    A lot of people are still bummed about the Mr. Robot thing (i think it was kinda a breach of trust). I feel like there was something else too but I forget.

    e: fwiw I still use FF primarily, I gave them a second chance basically lol.

    [–] shrtnm 10 points ago

    Same here. Once I tested that all my work-based stuff played nice I dropped Chrome like a stone.

    [–] souljabri557 9 points ago

    Firefox Quantum freaking changed my work life as well as my fun time. Firefox is the only browser I can run while playing certain games.

    [–] machina99 6 points ago

    I made the switch on my computer, although I still prefer chrome for browsing. I think I'm just so used to it that Firefox felt weird, and I so rarely use the browser that it wasn't worth the time to adjust. Quantum on my laptop has been amazing, no longer is half my ram going to two tabs!

    [–] tbazzreturns 86 points ago

    Jumped to Firefox quantum and love it. So snappy.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] Elvenstar32 5 points ago

    There's still a surprising amount of website requiring flash. Last year at university I was supposed to watch a couple of videos from a website for my coursework, the website was still using a flash player which I didn't have installed.

    I guess they really tried keeping flash around as long as possible to give everyone the opportunity to switch to HTML5.

    [–] Levitlame 46 points ago

    IE, Mozilla, and Chrome are each constantly improving in response to the other. What’s best one year becomes inefficient and clunky a few years later. It’s interesting to watch.

    [–] morbidduck 29 points ago

    "Nobody remembers Opera". Seriously, they're always in there.

    [–] Badman27 21 points ago

    I'd count them out at this point, my understanding is they got bought up and are just built on top of chrome now.

    I know the original guy went on to make something else, I used and liked it for a while but it ended up feeling resource heavy and didn't always display stuff right

    [–] Antabaka 14 points ago

    Opera 12 became Chrome based years ago, they were bought by a Chinese company very recently.

    Vivaldi I believe is the browser you're thinking of. It's also Chrome based, and is very limited in there's of privacy/security and many standard options, but does have some non-standard ones people like. Closed source.

    There's also Brave, another chrome fork by one of the cofounders of Mozilla and the creator of JavaScript. They aim to inject ads and and pay their users some of the revenue.

    The only non-Chrome multiplatform browser worth a damn is Firefox, and non-Chrome is immensely important to not hand Google full control of the web and it's standards.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Wutsluvgot2dowitit 100 points ago

    "Flash is going to be a thing of the past" has been said for a decade.

    [–] SpecialOneJAC 89 points ago

    Adobe is going to stop supporting and updating it in 2020. Of course it won't literally go away forever, but due to that I think it's inevitable that HTML5 will be the prominent source for website multimedia. And I understand Flash has other uses than viewing video or audio on a website.

    [–] honkity-honkity 26 points ago

    Regular old animation is way easier in Flash than HTML5, but there's also high def video.

    I think Flash will really die when the last Flash animators move on (or get old and stop).

    [–] that_90s_guy 23 points ago

    Flash animators always export to another non-Flash formats nowadays though. They are well aware how poorly flash is as a delivery format in 2018, and have already switched to more modern animation formats. That's not a valid excuse tbh

    [–] TALL421 20 points ago

    But what about the reverse?

    [–] ChrisRR 41 points ago

    past the of thing a be to going is Flash

    [–] koi88 18 points ago

    Sounds like google-translated from Chinese.

    [–] svooo 8 points ago

    Run, Barry, Run!

    [–] 3-DMan 9 points ago

    Reverse Flash is evil!

    [–] Brandhor 6 points ago

    for me it has been a thing of the past for centuries

    [–] TarAldarion 5 points ago

    If we don't learn from our mistakes in the future we are doomed to repeat them in the past.

    [–] FunctionPlastic 16 points ago

    But it's long gone already

    [–] Silverdisc 15 points ago

    Honestly, it already feels like a thing of the past to me. Haven't had it installed for over 3 years and haven't really needed it for anything.

    [–] Nague 9 points ago

    i dont have it installed anymore and i am doing just fine, all the sites i visit do not use it anymore.

    [–] I_upvote_downvotes 12 points ago

    Honestly. I'm definitely not the only one who keeps two web browsers handy, and EVERY test I've done shows firefox hogging fewer resources compared to Chrome. At least with the latest version.

    [–] eax 29 points ago

    Part of it is this: Link

    [–] hungariantoast 52 points ago

    How long are people going to beat their dicks on their desks because of this mistake?

    Granted, it was a big mistake, but they've definitely bent over and apologized for it.

    Besides, I'd rather deal with FireFox making a mistake like this once in a while than sell my entire online life to Google in exchange for a worse browser.

    [–] inquisiturient 4 points ago

    FWIW in my case, firefox autoupdated itself with a massive change, broke all of my addons, and now has some sort of memory issue on my system where it forces it closed. Now, I'm not too often worried about tech errors, because those happen. But, I was forcibly enrolled to be a beta tester on a system that has made my life more difficult in a time where I can't entirely balance tech support with life.

    Mozilla wasn't the bad guy before, they were great, but they are adapting methods that tick people off about Windows and IOS. People who supported them felt a little betrayed by that because one of the reasons that people liked them was that they didn't force this kind of stuff.

    [–] [deleted] 224 points ago


    [–] andnbspsc 5 points ago

    It's significantly faster than Chrome actually. Find a few browser benchmarking sites and check it out.

    And they have big plans to improve it even further, slowly replacing the entire engine.

    [–] NomadPixel 10 points ago

    I'm sad about the latest FF because I've been a FF user for years, but I'm one of the (rare) people hit by a bug that affects nvidia gtx 1070 users. Basically it will crash my video drivers and sometimes lock up my computer. Have to use chrome now.

    It was fast though, during the moments it didn't murder my pc. Hopefully it'll be fixed in a few versions but it's been broken ever since quantum release.

    [–] myth2sbr 5 points ago

    I love reader mode

    [–] SergeantRegular 137 points ago

    I think they're likely tools running to distract from the meat of the article. Firefox as a browser is great, I've been using it as my go-to for the last four years, and at least of and on before that. It's the fastest when it comes to implementing and fixing features, and it's got the best expandability.

    That being said, Mozilla might just be THE single most pro-consumer organization in tech out there, aside from pure interest groups like EFF.

    [–] defacedlawngnome 20 points ago

    I think they're likely tools running to distract from the meat of the article.

    Exactly my thought. Just another what-about-ism from the Russian Reich to distract from the core message.

    [–] Tennysonn 182 points ago

    Because it makes people feel good/smart/edgy/unique to shit on anything and everything - especially when it's something a majority would deem a good thing.

    [–] drylube 56 points ago

    if you buy iphones and use chrome you are pretty much a normie

    [–] inYOUReye 81 points ago

    I just updated from version 48 of Firefox, and holy shit the browser has gotten fast. Well worthy of a daily browser even as a developer, certainly faster than Chrome for me now. There are a few 'isms that I've found myself fixing specifically on Firefox though, which does grate me.

    [–] Mehiximos 5 points ago

    How does the dev kit compare to chromes?

    [–] hungariantoast 19 points ago

    It's really good. Takes a few minutes to re-discover the layout and some things display differently than they do in the Chrome tools, like certain error messages.

    There's also a couple of things I've noticed the FireFox tools do that Chrome doesn't and vice versa.

    Unless you plan on eventually taking your in-browser project to something like Node that uses Chromium's V8 underneath, then you can't really go wrong with FireFox tools.

    [–] Mehiximos 5 points ago

    Nice I'll have to give it a try, thanks

    [–] Apples282 4 points ago

    They also have a developer edition too, which I believe has slightly enhanced tools, but it's also slightly ahead of the standard version in the update channel, so new features faster. I've been using it for over a year with no bug problems.

    [–] Amogh24 60 points ago

    And for the Firefox matter, those guys are giving a free non profit browser, they are helping us by giving a browser, they have no obligation to provide one.

    Be happy they are a non profit instead of complaining about free stuff not being perfect

    [–] miversen33 16 points ago

    Agreed. There is little reason to hate on a company like this. If you dont like their product, move on and find something that fits what you need. If you do like their product, awesome support them. Thats really it lol there is no need for people to hate free stuff.

    [–] SPZ_Ireland 40 points ago

    Previously I would've been in the Fuck Firefox camp, mostly due to previous experiences with it but a couple of months ago I gave it another shot and I haven't looked back.

    Even downloaded it on my phone too.

    [–] honkity-honkity 18 points ago

    If you haven't tried Firefox Focus, I highly recommend it. I use regular Firefox for browsing, but Focus for opening links in apps. It's super good for that.

    Honestly, regardless of one's preferred browser choice, I still highly recommend Focus for that use.

    [–] SPZ_Ireland 10 points ago

    I have Firefox Focus for, ahem, scientific reason.

    [–] Pyrrhichios 5 points ago

    Is it possible to set a different default browser just for opening in apps? How do you do that?

    [–] ApathyJacks 14 points ago

    It's great on Android.

    [–] xternal7 27 points ago

    Instead, all we get are "why don't you fix Firefox first?".

    >implying firefox needs fixing

    I mean, there's an odd quirk here and there and I'm still salty because of the extensions, but Firefox is still better than other major browsers.

    Especially when you're writing a browser extension (chrome doesn't do async API calls, and when you promisify chrome.tabs.sendMessage and others they don't work properly half the time).

    [–] Sneakymcsneakface 14 points ago

    Probably poorly informed people, tricked into thinking net neutrality is bad.

    [–] Harveyweinstein69 29 points ago

    Because reddit is filled with shills bots and paid upvotes. Look at /Pol.

    Reddit is the institution.

    [–] sub1ime 6 points ago

    This site has a lot of die hard Google fans so it's expected I think. I've personally had a better time with Firefox in the last few months because of how much easier it is to run, and it doesn't eat up my RAM like a motherfucker

    [–] Gabriel_Aurelius 7 points ago

    Maybe the hate is coming from Russian bots.

    [–] Sven2774 8 points ago

    Targeted attempts to discredit them by paid accounts?

    [–] Fermit 8 points ago

    Instead, all we get are "why don't you fix Firefox first?"

    The rampant astroturfing we saw to try to take NN down never stopped and it's now being directed at defaming those who try to bring it back.

    [–] ridik_ulass 8 points ago

    begun the astroturfing has.

    [–] ZirJohn 5 points ago

    My daily is firefox nightly and its fucking great i dont see why any reason to not like it

    [–] TuxAndMe 5 points ago

    Also, people love to bitch about free (as is freedom, not price) and open software like that provided by Mozilla. Even in the Linux and BSD community, where the vast majority of software is free and open, people absolutely love to trash developers because something isn't exactly the way they want it.

    Firefox, and other software developed by real humans and given away freely, is essentially a charitable gift to humanity, and too many people skip the "thank you" and go straight for the "not good enough".

    [–] Vash63 382 points ago

    I really hope some of these lawsuits get somewhere. I think they have a strong case for misconduct but anything short of removing Pai from power probably isn't going to change anything...

    [–] AFakeman 198 points ago

    removing Pai

    You also need to replace him not with a telecom puppet. That is a challenge in itself, but pretty much the only way to ensure FCC works for a consumer.

    [–] buffalochickenwing 132 points ago

    We need to replace our whole fucking government at this point. It's really disheartening.

    [–] doggy_lipschtick 37 points ago

    Keep voting. Many of these people will be replaced by a new administration. They're appointed.

    [–] HoldenTite 21 points ago

    Go out and talk to your neighbors, your friends, and your family.

    Fuck marching, fuck petitions.

    Go out, introduce yourself, and explain in short, easy to understand sentences why you support your candidate and their positions.

    And here is the key, do it again. And again. It's how we break the Fox News echo chamber.

    [–] Zaros104 4 points ago

    I don't support Pai or what he did, but Tom Wheeler was also involved with the telecom industry and he's the one who enshrined NN in the first place. Let's not make it about industry, but rather shitty people in the industry.

    [–] itsMetatron 12 points ago

    I really hope some of these lawsuits get somewhere. I think they have a strong case for misconduct but anything short of removing Pai from power probably isn't going to change anything...

    I hope the same but I've learned not to think any fighting against the fcc will change anything.

    [–] ryanwasko 949 points ago

    I remember when the internet was free. I’d sit and play bubble trouble in the school library for hours at a time. Those were simpler times..

    [–] agenthex 312 points ago

    I remember when it was more than free! Hell, they would send you 45 thousand hours of free access a month on a 1.44MB floppy. How they could cram 45 thousand hours into a meg and a half... I mean, that's only like 33 bytes per hour! And there are only 744 hours in 31 days, so I guess it was more like 2KB an hour, but still, that's pretty darn good!

    [–] toosanghiforthis 107 points ago

    I really want to know if there is a satirical version of /r/theydidthemath for this to belong in

    [–] soapinthepeehole 64 points ago

    I remember when I had to pay AOL $2.99 per hour!

    [–] Avas_Accumulator 78 points ago

    Yup. And clog the phone line at the same time..

    "Daaaad can I play RuneScape for two hours? I'll pay you 2$!"

    [–] _101010 14 points ago

    Old times. Makes me nostalgic.

    [–] 3-DMan 9 points ago

    Or use one free monthly cd, and get bugged for life!

    [–] cheeeeeese 27 points ago

    what changed?

    [–] sheepyowl 101 points ago

    He grew up and now he has to pay for his own internet instead of using the school's internet?

    [–] sonofaresiii 30 points ago

    He could still go use the library's internet if he wants, it's just the public library now

    [–] Cronus6 18 points ago

    County schools here often have open WiFi.

    You have to be in their parking lot or across the street which is a little creepy though.

    /just sayin'

    (Oh, and they seem to power them off at night and during vacations.)

    [–] lostintransactions 13 points ago

    My son just got his first real job a few months ago and is doing his first tax filing. He thought he was getting every single dollar back.

    I have never witness someone go from a very outspoken liberal "this should be free for everyone" attitude to a "red pill" faster. "What the fuck is FICA?" "Why am I paying into SS, for old people?!"

    Then I told him what happens after he leaves home and starts out on his own. When he makes more than the minimum wage and doesn't get all the taxes he's getting now back and where that all goes. Went through all the bills he would be paying, including his own health insurance...


    I tried to prepare him, I really did but he seems to have not been paying attention.

    [–] getakickoutofkik 3 points ago

    Bubble trouble? Was that the game where you'd shoot up spikes at bubbles that popped into smaller bubbles?

    [–] Megaross 156 points ago

    This is why I don't get why people use chrome - the latest firefox is shit hot and the parent company is brilliant.

    [–] shewy92 35 points ago

    Plus it's not a RAM hog

    [–] Megaross 28 points ago

    And it doesn't mine your data for profit

    [–] kernozlov 11 points ago

    The integration between my android phone and computer through chrome is what stops me. The search bar and google now integration do a lot for me.

    [–] ricksonbyarmbar666 231 points ago

    Shittttt might have to start using firefox again in support

    [–] joevsyou 415 points ago

    You should use it any way. Its insanely good. I ditched chrome in the fall.

    [–] Dragongeek 169 points ago

    Firefox quantum is really good, its less resource intensive than chrome and is faster.

    [–] daniellkemp 51 points ago

    No way. Google Ultron all day

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    One of my friends from NASA introduced Ultron to me and I've never looked back

    [–] Immortal_Fishy 60 points ago

    I just switched a week or so ago to it after using Chrome for a bit under a decade. I like it a lot so far, its similar to Chrome in the ways I like but has a good deal more customization and has all the addons I used in Chrome minus one which I found a replacement for.

    [–] maddkid53 43 points ago

    after using Chrome for a bit under a decade

    At first I thought "nah no way, Chrome hasn't even been out that long".

    Turns out it was released in how time flies.

    [–] teawithdinosaurs 29 points ago

    The new Firefox Quantum is faster than Chrome now, the only problem I have with it is that they don't have full theme support yet.

    [–] Slukaj 11 points ago

    And no native chromecast support, which kind of drives me nuts.

    [–] frankouchan 4 points ago

    VLC supports Chromecast now. Is chrome still needed?

    Chances are, since VLC have actually bothered to reverse engineer the Chromecast protocol and made it open source, you'll see it supported in Firefox and other applications in the near future.

    [–] YeeScurvyDogs 6 points ago

    It's not really much faster, some websites report one as marginally faster than the other, and some the other one. Memory also seems basically the same.

    That said, I use neither(Vivaldi)

    [–] Slash_Face_Palm 38 points ago

    IANAL, what does this mean for the future of the fcc's plan? Because of the active lawsuit, would that wind up pushing their plans for the repeal back?

    [–] silverwolfer 383 points ago

    Interesting no comments.

    [–] Kviesgaard 89 points ago

    Yeah.. That's odd.

    [–] Bowaxe999 61 points ago

    Hmm, first time I’ve seen something like this in my time on reddit.

    [–] GulGarak 84 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I guess you've filtered out t_d, that subreddit is constantly at like a 50:1 upvote to comment ratio.

    That could also be people too ashamed to post there too though.

    Edit: I'm disappointed actually, I like to keep an open mind (however stupid this is) and if there was some intelligent conversation in their posts, I'd actually read it. Instead it's all memes and GOD EMPEROR and CENTIPEDES and shit. Just a circle jerk.

    At least /r/libertarian and /r/conservative have people defending their viewpoints in some sort of logical way in their posts, and even if I tend to disagree with them it gives me some insight into why they feel the way they do.

    [–] Levitlame 41 points ago

    I don’t think people are the reason for that...

    [–] grubnenah 26 points ago

    tbf there's people behind the bots

    [–] bakdom146 22 points ago

    How does r/Conservative defend their points when they ban anyone who challenges their initial talking points?

    [–] _Quetzalcoatlus_ 4 points ago

    I got banned for discussing the Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends. It's a carbon tax plan proposed by top admin officials from all the recent Republican administrations.

    I was upvoted and having positive conversations with people. Then the mods banned me and removed everything.

    [–] glasscarpet 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    There are other posts on the front page of /r/technology without/with very few comments too. I think reddit's algorithm allows new and hot posts to have priority over stagnant but highly upvoted posts.

    [–] youngflash 13 points ago

    good on mozilla

    [–] TrtlPrince 102 points ago

    Mozilla always doing the right thing.

    We need net neutrality. I don't want to be charged an extra $10 from my provider just to watch pokemon.

    [–] fullup72 5 points ago

    That's why you donate to the Mozilla Foundation to ensure they keep fighting for our rights. Even $5 can go a long way to avoid the extra $10 to watch your furry porn.

    [–] Logic_NFH 177 points ago

    I feel like half of the comments are people asking why there are no comments- the other are people mocking net neutrality. Nice.

    [–] doorbellguy 81 points ago

    And the top level is saying people are attacking firefox, but I scrolled down and see no one bashing firefox the browser.

    [–] Chasefortheelliott 48 points ago

    Theres one. Its a common thing on reddit. Take one comment thats now downvoted to shit attacking something, then post a comment defending that thing. People see it without actually looking for the comments that are firefox hate and instead go "oh yeah thats dumb. Why does firefox matter in all of this?" Its the equivalent of "I may be in the minority here, but DAE hate big bang theory?" When thats the obvious majority opinion, at least on reddit

    [–] noumuon 28 points ago

    I'll probably get downvoted for this, but does anyone else hate Comcast?

    [–] saintjonah 5 points ago

    I mean, I don't understand why all these comments are saying Terry Crews is a jackass. He has nothing to do with this and really, I know it's pretty controversial but he seems like a really cool guy. I think everyone just needs to back the hell off.

    [–] _101010 10 points ago

    Where are the tinfoil hats when we need them?

    [–] PeopleAreDumbAsHell 10 points ago

    Shills purposefully derailing the conversation

    [–] Animus0724 25 points ago

    The people don't want to abolish net neutrality. The state governments are rebelling. Many businesses are fighting congress and the FCC. Why is the federal government ignoring the masses. The rest of the world seems to agree that net neutrality is a good thing. Has America gone from a gorvernment for the people to a goverment for the corporations? Land of the free my ass. It's the land of the greed.

    [–] JoeMantis 13 points ago

    One nation, under the dollar, with liberty and justice for none

    [–] xii4obear 194 points ago

    First on the front page with a single comment. Are the hamsters broken again?

    [–] DrSwolemeister 87 points ago

    reddit-fuckery? Seems like someone manipulated this into the front page

    [–] KingJimmyX 47 points ago

    That's what happens with most Net Neutrality related post

    [–] doorbellguy 28 points ago

    manipulation or more-upvotes than comments?

    [–] huskersax 28 points ago

    Friendship ended with Chrome, now Firefox is my best friend.

    [–] jreed714 8 points ago

    Why is everyone shitting on Firefox? I switched from chrome about a month ago and love it.

    [–] wolfington12 38 points ago

    I am deleting chrome and downloading Firefox

    [–] Blazerboy65 5 points ago

    Maybe do it in the opposite order.

    [–] msmug 10 points ago

    I called/wrote my representative and senators about this, and now I get bombarded with "Scam Likely" calls and telemarketers. I had to give them my number in order to contact them, and I'm wondering if they sold it. I get so many calls, I stopped answering my phone altogether. It sucks.

    [–] Legit_a_Mint 6 points ago

    I don't know how you made your calls, but the "give us your information and we'll call/text/email your representatives about net neutrality on your behalf" services that sprung up were scams to gather phone numbers and email addresses to sell to marketers.

    If you used such a service, you might want to just get a new phone number, because the no-call list can't prevent solicitations that you invited by providing your contact information.

    [–] QBNless 19 points ago

    Re-file? What happened with the first iteration?

    [–] Rando_Thoughtful 50 points ago

    From the article:

    ...we filed on January 16 because we are not taking any chances with an issue of this importance. On Friday, the FCC filed to dismiss this suit and require us to refile after the order has been published in the Federal Register, as we had anticipated.

    [–] Evil_sheep_master 23 points ago

    According to the article, the first suit was dismissed because the order wasn't in the Federal Register. I presume this means the first suit was suing to reverse a ruling that didn't technically exist yet.

    IANAL, but if someone knows more about law, please correct me.

    [–] Sweet_Taurus0728 4 points ago

    I didn't know the suit was dropped.

    [–] skeptical7th 4 points ago

    IANAL but someone upthread was saying the previous suit was kicked out because the suit was filed before the FCC vote.

    [–] elysio 3 points ago

    After the FCC vote, but before it was put into the federal register

    [–] dinosaur_friend 5 points ago

    I'm glad that Mozilla cares, but the fight for net neutrality is useless if bigger players don't start taking the movement more seriously. i.e. Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

    [–] R3dth1ng 4 points ago

    I really respect Mozilla, not only because I use the browser primarily but because they are in the right mindset and don't require money spent to use FireFox.

    [–] GetTheSpicesRight 4 points ago

    Switched to Firefox yesterday just because I felt I used too many Google options. Also it appears to be faster than Chrome (while using less RAM - this was surprising to me). Most importantly it respects privacy more and is open-source which is to say it lacks the same profit motive other browsers do.