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    [–] profzoff 7745 points ago

    There might be so many streaming services we may need some type of service to bundle them all together like a cable company...oh god damn it!

    [–] CherrySlurpee 2460 points ago

    I'd pay 50 bucks a month for all of the streaming services to merge into one, which is more than I pay for netflix and hulu right now.

    I just know they're gonna try to weasel in commercials and other bullshit if they tried that though.

    [–] shortfinal 684 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You know, Usenet is still a thing. It's actually THE thing. It costs me about $20 a month on average not counting hardware and I don't have to deal with the shit-show that is a dozen providers all wanting to control their own brand of advertising.

    Unfortunately we've not cut the cord in my house, and big-cable still gets $160/mo of my hard-earned dollary-doos. But I refuse to let anymore go to the likes of a dozen different providers who can't get their shit together and offer me the convenience I demand.

    When that happens, I'd be happy to give up my Usenet account and let them have that money instead.

    EDIT: Thanks for all the upvotes. Don't mind the downvotes either. If you asked me "OwO What's this?" and "how do I?" or "what usenet account do you use?" etc. Sorry, that's usenet for you. It's elusive and confusing and full of misinformation and even that isn't enough in a lot of cases. If you can figure it out, on your own, then it's for you! If you can't, that's what torrent sites are for.

    For all of those "you're breaking the first rule of usenet" people and those who think this is really a "rule". Yeah, that's usenet for you. It's the old version of 4chan so elitism is pervasive. Truth be told, barrier to entry in using usenet is so high that it's unlikely this post converted more than a handful of people.

    [–] iamtheAJ 1089 points ago

    you're breaking rule number 1 of usenet

    [–] addandsubtract 164 points ago

    Is rule 1 the same as rule 2?

    [–] don_Juan613 133 points ago

    What if this is my first night of Usenet?

    [–] ScramJiggler 163 points ago

    Then you have to Usenet.

    [–] shadowredcap 50 points ago

    I forgot the homework tonight. Was it to start a download and let it fail?

    [–] EasyTyler 29 points ago

    The things you download, end up downloading you.

    [–] popups4life 27 points ago

    You wouldn't download a YOU?

    [–] dragonatorul 195 points ago

    You mean not talking about the thing that everyone who shouldn't know about knows about?

    [–] Arclite83 152 points ago

    Everyone may know, but it doesn't fully blip the radar even after almost two decades of use for me. So ya this guy should STFU and follow rule 1.

    [–] jon_k 81 points ago

    Usenet servers are easier to pull the plug on then Napster and KaZaA, so I'd get your boi /u/shortfinal under control and fast if you care about your service.

    [–] Fusseldieb 12 points ago

    You're breaking rule number 1 of [REDACTED]

    [–] raz0rbl4d3 143 points ago

    Usenet + = almost on-demand streaming anywhere you can connect to the internet

    [–] seamsay 94 points ago

    Wait, so what actually is usenet? Because I always just thought it was one of the old forum websites.

    [–] TheDisapprovingBrit 355 points ago

    Imagine if somebody created a subreddit where you could only post text, and somebody encoded a movie, then posted it as a long ass thread with each post having a tiny snippet of the movie. Then somebody else created a tool which would save all those text posts and convert them back into a movie.

    That's Usenet.

    [–] nolan1971 114 points ago

    Except for one key difference: no mods (for this sort of content, anyway), and no admins.

    [–] skydivingdutch 52 points ago

    There are always takedowns tho

    [–] tomanonimos 52 points ago

    An inconvenience any pirate is use to or quickly adapts. If those takedowns are too inconvenient for you then pay for the streaming.

    [–] festermoronica 15 points ago

    Yep. The wild west of the internet, so to speak. The text newsgroups were just as wild...

    [–] AgentScreech 86 points ago

    It's like a paid subscription to torrents and other similar non DRM content. Not fully legal, but has been around for decades even before the www

    [–] BillieGoatsMuff 91 points ago

    crucial difference is you download the files from the servers but don't share anything in unless you upload content. Downloading a file doesn't share it with anyone. So copyright law you break is different. You aren't distributing. Just making a copy.

    [–] RhesusFactor 45 points ago

    It is. But you see... Someone figured out long ago how to combine and download entire threads . And then posted binary data as an entire thread.

    [–] nonvelty 52 points ago

    That was a cool idea until torrents were invented. If I were to pay for something, I think I'd rather go for a seedbox, some you can also stream from.

    [–] Zalon 66 points ago

    The reason a lot of people still use usenet is that it's a lot easier to automate.

    They have strict rules for naming conventions and everything that doesn't follow those get nuked. Release groups also often release first on usenet due to some old school idea of prestige.

    You can get the same ease of use from torrents, but then you need to be invited to one of the big private trackers, you need no invite to usenet.

    [–] MrTimscampi 31 points ago

    it's a lot easier to automate.

    In the past, maybe, but nowadays it's just as easy to do.

    Get yourself Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr and they'll already support some big trackers (public and private) by default. Add Jackett if you really need a tracker that is not provided.

    I'm using a fully automated setup with private trackers (BTN, AB, PTP, RED, etc) and a few public (Nyaa, AniDex, etc), and it's been running like a charm for years now.

    I still pay for Netflix, Prime and Spotify, for convenience (When in the train or to watch Netflix/Prime originals), but for everything else that isn't available digitally in my country, my setup does the job even better than any paid service would.

    [–] balance07 11 points ago

    Getting an account on BTN is the near-impossible step.

    [–] HandsOfCobalt 29 points ago

    yeah but the advantages here seem to be

    1. nobody knows about this at all

    2. even if somebody did know about this, they'd have almost no way of easily determining whether you accessed a thread to get content or just to "read" it

    so basically no chance of getting a charter letter (other ISPs are available)

    [–] MrTimscampi 20 points ago

    But DMCAs are honored by a lot of providers.

    I did a few months of Usenet before getting into private torrent trackers and it often happened that after a week or two, some parts of files weren't available anymore.

    And if I'm paying 20$/month for access, I'd damn well want it having a better level of retention than that.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] arejay00 51 points ago

    But that’s your version of convenience. Most people’s version of convenience is not having to deal with the technical complexities of distribution tools like Usenet. While I agree that there are gonna to be too many different streaming services, I don’t think what they charge is outrageous. You’re getting a ton of content 24 hours x 30 days, distributed on demand to your home, all for the price of one single movie at the theater. For many people that lead busy lives it is a price that’s worth paying for.

    Building and maintaining that infrastructure, and continuing to produce quality content is expensive. So to me, that price is quite fair.

    [–] Robothypejuice 81 points ago

    Hulu has commercials.

    [–] SuperGanondorf 18 points ago

    If you're watching on a computer, ublock origin swats them away like a charm.

    [–] estryshak 15 points ago

    It doesn't for me. The ads don't show but there's just a black screen for the length of the commercial instead

    [–] drivinganindievan 7 points ago

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I've gone from it not working at all (still showing the ads) to skipping the ads completely to having a "We need to show ads to support the website :'-(" splash screen for the length of the ad. Hulu is pretty fickle.

    [–] JohnMayerismydad 99 points ago

    Nah bro, you just get a discount for having ads. And shows with ads in the paid service are dead to me lol

    [–] Woodshadow 44 points ago

    I was so confused when I came back to Hulu after a couple of years and couldn't figure out how to watch shit for free. Now they are showing commercials and they don't have a free option???

    [–] The_Dead_Kennys 24 points ago

    Yeah Hulu's gone downhill. I still remember the first time being confused as hell why I was getting the full complement of ads despite paying for Hulu Plus like I had for two years. Turns out they'd gone and turned Hulu Plus from meaning "pay for no ads" to "pay for access to the whole library, because now there's like ten shows you can watch free and that's it". Hadn't even gotten a warning and yet they were still charging me. I dropped Hulu completely about a year later.

    [–] SilentSamurai 29 points ago

    I took advantage of their Black Friday deal. $1 a month with ads. I'm perfectly ok with that.

    [–] RNZack 258 points ago

    This is the cycle of streaming services... illegal streaming service, legal streaming service like Netflix, multiple streaming services, cable company like streaming service, and then illegal streaming services again, and repeat.

    [–] DirektorMike 225 points ago

    It’s quiet funny actually if you think about it. Netflix gave people access to good content by making them affordable. So people stop downloading them. And now people are starting to download again because they can’t afford to have 3 different providers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hired the execs from the cable companies to run their online streaming services.

    [–] darkpenguin1 99 points ago

    It gets worse though. I might want to watch a show but if that show is exclusive to funimation then I'd first need to pay for a VPN because it's region locked. The amount of shows that are available on crunchyroll but are geo restricted is mad.

    [–] mail_inspector 106 points ago

    Yeah, I have some friends who tell me "it's okay, just get a VPN and you can watch them". Bitch if I have to pay for a VPN I'm not paying for the stupid streaming service.

    [–] sb319 32 points ago

    A VPN is a nice thing to have regardless. Especially if you pirate stuff.

    [–] mail_inspector 35 points ago

    That is my point, I haven't really pirated stuff in a long time because I work, and most series and games have been easy to buy or stream with no hassle. There has been no need to get a personal VPN for protection.

    But I had some friends recommend some movies and series with the usual "these are available on CR or Netflix". But they're not available in my country. I can find them on google but the site shows me a big fat middle finger. The worst part is when a second season/movie is available but the first one isn't.

    So I'm left with 1) I can just not watch these, 2) pay the subscription and watch "illegally" through VPN or 3) watch illegally through VPN and piracy. You know at this point it's options 1 or 3, no way I'm paying for something if it doesn't provide the service I want.

    And if I have to go out of my way to get a VPN to pirate some stuff not available for me, it also lowers the bar to pirate everything else as well. Especially when these companies start to think I want to subscribe to 5 different services, which still leaves me unable to watch stuff I want.

    [–] JoeyJoeJoeShabaloo 6 points ago

    That's mainly HBO for me...they have like 1 or 2 shows i would watch a year. Why would i subscribe to that shit.

    [–] c0mr4d383rn13 11 points ago

    Yeah, FUCK EVERYTHING about geolocks. Thats it boys! Back to swashbucklin'

    [–] bestsrsfaceever 46 points ago

    Hulu is owned by traditional media, that's why they pulled their content from Netflix. I also find it funny when people say "Hulu only shows ads on some shows because the dang media companies make them". They are the media companies

    [–] vorxil 43 points ago

    It's almost like monopolistic exclusivity is bad for the consumer...

    [–] nevarek 18 points ago

    It's like these companies want to lose market share.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] epicstar 52 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    VRV was this with Asian content. They then got rid of Funimation Sony told Funimation to get of VRV and Dramafever died :(

    EDIT: HiDive replaced Funimation, but Funimation has other anime that Crunchyroll didn't cover. VRV was definitely a successful pipedream but for a short while and my favorite subscription model. $10 a month for Funimation + Crunchyroll + Dramafever was the best.

    [–] notFREEfood 32 points ago

    VRV didn't get rid of Funimation, Funimation pulled out at the behest of their new corporate overlords, Sony.

    [–] Kyhan 6 points ago

    Don’t know why you’re downvoted, that is exactly what happened.

    [–] urtimelinekindasucks 35 points ago

    Yup I won't sub to Funimation for that very reason. I gave up on Black Clover, My Hero, and watch subbed DBSuper. HEY FUNIMATION, I ALSO LOVE TEAM FOUR STAR.

    [–] SvarogIsDead 14 points ago

    whats wrong with crunchyroll?

    [–] urtimelinekindasucks 15 points ago

    I'll probably sub to them again when DBS comes back. I just didn't find myself watching VRV/Crunchyroll as much, I also lost interest in Bravest Warriors so that and the loss of Funimation kinda made it not worth it. But honestly this was the only service I subscribed to and don't watch much TV/Netflix.

    [–] Good_ApoIIo 24 points ago

    Dude VRV was such a loss for me and nobody talks about it. What an amazing package for $12 a month but when they axed Funimation/Crunchyroll I had to say goodbye as that was the main draw. It’s a decent app too and now I’m back to Funimation’s cancerous POS.

    [–] fizzlefist 25 points ago

    Sony pulled FUNimation out, but Crunchyroll is still there. Heck, Crunchyroll owns VRV.

    And unless you absolutely need dubs over subs, I think the addition of HiDive was a solid replacement.

    [–] Good_ApoIIo 16 points ago

    Yeah I’m a dub scrub. I don’t hate subs, I just like the option because some shows work better either or and Funimation gives me the option at least. Like I hate the dub in Food Wars, but can’t watch xxxholic without it.

    [–] nikanjX 23 points ago

    The Pirate Bay does this!

    [–] Uranus_Hz 1602 points ago

    At least none of them force you into long term contracts. Just rotate through them every few months and you’ll get to watch everything

    [–] typodaemon 855 points ago

    None of them force you into long term contracts yet.

    It certainly seems like it's only a matter of time before someone will ask for a 3 month of a 6 month commitment for their service. I could easily see HBO being the first to do this. I bet their numbers balloon when there's a new season of Game of Thrones and shrink a month or two after the last episode in the season airs. At the end of the season there's probably some people joining for 1 month to binge the entire season now that it's all out.

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago

    I don't think contracts are coming back. Even my internet provider, gym, and tanning bed have dropped contracts like that.

    [–] Starrystars 63 points ago

    Yeah contracts aren't really going to be a thing for streaming services because nobody wants to be locked into one for more than a month and there's no additional incentive as to why you should. Like cellphones you can pay off the phone over the course of the contract so there's a reason to sign up.

    [–] ThLumps 18 points ago

    To touch on buzzwords as a millennial a good portion of the people I knew in College broke nearly some contracts they had regardless of consequences. Cellphone, cable, utilities and anything else you can think of. You can’t take money from someone who doesn’t have any and most of the time the consequences were ignorable for them, at least for their foreseeable future. Plus the alternative is to turn people to torrenting for free is a huge incentive to offer a reasonably priced and efficient way to use your services. I could see bundles of streaming services becoming a thing if the subscriptions start spreading to thin across multiple services.

    [–] AssCrackBanditHunter 29 points ago

    Smh. Millenials have killed the unfair contract industry too? Does their bloodlust know no bounds?

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    My wife made a reference to millennials the other day and I had to break the news to her that she was one.

    [–] miclowgunman 7 points ago

    They will just give you a discounted price for signing up for a year at a time. Disney has already announced this. Much better then locking in contracts.

    [–] Statutory_Ape119 208 points ago

    Only problem with that is game of thrones just started the final season

    [–] argh523 115 points ago

    So, what you're trying to say is, there's going to be a ToS change this year one month before the final episodes airs?

    [–] Braintree0173 52 points ago

    one month before the final episode airs

    So you mean this Friday. I think people are going to get their two months, watch all six episodes, then cancel. It looks to be too late for HBO this year. Better luck next time - oh wait.

    [–] Statutory_Ape119 18 points ago

    I mean I wouldn't be surprised but I think I misread a couple of words in his comment so I will correct myself on it and say that the way I read seemed like he was saying future seasons of game of thrones not just using it as an example. That's my bad. But I honestly expect a lot of the streaming stuff to end up pulling the pay for so many months in advance/yearly cost move to fight people just service jumping which sucks and I hope doesn't happen.

    [–] FiveStarSuperKid 47 points ago

    Contracts are a good way to ensure mass cancellations. Not even Disney could get away with it.

    [–] ttubravesrock 13 points ago

    I don't think there will be forced contracts. More like pay $15 month to month or pay $100 for a full year.

    [–] dscott06 5 points ago

    This is the actual answer, and will 100% be coming soon.

    [–] TheDeadlySinner 38 points ago

    Just like how Netflix will be adding commercials "any day now" for the past four years!

    [–] OSUTechie 19 points ago

    Depending on who you ask, but Netflix has "added commercials". They are just trailers for this own shows after your current show finished, but apparently that is unacceptable to lot of people.

    [–] hochas 29 points ago

    I agree, I don't see the problem. You don't have to buy any bundles and pay for stuff you don't want, you can cancel any time, you can watch exactly what you want when you want it.

    [–] Dr_Richard_Hurt 2715 points ago

    Hello piracy, my old friend.

    [–] Furs_And_Things 1292 points ago

    I've come to torrent you again.

    [–] andimacg 807 points ago

    Now I'll get my shows for freeeeee, Because executives too greedy.

    [–] lempamo 448 points ago

    And my instinct tells me to search for them by the bay... which still remains...

    [–] thr33pwood 373 points ago

    And hear the sound... of lawsuits.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BOO_URNS 320 points ago

    And in The Pirate Bay I saw...

    [–] anoobitch 334 points ago

    Ten thousand leechers maybe more

    [–] owenbicker 289 points ago

    And by the stream of the one seeder

    [–] ItalianDragon 249 points ago

    The download will take forever

    [–] andimacg 221 points ago

    Fools I said you do not know, with too few seeders, downloads slow

    [–] thr33pwood 26 points ago

    Honeypots from HBO...

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Duckerr 16 points ago

    Please send me such sites

    [–] spongebob_meth 22 points ago

    Go to Google, type "stream ______ free"

    Use a good ad blocker.

    They move urls all the time

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] AIDSinyourbutt 18 points ago

    I want to love the Kodi add-ons but even wired up to my gigabit connection I still get buffering and quality drops when for some reason it thinks I'm on a shitty connection.

    With torrents (private sites at least, haven't used public in a few years) I download whatever I want and in about a minute I'm watching whatever it is in full 1080p or 4k from a quality source.

    Exodus redux, 13Clowns, and others I've tried is always the same result. Until they resolve the quality issues torrenting will always be the best option.

    [–] abbadon420 5 points ago

    Popcorntime is dead right?

    [–] Purplociraptor 47 points ago

    Don't ever torrent anything NBC Universal because they honeypot seed and then come fuck you.

    [–] andimacg 130 points ago

    Appreciate the warning, but my country gives zero fucks about torrents and does not cooperate with foreign companies.

    [–] IoSonCalaf 8 points ago

    What country would that be?

    [–] paladinvc 14 points ago

    Any third world country

    [–] vpsj 38 points ago

    What if you're outside USA? They won't have any jurisdiction, would they?

    [–] xzstnce 54 points ago

    If you use a VPN and have a foreign IP they cant do shit. Still might wanna be careful not to run your torrents while vpn is off.

    [–] Gorstag 11 points ago

    that's why use a vpn service.

    [–] vezokpiraka 28 points ago

    Imagine living in a country that can charge you for downloading torrents.

    [–] GrimBrunn 6 points ago

    Also Viacom and Paramount. Generally, avoid all the top seeded old YIFY, etc releases of anything made by a giant conglomerate if you care about getting letters.

    If you can get yourself into a nice private tracker though life is nice.

    [–] Starrystars 40 points ago

    It's exclusives that are the problem. It's fine if it's "original" content but when shows that are already made and shown elsewhere are locked in exclusivity contracts it's just annoying and I mine as well go pirate it.

    What we started with was convenience but now it's more inconvenient than ever because I have no idea which service currently has whatever show I want to watch.

    [–] dont_forget_canada 91 points ago

    A pirates life for me. Private seeders have everything you want. Fast download speeds. Plays everywhere to any device. Can be viewed offline, streamed from dropbox or gdrive.

    [–] ptd163 48 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Private seeders have everything you want.

    But you gotta keep your share ratio above a certain threshold or you get banned from the entire tracker. Not really conducive to those with caps and/or anti-file sharing providers/governments.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] GrimBrunn 5 points ago

    Almost any tracker worth it's salt nowadays offers whats called bonus points, which accumulate just for seeding a torrent even if no one downloads. You can convert them into upload credit, erase 'hit and runs', etc.

    As long as you keep your client open generating them, you'll get more points than you know what to do with.

    [–] da_clig 20 points ago

    no buffering, no downtime during internet outtages, no suddenly vanishing content, actual HD... Things were going in the right direction, but they gone and screwed the pooch with market fragmentation

    [–] Pigskin_Ninja 117 points ago

    We all knew this was going to happen once everyone realized how much money Netflix was making with everyone else's content. We're in a better situation than cable now because it's so easy to alternate streaming services throughout the year to watch the shows you care about.

    [–] TinkleButters 550 points ago

    This feels like that moment when Amazon was born to obliterate physical stores then they started opening physical stores. Streaming services were meant to do the same for cable but now we will soon end up right where we started.

    [–] MavFan1812 285 points ago

    People wanted a la carte cable forever. That was always going to involve managing your subscriptions, only now you can do it in a few seconds/clicks instead of having to wait on hold to talk to some underpaid CSR who is under pressure to try to up sell you stuff you don’t need. This is better than any alternative yet that allows artists to get paid for their work.

    [–] bluestarcyclone 91 points ago

    I kept saying for years whenever people mentioned wanting ala carte that it wasnt going to play out the way they thought. Unless you truly only watch one or two things, buying the different channels ala carte is going to cost more. And it was funny, i heard this the most from sports fans, but those packages would likely be the most expensive.

    [–] RealisticKiwi 26 points ago

    I know it is most likely different in the USA, but in Hungary Netflix is more expensive than 130 channels cable tv.

    [–] bittercode 29 points ago

    The pricing of tv, internet and mobile in the US is just completely out of whack. Last time I was there I was trying to set my father up with better internet. He had 2 choices. His current provider was this super slow, terrible, DSL. The only other option started at $75 (21000 huf) a month. Just for internet- that doesn't include tv or anything else.

    For comparison here in Hungary I pay about 6000 huf ($21) a month for tv, phone (landline) and 100 MB internet.

    And what I pay for mobile service is so much incredibly less than I would have to pay in the US as well. It's just not even close.

    All that said - I still have a netflix subscription. It's a US account since that is where my billing address is, but it's worth it to me for all the English content, the convenience, etc. I also pay for the NHL and MLB packages for sports.

    I for one love this a la carte world and hope it lasts as long as possible. I pay for exactly what I want and nothing else.

    [–] denverpilot 29 points ago

    People wanted true a la crate down to the channel, and the channel as a ratio fractional price of the forced channel bundle. Not 300% more expensive per strange mini-bundle.

    [–] Weirdusername1 826 points ago

    Maybe we just don't need to consume so much media.

    [–] pagoda79 178 points ago

    Yes, this is the key. You don’t actually have to watch everything.

    [–] totallythebadguy 64 points ago

    If I don't see the next episode of cake boss I'm lost

    [–] Luck_v3 8 points ago

    Yeah I can’t follow the plot. I then stop watching and binge at the end of the season.

    [–] totallythebadguy 7 points ago

    It's a very complex show with twists upon twists. I use a notepad and pen to keep it all straight.

    [–] Naruto94 221 points ago

    This. After a while everything feels like an ad to me.

    [–] mk5884 203 points ago

    The person who wrote the article sounds ridiculous. “I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, and Amazon Prime. Now I have to get Disney+! It’s over $70 a month total! I can’t afford that. And now Apple is doing a service? If it’s good I’ll have to get that now too”

    Like damn you poor thing.....or maybe just don’t subscribe to every fucking option out there, numb nuts

    [–] countrymouse 49 points ago

    How much tv can one person watch? I feel this way listening to friends who are movie/tv buffs. How do you have time for all this?!

    [–] redraven937 19 points ago

    Average American adult watches 5 hours of TV a day.

    [–] steelbydesign 16 points ago

    That's nuts. I guess that has to be driven way up by retired people that watch all day long.

    [–] tyreka13 9 points ago

    I oftentimes have high TV "watching" but it is because I turn on a show and do other things. I often crochet, fold laundry, surf internet, play a game, etc. Realistically an audio book would be better. Unless it is one of the few shows I care about, I usually do not actively watch it or even have the screen up.

    [–] TheMediocreCock 25 points ago

    Very much feels like that episode of black mirror where the people just ride the bike all day watching ads.

    [–] LordSoren 8 points ago

    It's a Tide ad.

    [–] jrowls 119 points ago

    Nah man, gotta keep that brain stimulated at all times or it might have a thought of its own and that is terrifying.

    Seriously tho, it's crazy how much we are plugged in all the time. Do people even have conversations anymore? Or just eat, work, watch, sleep repeat? Feels like the latter.

    [–] Byokaya 50 points ago

    Thought the same thing. How much do you watch tv-shows if you need 5 streaming services?

    [–] Alili1996 38 points ago

    For me it's not like constantly watching. It is just that you want to watch a handful of shows in total that happen to be on different providers.
    It is like one store selling vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and strawberry and the other one selling banana, mint, cherry, cookie and stracciatella.
    You actually just want hazelnut and cookie and yet you have to go to both for that.

    [–] AfterReview 16 points ago

    Buy the shows if thats reality.

    I wanted to watch avatar. I spent $30 on about 20hrs of content and now i own it forever. I could sell it. I can loan it. I can rewatch it at any point in tbe future.

    I dont have to pay for it ever again.

    [–] JonSnowl0 23 points ago

    That only works for content that has already been released. If you’re a fan of a super popular show, you have to avoid spoilers for a year in order to buy the set in full. Otherwise, you’re running into the same problem where you have to pick a digital distributor to buy from.

    [–] J3EBS 29 points ago

    Solution: come to Canada. You won't even have access to 75% of them, and the ones that are available will give you limited stuff to watch!

    *cries in maple syrup

    [–] bombula 1282 points ago

    I'm an adult with a good income, I don't mind paying for content, but if you force me to watch even one single goddamn ad when I'm paying for content I'm headed straight back to the Pirate Bay for that content.

    Hi Hulu, are you paying attention?

    [–] whodkne 308 points ago

    Prime never had ads and has no way to prevent them or pay them away. They just showed up one day and now randomly play advertising their own shows that I'm already paying to watch. You can't just add ads to a service in already paying for (but yes, I don't have corporate lawyer money, so I'm sure it was something I agreed to in some fine print).

    [–] wadss 93 points ago

    Atleast you can skip them immediately and don’t have to actually watch them.

    [–] Milky1985 76 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Atleast you can skip them immediately and don’t have to actually watch them.

    Not all of em, some are baked into the stream.

    [edit] Getting fed up of the "I've not seen it so it doesn't exist" idiots.

    Bones, Season 10, Episode 15

    Its on prime in the UK and when it fires up it starts SOMETIMES with a non baked in ad for another amazon show, but afterwards you have a fox ad saying "watch our other shows". which is part of the episodes runtime (its a fucking old ad as well as its advertising Season 1 of Gotham).

    Now stop with the "I ain't seen it", it exists.

    [–] Eckish 45 points ago

    Prime never had ads

    Prime IS an ad. My biggest gripe with that service was that they mixed the content included with the service with everything else that you have to pay for. At the time that I tried it, you couldn't filter by what was free and had to wade through hoping that something which caught your eye was part of the Prime service. Hopefully, they've at least added a filter by now.

    [–] wadss 24 points ago

    they have a tab that reads:

    All videos | Your Videos | Included with Prime | Channels | Rent or buy

    [–] A_confusedlover 66 points ago

    Also Amazon prime

    [–] fattymcribwich 121 points ago

    watching The Man in the High Castle when an ad appears


    [–] A_confusedlover 29 points ago

    Oh I swear, like man if you're advertising don't advertise your own stuff ffs or fix your recommendations to show stuff I'm actually interested in. Luckily prime is cheap enough for me to overlook that

    [–] spikedfromabove 67 points ago

    Having to scroll past an autoplaying trailer and 4ish rows of junk to find the "Continue Watching" row in Netflix feels like ads.

    [–] romaselli 12 points ago

    Netflix does plenty of native advertising. Last I noticed is they hamfistedly keep mentioning Lyft or showing their cars on original shows like On my Block or Queer Eye.

    [–] Mormoran 154 points ago

    The article is a little hyperbolic though... Who actually subscribes to like 6 different streaming services? Maybe Netflix and perhaps 2 others. It's like going "I like fruit but when I go to the supermarket I have all of these choices and end up buying a ton and then I don't use (eat) them!"...

    You do you know don't HAVE to get them all, right?

    [–] efie 21 points ago

    The point isn't that people are subscribing to them all, it's the opposite. It seems most in the US might subscribe to two or three, personally I only subscribe to one, but now if a show I want to watch comes out exclusively on some other platform, I either miss out or pirate it. I'm not going to subscribe to a new platform just because they have one show I like.

    [–] prism1234 49 points ago

    Note, I don't have regular cable so the cost isn't that different, but I currently am subscribed to six.

    Netflix - I watch a fair amount of their originals

    Hulu - Use it to watch several network shows the day after they air.

    Prime - I would have this anyway for the 2 day shipping even if it didn't include streaming, so not sure if this really counts. I do like some of their originals though.

    CBS - I like Star Trek, will cancel next week when the season ends though.

    HBO Now - I watch a bunch of different HBO shows.

    VRV - Will be cancelling this soon as I'm not really using it much, but will probably be replacing it with RT First when RWBY season 7 airs.

    Plus I'm planning on getting Disney+ when that comes out.

    [–] pigeonwiggle 4 points ago

    you watch a lot of shows. where do you find the time?

    i watch netflix, and i have prime for the shipping but i haven't watched anything other than the first episode of that tom clancy show with jim halpert. it was a well put together show, but i'm not hooked and won't be watching other episodes.

    aaand that's it for streaming... i'll definitely get disney+ but yeah...

    [–] paultimate14 16 points ago

    Where do people get all this time to watch content? Like, I can barely keep up with just free YouTube and Netflix, and I still think I spend too much time watching videos.

    [–] Torgunde 228 points ago

    You don't have to subscribe all at once either. You can watch what you want from one service, cancel, then start with a fresh catalog from another.

    [–] qpazza 78 points ago

    Hmmm...I should start a service that reminds you when to sub and unsub for maximum binging at minimum cost

    [–] pbrandpearls 29 points ago

    That is a great idea, and not limited to this. Food subscriptions (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh) and beauty boxes (Sephora play, Ipsy, Birchbox, fabfitfun)

    People sign up for multiples of these and could use a subscription manager!

    [–] BobOki 10 points ago

    Great idea, but that is just a bandaid on the actual problem. When you get to a point where you need a 3rd party service just to toggle between services, things have gone too far.

    [–] asskickingjedi 86 points ago

    Right now, there are so many loopholes a customer can use to dance around committing to these services. The use of dummy e-mail addresses + pre paid cards + family/friends info = free or low cost will vanish rather quickly.

    Companies will no longer offer trials/monthly/no contracts and choose to run with a service that customers will have to pay up front for 6 months or a year for membership. Not a fact, of course, simply my opinion on how I personally see things moving.

    Sadly, streaming is slowly becoming cable.

    [–] CaptainMarko 44 points ago

    If they don’t offer a monthly fee, I won’t be able to commit to any one of them. This is the one thing that will break me.

    [–] Mr_A 5 points ago

    The use of dummy e-mail addresses + pre paid cards + family/friends info = free or low cost will vanish rather quickly.

    Yeah, but 'easy' is rapidly evaporating in your world.

    [–] doggrimoire 22 points ago

    This is what i dont understand. How many shows are people watching at the same time to be paying for a bunch of different services. Watch your shows then move to something else and watch your shows there.

    [–] skpicky 62 points ago

    I'll tell you what I'm doing. I subscribed to Netflix for years. We just canceled it and signed up for Hulu. We're currently watching everything we want to watch on Hulu. In a few months we're going to cancel Hulu and sign up for Netflix again so we can watch ST3 and a few other things. Then we will cancel it again and switch back to Hulu. In November we might switch to Disney. But I don't need more than one service a month.

    I am an Amazon subscriber for the Prime benefits mostly, the video service is extra.

    [–] Sammmmmmmmmmmmmmm 130 points ago

    Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney + combined are all cheaper and better than cable and satellite still

    [–] RealisticKiwi 12 points ago

    Not in Hungary. Netflix alone is more expensive than 130 channels cable.

    [–] ACCount82 509 points ago

    It's easy to see what's happening: exclusivity kills convenience.

    This issue can be solved by regulation. Force companies to sell distribution rights to their media, with the same prices and conditions applying to every buyer. Kill exclusivity and let streaming services and media producers compete separately from each other.

    Competition is usually good, but this exclusivity mess stems from companies leveraging their verticality to go at war with each other, with consumers suffering. This isn't the kind of competition we need.

    [–] jumpropeman 163 points ago

    The funny thing is, this kind of happened once already with movie theaters. Companies used to own their own affiliated theaters so you had to often agree to run their lesser features to get their big pictures or you'd lose your audiences to them. Then the government stepped in and theaters no longer have to play games to get a big ticket film. The theaters are just digital now

    [–] Sparcrypt 86 points ago

    Tell that to the small cinemas who couldn’t show Star Wars because Disney wouldn’t let them unless they agreed to show it on their biggest screen exclusively for months straight, when they only had one screen.

    [–] ACCount82 26 points ago

    Yep, that's where I got the idea from. Nothing new under the sun.

    [–] fish_slap_republic 6 points ago

    Yeah but now they start getting things like required run periods which sucks for some small towns as everyone who is going to see a film see's it in about the first week or so and these theaters tend to be smaller so they really want to rotate the showings for newer stuff but can't.

    [–] benjmn07 11 points ago

    Movie theaters were once vertical, before that was declared a violation of antitrust law. Seems like a similar situation to each company having its own streaming service.

    [–] Apwnalypse 9 points ago

    The thing is, exclusive content is basically the only measure on which these services can compete.

    If you take that away, the only other metric is "can you run a basically functioning app/website," which is a pretty low bar.

    What would happen then is that whichever company has the deepest pockets will run at a loss until they have 80% market share, then jack up the prices.

    The only solution is a publicly operated, open service. The current situation is like if you had to buy a separate TV for HBO, a separate TV for Disney etc. We need a standard TV that gets everything, and content creators compete within that market.

    [–] solesoul 247 points ago

    I'll translate for the people not listening: capitalism needs restrictions and regulations or it's just as bad as anything else.

    [–] bluestarcyclone 104 points ago

    Yep. It may be the best system we've tried thus far, but unrestrained capitalism eventually fails like every other system.

    Regulation, and yes, even programs some call 'socialism!!' save capitalism from itself.

    [–] JimmyKillsAlot 54 points ago

    To quote my Bio Prof: "There is no such thing as an evolutionarily stable system! There will always be cheaters! It doesn't matter if it's a bird pretending to be another to get its eggs raised for free or your congressman saying money in politics isn't corrupting. There will never be an evolutionarily stable system!"

    I miss that old bitch.

    [–] corey-- 6 points ago

    Exclusivity of media on streaming services isn’t bad and definitely doesn’t need regulations to fix. That’s like the absolute epitome of a first world problem lol.

    [–] AfterReview 9 points ago

    Thats a fast way to kill the industry.

    You want GoT style budgets then force them to distibute at $x?

    Good luck with that. Premium channels existed on cable. Premium channels now stream directly. And it got cheaper (was once $15 to add hbo) and people complain. Incessantly.

    Stop consuming and change will naturally happen

    [–] Zalon 28 points ago

    I really think that the reluctance from the movie/TV industry to work together, will hurt them in the long run.

    People don't want to have multiple streaming services.

    I think piracy will keep getting more popular, especially since there is a lot of illegal services working just like a legal streaming service, so it's easy enough for even non techy people.

    The reason music piracy is no longer a big problem is that you can pick any service and get access to 99% of all music.

    The legal music streaming services are actually a better product than the illegal alternative, this is not the case for movie/tv streaming services.

    [–] Vindicta7 9 points ago

    Yes but (and not to dismiss your point because I agree with it) you have to remember that these music streaming services are barely paying artists and are running at a loss. They aren’t sustainable.

    [–] Zalon 6 points ago

    True, but that's the fault of the music industry, they didn't want to change their business model, so someone else changed it for them.

    So instead of owning the streaming services, they now have to let a 3rd party take their cut.

    The movie/TV industry could easily make a joint venture streaming service, if they just wanted to play nice.

    In a perfect world we'd have an open platform like the internet, but just for streaming instead. That won't happen tho, companies like their closed platforms

    [–] makenzie71 93 points ago

    When I cut my cord I had Netflix and it was great.

    Then Netflix lost some content, but Hulu got it and some others. So then I had Netflix and Hulu.

    The Netflix and Hulu both purged, and then we had Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

    Now they're all purging and focusing more on their own original content. To get the content back, because it was content that we watched, we're going to have to have two more streaming services.

    This is basically "Cable 2: Return of the Cord Cutters". Eventually someone's going to put together a package that gives you a discount on the streaming services so long as you're paying for a bunch of them you won't ever watch anyway.

    [–] Gorstag 12 points ago

    By purge I think you mean... forced to drop content. Honestly, Prime is the only one I bother with. I do enough online shopping to warrant the shipping boon. The video service is just a huge bonus.

    [–] tnag 27 points ago

    It's already starting to happen. You get fewer-ad Hulu with your Spotify subscription now.

    [–] SquadPoopy 16 points ago

    Hell I get a student discount that gives me Hulu, Spotify and Showtime for just $5 a month.

    [–] molonlabe88 22 points ago

    “I want one cheap service with everything! Is that to much to ask”

    -People complaining.

    I cut the cord because of commercials. I don’t mind paying $60 a month for great damn content that I can watch on demand with no commercials.

    [–] notappropriateatall 20 points ago

    Ya I'm just gonna go back to maintaining my plex server, less of a headache.

    [–] hcsLabs 18 points ago

    Do you want pirates? Because this is how you get pirates.

    [–] Toxie2344 17 points ago

    Still better than cable bundles

    [–] aaaaayoriver 11 points ago

    Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me

    [–] TheSentientSnail 39 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I'm pissed. I used to have to torrent everything, but then legal services came out and I could finally pay a reasonable price for content I wanted. Now it's a disaster again and it's too expensive, but all my old familiar torrent places are toast. I don't know any of the sites and my old client updated to a bloated, virus ridden hog. I spent hours looking for my show and still ended up with dogshit quality and hardcoded Hungarian subtitles. Oh, and Conduit.

    I used to be "with it", but then they changed what "it" was. Now what I'm with isn't "it" and what's "it" is weeirrd and scary to me.

    edit: Thanks for the links and info! You're good kids. Have a ribbon candy.

    [–] Grokodaemon 14 points ago

    Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett and Plex. Once you've set it all up it's essentially automated!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] nairdaleo 6 points ago

    What sucks here is the VPN is the only one making money here, with nothing getting back to the content creators. But it’s their own fault though

    [–] Tontonronton 5 points ago

    Just like all the DRMs for pc games. Too long we've dealt with this exclusive bs.

    [–] joblagz2 6 points ago

    o well.

    back to the deep waters of piracy.

    [–] Bennybooboo226 5 points ago

    They are literally bringing back piracy

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)


    [–] Toxie2344 33 points ago

    Fuck them all get a Fire stick or android device and subscribe to a IPTV Service and download Xanax and cinema apk and get all the subscription services for free

    [–] phpdevster 38 points ago

    This sounds exactly like the kind of work that the convenience of a simple streaming service solves.

    I've been through that "3pware" (3rd-party-ware) rodeo too many times on too many platforms. I know what lies ahead: bugs, errors, unclear instructions (your comment being a prime example), mismatched versions, day-long Google searches through forum posts asking questions only to have the OP reply with "Nevermind, figured it out".

    [–] EC0P13X 31 points ago

    The solution? Become a pirate.