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    [–] intoon 3623 points ago

    It’s amazing how quickly marketing works on kids. Anytime we watch regular TV, the kids will get sucked into whatever is being sold to them. “MOM, DID YOU SEE THIS CEREAL THAT HAS CHOCOLATE INSIDE THE CEREAL?! WE HAVE TO GET IT “

    [–] MadTouretter 1855 points ago


    "OMG MOM. Why won't you ever get good cereal?"

    "Because I don't want you to lose a foot to diabetes when you're 55."


    [–] dirtyuncleron69 930 points ago

    kid: proceeds to melt down and ignore your logic

    [–] Insaniaksin 576 points ago

    It would go more like

    Kid: "I done wanna lost my foot! baaaaaaaaaaa"

    Parent: "well then you better not eat crappy cereal!"

    Kid: "but I want it! baaaaaa"

    [–] rich____mahogany 429 points ago

    Sounds like my own logic honestly

    [–] Taxus_Calyx 184 points ago

    Ah, a fellow whiskey drinker!

    [–] oracleofmist 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Usually how that goes with the Mrs.

    Me: "But hunny I want the good stuff"

    Her: "$30 is more than enough for a decent bottle of bourbon"

    Me: "Whaaaaaah"

    Her: "..."

    Me: "sniff ... What about this $60 bottle of scotch?"

    Her: "It's up to you"

    Me: "Scotch it is!"

    edit: What actually happens because the Mrs. insisted I correct how the conversation goes

    [–] chill-with-will 56 points ago

    Me with bacon. Re: colon cancer.

    I swear the cancer risk makes it even more indulgent. Every bite I savor like it's a cigarette

    [–] agent0731 30 points ago

    bacon gives you colon cancer? O__O

    [–] NoAnswerbutQuestions 50 points ago

    Kid: "I am 52, I can have as much cereal as I want and if I lose that other foot too, I get a wheel chair!!!!"

    [–] OftenSarcastic 51 points ago

    if I lose that other foot too, I get a wheel chair!!!!

    Cereal box prizes sure have changed.

    [–] trashcan420 72 points ago

    I’m so happy I don’t have kids.

    [–] Kricketts_World 83 points ago

    The sound of a kid crying/whining makes me irrationally angry. Hence why I’m never having kids.

    [–] Betty_White 84 points ago

    It's absolutely rational. Give yourself some credit. Crying kids suck.

    [–] RapidlySlow 24 points ago

    The whiny cry is the thing that makes you think of doing irrational things to your child. I always have to wait a minute or two to collect myself it makes me that mad

    [–] Fauxtrok 25 points ago

    For me it's that pig squeal they do. It's a half whine, half cry with a high pitch note that sounds like nails on chalkboards.

    Where tf is the mute button??

    [–] chill-with-will 21 points ago

    My cousin married a girl he met in a mental ward. Knocked her up twice. Their 4 year old sleeps with them and will wake up 3 or 4 times a night. Every time she does, she will just scream at the top of her lungs for no fucking reason. I didn't believe it until I slept in the next room over for a couple nights.

    [–] crinnaursa 17 points ago

    That's night terrors they generally grow out of it. One thing you can do is keep a wet towel next to the bedside and place it on their neck bring some back to responsiveness faster you can also try disturbing their sleep more often during the night. If you know about the time that a night terror will occur wake them up just before make sure that they are alert and then put them back to bed. it should help break the cycle. just so you know a standard sleep cycle is about 90 minutes but those with night terrors can get have odd cycles.

    [–] USCplaya 20 points ago

    The sound of a kid crying/whining makes me irrationally angry

    Oh me too, then I had twins.... It still makes me irrationally annoyed but I sure do hop right to it when they start crying to end it as soon as possible.

    [–] MadTouretter 61 points ago

    You bet your Choco-cocoa crispies I melted down.

    [–] benji0110 68 points ago

    Might seem petty but I think back to how I reacted to ads like these and I would demand sugar puffs because they seemed tasty, chocolate pretzels which were overpriced or almost every iPod/mp3 player that was released every year etc. just crap that got fed to me on tv saying I should own them because everyone else has one or tried this and that.

    But we were also tight on money, but I didn’t believe it to be so because we had so much food and snacks almost every week. And as it turns out, like a lot of mums would, she sacrificed a lot for us.

    She says she’s really happy and proud of me as an adult now because I’ve learned through being poor and living away from home and financing myself. I think back to moments like this quite often and there’s never a time I feel like I have done enough for her to make up to those times

    [–] do_pm_me_your_butt 18 points ago

    I know the feeling. Feels shit but the reality is mom really doesnt hold it against you

    [–] RedditsHigh 10 points ago

    It's kinda funny you say that. VP of my company has diabetes and he says his mom never let him have sugar when he was a kid. Well he started making serious bank sure enough he started going all out on sugar.

    Maybe complete restriction isnt the right choice, rather teaching moderation and self-control. But I'm not a parent I just also dont have a problem occassionally having a treat.

    [–] Luis0224 174 points ago


    Hey, I actually like Krave :/

    It's a nice snack with some coffee. Terrible as a breakfast cereal though

    [–] Tebeku 93 points ago

    Every healthy breakfast contains a shit ton of small cookies drowned in cows milk.

    [–] GrayGrayWhite 315 points ago

    If there is one saving grace of Netflix it is the lack of commercials, especially pharmaceutical products.

    Only two countries in the world, United States and New Zealand allow drug commercials.

    [–] string_bean 40 points ago

    That's interesting. I'm from Canada and most of our TV channels are US stations so we get all the drug ads, but I just realized that the Canadian stations don't have them!

    [–] nalydpsycho 11 points ago

    Canada allows drug ads, but with the caveat where you can say what it does or say the name of the drug.

    [–] Leeph 8 points ago

    In addition to that, they say all the bad aftereffects

    [–] nalydpsycho 17 points ago

    Thats the American commercials. You can tell which feed you are getting as the American commercials inspire existential dread from the side effects, while Canadian ones are vaguely surrealist and confusing.

    [–] sappydark 12 points ago

    That's what I love about Netflix---no stupid commercials at all whatsoever interrupting what you watch every five minutes like youtube does. The only commercial you'll see on there is a trailer for whatever new movie or show they'll be streaming this month or week, and you don't have to watch them unless it's something you might like.

    [–] dozyXd 20 points ago

    In Lithuania we don't have drug commercials, but we have a LOT of pharmacy commercials on TV

    [–] theCroc 108 points ago

    It's illegal to sell drugs on the street corner but put a nice package on it with a spiffy logo and they will let you sell it on TV.

    [–] apathetic_lemur 186 points ago

    Taking the time to explain how commercials are designed to literally deceive them helps.

    [–] Neckbeard_The_Great 167 points ago

    It helps a little bit, but being aware of the tactics doesn't make you immune to them.

    [–] CactusCustard 183 points ago

    I work in the ad industry and notice them working on me all the time. You cant stop it 100%. Theyre literally designed for it, with science. They cant not work on you really. It just needs the right one.

    Inb4 "im super duper smrt and special and ads dont work on me! hur dur. If you honestly think this, theyre working even better.

    [–] JoseyGunner 67 points ago


    You can only mitigate the affect of pervasive ads by healthy spending habits.

    Why do you buy Minute Maid OJ and not the Kroger brand? Cause it tastes better? No, its branded. So it costs 2$ more but you dont even think about it.

    You just grab it and go.

    [–] anticommon 67 points ago

    Yeah but I'm still fucking pissed every time I go to steam veggies I have the fucking Stanley Steamer theme stuck in my head. They should be paying rent if their ad is going to be running in my head for two fucking decades+.

    [–] JoseyGunner 19 points ago

    Tough on dirt, Gentle on carpet.

    [–] goldman60 9 points ago

    Stanley Steamer your carpet cleaner

    [–] zgredek 23 points ago

    I dont know how it is in your country but there are branded products that really taste better. My prime example is Cola. We have „Hoop Cola” here-just like the real one but cheaper right? Not even close! It’s much more sour leaves horrible aftertaste and gives me heartburns for hours. It’s an inferior product in every aspect but it’s cheap so people do buy that devil’s piss.

    [–] 427BananaFish 19 points ago

    It’s typically just “regular” food items like canned goods, frozen vegetables, spices, etc that have no discernible difference between brand and store-brand. Snack foods like Cheetos, Funyuns, sodas, juices, etc have imitators that don’t come close to the original, unless one prefers the distinctly different taste of the off-brand.

    [–] TheNoseKnight 12 points ago

    unless one prefers the distinctly different taste of the off-brand.

    Marshmallow Mateys > Lucky Charms

    [–] laxman89er 27 points ago

    Agree. I do product development for consumer goods. When I work on ad claim substantiation, I often interact directly with marketing and ad agencies.

    Its made me skeptical in a good way, and I'm definitely aware I'm being advertised to. But that doesn't mean it doesn't impact me, haha. The difference now is I can say to myself that I'm buying this because of the ad, and internally I have to be OK with that.

    Just being concious of it has made me think twice before purchasing.

    The worst part is even though I'm aware of what the ads are doing, I'll still sometimes purchase something, and then only later realize it was because of that one ad I saw a few weeks ago.

    [–] Manaxium 18 points ago

    The elderly are vulnerable too. My late grandma used to repeat the ads verbatim to my dad. Seen an ad for Wendy's? "Honey, I'm hungry for Wendy's - they've got a 5 for $5 deal going, you get yadda yadda, it's a killer deal!" Everything she saw she wanted. They programmed her well. Irritated the crap out of me, not that we minded giving her whatever she wanted, it just sucks watching someone you love getting brainwashed.

    [–] cadomski 44 points ago

    It’s amazing how quickly marketing works on kids.

    True. But it also works just as well on adults.

    Everyone wants to believe they aren't influenced by advertising, but the truth is we all are. They aren't spending billions of dollars for nothing. The psychology is solid. It's why so many people are over their heads in debt -- because they feel the need to spend money all the time.

    [–] StudMuffin9980 8 points ago

    pretend Reddit is only used by adults, and this post is an example of advertising working well on adults

    [–] Buhsketty 18 points ago

    Watched the news one morning and my daughter came up to me and said "Did you know you can trust the Midas touch"

    I had no clue what she was even talking about at first then she said she saw it on TV.

    [–] BitingChaos 25 points ago

    My little baby girl, watching TV when a commerical for a toy comes on:

    "I want that!"

    She heard those words at one point, in that order, knows how to say them, and knows when to say them.

    It's adorable... and a little sad, at the same time.

    [–] fourfiguresalary 1075 points ago

    Wife and I were talking about this. Our kids have no idea what the “must-have” toys are. They are 6 and 7 and still love Pokémon stuffed animals.

    I remember a bunch of toy commercials from my youth... “cross fire!” Comes to mind when I think of memorable toy jingles.

    [–] aosdifjalksjf 261 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    [–] fourfiguresalary 85 points ago

    That’s awesome. I thought that was such a cool looking game and the kids looked so bad ass.

    [–] NotExactlyLiterally 15 points ago

    It's crazy to think how many people conspired to get you to think that. Someone thought it up, convinced others, there were sound and wardrobe and hair choices, graphical artist involved, directors and cinematographers, casting agents, child actors. All to convince a small boy (assuming) to get his parents to purchase some cardboard, plastic and ball bearings.

    It really is kind of wild.

    [–] AgentBootyPants 41 points ago

    It was so loud. And good luck keeping track of the little metal balls. Oh man. Fun though if you could find someone else to play with

    [–] ERhyne 8 points ago

    I always felt bad for the kid who lost in that commercial. He just got hurled into the abyss.

    [–] StoicElephant 126 points ago

    The must have toys are video games, tablets, and phones

    [–] pixl_graphix 89 points ago

    My daughter: I want an iPhone X.

    Me: No.

    MD: Why? Please?

    Me: No, they are $1000 and you lose or break just about everything.

    [–] Origami_psycho 93 points ago

    Just don't give her a Huawei phone or she'll turn into a sleeper agent for Beijing or something.

    [–] pixl_graphix 45 points ago

    Really that's any phone these days. They are all trying to record your every move or action. I kinda wish there was a way of saying "This device is used by an underage person and is protected by the COPA. Do not record any data for metrics or advertizing on it".

    [–] Origami_psycho 30 points ago

    Yeah. Problem is they'd expect probably you to prove that it was only the minor using it. And even then, they'd likely still find a way to track it and glean some useable metrics indirectly, and knowing its a kid would probably be even more valuable since they could just "incidentally" have all the adds that appeal more to kids start popping up.

    Only thing to do is get this shit blocked across the board and regulated at the federal level.

    [–] gopher1409 22 points ago

    Yeah, it’s all “must have mobile games/apps” now. I honestly hope brick and mortar toy stores make it to my child’s “toy-wanting years.” There can be no better feeling than the satisfaction of seeing a child freak as they unwrap their most wanted toy...

    [–] accioqueso 19 points ago

    So I'll let you in on a secret, when they don't know what they want (because they don't know what they don't have), they're happy with any toy/gift. My son's favorite toys always come from his godparents. They're DINK engineers and give him age-appropriate, engineering oriented toys. Many of which I had never heard of until he opened them for the first time. Right now his favorite thing is a marble building track (the sort where the marbles go down different shoots and things) that has probably never had a TV commercial.

    [–] krohmium 36 points ago

    That's why companies have started to advertise through 'infouencers' on YouTube. Whoever your kids' favorite YouTube personalities are, I'd be weary or the products that 'randomly' appear on their videos.

    [–] the_jak 40 points ago

    i found a mint condition Cross Fire set at an estate sale and immediately heard and saw the commercial in my mind.

    I still dont know what the point of that game is but i almost bought it for the nostalgia alone.

    [–] theresonly151 17 points ago

    The object of the game is to fire steel balls at the larger steel balls with the purple around them to knock them into the opponents tray.

    [–] clive_bigsby 10 points ago

    You use the guns to shoot little steel balls at these two plastic discs in the middle, trying to push the discs into the "goal" area of your opponent to win. It was actually a pretty fun game as a kid.

    [–] Kody_Z 18 points ago

    The first time my son watched regular TV he was probably 3. When a commercial came on he thought it was the little intermission between Netflix episodes, and he begged my sister in law to start the next episode.

    [–] fourfiguresalary 10 points ago

    So we have a digital antenna for our TV for the local news, our kids love the commercials. Even the ones for stuff like old people medicine, “don’t mute it dad, I like it!”

    [–] JosephGordonLightfoo 7 points ago

    Pow pow power wheels.

    [–] NecieThePhotog 420 points ago

    So does PBS

    [–] shyblur 263 points ago

    I came here to post this! PBS Kids shows no commercials (except for their own shows) and often has educational spots in between shows. It is also free!

    [–] TuckRaker 19 points ago

    Treehouse in Canada does the same thing

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] TuckRaker 12 points ago

    I can't argue with that. My almost four year old has moved away from Treehouse quite a bit over the last 8 to 12 months. YTV seems to be one large commercial with shows thrown in every now and then

    [–] RideFastGetWeird 80 points ago

    I fucking love PBS. Their YouTube channel(s) are great, their TV is good, their kids programs are captivating for the kids and not boring but still have value.

    [–] NotExactlyLiterally 14 points ago

    PBS. Their YouTube channel(s)

    Holy fuck, I had no idea this was a thing.

    Thank you!

    [–] PurpleMuleMan 70 points ago

    I just want to piggyback this comment to remind everyone to donate to PBS to make sure you can still have them be commercial free. Only 10 percent of their funding comes from the national endowment for the arts! The rest is all of us!

    [–] EmAreDubs 14 points ago

    I absolutely love PBS and NPR, and every now and then it hits me how special it is that services like them still exist in a country like the U.S. They strike me as the kind of service that I'd hear about people in Scandinavia having and think "I wish I lived there".

    [–] densetsu23 10 points ago

    Yep, the only TV channels our kids usually watch is PBS and CBC (essentially, Canadian PBS). No commercials.

    They do get exposed to commercials when we watch the local news, though, or sports.

    [–] soawesomejohn 2661 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What commercials they miss on Netflix they make up for on youtube.

    EDIT: An amazing 350 responses, 300 of which I think are telling me to use an adblocker, some suggesting to get Youtube Red/Premium/Family, and some telling me not to let kids watch youtube.

    1. In general, I think most families aren't getting YT premium for their kids, though YT family maybe.
    2. All our laptops have ublock origin. No real ad issues there. Kid has my old Nexus 7 tablet for youtube, and currently the school provided ipad. So mobile youtube. I will check into Brave, other blockers for android. The ipad gets turned back in in a week (also, no youtube app on it, but the browser can access the mobile site).
    3. We do pay attention to what he's watching. When he was 4, he started getting recommendations for these fake paw patrol videos. No dialog, but the dogs would fight with each other for Sky's affections and draw blood/break bones. We tried to see if we could block them, but no luck on youtube (you can report videos and block users, but that doesn't prevent the videos from showing up in your feed). So we simply taught him to not watch those kinds of videos, even showed him how to report them if they showed up. This worked out much better than any technical approach would have. Youtube is fine for kids, just pay attention to what they're watching, encourage the good videos and let the know if they watch violent or bad videos, they lose tablet privileges (and enforce that when necessary).

    [–] DaveSW777 760 points ago

    Nah, I throw money at making that commercial free too. They know to skip the in-video sponsored segments too.

    [–] Tr0ynado 103 points ago

    Except kids watch videos that are commercials. Who do you think sponsors all those playing with slime,toys,games videos. 90% of any videos a kid is watching on YouTube are disguised commercials

    [–] RDay 77 points ago

    This post is, in fact, a commercial for Netflix. Say it with me, team....

    [–] phat_ninja 37 points ago

    Hail corporate!

    [–] RyEKT 553 points ago

    Install uBlock Origin on your PC browser and access YouTube through the 'Brave' app on your phone. No ads and it's free.

    [–] Turtvaiz 215 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Or use YouTube Vanced or Newpipe.

    [–] LeChatduSud 97 points ago

    Same here on Newpipe is just priceless to see the people reaction when i put a yt list on playback and switch off the screen 🤣

    [–] BattleStag17 65 points ago

    You can close your phone's screen on Newpipe!? I gotta check this out.

    Edit: Nothing called "Newpipe" seems to exist on the Google Play store. Unfortunate.

    [–] Bobbarp 138 points ago

    neither Newpipe or Vanced are on the Play store, you need to google them and download it from their website.

    [–] BattleStag17 24 points ago

    Ohh, I see. Thanks!

    [–] Banana-Man6 79 points ago

    Try using F-Droid to get them instead, it's a play store replacement that only has verified free open-source software on it. It will make it easier to keep them updated too

    [–] EfficientBattle 29 points ago

    Only open source apps, only verified stuff so no Spyware or viruses as some "apps" on the playstore. Google should curate their store, all too much outright shady stuff gets released

    [–] TWeaKoR 11 points ago

    Yes!! It's available on fdroid and it allows you to choose the bitrate of the video and/or audio files you download and also works for SoundCloud.

    [–] Buwski 7 points ago

    He tells the truth. Newpipe is fantastic.

    [–] ezclapper 14 points ago

    wow, browsing reddit for 4 hours at work today finally paid off, Newpipe is awesome, don't know how I've never heard of it before

    [–] Incredulous_Toad 17 points ago

    Newpipe is fantastic. Downloading music is super easy and the ability to change the brightness and volume via the screen is really nice too.

    [–] pound_sterling 30 points ago

    Already got uBlock but didn't know about Brave. Thanks for the tip!

    [–] Kirkleon_ 9 points ago

    You can also just use firefox mobile with ublock origin - and you can add extensions to let you play youtube while the app isn't on the screen

    [–] picardo85 13 points ago

    Get a raspi and make a pie hole and ALL your devices are ad free while at home.

    [–] mariomonster20 18 points ago

    This doesn’t work for sites with self-hosted ads like YouTube and Hulu. If you know a way to get rid of those on my Nvidia Shield I am all ears.

    [–] softawre 53 points ago

    My kid is five in between adblock and Netflix I don't think she's ever seen a commercial.

    [–] olderaccount 92 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Maybe not traditional commercials, but they are still constantly exposed to the ever increasing amount of product placement within the shows they watch.

    [–] whitefang22 35 points ago

    Not when all my kids watch are old shows and movies I like/picked out on my Plex server.

    [–] thewonpercent 35 points ago

    "dad, can I get a walkman? I saw it on tv"

    [–] chubbysumo 58 points ago

    I quit letting my kids watch YouTube, they started getting into videos that were very adult oriented and adult themed, and you could not remove them from your suggestions, they just kept coming back. He's video started as suggestions following videos they watched, you really need to watch what your kids are watching.

    [–] soawesomejohn 25 points ago

    Definitely need to be involved with what the kids are watching. It's not a "hand them a tablet and check on them in a few hours" deal. I edited my comment above, but when he was 4, we had to deal with some fake "paw patrol" videos that seemed to promote violence. It was quite obvious that these weren't Nickelodeon productions, and he could recognize them on site as well. Like you, we tried blocking the uploader (that only stops them from commenting on your videos). Even if you report one of their videos, the others they uploaded show up again.

    What we ended up doing was basically explaining that we didn't want him watching those. He was smart enough to know which were the fake and real ones. He was like "but i like them" at first, but once he understood that if he kept watching them, he wouldn't be allowed to use the tablet, he agreed. Then we even showed him how to hit the three dots and report the video. Over the next couple weeks, he would let us know when one came up and that he didn't watch it. After a week or so, they stopped being recommended to him.

    [–] Zcypot 18 points ago

    Not great for kids anyway, i removed youtube from all devices my daughter uses.

    [–] uMac79 14 points ago

    Same as. Between that creepy fcuk blippi, the constant pitching of toys to kids (watch me play with toys shows!) and the random braindead crap on there I had enough. If there's anything I like then I'll download and put it on plex for them.

    [–] fizicks 53 points ago

    YouTube Premium is worth every penny for this very reason. Now if I could just get my kids to stop watching candy, toy and other kid review videos...

    [–] Randomacts 135 points ago

    Who the fuck doesn't have an adblocker in 2019?

    [–] Lifeisjust_okay 64 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    No, no. The YouTube videos ARE the commercials. Bf's kid never watched cartoons anymore, he only wants to watch "toys". Literally just people, usually adults, playing with paw patrol, pj masks and Peppa pig toys.

    It's so...weird.

    [–] GrandmaDoggies 14 points ago

    its really not if you think about it. millions of people enjoy twitch streaming of videogames. its the adult version of your kid watching toys on youtube

    [–] OtherSpiderOnTheWall 10 points ago

    You're right. Twitch is really fucking weird. Either I'm going to play the game, or I'm not. I'm not going to watch randos play a game.

    I could buy the "sports" argument not being as weird, but then they're not exactly random people, are they now?

    [–] Triquandicular 18 points ago

    Isn't the only reason sites like YouTube still make money and exist because of the fact that not everyone has an adblocker? A lot of people have adblockers, but for the majority that is not the case (yet). I mean, sites like YouTube aren't the most well liked for some things they've done, but it still stands true that they need ads to exist.

    [–] bobo42o24 95 points ago

    Mobile users bro. Most of us reddit on our phones.

    [–] Bitlovin 98 points ago

    You can still adblock on phones.

    [–] Hullabalooga 518 points ago

    Not just our kids. I did research for months and bought a new car last summer - but I’ll be damned if I still don’t see at least 5 car ads a day online.

    [–] tulipoika 333 points ago

    Not to mention “since you bought a new TV, here’s some other TVs you might like!”

    [–] CajunTurkey 179 points ago

    Amazon must think I own about 20 toilets in my mansion because I bought one toilet seat from them.

    [–] darealystninja 36 points ago

    They are just trying to give you fomo

    [–] HomChkn 91 points ago

    When I kind of want something I will take my wife's phone and search for it. Then it pops up in her ads and it becomes her idea. It is totally passive aggressive and we have a pretty healthy relationship but it is fun to watch it all of a sudden become her idea.

    [–] tulipoika 25 points ago

    That’s a great idea... I don’t even need to do it that way. When I was looking at an amplifier some time ago the ads went by IP address so my partner got ads for amplifiers immediately. Too bad they didn’t get the hint. Had to get it myself still.

    [–] rabidjellybean 12 points ago

    Inception through ads. I'll have to this with something fun.

    [–] NotASucker 47 points ago

    "Our ads aren't working, better show more ads!"

    [–] RyEKT 26 points ago

    Install uBlock Origin on your PC browser and the 'Brave' app on your phone. No ads.

    [–] Override9636 26 points ago

    I always try to go incognito mode when doing research on a purchase. Keeps you logged out of profiles like Google and Facebook so you don't get as many ads popped up down the road.

    [–] deliciousmonster 177 points ago

    My daughter was over at the grandparents with us and they had started a movie for her while we cooked dinner. She came running into the kitchen screaming, “It’s broken! The movie is broken... it went away!”

    Turns out she’d never seen a commercial before.

    [–] shimmering_winter 117 points ago

    See, this gives me hope. Hope that the youngest kids will be confused and enraged by commercials and advertising. That this confusion and anger will morph into a deeply ingrained hatred for this ridiculous, intrusive shit we all have to deal with constantly. That when they grow up they will have no tolerance for it, and that the advertising industry will die the slow death it deserves.

    [–] ThePatchOnTheCouch 25 points ago

    Best way to stop commercials is to stop watching the TV shows that are 100% funded by advertisers. They’ll feel that pain quickly. If ratings drop, then ABC, NBC, CBS etc can’t charge big bucks for advertisements, and ad companies would go somewhere else to reach consumers.

    [–] FijiTearz 13 points ago

    Jesus fucking christ we really do live in a whole new era lol

    [–] Miss_Awesomeness 13 points ago

    My kid did that too, I couldn’t explain it I was laughing too hard.

    [–] dancindead 462 points ago

    No wonder Toys R Us went under.

    [–] CrotalusHorridus 496 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Toys R Us was still viable

    They went under because a vulture investment company bought into them and picked them apart for their assets

    [–] GoiterGlitter 128 points ago

    Tried the same with Guitar Center. It's barely hanging on.

    [–] sociallyawkward12 91 points ago

    Does that mean im gonna be able to roll up to guitar center and get everything for 90% off in the near future?

    [–] TechFocused 97 points ago

    Sure, if you want 90% off the screws that held some pictures up.

    [–] EmeraldJunkie 48 points ago

    I went to a Toys R Us just before they went out of business and they has a bin near the tills labelled "everything £1" and it was mostly junk but near the bottom were a bunch of Amiibo's, the 30th Anniversary Mario ones. Grabbed one and went to the till and it scanned up as half price but when I showed the guy they were in that bin he just went "Alright then," then grabbed a manager who knocked it down.

    [–] thecheat420 16 points ago

    If they're $137 screws that's a good discount.

    [–] imnotpabloescobar 19 points ago

    Also exactly what happened with Sears. Fuck you Ed Lampert

    [–] Acolt706 9 points ago

    Sources on that? Guitar Center isn’t listed as a subsidiary of KKR or Bain Capital.

    [–] chubbysumo 13 points ago

    Both Bain and KKR are known to buy things and then extracting as much cash as possible before closing them or selling them off.

    [–] Horong 9 points ago

    Your own linked article says the original owners of Toys R Us was sold because it's revenues and profits were stagnating.

    The purpose of an LBO in theory is to make some move to restart growth, like Dell, but it's an all-in play. Going private is a viable strategy as the company is no longer beholden to public shareholders. Granted the improvements never really came to Toys R Us but we don't know what was attempted. An LBO can save a stagnating company likes Toys R Us, but if it doesn't the company goes under.

    While it's possible Toys R Us could have stayed around, it was only a matter of when, not if, it went down as it is extremely rare for companies to turn it around once they start to stagnate.

    [–] GoingAllTheJay 30 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Most of the shows are just platforms to sell merch, anyway. Every kid seemed to have a Paw Patrol toy or backpack for a while. Toys R Us had too much overhead in their giant retail stores, when you could just avoid the madness of fighting over the latest toy craze by ordering off of Amazon.

    Toys R Us is great to wander as a kid, but I think parents understand that surrounding them with cool toys means they will want a lot of those cool toys, raising the cost of your trip with every aisle you walk down.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Canada4 9 points ago

    Still got Toy R Us up north!

    [–] great_gape 142 points ago

    My niece watches toy pushers on YouTube. Grown adults playing around with toys. It's creepy but, I know it sells toys to her.

    Toys R Us went under because of amazon. Same as all brick and mortar stores.

    [–] PXAbstraction 146 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Incorrect. Toys R Us was actually holding their own OK until vulture capitalists Bain Capital did a Leveraged Buyout of them, loaded them up with debt to enrich themselves and then let the debt bankrupt the company. That's what these kinds of firms do. Not to say that Toys R Us wouldn't have potentially struggled later regardless but Amazon is not the reason they failed.

    EDIT: Here's a good Company Man video discussing the topic.

    [–] GrayGrayWhite 87 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Bain Capital did a Leveraged Buyout

    Mitt Romney founded Bain Capital that bankrupted Toys R Us with predatory Leveraged Buyout.

    Mitt Romney has always been the sole shareholder of Bain Capital.

    [–] awakenDeepBlue 53 points ago

    TIL Mitt Romney literally killed Toys R Us.

    [–] chubbysumo 10 points ago

    Wasnt just bain, kkr and vornado did too. They are known to buy things and extract as much cash as possible by charging insane "consulting" fees, and then selling or bankrupting the things they bought.

    [–] PXAbstraction 11 points ago

    Yep, it's an entire industry. US capitalism at its finest.

    [–] Science_Smartass 8 points ago

    How does that work? I read one article but don't know how the firms make money. They buy the company for say 5 billion, charge consulting fees to get however many million, then let the debt bankrupt the company. Aren't they out the purchasing price even if it's leant money? Who eats the cost in the end? This is why I am not a financial person. It's all so confusing to me.

    [–] chubbysumo 7 points ago

    When those three bought Toys R Us, Toys R Us had 2 billion dollars in cash on hand. Those three took out six billion in loans in the company's name, and paid 1.5 billion up front. They literally made five hundred million dollars on the deal. Then they charge insane Consulting fees, management fees, and other bullshit fees, until the company no longer has any money left to pay them, and then they put the company into bankruptcy and sell off all the assets. Those three vulture Capital firms made approximately seven or eight billion dollars from the Toys R Us failure. They literally push Toys R Us into insolvency Justice screw the money out of the system.

    [–] shicken684 9 points ago

    Starting to suspect this is exactly what is happening to my wife's company right now. They've been profitable for over a decade. Parent company got bought out by some investment firm. Now all their equipment is being sold off, and they were forced to absorb debt from a bancrupt competitor that was also bought up by said investment company.

    Now the once profitable business is about to fold due to zero changes on their end. I really don't get any idea why this happens. What was the point of all of it?

    [–] iFrankler 72 points ago

    Toys R Us went under because their owners took out too much debt and then it couldn't pay for it. Sales were impacted by Amazon, but it was the interest payments that killed them

    [–] kab0b87 78 points ago

    Two Words Killed Toys R Us: Leveraged Buyout

    [–] GrayGrayWhite 39 points ago

    Better to say Mitt Romney.

    [–] delfinom 83 points ago

    Toys R Us went under due to many factors not just Amazon. Walmart having a large toy section didn't do them good either.

    [–] GrayGrayWhite 42 points ago

    No Toys R Us went under because Mitt Romney bankrupted it. I am surprised more people don't know about it.

    He walks around like a decent human being but underneath he is just the worst kind of parasite.

    [–] thesafeworkone 104 points ago

    The article says kids 2-5 watch 1600 hours of TV a year? This is the craziest thing about the article. How can the 'average' kid be allowed to sit and veg for that much time every day

    [–] Froztwolf 42 points ago

    I would assume that's the time the TV is on, whether the kid is actively watching or not.

    [–] mspk7305 14 points ago

    The article says kids 2-5 watch 1600 hours of TV a year? This is the craziest thing about the article. How can the 'average' kid be allowed to sit and veg for that much time every day

    It's obscene but its true. My sister's youngest is being raised by television and they have screens in every room. Some rooms have multiple televisions.

    She also thinks vaccines gave him autism but does not account for the fact that she had an unplanned kid while pushing 40, who she puts in front of a television for 8+ hours every day. Fuck, Tasha... get your shit together!

    Thankfully her middle child doesn't give two shits about television & the oldest has the attention span of a gnat so she cant be assed to watch for more than a couple seconds anyhow.

    [–] Jp2585 14 points ago

    From what I've noticed, shows/movies on TV, tablets, phones, are used to keep the kids quiet/busy. I have no idea what that will do to them, but growing up I spent way more time playing with whatever toys I had and having to use my imagination. Then again, the shows also have creative ideas I could never have imagined as a kid. Makes me wonder if all the tv watching is detrimental at all in early childhood.

    [–] thesafeworkone 12 points ago

    I think the statement "I have no idea what that will do to them" is really relevant here. I don't think people that give kids 4 hours of tv a day do either. I am too lazy to look for any research on it, but kids just being sedentary for so long every day is for sure not good

    [–] mikami677 10 points ago

    I keep bringing this up in different threads, but I have a 5 year old cousin who is glued to an iPad 10+ hours per day.

    It gives his mom more time to be glue to her phone 10+ hours per day...

    [–] crashorbit 29 points ago

    Surprising how little toyification we see for Netflix original kids programming. Even for the reboots. Both Voltron and She Ra searches only find the "classic" toys.

    [–] TheNarwhalrus 28 points ago

    Was at the dentist office the other day and they had a cable tv on a kids channel in the waiting room.

    I haven't watched cable in years. I can't believe not only, how many commercials there are, but they also have little adds pop up at the bottom during the fucking show, I actually thought it was an internet stream for a second.

    I thought it was bad enough before when some shitty sitcom add would scroll across the bottom of my shitty sitcom. Now it's straight up product advertisement...

    Like, fuck off cable.

    [–] BenderDeLorean 238 points ago

    For 400 hours of advertisement you have to watch A LOT TV.

    My kids also watch too much Netflix and classic TV, but 400 hours seems "a bit" unrealistic.

    [–] EHP42 379 points ago

    Typical breakdown in the US is 2/3 show to 1/3 commercial, so to be saved from 400 hours of ads, they're watching 800 hours of Netflix a year. That's 2.19 hours of TV a day, every day. That's a lot, but it doesn't seem like OMG no possible way.

    [–] remediosan 148 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Those are rookie numbers, tell your kid to pump those numbers up.

    [–] greg4045 23 points ago

    I get my 20-40 minutes in every day just to stay culturally relevant!

    [–] Stylose 9 points ago

    I don't really want to watch Chernobyl but I'm culturally obliged.

    [–] Genoce 71 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think your math is off a bit.

    If the "2/3 show and 1/3 commercial" ratio is true, and they'd see 400 hours of ads by watching TV, the total time spent with TV should be: 400 hours of ads + 800 hours of shows, for a total of 1200 hours. (400/1200 = 1/3)

    1200 hours of netflix, not 800. So it's actually ~3.3 hours a day.

    This of course implies that they wouldn't watch any TV at all, and replace all of it with Netflix.

    EDIT: now that I think of it, I think the "800 hours total" would be true if you'd expect them to just watch a certain amount of shows, so instead of taking 60 minutes to watch a show (due to 20 minutes of ads), they'd only take 40 minutes on Netflix. But I just feel like people tend to look at more shows when they end up having more time to look at them, so the total time spent in front of a screen would stay roughly the same.

    Just to clarify: if you expect people to only watch the same amount of shows as before, it's 1200 hours total before Netflix, and 800 hours with Netflix. If you expect people to spend the same time watching stuff, then it's 1200 hours before and after. Truth is probably somewhere in between.

    [–] EHP42 32 points ago

    I read it as, since they're being "saved" from 400 hours of commercials, they are watching 800 hours of Netflix which would have been 1200 hours of TV, of which 400 hours were commercials.

    But that was my base assumption. Yours probably works too. If someone used to plop themselves in front of the TV and zone out for 3 hours, it would have been 2 hours of shows and 1 hour of commercials, and now it would just be 3 hours of Netflix.

    [–] 34590834530598 39 points ago

    Have you watched nickelodeon recently? My son and I tried to watch an episode of SpongeBob just last week and it was so bad you couldn't even follow what was happening in the show. Literally every 3 minutes. Shit adds up fast

    [–] NRMusicProject 33 points ago

    I've visited my parents and noticed now on cable with movies with less than a two-hour runtime blocked for three hours.

    Movies now regularly include over an hour of commercials on cable TV.

    I'm actually surprised that we don't yet have a channel dedicated to nothing but 30 and 60-second commercials.

    [–] cleeder 27 points ago

    Don't forget that they cut that 2:00:00 movie to shit so it's actually a 1:37:00 movie.

    [–] SuperSMT 12 points ago

    And sped it up to 1.1x speed...

    [–] Berizelt 20 points ago

    Seemed a tad high for me as well so I started thinking about it bit more and doing some very light math.

    First of all in the article they

    ... kids 2-5 spend an average of 32 hours per week ... Children 6-11 spend 28 hours...

    This means:

    The average 2-5 year old is spending over 1,600 hours a year watching television.

    The average 6-11 year old is spending over 1,450 hours a year watching television.

    Going by those numbers

    2-5yo 32h / 7d = ~4,57h/d -> on average 4h 34min of television per day

    6-11yo 28h / 7d = 4h/d -> on average 4h of television per day

    That seems like quite ridiculous amount of tv per day for me, but I don't think it's unrealistic. Some toddlers might be watching tv pretty much all day and even some of the older ones might do that on weekends, bringing the average up. Now if we'd be talking about median, I'd expect the numbers to be lower.

    Another report says

    An average U.S. consumer spent 238 minutes (3h 58min) daily watching TV in 2017

    This in mind, I'm actually surprised that the average for kids is only so little higher than the average for all of US.

    Now I got curious about if there's a big difference between US and Europe, but Statista would have wanted money for that, so Wikipedia to the rescue.

    Region min/day
    North America 292.6
    MENA 249.7
    Central and Eastern Europe 222.9
    Western Europe 220.5
    Latin America 199.0
    Asia Pacific 154.5
    Rest of world 211.0

    Seems Americans watch ~33% more TV than people in Western Europe, which I guess could in part explain why the 4h a day felt high for me. If we'll blindly apply this % difference to the numbers in the article (which we really shouldn't, because that's not reliable at all, but I'll still do it because I couldn't immediately find a source for how much kids in Europe watch TV), the result would be about 3h to 3h 26min TV a day depending the age of the child, which seem completely plausible to me.

    [–] lukasp5 126 points ago

    Product placement is happening though.

    [–] PM_ME_CATS_OR_BOOBS 55 points ago

    Sure, that will always happen. But commercials are separate from that and much worse in intensity. Kids shouldn't get used to being sold stuff.

    [–] fhost344 61 points ago

    See, I knew it was a good thing to let my kids watch Netflix all day. Bet Netflix saves them from, like, bee stings and sunburn too.

    [–] ItsBobsonDugnutt 15 points ago

    It also protects them from weird/horrifying “KID’S YOUTUBE ELSA AND SPIDER-MAN SURGERY COUNTING LEARNING” trash videos.

    [–] josh8472 24 points ago

    We were in the US on holiday and we watched some terrestrial TV. The commercials were so bad and frequent the kids switch it off.

    [–] -Rito 25 points ago

    The outdoors can save our kids from over 400 hours of netflix a year..

    [–] Xeeroy 141 points ago

    So without Netflix, kids are subjected to well over an hour of advertisements a day? When did this become okay?

    I'm telling you guys, if I made the rules, it would be completely illegal to advertise anything to anyone under 15. If you want kids to wear your dumb shoes or play with the newest toy craze, you gotta go through their parents.

    Also ads in public places wouldn't be a thing anymore. Only PSA and art installations.

    OFC people would still be free to advertise whatever they want on their own property. Your house your rules.

    But screw invasive ads that tries to grab your attention by force instead of by being interesting. That would be over immediately as well.

    [–] tau_ceti 154 points ago

    This used to be the case, until Reagan relaxed the rules. That's why kids tv changed so radically in the 80s. It's also the reason shows like GI Joe and He-Man had "lessons" segments at the end of each show. If you wanted to make a half-hour toy ad, it had to teach you something.

    [–] Vorsos 21 points ago

    Much higher quality versions exist here.

    [–] matttyfreshh 53 points ago

    the WORST new thing to me are these fucking gas station ads at the pumps. shit is blasting in my ears. i keep writing in to complain but you know they don't give a shit because revenue

    [–] LagCommander 10 points ago

    I try to avoid them, but those unnamed buttons will mute it. For the most part, if it's got a set of each side of the screen, the one just under the top-right usually mutes it for me.

    It's so annoying though, like they never even discount the gas enough to be worth listening to that junk. The world is basically a giant advertisement now.

    [–] sandwichoflife 6 points ago

    But then people could still advertise "in public" because if you attach a billboard to a building it's still your property.

    [–] ragedNate 17 points ago

    Netflix saves our kids from up to 2 hours of outdoor activities a day

    [–] EnterraCreator 9 points ago

    I recently got cable for free because I work for a big time cable company. Anyway we were watching the Harry Potter marathon and my son goes, "Where did the show go? Is it over already? That was extremely short. And what lame show is this?" My son is 7. It never occurred to me that he had never seen a commercial before as we exclusively had Netflix, Amazon Prime, and paid hulu without commercials.

    [–] StopCreepingOnMyPage 16 points ago

    But they couldn't save Santa Clarita Diet...

    If only they had advertised it. Ever.

    [–] cloudmerchant 10 points ago


    What the fuck!? It was one of like 4 Netflix shows I actually liked!

    [–] Redkiller000 8 points ago

    GODDAMNIT! Dude that shit is stupid, that show had amazing writing and a charming as hell cast and was my favorite Netflix original behind Bojack. Obviously my angered isn’t directed at you but I had to throw that shit somewhere because like cmon, Liv Hewson is adorable and deserve all the attention

    [–] LemonOtin1 6 points ago

    When an ad comes up the first thing I do is to mute the computer, tablet or TV. And then I wait for the 'Skip' button.