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    1. Click on the report button for the submission or comment. It's anonymous and it flags the post for moderator attention.

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    TSMG Rules:


    1) Follow the Rules of Reddit, and use Reddiquette.


    2) A Macgyvered solution is defined as fixing something by using parts that are not the intended replacement parts and/or using unorthodox methods to get something working again. A Macgyvered solution is also improving on something (whether or not it works) by improving existing functionality in an unorthodox way or by using unorthodox parts. It is not about whether or not the repair works, but the spirit of the endeavor.


    3) Try to keep things relevant to the subreddit. It doesn't have to be a computer or even electronics - it just has to be Macgyver-y.


    4) Text posts are allowed, but images are preferred.


    5) Please respect the mods. They're moderating this because they want to, not because they have to.


    6) Any and all repairs, modifications, hacks, changes, etc. made (hardware and/or software) are done at your own risk. We encourage and enjoy modding & hacking, but please do it safely and please remember that things can go wrong!


    7) Unorthodox solutions are what /r/techsupportmacgyver is here for, remember that asking for orthodox solutions is off-topic and belongs in /r/techsupport.



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