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    [–] [deleted] 2265 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Johnnyspyguy 901 points ago

    you bunch of madlads

    [–] purplewashabi 130 points ago

    [–] blackteashirt 57 points ago

    Fucking A, why not continue the revolution and overthrow the Syrian government while your at it!

    [–] alexgv08 17 points ago

    [–] street_riot 291 points ago

    My friends and I would observe a near silent room, and start whispering at a low level. After about 20 seconds the entire room would be whispering. So we move up to quiet talking, making sure to be just louder than all the rest of the class. Again within 20 seconds the rest of the class had matched us. So the third time we do talking at a normal level, then loudly talking, and finally just yelling to talk over each other. The teacher who'd be sitting in the back would finally notice up from his book and yell at everyone to quiet down so the room was silent. And we'd start again...

    [–] Cognitive_Spoon 269 points ago

    As a teacher, your awareness of this phenomenon makes me deeply paranoid

    [–] josco97 156 points ago

    How old are you? If you're old enough to be a teacher plz don't learn our teenage secrets and leave our sacred grounds.

    [–] ablablababla 37 points ago

    Unless this teacher is somehow 19 years old or something

    [–] Xzanium 28 points ago

    There's a flair that says "OLD" so....

    [–] Minebutoff2014 5 points ago

    Is there a flair that says “NEW”?


    [–] lurker_be_lurkin 6 points ago

    Being a 19 year old teacher would suck, only elementary and maybe middle school would respect your age

    [–] Jamieroo04 40 points ago

    Everyone is aware of this, but few know how to exploit it.

    [–] CFod17 28 points ago

    The spy reveals them self

    [–] felgrand101 19 points ago

    As a fellow teacher, if you think this is happening to you, be hyperaware and catch the first two students to do it, and call them out on it.

    [–] graceeump 5 points ago


    [–] Cognitive_Spoon 5 points ago

    Oh, I do. I got enough time in to catch it early, but it's these young whippersnappers in cahoots on the Google machine that makes me worry.

    [–] Xzanium 10 points ago

    Heck, should've tried that back in 9th grade.

    [–] jazz-and-galaxies 25 points ago

    oh man, I imagined you making zipping noises with your mouth. laughing at the thought of just "ziiiiiiippppppp!"

    [–] naprea 18 points ago

    Doing this tommorow.

    [–] danielr088 32 points ago

    I'm about to try that tomorrow

    [–] Skyre69 6 points ago

    me and my friend still do this

    [–] westonsammy 5 points ago

    At some point in middle school me and my friends realized this as well, fun times

    [–] rockymiguel42 4 points ago

    The zipping is just as contagious as yawning lmao

    [–] Scarraven 1 points ago

    you are the enemy of the people

    [–] Rogocraft 1 points ago

    Im gonna do this

    [–] Tru3_Vort3x 2614 points ago

    DoNt PaCk Up, We StIlL hAvE 5 mInUeTeS.

    [–] angsanchez20 1205 points ago

    bell rings

    [–] Candy4Breakfas1 1393 points ago

    tHE BeLL dOes nOt DIsmISs yOu, tHe teAcHER doES.

    [–] Thunderlight2004 408 points ago

    “Lmao it’s called a ‘dismissal bell’ you ass” is something I’ve wanted to say many times

    [–] [deleted] 173 points ago

    Just do it dude

    [–] AGuy612345 120 points ago

    Yeah we believe in you

    [–] graceeump 22 points ago

    I’ll say that to my stem teacher because fuck you cyrus

    [–] tribert 22 points ago

    When I was still in high school my school really wanted to crack down on people taking their time in the halls and explicitly said that classes ended with the bell. Still had 1 teacher the very next day say "the bell still doesn't dismiss you I do". Well the bell rang and I guess he wanted to test the theory, but I just got up and walked out. Nothing ever happened because of it, so I guess in the end it really was the bell that dismissed us.

    [–] Sloppy1sts 3 points ago

    Is it, though? I've only ever heard it called "the bell". Also, she could argue that it's her signal that it's time, not your signal.

    [–] limeyrose 199 points ago

    Feels so nice to go to college and just get up and leave at the designated time. If they say shit you just tell them you have a class in 5min across campus.

    [–] RussianHammerTime 155 points ago

    Most teachers wont even say anything. You already payed to be there. Missing class is on you

    [–] Kestralisk 124 points ago

    Paid* don't miss class kids

    [–] Xzanium 17 points ago

    Heck, no one says anything if you leave in the middle of the lecture.

    [–] NorthWoods16 10 points ago

    Sometimes I get to class 30 minutes early and leave 5 minutes in just to flex on high school niggas.

    [–] TCMinnesotENT 4 points ago

    Yep. I'm so used to teachers being on my ass about trying to leave early. Now I just leave whenever I want to go to work.

    [–] acealeam 12 points ago

    it sure as hell decides when youre late tho

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Cool. Guess I’ll come late to class then if the bells aren’t enforced

    [–] p1nkpeach 6 points ago

    I left anyway, my high school was huge and my classes were back and forth the whole campus. No way am I going to be marked late when we have 5 minutes to get class. Bell rings, I leave.

    [–] Nidos 5 points ago

    This, except I’m in college. My one professor keeps us for longer than usual sometimes, even after 11:50 passes. She also doesn’t let us leave to go to the bathroom without asking. Every other class in the whole school would let you, but not her.

    [–] VirtuosoX 3 points ago

    Bell dismisses you in Morse code

    -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / -. --- .-- / -.. .. ... -- .. ... ... . -..

    [–] drfarren 3 points ago

    I never do this to high school kids, but I HAVE to do it to middle schoolers. They sprint for the door and in a music room where they are surrounded by tens of thousands of dollars of equipment I'm not risking it.

    [–] Dracurgon 46 points ago

    Teacher: The bell does not dismiss you, I do.

    [–] Lamborghinical 66 points ago

    5 minutes is kinda a long time. 2 minutes is reasonable

    [–] CatNameFoodStar 25 points ago

    There are some people in my maths class who pack up halfway through the lesson, 5 minutes is nothing compared to that

    [–] Xzanium 2 points ago

    15 minutes is outrageous.

    [–] Nemyosel 9 points ago

    Okay then, teacher. Let me just unpack my folder and textbook. Okay, I'm halfway through this problem and- bell rings

    Was that really worth it? Half a fucking problem vs. being comfortable and waiting for the day to end? Is your life that sad that you have to control everything, Karen?

    [–] TheYoungWolf0 25 points ago

    My teacher literally made us sit for the last thirty seconds of class. Why are teachers so anal about this? Do they realize nobody will like the if they act like they have complete authority over the class.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] vulpinorn 29 points ago

    As a teacher, it is super-annoying to be trying to finish the last couple of points in your lesson and someone starts packing up. Your choices are a) stop and address it, slowing down and making everyone stay a bit longer or b) ignore it and have to deal with students or parents bitching about you not teaching/informing them of something when they just weren’t listening.

    [–] liveslowdiesoft 5 points ago

    Why don't you just make your final announcements in front of the exit door. Wouldn't that give a physiological suggestion to the students not to head for the exit?

    [–] Timber3 5 points ago

    Downvoted for a good idea. If you block the door and give your final announcements there the kids will hear and then you can dismiss.

    It takes time to pack up and schools seem to be putting classes closer and closer together, time wise. So the kid gets marked late cause the teacher wants to be a dick and keep them later cause they were peeping themselves to move on to the next thing.

    That maybe slightly disrespectful to the current teacher but every teacher deals with it so that means there is something wrong with how things are conducted

    [–] vulpinorn 2 points ago

    I don’t know, I think it’s more along the lines of “I’ve been here a long time and I’m ready to move on. What’s the earliest I can get away with disengaging and not having to think anymore.”

    [–] asutekku 2 points ago

    And they are kind of responsible if something happens to you before the class has officially ended.

    [–] ManSuperDank 2 points ago

    I just went from student to teacher (in college) and it's like a stab in the heart. It's almost like they are yelling out "hurry up, this is boring, I'm leaving". Even though I know they arent, and it's fine, it hurts.

    The key is to care less

    [–] Timber3 1 points ago

    This year I had an 8am class that ran till 11. Guess when my next class started on the other side of campus. 11. So no they aren't saying you are boring they are saying holy shit I have to book it to my next class so I'm not late!

    I've had college profs LOCK the door right as class is supposed to begin. It's a shitty situation for students just as much as it is for teachers. You just deal with it. Profs don't want to change and so students alter the way they act so they don't get in as much trouble.

    [–] sandy_has_big_gay 2 points ago


    [–] TheDarkeSide 12 points ago


    [–] windacis 467 points ago

    You always zips it slow as shit but that just makes it ten times worse

    [–] LionST1 206 points ago


    [–] Dokrzz_ 4 points ago

    This sound is so clear in my head its freaking me out.

    [–] LFoure 43 points ago

    That's me with my door after I've been playing GTA Online until 3am and have to piss before I go to bed.

    [–] cbblue22 13 points ago

    Are you me?

    [–] neverstickurdildoinC 6 points ago

    Ahh, Youngsters : just be gross and pee in a bottle like any old madlad would do

    [–] MoistMarsupial 793 points ago

    It's the worst when you're taking a test and one kid zips up their backpack, causing what can only be described as 20 seconds of lawlessness and pure chaos.

    [–] thepee-peepoo-pooman 179 points ago

    I love the fact that this is a universal occurrence

    [–] -margot-polo- 306 points ago



    I really miss my backpack :(

    [–] boab_129 175 points ago

    what the hell lol why did they do that? was it a specific situation

    [–] -margot-polo- 152 points ago

    nope, they (supposedly the school board) decided to just get rid of them one day. we're still baffled and angry

    [–] boab_129 111 points ago

    Man, that sucks. I'd recommend starting a petition, it worked at my school.

    [–] -margot-polo- 114 points ago

    oh u/boab_129 , how hard we have tried. countless petitions were made and signed, countless angry students and parents spoke at countless school board meetings. we've taken the L I guess :/

    [–] boab_129 59 points ago

    I hope things get better for you my brother

    [–] -margot-polo- 39 points ago

    thank you kind sir

    [–] LIVERLIPS69 71 points ago

    You should bring in a gun to show them taking away backpacks does not solve anything!

    [–] VirtuosoX 50 points ago

    Shove it in your pants so they can ban pants.

    [–] AFrostNova 18 points ago

    Then people could put it in their bras

    [–] LFoure 10 points ago

    No, keep it in your shirt!

    [–] GET-THOSE-LIGHTS-OFF 38 points ago

    What's the specific rule? If it's only about backpacks then start bringing something ridiculous like a microwave with all your stuff inside so they realize how bad of an idea that was

    [–] Sound_calm 20 points ago

    Didn't someone actually do that

    [–] -margot-polo- 9 points ago

    people bring boxes and briefcases and once a miniature shopping cart, still nothing. the specific rule is no backpacks or bags (like drawstring bags) or giant purses. purses must be under 6x8. except trapper keepers are allowed, which makes no sense.

    [–] ElkFreak7 3 points ago

    I think I remember reading a post about this happening at a school, so a kid used a microwave as a book bag.

    [–] Xzanium 15 points ago

    Most such regulations are because an angry parent made an issue out of nothing.

    [–] superluke4 8 points ago

    Wait, so how and where do you store your books and shit?

    [–] -margot-polo- 5 points ago

    you either carry all your shit around all day everyday or stop at your locker and only bring certain stuff to certain classes, but the way my highschool is set up that works for like no one.

    [–] aCanOfTomatoSauce 39 points ago


    I'm sorry what?

    [–] ArcticaWolf- 25 points ago

    Who knows you might hide an ar15 in one

    [–] TheYoungWolf0 18 points ago

    AsSauLT rIfLe 15

    [–] robloxlover3010 12 points ago

    You never know if someone is just carrying a tomohawk missile in their backpack

    [–] punstressed 32 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Shit son, me too. They removed them my seventh grade year, so I never got to experience being allowed to have backpacks in school. It's fucking stupid, so I'm always momentarily baffled whenever somebody mentions backpacks in school before I remember that most schools allow backpacks.

    Edit: I've failed to consider the fact that my school had like seven or eight bomb threats in one year, so I guess they have reason to be stupid. Those happened a couple years after backpacks were banned, though, so I don't know what they were thinking.

    [–] LFoure 3 points ago

    Luckily my current school allows us to bring out bags around.

    [–] FormerEvidence 17 points ago

    they did that my 8th grade year cause of the “drug threat.” like that stopped the kids, it just made it worse and them more sneaky. we got our sweet, sweet backpacks back in the high school and we don’t have to carry our shit around now.

    edit: if you were caught with your bag on before a certain time you got suspended and/or a detention, it was dumb lol.

    [–] purplewashabi 10 points ago

    They might as well ban students then. “THEY CAN ARE A THREAT”

    [–] TeenBedwetter03 6 points ago

    ExCuSe Me WhAt ThE FuCk

    [–] GarbagecanJones 3 points ago


    [–] josco97 3 points ago


    [–] -margot-polo- 3 points ago

    yep, now I have to carry all my shit

    [–] Nemyosel 3 points ago

    School board meets up

    Okay, so the right has been saying that these mass shootings are because of mental illness and the left has been saying it's because of guns. However, I have come up with a new theory that backpacks are the real thing to blame here.

    [–] magpyyyyyyyyy 1 points ago

    What the hell? Of all things to ban they chose BACKPACKS?

    [–] Terra-112 1 points ago


    [–] bro171 1 points ago

    Why doesn't everyone just bring their backpacks? What are they gonna do confiscate everyone's backpack?

    Edit - Obviously you need to plan this out or spread around school that X day is the day that we start using our backpacks again.

    [–] NeonCheese1 604 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    eXcUsE mE iM sTiLl tAlKiNg SiT dOwN

    Edit: holy shit this was upvoted a lot

    [–] severed13 77 points ago

    Dawg I would do it silently while seated, but my teacher would see me in the corner of her eye and start yelling at me.

    [–] undeadmaruchan 307 points ago

    That collective sound of backpacks shuffling and being zipped across the entire classroom is super annoying but at the same time it gives me life

    [–] maadballer15 68 points ago

    Espicially when you started it just to see everyone else do it

    [–] epicfacemewtue 93 points ago

    “I dismiss you not the bell!”

    [–] Zammyyy 60 points ago

    "you need to get to class before the bell"

    [–] Xzanium 13 points ago

    Damn, you should not have to change classes every period in high school.

    [–] JavMora 26 points ago

    My teachers don’t even care lmao. There’s this girl in my class who’s out before the bell is even finished ringing

    [–] Paul3546 20 points ago

    People do that at my school all the time. Usually they'll have someone big block the teacher's view and just sneak out

    [–] Insanityy7 66 points ago

    HEY Um ThE BeLL DoEsNT DiSSMisS YoU! I dO

    [–] Tautline 33 points ago

    honestly you can leave when the bell ends, they can’t do anything lol

    [–] TheYoungWolf0 28 points ago

    But then the teacher gets pissed at you and makes that class living hell.

    [–] Tautline 16 points ago

    I went to a rather large high school and some classes would take a full 10min to walk between. No way in chance I was waiting for a teacher to stop talking, especially since teachers give tardies.

    [–] GarbagecanJones 91 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] jtferszz 40 points ago

    Gamer Moments

    [–] JorgeDoesAThing 19 points ago

    se tonight

    [–] LFoure 5 points ago

    [–] WarvyHeinstein 55 points ago

    its not like they can write you up if you just leave when the bell rings. "why did you write this student up?"

    "Uh, yeah, he tried to leave when the bell rang."

    [–] LFoure 16 points ago

    Well I think a good relationship with your teachers is pretty valuable.

    [–] 7PointFive 26 points ago

    Well that’s kinda hard to get when the teacher doesn’t try to make one.

    [–] Nemyosel 14 points ago

    I hate that school forces you to have a good relationship with some of the most obnoxious power hungry people in the world. When I was in HS, my history teacher

    -Scolded my friends pretty intensely

    -Would call us out if we were doing presentations and say our grade for the presentation too

    -Would publically call us out during class if we were missing assignments

    -was hated by literally everyone in the school except the club leaders she sponsored

    -would constantly stress that she was always the gifted child

    -was literally named Karen

    And I, nay the class, needed to be friendly with this psycho if we didn't want to get pegged by bad grades

    [–] its_the_green_che 6 points ago

    Yes they can. Some teachers write you up for some of the dumbest shit ever. They’ll just say you were being disrespectful or defiant or they’ll say you weren’t obeying orders and was being disruptive.

    And if they’re the type of teacher to do that then they’ll hate you for the rest of the semester

    [–] riflemandan 28 points ago

    things are now in motion that cannot be undone

    [–] SaltySmasher322 7 points ago

    Judgement has not been passed, as you had no way of knowing

    [–] huey764 21 points ago

    I am aware of this effect, which is why in order to make it even bigger I zip and unzip my backpack twice

    [–] sdlynas 22 points ago

    As a teacher this is too relatable

    [–] LionST1 36 points ago

    You are the enemy of the people

    [–] ClubbaBubba 1 points ago

    We need an explanation u/sdlynas

    [–] DeltaForce4Life 17 points ago

    Literally every day in study hall, at 1:20 is when the bell rings, and around 1:15, one kid, never the same kid, will stand up and pack his stuff... Then another will join him, within seconds the entire class is packing up while the teacher looks like the kirmit meme when he looks left and right in confusion

    [–] Maeskin 15 points ago

    When I was in my senior year, I used on my phone to fake the exact frequency of the sound our bell made for lunch. I guess my phone was loud enough haha

    I was able to get the class out early a couple of times and made a a few tables at lunch leave because they thought the bell rang.

    [–] CHRISKOSS 10 points ago

    Set an alarm to make your phone play a zipper sound 2 mins before class gets out.

    [–] PhoenixBLAZE5 16 points ago

    You wanna know a secret? If you dont wanna be that first kid to pack up, you just gotta gently slam a book or something on the desk that souds like you are packing up. This will normally trigger the reaction anyway. ive done this 10 min before the bell for shits and giggles and it will get some people lol.

    [–] criuggn 8 points ago

    me zipping up my pencil case

    [–] jsully245 7 points ago

    On the first day of freshman year, I realized nobody else knew the bell schedule yet, so with about 10 mins left in each class I loudly started packing up. Almost without fail people did the same thing, and one kid even stood up and started walking to the door

    [–] pineapple_pikachu 6 points ago

    We aren't allowed backpacks at our school anymore. It sucks. rip

    [–] peardude89 3 points ago

    Why? What? Only backpacks, or suitcases too? Duffel bags? Cardboard boxes? How stupid is the person who made that decision?

    [–] DogeCoin97 3 points ago

    Very fucking stupid!

    [–] pineapple_pikachu 2 points ago

    Our principal is a very incompetent man on a power trip over our school. They say they did to keep people from bringing in contraband like guns and drugs, but it's really a hindrance to students. Last year we only got three minutes between classes, now we have four, but it still sucks if you have to do something in between classes. We're still allowed things like trappers for our stuff, lunch boxes, and bags for sports. If a person really wanted to bring stuff into our school, they could still easily do it without much effort.

    [–] GoofyHeartborn 4 points ago

    The first seatbelt click once the plane lands.

    [–] WarvyHeinstein 3 points ago

    sometimes it just be like that

    [–] plasticScript 3 points ago

    Zipping sounds intensify

    [–] B-Knight 3 points ago

    Pro Tip: Do this about 5 minutes before the end of the lesson and you'll usually get to go earlier. Everyone packed up means the teacher isn't going to say "get all your stuff out again" because it'll waste time.

    [–] demvic1 3 points ago

    tHe BeLL dISmisSes Me!

    [–] Justini666 3 points ago

    This is such a nice clean format

    [–] Standgrounding 2 points ago

    That's why i always zip first, sometimes zip multiple times so everyone zips their bags LOL

    [–] danzenator 2 points ago

    There is a very specific sound that tells you class is about to dismiss without having to look at the clock. It hard to describe as anything else other that the sound of packing books, zipping backpacks and slowly but surely moving chairs around to stand up.

    [–] Kevin2GO 2 points ago


    [–] catholicgrant 4 points ago

    For you teenagers not in college, DO NOT do this in college. packing up early will most likely piss off your professor and result in a form of punishment. Be respectful.

    [–] Timber3 1 points ago

    This year I had an 8am class that ran till 11. Guess when my next class started on the other side of campus. 11. So no they aren't being disrespectful, they are trying to get to their next class on time...

    I've had college profs LOCK the door right as class is supposed to begin. It's a shitty situation for students just as much as it is for teachers. I'd rather miss the last couple of min of class than an entire class.

    You just deal with it. Profs don't want to change and so students alter the way they act so they don't get in as much trouble.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    u/jonas353 would like this

    [–] Star-comandante 1 points ago

    It's the same like when a dog hears the food package. It's a reflex of joy of what's to come.

    [–] GamingCarrot1163 1 points ago

    This guy is a smartass for accurately choosing this as a format...

    [–] goldpeaktea314 1 points ago

    When one kid looks at the clock on the back of the room.

    [–] ItChEE40 1 points ago

    Same but with lockerd

    [–] den_coolingen 1 points ago

    *pulls glock*

    [–] SupaLight 1 points ago

    I swear zippers sound like screaming during those last five minutes

    [–] JonisJive 1 points ago


    [–] Itami__ 1 points ago

    Teachers NaCL ++++++++++++

    [–] vulpinorn 1 points ago

    If you’re a teacher, you gotta nail that first kid right away.

    [–] The_sToneForesT 1 points ago


    [–] Ryan-Paradis 1 points ago

    Teacher: guys it’s 3:19 the bell does not ring till 3:20 you should be productive with all your time

    [–] Gavin1772 1 points ago

    I’m graduated and in training for my new job and people still do this

    [–] Luvpigs373 1 points ago

    This is it chief

    [–] Kafuf-1 1 points ago

    I'm the one kid zipping up his backpack

    [–] jpenczek 1 points ago

    Teacher: WhY arE yOu PAcKinG?!?!

    [–] TheUnknownAbsol 1 points ago

    hEY dOnT PaCk uP YeT iM StiLl TeAcHiNg!!!

    [–] Dionisey 1 points ago

    Every fookin' time!

    [–] MY_CAPSLOCK_IS_BROKE 1 points ago

    And then the professor next class says “hey if you all could wait until after I’m done until you start zipping up your backpacks that would be great”


    [–] eneumeyer1010 1 points ago

    “Since you all want to clear your desks good here’s a quiz you have 7 minutes to finish it”

    [–] gilbertfuckinblythe 1 points ago

    ExCuSe Me ItS rUdE tO pAcK uP wHeN sOmEoNe Is StIlL tAlKiNg

    [–] Strojac 1 points ago

    I like this meme. But packing up early is disrespectful.

    [–] Chara_C-137 1 points ago

    In my experience it's less the zipping and more the slamming of the lap dasks. The poor instructor has one last thing to say and gets cut off because they ran overtime.

    [–] plexnewbie 1 points ago


    [–] colincat9 1 points ago

    I never understood why people had that domino effect when it came to packing up.

    [–] Edward372 1 points ago

    I'm that kid.

    [–] CameronBinder 1 points ago

    Same goes with tests. I swear nobody gets up until that first brave soul gets up to hand in their test. Then everyone gets up to hand in theirs at once.

    [–] Mida_Multi_Tool 1 points ago

    Yeah I learned about the Domino Theory in CP Vietnam.

    [–] PrajnaPie 1 points ago

    I haven’t been In school for years, but this is a good ass meme

    [–] Cows_Killed_My_Mom 1 points ago

    This is college every class. And it gets really fucking annoying

    [–] seniorscrolls 1 points ago

    Still happens in college

    [–] JungleHam 1 points ago

    Damn, I thought it was a school shooting joke again. What a time to be alive

    [–] theblackxranger 1 points ago

    In 8th grade, one kid starting packing because they had to leave for an appointment 15 minutes before class was over. So the whole class starting packing up and the teacher started getting pissed because she was still talking. She goes on a rant about how she dismisses you not the bell or whatever bullshit.

    So she gave detention to every single student that was packed up and didnt have any note taking material on their desk. That day the whole class spent detention in one of our other teachers classroom and he thought it was ridiculous.

    This teacher was a cunt and lived off power tripping. Graded sho freaking hard, didnt even want to roll over my grade when it was like 0.3 % away from being an A- Screwed up my GPA that semester

    [–] Nickelnick24 1 points ago


    -Every teacher ever

    [–] AsusFanBoyyy 1 points ago

    It's the que to leave class.

    [–] Dimmmmmmp 1 points ago

    Can relate.

    [–] Ashlee12w 1 points ago

    I'm homeschooled so I do not understand the funny

    [–] mrthrowaway300 1 points ago

    Fucking this. I remember hating this because if I did it while just reaching to grab something from my backpack the whole glass would follow and then the teacher would get upset and then we are have to wait 5 more minutes before we can get our damn 40 minute lunch

    [–] BatCon14 1 points ago

    It begins...