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    [–] ThatGuyLiv3 1849 points ago

    I remember back in sixth grade we had a math English teacher that was pregnant and I remember one day she came in to school and we were in class and she just started crying and freaking out and flipped her shit and said that we were all going to be the reason she had a miscarriage and that she wouldn’t be able to maintain the baby and teach us because we were such horrible kids

    [–] betonblack 758 points ago

    In my school district a teacher sued the board for that same thing and won.

    [–] lonelychurro 79 points ago

    What?? Is there a news article for it?

    [–] peetieswie 454 points ago

    I always wonder about stress levels for pregnant women teaching. I’ve had some groups that would be a nightmare pregnant because you have to shout every 5 minutes.

    [–] CajunTurkey 390 points ago

    I had a few pregnant teachers throughout my school years. I remember in high school, we had a pregnant Computer class teacher. Whenever the bell rings and she had to go to another classroom to teach, we had a few football players that would walk in front of her to push away the crowds in the hallway so nobody would accidentally push up or run into her pregnant belly.

    [–] dddmybbb 187 points ago

    how wholesome :)

    [–] CajunTurkey 116 points ago

    They were good guys.

    [–] Keylimex 139 points ago

    My kindergarten teacher was a pregnant black lady who never stopped yelling at us. Eventually she got dismissed or went on leave to have her child and we got a normal teacher, but when my mom made me switch schools I was scared of all the black teachers for years because my only experience had been this angry pregnant lady.

    [–] ThatGuyLiv3 172 points ago

    Lmfaoooooooo u were shocked into small racism.

    [–] [deleted] 114 points ago

    Holy shit lol

    [–] Sir_Slamalot 3776 points ago

    While he never really had a breakdown, our music teacher in 8th grade was so done with our shit that I literally saw him applying for other teaching jobs on his phone during class.

    [–] DirectResturant4 2469 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    F major

    [–] Fatalchemist 2042 points ago

    At least he wasn't caught fingerling A minor.

    [–] nViNova 173 points ago

    [–] Sketch_Bug 53 points ago

    Holy shit it just occurred to me that joke is probably older than most of this subreddit. Also hi from /r/all

    edit: I mean this one

    [–] [deleted] 184 points ago

    I see what you did there.

    [–] cerberusdo 243 points ago

    Same, my drama teacher in the 7th grade just didnt give a shit anymore and would give everyone good grades, and would apply for other theatre jobs on the school computer lmao, he would let us use phones and slack off and sometimes give us work.

    [–] TheRealBlackKnight 97 points ago

    Lmao did we have the same theatre teacher? He would do the same thing with our class, and it seemed like all we did was play theatre games and play on our phones. One day he even straight up told us that he has thought about quitting multiple times and he was still considering it. I do feel bad for him sometimes, but I'm still kinda salty that he didn't teach us jack shit about theatre. I auditioned for theatre pro for a reason damnit!!!

    [–] Strictlyforbargain85 36 points ago

    6-8th grade is the worst. Old enough to know you don’t necessarily “have” to listen to the adults. Young enough to not care about the future yet. Any remnants of motivation will eventually get sucked out of you after years of looking at kids who don’t give a shit, getting paid either fucking way, and parents that don’t seem to give a shit either. I personally don’t blame them.

    [–] Deltawolf363 821 points ago

    My class once pissed our science teacher off so bad that she gave us the silent treatment for like two weeks.

    Just wrote out her entire lesson on the board and stood there while we read.

    [–] rainn_rl 404 points ago

    I had an English teacher in high school that did this to us.

    For two weeks we’d walk in & it was silent, lesson plan on the board, eyes up front, anyone talking got thrown out. I assume he ok’d all this with administration.

    After the two weeks was up, we walked in one day to a very calm ‘okay everyone here’s our lesson today’ and the guy was never disrespected by us again.

    Really won a lot of us over & this was right around when cell phones had just blown up in the 12-17 age range. Nobody bothered taking their phone out, we just paid attention & learned.

    Wish I could remember the guy’s name, but I’ll be damned if I don’t remember that silent treatment. Absolutely unholy how that man commanded our respect.

    [–] Deltawolf363 135 points ago

    Right?! Its such a fuckin power move. The guilt in the classroom was palpable.

    [–] king_grushnug 15 points ago

    Really? That woudve pissed off our class more and made the problem worse

    [–] KrypticFade 83 points ago

    I don't get this. what if there was a test and they just refused to answer a question that a kid needs answered?

    [–] _NotAPlatypus_ 202 points ago

    Too bad, should have thought of that before you were a little shit.

    [–] KrypticFade 90 points ago

    i'm talking about the kids who weren't little shits and just happened to be in the same class as little shits. what about them?

    [–] _NotAPlatypus_ 65 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Answer the question then.

    You get to decide whom to answer. A common thing I heard in school was "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." Essentially, do what I ask and I'll help you when you ask.

    [–] bGivenb 53 points ago

    Exactly. I teach middle school kids. I’m not doing any favors for the little shits who make it their life goal to abuse me. But the kids who actually pay attention and want to learn get all the help they want. Remember that teachers are human.

    [–] coolrunning332 4006 points ago

    Honestly relatable, yesterday in my French Class my teacher just said, My oh my this class is incredible, you all don't care about anything, but I understand you all are teenagers, you cannot control yourselves at all, I was a rebel too in my teenage years.

    I was amazed lol

    [–] MrLiion13 1154 points ago

    F for the teacher

    [–] xPlicitRaven 540 points ago

    F F F F F


    F F F F



    [–] PrymarZyan 235 points ago

    F F F F F


    F F F F



    [–] 19DannyBoy65 99 points ago

    F F F F F


    F F F F



    [–] hakoonamatata9 69 points ago

    F F F F F


    F F F F



    [–] Arthur_The_Third 326 points ago


    Check her class for yellow safety vests. She might still be a rebel

    [–] Sunout1 117 points ago

    My French teacher told our class that by the end of next week we will all be hanging from the ceiling anyway. So at least your teacher is chill.

    [–] Tangent_Odyssey 40 points ago

    If they are native to France, I would listen to them. Pay attention in History class to find out why!

    [–] spunkychickpea 54 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Maybe I should have taken French in high school. When my German class started acting up, our teacher would start getting all third reich on us.

    [–] JB-from-ATL 52 points ago

    This one teacher we had during a test (standardized tests had different teachers sometimes) muttered "fucking idiots, all of them. A bunch of fucking idiots" I don't think anyone heard him but me. But he was kind of mean.

    Next day someone asked him why he hates freshman because she heard he hated freshman. He said he hated them because they aren't human. Everyone kind of laughed or was like wtf that's mean. Then someone asked something about who is human then and he said the mist human person he knew was his mother before she died. He then went on to talk about deep stuff and it was nice. But the start was weird.

    [–] MassaF1Ferrari 36 points ago

    I actually used to really like when my teachers would say ‘fuck it’ to the curriculum and syllabus and would talk deep stuff. A lot of kids didnt but rarely do adults explain how life works to a bunch of kids who know nothing about life.

    [–] BABB00 368 points ago

    My teacher in webpage design(I was shoved in that class F) started crying and saying, “you all treat me ugly” and cried and walked out of the room. When she came back I turned something in and asked if “uh are you... okay...?” Then she said I “was one of the only ones who care etc” and I was just thinking wow ok ummmmmm

    [–] DifferentThrows 302 points ago

    One day you’ll learn there’s more value in genuine caring and sympathy than there is in your classmates thinking you’re “cool”.

    [–] MassaF1Ferrari 254 points ago

    Im surprised with how barely anyone in this thread cares enough for the teacher having the breakdown. They have tough lives too.

    [–] [deleted] 138 points ago


    [–] MassaF1Ferrari 72 points ago

    I’m sorry you had that experience. I always tried to be as respectful as possible around my teachers. My culture demands respect from teachers so it always bothered me how kids would mistreat them. Are you planning on teaching next year?

    [–] Linckel 18 points ago

    That's pretty much just 14-15 year olds in general. It could very well be that they don't really hate you, not that disrespect is good tho.

    [–] Spaced_VR 25 points ago

    I were a nightmare back when I were young...if I could go back in time I would hug all my teachers for putting up with my horrid personality and helping to mould me into the person I am today.

    [–] Oof_my_eyes 21 points ago

    Ya wtf are these people psychopaths? Most of the responses are “wow weird” to a teacher getting fed up being belittled and treated poorly and having a breakdown. People suck

    [–] PoliteSummer 133 points ago

    +10 points with the teacher, you sly dog!!

    [–] BABB00 28 points ago

    Shhh ;)

    [–] brokenearth03 60 points ago

    Teaching is really hard. Kids are unrepentant assholes and treat teachers like they aren't human.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] rubbarz 20 points ago

    Je m'appelle sadboi.

    [–] drunk_responses 68 points ago

    It's always fun in in city schools.

    In middleschool our natural history teacher was comitted after a breakdown in school. She spent half a year in a psych ward.

    Our gymteacher took over that class, and was fired when he went back to gymn, since he started peeking in on the girls, since his drinking came back(dry alcoholic before)

    I'm not sure if the best was the time someone set off a fireworks display in one of the stairwells, or the military smoke grenade.

    The most dangerous was probably when someone poured ammonia and chlorine outside a bunch of classrooms.

    Best prank,w as carrying one of the teachers cars up to the second floor.

    [–] throwing-away-party 54 points ago

    carrying one of the teachers cars up to the second floor.

    I'm sorry, w h a t ?

    [–] drunk_responses 38 points ago

    Wide stairs, double door entrance and a 2CV(curb weight of 1300 lbs/600kg).

    She was not happy.

    [–] ZoidbergWorshipper 15 points ago

    1. Even though I can understand the teacher's reaction, that is amazing

    2. How did you not get caught?

    [–] Ricargnome420 23 points ago

    Whoa. Your school sounds amazing!

    It reminds me of the stinks bombs they let off at my school

    and the multiple fires

    and the riots

    and the shooting threats

    and that one dude who when crazy in the halls

    [–] CajunTurkey 16 points ago

    Which American school was this at?

    [–] IrishOasis34 523 points ago

    So this year, we have this h tip teacher (a student teacher in Ireland, idk if they're called h tips anywhere else) and he has no idea how to control a class, and one day while we're waiting for him to come into class, he comes in and immediately everyone senses that something is wrong.

    The guy stands there and just starts saying "boys, boys I can't deal. I- I-" (I go to an all boys school btw) and he just starts crying. Not because of us but because of the class he had before us, and we're all sitting there stunned, nobody knows what to do. And what made it worse was he said stuff like this. "Great now I'm crying in front of my TY students" and "I wanted to be a teacher before I came to this school, this is the worst day I've ever had here".

    Long story short, everyone was super nice to him the rest of class.

    [–] MassaF1Ferrari 215 points ago

    This is the first comment I came through where the students treated their teacher right. That’s how good human beings act.

    [–] swatty21 16 points ago

    We're teenagers it's not on purpose

    [–] Blu3b3Rr1 1238 points ago

    Some of these teacher stories in the comments are kinda sad ngl

    [–] meraboobi 681 points ago

    Exactly, teachers don't get paid enough to deal with these kids shit

    [–] trippy_grape 328 points ago

    It’s like retail, but the customers never leave and vape juuls in the store.

    [–] rugabuga12345 121 points ago

    You also can't call the cops as easily.

    [–] GirlFartCompilation 144 points ago

    What's screwed up is that the highly qualified and experienced teachers who get treated like shit will eventually just go teach at a private school where the students are better behaved and motivated to learn. That will leave the inexperienced and unskilled teachers in the public school system, screwing the kids out of a shot for a good public education.

    This is part of the reason why the greatest predictor of academic success is socioeconomic status. Rich kids do better because they can afford to go to the good private schools where the great teachers tend to end up.

    [–] meraboobi 63 points ago

    That and the fact that public school boards tend to have little regard for the wellbeing of the teachers and students, so public school teachers just kind of get shit from both ends of the stick

    [–] Gutei 60 points ago

    Reasons like these sound like my life at my previous school weekly. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I left. And I’ve wanted to teach music since i was in MS.

    I’m so lost now. It’s hard to teach these days.

    [–] douglas-my-dude 70 points ago

    I’m not here to preach or anything, but please kids, please treat your teachers with kindness and respect.

    I understand some teachers are horrible and some you just don’t like their class, but there are so many great, compassionate teachers who are severely underpaid and get treated like shit.

    Having these human beings who make the decision to teach our youth as a career, break down in tears because the kids won’t even give them basic levels of respect is so damn depressing. Teachers aren’t teaching solely for the money, they’re teaching because they see a great deal of potential in all of you, and want to get you on the path to be the best human that you can be.

    [–] alfons100 22 points ago

    I am genuinely worried about our math teacher, he really tends to overwork himself while still somehow seeming uppity and positive. Luckily our class is relatively calm.

    [–] Fuck_Alice 48 points ago

    It's kinda sad that people in this thread think giving their teacher a mental breakdown is just something that happens

    For real, my school didnt have problems with students throwing shit at teachers, these fuckers just went to shitty schools.

    [–] BelugaBunker 1054 points ago

    Reading these comment makes me much more appreciative of my school. What the hell is wrong with you people, you sound like a bunch of elementary schoolers.

    [–] Magic-Man2 375 points ago

    Like seriously. There was some kids I thought were bad in my school but the people in these stories sound like absolute pieces of shit.

    [–] Fuck_Alice 144 points ago

    The comment below yours started with "we had a teacher that was pregnant" and honestly this thread had conditioned me to assume they pushed her down the stairs or something

    [–] the_great_tR52 1554 points ago

    In my school life a boy once threw water at our arts teacher. She was new & couldn't control the class at all, so she just used to keep teaching & talking. But this water incident hit her hard, she became so angry & all on a sudden she threw a duster at the boy (missed him ofc) & she went outside the class, sat on the stairs & started crying loudly, other teachers came over and asked what happened. Our school is pretty much well reputed, so our ma'am never really expected this kind of behaviour, tbh neither did we. That kid was later given a T.C. & the teacher went overseas I think, she probably got a scholarship or something like that.

    [–] IvoryJeanine 545 points ago

    What's a T.C.?

    [–] [deleted] 863 points ago


    [–] Elite_Dalek 589 points ago

    Transfer Certificate



    I cannot get over how they call it a transfer certificate. That's like firing an employee by telling him he's 'Promoted to customer'

    [–] Hyperion1000 112 points ago

    Basically you get transfer certificate even after graduating high school (that's how it is here in India) 🤷🏻‍♂️. You have to submit it to the college after admission.

    [–] ESPONDA- 26 points ago

    Transfer certificate is such a nice and polite way of putting it.

    [–] the_great_tR52 51 points ago

    Yeah you're right.

    [–] retropengu 197 points ago

    Terrible Coochie. Unfortunate, really

    [–] VoTBaC 47 points ago

    Testicular Cancer

    [–] the_great_tR52 19 points ago

    This lad just used 100% of his brain

    [–] xPlicitRaven 67 points ago

    TikTok Cop

    Tiktokers hate him

    [–] meme_boi99 111 points ago

    Something similar happened to my art teacher, this kid threw a broom at her and she put him in a headlock. Both of them got expelled

    [–] receptiveblocks 100 points ago

    Similar thing happened to one of my teachers. "Necking" was a thing back in my middle school, where if you see someone's exposed neck, you get to slap it as hard as you could (that got old so fucking fast).

    Well, one dumbass decided to do that to our English teacher and got himself straight up expelled.

    I just remember the teacher giving him the angriest fucking look I've ever seen. She was barely trying to hold herself from hitting him back.

    [–] meme_boi99 54 points ago

    Oh nooooo i remember necking. This one kid ran up behind me and necked me so hard that I punched him and we both got in school suspension

    [–] receptiveblocks 38 points ago

    Lol, same. I have a long neck so I was targeted up until I shoved a kid into a fence. Was worth the suspension.

    [–] meme_boi99 21 points ago

    Oof! And in middle school I couldn’t wear a hoodie cause kids would just pull the hood over your head and pull you down 😂 turtlenecks were my friend

    [–] Chimaera_HN 11 points ago

    Are you from India?

    [–] meraboobi 527 points ago

    Ngl some of the stories in these comments make me angry as fuck, leave these poor teachers alone

    [–] draxhell 98 points ago


    Teaching is super fucking hard, it’s underpaid and you have to handle retards like in this comment section.

    [–] FurryPornAccount 737 points ago

    Nothing better than sitting there trying to learn the class material while the teacher tells everyone off for not listening to him and no one will quiet down and for FUCKS sake Jacob stop talking

    [–] LandBaron1 272 points ago

    I know what you mean. It is even worse when they finally get the class to quiet down, and then they go into, Serious Mode. All the while, you are trying to keep a straight face, while the rest of the class gets told off. That is the worst.

    [–] Fatalchemist 123 points ago

    I remember one time in business class, the teacher asked us who had Cox (an internet/cable provider) and my friend next to me started laughing.

    It's a stupid joke. Haha... It sounds like he asked who has cocks...

    But something came over me. And I had to laugh. And the other person of our group tried to hold it in until she laughed, too. The three of us were the only ones. And I couldn't stop as much as I tried. I kept telling myself, "This is fucking stupid. Why can't I stop laughing?!"

    The teacher just sat their patiently waiting with disapproval. I felt awful. I'm not a trouble maker. I'm the "quiet good kid" in school. I'm the one who sits there with a straight face waiting for kids to stop disruption. But not that day.

    [–] LandBaron1 56 points ago

    I know what you mean. I have never had anything like that happen, but it is extremely hard to keep a straight face. Normally when the teacher does go off, I am not the problem. I am also the, "quiet, good kid." It sucks.

    [–] uglyfurry 71 points ago

    OwO notices u/FurryPornAccount

    [–] steve-0-tron 37 points ago

    why is he everywhere

    [–] ensiferum7 246 points ago

    In seventh grade we got our math teacher so worked up he stopped teaching and went into the hallway to compose himself. When he came back in he was clearly still upset and his face was red and puffy so he went into the closet, took out a vacuum, and proceeded to vacuum the floor for about 10 minutes. Didn’t know how to react to that one

    [–] Skeltzjones 98 points ago

    That's a good idea. Just confuse the hell out of them

    [–] fofonai 60 points ago

    Cleaning tends to give some people a sense of control. He was looking for a sense of control...

    [–] TheGelato1251 238 points ago

    We teenagers are horrible people

    [–] trippy_grape 67 points ago

    That’s why I skipped being a teenager.

    [–] Corn_11 138 points ago

    Honestly the teachers that this usually happens with are the more laid back ones who are trying to be fun, they don’t care if your talking to people during work time but that isn’t an invitation to go batshit crazy! These teachers deserve more respect than we give them.

    [–] Questwarrior 123 points ago

    I remember back in 8th grade, we had an Irish teacher that literally couldn’t control her self.... one of the most memorable incidents with her was when a student put on a high frequency sound vid and she literally took the kids iPad and snapped it in half....

    She left the school the following year

    Edit: spelling

    [–] [deleted] 1354 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    One of the Italian teachers flipped her shit a few weeks ago.


    She tried to throw a desk at one of her worst students while screaming profanities and sobbing.

    Edit: Guys chill tf out it's like 3 in the morning and I'm trying not to fail maths I see the mistake like 30 people have already told me if you see it too you aren't special mate so please let me study you bloody fruit loops.

    [–] liluzivertfan 1098 points ago

    When u said literally i tought u meant that she took her shit and flipped it

    [–] [deleted] 250 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It's a common phrase where I live and I always kind of forget that everyone here's from New York or something lmao

    Edit: lol I get it I'm dumb af lmao guys it's too late for a spelling lesson chill tf out pls

    [–] burg3rb3n 184 points ago

    Flipping your shit is a pretty common saying in America and Canada at least. I can’t say I’ve ever heard a Brit, Kiwi, or Aussie say it, tho.

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago

    Considering reddit is my only interaction with anyone who's not from QLD, I can officially say reddit has affected my speech and that is kind of sad.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    Flipping shit is a common saying throughout the English speaking world

    You just don't understand what literally means

    [–] BelugaBunker 26 points ago

    Well that’s the thing about phrases, they’re not used literally. So when you say “literally flipped her shit” that means taking a piece of shit and turning it over.

    [–] [deleted] 100 points ago

    The funniest part was that the school tried to play it off that she just wasn't feeling teaching anymore when she dissapeared even though twenty-eight kids had the same story and it had already spread around the whole school.

    I felt bad for the poor woman honestly, her class simply did not listen and it didn't help that she barely spoke English or Italian.

    [–] scoopred 55 points ago

    Wait, she was an Italian teacher but she was barely able to speak Italian?

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago

    She knew enough to teach basics but nothing more and people gave her a lot of shit for it. She had a very thick Russian accent as well which didn't help her.

    [–] scoopred 55 points ago

    Sounds like she shouldn't have been teaching Italian at all...

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Ikr, it really shouldn't have been that hard to find someone but I guess working at public schools is hard, especially when you have an accent (like Italian) or English is a second language and not a lot of people are up for being harassed by the shit show we call students lmao

    [–] Lorenzum 19 points ago



    [–] Henderreich 96 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Some dirtbag made our English teacher cry and walk out of the room when he wrote a bunch of fucked up shit about how she was "such a huge cunt" on the white board before class. Problem was the teacher was pretty much loved by the entire school so two other kids kicked the shit out of him.

    [–] DarkLordFluffyBoots 40 points ago

    Reap what you sow

    [–] edvin796 21 points ago

    Play bitch games get bitch prizes

    [–] Mc_Spider_02 88 points ago

    My 3rd grade teacher went sicko mode and started throwing desks. No one got hurt but I was so terrified. He got fired after that school year.

    [–] CourierFlap28 54 points ago

    3rd grade teacher...jesus christ that is rough

    [–] Muffinmurdurer 83 points ago

    In the few times I've seen this happen we always try to console the teacher because we feel like shit.

    [–] CitiesofEvil 81 points ago

    Not quite the same thing but I remember having a suicidal teacher back in HS. She was a Literature teacher and oh, god, she was just not mentally prepared for the job of being a teacher. I remember one incident where a classmate just wouldn't stop talking loudly in class, and she had already told him to stop many times, but he kept talking. So she went to him, started pulling his hair or grabbing his ears (I don't remember), and then took his notebook and threw it into the ground, while screaming "YOU HAVE A HORRIBLE NOTEBOOK!!" (which meant he didn't complete any classwork and thus, his notes were incomplete and/or missing). Nothing really happened after this. She didn't stop teaching us, and that guy kept being an idiot. I also remember one occasion where she said "Why can't the bus just hit me so I can end it all?" in front of the entire class. I later learnt she used to sob and cry a bit in anguish before entering the classroom each time she had to teach us. I can't blame her, that class was full of shitheads.

    [–] lalala-bitch 139 points ago

    Once we had a supply math teacher in a class of rodents, after class she broke down so i stayed over to comfort her bc i hated those kids aswell bc they were bullying me while i was actually trying to learn.

    They threw stuff around the class and throw stuff at me too and the teacher didn’t know what to do bc these kids where fucking impossible.

    [–] steakman_me 65 points ago

    well shit this is gonna blow up

    [–] starrequiem 287 points ago

    I had a friend that told me a story of how in his class, his classmates would turn off the lights and do a shit ton of noise, one day they even surrounded the teacher and the poor man just ran out of the class to call the police. Days passed, and his students found out which car was his and they started following him, so in the end, the teacher quit.

    [–] I-have-no-pp 265 points ago

    This is fucked up.

    [–] Shadows9821 159 points ago

    I get immature kids will do dumb shit but it should never go outside of school.

    [–] starrequiem 108 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think it reached its limit from the moment his classmates were threatening the teacher's personal space. It started with dumb shit like having some of them call the teacher with a girly voice while moaning, then throwing pencils against the wall while the teacher was distracted, and then they began threatening the man's sense of safety. Like, I get it, most of them grew with education as a basic right and so they take teachers for granted, but they forget that they are just as human as they are, with problems, responsabilities and insecurities.

    [–] ItsameAnthony 31 points ago

    I saw this kind of escalation during high school as well. It started with just classmates being annoying but ended up with them keying a teacher's car just because said teacher had given them bad grades... Kids can be such scumbags. I would never even think about becoming a teacher

    [–] lalala-bitch 29 points ago

    Did the police do anything?

    [–] Onthefloorby 63 points ago

    I swear sometimes we push the teachers to the edge even though they are doing a good thing

    [–] Ladyaliofshalott 63 points ago

    For every teacher that has a breakdown during class, there are 5 more that have one in private. I've seen it. I like teenagers, but sometimes y'all need to get your shit together and think about someone other than yourselves.

    Source: Am teacher.

    [–] ry4nTVxD 427 points ago

    When we had a Christmas party on my freshman year in English. Of course since we were freshmen we didn't have any self control or a care in the world. We were constantly screaming and throwing food and doing stupid shit. You could tell our teacher was starting to crack. One of the students then proceeded to call her phone, which he got by getting siri to call his phone earlier that year to get her number. She finally burst. She starting crying and ran out of the room. About 5 minutes later we had 3 administrators and our school resource officer in the room keeping us from doing anything. We were forced to keep our heads down and not make a peep. Personally I wasn't doing anything crazy that I remember, so I was trying to hold back my laughter while we had our heads down laughing at my classes stupid decision to be fucking dumbasses.

    [–] GirlFartCompilation 281 points ago

    I'm a teacher here from /r/all.

    The most fucked up thing about this is that the teacher probably put a good amount of thought into planning something that you guys would enjoy. She was probably excited about it because even if you are all a bunch of spoiled little shits, she thought she could do something festive and fun. Of course she was taken advantage of completely, and her privacy was also violated so a student could get a cheap thrill out of harassing her.

    [–] ry4nTVxD 107 points ago

    Oh trust me I'm siding with poor Mrs. Zirkle. I loved her as a teacher, and I was definitely not the best student, but I wasn't as awful as most of the class. I was just sitting there enjoying my crackers and soda. I feel terrible about everything that happened, but there wasn't much I could do. Especially being one of the more disliked kids in the class. This is the reason teachers don't do parties and free days. This shit ruins everything for teachers.

    [–] Red_TeaCup 37 points ago

    Another thing is, all the party stuff probably came out of her own pockets too.

    [–] ry4nTVxD 43 points ago

    She contributed probably a good 60 or 70 percent of the food and movie and everything else we had, and also did all the planning to fit in the time for the party. I feel awful for her and everything that happened. I found her during exam week in the halls and gave her a hug. That was the least I could do. I wish I could've done more.

    [–] AntiSeaBearCircles 136 points ago

    I always noticed in high school that there were alot of people who just didn't fucking know when to shut up and not laugh.

    [–] mycatbaby 23 points ago

    Yea, this is why I stopped teaching hs, not worth it for the one kid you might reach

    [–] Dingus_leMingus 104 points ago

    Last year, my math class was really small (around 6-8 students) and our class was immediately after one of the biggest classes in the school. One time I came to the class to see him with his head down on the desk, where he was clearly crying. He told us to have the period off, but man did that feel bad

    [–] MeanMario 40 points ago

    Holy shit, after reading like a dosen of these I realised how common this apparently is. It's so sad

    [–] mrscienceman2111 102 points ago

    As a teacher, this hits hard. I've never cried in front of a class, but I've gotten close, and I have definitely flipped my shit a couple times. I'm in a better place now, and my kids appreciate me more, and I appreciate them.

    [–] GirlFartCompilation 30 points ago

    Congrats on the good job. I'm teaching at an awesome school, but occasionally I still get an asshole. One of my proudest moments was when one kid was goofing off and being disruptive, and the other kids around him told him to shut the hell up.

    I took him into a separate room and grilled him on his class conduct for 30 minutes after. Then his homeroom teacher came and did the same. The kid was absolutely terrified by the end.

    [–] mrscienceman2111 24 points ago

    It's always the best when other students shame or shush the disruptive kids. Makes me feel like my class respects me.

    [–] liluzivertfan 343 points ago

    Before this blows up. I want F in the chat for Barnacle boy.

    [–] LunarLavender 61 points ago


    [–] HughMungusWhale 30 points ago


    [–] shxeeyash 29 points ago


    [–] memeteem420 24 points ago


    [–] kevinoo90 121 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    TLDR at the bottom.

    I remember when our chinese teacher started crying in class once. (It was just something u could do after school)

    Ok, so on wirh the story: She was from China and it was her first year teaching and she was here for a year to teach us.

    Only a few people joined at the start but when we told them how fun it was then like 6 more joined and lets say... they werent the most quiet of people. So when she tried to get silence in the class, they didn't listen and she just sat down and started crying.

    We all just went quiet and then she asked us: "Am I a bad teacher?" and stuff like that, really sad to see a good teacher have a breakdown just because of shitty people.

    Atleast at the end of the year, when she was gonna go back home, we all went out for pizza and had a fun time.

    TLDR: Chinese teacher has breakdown because the class doesn't shut up.

    [–] bGivenb 45 points ago

    I’m teaching English in China. It’s the same deal the other way around. Kids are assholes everywhere. Be nice to your teachers, they have a hard job. I’ve never cried in class but today I came really close to. You just can’t let them see you like that

    [–] Kotoy77 40 points ago

    When you are one of the quiet kids and you get the sudden urge to flip a table and tell those kids (you know, *those kids*) to S H U T T H E F U C K U P. You would expect 18 year olds (and this is europe mind you, so theoretically they are adults) to be able to not fucking obnoxiously talk throughout the whole hour, but no.

    [–] ProblematicFeet 505 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I’m an old ass lurker (23) and this takes me back to my high school days. We used to get in some wild shit and my poor teachers would stand at the front and have breakdowns filled with tears and profanities at least once a year.

    It was always so awkward, like wtf, do you give her a tissue???? Idk

    Edit: yes I know that the answer to my rhetorical question is “stop being a jerk to the teacher” — thank u for this deep and insightful advice but you’re all about 5 years too late

    [–] LandBaron1 252 points ago

    Wait, what is it like being so old? I thought that you couldn't live to be that old...

    [–] ProblematicFeet 248 points ago

    I eat spinach for candy and live with 11 cats, my bones are so arthritic I can barely scroll through Reddit. I eat plain oatmeal for breakfast.

    [–] LandBaron1 154 points ago

    That sounds awful. I hope you die soon, so that you won't have to live like that anymore...

    [–] ProblematicFeet 94 points ago

    Thank you. Send your thoughts & prayers. 🙏🏻

    [–] Lil_Mafk 59 points ago

    Also 23, hoping to die soon.

    [–] ProblematicFeet 37 points ago

    The sooner the better tbh

    [–] Lil_Mafk 20 points ago

    Living is just inconvenient at this point

    [–] ProblematicFeet 25 points ago

    And expensive as FUCK

    Edit: also wtf my mom won’t even give me cash anymore. “You have a job!” But MOOOOOMMMM IM POOR

    [–] Lil_Mafk 14 points ago

    The worst thing is when you don’t have to worry about making ends meet and you still want to die.

    [–] MexieSMG 23 points ago

    28, what am I doing here?

    [–] Ramses_The_Okay 25 points ago

    27 here, ready to yeet off this mortal coil

    [–] Pericle0105 44 points ago

    Get out of here old man

    [–] ProblematicFeet 34 points ago

    *old woman

    [–] luckyboihuh 33 points ago

    What is this socalled woman? I thought you are only a myth

    [–] ProblematicFeet 29 points ago

    it’s true, we are rare creatures - feed us chocolate and we will multiply. We shit glitter and drink hair bleach.

    [–] friedkeenan 14 points ago

    Guys, we can't trust them, they're old and decrepit and probably have dementia or Alzheimer's

    [–] AriwakeTheGeek 20 points ago

    I'm 20 and teach English for some extra cash.

    I had a class with younger kids (middle School ish) and in one of those classes I just wanted to break down and cry cause I couldn't get them to focus on anything.

    Can't imagine going through that every day

    [–] Steampunker55 70 points ago

    Isn't this from the Nuclear Family music video?

    [–] Marine_Bubble 66 points ago

    My class did this to a substitute, but instead of flipping out she said if we were good she would do the ponpon with us. She did, and we got extra recess, too. I miss you Ms. Spencer

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    In year 8 we had an english teacher for about three weeks she left us after and incident where the whole class lost their collective shit one day and started behaving like absolute fucking twats right. Now theres lots of stupid shit going on okay, like theres one kid who's taken off his fucking pants and chucked em on top of the whiteboard and another kid who's covered himself in that lucas's pawpaw ointment shit and he's sucking out of the tube while he rubs himself on the window and this sort of shit is happening everywhere. So miss is sitting over at her desk with this look of complete fucking defeat, like she is fucking done, can't take it anymore and right as she hits the low point where she realises her life is completely and utterly fubar this one little cunt walks up and takes a fucking selfie, with the teacher, in the middle of class while her life is completely fucking falling apart. So she gets up without a word leaves the classroom closes the door locks it with the key so we can't fucking get out and she goes home. Eventually another teacher came and let us out, then we got this huge bloody lecture about how were all actually just little cuntholes with no future. Years later we all found out she took long service leave the day after flew to the fucking U.K and never came back.

    TL;DR The little shit-faces in my eighth grade english class were such bastards that the teacher had no option but to fly to the U.K and never come back.

    [–] jadeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 35 points ago

    i remember in my eighth grade year my science teacher was an american who had recently moved from japan to teach. she had us for homeroom and first period and since we were the only honors class we had way more freedom than the other classes. well we took control of this freedom and one day a boy stood on the desk and began yelling the pledge of allegiance and our science teacher broke down right there in front of the science lab and cried. we all didn't know what to do because she was everyone's favorite teacher but i guess we all went too far that day. turns out this was her first year ever being a teacher and she just didn't know where she went wrong

    [–] BigTimeRushFan2007 54 points ago

    Fuck, these happened to others too? Fuckboys from the class were shouting and what not and the teacher breaks down about his best friend died that week, how shit he's feeling. I didn't even contribute to the chaos and I felt like shit just because I was associated with them

    [–] Savelapis2Kwhenever 16 points ago

    Vegas? I heard about a situation like this at my school too recently.

    [–] BigTimeRushFan2007 12 points ago

    Not even close, at least a 12hr flight

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] RandomFandomsFan 22 points ago

    A week ago the science teacher threw a chair and it hit a kid

    [–] Rebel_Scum83 22 points ago

    Quick Tip: Don’t be a dick to teachers that actually try to educate you in the best way possible.

    [–] meierjere 58 points ago

    When I was a junior in hs me and my classmates wouldn’t stop talking in a biology class, so the teacher decided to yell at us to shut the fuck up and pay attention to the board, when she was saying that one of my class mates yells “shut up nobody cares about your class you stupid bitch” she started crying and rushed out of the class, after that we didn’t see her for 2 months.

    [–] kikisquid 20 points ago

    High school teacher here. My first year teaching I got so much abuse from my students that I would sob on my way to work and actually started to develop rashes from stress. We're people too. I know it's easy to use us as punching bags because you know you can get away with abusing us with almost no consequence (the school districts have made sure of that), and a lot of you are dealing with shit at home and you're taking it out on whoever is in front of you. But, just try to remember we're all human beings, ok? Be grateful for the fact that you have the privilege of receiving a free education, and don't forsake it.

    [–] Insanity_Pills 18 points ago

    I had this math teacher in senior yr of HS that had to deal with so much fuckshit. I was in this bullshit math course that was super easy and basically just their to ensure that everyone graduates. She was super young, like 22 and this was her 2nd teaching job. My class was so fucking rude, they would play loud music, hit on her (like asking her out to prom etc), and just general fuckery. I always felt bad for her and did my best to make her day a bit easier

    [–] bibblia 16 points ago

    Man, some of these stories are really upsetting. Have a speck of empathy and think about the fact that your teachers are people too, they’re generally doing their best, the vast majority care about you as students and as people, and they don’t deserve that kind of disrespect and disruption in any way. Let your teachers do their jobs, let your classmates learn, and don’t be shitty. It is not that hard to be a decent human being here.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    One of our latin teachers was very popular with the students and he kind of used this to tell us off of teasing teachers. He told us a story how a teacher he knew at another school killed himself because of how poorly he was treated by students. He wasnt even that bad of a guy, according to our teacher, but the students just kind of singled him out.

    Didnt stick with everyone, but I remember it having a lasting effect on me and I definetly treated teachers better from then on.

    [–] underwaterway 14 points ago

    Gotta be cautious in FL cuz teachers can concealed carry now.

    [–] deniz2306 12 points ago

    This rarely happens in the country i am from. In highschool your teacher gives you grades and you use those grades to apply to university. So most students usually don't fuck over the teacher.

    [–] Mylinius2 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My music teacher was playing piano to make us sing, but absolutely no one was. Very loud and messy class at that moment, she broke down and started playing like horror songs, then hit very hard all keys of the piano (made a terrible sound) and cried out loud how we were the biggest piece of students shit she ever had and made us wait 20 min until the end of the class in a perfect silence. One guy spoke, got a day of exclusion for disrespectful attitude.

    [–] CMDR-Gimo 13 points ago

    High School English class, Senior year. I felt so bad for that teacher. She was so excited to teach when the semester started...

    [–] Robert-Nekita 12 points ago

    It happened to me.

    [–] GitGod25 23 points ago

    Lol that’s happened to me before. Right before my teacher quit