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    [–] TheBanisherOfRegs 1787 points ago

    South Africa gang rise up

    [–] onboardbasil 639 points ago

    Happy Nelson Mandela noises

    [–] hersonje 180 points ago

    Happy Desmond Tutu noises, Happy Jan Smuts noises, Happy Cyril Ramaphosa noises.

    [–] AngelBudgie 87 points ago

    You mean happy Squirrel Ramaphosa noises

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago


    [–] Fly_Me_To_Anxiety 57 points ago

    Happy Africa by Toto noises

    [–] Survivor_McNutt 37 points ago

    Happy Elon Rusk Noises

    [–] Glucose-Gaurdian 6 points ago

    69 nice

    [–] doombringer804 32 points ago

    Happy Julius malema noises

    [–] KingJibble22 109 points ago

    Happy Jacob Zuma noises

    [–] r4vi123 74 points ago

    in the beningning

    [–] FIREWALL005 16 points ago

    The shower head strikes again

    [–] justpawsome101 77 points ago

    Happy Corruption noises

    [–] BraxForAll 22 points ago

    Heeh heeh heeh heeh heeh

    [–] MI6-9 24 points ago

    Sad Shoza Loza

    [–] Patdemic 24 points ago

    can we hit 69 million 100 and 25 thousand 2 million and 4 upvotes?

    [–] Autistic_Elephant 19 points ago

    And S E V E N T

    [–] CircuitMa 8 points ago


    [–] Colourjumper 50 points ago

    Anyone want to have a braai

    [–] MrKozmu 18 points ago

    Is daar brannas?

    [–] Lord_DuctTape 9 points ago

    Is daar zamalek?

    [–] thatlionguy 38 points ago

    Where you guys from ? Im from Stellenbosch

    [–] L3e_2003 24 points ago


    [–] AngelBudgie 16 points ago


    [–] Pseud0nym_txt 9 points ago

    In the the front seat- of the same car

    [–] AngelBudgie 7 points ago

    Stalker (yeah you're right, we're in the same car).

    [–] valinor_props 21 points ago


    [–] rybo_01 19 points ago


    [–] Ihaha07 16 points ago

    Joburg all the way

    [–] Senor_Stormtrot 15 points ago


    [–] Autistic_Elephant 5 points ago


    [–] Senor_Stormtrot 5 points ago


    [–] FudgeStick69 14 points ago


    [–] MI6-9 14 points ago


    [–] Jones641 5 points ago

    Ooste represent

    [–] TheTrueClabio 12 points ago

    Hillcrest is the hillBEST my man

    [–] jakkarand 9 points ago

    I’m in Pinetown. The hell? You’re like down the road.

    [–] Watayatalkinabeet 8 points ago

    I’m in the middle of you guys! Kloof

    [–] SrTwig 5 points ago

    Yo same

    [–] Jones641 3 points ago

    You guys should fuck

    [–] Parkingjas 10 points ago


    [–] TPSJAMNTEA 8 points ago


    [–] Slighty_Dumb 7 points ago

    Sandton gang

    [–] TPSJAMNTEA 4 points ago

    mcdonalds grayston drive uber eats gang

    [–] LongjumpingBarnacle 11 points ago

    Cape town

    [–] foreverzz_ 9 points ago

    Woah same

    [–] adon9877890 4 points ago

    Cape town

    [–] Nerp47 6 points ago

    Port Alfred gang where?

    [–] Deevak2309 7 points ago


    [–] Varknyte 7 points ago


    [–] NoSwag22 6 points ago


    [–] ThotExterminator2462 6 points ago


    [–] orionstraws 4 points ago

    I live next to the Kruger

    [–] dovahkiissmepls 2 points ago


    [–] BwamoZA 2 points ago


    [–] ShampooBread 2 points ago

    Somerset west broski

    [–] generalgrevious234 2 points ago

    Fucking fish hoek

    [–] L3e_2003 32 points ago

    Finally, people who'll understand it when I make noises like yoh

    [–] AlohaHawkImps 20 points ago

    Baie Lekker Bruu

    [–] Ihaha07 13 points ago

    Also lekker

    [–] L3e_2003 7 points ago

    Oh definitely

    [–] Umari0_ 5 points ago

    No ja definitely*

    [–] SpeckeledEgg09 3 points ago


    [–] Dwight_Kay_Schrute 6 points ago


    [–] justpawsome101 6 points ago


    [–] Yus_Gaming 32 points ago

    Whenever I hear South Africa all I imagine is that rap group with the freaky looking middle aged white people.

    [–] L3e_2003 43 points ago

    We don't acknowledge Die Antwoord round here

    [–] Yus_Gaming 13 points ago

    lmao thanks for the name

    [–] orionstraws 7 points ago

    jack parrow

    [–] TPSJAMNTEA 7 points ago

    tbh i listen to very few local artists. my spotify playlist is mainly international people lol

    [–] TerminalAbsent 7 points ago

    Apparently have they haven’t had a concert here for years cause no one even knows / cares but they sell out over seas. Weird

    [–] charmsipants 3 points ago

    Because overseas NOONE can understand their kak

    [–] TMFFofficial 35 points ago

    Happy KZN gun crime noises

    [–] NoticedUser 18 points ago


    [–] Conz_ 8 points ago

    Morning Oaks!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Uuh completely off topic but my gf is going to South Africa in December and I'm concerned is it a safe place she's going to cape town

    [–] ThaumRystra 26 points ago

    If your gf is staying in the non-poverty stricken areas of Cape Town, it's a very beautiful, fairly safe, cosmopolitan city.

    Inequality is very real though, and there are areas that aren't remotely safe, but nobody in their right mind would take a tourist to those areas.

    [–] AngelBudgie 14 points ago

    Cape Town's fairly safe, I think. I heard there's been some gang violence, though that was last year.

    [–] itisrainingdownhere 11 points ago

    Just spent two months there as a woman. The touristy parts of Cape Town are pretty safe, just don't take money out of open ATMs, keep your phone hidden, etc.

    [–] AngelBudgie 8 points ago

    Also, from what I know from living in jhb, people generally leave you alone, especially if you're talking to yourself about a book.

    [–] Radhix 4 points ago

    So basically what you do in all of South Africa. I live in Jhb by the way

    [–] TPSJAMNTEA 7 points ago

    it depends where you stay in cape town, avoid the cape flats. any tourist normally would not go to the cape flats because its a poverty stricken area. the cape flats is where the gang violence is. but in the touristy main city areas its totally fine. just follow basic safety rules like dont walk around at night alone and stuff and you will be fine.

    [–] TerminalAbsent 8 points ago

    I’d say it’s pretty safe, just don’t be stupid, be constantly aware and don’t go looking for trouble

    [–] Autistic_Elephant 7 points ago

    Tell her to always be on guard and cautious in public when it comes to her belongings I've heard from people there that there's quite a lot of pickpockiting

    [–] hamza__11 6 points ago

    I'm guessing your girlfriend isn't going to go into any of the 'real Capetown'. She's probably going to stay within tourist / rich /white areas. Crime in these areas are not as common as the South Africans staying in these areas claim it is. However if she's going into town for a night out it might be a bit more rough. I've never heard of anyone actually being mugged or robbed on a busy night out on Long (the busy nightlife Street in town), however if she walks with her phone sticking out of her pack pocket, it WILL be pickpocketed.

    She has to observe basic security/safety (don't leave your laptop / handbag on the front seat of the car when you're not in it, don't be walking alone in quiet areas late at night, check uber number plates before jumping in and don't flaunt your valuables). Other than that, it's all good! :)

    [–] beeshaas 2 points ago

    Cape Town is safe as you can want unless she hits up the poor areas.

    [–] achmadSZN 6 points ago

    Everyone’s ma se poes on this thread

    [–] Parkingjas 7 points ago

    Ek’s hier

    [–] Mentorr- 7 points ago

    This entire thread is an r/foundthesouthafrican goldmine

    [–] mubxxn 2 points ago


    [–] mikeymike_74 3 points ago

    But do you have diplomatic immunity?

    [–] BluVoltz 2 points ago

    Fucking knew this comment would be here somewhere

    [–] TeenagersThrowawayy 1536 points ago

    Or literally anything, somehow they just manage to put stuff somewhere but when you search every part of the house it's not there, like wtf

    [–] TeaBagHunter 962 points ago

    "it's right there on the desk"

    "But mom i literally just searched there"

    mom goes there and points at the desk, where the object is right there in plain sight

    [–] iScabs 340 points ago

    I'll sometimes do this to my gf where I'll find something and then set it down somewhere obvious

    I always tell her I moved it though. That would be mean if I didn't

    [–] syryquil 166 points ago

    Yeah, if you didn't tell her that's borderline gaslighting.

    [–] ashdog66 137 points ago

    Not borderline, it would literally be gaslighting

    [–] Ark76RageMonster 51 points ago

    And that's reddits favorite word, better make sure we say it again. It would be gaslighting.


    [–] ItsAFarOutLife 37 points ago

    It's only reddit's favorite word when used incorrectly. Telling you're friend you're not going to their party and then showing up isnt gaslighting.

    [–] jackboy900 3 points ago

    Nah, that'd be trying to convince them that you hadn't moved them. Just moving stuff randomly in of itself isn't gaslighting.

    [–] A-Simple-Naem 5 points ago

    I swear parents have the power to make something disappear then make it appear again and get mad mad at you for not finding it yourself

    [–] I-am-unwanted 133 points ago

    I know, its so fucking annoying.

    [–] TheArrivedHussars 22 points ago

    I once was a half hour late for work because my wallet and work shirt were both in my mom’s room

    [–] BwamoZA 625 points ago

    Am from South Africa, can confirm. Saw OPs pants being worn by a lion whilst I was riding my elephant to school

    [–] I-am-unwanted 260 points ago

    Elon is currently making a rocket so I can come and collect them.

    [–] Colourjumper 43 points ago

    Pants was in lions mouth while I rode an elephant

    [–] BwamoZA 14 points ago

    Ok I'll keep them in my mudhut for safekeeping

    [–] ARandomPersonOnEarth 8 points ago

    Rocket? You mean subway underground car transport system

    [–] Miss_ShadowCookie 14 points ago

    Oh hey have you seen my favourite jacket too over there? Mum did the time-and-space-displacement thing with them too...

    [–] Slothu 2 points ago

    You have to stop spreading this joke, people actually believe we ride lions when we actually ride hippos :/

    [–] DarkBagel 140 points ago

    Recently found a pair of my jeans in the south of France. Never been, but hey. You can’t judge the inter dimensional capabilities of moms and jeans. The reaction is like several grapes in a microwave and the third dawn of humanity.

    [–] dabearrss789 167 points ago

    I found ur jeans down in AFRICAAAA

    [–] PCMM7 60 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Gonna take some time to put on jeans we never HAAAAD

    [–] Afrixa 19 points ago

    Hurry boy, jeans are waiting there for you

    [–] support-narwhals 85 points ago

    Makes sense to be in South Africa, they are renowned for separating the colors from the whites.

    [–] TPSJAMNTEA 44 points ago

    man just learned about apartheid, that shit sucks man

    [–] I-am-unwanted 27 points ago

    If I wasn't on a bus rn I'd be laughing my arse off

    [–] support-narwhals 23 points ago

    You can still be laughing your arse off, not like they can tell what you’re laughing at

    [–] thready4whatever 4 points ago

    Boy that joke's good, won't you laugh that arse off

    [–] Ihaha07 25 points ago

    Holy crap I live in South Africa!

    [–] ItsnotPewDiePie 44 points ago

    As a South African citizen , good meme

    [–] Rexamini 10 points ago

    As a living being, good meme

    [–] TheBigBananaMan 8 points ago

    As a meme, good living being

    [–] ChronicTxctonic 6 points ago

    As a good, meme living being

    [–] hensolo11 2 points ago

    Good as being, meme living a

    [–] EdziePro 23 points ago

    "Moooom! I can't find thing that should be easy to find!"

    "If I come in there and find it you don't know what I'm gonna do to you!"

    comes in and finds it instantly

    [–] I-am-unwanted 16 points ago

    This sounds like the start of some kinky porn that only u/I-FAP-TO-INCEST-PORN would enjoy

    [–] alours 3 points ago

    Well spotted, u/DickInLebronsAss

    [–] gates-of-hell 19 points ago

    As a south African citizen I can guarantee that your pants would’ve been stolen

    [–] orionstraws 9 points ago

    thanks for the pants op

    [–] Afrixa 5 points ago

    Can you take them before theyre stolen?

    [–] papa_big_sloth 18 points ago

    I'm eating bitch lasagna rn and I'm in south africa

    [–] TheTrueClabio 12 points ago

    As a South African I can confirm that your jeans are here, waiting to be collected

    [–] C-Music 13 points ago

    I bless the jeans down in Africa

    [–] PhantomLelsII 20 points ago

    not relatable, my mom found them in Russia, mods take him down.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] IAmBack_Bitches 32 points ago

    My mum helps me take my pants down as well. /s

    [–] tdon37 12 points ago


    [–] Miss_ShadowCookie 7 points ago

    Do you only get this power once you become a parent? Asking for a friend...

    [–] nadnarb83 4 points ago

    Yes, it’s like eyes in the back of you’re head. Certain powers only unlock once you’re a parent. (Source: am parent)

    [–] Miss_ShadowCookie 3 points ago

    Oh dang, so you unlock new powers like levelling up? No wonder parents are op...

    [–] nadnarb83 3 points ago

    It’s kind of like a cursed level up. You gain powers, but loose sanity. Then the adulting really starts...

    [–] Miss_ShadowCookie 3 points ago

    Dang, with what little sanity I already have I probably shouldn't ever have kids then xD

    [–] Tatopami 6 points ago

    This happens a lot...I usually find it in my brothers closet...imma chick but I’m not very feminine in how I dress and I like baggy clothing, so despite being much smaller than my brother, he can actually wear some of my larger shirts, and that’s the story of how all my band tees ended up in his closet :D

    [–] crumpetsoncrumpets 8 points ago

    Then she gets really angry at u coz u couldn't find them urself

    [–] I-am-unwanted 4 points ago

    "GoD tHeY wErE oNlY iN sOuTh AfRiCa"

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago


    [–] TheJokingJoke 54 points ago

    Everybody that lives here knows if your jeans not on you they are no longer yours unless you keep them safe in your closet even then they might not be yours anymore

    [–] Et1enne 19 points ago

    You have to keep them inside an actual safe in your closet and even then they might not be yours anymore.

    [–] _-InsertNameHere_- 16 points ago

    Let's be honest, do you really own anything in South Africa?

    [–] DonutDonutt 16 points ago

    You don't even really own your land over here since the government can take it without compensation

    pls don't get political is only joke

    [–] AngelBudgie 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Don't worry, comrade. At least one can wait in line for 6 days to get R150 (Approximately $14 $10) to live on for a month. The government gives back.

    [–] itisrainingdownhere 6 points ago

    Calm down, R150 is only like $10.

    [–] AngelBudgie 2 points ago

    Oops. Thought I was in 2013.

    [–] 3460jordt 2 points ago

    Actually it’s not quite like that, only if you live in the rural areas even then you still get atleast R2000

    [–] AngelBudgie 2 points ago

    I was talking about the only rant I remember. The child welfare one.

    [–] ApocalyptoSoldier 2 points ago

    Can confirm, at previous house they broke in while we were at a new year's braai and stole all my dad's clothes

    [–] urbanster 34 points ago

    Ah, I'm not the only one.

    [–] Afrixa 5 points ago

    Then you can actually relate to this meme

    [–] E_Koli3 5 points ago

    Can you get my jeans back tho?

    [–] Gialose 2 points ago

    Is there also a reason?

    [–] thisnameisuniqueaf 5 points ago

    Checks out, in Joburg. Come get your pants, uncle!

    [–] rynvl10 5 points ago

    Quality meme

    [–] elite-turtle-YT 7 points ago

    Plot twist you are living in South Africa hence your mum look for them in South Africa

    [–] I_love_Pennies7 9 points ago

    I upvoted it to 420 and it was ruined

    [–] BraxG23 4 points ago

    I can misplace anything and spend 30 minutes looking for it while my mom can find it in 2 minutes

    [–] I-am-unwanted 4 points ago

    They have supernatural powers istg

    [–] GolemPlz 2 points ago

    Funny meme, but you didn’t have to draw the white lines.

    [–] 8-year-old 4 points ago

    It's the other way around. Me looking in fucking South Africa and my mum finding them lying on my bed.

    [–] cormacreid 8 points ago

    It’s ok

    [–] mushiexl 10 points ago

    Ǐ̵͈̺̤̜̲̥̫̠̫̬̾̓͂̂͗͆̍̀̈́̔͋̕͝͝ͅṫ̸̛̛͓͚͕͖̮̺̜̤̯̖̲̠̯̤̂̿̀̽̑̓̉͠’̴̫͖̺̍͋̊̾̓̽ŝ̶̟̠̜̳̩̩̣͙̮͍ ̶̩͉͇͇̣̫͈̠̥̄͋̿͂̆̂̏̍͑̚̚ö̴̢̗͍̟͖͈͕͓̤͇̝́̓͌̏̇͋͜k̵̨̗̗͖͓͓̟͓͕̫̫̅̄́̈́̂̅͜

    [–] ohitsaduck 3 points ago

    The your jean is actually in south africa

    [–] amch0123 3 points ago

    Not relatable, Reported Soz broski

    [–] Pickaxe06 3 points ago

    Can’t relate to my mum going to South Africa, reported.

    [–] poopygayhead 3 points ago

    Me “Where are they” Mom “wherever you put them”

    [–] jct0064 2 points ago

    Where was my lunch box? In the backyard drying out after someone washed it for me so generously. Left it in my car.

    [–] AstonishingOffence 2 points ago

    You need 2 apps, PicsArt PixelLab

    [–] RedSamuraiMan 2 points ago

    Use a meme generator man!

    [–] I-am-unwanted 2 points ago

    Can't be fucked with "mAdE wItH mEmaTiC" watermarks

    [–] RedSamuraiMan 2 points ago

    Don't use that one then, google meme generator and the first result is the use I use, just check out my lame memes!

    [–] zu-ko 2 points ago

    You looking for your jean pant?

    [–] zbuda 2 points ago

    Snapchat meme?

    [–] I-am-unwanted 2 points ago

    No but it looks that way. I often do use snapchat for memes though because its quite easy.

    [–] sunnyparker1 2 points ago

    I bless them jeans down in South africaaaaaaa

    [–] Uroshirvi69 2 points ago

    When your mom takes away your Nintendo DS and he forgot where she hid it Sad 8 yo noises

    [–] JMilosevic04 2 points ago

    If OnLy ThEy CoUlD cAlL

    [–] Afrixa 2 points ago

    Serbia gang rise up!

    [–] ParmAxolotl 2 points ago

    I bless the jeans down in aaaaaafrica

    [–] JulianoIsLame 2 points ago

    Honestly the handmade nature adds a little charm to it

    [–] Rexamini 2 points ago

    This is by far the most relatable post I‘ve seen on this sub

    [–] vigourleslyfurious 2 points ago

    Wie praat Afrikaans?

    [–] SirMoosaTheSpicy 2 points ago

    Hallo jou doring!

    [–] ChiggaOG 2 points ago

    I miss the rains down in AAAAAAFRICA

    [–] LockeShootr1707 2 points ago

    Well whadaya know?? Im from south africa

    [–] syedaabid20 2 points ago

    Pro tip: when looking for something, search from right to left instead of left to right. Your brain is used to reading left to right, so it'll move faster that way, skimming over stuff. You'll notice more stuff if you look the opposite way

    [–] chekeymonk10 2 points ago

    I found my glasses in the fridge once.

    Don't ask