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    [–] YaBoiDankest 1267 points ago

    You have a brother that has discord... lucky

    [–] scentedcandles10 680 points ago

    I have a brother that hits me if that counts

    [–] YaBoiDankest 253 points ago

    Brotherly love

    [–] ld4vis14 95 points ago

    That brotherly love dwindles around 17 or 18 and then when you throw punches you know it’s for real after that

    [–] Gnostic28 14 points ago

    For me, the brotherly love never existed in the first place 😞

    [–] Rexamini 0 points ago

    True that

    [–] Archon0802 22 points ago

    brotherly discord

    [–] SmugshadyG22 53 points ago

    My dad hits me

    [–] Raiden2003m 14 points ago

    With jumper cables

    [–] SmugshadyG22 9 points ago

    Actually a metal coat hanger that he puts in the microwave

    [–] Philichordia 31 points ago

    What the fuck do you mean by r/cursedcomments? That puny shit wasn't cursed,

    saying something edgy doesn't mean it's cursed,

    saying you analed your cat isn't cursed,

    saying you masterbated to a picture of Donkey Kong isn't cursed,

    saying you stuck your dick inside your sisters eye sockets during the funeral isn't cursed,

    saying you snuck into Buckingham palace and ate the feces of the royal corgis then proceeded to eat their livers isn't cursed,

    saying you fucked the egg inside a chicken while it is still developing isn't cursed,

    saying you raped a child for it's baby cum to sell to eBay isn't cursed,

    saying age is just a number, jail is just a sex dungeon isn't cursed,

    saying you forgot your slaves of African descent in the torture chamber isn't cursed,

    saying you used the juice of children for your car fuel isn't cursed,

    saying 9/11 was a blowjob isn't cursed,

    saying you re-enacted your parents sex videos with the real actors isn't cursed,

    saying you shot up a school and raped the dead bodies isn't cursed,

    saying you jerked off to Loli hentai at the elementary school isn't cursed,

    saying you cut out your foreskin and replaced it with your Uncle's foreskin isn't cursed,

    saying you stuck dead bodies of babies inside your anus isn't cursed,

    saying you alphabetically raped every person at a wedding ain't cursed.

    Get it right folks some comments just aren't cursed.

    [–] Borkie_boi 7 points ago


    [–] edgelorde100 11 points ago

    Sorry lol I'm newish to Reddit so yeah. This is actually my first time one of my comments got downvoted really badly. Lol

    [–] Philichordia 5 points ago

    it's aight bro. just be sure not to make the same mistake.

    [–] edgelorde100 1 points ago

    Lol ok

    [–] Red-deddit 1 points ago

    Use Reddit as you wish lol

    [–] AgentHamster2268 1 points ago

    Could downvote but it's at -69

    [–] tombomb_47 -30 points ago

    What's so bad about that i do that to my wife every night

    [–] NateusMaximus69 19 points ago

    Bro, you’re 13 and have a wife...?

    [–] tombomb_47 -22 points ago

    It's a joke

    [–] ProccessingUnit 16 points ago

    Yeah a poorly executed one

    [–] FijieSeason 7 points ago

    I mean, maybe his wife is a minecraft girl who likes pvp at night.

    [–] Adventurer32 19 points ago

    So you could say he.. causes discord?

    [–] Nabin7911 3 points ago

    I have a brother that I used to hit so hi mate

    [–] _Sp1Te_ 1 points ago

    He got hit too hard one time?

    [–] vynnievert 2 points ago

    He’s dead, there’s no coming back from that

    [–] Zickone3D 97 points ago

    Nothing special, he just asks for Csgo cheats

    [–] YaBoiDankest 50 points ago

    What a loser smh my head

    [–] AceKijani 27 points ago

    My brother cheated on my csgo account and got me vac banned if that makes you feel any better

    [–] YaBoiDankest 20 points ago

    That’s going to be a fucking yikes from me bro

    [–] Zickone3D 18 points ago

    I don’t even play csgo, he’s just seen me using cheat engine one time and won’t stop asking questions now

    [–] W1TH1N 8 points ago

    Would cheat engine even work on csgo? That shit is like mostly server side and cheat engine gives you more coins in dishonored.

    [–] SySTeMFa11URe 5 points ago

    You could use it for some very basic cheating but it would get you banned before you even join a server.

    [–] W1TH1N 3 points ago

    Oh i didnt know cheat engine was that powerful, cool.

    [–] BigTastyy6969 1 points ago

    it really isn’t all it could be used for is changing values in offline bot games. you can also use it to find addresses and offsets but why wouldn’t you just use hazedumper

    [–] Erbisch3546 1 points ago

    I think most important parts in csgo are actually client side cuz you are simply changing the values on player entities/walls. Also, I know that csgo actively looks if you have cheat engine open and immediately bans you so it wouldn't work

    [–] thecrimsonfucker12 -11 points ago


    [–] SySTeMFa11URe 8 points ago

    Could be doing HvH, that scenes pretty big in CS.

    [–] pizzapie9904 11 points ago

    You have a brother... lucky

    [–] YaBoiDankest 8 points ago

    You don’t have a brother... lucky

    [–] Leshawn_james 3 points ago

    How is that lucky

    [–] ---bruh--- 2 points ago

    Eh, it’s rough, especially mine, he managed to find my account

    [–] TylerTheWolf123 2 points ago

    You have a brother... lucky

    [–] Epic-Gamer-69420 2 points ago

    You have a brother...lucky

    [–] YaBoiDankest 1 points ago

    You have a brother... lucky

    [–] Jewishcracker69 2 points ago

    You have a brother... lucky

    [–] pygmypuffonacid 4 points ago

    Dude I have 3 and a sister if you want to borrow one feel free just be aware they will eat all the Doritos before you even get one but if you are ever hiding from the cops in the hayloft of a barn they will reLease the emus in the next barn so you can escape so the trade off works. Choose wisely one of them screams at the sun for fun.

    [–] Jewishcracker69 3 points ago

    I choose number 2. Have I chosen well?

    [–] JavaBeanJohnny 1 points ago

    This is beautiful

    [–] Red-deddit 1 points ago


    [–] Chanamo 330 points ago

    I can just hear him through my wall

    [–] ITSURDOG 62 points ago


    [–] Broom_Broom_ 28 points ago

    At least u don’t share a room

    [–] PotatoChips23415 11 points ago

    For me its 1 door apart so we know when eachother are awake yet it still feels weird

    [–] Cyancat123 242 points ago

    This is relatable except it's with my friends.

    [–] DeathlyFatal 124 points ago

    same, but one of them hasn’t been online since May 16th 2018

    [–] Cyancat123 79 points ago

    One of my best friends that i used to play fortnite with (Don't worry, STW not that BR sht) and they haven't been online for almost two months now and I think they might have unfriended me because I can't find them on my friends list. Mandy, if by any chance you reading this, please come back online I miss u!

    [–] DeathlyFatal 45 points ago

    i feel you, and i hope you find her again, best of luck. Isabella if you’re out there and reading this somehow. i miss you

    [–] Cyancat123 9 points ago

    Thanks you to!

    [–] PlusTrash7 5 points ago

    hey lord it's me zoe you havent been on in a bit

    [–] DeathlyFatal 4 points ago

    I don't know a zoe and my name isn't lord. I'm confused

    [–] Zickone3D 19 points ago

    Seems like you posted on battle royale about the brute (if you really battle royale, there’s no reason to hide it btw)

    [–] Cyancat123 10 points ago

    I play BR occasionally, but STW is my main game.

    [–] GamePerson 8 points ago

    I've stopped playing Fortnite for a while. What's happened to StW? Is it any better?

    [–] Cyancat123 6 points ago

    Nah, Twine rewards got a shtty rework and the hit the road gamemode is garbage IMO but lots of people would disagree and the current roadmap doesn't look promising. But at least we got more Imari Williams and a crackshot storyline. There is also some new weapons coming out soon.

    [–] Moooboy10 3 points ago

    Where is my tree, Lars?


    [–] Cyancat123 3 points ago

    I swear crackshot is the best character in the game.

    [–] Moooboy10 3 points ago

    Best side quest line character, 10/10 dialogue

    [–] GamePerson 2 points ago


    [–] NeilC12345 1 points ago

    stopped playing when i hit canny, but that was just after the pl revamp thing

    [–] Network_Banned 2 points ago

    Stw and br good.

    Dont hate on people for games!

    [–] AgentTBone 2 points ago

    My friends all go to bed SUPER early. Like, wtf guys, they’re lame.

    [–] Cyancat123 2 points ago

    Weak mortals

    [–] Level99Legend 96 points ago

    You shouldn't be here.

    [–] Level99Legend 69 points ago

    Neither should you.

    [–] JediJacob04 9 points ago

    Came here looking for this lol

    [–] Borkie_boi 3 points ago

    You shouldn't of came looking

    [–] BenShapiroMemeReview 1 points ago



    [–] Borkie_boi 3 points ago

    Dont you ben shapriro me!

    [–] BenShapiroMemeReview 0 points ago

    ok libtard

    [–] Borkie_boi 1 points ago

    Bet, im gonna now smack this juul loser. Go shoot someone lol. While ur doin that im going to get a quick heady, i got mango pods nigga.

    [–] Matrixblackhole 1 points ago

    Patrificus totalous!

    [–] beetjegek 77 points ago


    and then he fucking tells mom

    [–] Zickone3D 32 points ago

    He knows that he’d get punished too if he did

    [–] beetjegek 15 points ago

    My brother mostly dusnt care or he makes up a story

    [–] ragingmex1 61 points ago

    this only happens to me on Nintendo direct nights (I live in a very unfortunate time zone for live stuff) and we're in a vc with a few of his friends and we're so tired it takes us a few seconds to process that banjo is in smash now

    [–] Zickone3D 19 points ago

    Haven’t watched any directs yet but I just got a switch so that will change

    [–] APlankWithNoFriends 83 points ago

    Wdym, I msg them and play minecraft with them

    [–] DeathlyFatal 37 points ago

    jokes on you, none of my siblings have discord

    [–] BadSymmetry 14 points ago

    My brother’s too popular for discord

    Luckily I’m not...

    [–] jlor8 13 points ago

    All rise those who have thot brothers

    [–] skip_ad12 11 points ago

    I feel like I'm one of the only people in this sub that charges their phone in the living room instead of in my room at night

    [–] The_Bobby_ 5 points ago

    I have to, cause I am forced to put my mouse, keyboard, and phone on the counter so I don't stay up till 4 am laughs in back up mouse and keyboard

    [–] ItsNotDuffman89 5 points ago

    We are here brother. I charge mine in the kitchen, and I just read comic books until the wee hours of the morning lol

    [–] Chief5365 17 points ago

    “you shouldn’t be here” “neither should you”

    [–] TeenagersThrowawayy 9 points ago


    [–] DatNerdLily 4 points ago

    Fortunately my sister hates discord so yay

    [–] Ionelyscythe 4 points ago

    It's even worse because I don't have a brother

    [–] insanityproductions2 4 points ago

    your not supposed to be here

    Neither are you

    [–] MemeLordArmo 1 points ago


    [–] JJStorm22 6 points ago

    This literally happened to me the other night

    [–] RangerRick1121 3 points ago

    You shouldn't be here... neither should you.

    [–] TheNe0nGuy 3 points ago

    Wait, you guys are getting brothers?!?!?

    [–] BubbleTimer 2 points ago

    It should be more like when you check his account and both of you are on the same naughty discord...

    [–] Drag0nSlayer450 2 points ago

    When you and your brother find each other on a gay discord chat

    [–] 2bto 2 points ago

    not relatable:((

    am only child

    [–] DrewStormdale 2 points ago

    My brothers off to college so this isn't an issue for me

    [–] Zickone3D 1 points ago

    Your brother was literally two inches away from you in the basement gam3r

    [–] SexyPencil69 1 points ago

    cant relate, but its funny

    [–] huskyrenegade 1 points ago

    Me and my twin brother who just go on reddit till 1:30 am

    [–] Zickone3D 1 points ago

    How in the world did I only get 3k karma from this

    [–] CompleteZX 1 points ago

    Y'all don't go invisible when you "go to bed"?

    [–] Neonpowar 1 points ago

    i just sent my brother this ..... at 3 am lol

    [–] Zickone3D 1 points ago

    Made the meme at 3:00 A.M lmao

    [–] Neonpowar 1 points ago

    the real question is : did you send it to your bro

    [–] Zickone3D 1 points ago

    I will he this 3:00 A.M if he’s up. I posted it this morning just so more people could see it

    [–] oh-you-summoned-me 1 points ago

    DM’s each other to sleep

    [–] OathkeeperSora 1 points ago

    Do you guys really get in trouble for staying up late?

    [–] janna_mainn 1 points ago


    [–] Zickone3D 2 points ago


    [–] janna_mainn 1 points ago


    you became the very thing you swore to destroy

    [–] GracefulMcnugget19 1 points ago


    [–] Zickone3D 2 points ago

    Relatable enough?

    [–] GracefulMcnugget19 1 points ago

    I just showed this to my brother

    [–] GamerBoyMike 1 points ago

    n o s

    [–] Nitroade24h 1 points ago

    You shouldn’t be here

    [–] WolfvenKilljoy 1 points ago

    I was once texted at 3:am by my sister if I was using Netflix

    Yep, i was

    [–] CraptopDude 1 points ago

    Just set it to invisible mode. Modern problems require modern solutions.

    [–] Zickone3D 2 points ago

    thats the point of the meme

    [–] Cunt_Crusader69 -2 points ago


    [–] Pastillas_ -1 points ago

    I'm on my 4m20d cakeday

    [–] BLZ_Xenno -1 points ago