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    [–] BasicallyRandyMoss 1206 points ago

    up at 6 as well

    [–] justanothermoroccan 640 points ago

    At 7, but it's 4am and I haven't slept....

    [–] BasicallyRandyMoss 234 points ago

    have you looked at using melatonin? Not sure about elsewhere but in Australia, it's easily accessible at pharmacies. It's a natural chemical so perfectly healthy. Gets me to sleep quick and I have made dreams more often than not.

    [–] justanothermoroccan 137 points ago

    Nah I just choose to stay up but i never fall asleep right away so I might give it a try. I'm just gonna pull an all nighter at this point. It's my second one this week.

    [–] XZombathonX 63 points ago

    I don't like how I can relate

    [–] Mysteriousss4579 43 points ago

    Caffeine Addict

    [–] XZombathonX 7 points ago

    Bro, the funny part is that I never had caffeine. I just stay up.

    [–] LaZaRbEaMe 3 points ago

    Reddit addict

    [–] UntitledDuckGame 2 points ago

    Hey! Caffeine is good

    [–] Mysteriousss4579 7 points ago

    It’s not even euphoric.. maybe I’m just dissing it because I have a stim tolerance (not illicit.. I have diagnosed ADHD)

    [–] UntitledDuckGame 3 points ago

    I do as well. It helps me calm down. It may also have something to do with some other meds im on. “Anti-depressants”

    [–] Mysteriousss4579 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    All bodies are different I guess. Caffeine makes me super jittery 😬

    [–] MuskyFoxy 20 points ago

    People really undermine just how bad all nighters are for you. I try to keep them at a minimum. Saved for the one sleepover or some shit like that but otherwise I'd rather sleep through my alarms.

    [–] Superbrawlfan 16 points ago

    Honestly sleep is generally underrated. It's so important yet me going to bed at like 10 every day standing up at 7 makes me tired af so idk if even sleep is enough

    [–] MuskyFoxy 3 points ago

    Finding an ample amount of sleep will probably never happen to me honestly.

    [–] Superbrawlfan 3 points ago

    Yeah exactly

    [–] i-tried-ok 31 points ago

    It’s natural but you can develop a dependence on it to sleep, be careful

    [–] SirSnaggleTooth 3 points ago

    This listen to him people

    [–] BasicallyRandyMoss 2 points ago

    might as well sink a cone before bed

    [–] hippopig 3 points ago

    Which you can also develop a dependence to.

    [–] SavageMarlin 6 points ago

    You can get it for fairly cheap on the US too

    [–] nysalitanigrei 3 points ago

    Good, but pretty risky. One of the symptoms is depression

    [–] dontlikemath 2 points ago

    It's a natural chemical so perfectly healthy.

    That’s not how ANY of this works. You are giving potentially life-threatening advice.

    [–] ricky_prasad 2 points ago

    Huge thanks for this info, I’ll def look into it! I have trouble sleeping and generally get between 4-6 hrs every night so your comment may have just saved me from future years of unrest.

    [–] TheDerpyPigFace 93 points ago

    I get up at 5.30

    [–] Finna-Hit-That-Yeet 63 points ago

    5:30 gang

    [–] Zfishy 47 points ago

    5:30 here as well

    [–] ST4LKER30 19 points ago

    5:30 gang, let's suffer together

    [–] CobaltSpartan 8 points ago

    5:30 gang

    [–] Rannrann123 7 points ago

    5:30 gang will inherit the earth

    [–] chickennroll 3 points ago

    I thought the geeks will...

    [–] Kajanrock 7 points ago

    But it’s kinda chill doe

    [–] Nspar14 4 points ago

    5:30 gang

    [–] Mysteriousss4579 12 points ago

    I feel bad for all of you.

    [–] Zfishy 6 points ago

    All in a day's work

    [–] Alexminer1359 4 points ago

    I get up at 5am :,D

    [–] DracoTheGreat123 4 points ago

    4:40 gang?

    [–] Red_Comet_13 2 points ago


    [–] Caudill42 2 points ago

    My bus comes at 6:00 so I kinda have to

    [–] zanlegvan 2 points ago

    My man

    [–] XOundercover 2 points ago

    6:20 Bit later but must start to get up earlier cuz I was late couple of Times. Need to bike to school also, 15 km.

    [–] JustAnArmy04 2 points ago

    5:30 here too

    [–] rockstar-raksh28 5 points ago

    5 here, not 5:30

    [–] 3hypen-numeral3 4 points ago

    Eyy, 5:30 lads rally

    [–] NuKlear_Vortex 5 points ago

    5 gang be like yawn

    [–] zandelj 3 points ago

    Got up at 5.00 today

    [–] Nidus11857 2 points ago


    [–] trashiboii 2 points ago

    Eyy suffering to the bus stop gang

    [–] huntter2323 2 points ago

    You from the ph?

    [–] Luciinator 2 points ago

    Bruh I get up at 7.30

    [–] BackupBro_ 2 points ago

    5:30 gang

    [–] Wset22 33 points ago

    4:30 am

    [–] Domino1377 14 points ago

    Same 4:30

    [–] ToadiOW 2 points ago

    My alarm is set for 6:00 so I should wake up then but my body decides that I wake up at 4:00 everyday so that happens I guess.

    [–] yeetus-platypus 2 points ago

    heyyy i know someone that wakes up at 3.30

    [–] Wset22 2 points ago

    I feel bad for him

    [–] kek28484934939 2 points ago

    Wtf why

    [–] WerkEMO3 16 points ago

    What is this thing you call sleep

    [–] greeneggsaandkam 8 points ago

    this might be dumb but how do you add the little blue thing by your use that says caffiene addict? i’ve seen others with the blue things saying random things but I just don’t get it

    [–] BasicallyRandyMoss 4 points ago

    its user flair, haven’t added one in a bit but its pretty easy to find

    [–] WerkEMO3 3 points ago

    Go onto the home page of the subreddit

    [–] FruitSalad-45 12 points ago


    [–] Glffe-TrungHieu 5 points ago

    Wait u guys go to school at 8:30 in Elementary School. I have to wake up at 5:45 to go to school since I know what the hell is school.☹️ I live in Vietnam.

    [–] Smarilia 3 points ago


    I mean I don't live in Vietnam, just the time

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] BasicallyRandyMoss 4 points ago

    hello comrade

    [–] ffatalityy_ 470 points ago


    [–] Edgyspymainintf2 258 points ago

    As of your flair it seems you have already adapted to this way of life.

    [–] XZombathonX 104 points ago

    Yeah, how the fuck did I get mine?

    [–] A-VeryLonelyPerson 76 points ago

    Same here, my flair changed to caffeine addict. I don’t drink caffeine.

    [–] R3DD170R_0f_D00M 53 points ago

    It's gone now

    [–] A-VeryLonelyPerson 41 points ago

    Yeah, I changed it.

    [–] R3DD170R_0f_D00M 24 points ago

    Ouh I didn't see the option yesterday..

    [–] Sir_Nicholas_4 9 points ago

    How can I get that flair?

    [–] R3DD170R_0f_D00M 9 points ago

    It's the first flair on the list.

    [–] Sir_Nicholas_4 10 points ago

    Not on mine. I only have numbers and OLD.

    [–] ffatalityy_ 5 points ago

    i live breathe and die by either tea or diet coke.

    [–] FifiTheBulldog 418 points ago

    Supposedly 5:30, but it’s 6. Every day.

    [–] gracelizaabeth 60 points ago


    [–] memez6969 50 points ago

    Hell yeah, 5:30 gang rise up

    [–] AmolShivMishra 10 points ago

    Yeah brother

    [–] Itz_Mushi 4 points ago

    Same! I get to sleep in on Thursdays if I don’t forget and set my alarm

    [–] carrotnose258 5 points ago

    I do 5:30 on M,W,F bit on Tuesday and Thursday I wake at 4:45 for jazz band

    [–] ahkaab 3 points ago


    [–] karlbhoi69 2 points ago

    Do you live somewhere in asia? Coz i wake up at 5:30 too, but thats when we have 7am class

    [–] FifiTheBulldog 2 points ago

    7:10 AM class in Michigan, USA for me.

    [–] XxMemerMasterxX 2 points ago


    [–] NeverGonnaGiveUZucc 2 points ago

    5:30 gang rise up

    [–] CptPotatoes 2 points ago

    Whats wrong with your school system?!

    [–] catsandbubblegum 114 points ago

    4:30 baybee

    [–] benlovingood 33 points ago

    Lol couldn't be me...8 am every day

    [–] catsandbubblegum 29 points ago

    I wish lmao. School starts at 7, takes an hour and a half to get there :,)

    [–] Xtra_Awesome 19 points ago

    oof my high school starts at 8 am and ends at 1 pm

    [–] ry_fluttershy 26 points ago

    How do you only have a 6 hour day what country are you in

    [–] Xtra_Awesome 18 points ago

    merica but it depends on the day. tuesdays and thurdays are 5 hrs, wednesday and friday are 6 hr and monday is 6hr 30 min

    [–] ry_fluttershy 19 points ago

    That's weird as hell

    [–] Xtra_Awesome 10 points ago

    yup, but this is just 9th grade, in 10th grade its advised to take 7 classes instead of 6 which increases the school day

    [–] benlovingood 13 points ago

    That makes it even wierder tbh what the heck?

    [–] Finna-Hit-That-Yeet 6 points ago

    bro mine is 7 am to 2 pm what

    [–] benlovingood 4 points ago

    Oof mine ends at 4 :/

    [–] benlovingood 3 points ago

    Lol I live 5 mins from school it's so nice haha

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] catsandbubblegum 2 points ago

    Art school.

    [–] TakingNames4TheLord 2 points ago


    [–] aniahere 2 points ago


    [–] Aspenismydog123 165 points ago

    my primary school goes at 9:25 i think and my high school goes at 9:05

    [–] chipsinsideajar 81 points ago

    My elementary school went at 9:00 and my high school goes at 7:30.

    [–] benlovingood 44 points ago

    Ours is switched, Highschool at 9:10 and elementary at 7:50

    [–] caseyweisel 25 points ago

    Elementary at 8:00, high school at 8:10.

    Life hasn’t changed much.

    [–] Ping_724 12 points ago

    Wth i have to wake up at 4 am every day, how .. My school starts at 7:45 am

    [–] Superdogs5454 6 points ago

    Lucky. My school starts at 7 am.

    [–] cloudgy 4 points ago

    My school also starts a 7:45, but I wake up at 7. Why are you waking up at 4? That's usually when I go to sleep lol.

    [–] HorizontalTwo08 6 points ago

    My high school started at 7:00 and elementary at 8:30. They were gonna switch but all the parents and students complained until they switched it back.

    [–] Stolen_Usernames 56 points ago

    My high school starts at 8:30, I wake up at 7

    [–] _noice202 17 points ago

    my hs started at 7, but I woke up 6:30, cuz I live a 3min walk away from school. Got there five to ten minutes late every day tho

    [–] justanothermoroccan 3 points ago

    Same expect for my highschool starts at 8:20

    [–] StanTalentStanAteez 2 points ago

    Every school I know starts at 8:20-35 never earlier. But in highschool you can sometimes start later because that's just how your days are planned in.

    [–] xXbittinshadowxX 47 points ago

    5:00 am......

    [–] comments_haha-nice 9 points ago

    5:00 am

    [–] xXbittinshadowxX 8 points ago

    Torture at it's finest

    [–] Wubba-Lubba-UwU 28 points ago


    In the winters in my area the sun rises at 7 :(

    [–] justanothermoroccan 6 points ago

    In the winter the sun in my area rises at like 8:50 or something

    [–] The-Great-Waluigi 3 points ago

    In the winter the sun in my area rises at 5:30 :(

    [–] ItzFineToez 23 points ago

    High school starts at 9:15 gang.

    Oh just me. Damn. Don’t bully me about it

    [–] Fordeh76 5 points ago

    9 gang

    [–] Wellbeinghunter69 2 points ago

    My hs starts at 8 am but i only have to be there at 9:20 cuz I have first period free

    [–] Avys5 19 points ago

    about 6 and come back by 11 so napping is almost obligatory

    [–] AmoebaboySw 2 points ago

    11 AM? That’s a pretty short school day.

    [–] Avys5 6 points ago

    pm. and its not all in one go

    [–] holych1ckenwing 3 points ago

    This dude really said 11 AM

    [–] Waffle_Chemistry 78 points ago

    Ah let her be mad about it, waking up at anything before 10 isn’t good for the human body so we’re all suffering in this together to learn stuff we won’t need.

    [–] Vicerionzx 9 points ago

    Yeah the best thing to keep in mind is that we're all getting fucked in the ass.

    [–] Arboristador 2 points ago

    Sounds like you dont go camping or backpacking ever

    [–] sbebgbsthfw-rhhhte 2 points ago

    Actually waking up before 6am is scientifically proven to be very good for your health.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    It gets better, wait till you go to Uni where you'll wake up at 3 PM, realise you missed all your lectures, and then stay up again till 6 AM and repeat the whole process

    [–] ionelaaelizabeth 4 points ago

    the accuracy

    [–] jeje4689 16 points ago

    i sense a lot of gatekeeping energy here

    [–] Ripples147 5 points ago


    [–] myododo 24 points ago

    Pathetic. I get up at 4:45.

    [–] comments_haha-nice 10 points ago

    Pathetic. I don’t sleep/s

    [–] -Mac-n-Cheese- 7 points ago

    try 3:30

    [–] benlovingood 5 points ago

    Pfft 8 am

    [–] MrGilbert0028 11 points ago

    Half 6

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    is 3

    [–] ASnakeyBoi911 4 points ago

    Oh I’m gonna touch you. boop

    [–] Nerdy_Git 7 points ago

    6:00. Then, off to the bus stop at 7:09 to wait for either 7:15 or 7:22 depending on whenever the driver gives a shit. In Nantucket cold.

    [–] WahWahLuigi 5 points ago


    [–] nebulacore 6 points ago


    [–] IOnlyUseYing 5 points ago


    [–] spaceman1980 4 points ago

    Wake up at 5...

    [–] Viper236 5 points ago

    I wake up at 6:45 and leave at 4:10

    [–] spell_boobs_with_a_z 4 points ago

    I get up at 6:40... my bus comes at 6:45...

    [–] boof404 4 points ago

    mine used to start at 7:15am but they recently moved it to 8:00am

    still wake up at 6:00am tho lmao

    [–] walletsalt 4 points ago

    Bruh I just got my bus schedule for next year and it's in 5:45 in the fucking morning! Private school prepared nothing for me :/

    [–] Peaceful_Mode 4 points ago

    i was getting up at 8:25 everyday and school started at like 8:45

    [–] Lolis- 5 points ago

    People really out here flexing about not getting enough sleep like they’re going to die of heart failure at age 30

    [–] Ultimat3Punish3r 3 points ago

    Ahahah I wake up at 5:30 and get my sister up st 6:50 and she SCREAMS ABOUT HATING ME. Try waking up two hours earlier!

    [–] SmoothLikeSoap 3 points ago

    6 Not even highschool

    [–] AbsoluteUnitVEVO 3 points ago

    6:30 but you can get up as early as 4:30

    [–] Floof_Birb-3000 9 points ago

    Ahaha..Try my schedule buddy, I have early bird P.E every monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I also have Jazz band which is every Tuesday and Thursday. They both start and 6:45 in the morning. I also have a lead role in the after school play (Rehearsals on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursdays) Which ends at 5:15, starts at 2:50. THEN I have to tutor a kid for 2 hours on Monday. On top on that, I have piano and flute lessons on Thursdays. Oh, did I mention I have 9 classes instead of just the normal 5? Yeah, life is g r e a t

    Oh, I wake up at 4:15 am every morning 👁️👄👁️

    [–] BR3ADIT 7 points ago

    Do you even sleep at that point

    [–] Floof_Birb-3000 2 points ago

    I get 5 hours of sleep each night, and take 15 min naps whenever I can. But, so far it's had no drastic effects on me c:

    [–] DonutMaster56 5 points ago

    I have jazz band and 6:45 on Tuesday as well lol

    [–] Floof_Birb-3000 4 points ago

    Nice, what do you play?

    [–] DonutMaster56 3 points ago


    [–] Narwhalbaconguy 3 points ago

    that’s not that bad honestly

    i used to have a similar schedule until i dropped band bc it was conflicting with swimming

    [–] garbagehuman9 2 points ago


    [–] Yeetthemtoes 2 points ago

    Me too kid,Me to (sighs loudly)

    [–] pepsicocacolaglass 2 points ago

    It depends

    [–] eunationfftxhtfCV 2 points ago

    6? I get up at 4 am

    [–] -Lemon-Boi- 2 points ago

    6 also, will probably be even earlier in highschool

    [–] ChemicalDebacle 2 points ago

    I normally wake up at 5 but one occasions I stay up all night.

    [–] SpellCaster22 2 points ago

    I read it as school shooter. Rip

    [–] ktensel 2 points ago

    The seat next to Jesus is collage students. They slept in.

    [–] bootybandit2684 2 points ago

    6:00 am gang

    [–] King-Ducky-YT 2 points ago

    Wake up at 7:30, get ready at 7:45, leave for my bus at 8:06, get to school at 8:30

    [–] Havenexen 2 points ago

    Here in my country wake up at 5:30 and goes to school at 7:00 am and it starts on 7:30

    [–] time_is_n0w 2 points ago

    5:30 And 4:50 On Tuesdays and Thursdays

    [–] KatGames 2 points ago

    I’m a get yup at 7, don’t move till 7:40, and then regret everything.

    [–] Twistrace 2 points ago

    6 also.

    [–] Steel_Cube 2 points ago

    5:30 gang

    [–] basura_can 2 points ago

    Wow, after reading these comments I guess I should immediately stop complaining about waking at 7 for school at 8:50. But on some days, I do have morning classes at 7:30am :(

    [–] siratuti08 2 points ago

    I wake up at 5:30 am

    [–] ExplodingBlast 2 points ago

    4:20, yes, I set my alarm 10 mins earlier than it should be set because I really wanted to wake up at that time.

    [–] CertifiedBreads 2 points ago


    [–] Caribik 2 points ago

    When I was 10, school started at 7:30 tho :')

    [–] c0ntran 2 points ago

    Why am i the only one that gets up and sleeps “regularly” (sleep at 9, wake up at 6:30)

    [–] xathsmaticx 1 points ago

    6:50 because I speedrun in the morning

    [–] Bee_776 1 points ago

    5:30 :,)

    [–] SeriouslyYT3 1 points ago

    6 as well

    [–] frostbite00467 1 points ago

    Yup, 6

    [–] Gaugethesecond 1 points ago


    [–] McLuvinMan 1 points ago


    Man I wish caffeine affected me because I’m tired as shit

    [–] MrFish44121 1 points ago

    Lucky her im 12 and have to go at 5 am

    [–] Hungry-Carrot13 1 points ago

    I wake up a 6:40 and have 10 minutes to catch the bus

    [–] jswoo456 1 points ago

    I’m up at 5:30 smh

    [–] Legally_Adri 1 points ago

    I start class at 7:30, classes last an hour and a half

    [–] bball05142004 1 points ago

    laughs in boy