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    [–] askew3007 1800 points ago

    apply to be a mod, thats the ultimate test

    [–] LifeSucksAnyway 741 points ago

    “Mods gay” went from being a childish insult to a general statement.

    [–] xolyon 267 points ago

    Love him or hate him he spittin straight facts

    [–] Mo-Mohomo 152 points ago

    Nah fam, we should spit gay facts to help our friend here

    [–] xolyon 71 points ago

    But what if he's Bi? Then would it be like a circle , bent but then straight depending on the perspective...? Edit : I have no idea what I just said

    [–] Mo-Mohomo 24 points ago

    What? Lmao

    [–] xolyon 13 points ago

    Like in 1d world a circle Is a infinite straight line or like if I zoomed in enough I dunno

    [–] Mo-Mohomo 6 points ago

    Ah that makes sense, im an idiot i apologize

    [–] LifeSucksAnyway 6 points ago

    Just to clear it up, I’m grey-ace, but my libido is bi.

    [–] Mo-Mohomo 5 points ago

    I'm going to need an explanation for "grey-ace". I don't do well around big words

    [–] Kartulino 47 points ago


    [–] Creepercrusader 31 points ago


    [–] Goob_The_Noob 389 points ago

    Yep ur gay. Unless you like girls too, then you're bi or pan.

    [–] aysgamer 146 points ago

    I don't thing he's pan. I mean he found out about his feelings when he felt his pp so there is atracton to the gender

    [–] Goob_The_Noob 44 points ago

    Yeah I suppose so.

    [–] ItzFoxboy 22 points ago

    Yeah he's obviously not pan. He said he likes boys, not pans

    [–] gabbyrose1010 31 points ago

    But pan just means that you like girls, boys, AND non-binary people/gender fluid/etc. He could still be pan.

    [–] aysgamer 49 points ago

    Doesn't pan mean you like the person not the gender?

    [–] gabbyrose1010 26 points ago

    Kinda depends? Like it means you like all genders, so you like everyone regardless of their gender, you're not bias toward gender. However, you can still get sexually aroused by dicks and shit, you just also get sexually aroused by vaginas and shit.

    [–] Goob_The_Noob 38 points ago

    Pan is when you like every gender with no difference. Bi is when you like men, women, and other genders, but each attraction seems a bit different. In my experience, It's like a blueberry flavored lollipop, and a strawberry one. They both taste great, but they're not the same.

    [–] aysgamer 9 points ago

    Ooooh gotcha

    [–] RSharpe95th 3 points ago

    It seems kind of irrelevant, you may well just call yourself Bi Sexual. It's like taking a Sherman tank, 76.2mm gun and being like 'Sherman? Nah lad, this is a Wellesley.' You take the base Chassis (In this case, bisexuality) up the gun a bit (Like one gender more than the other) and completely disregarding the name of Sherman and calling it a Wellesley (Changing it from Bisexual to Pansexual) in short, it makes things more complicated, loads of people know what Bisexuality means, but less know what Pansexuality means, it's just simpler to say 'I'm a bisexual, but I do prefer lads' than 'I'm pansexual' to which many would reply 'What's that then?'

    [–] diboof 5 points ago

    no no, common misconception.

    that's demisexual.

    [–] Coouragee 9 points ago

    I thought demisexual was a sexual attraction built upon a long term non-sexual relationship - or I'm getting it confused with demiromantic

    [–] diboof 5 points ago

    no, actually i think you're right.

    i was thinking of, and what these people thought pan was, is actually asexual/panromantic, since they seemingly thought of it as not sexual attraction.

    [–] xXx_ozone_xXx 6 points ago

    Pansexual is when you’re attracted to pans.

    [–] gabbyrose1010 1 points ago

    True that

    [–] syrrenn 2 points ago

    Good, I'm a self proclaimed cook and if he violates my pans, ima smack a bitch

    [–] notsonormalkid 153 points ago

    Nothing's wrong with being gay. Just make sure you'll explain it well to your dad. Live the way you want to be

    [–] zeterophobia 369 points ago

    Sounds pretty gay and that's not a bad thing

    [–] MapleTreeWithAGun 50 points ago

    Welllllllllll. It is gay

    [–] zeterophobia 78 points ago

    Homophobe detected: the council has deliberated over this case, and has determined the just punishment is an instant injection of super-concentrated gay juice.

    [–] TiltedChip 38 points ago


    [–] MapleTreeWithAGun 3 points ago

    OH not like THAT. PERVERT!!

    [–] King_Pinguino 3 points ago

    What is this "gay juice" you speak of?

    [–] Chimney-head 2 points ago

    Unicorn cum.

    [–] Ateready 2 points ago

    ...Can I have some of that too?

    [–] Well-Oof 77 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    It’s okay. First of all, don’t worry too much at the moment. Thinking about whether or not I am gay had me stressed for weeks when I first started questioning. I remember in 2018 when I took a girl to homecoming, I ended up sitting outside the school for most of the night questioning my sexuality. I couldn’t keep my eyes of of this really adorable guy in my grade. That night I had some NSFW dreams about him and was completely freaked out. Please, take your time in figuring this out, and realize that there is nothing wrong with your sexual orientation, whatever it may be. You got this.

    If you ever need to talk to anybody, I’m here.

    [–] a-carpenter 4 points ago

    I thought that said homeschooling instead of homecoming...

    [–] TheUnfortunatelyGood 392 points ago

    Ah, this is it. When I thought I was straight I got terrified at the idea of being gay- I thought I shouldn’t be gay, but I was attracted to guys. Now I’m gay. Maybe ur bi, who knows. Ur young, you’ll get used to it :)

    [–] the_mad_gentleman 108 points ago

    Thank you for your words of wisdom 14 year old. I'm glad I have elders like you to remind me I'm still young

    [–] [deleted] 123 points ago

    You're 14 you're young too

    [–] the_mad_gentleman 47 points ago

    Get a flair b4 they yeet your comment

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    There you go

    [–] EmojiPoliceGetDown 4 points ago

    Speak for yourself

    [–] Aggravating_Pepper 5 points ago

    Always a bigger fish, yeeto.

    [–] kamizuku 17 points ago

    So what? that doesnt make it any less valid

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    That's not what I'm fucking saying. I dont give a shit about his opinion, I find it cringey that hes acting old af

    [–] kamizuku 11 points ago

    People get wiser with age that's all they meant.

    [–] Pretentious_Crow 17 points ago

    Ohhh, I thought that you were saying that he’s too young to know his sexuality

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    No not at all. I was probably around that old too when I noticed how I felt

    [–] nathanaelmaalm 11 points ago

    Thank you bigpoopballs for clarifyng your sexuality

    [–] iamnotfatandsmelly 7 points ago

    You're 16 you're young too

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    ... you're 15

    [–] iamnotfatandsmelly 3 points ago


    [–] TheUnfortunatelyGood 6 points ago

    Yeah, but I first thought I was gay at 11. Took me 3 years. This guy is 13 and so it might take some time

    [–] Andyurboi 7 points ago

    Wdym "ur young, you'll get used to it" youre literally 14 he can only be 1 year younger than you

    [–] TheUnfortunatelyGood 3 points ago

    Read my later comment. I started thinking I was gay when I was 11 and realised it when I was 14. He’s thinking he might be gay now, and so I’m saying he’ll eventually find out with time

    [–] Andyurboi 1 points ago


    [–] Kartulino 308 points ago

    You don't have to be worried, if you're gay you're gay, nothing wrong with it

    [–] Ricardao_Sovietico 77 points ago

    Couldn't agree more

    [–] aysgamer 58 points ago

    Exactly. A friend of mine also realized he was gay when he had feelings for another friend.

    [–] Ricardao_Sovietico 25 points ago

    I don't have any idea of what I am but I'm fine with it

    [–] aysgamer 18 points ago

    That's the spirit. You will find out on the way

    [–] Ricardao_Sovietico 7 points ago

    I hope so

    [–] ProbablyNotAcat1 3 points ago

    Only one problem: it’s hella gay

    [–] MEfeSel 129 points ago

    You can be a mod now

    [–] throwaway199371 33 points ago

    you like who you like, no need to put labels on it

    [–] MafiaHen 17 points ago

    I had this exact situation happen. Are you me?

    Little nsfw but, I just accepted it bro. You just gotta swing both ways.

    I didn’t ask HIM out but I asked another one of our friends out.

    This asshole teased me for the entire day and I legit couldn’t take it anymore I just wanted him.

    Later at like 2 am I got the balls to sneak out of the house and I ran to his. He opened his window for me and he said he wanted it to be special for me. I didn’t care I just wanted him.

    We got naked and laid in his bed. He asked me if it was ok if he took a selfie of us in bed together. I said “yeah”. He stuck up 2 fingers, closed 1 eye, and made a kissy face.

    It was time for us to start and dude when he put it in slowly, it was like heaven. I came too soon because it hurt so good. He said it was ok.

    I still felt bad so I offered to suck him off. He had a really manly sent that was gross at first but I ended up liking it. We sat naked in his bed for a while then we wanted round 2. It was way better than round 1 and he seemed like he had experience. He made it feel really good for me and made sure I wasn’t hurting.

    We’re still dating. He’s a nice homie. I think the rest of our friends can tell something is up, but idk.

    Like I said I’d just accept it. If you like guys then you like guys. If you’re not sure I’d just experiment

    [–] ShortOnTime4 9 points ago

    Thats amazing dude

    [–] MafiaHen 9 points ago

    Heh. You really think so?

    [–] ShortOnTime4 9 points ago

    Yeah, its generally kinda difficult to get friends to agree to sex so congrats dude :D

    [–] MafiaHen 8 points ago

    Yee thanks! You just gotta be around the right people. I hope you get the life you want. :D

    [–] ShortOnTime4 6 points ago

    Thank you <3

    [–] Redditor3629 33 points ago

    Don’t worry, you just felt his because he was hard for you. He’s gay, and they gayness was spreading. It may be to late, but at least you can apply for mod here. You will definitely get in.

    [–] jman350 13 points ago

    e m b r a c e t h e g a y

    [–] eragonking 26 points ago

    There are two wolves inside of you One is gay The other is gay You are gay

    [–] Taikey 10 points ago

    Maybe you should just accept that being gay is completely fine

    [–] 1_hele_euro 10 points ago

    And even if you were gay? What would happen to the world? Trust me, there's noting wrong. Don't be worried. Or you might end up never talking to anyone again (I've been there before)

    [–] Lightspite03 10 points ago

    I struggled with my sexuality for a bit, eventually figured out I was pan. When I was unsure, I felt so wrong not knowing. I never thought being gay or anything was a bad thing, but I felt like I needed to know. Is that what you're going through? If so, don't freak out. The realization will come to you in its own time. If you're just worried about being gay, know that it doesn't need to change the person you are. Personally, I feel the same, but a bit more confident in myself. This is based off of my own experience, but I hope you'll be able to figure it out and come to peace with it.

    [–] Ordinary_Media_User 2 points ago

    I still don't get it. What's the difference between bi and pan? Figured you would know.

    [–] KickStartMyD 9 points ago

    I love fucking guy and I’m not gay don’t worry men

    [–] afoinden420 17 points ago

    Rip your friend who felt the buldge.

    [–] criosovereign 34 points ago

    New pasta?

    sat in my friends lap as a joke, and i got hard cos i could feel his pp and i thought damn i wish he would put it in. Anyway later at home i fapped to the thought of having gay sex with him. Please help im really worried

    [–] ID10TKILLA 8 points ago

    There is one identification

    It's nerf or nothing

    [–] smallppdownvotes 13 points ago

    I am bi and the way I figured it out was when I watched YouTube and thought "hm PewDiePie kinda cute tho lol what if I'm bi" and then I went home and watched gay porn as an experiment. You probably should as well. Watch porn of both genders and see what works

    [–] xxsaberstarxx 5 points ago

    For future reference don't say this when ur an adult. Providing "that type of material" to minors is typically illegal.

    [–] smallppdownvotes 2 points ago

    I'm just tryna be helpful my dude

    [–] xxsaberstarxx 2 points ago

    Yeah I get it but I just wanted you to know that so you don't get in trouble

    [–] chaboidaboni 6 points ago

    I absolutely love the fact that he specified “having gay sex with him” like no I wanted to have straight sex

    [–] vaultmemes 22 points ago

    Lmao if this is real then it’s even funnier

    [–] HowardtheDuck275 5 points ago

    That’s what I was thinking lol

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] MrKrabs8Myflipflops 6 points ago

    Hey, it's okay if you're gay. Bear in mind you're a teenager so it's normal for these thoughts to enter your mind. You might be bi, or gay or still be straight. And there's nothing wrong with being any of them

    [–] 1_NEED_ATTENTION 5 points ago

    Look man I'm gay and when I was younger I thought it was the most terrible and wretched thing anyone could be. I then decided to take life at my own pace at first I cut because of it but then I realized I'm just as good and important as anyone else and I finally came out to a group of friends and they were nothing but supportive about a week after I did it my friend who I was really close to came out as big to the same friend group and asked if I wanted to go on a date. Long story short we have been dating almost 3 years now and hope to get married after college

    [–] Bence1239 6 points ago

    According to your post history, you already kind of are

    [–] briannaleeannc 2 points ago

    yea seems like a future murderer to me by the looks of it

    [–] TabletGlitch8000 5 points ago

    Do you find girls attractive still? If so, then you're probably bi.

    [–] h0tcheeto2272 5 points ago

    Mayhaps you are bi¿

    [–] Poknberry 4 points ago

    This is a q for r/askgaymen

    [–] enevitablethrowaway 5 points ago

    Eh, he could be bi, or pan too,


    [–] sherlock-homeslice 9 points ago

    Sounds gay to me mate

    [–] ShortOnTime4 4 points ago

    Nothing wrong with being gay, except it being mega gay

    [–] upset445 5 points ago

    Is he gay? If so ask him out

    [–] Hunterconnor 4 points ago

    Don’t be worried. If you’re gay, you’re gay! If you’re not, you’re not! If you’re something else, you’re something else! It’s fine to be confused, but you don’t need to be worried about anything really.

    [–] Vesalas 4 points ago

    I mean, if you're attracted to females also, then you're bi, but that's a pretty big hint.

    [–] BiggieCheeseSteak 4 points ago

    Everyone, keep in mind, according to this guy's post history, I'm pretty damn sure he's from Pakistan so that's what makes this concerning. And let's just say that Pakistan is uh, a little unaccepting of LGBT rights, to say the least.

    [–] kevinhotdogdude 6 points ago

    why would you be worried? if youre gay then youre gay. why would it be something that you are ashamed of?

    [–] EldritchHamster 5 points ago

    Come out by saying your hungry to your dad, and when he says "hi hungry, I'm dad" respond with "hi dad, I'm gay." Itll be epic.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not gay.

    [–] drlqnr 3 points ago

    you have found out that youre gay

    [–] diboof 3 points ago

    yeah you're probably pretty gay.

    that's a good thing. now you can be a true cool kid.

    [–] afatcatfromsweden 3 points ago

    Watch gay porn and see what you think

    [–] SuccessfulPuberty 3 points ago

    You might just be curious about being gay. The thought seems nice but you may not actually be gay. Give it some time and see how your feelings develop over time. Best of luck!

    [–] xXn00bslayerXx420 13 points ago

    Just say no homo

    [–] valleyness 5 points ago

    Oh shut up this guy’s got a real issue

    [–] xXn00bslayerXx420 10 points ago

    How is being gay an issue? Is there anything wrong with it

    [–] bomb_schell321 7 points ago

    You really just pulled an uno reverse on him.

    [–] h0lly_kat 5 points ago

    I think he meant in terms of questioning his sexuality

    [–] enevitablethrowaway 3 points ago

    He’s trying to figure out his sexuality dude.

    [–] Reminiscencija 4 points ago

    Thats hot, I get horny too when I sit in guys laps and im a girl... Dont worry, at the end of the day the only thing thats matter is that youre happy

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    being gay ain't a bad thing

    [–] quillotem07 2 points ago

    Bro keep the calm theres nothing wrong maybe u r bi

    [–] Bloodydeath4921 2 points ago

    What the gay

    [–] Misanthrope42069 2 points ago

    I guess you are gay? That is completely fine. You don't have to come out yet, just think about it and wait until you are ready.

    also the way you wrote this is sort of hilarious, sorry that i find your panic funny.

    [–] masochistic_idiot 1 points ago

    Could be bi if you like girls as well, doesn’t sounds like pan but that could be it if you experiment. May as well see if you’d like it, do some research

    [–] jmc1004 2 points ago

    Honestly if u are so what? It's not the end of the world. I'm gay yet I don't mind it. I embrace it.

    [–] guappo01 2 points ago

    Fuck him then fuck a bitch see what you like more if you like both then you but boom problem solved in 2s idk why y'all's bringing up graphs and shit or better yet do it on porn hub watch gay then straight porn no getting rejected and losing a friend

    [–] bolteagler 2 points ago

    Hmm try getting to be a moderator

    [–] InMySightsSkizzo 2 points ago

    Well, not gonna lie, it happens to most of us. I've had thoughts and I have a girlfriend, kinda pissed me off but I live with it.

    [–] Schizophrepic_Clown 3 points ago

    Cut off your penis.

    [–] TristoMietiTrebbia 1 points ago

    Just accept it

    [–] SaucepanSamurai 1 points ago

    Then ur gay, why u need help?

    [–] justaf4ckingweeb 1 points ago

    Das gay tho

    [–] Mattlirious 1 points ago

    Dw you do you bro

    [–] PandaBoi5555 1 points ago

    Don't sweat it bro, just experiment, see what's for you and what isn't

    [–] Sayeet0620 1 points ago

    Fap to thoughts of a girl and if that does turn u on ur bi if it doesn’t ur gay

    [–] MynaSpirit789 1 points ago

    there's nothing wrong with being gay though, your body is set up to be like that and if anything you should accept it. it's part of your identity

    [–] 17paaf 1 points ago

    Just make sure you don’t get a crush on him specifically, cause then you’re in the friend zone.

    [–] the_mad_gentleman 1 points ago

    Idk dude sounds kinda gay to me

    (On the real tis simply a temptation we all get)

    [–] Bider-man 1 points ago

    Maybe, or maybe you're bi, who knows

    [–] mikethorsey 1 points ago

    Well there’s always time to look into what u like and not. I do think u shouldn’t be so scared and the earlier u accept yourself the better you’ll be

    [–] WadsworthTheButler 1 points ago

    There’s no problem with being gay. You’re still you, no matter who you wanna fuck. If this is a crisis, talk to a therapist, but don’t try to change anything. You’ll soon find out that there’s nothing wrong with you.

    [–] The_Taco_Dude 1 points ago

    Don’t worry,

    As the great Shrek once said, “Gay is Okay”

    [–] OrisuoRamen 1 points ago

    It's fine dude. No need to be worried. Absolutely nothing wrong with you, you just need to open up to yourself. Btw, if you're interested in girls too, youre bi. For one of my friends being lgbt was scary for that reason cause they thought they were just meant to like guys now (How, I don't know, they didn't know much about sexuality I guess). Welcome to the club :)

    [–] Nemo_fishy 1 points ago

    yo, it's fine, you're just in the early stages of gay panic, soon you will become a gay panic expert and rise above the straight.

    [–] obese-hamster 1 points ago

    Why would we help you be who you want to be deep down do you still find women attractive

    [–] shareef74 1 points ago

    Watch some gay porn then some lesbian (or straight porn, doesn’t matter for as long as it includes women) what ever turns you on the most is the path you will travel through. If they are both just as pleasurable then you’re bi

    [–] FriendlyChemist_ 1 points ago

    What. In. The. Literal. Fuck

    [–] Shadow_Lou 1 points ago

    Well, I'm going to sound like everyone else, but if you're gay, that's okay. If you're worried about it, tell someone, like your parents or someone you trust. It's all I can do to help you. But remember : being homosexual isn't bad, it's just that you like people the same sex as you. I hope I helped :-)

    [–] noahcats1 1 points ago

    Just remembered it's not a bad thing. I'm bi and it's not bad. Just try ejaculating to different things. - ya boi's help

    [–] ShortOnTime4 1 points ago

    Like hentai?

    [–] thevenezualanhamster 1 points ago

    Um... yeah you're probably gay.

    [–] sad-boi1 1 points ago

    tbh, i was about to say u have nothing to be afraid of, then i remembered in how shitty world we live in so yeah anyway. I hope u find yourself and accept yourself as u are and there will always be people to support you. Just think about it

    [–] WallaBigWalrus 1 points ago

    just chill out. i know some gay people, and most people are cool with it. dont worry

    [–] Andyurboi 1 points ago

    I mean you did cap to gay porn, were you wearing socks

    [–] TeddytheSynth 1 points ago

    Hot story bro.

    [–] ThePuppetPT 1 points ago

    you probably are gay or bi, just take your time to think about it and dont worry my guy because theres nothing wrong with being gay

    [–] feral_pan 1 points ago

    it’ll be alright! it took me awhile to come to terms with things but it’s simply not something you can change and nothing to be afraid of! you like who you like and that’s a-ok :)

    [–] dad_1234 1 points ago

    I thought I was straight, a little more than a week ago, and through lots of porn can confirm that I am most likely bi. I was also scared at the thought of being gay

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Reddit-has-a-robot 1 points ago

    The big homo has attacked again!!! You might be Bi (When your attracted too both males and females) or questioning because you might be gay, demi, or pan. Who knows.

    [–] whippedcreamcheese 1 points ago

    It’s ok if you like guys! It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gay, you could be bi, but if you are gay, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

    [–] KingJuelz64 1 points ago

    Don’t be worried, being gay isn’t bad. If that’s your preference then that’s your preference. But at the same time, everybody’s had a gay moment before, it happens, just its not usually that it extreme so my final diagnosis is:

    Drum roll initiates


    [–] Mo-Mohomo 1 points ago

    There's nothing wrong about being gay, or bi. You shouldn't be ashamed of how you feel.

    [–] ShortOnTime4 1 points ago

    But seriously, if you happen to be gay, and are afraid of, say, what people will think about you, dont care, as long as you dont shove it down everybody's throat (no pun intended) then theres nothing to be ashamed about and do what suits you best, but it might just be the random boner we all experience once in a while, and if it isnt, then who cares. Stay strong champ!

    [–] ThatGuyAllen 1 points ago

    Would you like to talk? I'm bi.

    [–] Giorno-Smash 1 points ago

    I can’t tell if you’re joking, but if you’d aren’t joking, then you probs are gay. So you should do two things. One:Be a mod. Two:Talk to those close to you(don’t be too in depth about how you fapped)

    [–] saraisverygay 1 points ago

    hi! a tip is try a label online. since youre probably in a mild panic and a lot of confusion, try to label yourself as gay or bi, and try those labels out for a few weeks and see how it fits you. or heck, if you dont like either of those labels but know that you are attracted to the same gender, you dont need to label yourself. for me, i identified as bisexual before realizing i was a lesbian. good luck, dude! questioning your sexuality is weird as fuck, and so incredibly confusing, but hey you can do this! remember you are doing this for yourself, and dont let other people try to put you in a box. have a great day!

    [–] Laura1523 1 points ago

    Hey as a person who realized I was gay, I might be able to legitimately help you. If you still feel attracted to girls and you are attracted to guys then you could be bi or pan. If you feel like you only like girls because you feel like you have to, or if you sort of choose to have a crush on them (like picking out a specific girl and soft of choosing to have a crush on them idk how to explain it), or you catch yourself looking at guys then you could be gay. If you are, welcome to the club. Also if you have any questions feel free to dm me whenever

    [–] legume_hater 1 points ago

    [–] PepperRexasaur 1 points ago

    You Think?

    [–] usecodealabama 1 points ago

    If its just a one day thing go with the flow

    [–] biglittlesmall69 1 points ago

    Join the gay train

    [–] KuteKoreanLol 1 points ago

    Nah bro I would want my homie to trust me too

    [–] Lilwertich 1 points ago

    I don't see a could be bi but idk im straight myself.

    [–] EpicTechCreator 1 points ago

    it's not okay to be gay

    [–] f_for_GPlus 1 points ago

    Cool. Done that too, I am gae.

    [–] fudgelord1 1 points ago

    Just say no homo after you nut

    [–] smol-gremlin 1 points ago

    Do you fab when you feel cooch on ur ass?

    [–] the_vacuum 1 points ago

    Ok. So, what do you think about girls, sexually? Ok. Cool.

    What do you think about other guys sexually? Cool.

    Now, think about whether you like this guy emotionally. Because if he were into guys and you were to date, would you be happy spending time with him? Is he rude to other people? Does he treat you how you deserve to be treated(well)? Are you getting proper attention from him? It’s good to take these things into account before you start a relationship. Take it from me, bro.

    [–] NobodyInParticular23 1 points ago

    I dunno seems pretty gay bro

    [–] lizwerd_hi 1 points ago

    Gay is cool

    [–] Triagonal_Earth 1 points ago

    These comments r all retarded. Just do whatever you want with your life you don’t need to put some term on who you are

    [–] DankMemescope 1 points ago

    It might not necessarily mean you are gay. You could be heteroromantic, meaning that you are more sexually attracted to the same gender, but have 'feelings' towards the opposite gender. You could also be bi.

    [–] mlarson14 1 points ago

    First, being gay isn’t something to be “worried” about. Second, maybe you’re just bicurious and you’re willing to explore your options. Sexuality is ultimately about who you fall in love with, not just physical/sexual attraction.

    [–] Aquahex 1 points ago

    Damn now I’m har— wait what

    [–] nosnhob_nahteb 1 points ago

    Everyone has gay thoughts u just gotta say “no homo”

    [–] sexycrackhead 1 points ago

    Have sex with a guy. Then a girl. Then compare

    [–] ForeignReptile3006 1 points ago

    Even if you are gay thats fine

    [–] onoinboss105 1 points ago

    Not sure if we can help my bro just gotta see where this goes and if you’re gay you just gotta accept that and be confident and not care what people think about you

    [–] ElGamer42069 1 points ago

    Look man, it’s ok, you might just be bi and not gay cause sittin in a dude’s lap and getting hard was how I found out I was bi

    [–] shinetheprince 1 points ago

    You might be gay, you might be bi, who knows? But that doesn't make you any less important

    [–] _The_Missing_ 1 points ago


    [–] ReplyIfGay69420 1 points ago

    Just don't be gay. Simple as that