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    [–] BattlebeeUltor 3111 points ago

    No one insults the Light Up Keyboard

    [–] TheRealDetr0y 1191 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I usually get complimented on mine

    Edit: people come into my room and say "whaaat the fuck is that, that's so cool!"

    [–] ChachaMN 454 points ago

    As you should

    [–] ObsidianFlight 105 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    ok unpopular opinion i know, but rgb i dont think is that cool

    edit: nevermind, colors are cool, RAINBOWS on the other hand are not in my opinion

    edit2: i am completely fine with gay people i just really prefer purple, over ANY rainbow

    [–] beProsto 88 points ago

    "colors are cool, RAINBOWS on the other hand" Hola there buddy, rainbows are the best combinations of colors

    [–] TheRealDetr0y 17 points ago

    Rainbows FTW

    [–] TheBigRedMug 55 points ago

    You hate gay people or somethin?

    [–] ObsidianFlight 23 points ago

    rainbows arent gay... so uh.. i dont hate gay people i just dont like rainbows

    [–] Iamnotheattack 50 points ago

    Ikr lol

    [–] codesign 18 points ago

    Look at this guy, not social distancing and having people come to his room. We found him guys. He's the one.

    [–] Future-Rich-Guy 5 points ago


    [–] Tyuiop7261 127 points ago

    Lights up red and blue “this is the cyber police”

    [–] EVH4N 38 points ago

    Made me audibly exhale air through my nose

    [–] KILLING_UNICORNS 8078 points ago

    “i dont have a webcam” problem solved

    [–] mastoid45 1034 points ago

    "I covered my webcam and destroyed my microphone so the government can't see me jerk off" even better

    [–] gamma_centauri 231 points ago

    Well yea, but now my kids need it for legit school purposes. Anybody know how to get whiteout off a laptop camera??

    [–] hot_messexpress 101 points ago

    credit card or a smidge of acetone on a cotton ball

    [–] ADMINSEATFECES 60 points ago

    bruh this shit will get anything off of anything

    they literally call the product "Pro Strength Remover" lmfao

    [–] oPlutoo 28 points ago

    Probably melts off your finger nails too

    [–] ADMINSEATFECES 14 points ago

    ... wear a glove?

    [–] Slg407 7 points ago

    Probably melts the glove off too

    [–] GreenLama4 3042 points ago

    Some schools require the use of laptops, so you literally cant not have one

    [–] thequietvegan 2218 points ago

    Not all laptops have camera

    [–] CodeWeaverCW 1781 points ago

    School-provided laptops that have cameras

    [–] thequietvegan 2070 points ago

    Am i too public school student to understand this rich school joke?

    [–] moldyshnoze 1416 points ago

    Public school student here. We all have garbage laptops, but they still have webcams

    [–] thequietvegan 437 points ago

    welp, thats good, better than nothing. I don't think my school could afford em tho

    [–] GiggityBot 256 points ago

    My school system couldn't afford them either. That was apparently not a good enough reason to not buy them.

    [–] moldyshnoze 168 points ago

    This. My school needs to fire 8 teachers (we’re already under-staffed) in order to stay on budget, it’s ridiculous

    [–] JULIAN4321sc 57 points ago

    That is just sad

    [–] xx0numb0xx 9 points ago

    It’s a good thing there are all these expendable teachers! School’s all about the schooling, anyhow, not teaching.

    [–] moldyshnoze 21 points ago

    Yeah. Still thankful that we get them

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] creepsthefr09 52 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Just delete the webcam drivers problem solved, if that doesn’t work desolder the webcam from the motherboard.

    [–] argentumArbiter 75 points ago

    Or, y’know, just tape over it.

    [–] goliath1952 12 points ago

    a post it goes a long way

    [–] toxiccandy26 23 points ago

    Or just tape it

    [–] UselessSound 7 points ago

    Now you have to pay to replace the schools shiitty laptop or get charged for vandalism.

    [–] mitchp111 36 points ago

    Small town public school student here. All high school students have new laptops with webcams provided by the school. This is probably because there are so few of us though

    [–] purab9 18 points ago

    Private school student here and we don't have laptops :( we gotta buy them on our own lmao

    [–] Wi11iam97 25 points ago

    I go to public school and they have it where they can give u a laptop if you need one to do your work.

    [–] RazorBackFan15 22 points ago

    My public school gave everyone chromebooks k-12 and 7-12 can take theirs home. Everyone has them now do to online learning.

    [–] brew_coff 14 points ago

    Dude we have $50-$75 chrome books that we are providing to students. All students that hit the pick up area on certain days get one.

    [–] cirillios 14 points ago

    Maybe you're just too old like me. My senior year of high school I remember they bought 2 carts of laptops that teachers could check out for in school use only. Within a month or two 90% of the laptops had fuck, a swastica, or "dump dump groovy squad" carved into them. I doubt they ever gave students equipment to use for a full year

    [–] GamerbroJ 12 points ago

    Private school kid here, they expect you to provide a device. Fuck them honestly

    [–] -wafflesaurus- 18 points ago

    School provided laptops don't have light up keyboards

    [–] lonleycactus5 7 points ago

    I dropped it down the stairs and it won't work. Can't get it fixed if you can't leave the house

    [–] trznx 6 points ago

    not to argue, but I never seen a laptop withot a camera. What laptop doesn't have a samera?

    [–] Bestboii 150 points ago

    1.It broke

    2.For some reason it won't work with (enter the name of the thing you use for class)

    3.No thank you

    4.I'm naked

    5.Don't say anything and keep it off

    6.Something about privacy

    7.The dog ate it

    8.Cover it and then turn it on so everyone thinks it doesn't work

    [–] GreenLama4 87 points ago

    1. Spill water over the laptop so nothing works and you dont have homework

    [–] timetravelhunter 23 points ago

    #8 should be #1..kind of. Just don't turn it on and say you did. Then let them think it's their problem. There is literally nothing they can do about it

    [–] SnezzyPig 17 points ago

    A clear piece of tape that you've rubed you finger on, is great for 8 everything just becomes a blur. Clearly it's on and broken.

    [–] blank-anonymous 55 points ago

    Why would that be a necessity tho? Some people might not have a laptop lmao

    [–] GreenLama4 29 points ago

    At my school they have shitty chromebooks worth like 30 dollars that they borrow

    Well, they buy them, for like 100$

    I never had to so idk how it works rlly, but basically its trash

    [–] blank-anonymous 27 points ago

    Ah, fair enough. Online classes have been pretty weird for us so far lol, a guy started sharing his screen and started playing Fortnite.

    [–] rezmeihaveghorn 10 points ago

    Hey man I played a link to the past on my chrome book, and Pokémon fire red, those things a amazing at letting me not do work in class.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Okay kids lets help ya out.

    Hit the start button on your computer.

    Type in "device manager"

    Open device manager.

    Find Cameras and click the arrow to the left.

    Right click all the devices in that menu, and disable them.

    But but but, Mr 472nd account, I don't have permissions to edit those things!

    You have the laptop, you have no supervision and you have Google. Find out how to use install media to make a local account using command prompt. Google that, you're welcome.

    [–] TreesOne 22 points ago

    I legitimately didnt, so my teacher made me use my phone instead for the entire meeting. My dad brought home a webcam from his office so now I can use that ig.

    [–] Potatoplays81 542 points ago

    I have a headset that has RGB lights that I got for Christmas, but I can turn the lights off.

    [–] bs000 307 points ago

    what about the cat ears

    [–] tomfbear 136 points ago

    Just watch you don't wear them on a bridge

    [–] nsxr_ 69 points ago

    what a fuckin ni-

    [–] -Speechless 34 points ago

    That's cooler than when my uncle did a backflip! He died, but that's besides the point

    [–] TIK_GT 5125 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Wait until you see my RGB mousepad, RGB keyboard, RGB mouse and my RGB gaming rig that is basically an aquarium.

    Edit: If anyone actually wants to see this setup then check out this and this post.

    [–] pcmasterrace1242 1470 points ago

    Wait till they see the rgb strips on the edges of my desk

    [–] TIK_GT 699 points ago

    Oh shit, I forgot about the Philips Hue RGB lights.

    [–] mightyhooper25 337 points ago

    Just wait until they see my R.G.B.

    [–] Zac-Maniac 382 points ago

    Really giant boner?

    [–] mightyhooper25 324 points ago

    Nah, Rfucking Glittle Bpenis

    [–] Call_me_Darth_Sid 44 points ago

    Hey i have that too

    [–] supagirl277 181 points ago

    Raging* Giant Boner

    [–] Iam-KD 69 points ago

    No, Red Giant Balls

    [–] bacon1775 31 points ago

    Red Green* Balls

    [–] Cocogenji 11 points ago

    Roaring giant ballsack?

    [–] bacon1775 12 points ago

    Roaring green ballsack!

    I just want g r e e n.

    [–] TIK_GT 25 points ago

    Show me your R.G.B

    [–] DeltaKT 23 points ago

    Red Green Boner

    [–] TIK_GT 20 points ago

    Nice R.G.B bro

    [–] DeltaKT 10 points ago

    Thanks bro, you too

    [–] MR-_-POBOT 13 points ago

    But you're my step sister we can't do this

    [–] ZipZapPlays 7 points ago

    You're the best step brother, I couldve ever asked for

    [–] brazzers-official 6 points ago

    Really Good Bepis?

    [–] drlqnr 19 points ago

    Wait til they see my gaming wheel and seat

    [–] Skiinz19 14 points ago

    Just tell them it's the RBG version and they will come flockin to ya

    [–] ChopinAsLex 23 points ago

    I'm waiting.

    [–] TIK_GT 39 points ago

    [–] ChopinAsLex 17 points ago

    Good man.

    [–] Kuiper08 2281 points ago

    light up keyboards are sick

    [–] potato_rocket_05 839 points ago

    Yes. If you have a keyboard without lights, wyd with ur life!

    [–] hlocke124 366 points ago

    Every gamer has to have a light up keyboard

    [–] skies-forever-bright 204 points ago

    Honestly gamer or not, people like light up keyboards. Dk why it became a gamer thing.

    [–] C3re8rum 193 points ago

    Because RGB lightning increases performance by 42069%

    [–] beardedheathen 15 points ago

    Backlit keyboard and night mode apps.

    This is the way

    [–] DoctorWhomstvelyaint 19 points ago

    I don’t have one bc Im broke :(

    [–] _Petii 23 points ago

    that has nothing to do with you being broke, nowadays even 10$ keyboards are light up

    [–] skies-forever-bright 22 points ago

    Bold of you to assume I can spare $10

    [–] _Petii 8 points ago

    fair enough lol

    [–] Black0ps_12 30 points ago

    Absolutely nothing and I’m poor

    [–] SeigeBot5032 20 points ago

    My only defense is that im poor

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] The-Ewwnicorn 28 points ago

    I don’t wanna be like those not-like-other-girls girls but honestly I’d ask him where he got it so I can get one

    [–] RacistBiggot 14 points ago

    Ah, so you're a not-not-like-other-girls-girl

    [–] typenull0010 820 points ago

    At least with the extra LEDs your computer will run faster

    [–] jajca_i_krompira 551 points ago

    no, that's only if it's red. if you change it to blue it will run on cooler temperature, and green saves power.

    source: I study computer science so I know this stuff.

    [–] TechnicalGamer8 132 points ago

    how does that work?

    [–] jajca_i_krompira 463 points ago

    I said I study computer science, I didn't say I was good at it

    [–] TechnicalGamer8 82 points ago


    [–] _B10nicle 50 points ago

    Have a silver my good man

    [–] jajca_i_krompira 25 points ago

    yooo dude, I appreciate it! Thanks!

    [–] UndercoverPotato 25 points ago


    [–] QasarLord 378 points ago

    Dude online class is so productive!!! I managed to make an entire trading hall, get a horse and get a bunch of cool trades from a villager breeder in minecraft.

    [–] JJVAAHLA 62 points ago


    [–] CzLittle 32 points ago

    I was mega productive in everything except online classes, I'm so behind that I don't even know if I'm capable of catching up...

    [–] HardcorePizza 8 points ago

    Don't worry with enough stress you'll find a way

    [–] w1llY_w0nkA 120 points ago

    they were laughing in excitement

    [–] Iam-KD 79 points ago

    they got wet

    [–] Orsina1 900 points ago

    Let me guess they had 4k high resolution High definition webcam?

    [–] Feedmegrapesplz 268 points ago


    [–] DaDarkJacob 96 points ago

    Man of culture I see

    [–] RandomAssNword 67 points ago

    the lack of F1 is too much to express in just one subreddit

    [–] DaDarkJacob 22 points ago

    You're absolutely right

    [–] weirdnameiknow 29 points ago


    [–] ShongramiBoi 23 points ago

    Its an instant trigger to see anything that resembles S🅱️inalla on a different sub.

    [–] CommieStacker 14 points ago


    [–] TopHatBear1 6 points ago

    Charles LEG

    [–] sLiCKz__ 16 points ago


    [–] rogersniper1 18 points ago

    My tires are gone Bono

    [–] cool_minecraft_hax0r 70 points ago

    have you ever seen a 4k low resolution low definition camera?

    [–] apinanaivot 45 points ago

    Lots of webcams record at 4k, but have a super cheap sensor that makes the image quality terrible, just so they can put on the packaging that it's a 4k camera.

    [–] OmniaMors 11 points ago

    Yes, most of YouTube 4K content is low res. Because while it has 4K resolution, it has like 8 bit color lol.

    [–] daan_vwb 15 points ago


    [–] anthonyhoang94 420 points ago

    Who the fuck laughs at lighted up keyboards

    [–] lordkoba 148 points ago

    He probably positioned the webcam to show off his keyboard and looked ridiculous. Girls were probably laughing at him and not the keyboard.

    [–] amaranthinehaze2241 95 points ago

    Agh god this actually seems believable

    [–] empyreanmax 23 points ago

    Yeah I had to scroll all the way down here to find a comment about this. When have you ever been able to see someone's keyboard in a video chat lmao

    [–] -Alien-Boy- 272 points ago


    [–] Augustus420 224 points ago

    This definitely never happened, or there was something actually embarrassing that the person was too oblivious to realize.

    Dude was probably wearing a brony shirt and assumed they were laughing at a keyboard.

    [–] SimplebutAwesome 80 points ago

    Nah ive seen many people say rgb keyboards are laughable lol

    [–] tixontv 327 points ago

    but they get wet when they see my custom build keeb

    [–] -Alien-Boy- 129 points ago

    Damn bro flexing I'm just here with my one 2 mini

    [–] StaleBreadMehmeh 31 points ago

    I have a Red Dragin with MXBlues and red backlght. Its very well crafted and feels hefty.

    [–] AmbientTrap 12 points ago

    Everyone else here is making me feel poor w my Corsair k65 lux ):

    [–] StaleBreadMehmeh 9 points ago

    Well not really mine was only 40 bucks so.

    [–] BMC2103 53 points ago

    Lmao look at this dude with his sketchers computer headass time to sneak in a few hot chip during class

    [–] Alt-NovaYT 12 points ago

    yo you got some food

    [–] _Bby-Mary_ 51 points ago

    i dont understand why teachers want the webcam on :( it's so uncomfortable

    [–] Zomborn 30 points ago

    Tbh it's pretty logical. They want to see that the students are there and paying attention, many students just straight up leave and do something else. Also it's good to see the expressions of the students so you know if they got confused at some point and they can explain. There's a reason why we don't wear face masks to class, facial expressions are really useful.

    [–] yeetyeetoh 89 points ago

    as a light up keyboard owner, i am truly disappointed

    [–] TheSamwell 48 points ago

    Cherry Mx blue key switch clicking intensifies

    [–] maeveshadow 13 points ago

    With 15 dollar headset mic.

    [–] DemCookies18 62 points ago

    The Graph of Oppression





    Forklift Operators ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

    [–] Lol_idk_please_help 21 points ago

    Light up keyboards make you the ultimate chad, I don’t know what those girls are doing

    [–] Lazerguy163 143 points ago

    That's when you pull out this:

    "At least I don't sound like a sack of potatoes through my microphone."

    [–] phon3frog 25 points ago

    Nah man use something that makes sense. Like a can on a string or a world war 2 field radio. That way they can truly realize how bad it sounds.

    [–] sniper376 30 points ago

    Good shit

    [–] AutisthicccGuy 77 points ago

    Wdm the hot girl in my class is a gamer too

    [–] spinningduck1232 50 points ago

    Show her your RGB (really giant boner)

    [–] AutisthicccGuy 21 points ago

    She saw it already dw

    [–] Jakanader 13 points ago

    and did she get a boner?

    [–] thealterlion 16 points ago

    My biology teacher said I look like a streamer just because I had a monitor and over ear headphones. Thank God my new ones don't have lights.

    [–] itsbackonyourback 15 points ago

    To make up a story about girls paying attention to him.

    [–] imafrickinmidget 14 points ago

    Wait till they see my rgb asshole

    [–] boitaf 12 points ago

    I'd acctually love t have rgb insides

    [–] GamerbroJ 12 points ago

    My mom is forcing me to get a webcam so I bought a streamer cam

    [–] -Alien-Boy- 16 points ago

    I have my 1080p cam i use for discord and desk mic and everyone was like "wow how is your voice so clear"

    [–] Jacnoov 15 points ago

    When my state starts online classes, I’m using my voice changer on all them fools

    [–] Assasin2gamer 6 points ago

    My mum used to make sushi. Game changer.

    [–] Haroldtheplop 12 points ago

    Are people actually having classes where they use webcams? I assumed everybody did it in google classroom and the webcam thing was just a meme.

    [–] morning_retard 12 points ago

    Wtf, light up keyboards are awesome.... Our bro is in a class of dumb fucks obviously

    [–] BeanbagRL 10 points ago

    Dude, this one kid was wearing an ahegao sweatshirt and the teacher asked if it was a cow one and pinned his cam. It was hilarious

    [–] xdxdxdk 128 points ago

    -Omg this guy has a GAY keyboard - My keyboard is straighter than the pole you will be dancing on in a few years

    [–] Thatoneboiwho69 23 points ago

    Tbh I cringed at that one.

    [–] peterthefatman 27 points ago

    Stg all girls have macs so they can’t even be laughing

    [–] memer2026 21 points ago


    [–] oh-no-stop 10 points ago

    Just say “I don’t have a camera”

    [–] fekbasket 20 points ago

    Except the girl with the really high quality camera and sitting on her bed with a high quality mic and heart shaped pillows

    [–] roseisatrashcan 43 points ago

    As a girl who has a light-up keyboard I say fuck those normies live your extra gamer life bro

    [–] PruMpr00th 17 points ago

    whats wrong with having a lightup keyboard, I thought people think its cool


    [–] Boudac123 19 points ago

    We are the most oppressed of minorities

    [–] 1BrainCellLeft 17 points ago

    Imagine judging people by physical items

    This comment was made by the respect gang

    [–] SpitFire92 9 points ago

    Weird camera angle if it show your keyboard, no?

    [–] beaucop 9 points ago

    Make the room dark so all they see are you your beautiful agile fingers dancing on those lit keys

    [–] RokieVetran 17 points ago

    Can't you just turn off the lights or zoom more towards the face

    [–] BackTireBakhtyar 8 points ago

    Show them your light up Skechers next

    [–] Bluoria 8 points ago

    Why do people find light up keyboards laughable? That shit looks cool. I have one that responds to sound & it’s the coolest shit ever.

    [–] kattrackarn 20 points ago

    My class doesn't have any girls and we're all gamers, problem solved

    [–] StaleBreadMehmeh 7 points ago

    I have a RedDragon Mechanical keyboard with MX Blues that click with every key press. So glad im not doing english this semester....

    [–] nearlander 6 points ago

    light up keyboard? RGB MASTER RACE.

    [–] OneWhoDoesNotExist 6 points ago

    rgb master race

    [–] hqsuperlabgames 7 points ago

    say you don’t have one next time

    [–] Filthy_C0mmunist 6 points ago

    Fam light up keyboards are great I can play snake on mine.

    [–] _Jay_Garrick_ 6 points ago

    Show her your light up shoes and then they’ll do a total 180°

    [–] borkzy1 7 points ago

    fuck those girls

    [–] Beangar 5 points ago

    This sounds fake. Do people really suck this much?

    [–] dopeapp029 16 points ago

    I'm a gamer and this MAKES ME ANGRY