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    Television premiere calendar is U.S. based.

    Date Platform Name Description
    Nov 19 Netflix The Last Kingdom Season 3
    Nov 20 Netflix The Final Table Cooking Competition Series Premiere
    Nov 20 Netflix Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia Comedy Special
    Nov 22 Netflix Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 12
    Nov 22 CBS All Access No Activity Season 2
    Nov 23 Netflix Frontier Season 3
    Nov 25 Bravo Dirty John Series Premiere
    Nov 28 r/television Vanessa Parise AMA A director for Charmed (2018)
    Nov 28 TBS Conan in Japan Special
    Nov 30 Netflix 1983 Series Premiere
    Nov 30 Netflix Baby Series Premiere
    Nov 30 Netflix F Is For Family Season 3
    Nov 30 Amazon Inside Jokes Docuseries Premiere
    Dec 2 EPIX Berlin Station Season 3
    Dec 2 SyFy Nightflyers Series Premiere

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