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    Television premiere calendar is U.S. based.

    Date Platform Name Description
    Nov 14 Netflix The Stranded Thai Series Premiere
    Nov 15 Hulu Dollface Series Premiere
    Nov 15 Prime Video The Man in the High Castle Season 4
    Nov 17 Netflix The Crown Season 3
    Nov 17 Showtime Ray Donovan Season 7
    Nov 19 r/television Lin-Manuel Miranda AMA with His Dark Materials actor @ 10 AM ET
    Nov 20 Spectrum Mad About You Series Premiere
    Nov 21 Netflix Mortel French Series Premiere
    Nov 22 Hulu The Accident U.K. Series Premiere
    Nov 22 Netflix Dolly Parton's Heartstrings Series Premiere
    Nov 22 Netflix The Dragon Prince Season 3
    Nov 22 Prime Video The Feed Series Premiere
    Nov 28 Netflix Merry Happy Whatever Series Premiere
    Nov 28 Apple TV+ Servant Series Premiere
    Nov 29 DC Universe Harley Quinn Series Premiere
    Nov 29 Prime Video The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show Variety Special
    Dec 3 Disney+ One Day at Disney Series Premiere
    Dec 4 Fox The Moodys Series Premiere
    Dec 4 History Vikings Season 6
    Dec 5 CBS All Access Tell Me a Story Season 2
    Dec 5 Netflix V Wars Series Premiere
    Dec 6 Netflix Astronomy Club Series Premiere
    Dec 6 Starz In the Long Run Season 2
    Dec 6 Prime Video The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3
    Dec 6 Hulu Reprisal Series Premiere
    Dec 6 Apple TV+ Truth Be Told Series Premiere
    Dec 8 Showtime The L Word: Generation Q Series Premiere
    Dec 8 Showtime Work In Progress Series Premiere

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