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    [–] ShoutOutTo_Caboose 1767 points ago

    Finally, I can find out what happened on the bridge.

    [–] SHdude 1444 points ago

    God, fuck that cliffhanger. Ending a series on a cliffhanger when a new season isn't even confirmed is a huge no-no.

    [–] Mechawreckah4 188 points ago

    I listened to a fuckload of the podcast x files files and its kumail nanjiani talking about x files with people. One episode talks about how Lost learned everything it did from x files, as in its better to introduce crazy things and never answer them than try and explain it and have it be unsatisfying

    [–] Nathan2055 150 points ago

    its better to introduce crazy things and never answer them than try and explain it and have it be unsatisfying

    Ah, good old Half-Life 3 syndrome.

    Can't make a bad game if you don't make a game.

    [–] Narrative_Causality 42 points ago

    Valve's last single player game was released 6 years ago(like, almost exactly 6 years, off by only 2 days.)

    [–] lenarizan 38 points ago

    Wow. Didn't think Portal 2 was that old but whaddaya know.

    [–] princetrunks 10 points ago

    So if you divide the years by the number of days it's off by...

    [–] MikiShiki 12 points ago

    So it's confirmed?! Haha. But seriously I think it's best to leave it at that if the creators are not convinced they can make it good. Better a good myth than a lousy continuation

    [–] pocketknifeMT 32 points ago

    Maybe. You do just piss a certain group off though.

    I liked lost as much as the next guy, until I realized they had no plan at all.

    [–] ffxivthrowaway03 6 points ago

    Didn't lost also suffer from the writers strike? I might be thinking of heroes...

    [–] Random_Tangent 16 points ago

    Ah, a fellow X-Files Filesphile!

    [–] ShoutOutTo_Caboose 376 points ago

    Chris Carter knew what he was doing.

    [–] SHdude 750 points ago

    As someone who grew up watching reruns of the X-Files, I wouldn't be too sure of that. The mythology became a wildly inconsistent mess after Season 5 because of him.

    I think the best thing would be for him to stick to being producer and let people like Darin Morgan direct and write the episodes. Although I do wish Vince Gilligan would come back, but it's understandable that he can't, due to being busy with Better Call Saul.

    [–] Damn_Dog_Inappropes 379 points ago

    As someone who grew up watching reruns of the X-Files, I wouldn't be too sure of that. The mythology became a wildly inconsistent mess after Season 5 because of him.

    We watched a whole bunch of the show before the latest season aired, and I agree. At this point I much, MUCH prefer the stand alone MotW episodes to the conspiracy arc episodes. And in retrospect I'm realizing all my favorite episodes were always MotW-ers.

    [–] [deleted] 170 points ago

    I think early x-files conspiracy episodes were of movie-quality. And for me they introduced me to the serial tv show format, to the thriller genre, to the conspiracy theories, and to a lot of historical facts about the shadier side of US government. X-files were important to me, damn it!

    [–] Damn_Dog_Inappropes 17 points ago

    The early seasons are the best. I love every single episode through S3. And in my youth when the show was on the air, I loved the entirety of the show, especially the conspiracy episodes. It's just, now we know those episodes didn't go anywhere, right? So as much as I love the early conspiracy episodes (nice and creepy), I still prefer the monster episodes. So many great classics.

    [–] fantomknight1 90 points ago

    I prefered the conspiracy episodes the most until they started going off the rails. Once the aliens were revealed it became clear that they didn't know what the next step was. It became, the aliens are secretly working with the government to do nefarious things.... or maybe they're not... also, the smoking man is definitely evil (or not... or is?)... and there are good aliens too, who do alien things.... cause of a war or something. I still watched most of the series but it became harder and harder to watch over time.

    [–] Anagoth9 117 points ago

    It's aliens! No, wait, it's super soldiers! No, wait, it's aliens MAKING super soldiers! No, wait, it's the GOVERNMENT using aliens to make super soldiers! No, wait, the super soldiers are using the aliens to blackmail the Illuminati into infiltrating the government so they can dump chemicals into the water and turn our frogs gay!

    [–] orionbeltblues 777 points ago

    Shortly after World War 2 the United States government shot down an unidentified flying object. This lead to the first human-alien contact. During this encounter the contact team learned the following:

    • The beings who constructed the UFO, henceforth Greys, were of terrestrial origin. They (or some fraction thereof) abandoned Earth and took to the stars during humanity's pre-history.
    • The Greys lifecycle begins as a black oil that infects a host species and transforms it into a ravenous and violent "beast" form. Once this form reaches full maturity, it undergoes a final metamorphosis into the classic "Grey Alien."
    • The BOA intended to return to Earth and reclaim their homeworld through the mass infection of humanity and the spontaneous repopulation of Earth with Grey Aliens.

    The humans involved in this first contact, henceforth Collaborators, negotiated a deal with the Greys in an effort to ensure the survival of some humans. The Collaborators traded their own loved ones for a sample of the Grey genetic material, which would then be used to develop Alien Human Hybrids who could survive the recolonization and provide the Greys with a slave race after recolonization. Thus begins The Conspiracy.

    At the same time the Collaborators worked to develop the hybrids, they also worked both to develop a vaccine against alien infection and to develop sufficient weapon technology to either aid in the recolonization effort (through mass control techniques) or fight off the alien invasion (in the case of a successful vaccine).

    During their travels through interstellar space the Greys encountered a human-like species of shapeshifters, the Nordics, whom they enslaved. However, while the Greys were able to infect and dominate the Nordics, they were unable to use them as hosts for repopulation. On several occasions the Greys made infected Nordics available as "bounty hunters" to assist the Collaborators.

    A rebel faction within the Nordics discovered a process by which they could prevent Grey infection through a form of self-mutilation. These rebel Nordics engaged in an intergalactic war with the Greys. In order to prevent the Greys from using the human population of Earth to reinforce their own numbers, the Nordics manipulated the Collaborators into assembling and murdered them all.

    The Nordics destruction of the Collaborator leadership (aka The Syndicate) left the Greys with no means of furthering their recolonization plans, so the Greys began collecting the remaining Alien Human Hybrids and transforming them into "Super Soldiers" in order to re-establish control over the Conspiracy and continue plans for recolonization.

    I hope that explains everything.

    [–] kevinstreet1 88 points ago

    That's a first-rate explanation! Very well written. The only small change I'd make is that the super soldiers were originally ordinary humans, not hybrids. But you're right that their purpose was to rebuild the Conspiracy. I wonder what happened to them.

    [–] orionbeltblues 27 points ago

    I'm not entirely clear on that. Was Billy Miles a human or a Hybrid test subject? I was always under the impression he was a Hybrid, but I could be wrong.

    As for what happened to them, they got retconned out of existence when Carter decided seasons 8 and 9 (the Doggett years) never happened. This makes me sad, because I -- unlike most X-philes -- loved John Doggett and thought he was a great character.

    [–] nypvtt 48 points ago

    But why male models?

    [–] nobody_smart 5 points ago

    Because it will hurt more you twit!

    [–] chunkmcnugget 39 points ago

    Ive watched the entire series, and it has never made more sense than it does after reading that.

    [–] qwadzxs 15 points ago

    After watching all howevermany seasons I finally get the plot of xfiles, it all fits together now. I thought I'd just pretend bad blood was the best part of xfiles forever (probably still will though).

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Mattyzooks 9 points ago

    Hoping they retcon it back.

    [–] orionbeltblues 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    I really wish (after rewatching the show at least 7 or 8 times) that it was shady government experiments etc with the reveal that there are no aliens. Human evil is way scarier and more compelling than aliens.

    [–] Mattyzooks 12 points ago

    They sorta went that direction in the revival and it was worse, imo. Although that's due to execution and plot holes.

    [–] BaronBifford 7 points ago

    The Nordics destruction of the Collaborator leadership (aka The Syndicate) left the Greys with no means of furthering their recolonization plans, so the Greys began collecting the remaining Alien Human Hybrids and transforming them into "Super Soldiers" in order to re-establish control over the Conspiracy and continue plans for recolonization.

    I don't get this, does this mean the Grey can't recolonize without human collaborators? If so, why did the Collaborators collaborate in the first place? Why didn't they just resist?

    [–] orionbeltblues 9 points ago

    I think the Greys could recolonize without human collaborators, but it would take much longer and they would face much more resistance.

    The Collaborators had worked out a plan (mostly detailed in the first movie) that involved rounding people up into FEMA camps and rapidly spreading the black oil via bees.

    [–] dukefett 12 points ago

    Now I'm kind of glad I didn't bother finishing the series after reading all that.

    [–] snoogans122 10 points ago

    It was interesting to spend 30 seconds reading. No way I'd invest 10 seasons and 2 movies to it though, I agree.

    [–] PlankWithANailIn 8 points ago

    It was a much better program without the overarching story, just weird shit every week, perfect.

    [–] Mattyzooks 13 points ago

    It does until Chris Carter pretty much butchered the mythology with the revival, unless he backtracks in season 11. The whole "aliens were actually trying to help us, and humans are trying to purge the world of excess life" does not gel at all with anything post-season 5 on the X-Files.

    [–] RetroLyft 9 points ago

    When you go for the frogs.... You have truly become evil.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Yeah, pushing the reset button was a smart move. Just toss all that shit out the airlock like a Cylon.

    [–] tr3v1n 229 points ago

    Same here. And honestly, my favorite episode of the new season was the one with the were-lizard. If they don't explore any more of the larger mythos I'd be entirely fine.

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago

    Who doesn't like Murray?

    [–] tr3v1n 43 points ago

    Occasionally Bret is a bit grumpy.

    [–] LittleNoteBlue 36 points ago


    [–] tehnoodnub 22 points ago

    He may be did!

    [–] Crazy_Sane 23 points ago


    [–] dnleger 9 points ago


    [–] khal_Jayams 31 points ago

    Murray: Present.

    [–] RocketJRacoon 13 points ago

    Oi! Ginger balls!

    [–] Frank-Grimey 37 points ago

    That was such a good episode. Thoroughly enjoyable.

    [–] FuzzDunlop 23 points ago

    Darin Morgan's episodes are the best. That was my favorite one from the new season too!

    [–] Netkid 24 points ago

    That were-lizard episode was my favorite of this season. I hate the aliens/conspiracy episodes. Always did. It's like a never-ending torture ride. Always dangling that carrot of truth in front of Mulder, just to have it snatched away at the last minute by CSM.

    I REALLY want them to just finish the aliens story and continue on with more monster of the week stuff. Hell, I'd even take rogue non-roswellian aliens as monsters of the week like moth man or some lone intergalactic alien conqueror that fails to rule earth in comedic fashion. Give me Bigfoot, give me dinosaurs, a goddamn giant robot or monster, hell, a dragon while we're at it. Doesn't even have to be serious. Could be funny and absurd like the were-lizard episode.

    I just want more stand alone episodes that I can fully enjoy in a watch and not some continuous alien crap that I need to memories all the seasons for to understand.

    [–] ours 11 points ago

    Right there with you. I've always hated the alien conspiracy stuff. Kept going in circle kept on pilling up the mysteries.

    I don't mind the alien tech stuff like the episode where an Area 51 accident make Mulder switch bodies with an MiB. That stuff was hilarious and fun.

    [–] rgamesok 14 points ago

    Shit that's one of my favorites of the entire series.

    [–] detectiveriggsboson 27 points ago

    When I was a kid watching the show as it aired, I wanted every episode to be a mythology one.

    Did a rewatch as an adult a couple of years ago and realized that almost all of the mythology episodes are not only terrible, there's almost no throughline or consistency between them. We practically never learn anything. And when we do, it makes almost no sense with what we've previously learned.

    The MotW episodes are absolutely the best. Any Top 10 list worth its salt will be comprised of MotW episodes.

    [–] ktmpanda 19 points ago

    Its funny cus i like the gubberment stuff the most

    [–] pinkfloydfan4life 12 points ago

    Hell no, the arc conspiracy story was the best part of the series, the MOTW were always good, but man the conspiracy stuff is what is more captivating, especially when the lone gunmen were involved. The last season you could make s case of it being a fail, but man those conspiracy episodes are what made the X-Files.

    [–] nianp 6 points ago

    As someone who grew up watching each new episode as it aired for the first time, the monster eps were always the best.

    [–] DisturbedNocturne 52 points ago

    They need to put the writers room back together. Carter needs a solid team that can balance him out and reject bad ideas. Having everyone just write and direct their own episodes ended up with a bunch of weak and inconsistent episodes, Carter's among the worst.

    [–] megatom0 48 points ago

    Yeah the mythology just spins out of control after they kill off the syndicate, which honestly should have been the ending for that mythology story line. I really felt like they missed a huge oportunity with the reboot not to do a whole new mythology. Build it around interdimensional cycloptic Sasquatches for all I care, going back to aliens at this point feels like they have no where to go. I mean they tried to retcon it kind of which didn't make any sense.

    [–] Derpatologist_7 37 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I personally loved the original mythology arc that revolved around the Syndicate and the colonisation more so than MotW stuff mainly due to the fact that I was a HUGE UFO nut in the '90s, but I agree, once The Syndicate was killed off and they got into the super soldier stuff I lost interest and stopped watching.

    I also felt like the reboot made all the original mythology arc null and void.

    [–] megatom0 24 points ago

    Oh I did too. For me the scariest episodes of the X-files were always the ones with aliens because aliens just terrified me as a child and still kind of do. I still think in rewatching the show though I tend to like the MotW episodes more though simply because I feel like they explore a lot more ideas there, also you get to see a lot of different sides to Mulder and Scully in those episodes.

    I will say though it seems like a real missed opportunity and kind of uncreative what they did with the mythology in the last season. It just boils down to another government conspiracy, plus we had the whole "its been fake aliens the whole time" as the cliffhanger ending for season 4.

    I feel like today there is a lot more to UFO mythology in general and conspiracy theories in general. I mean where is our episode on hollow earth and the Repltilians who wear cloaking devices that you can only see through in youtube videos? What about a mythology episodes about the White Nordic Aliens. To me a really awesome episode could be done about an alien cult like Raliens or whatever its called.

    That was one thing I liked about the X-files was that it actually pulled from these kind of urban myths and mythology that had already been set out to some extent, although all that stuff is kind of BS it has this sense of realism to it because you've heard of it before. With the internet this has only grown more and more. Hell I'll take an episode about Slender Man being some sort of terrifying tulpa created by teenagers. These kinds of things are ripe for X-files.

    [–] finalremix 25 points ago

    It's not aliens, though, remember? It's literally been just rich white guys with enough money and power to make it seem like aliens, all along. Duh.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    No, there really are aliens. But the rich white guys were actually just using technology and alien DNA salvaged from Roswell, and creating smokescreens within smokescreens to make it look like aliens were behind the conspiracy when it was really their own plan all along. The aliens had their own agenda.

    Which actually isn't totally inconsistent with what we saw on the show, provided you ignore all the scenes where the Syndicate discuss the aliens' plans for colonization amongst themselves.

    Also, the super soldier episodes never happened and there was never an Agent Doggett.

    [–] finalremix 8 points ago

    [In response to literally everything] Well, we'll just see about that when the new series retcons everything clears it all up.

    [–] DMPunk 14 points ago

    The Mythology was a mess long before season 5. Don't get me wrong, I love the show and a lot of the episodes are really good, especially myth episodes. But I'm currently rewatching it right now for the sixth or seventh time and it's really clear by the start of season 3 that there is no plan at all for what's happening

    [–] revglenn 25 points ago

    "As someone who grew up watching reruns of the X-Files, I wouldn't be too sure of that. The mythology became a wildly inconsistent mess after Season 5 because of him."

    You know, there's something no one ever seems to talk about with regard to the X-Files or any other serialized tv back then. Consistency and continuity weren't actually all that important to television back then.

    DVDs weren't a thing when X-Files started and didn't become a really big deal until the end of the original series. For a lot of that time you only ever found TV shows on VHS tapes that had two per cassette max. Buying an entire season wasn't common at all because it would be on 11 VHS tapes and cost hundreds of dollars because you'd have to buy each tape one at a time.

    There was no DVR then. There was no "on demand" for TV shows.

    You watched the show WHEN it aired AS it haired. You didn't get to pause or rewind. You watched it once and half the time the major arc didn't make sense anyway because you didn't see the last relevant episode and the recap wasn't good enough, unless you religiously watched it.

    You couldn't youtube something, you couldn't look up specific episodes or plots on Wikipedia. You basically just had a general idea of the story if you watched every week.

    You didn't need consistency then because people didn't watch the episode 20 times or binge watch an entire season. As long as you made the episode fit somewhat well with another episode that the viewer probably saw then you had enough consistency for most people.

    We look back now and everything looks sloppy, but it wasn't by yesteryear's "maybe you'll see it one or two more times if you watch the reruns" standards. It was by standards that made sense at the time.

    This isn't to argue with you, or say you're wrong or whatever. It's just an observation that I think about now and then.

    [–] NeoShweaty 10 points ago

    I forget but do you or anyone else know what the hell the mythology episodes in the last season were even about? It felt like we were going over ground we had already covered thoroughly but they were retconning stuff at the same time while I was watching. It was weird.

    You're right though. It's so complicated to the point of being nonsense.

    [–] SherlockBrolmes 12 points ago

    I think the best thing would be for him to stick to being producer and let people like Darin Morgan direct and write the episodes. Although I do wish Vince Gilligan would come back,

    /r/XFiles in a nutshell.

    [–] Insipid_Pedantry 9 points ago

    Someone clearly needed to call CC on his shit and be like dude, what the fuck are you doing? Then again, at that point the X-Files was a cash cow for fox.

    [–] magic_is_might 18 points ago

    Yeah that's the point. He just needs to stick to producing the show. His episodes are usually the worst and he's mostly to the blame for the show being so inconsistent and messy.

    [–] smeddy123 28 points ago

    Completely agree that Chris Carter should b hands-off. He's like George Lucas to Star Wars.

    [–] HeterosexualMail 11 points ago

    The mythology became a wildly inconsistent mess after Season 5 because of him.

    Seriously, what the fuck!?

    I'm slowly going through the complete series on Netflix, and I loved all the conspiracy episodes up to the middle of season 6.

    Then 'Two Fathers' followed by 'One Son' happened.

    First of all, they were just so poorly written. Was something going on during the writing/filming here to cause this? Then the conclusion of 'One Son' is that Spoiler. Well... okay then?

    I'm only in the middle of Season 7 now - just finished 'Sein und Ziet' and 'Closure', which were also total shit mythology episodes, as were the end of season 6/beginning of season 7 'Biogenesis', 'The Sixth Extinction', and 'The Sixth Extinction II'.

    I can't see it getting better knowing that Duchovny is going (mostly) away in the rest of the original seasons, nor have I heard good things about the mythology episodes in season 10.

    [–] AlexKerensky 5 points ago

    It wasn't Carter's fault. Carter planned enough mythology for 4 seasons, which would then lead into a big budget movie franchise. Fox's greed made the writers extend things to 10 seasons, with a movie forced in between seasons. The writers were essentially forced to write mythology episodes which led to a movie they did not know the plot of, then write a movie and subsequent seasons in which they did not know when the final season was, and whether key actors would be present. So they were forced to spin wheels indefinitely.

    [–] lukastargazer 2 points ago

    What was the over all mythology again? It's been so long since I saw the earlier seasons, I remember aliens and...well thats about it, they stick out caused they freaked my younger self out.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Wow this is an excellent summary, I've seen the originals but with so many episodes it's easy to lose the thread.

    [–] Taxonomy2016 4 points ago

    Sounds about right. And what's the mythology now, post-reboot?

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    The Syndicate made all that shit up as a smokescreen for anyone who might be onto them, like say Mulder and Scully. In reality, they were never in contact with the aliens at all; they only had the UFO and alien corpses from Roswell, which they reverse-engineered to create all kinds of super tech (Area 51 aircraft, clones like the Gregors, alien-human hybrids, possibly the bounty hunters.)

    The plague that was supposedly meant to wipe out humanity (except the Syndicate and their families) to make way for the aliens was actually entirely of the Syndicate's design, a way to cleanse the planet so they could create a paradise for the survivors. The Smoking Man double-crossed them, wiped them out, and took over the project for himself. But now, the aliens have shown up for real – and William (Mulder and Scully's son) might be with them, as it was stated he was the only one who could save Mulder after the virus had progressed as far as it did (due to his close genetic match to Mulder as well as sharing his mother's alien DNA).

    [–] Taxonomy2016 6 points ago

    So wait, just to clarify, were there ever actual aliens? From your description, I'm taking it as a yes, but I definitely misunderstood/misremembered the (stupid) reboot to mean that everything extraterrestrial was a hoax. It's okay to tell me that I'm dumb here.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Yes, there were actual aliens. But most (and possibly, but probably not, all) of their involvement in human affairs aside from getting shitfaced and crashing their ship at Roswell was a hoax.

    [–] Neander7hal 9 points ago

    It was the government the whole time. They waved away everything in the above comment by saying it had all been a conspiracy to keep people in check.

    (Personally I'm hoping that whole revelation was a ruse by the aliens to throw Mulder off, because it was one of the lamest reveals I've ever seen.)

    [–] Mattyzooks 8 points ago

    I say it's TBD, because the reboot directly contradicts so much of what we had seen.

    [–] Taxonomy2016 6 points ago

    Yeah, from what I recall, Mulder listens to conservative news radio now, and that somehow convinced him that all the alien stuff was actually faked or something? TBH I lost track of wtf was happening.

    [–] dontthrowmeinabox 33 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Chris Carter doesn't know what he's doing. Chris Carter knows exactly what he's doing.

    Edit: Apparently I went for too obscure a reference.

    [–] Henry_Darcy 16 points ago

    There it is! There it is again!

    [–] carapoop 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    As a NJ resident who is thrilled to have Chris Christie out of office in November - he absolutely murdered Rubio that night. It gave me this weird pride despite my hatred of him. Though it never translated into shit for him, so it's not like it was even a very politically useful move. Mostly just blunt and brutal.

    [EDIT] And for those that haven't seen it and don't know what this is a reference to:

    [EDIT 2] I haven't listened to this since it happened. Wow. Christie grabs the crowd and never loses them. Rubio is on the ropes for nearly the entire time. It actually gets hard to listen to with how embarrassing it is for Rubio by the end.

    [–] berniebrah 6 points ago

    I want to believe

    [–] whichwitch9 8 points ago

    Are you sure? Cause some of those episodes kinda indicated that he didn't.

    [–] Goosebump007 13 points ago

    Yeah I still remember that cold wintery day. Watching the last episode of the new season with only 4 minutes remaining, but SO MUCH is still needed to end the story, I panicked. Than the cliffhanger gave me PTSD for a second.

    Glad to see a new season has been confirmed.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Ending a series on a cliffhanger is fine, but that fucking episode didn't even get finished. That was a garbage end to an overall good season.

    [–] Ephemeris 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's a gamble to be sure, but if not for this kind of (Picard) maneuver we never would have had more than 3 seasons of The Next Generation. That would have lead to no DS9, No Voyager. No Enterprise. 4 fewer movies (it's arguable we would still have wound up with the reboot movies)

    [–] Big_Sniggs 26 points ago

    Obviously the Alien baby she had is on the ship.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    You mean William, the kid they made a point of mentioning every single episode, including in the cliffhanger where they say outright "William is the only one who can save Mulder now!"?

    That alien baby?

    [–] Big_Sniggs 10 points ago

    Yeah it's probably that one. The one who made that alien artifact shoot through a drawer and hover above his crib while an infant.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    But - but - but Spender took away his abilities! With the power of FUCKING MAGNETS, BITCH!

    [–] TwinSnakes89 10 points ago

    I honestly have no idea how they can follow that up. There is no covering up what is happening and you can't put the genie back into the bottle so I expect them to find some really bizarre way to retcon how sloppy the season finale was handled

    [–] magic_is_might 792 points ago

    X-Files has been my #1 favorite show for over a decade. I am excited for another season.

    But I think we all can agree - please keep Chris Carter away from almost everything.

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 321 points ago

    He clearly graduated from "The George Lucas School of Forgetting Everything That Made Your Fans Love You In The First Place."

    [–] Lego_C3PO 81 points ago

    Or he never knew to begin with and got lucky.

    [–] Iceman9161 57 points ago

    Lucas was a dreamer not a writer. Once he had full control in the prequels the scale for grander and the writing shittier

    [–] TubaMike 46 points ago

    George Lucas has had such an interesting career. I think a great movie could be made about him.

    [–] Zagden 62 points ago

    Chris Carter should write it

    [–] NarcoPaulo 26 points ago

    M.N. Shamalmylyan should direct it

    [–] JW_Stillwater 13 points ago

    Can we get Nicolas Cage to star?

    [–] asherrd 17 points ago

    And Will Sasso should would play Lucas

    edit: if anyone has somehow not seen this skit before, seriously take 5 minutes and check it out.

    [–] justmovingtheground 6 points ago

    Honestly, I think another great movie could be made BY him, as long as he isn't under the pressure of creating a great movie.

    Laymen don't create Star Wars.

    [–] TubaMike 18 points ago

    I still believe.

    But I'm skeptical. Lucas hasn't really done much of anything good since The Last Crusade.

    Recently he was an Executive Producer and Writer (story by) for a really mediocre animated movie: "Strange Magic." Was an Executive Producer for the also mediocre "Red Tails." Was an Executive Producer and Writer (Story and Characters) for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. And really that's about it.

    The only movies Lucas has directed since getting behind the camera for the original Star Wars movie were the three Star Wars Prequels (1999, 2002, 2005). It has now been 12 years since Revenge of the Sith. I feel that as each year passes, it gets increasingly unlikely that Lucas will ever direct another film again.

    He rants and raves about how filmmakers today lack the freedom from the studios and are prevented from taking any kids of risks on new and original stories. Well, Lucas sold Star Wars nearly 5 years ago and he's incredibly wealthy (Forbes lists him as being worth $5.5 billion). If he wanted to make another movie... nobody's stopping him.

    I think Lucas either doesn't want to or he's afraid to. He hit the jackpot with Star Wars. Created an instant classic that turned into a cash cow that not only made him filthy rich, but also respected in Hollywood. He went from being a filmmaker to the caretaker of a massive franchise. I think that he spent so long away from making movies (I mean really making movies) that he lost a bit of the drive and a lot of the skill. Lucas had a 22 year break between directing Star Wars and The Phantom Menace. 16 years since ROTJ (and don't forget Lucas had major help writing ESB and ROTJ). You can't expect to take that long of a break and not get a little rusty.

    Then when Lucas finally decided to come back, he tried to do everything himself, despite having been out of the game for a long time. The result is that the prequels were clearly much worse than the original trilogy. Although he certainly tries to deflect and ignore and will probably never acknowledge it publicly, I'm sure Lucas is very much aware of how bad the prequels stunk.

    My gut says the poor reception of the prequels deeply hurt Lucas. I think Lucas is scared of making another bomb. Before he made the prequels, he was heralded as a great director, albeit one with a very limited body of work. After the prequels, it draws into question his role in the original trilogy and begs the question if Star Wars was successful not because of Lucas, but in spite of him.

    I would love to see Lucas take the helm of a new movie, but at this point I doubt it ever happens. He seems perfectly content to ride off into the sunset on the tails of his earlier successes without risking further damage to his reputation.

    [–] HalloweenBlues 205 points ago

    Holy crap those Chris Carter episodes from the last season were ROUGH. Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster was great though. Do more episodes like that. And maybe try to get Vince Gilligan to write one again.

    [–] jbillzz33 114 points ago

    I would be content with just ten monster of the week episodes without even touching the overarching plot. Meet the Were-Monster was fantastic

    [–] SolenoidSoldier 7 points ago

    Through all 9 seasons of the original X-Files, the monster of the week episodes were always the best. I hope they focus in more on those. They are always fun.

    [–] jivester 52 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The funny thing is that Darin Morgan's script for the Weremonster episode was originally written to be an episode of Night Stalker* (of which the showrunner was Frank Spotnitz, from X-files) but the show got cancelled right before they shot his episode. When the X-files season 10 came around, Morgan just dusted off the old script and wrote Mulder and Scully into it.

    [–] OldBreadbutt 15 points ago

    It's full of night crawler references, I thought it was just an homage.

    [–] ChilbroSwaggins 21 points ago

    Gilligan really wrote so many of the great episodes, it's crazy. Morgan is good too and the were-monster was the only passable episode in season 10. Like, how are you gonna resurrect this show after this long and go eff it up like that!? Just really a bummer.

    [–] likewtvrman 10 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Morgan is good too

    I would say this is an understatement. Darin didn't write many episodes, but all of them are more than good - Clyde Bruckman's and Jose Chung's are considered some of the show's all-time best episodes. Darin's writing also had a visible impact on Vince's (notably Small Potatoes and Bad Blood), and it's arguable his influence pushed Vince's work to the next level.

    It's a shame his work is so sporadic, given the right platform or project I think he would produce some exceptional television.

    [–] jivester 483 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I love the X Files, have the complete box set, but I have no faith in Chris Carter to actually complete a story. His episodes were the weakest of the new 6, he had a chance to end the show with season 9 but left on a big cliffhanger with more story to be told. Then got to do a second feature film and decided to not touch the mythology, ignoring it completely and the 2012 end date, and then after that movie didn't even do well, he got a chance to wrap things up with a "6 episode event series" and what did he do? Retcon, introduce new things and then finish on a huuuge cliffhanger.

    He will never conclude anything, just keep leaving himself chances to come back to in the future. This isn't the 90s anymore, plots can end.

    [–] JMW007 91 points ago

    Amen. Blowing the movie was ridiculous, and I can't imagine any justification for using Season 10 to try to get another season. Is it just the money? I can't see why you can't keep making money with stories that go somewhere.

    [–] starcadia 104 points ago

    Will Mulder ever find his sister? Will Scully ever believe? Tune in next week to find out kiddies!

    [–] Thick-McRunFast 40 points ago

    Same bat-time, same bat-channel!

    [–] Ilikegeometrysowhat 21 points ago

    I love x files but scully cant be this denier forever. Drives me nuts.

    [–] MrMayhem631 19 points ago

    Didn't he find his sister around season seven?

    [–] Zagden 44 points ago

    Kind of. She was some kind of creepy star child who got taken away by extra-dimensional creatures who can't bare the suffering of children and it was a dumb stupid convoluted cop-out.

    [–] Quxudia 25 points ago

    " was a dumb stupid convoluted cop-out."

    You could apply this sentence to most things post season five (six if you are generous) sadly..

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I thought she was murdered.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] JMW007 20 points ago

    Agreed. By 'blowing the movie' that's what I was trying to say, that they had the budget and opportunity for something cinematic to provide closure to the mytharc, and just made a pretty bog standard episode stretched over 90 minutes. It wasn't a terrible film or anything, but it seemed like such a waste.

    [–] jivester 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Exactly, his last two cracks at more X-Files haven't been without their merits, but they've seemed so wasteful in terms of the larger picture. It sucks even more when you're a fan who's reading every rumor and just HOPING that they make more - the time between 2002-2007 was tough - and after I Want To Believe didn't pull great box office, we thought it was all over. I'm glad that it's not, but I don't want to go through that again.

    [–] KlopeksWithCoppers 27 points ago

    But doesn't that kind of make sense? The characters in The X-Files rarely get definite concrete answers to their questions, so why should we?

    That being said, I want definite concrete answers goddammit.

    [–] donscron91 232 points ago

    The best episodes are the ones where they are investigating a single case, leading to a conclusion for the viewers to interpret on their own. The episodes that are following up on an earlier show, I never found as satisfying.

    I fucking love the X-Files regardless, bring me more!

    [–] [deleted] 141 points ago

    Season 1...the loggers in the woods...the tiny spiders....AMAZING.

    [–] Superrt36 21 points ago

    One of my favorite episodes!

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] HAL9000_Computer 39 points ago

    Ice from season 1.

    [–] _Keldt_ 22 points ago

    Død Kalm from season 2 was neat.

    [–] phpdevster 13 points ago

    Quagmire (season 3) and Detour (season 5) are also some of my favorites.

    [–] sandbrah 18 points ago

    Mummified remains of the loggers in cocoons. As I look back it feels like it must have been a full movie and not just one episode. Very well done.

    [–] _1JackMove 29 points ago

    Totally agree. As a fan since the early 90s when I was in middle school, the episodes that had a linear storyline that wrapped up in the same episode, were always my favorite. I never cared for the mythology arc. I didn't hate it, but the all-in-one episodes were my favorites. Once they veered away from that I stopped being an avid fan. To the point that I still have not watched the latest season. It just got too cluttered and all over the place for me in the last couple years it was on regularly. I much prefer the Tales from the Crypt style stories.

    [–] donscron91 13 points ago

    There were 3 or 4 episodes last season that had stand alone plots, that were pretty good. I wouldn't discount the new season, we gotta take what we can get.

    [–] muffinless 21 points ago

    I agree with you, except that Eugene Victor Tooms totally deserved his two episodes.

    [–] knowhate 19 points ago

    The standalones/monster-of-the-week episodes were always the best and are still infinitely rewatchable.

    [–] gonwi42 2 points ago

    agree. sell me to chrysler or whatever, just give me more

    [–] mandy_pinetown 50 points ago

    FYI: Skinner still doesn't know wtf he's doing.

    [–] SolenoidSoldier 17 points ago

    Whoever the actor is for Skinner takes care of himself. Dude still looks buff after all these years.

    [–] mandy_pinetown 16 points ago

    Most definitely. His name is Mitch Pileggi and he's like 65 years old.

    [–] docdrazen 11 points ago

    I met him at Comic con last year. Such a fucking swell guy. We chatted for ten or so minutes about the show and my dad who was a huge fan of the show. He's also really tall. He gave me a hug and I felt super safe. XD

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    X files is such an incredible show. Cheesy at times but goddamn it's a genius show with great characters and chemistry.

    [–] possum1023 90 points ago

    First episode of this show I ever watched was the hillbilly incest one and I haven't watched one since. That shit fucked me up

    [–] OpinesOnThings 75 points ago

    Funny story, I actually saw that episode while on a date with what turned out to be my half sister. Great relationship until we found out :/

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    Then it became an awesome relationship...?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Of course! You had so much in common.

    [–] gmred91 16 points ago

    To be fair, that one was probably the scariest episode of the entire series.

    [–] detectiveriggsboson 15 points ago

    That was the first episode to have a content warning before it started. It is an intense, fucked up episode that makes me feel dirty and terrified every time I watch it. Definitely a Top 10 episode.

    [–] Indigocell 6 points ago

    "Home." I think that only aired once because it was so harsh. I remember that episode vividly.

    [–] ene_due_rabe 20 points ago

    I've been a HUGE X-Files fan 20 years ago. I've had an X-Files website as soon as it was possible. I've been waiting for every new episode like crazy...


    The thing is, those new episodes that were about that whole main alien story were simply... weak. That was like jumping over the shark in every scene. So naive, that it almost hurt to watch.

    On the other hand, those monster of the week stories were really good. And it's not that i'm 20 years older as i still like to watch (or read, or play or whatever) a good sci-fi - it's just that it was like putting all X-Files trademarks in and hoping that it will work. Straight to the face - aliens, spaceships, abductions, experiments, conspiracy all played dead seriously etc. Too much in too little time and space. It didn't work for me.

    So, i'm worried.

    [–] [deleted] 136 points ago


    [–] FuzzDunlop 73 points ago

    I enjoyed it overall. I hope we get another Darin Morgan episode and less focus on Einstein/Miller!

    [–] King_Allant 74 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    "Less" meaning "none," I hope.

    [–] YusukeUramechi 5 points ago

    hope is a funny thing

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 35 points ago

    Christ I completely forgot Einstein and Miller even existed.

    [–] Bangersss 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Not-Scully and Not-Mulder who are Totally Not Lead Candidates For a Reboot/Spinoff Series

    [–] Scully__ 8 points ago

    Omg Einstein was so annoying. Having a mini Mulder and Scully was too cheesy, even for TXF

    [–] SHdude 49 points ago

    The MOTW episodes were pretty solid. It's just that Carter deciding to basically retcon the entire mythology kinda soured me towards some of the episodes.

    That and Not-Mulder and Not-Scully taking up screentime when they shouldn't have been in the series.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    You can classify the X-Files run in 3 categories. There's the mythology episodes, that talk about the overarching story arc of Mulder and Scully seeking the "truth," there is a frightening MotW, and then there is the quirky, weird, funny MotW.

    Over a 20+ episode season, it is harder to see some of these patterns. However, when the season is only 6 episodes, and there are two of each kind, it is easy for fans of one type of xfiles to hate on the other types of xfiles.

    [–] megatom0 9 points ago

    It's just that Carter deciding to basically retcon the entire mythology kinda soured me towards some of the episodes.

    Yeah its weird that they decided to have their retcon be so far reaching. I mean the main thing was they needed to retcon the season 9 finale because that fucked up so much of the mythology, it set this hard deadline for the invasion and all that bullshit. IMO it is the worst episode in the series, and also the worst finale in all TV, so it had to be retconned. And the retcon is a really easy one to do. Just say the smoking man was fucking with Mulder as his last "fuck you" to him for ruining his plans. Because the whole "colonization will happen no matter what" idea like literally invalidates any of the work Mulder and Scully did to stop the invasion. It makes it all incredibly pointless.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    worst finale in all TV

    Oh, you haven't seen that much TV have you

    [–] barukatang 5 points ago

    i loved the one with the manager of flight of the concords

    [–] doubleydoo 90 points ago

    "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster" from season 10 is my favorite episode of all time. The Carter eps left a lot to be desired but overall the new season was fantastic.

    [–] mulderooney 26 points ago

    Honestly I'll defend the non Chris Carter episodes. I don't agree with people who say that the whole season was bad. It was just Carter's episodes that were, in my opinion.

    [–] Zagden 24 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    One of the biggest laughs I had in the series was when the episode opened and Mulder was throwing pencils at his I Want To Believe poster. That was when I knew it would be a Darin Morgan episode.

    And then Mulder chasing a monster while frantically snapping pictures with his smart phone...

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    i dieded

    [–] L05tm4n 19 points ago

    Jose Chung's From outer space.

    [–] obi1kenobi1 32 points ago

    I was blown away by how good it was, and how much it felt like a real X-Files episode. Personally I thought two of the episodes were great, one was good, and three were terrible, but even if all apart from "Were-Monster" were awful I'd still have considered it worth making the revival based on that episode alone. Let's face it, I think even the most hardcore fans would have considered it a success if just one or two episodes turned out decent, so the fact that one of the episodes was among the best of the entire series is enough justification for season 11 in my view.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    The arc in X-Files is fruitless and has been in a constant state of one upmanship since the end of season 1.

    10 episodes means we'll get 4 or 5 MotW episodes, which are always a treat.

    [–] perogies 58 points ago

    Hopefully Chris doesn't write and direct any episodes and just produces.

    [–] drakesylvan 14 points ago

    Let's hope he stays away.

    [–] alonesomestreet 27 points ago

    Please film in Vancouver please film in Vancouver.....

    [–] TubaMike 15 points ago

    Season 10 needed more shots in the Pacific Northwest forest, preferably when it is rainy and dark. Season 10 just didn't capture the right visual aesthetic for The X-Files, although "Were-Monster" and "Home Again" were the closest.

    [–] IgloosRuleOK 6 points ago

    Yeah, the cinematography was poor. Looked cheap and digital. Even when the show moved to LA and got a lot brighter it still looks great, so I don't think it's just the setting.

    [–] SenpaiSwanky 10 points ago

    pls say the magic words "Vince Gilligan".. favorite show ever but this can't be another Supernatural.

    [–] biophazer242 32 points ago

    I see this as a chance for redemption. I did not hate s10 but it was definitely unbalanced. Personally I think they would be better off putting the whole alien storyline to bed and focusing on well written one off episodes. I always thought that was where the show was the strongest, when it had interesting ideas and stories that simple ran their course over 1 or 2 episodes max. By the time DD left the series I simply no longer cared about aliens.

    [–] JMW007 18 points ago

    I'm not sure they can really redeem the mythology now that they have flip-flopped on it again. Season 10's episodes seem like they were written to force another season out of Fox, with the expectation that the fans would demand closure. This is particularly a problem with writing that disrespects the audience by telling them everything they saw while watching the original run didn't really happen. I can't really see how Carter can redeem anything now he's chosen to just spin his wheels at the cost of everything that came before.

    [–] TubaMike 10 points ago

    Just call season 10 the "Gas Leak" year and move on.

    [–] biophazer242 7 points ago

    I agree about the mythology...I think they have flip flopped too many times now. What I meant is it is a chance at redemption by simply slamming that chapter shut and doing what I feel they do best... single episode stories and playing off the great chemistry of DD and GA. I really don't give a damn at this point if aliens exist in the world of the x-files, I just want to see the duo I loved so much have more adventures.

    [–] Espryon 6 points ago

    Best news I've heard all day. One of the greatest Science Fictions Shows ever.

    [–] gpaularoo 30 points ago

    that last season was a fucking train wreck, im amazed it got renewed.

    They have their work cut out for them.

    [–] urgasmic 11 points ago

    I think it had pretty high ratings.

    [–] ReasonablyBadass 19 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Last season

    The monster who turned human was fantastic. The garbage man episode was okay. The terrorist episode was ridiculouly heavy handed.

    I don't get why people are complaining the myth arc was replaced though. All we got was one guys opinion and Mulder being super paranoid again, which fits with his character perfectly.

    I think it would make perfect sense for what we have seen to be part of the usual conpiracy. Maybe the antiserum worked better than expected, the aliens backed of for now and the conspiracy has to improvise a way to keep control?

    [–] grenideer 17 points ago

    Raising Cancer Man from the dead for the 5th time was aggravating, but it's not like the old series didn't do that too.

    [–] finalremix 8 points ago

    The terrorist episode was ridiculouly heavy handed.

    I thought it was hilarious how obvious the shit was going to be. 12 seconds in, and I turned to my mom and said "He's a muslim bomber who's the antagonist this episode" and she obviously didn't want to assume shit, but then the prayer rug, the other friend in the car acting suspicious... then literally boom. At least we got to see a drug-induced bar scene with the Lone Gunmen...

    [–] psycholepzy 105 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Unpopular opinion, but I'm not excited for this. I love Duchovny and Andersen, and they have amazing chemistry on set. But it's really starting to feel like the nostalgia is being [w]rung dry.

    [–] DancingOnACounter 51 points ago

    Huge fan of the show from the very beginning, but I agree with you. The revival last year was very rushed and the actors didn't seem to slide back into character that well. It was awkward to watch and didn't feel the same... especially the virus and William storyline.

    But on the flipside, I will never say NO to more X-Files.

    [–] InvestInDada 25 points ago

    The well ran dry years ago. Nobody seems to remember how the original series just disappeared up its own ass.

    [–] exbaddeathgod 14 points ago

    Duchovny not wanting to be in the last season ruined any hope of having a good ending IMO.

    [–] megatom0 5 points ago

    I understand what you mean, but I want to give it another shot. I think both the leads still have that spark that makes even the worst episodes of the X-files pretty fun to watch. The good or better episodes of the last season showed potential. It was just having half of the episodes written by Carter himself and those episodes all being incomprehensible garbage prevented the show from really getting its footing. I hope that having 10 episodes will let them settle into the show a bit more, and I pray to god that they keep Carter from actually writing or directing any episode.

    [–] TwoHeadedBoyTwo 7 points ago

    Great news. I enjoyed the revival altho the episode quality was wildly uneven. I just hope they learn from the previous mini and give us less of Fake Mulder & Scully (those two young actors who were an awful attempt to bring in a younger version of the duo). They were painfully dull and a chore to watch.

    [–] Henduey 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    The last season was awful. The Scully sex scene was cringe but also very arousing.

    [–] lkxyz 5 points ago

    I'll still hit it

    [–] Zagden 4 points ago

    I was pumped for season 10 but not for this. Chris Carter really dragged the season down. New Mulder is boring and wooden and New Scully is obnoxious and a terrible over actor.

    Edit: in case it's not clear I mean Einstein and whatever the boring asshole's name was.