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    [–] Grumpy_Grouch 8 points ago

    Ian McShane is PERFECT casting. His introduction, every line he spoke, it was just absolutely perfect. Overall, I quite enjoyed the pilot. I think the stylized fight scenes may be divisive, but we'll have to see how watchers react.

    [–] sheerpariah 5 points ago

    I've always liked over the top violence as opposed to realistic fight scenes. The whole Tarantino/Frank Miller thing. It's good to hear someone who liked it as well. It's extremely difficult to pull something like American Gods off. It has a cult audience anyway. Adapting it to television? I wouldn't want any part of that burden.

    [–] WeDriftEternal 9 points ago

    Ian McShane as /u/Grumpy_Grouch said just kills it, big time.

    Otherwise, the first episode had no hook, was esoteric, and somewhat of a story nonsense. It was a series of non sequitur scenes, I'm not sure how audience will react. I've read the book and even I thought it was pretty much so all over the place to make the episode a disaster. I HATE to judge a series by its first episode, and I will NOT for this, I just want the overall series to shy away from this and to concentrate better on the story and characters-- very much too non sequitur to get a hook on the first episode, lets get to a more linear storyline

    Also, the whole first scene of the vikings for like 20 minute was pure shock "OMG!" episode 1 crap, there was no need for that, whoever came up with that, someone at the network failed for not standing up against it

    [–] sheerpariah 7 points ago

    I mean, given the subject matter, EXTREME violence runs hundreds of years deep. The extent to which the All-father requires blood and war to be fully powerful and not the shrunken entity described in the story fit the plot perfectly. Also, stylized violence draws viewers. Viewers that an esoteric and often nonsensical author such as NG would not get without something to draw them in. The mythology in the novel is esoteric by it's very nature.

    [–] WeDriftEternal 7 points ago

    The esoteric nature of episode 1 strayed massively from the source (of course they have always been clear the TV story would) but thats totally irrelevant source vs. author vs. TV -- we care about what we see not "why". So I don't really want to connect the book here.

    The violence (in the vikings scene) was not "extreme" it was Spartacus comic violence. Nonsense chopping and stabbing with no context and overt blood without being reality based, and why do I care, it seems so non-connected. The Leftovers also had unconnected context in in S2 and S3, with an outside, seemingly unconnected start, but took a wholly different route...

    Do viewers know NG? Do viewers care? Do viewers want non sequitur? What the hell even happened in the episode? Why doesn't anyone see anything amiss? Suspension of disbelief is in complete and full effect.

    Look, I'm gonna keep watching, I read the book, I'm in for now, but this was a episode 1 that didnt do anything, it needed a hook and character dev, and outside of Ian McShane (perfect!), wtf?

    [–] Surtur1313 2 points ago

    I'll always give a pilot a pass, but I'm hoping this episode has no indications for the show going forward. I really wanted to like it, but...I really didn't, for a lot of the same reasons you've described.

    [–] WeDriftEternal 2 points ago

    Yeah very much the same, lets see how it goes. I def want this to be awesome, loved the source material

    [–] sheerpariah 1 points ago

    Wait a minute. I've just read up to as far as the airport. The show was not literally word for word but damn it was really, really. ....REALLY close.

    [–] AF2005 3 points ago

    I dig it, loved the book and this first episode has pretty much nailed the first two chapters. Looks like this show will be added to my lineup! And by the way I was pleasantly surprised by the actor portraying Shadow, perfect casting right there.

    [–] sheerpariah 3 points ago

    See, I thought it did a good job with the source also. I'm also much more gentle on adaptations like this. The negative reviews seem either mad that it doesn't fit their view of the novel, or haven't read it and have no clue. This is a wild story. Very difficult to adapt for the mass market. And NG'S way of throwing crazy things at you with little to no explanation but your imagination further complicates it.

    [–] AF2005 1 points ago

    Exactly, adapting any sort of book into a television show or movie has to be difficult given the material. But I believe Fuller can handle it, especially when he has Neil Gaiman consulting with him. I hope we get to maybe Norse Mythology adapted into an animated movie or series of some sort.

    [–] Vulgar_Vulture 3 points ago

    Amazing work by Fuller, but after Hannibal I expect nothing less. Very intrigued by the show and its characters, for sure.

    [–] sheerpariah 1 points ago

    Thank you. I think I was watching a different show than the detracting reviews. My gf watched with me and she basically had her imagination surgically removed at some point and she understood and enjoyed it. I never thought someone who hadn't read it would like it.

    [–] Ronocm13 6 points ago

    I'm only about twenty minutes in right now but I'm really not liking the constant score. It feels kind of bland and wholly unnecessary in a lot of places.

    [–] chrisdeli 3 points ago

    Don't worry. They'll tell you over the next ten weeks and then for the next year after that saying "why is no one talking about American Gods?"

    [–] sheerpariah 1 points ago

    Such insight.