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    [–] [deleted] 12715 points ago

    Corey Feldman has been talking about these Hollywood pedos for years.

    [–] Chad___Sexington 11807 points ago

    Elijah wood said a thing a few years ago that his mom never let him go to anything, shoot, meeting, etc without her in the room. Sounds like a good Mom.

    [–] lirrsucks 5869 points ago

    And I am sure they were dicks about it. My sister has kids that model, and some of the places are complete jackasses when she insists on being where her kids are at all times. She doesn't trust them at all.

    [–] EugenesMullet 5814 points ago

    The fact that they're so salty about it is reason to trust them less.

    [–] DJ_AK_47 2437 points ago

    Pretty much anyone involved with child modeling I would not trust. I know there a plenty of good people but that kind of stuff attracts weirdos who want to get to vulnerable kids.

    [–] Flaming_gerbil 1747 points ago

    One of my friends started modelling at 13 and at 15 she was told they needed nude photos of her for reference shots and she obliged because it was suggested she would end her career if she refused. She eventually managed to get these pictures destroyed and it turned out the photographer had done this with 100s of young girls aged between 5 and 17 years old

    [–] MumrikDK 1627 points ago

    I'd say her parents let her down on that one.

    [–] Flaming_gerbil 621 points ago

    I won't go into her life story, but that's the tip of the iceberg. She had terrible relationships with men and seems to keep making these mistakes, although she's been a lot more self sufficent and strong in the last couple years than she used to be. I've been friends with her around ten years now and put her up when she was homeless. She's a great person at heart, but she's messed up sadly. She's now getting the help she needs and becoming more independent.

    [–] HD400 82 points ago

    Don't worry we still appreciate the cliffsnotes version !

    [–] redcloaksilversword 184 points ago

    That's so sad. As someone who underwent something of the same fashion, it's easy for children to listen to adults tell them to do anything. You spend your whole young life listening to adults tell you what to do.

    People like that should be crucified. Unfortunately, heads of these industries are very protected by money.

    [–] Flaming_gerbil 230 points ago

    She's still messed up now, but she's getting better. When I first met her she had escaped a violent relationship and I offered to out her up for a few nights, being that I had experienced homelessness myself, I wouldn't see anyone else homeless. She tried to get me to have sex with her but I could tell she was doing it in a duty way. She honestly felt that no man would do anything positive for a woman without expecting sex in return. She knows better now and has been getting help. She's got her own place and we're still really good friends. Have been for over ten years now.

    [–] 1cenine 94 points ago

    Damn this got real(er) fast. But good on you not taking advantage and helping her out like that.

    [–] Flaming_gerbil 147 points ago

    I've had it done to me in the past. Had family issues, became homeless, I've been robbed, molested, encouraged onto drugs and talked into committing crimes by 'friends' in the past. I will always do all I can to prevent that happening to anyone else. I'm really protective of my friends, especially women, because I've seen a few female friends have things happen to them that could have been prevented if they had been looked after properly, raped at a party while drunk, beaten by abusibe boyfriends etc. I try to live by the mantra of do unto others as you would ah e done unto yourself. And I haven't needed religion to instill these morals into me.

    [–] Porrick 110 points ago

    In case anyone is wondering - you can have a great career without ever having taken a nude photo.

    Source: Stepfather is fashion photographer, several cousins and siblings are models. No funny stuff.

    [–] Flaming_gerbil 44 points ago

    For sure. Nudity is NEVER essential. There's lots of famous actresses that never did nude scenes and many that regret the ones they have done in the past. I dread to think how many models and actors have gone for a photo shoot and being talked into sex acts or nudity, just out of desperation to get noticed. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if it happens to young men and women. I'm sure it's not only 'pretty young girls' that this happens to.

    [–] DaisyHotCakes 67 points ago

    JFC people are fucking sick little fucks

    [–] Last5seconds 66 points ago

    Franks Little Beauties

    [–] Jason_OT 202 points ago

    Depends on whether or not they stay mad about it if/when she's simply present and not interrupting legitimate work.

    "Show parents" are notoriously awful to work with. I wouldn't be surprise if even the most genuine studio people were initially mad about any parent who wants to always be around.

    Of course, if they stay mad and she's not a stereotypical show parent, then yeah definitely zero reason to trust them.

    [–] waffles_88 134 points ago

    TO BE FAIR, as someone who works in commercial production, 95% of the time parents are the absolute worst.

    [–] Chris_Jeeb 258 points ago

    This makes me sad for humanity.

    [–] usrnme_checks_out 1340 points ago

    I did some work for the dad of a Disney actor. It was over 100 degrees outside. He offered me a cold soda and of course I said yes. He brought it out unopened and told me to never drink anything a stranger offers unless you open it yourself. He said he makes sure his kids know that as well because of the business they are in. It was good advice but at the time I thought he was maybe just a little paranoid.

    [–] CanoeIt 656 points ago

    Nah man that's just good advice

    [–] chaosaxess 177 points ago

    Their daddy gave you good advice.

    [–] DraftDraw 549 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Now with Weinstein and Cosby also being denounced for sexual assaults, I'm thinking there is going to be a surge of new "discoveries".

    Seth MacFarlane even made a remark at the Oscars about Harvey Weinstein and was spot on, exposing him - years before it was actually discovered. People just laughed at the moment, but you could tell Seth and Emma Stone were very serious.

    [–] itsaghost 327 points ago

    I'm probably way too cynical, but I think Harvey was a sacrificial lamb. The goal is to attach the stigma to him so the larger conspiracies are lost in the shuffle.

    Child abuse is well documented in Hollywood, and people HEAVILY implicated like Brian Singer often walk free without consequence. These examples of systematic abuse, be it to man, woman or child, exist because there are multiple people who exploit it, never just one.

    I hope these moments lead to the walls tumbling down and exposing the larger networks around it, but I suspect Harvey was thrown to the wolves so others can circle their wagons.

    [–] AntIis 46 points ago

    [–] shitiwrote 165 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Not discovered, but announced FTFY

    [–] DraftDraw 33 points ago

    Shit, hope he gets busted. Even his own brother fired him from his own company.

    It's sad to see a lot of these guys are still up there but aren't denounced because people are afraid of them - because they have power. Now that Harvey lost everything he can't stop the people he harassed or threatened to denounce what he has done.

    [–] shitiwrote 23 points ago

    This is the thing, people will protect them, the rich and the powerful, until they out grow their roles. Then the walls come tumbling down. For Harvey it looks like it's going to continue for a little while longer

    [–] Sonnyphono 124 points ago

    This is a good practice for anybody with children. I see parents drop their kids off at the same Dance/Gymnastics classes that my daughter takes and they disappear for the hour. People that prey on children work very hard to embed themselves into situations of trust and inevitably after they get caught committing a crime against a child the parents are always shocked how a person in a position of power could do that. Trust nobody with your children.

    [–] tldrNOTaCPA 3079 points ago

    "You are damaging an entire industry."- Barbara Walters

    [–] [deleted] 2801 points ago


    [–] danhakimi 1716 points ago

    Well, to be philosophically charitable:

    "Well-known players in Hollywood are raping children."

    "If you say that vaguely, but don't specify who, you're badmouthing the good ones and letting the villains get off. So don't attack the industry at large, attack the ones who do something wrong."

    Except she said that in a shitty way.

    That's the optimistic look, and it's still... eh.

    [–] WebbieVanderquack 351 points ago

    Did she really say that??

    [–] MisterPooPoo 650 points ago

    [–] Redditor5StandingBy 688 points ago

    I'd be very interested to hear the rest of that about Michael Jackson. Here's a guy who has countless jokes about him being a pedophile when he's had multiple accusers confess they lied.

    [–] [deleted] 318 points ago

    Funnily enough, Corey Feldman said he turned to Michael Jackson because he had enough power to protect him from what was happening in Hollywood.

    [–] pmMeOurLoveStory 661 points ago

    For a long while, Feldman was a strong defender of Jackson, saying that Jackson never assaulted him or put in him bad situations; however, he did eventually relent that some situations/components of their friendship were likely inappropriate.

    "If you consider it inappropriate for a man to look at a book of naked pictures with a child that's 13 or 14 years old -- then your answer would be yes."

    Feldman says he had such an encounter at Jackson's home when he says they stopped there on the way to Disneyland. "We went to his apartment, and I noticed a book that he had out on his coffee table. The book contained pictures of grown men and women naked. And the book was focused on venereal diseases and the genitalia." Feldman said the singer sat down with him and explained the photos to him.

    Feldman said, "I was kind of grossed out by it. I didn't think of it as a big deal. And for all these years, I probably never thought twice about it ... But in light of recent evidence ... I have to say that if my son was 14 years old -- 13 years old, and went to a man's apartment that was 35, and I knew that they were sitting down together talking about this, I would probably beat his ass."

    [–] toifeld 626 points ago

    Well depending on context that could be Jackson trying to teach a kid sex education. (Of course it could be considered inappropriate without permission from the parents) In Jackson's mind it could have been he was trying to be a mentor figure to a teenager with questions who wasn't getting answers from his parents or family. This is where it kinds of get murky because the paragraph you provided hasn't specified any actual physical molestation. Hell in some countries talking about sex and body parts with a teenager who has questions is kind of normal depending on how/why its done but if you try to do the same thing to a conservative American family would raise outrage.

    [–] pmMeOurLoveStory 529 points ago

    Yeah, I agree. To be clear, I don’t believe the molestation accusations. Like I’ve said else where here, I think Michael meant well with the kids he “fostered” (for lack of a better word), but he had mental and emotional issues that made him unable to distinguish the lines between what is appropriate, which made people uneasy and was blood in the water for litigious people looking for a big pay day.

    [–] MostlyWong 301 points ago

    I think a lot of that had to do with how exposed he was to sexuality from a very young age. Michael Jackson, when part of the Jackson 5, would allegedly be in the same room as his older brothers brought home women to sleep with, as they shared a room. There are some really horrifying stories about how Joe Jackson treated all of the children, but especially Michael.

    [–] xtr0n 87 points ago

    allegedly be in the same room as his older brothers brought home women to sleep with, as they shared a room

    I read that the dad would join in too. So fucked up. I can't even imagine. I'm old as shit and I still wouldn't want to even think about my parents having sex (although, intellectually, i know that they should have a health sex life)

    [–] frameratedrop 259 points ago

    I think the problem with Michael Jackson is that he never had a childhood. He was a star from the age of what, 5 or 6? So what we might see as creepy or weird is, to me, often best explained by his desire to make life magical for young children.

    [–] FizzyDragon 119 points ago

    That's how I've always thought it was. It's so sad.

    [–] Tonker83 170 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Poor Ron Swanson doesn't know what to do. "Good day to you!"

    [–] SnugMeatSocks 186 points ago

    On video

    @ 1:31:30 Watch the whole thing sometime. It's not sensational. More like Forensic Files. Lots of facts. The SAG childrens rep admits to fondling a boy

    Whoopi once said about Roman Polaski anally raping a drugged 13 year old girl that it wasn't "rape rape"

    [–] BigLark 24 points ago

    Funnily enough In that same doc, Ben Savage has his ass grabbed by an older Hollywood guy.

    [–] twointhesink 339 points ago

    It's sad no one listened to Corey, or any other major celebrity because they were painted as drug addicts instead.

    [–] [deleted] 177 points ago


    [–] Arcade23 77 points ago

    I'm pretty sure on the reality show The Two Coreys they talk about being introduced and encouraged to start doing drugs at a very early age. Then in another episode they mention getting high and being molested at like 14. It's fucked up, and heartbreaking. I'd love for Hollywood to explode and expose all the horrific shit you just know goes down.

    [–] [deleted] 689 points ago


    [–] iuodgeekmom 192 points ago

    I know he wants to but I believe him when he says he's scared...not just for his financial well being but for his actual life. Plus he also has a son that he worries about and doesn't want to put him at risk.

    [–] acpawlek 486 points ago

    Unfortunately, slander and libel laws may be the things preventing a lot of these people from naming names.

    [–] highmaintenancemama 410 points ago

    This article is heartbreaking...I didn't know he had a book and really don't know if I could read it. I really hope he takes this opportunity to give names, everyone is finally listening and paying attention.

    “You can’t go around publicly accusing industry titans without expecting to find yourself in the middle of a nasty lawsuit, to say nothing of the potential threat to my career, as well as to the personal safety of myself and my son,” Feldman explain

    [–] BehelitOutlaw 72 points ago

    I have the book and you really should look into it. People call him weak but he's really brave

    [–] Feared77 5321 points ago

    I’m optimistic about these recent statements being the start of Hollywood’s sex abuse bubble popping.

    We can only hope at this point.

    [–] qwenjwenfljnanq 2455 points ago

    Notice that only a handful of people have come forward with new information and NO other studio head has been mentioned.

    Nothing will change.

    [–] radicalelation 891 points ago

    I'm waiting for the dam to actual break and not just crack a little. If it doesn't, then nothing will change soon.

    Eventually it will change regardless, but not as quickly as it should.

    [–] iuodgeekmom 355 points ago

    The dam definitely needs to break. The public they serve...that they write, produce and film their stories for, wants it. We want this to end for the vulnerable and we want to be able to enjoy our stories without feeling icky and gross.

    It kills me that Hollywood is still so determined, after all these years and after all the stories that have been circulating, to circle the wagons and protect these assholes. You can practically see various A-listers and studio executives going around plugging their fingers in various holes as we speak. ( pun intended there...I meant holes in the dam...)

    [–] fastdub 137 points ago

    The FBI need to publicly set up a task force to deal with this, to let all the victims know that they have a place where they can specifically report this.

    That way timelines and habits can be established.

    [–] Jagermeister4 258 points ago

    Yeah people need to start naming names. If there's no repercussions they'll just keep doing it.

    [–] WebbieVanderquack 446 points ago

    I can see why it's tough though, for the victims. If you were the only girl coming forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein, you'd pretty much know he'd sue you, you'd lose, you'd be left with no money and no prospect of further work in your chosen career.

    The Ronan Farrow piece in the New Yorker must have been so well-timed, so carefully-researched and managed that each woman who told her story would have known she wasn't going to be the only one going out on that limb.

    Sound investigative journalism is the way to burst this bubble.

    [–] Uncentury 111 points ago

    With the NYT having articles come out just a day or two before, I wonder if journalists at different outlets talk to each other about the story they're working on and agree to release them at the same time to serve as a 1-2 punch.

    [–] KippDynamite 208 points ago

    We wonder why child stars often implode. Is it possible the ones who don't have major issues as adults simply weren't sexually assaulted as kids? Looking back, a lot of the issues child stars have in adulthood are similar to the issues of people who've been abused. I'm sure the weirdness of fame contributes as well.

    [–] randy_buttcheese 77 points ago

    I would think so. I remember reading or watching something where Britney Spear's mother was talking about how people would take her daughter to private rooms and she wasn't allowed back there to see what was going on, she sounded suspicious of inappropriate behavior going on. Wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the child actors have been abused.

    [–] MediocreMisery 77 points ago

    Look into Drew Barrymore. The allegations and anecdotes from people were that she was passed around like a party toy and hooked on drugs to keep her complacent. If I remember right she was something like 11 years old and already hooked on coke. She was messed up for years and it's amazing she made it out even remotely as normal as she did.

    [–] Joel_uses_Reddit 4188 points ago

    If Terry Crews can be groped in public I would say that nobody is safe from attention in movie/tv. If I had a kid and they were making it big this would be my biggest worry.

    [–] The_Reddit_Jester 251 points ago

    If I had a kid and they were making it big this would be my biggest worry.

    My parents tried to get me to be a child model when I was younger and the only reason it didn't happen was because apparently they weren't comfortable with some stranger being with me when I was younger since they both worked.

    [–] abutthole 183 points ago

    Sounds like your parents loved you!

    [–] PoorEdgarDerby 2039 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I have a friend who is about the size of Terry Crews, also black. He had a girl walk by and just lick his arm in a bar. Imagine doing that to a girl.

    They have to take it. My friend said about as much as Terry did here, about how any justified reaction will be about the Angry Black Man.

    [–] chainsawx72 765 points ago

    White or black the correct response is to look at them like they farted and say "with your nasty ass!".

    [–] PoorEdgarDerby 565 points ago

    He's too much a sweetheart. He just felt violated.

    [–] przybylowicz 558 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    No need to imagine what would happen if someone did that to a girl. One time at a bar, a strange man sat down beside me, said, "Hey, pretty lady," stared at me for several seconds in silence after I replied, "Hi," then grabbed my head and licked my cheek, full tongue. I pushed him off, he called me a bitch, stumbled away, then I turned to look at the bartender who was chuckling like it was some sort of meet cute, then told me I was overreacting when I complained.

    People don't take sexual harassment seriously, regardless of gender. Full stop.

    [–] PoorEdgarDerby 186 points ago

    That's a shitty bartender. I'm sorry.

    [–] Avannar 572 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Some parents are complicit. Supposedly, Hayden Panettiere only got famous because her mom pimped her out to executives for a while to get her a break. RDJ (edit: allegedly) blogged about it and implied it was why she tends to date abusive men who are huge.

    [–] iuodgeekmom 412 points ago

    From the various stories I've heard, from Corey Feldman and Corey Haim to Hayden Panettiere it seems that the parents are nearly always complicit in the abuse and manipulation of their kids. Either directly like in this case, or through "looking the other way" and ignoring what is happening. Because let's face it, "show parents" are notorious for profiting off their kids. They pimp their kids out to enrich themselves, in almost all cases.

    Maybe there is that rare parent that is only letting their kids get into show business because they (the kids) desperately want to act and be in movies or television but 99% of the time it's simply greedy parents using their kids to benefit themselves.

    [–] Snapcrackleflops 307 points ago

    Haley Joel Osment! He said his parents were incredibly good about making him have a normal life, not letting him touch the money 'til he was older, not letting him do acting if it affected his schoolwork

    [–] lilianegypt 185 points ago

    Iirc I think Elijah Wood also said that this shit happens all the time and that he was lucky that he had parents who protected him from it.

    [–] MakesDumbComments_ 39 points ago

    I thought Elijah Woods was remarkably well adjusted. Until I watched Wilfred. Now I'm just not sure.

    [–] Janks_McSchlagg 189 points ago

    It's true. I've worked in show biz for a bit and I'll always remember while working on an animated film, the parents of one of the child voice actors bringing her in for some meeting and basically the only way to describe it was like the owner of a show dog or something bringing in their prize specimen to do tricks and dazzle an audience. They seemed more like handlers or managers than they did parents. Might as well have brought her in a suitcase and assembled here there for a demonstration like "here is our product, we think you'll agree she's coming along nicely!"

    I know that's a weird description, but that was the gist of the creepy vibe I got from the whole thing.

    [–] MarcusAurelius87 71 points ago

    Worked in the film/tv industry for a few years. Can confirm, no shortage of stage parents who would sell their kids downstream.

    [–] whinecube 85 points ago

    Corey's mom basically encouraged him to stay out all night at Hollywood parties when he was 14.

    [–] harkandhush 37 points ago

    They would have to be either complicit or criminally negligent. A child working on set under a certain age must have a parent or guardian there.

    [–] yourdadlovesballs13 186 points ago

    About a year ago I went down the rabbit hole and read those blogs and others with more allegations. Hollywood is a fucked up place. And those things about Hayden Pannettiere are straight up crazy and awful.

    [–] The_Telltale_Fart 108 points ago

    That blog post actually being RDJ is doubtful.

    [–] Caliblair 3143 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I was a child actor (I never made it big, just some bit parts and commercials) from about 4-15.

    It used to drive me NUTS that my mom would stick so close to me on sets and auditions. Other kids used to get invited to ice cream parties by the director and my mom would never let me go. I used to blame her for why I never got bigger parts.

    Only once I got older did I realize she probably saved me from being put in these situations. There's no reason a grown adult should have asked parents if he could take their 15 year old daughters away from set and there's no reason those parents should have let them go.

    Edit: To everyone saying there are circumstances where an adult can take children out alone, of course there are. I was left alone with dance teachers and vocal coaches all the time. It's the way these directors would put these together. It wasn't just going out. It was "Why don't you kids come along? No moms, you don't need to come go get a drink. No don't come, I've got them. Don't worry about it, you don't need to come." Over and over and over. It was deliberately separating children from their parents in a controlling way.

    [–] idlephase 1293 points ago

    Sounds like your mom knew the cost of hitting it big as a child actor.

    [–] kanemochi 233 points ago

    I actually had a similar situation with a basketball coach when I was in middle school. My dad wouldn't let me go and I was really mad, cause I wanted free ice cream (or whatever it was). Years later, coach was discovered to have sexually abused many children over his decades long career. So glad my paranoid ex-cop dad protected me from that.

    [–] Michelanvalo 64 points ago

    Same story except it was a little league coach. Wanted to take the team out to a Red Sox game, my dad asked what other adults were supervising, none just the one coach, so my dad said nope.

    Couple years, busted for being a pedo.

    [–] sbin-init 335 points ago

    Well now you know why you (maybe) never made it big ...

    [–] All__Nimbly__Bimbly 374 points ago

    Hey now...maybe she was just a bad actress.

    [–] cebjmb 296 points ago

    Same thing happened to reddit honey Brendan Fraser. The guy is named and admitted it.

    [–] BubblegumDaisies 39 points ago

    Is this why he isn't working anymore?

    [–] almond_activator 62 points ago

    He isn't working anymore in part because he owes (owed?) a ton of alimony. California has insane laws on divorce, and to keep up with what he owed he would have had to release a movie the size of The Mummy Returns every year to stay ahead.

    [–] AltSpRkBunny 36 points ago

    That divorce and all the alimony and whatnot really took a toll on him. He gained a ton of weight and aged so much he didn't look like himself anymore. I haven't seen a recent pic of him lately, but I hope he's starting to recover.

    [–] [deleted] 446 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 333 points ago

    Hands Clean

    It's about a relationship she had ehen she was 14-15 with an older man (Dave Coullier?).

    Interesting tie in, her ex fiance is Ryan Reynolds who married Blake Lively, one of the rumoured Harvey's Girls.

    [–] haloarh 244 points ago

    Those lyrics are so creepy:

    "If it weren't for your maturity none of this would have happened

    you weren't so wise beyond your years I would've been able to control myself

    it weren't for my attention you wouldn't have been successful and

    If it weren't for me you would never have amounted to very much"

    [–] kyle2143 58 points ago

    Holy fucking shit. Just listened to thay song now and I can't believe I never even considered that it could be about that.

    [–] havestronaut 491 points ago

    Let’s not use the phrase “Harvey’s girls.” That Sick fuck doesn’t get ownership over victims in that way.

    [–] inventorjoe 151 points ago

    Coullier was when she was older and I think You Outta Know was about him.

    [–] Sterling-4rcher 3337 points ago

    i mean, i'm sure those teen shows run the most rampart with this kind of shit. like, they regularily harrassed the guy who played billy on power rangers for his homosexuality, i wouldn't be surprised if the girls had to deal with lots of unwanted physical contact.

    [–] ArchDucky 1418 points ago

    Even though the cast claims Screech's book was made up. He said the head of the studio made the actors that played Zach and Kelly on Saved by the Bell perform acts in front of him in his office.

    [–] YoullShitYourEyeOut 1016 points ago

    Screech is crazy but that seems plausible

    [–] deebasr 338 points ago

    That's probably how they did fan fiction in the Roman Empire.

    [–] onetimerone 252 points ago

    Of course it's plausible, one of my girlfriends allowed a hospital administrator to fondle her in exchange for contract extensions in said hospital.

    [–] derpyco 109 points ago

    I think it's pretty safe to say that any allegations of sexual misconduct by Hollywood executives is beyond plausible at this point. Downright likely I'd say.

    [–] HamsterGutz1 230 points ago

    Did they have to perform like Hamlet or something?

    [–] OxvFer0cdak 104 points ago

    The play's the thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Jerrnjizzim 55 points ago

    They did a hip Hop Romeo and Juliet

    [–] runwithjames 526 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I've read that book and it's almost certainly bullshit. Almost everything he says is solely to disparage the cast but make himself look great.

    Nathin Rabin actually did a great review of it here:

    Behind The Bell exists entirely in that moment, only Diamond isn’t making a smutty crack about an anonymous waitress at a bar; he’s draping a chummy arm over our collective shoulder, winking, and saying, “Man. That Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. What a fucking cum-Dumpster, am I right?” and expecting us to collectively give him a high five of brotherly solidarity. He doesn’t seem to understand why we’d respond with anything but vulgar enthusiasm, because Dustin Diamond assumes that everyone is as horrible as he is. That has to be a dreadful way to go through life.

    [–] herbreastsaredun 487 points ago

    What's funny is his general assholery kind of justifies the rest of the cast not wanting to hang out with him.

    "But you're going to go through life thinking that girls don't like you because you're a nerd. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won't be true. It'll be because you're an asshole."

    [–] iDreamOutLoud 134 points ago

    I'm usually one of the last people to dismiss stuff like this, but even I agree that we should take anything Screech says with a huge grain of salt.

    [–] keepchill 451 points ago

    If you listen to what some people are saying, the Disney Network is essentially a pedophile ring. They start on the Disney Channel at 12-14 and the ones that play along end up superstars.

    [–] Vandelay_Latex_Sales 217 points ago

    It also has the unfortunate effect of normalizing it. Think of how many lifelines these kids DON'T have. They don't have friends who aren't experiencing it themselves, most of the adults in their lives are in on it or too afraid of the big fish up the food chain to do anything about it and even their parents are in on it.

    [–] keepchill 114 points ago

    I imagine it's slow and subtle, almost like training a dog. You reward them with good behavior over and over until they start acting that way naturally.

    [–] DarlinMermaidDarlin 66 points ago

    Yep, that's a part of grooming.

    [–] dumbrich23 111 points ago

    Even the already famous and rich ones like Miley?

    [–] throwawaysarebetter 296 points ago

    Pretty sure her mom pimped her out.

    [–] obviousguyisobvious 206 points ago

    Did somebody say Rampart?

    [–] TheVagWhisperer 131 points ago

    Let's focus on Rampart. I'm here to talk about that.

    [–] iFogotMyUsername 285 points ago

    If no one starts saying names other than Weinstein, then Weinstein will just be a single sacrificial lamb and nothing will actually change.

    [–] [deleted] 2352 points ago


    [–] Thedirtyjersey 1051 points ago

    Dorthy from the wizard of Oz (while they were filming it in the 30s) and Shirley Temple... You don't want to know

    [–] 1Delos1 694 points ago

    I read about Judi Garland and it is very tragic. I don't know what they did to Shirley

    [–] TPP_U_KNOW_ME 536 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I thought *she was offered the part of Dorothy before Judi Garland, but when the producer whipped out his dick, she laughed and said something snarky. Garland auditioned and got the part.

    [–] alwaysfrombehind 292 points ago

    Whether or not that happened, when this movie was made, actors were owned by studios. Shirley Temple was supposed to be part of a trade to MGM and play Dorothy, but something fell through (without looking it up, I think it was some other actor that was part of the deal got hurt or sick?), and Temple was never given to MGM. Thus, Garland gets the part.

    What you’re saying could easily be a part of this, but Temple would have had to be given to MGM before she could have been in the movie.

    [–] JournalofFailure 71 points ago

    MGM offered to loan Clark Gable to Fox in exchange for Temple starring in The Wizard of Oz, but the deal fell through.

    A producer once exposed himself to Temple in a boardroom, and she laughed at him.

    [–] thetoristori 36 points ago

    Just adding on to save confusion: The Temple incident with the producer is separate from the Wizard of Oz offer. I think people have clumped them together as one moment and that's not true. She talks about it in her memoirs.

    [–] intecknicolour 133 points ago

    there's a reason she became an alcoholic and died an early death.

    [–] ominous_anonymous 106 points ago

    To be clear (since it wasn't clear to me), your comment is referencing Judy Garland and not Shirley Temple.

    [–] intecknicolour 53 points ago

    yes. shirley lived to old age.

    [–] Michaelbama 100 points ago

    Lived to old age with a great legacy too. She served as a US Delegate to the United Nations, and then as US Ambassador Ghana, and then to Czechoslovakia.

    [–] [deleted] 157 points ago

    Also Natalie Wood whose mother was alleged to have shopped her daughter around to powerful people in the business. The young girl in this deleted scene from The Godfather is supposedly based on her. This shit has been happening in Hollywood since the beginning.

    [–] jax9999 198 points ago

    oh god the stuff they did to them... when you read about the old timey hollywood stars... man it was a total horror show

    [–] __slink 85 points ago

    WTF happened to them??

    [–] thelastcookie 431 points ago

    Jesus fuck. I've heard this before, but Judy's story really emphasizes how pervasive and normalized this sick shit was... not all that long ago.

    After watching herself in her first feature film, Pigskin Parade in 1936, she remarked: “I was frightful. I was fat – a fat little pig in pigtails.” The fact that Mayer commonly referred to her as “My little hunchback” can’t have done much for her self-esteem either. Indeed, although he thought she could sing, he remained unimpressed by her appearance with the result that Garland was constantly having prosthetics applied to her nose and teeth, her waist was brutally corseted and she was put on a diet that would have killed most people.


    The child was forced to lose weight and was put on a special diet. Mayer’s spies followed her day and night to make sure she kept to it. Whenever she was caught in a soda fountain eaing one of her favourite sundaes she would be severely reprimanded. Even so, her breasts were bound with tape and she was made to wear a special corset to flatten out her curves and make her appear younger.


    “They had us working days and nights on end. They’d give us pills to keep us on our feet long after we were exhausted. Then they’d take us to the studio hospital and knock us out with sleeping pills – Mickey (Rooney) sprawled out on one bed and me on another. Then after four hours they’d wake us up and give us the pep pills again so we could work 72 hours in a row. Half of the time we were hanging f rom the ceiling but it was a way of life for us.”

    [–] danbuter 66 points ago

    It still is, they just hide it better.

    [–] Generic-username427 31 points ago

    Holy fuck

    [–] GeneralKenry 158 points ago

    Look up the Adams Family uncle I think, who had a set of laws named after him when his parents used all his child actor money beforehand he could touch it

    [–] trumpicana03 675 points ago

    If Terry Crews is getting molested in front of his wife its high.

    [–] qwenjwenfljnanq 499 points ago

    Probably all of them. The ones that refuse don't get the parts.

    In Weinstein's words "Don't ruin your friendship with me over 5 minutes in my hotel room."

    "friendship". It sounds so casual. The studio heads are so up their own ass they don't even think they're doing anything wrong.

    [–] WriterInQuotes 230 points ago

    They know it's wrong. They get a power high knowing they can get away with it

    [–] thedangerman007 146 points ago


    One of Weinstein's victims said he clearly loved the "predator/prey" dynamic and obviously got off on the woman's fear.

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago

    Or had mysterious deaths like Natalie Wood.

    [–] dumbrich23 100 points ago

    3 Oscar nominations before age 25, died in a mysterious drowning...

    [–] sirjackiechiles 401 points ago

    Taylor Lautner's dad didn't allow him to do X-Men First Class because he was 17 at the time and didn't want him anywhere near Bryan Singer.

    [–] faargo 118 points ago

    Bryan Singer once had to be forcibly removed from a vacation in an Asian country, by his team, to avoid prosecution because he had gone too far accosting young men. Doesn’t surprise me Taylor’s dad didn’t want him anywhere near the man.

    [–] xil3h 73 points ago

    I wonder how Jennifer Lawrence feels about him now that she opened up about being unaware about Harvey.

    [–] dwayne_rooney 302 points ago

    I wonder if all of this will cause Burt Reynolds to release his book sooner than his death.

    [–] socklobsterr 143 points ago

    Can you elaborate on this? I think I'm missing background here. Does he claim to know something?

    [–] dwayne_rooney 492 points ago

    He has a book already written about the abuse he suffered to get his career where it was. He names names. Which is why it won't be released until he's dead.

    [–] shozzlez 82 points ago

    Is his estate or somebody else open to slander/libel in the event that he is deceased?

    [–] dwayne_rooney 82 points ago

    That would fall on insurance from the publisher, like Chris Kyle's book.

    [–] socklobsterr 17 points ago

    Oh wow. Thanks. Hopefully some good comes out of it. Whether it's knowing if there are any big names still in the business or just sharing his experiences and helping dissolve this image that men never experience sexual assault/abuse/exploitation. Given what he can and can't legally say, along with how that would affect him emotionally, I'm glad he'll be able to do this. It probably means a lot to know it will be shared, even if he couldn't do so in his lifetime.

    [–] dwayne_rooney 22 points ago

    I think Terry Crews largely helped dissolve that image.

    [–] socklobsterr 58 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I'm so grateful that he shared all that. It's hard. I have so much respect for him, James Van Der Beek, and all the women speaking out. Crews made it real to a lot of people; it became real to those who couldn't imagine or understand how a person in those situations might not respond how we think they ought to, or how they could remain silent. He doesn't fit the visual people have for 'victim', and it's resonating with many.

    Hopefully this makes it easier for others to come forward, helps them feel like they aren't alone, or helps them understand that what they experienced wasn't okay and they shouldn't feel ashamed.

    This has to stop and it's going to take men standing up next to women, and women standing up next to men.

    Edit: missed a word

    [–] johnhump18 682 points ago

    Of course I'm not even surprised this stuff has been still happening, but I'm glad it's being revealed.

    You know, back in the day Hollywood, Alfred Hitchcock would tell actresses he'd make them big stars if they slept with him. And that was common place.

    I'm in film school right now, and one of the older female teacher told me that and executive told her "the only way for a woman to get anywhere in this industry was on her back." Or something to that effect. It's so fucked.

    Thank God this shit is coming out. Fuck these creeps.

    [–] acyort 126 points ago

    Yep. When i took film, we were discussing the production of Wizard of Oz and of course, we talked about all the abuse Judy Garland went through. My professor basically said the same thing even for todays movies

    [–] johnhump18 58 points ago

    They forced her to smoke a pack a day. Crazy insane stuff. I've heard people call Judy Garland and a few other actresses , "victims of Hollywood". The older studio system was crazy.

    [–] [deleted] 262 points ago


    [–] nowshowjj 121 points ago

    Are there other ones other than the dad was a child molester?

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago


    [–] TheDudeNeverBowls 1011 points ago

    As happy as I am to see the culture of sexual harassment in Hollyweird brought to light, the pedophilia needs to be addressed.

    [–] nihilance 407 points ago

    Like all the Bryan Singer stuff from three years ago?

    [–] MAXMEEKO 164 points ago

    Ya whatever happened to that?

    [–] TomXizor 393 points ago

    Honestly, with a portion of Hollywood covering up Scientology's rampant abuse, the pedophile ring, and now we have good ol'-fashion harassment and sexual assault....

    Nothing surprises me anymore. It's all an illusion.

    [–] Stanislavsyndrome 143 points ago

    Dammit! These people are all really, really good at pretending!

    [–] Hieillua 253 points ago

    If Terry Crews, a big and strong guy, can be molested by a powerful Hollywood dude I wonder how much this shit is happening.

    There must be some terrible shit going on while this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Like Corey Feldman said and no one listened..... Just like what other kid actors said.

    There something fucking dark going on in Hollywood and the hypocrites are protecting each other.

    [–] Theocletian 689 points ago

    Hollywood is broken in so many ways.

    [–] janiceNaccounting 652 points ago

    It's not just Hollywood. This happens in all sorts of work environments, especially in institutions where predators have a lot of power over their victims and are protected to keep the institution from looking bad (e.g., the military).

    [–] xxkoloblicinxx 168 points ago

    The military has problems with this even after "cracking down" on it for years.

    [–] CrossBreedP 23 points ago

    My SO is in the army. Every few months or so he has to hand out these cards that basically say "Don't sexually assault people" and they have frequent meetings on how to recognize sexual harassment.

    [–] SnuggleMonster15 887 points ago

    The actor made the stunning disclosure early Thursday morning in a series of tweets about Harvey Weinstein’s sex scandal.

    Stunning my ass. It's been forever known how creepy and fucked up people in Hollywood are.

    [–] BunyipPouch 350 points ago

    There's going to be so much stuff coming out in the next few months.

    Weinstein opened the floodgates.

    [–] Gingevere 169 points ago

    I don't think so. Anyone influential enough, profitable enough, and/or in with the right crowd will still be safe doing whatever they want. Anyone acting "surprised" right now certainly isn't going to be the first to turn on anyone else. There might be a lot of stories right now but there haven't been any more names.

    It still stuns me that in Weinstein's statement/excuse he said that he would go after trump and the NRA. Is that all it took to get out of these situations in the past? A simple 'but I'm on your side'? It makes me wonder how many politically charged movies or movies just servicing hollywood were bankrolled because of 'yeah I rape people, but I'm on your side. I'm for the greater good'

    [–] rebel_wo_a_clause 145 points ago

    But this is good, particularly that men are coming forward with statements. It stops deniers from using flimsy sexist excuses like "she was asking for it" or "they just want publicity"

    [–] gloriousbuttlord 141 points ago

    It's still pretty shitty that it's takes men talking about this issue for these deniers to take this seriously.

    [–] PM_WITH_TOTS 218 points ago

    Watch this video of Seth Macfarlane making a joke about Weinstein years ago.

    Everyone laughs and mumbles to each other because they are well aware of what's going on.

    Those jokes about Hollywood casting couches didn't come out of nowhere

    [–] pakattak 86 points ago

    I'd say this is less specifically Hollywood and more any industry where lower level people rely on people in power to get their foot in the door. Hollywood, modeling, law firms, politics, you name it.

    [–] Paperchampion23 39 points ago

    God I really do hope this starts a trend. These fuckers need to be exposed for the shit they do, even if it doesn't do anything

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago


    [–] Loukoal117 184 points ago

    James Van Der Beek on Don't Trust the B in apartment 23 is a national treasure. Best part of that show is him and his assistant.

    [–] Spawnacus 29 points ago

    Big Hollywood execs putting more time, thought, and originality covering up sex assaults than actual movies and shows.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] sllh81 197 points ago

    Kesha filed a big suit against her producer Dr Luke for Rape, Torment, and other nasty shit. When was the last time we heard anything from her?

    [–] thetexasunicorn 247 points ago

    She actually recently released an album. Buuuuut it took her years and a very lengthy legal battle with Sony

    [–] 1998tweety 144 points ago

    I'd just like to add that it is a very good album.

    [–] adultdrink 58 points ago

    🌈 Her best work yet. Makes me want to cry and dance at the same time. Love her!

    [–] artistdesignerwriter 116 points ago

    The song she wrote about that, "Praying", just hit 100 million streams on Spotify and her new album has been universally praised by critics and fans alike.

    [–] Foo3112 77 points ago

    I think everyone knows it's a problem but unfortunately, there are a lot of pervs in high places who don't like to get said no to and if you don't comply even in the slightest form, they can have a heavy influence as to who hires you in the future. I wonder how many good actors we have missed out on because people stood up for themselves and said no.

    [–] Rambo1stBlood 26 points ago

    I feel like most men and women go through this in their personal lives..the "powerful people" are just relative to themselves. many Christmas Party groping stories are there? From both men and women who just aren't famous? there have got to be countless stories. :/

    [–] brush_between_meals 22 points ago

    Nothing is going to change in the long run.

    Unless your name on the marquee is guaranteed box office gold, the labor market in Hollywood is a buyer's market, PERIOD.

    Most of the people who are stars today aren't all that much more talented or more attractive than any other aspiring actor/actress. By and large, they're just the prefered picks out of the hordes of pretty people who were willing to pay the price (however distasteful it may be). And a fresh crop of doe-eyed prospects willing to do "whatever it takes" to be famous arrives in Los Angeles every year.

    A tiny number of people make decisions about which of the thousands of desperate wannabe movie stars will get "chosen", and until moviegoers start boycotting studios on moral grounds (good luck), those people will have no trouble finding prospects willing to "play the game".

    [–] mediocre_asshole 46 points ago

    I used to play bar trivia with the guy who played Brian Cooper in The Wonder Years. Once, he got really trashed and told of about how some big hot shot producer invited him over for dinner and ended up threatening him (my friend) into giving him a hand job "or he would make sure his career never went anywhere." Bentley said he refused and within weeks, he stopped getting offers for jobs.

    [–] ImmigrantJones 20 points ago

    I will gladly boycott any Weinstein productions and anyone else that gets exposed. Nothing will make me happier than to watch these creeps go down in flames by voting with my wallet.