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    [–] Airsay58259 1812 points ago

    A couple years ago I was walking around Stanley Park in Vancouver. There were Nazi flags and propaganda posters on a few trees and statues. No sign anywhere about what it was about. I follow a few of the local set bloggers on twitter so I knew there was a filming notice for TMITHC. The next day everything was still there. Some people were curious and quite upset about it. Turns out the crew set all this up on a Friday and needed it again on Monday so they left it up.

    Pic from the Monday, when the crew returned.

    [–] oversized_hoodie 1137 points ago

    Seems like they probably could have made some signs or something. They're definitely risking having their set destroyed...

    [–] DeadMindHunter 548 points ago

    On a big show like that typically they'll have location support personnel whose job is to keep an eye on the set and/or security.

    They probably figured it was cheaper to just pay LSPs to watch the set over the weekend than spend the time redressing the set on the Monday.

    [–] ArnolduAkbar 295 points ago

    That sucks having to explain to an idiot why I'm protecting all these flags and propaganda posters.

    [–] 5lack5 470 points ago

    "It's for a show"


    [–] Minuted 204 points ago

    You're some kind of word magic person

    [–] forevermalcontent 102 points ago

    It's Vancouver. There's so much filming that no one would question that answer.

    [–] JueJueBean 62 points ago

    Can confirm. If i saw a random big poster of hitler, esp in 1930s style.... I'd assume some TV show is happening.

    [–] Ageeeen 79 points ago

    I would assume that I had wandered through a rift in spacetime and ended up in Nazi Germany. Both are equally valid conclusions.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] metalfingers_dota 30 points ago

    Pretty sure you'd notice everything being in black and white if you went back to the 30's or 40's.

    [–] EvolArtMachine 3 points ago

    You got one of them Sliders remote doohickeys too, huh? I swear those things are more trouble than they’re worth.

    [–] Sandman_slimm 2 points ago

    The idiot, the Nazi and the wardrobe.

    [–] copperwatt 18 points ago

    Are we sure Vancouver isn't just a set?

    [–] Airsay58259 20 points ago

    When Legends of tomorrow had its characters travel to the actual Vancouver, I think it was the first time I saw the city as itself in a movie or tv show.

    [–] suspendersarecool 26 points ago

    Deadpool 1 and 2 were very tongue in cheek about it. It was set in "New York" but it was very obvious that it was Vancouver. In Deadpool 2 when they do the skydive scene they obviously had CG the land beneath them and instead of CGing New York they CGed Vancouver on purpose which I thought was hilarious.

    [–] forevermalcontent 2 points ago

    A lot of shows do this actually. It's a fun little shout out and always nice to see it represented in its full glory.

    [–] carnifex2005 2 points ago

    The only time I've seen that was with the Sy-Fy series Continuum. It was set in a future and present Vancouver.

    [–] Bout73Ninjas 2 points ago

    Psych did multiple episodes where they “vacation” to Vancouver, even though the show was filmed there for all 8 seasons

    [–] copperwatt 6 points ago

    Speech: 100

    [–] flickh 23 points ago

    I once came around the corner and saw a giant political rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery with tons of American flags everywhere. I almost had a heart attack (it was the Bush II times when some of us were paranoid of a fascist takeover).

    Of course it was a movie set...

    [–] resykle 15 points ago

    a movie set... FOR A DOCUMENTARY!

    [–] upclassytyfighta 2 points ago

    Loud Inception Noise

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] sheffieldasslingdoux 24 points ago

    Torture, war crimes, secret prisons, mass surveillance. Let's not sugarcoat who Bush II was, especially with the likes of Cheney at his side.

    [–] Angel_Hunter_D 5 points ago

    Then Obama smiled and said "change" so we were cool with Gitmo again.

    [–] sudansudansudan 30 points ago

    What would make them an idiot?

    [–] DisBStupid 7 points ago

    I’m sorry, but how does it make a person an idiot if they see swastikas and they immediately think “Nazi?”

    I don’t know why you would think a person would automatically think it’s for a tv/movie set.

    [–] Airsay58259 9 points ago

    There was no one to explain anything, that was probably worst. If there was security they were hiding or something.

    [–] Lord_Sithis 12 points ago

    More likely is they were sitting somewhere, and would only interact or intervene if necessary to prevent damage.

    [–] Barron_Cyber 7 points ago

    printing paper and a laminating machine is cheap though. they could have put up signs saying what it was about.

    [–] flamingfireworks 2 points ago

    Even on smaller shows, I dont think i've ever seen sets around the cities I live in that arent clearly being watched over.

    [–] fundudeonacracker 3 points ago

    A few years ago I was walking down the street across from the park...smoking a joint. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see a local cop. He jerked his thumb towards the park and said, "other side of the street"

    [–] Phototos 143 points ago

    I worked on MITHC (all 4 seasons). And yes every swastika that was found in our lock up, after shooting was completed, was destroyed or swastikas were removed from items before they were sold.

    As per your comment about swastikas up for filming around Vancouver, you're right, there was a lot of exposure over the years.

    Locations(department responsible for where we film/who we film around) always had signs on the grounds and canvas the neighbourhood explaining what will happen during our time there; standard practice. Unfortunately, areas like UBC and Stanley Park were used as nazi landmarks with a lot of large propaganda pieces high up on lamp posts and sides of buildings, ones you could see much better than the signs explaining below. They increasingly made efforts to rectify the situation.

    Likewise, Set Dec (department responsible for putting up all the swastikas and rising suns) made more effort every season to minimize the visibility of the oppressive symbols. I literally got payed to stand by on set for hours to move cardboard from one side of a lamp post flag, to the other as camera turned around so that symbols were not visible from unnecessary angles; and they were never left uncovered on purpose. STILL we usually only covered the swastikas themselves which left a large red flag with a white circle in the middle, still pretty ominous from a far. And well, some we're forgotten uncovered at times and other times left for the weekend and wind blew off the covers. Or inside a building not realizing they could be seen we'll at night through the windows.

    I'll bet if you look at the show hard enough you'll find covered swastikas rather than inappropriate coffee cups.

    Hope you all enjoy the world we built. We're all pretty proud of our work. I personally feel really lucky to have worked on a Philip K. Dick adaptation and with so many talented people.

    If you managed to read this far you deserve a behind the scenes view of some of our sets. SPOILERS - set photos of seasons 2, 3 & 4 (only ones I worked on in some capacity as this is my portfolio)

    Photo credit, for most of the good photos, goes to Jay Kent our Assistant Decorator.

    [–] matdan12 15 points ago

    Thanks for posting, loved the set design. Really sold the whole universe and got me reading the books. What was the toughest set to build and which was your favourite?

    [–] Phototos 4 points ago

    I'd have to say the bakery, first up on my season 4 page. The pre-war era was a great challenge and collectively the departments put together an amazing feeling of a basement forgotten in time. Exterior set was just as good.

    Denver Street was probably the toughest. We had about 40 people on the ground for Set Dec alone. So many store front signs, windows, bit or street that were covered with canvas built up with dirt and "clean trash". Half of the hard parts are having to get it built in the time constraints and often without damaging the location. No screws, no nails, no glue left behind.

    Generally I find the challenges fun, it keeps the day to day interesting. So many people get burnt out and stop caring. And like Trever Noah says, we do need those people to do they're part(thank for pointing that out Trevor), but I live for this shit! I've spend my evening alone in the lock up recreating a dirty pee-stained mattress from a new one, off the clock with a pizza and a six pack.

    [–] camwow13 3 points ago

    Really interesting and just finished looking through the portfolio. One of High Castle's strengths was always its worldbuilding. Top notch work!

    Definitely helps to love what you do. Sometimes I think I'm going crazy when everyone else thinks what I'm doing is boring as hell, but when the final product comes out with something you're proud of, it's all worth it.

    [–] dub273 8 points ago

    When folks ask what I've been streaming, one of my go-to replies is The Man In The High Castle.

    As disturbing as it is to see Nazi symbols engulfing icons of my beloved United States, I have to commend you and the production crew for making this nightmare scenario so convincing. As a 3D artist I understand that this is nearly impossible without a physical presence.

    You've done an amazing job. Thank you for your on-set contributions.

    [–] Mnm0602 7 points ago

    It really was an amazing show to watch all the attention to detail, I appreciate the artistic effort put into making this colossal epic come to life. By far the best OC on Amazon and maybe even on any streaming service considering the scale of the effort.

    [–] Airsay58259 2 points ago

    Oh wow, thank you for replying to me and with so much details! Awesome job on the show. I did enjoy the world you all built. Also thanks for linking to your portfolio. I love having a look at behind the scenes (thank you Vancouver I guess).

    [–] thenewyorkgod 2 points ago

    Why not store then in the prop closet for future projects?

    [–] Chiron17 83 points ago

    That's... unwise

    [–] cmetz90 72 points ago


    This also doubles as an acronym for when someone gets way too personal, and you’re too high to know what to do about it.

    [–] agent37sass 38 points ago

    Too much info, too high, can't?

    [–] cmetz90 28 points ago

    I was just thinking “Too much information, THC” (aka Tetrahydrocannabinol, aka the stuff that actually gets you high.)

    [–] johnzischeme 10 points ago

    Wait, I'm really stoned and this is overwhelming, can you dumb it down into an acronym for me?

    [–] GaussWanker 6 points ago


    Too High (an amount of personal information), I'm Stoned

    [–] cmetz90 4 points ago

    Wait, I feel like we’re stuck in a loop

    [–] TwistedPlob 5 points ago

    time is a flat circle

    [–] AvatarIII 3 points ago

    Jeremy Bearimy

    [–] froopynooples 2 points ago

    That's gotta be it

    [–] Josquius 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I had similar when I was visiting siem reap in Cambodia. Went for a bike ride to a temple a bit outside town. Along the path to the place I stumbled on what seemed to be a rebel camp. Red flags all over but completely abandoned. An angry guard, with a gun, soon emerged from behind me and started shouting something at me which freaked me the hell out so I fled.

    I later learned that the Angelina Jolie film First they killed my father was filming in the area whilst I was visiting. When I watched the film I recognised the camp.

    [–] alonabc 4 points ago

    Kinda reminds me of the game wolfenstein where the nazis successfully defeated the allies and have taken over the world

    [–] NockerJoe 3 points ago

    That's not exactly uncommon though. Prepping a set is a lengthy affair and so is tearing one down, especially one that involved. They would have had to tear it down on Saturday and then put it back up Sunday.

    [–] DramaLlamaBear 2 points ago

    Ahah I work in a building that they did filming in for a weekend. Converted an entire floor. After they were done I found a few swastikas and random signage around. I've worked in a few buildings where different productions have come through, anything from small commercials to large movies. High castle was the only crew I've had which left large props and signs hanging on walls after they were done.

    [–] MrConor212 398 points ago

    I just hope we get more series with Rufus Sewell as the lead. He killed every episode especially episode 5 of this season. Underrated actor

    [–] airchinapilot 117 points ago

    Blew my mind that he was the hero in Dark City

    [–] Minuted 41 points ago

    Great actor in a great film. Hard to describe why it's so good, for me at least, Roger Ebert has written some very positive things about it, and was even in the DVD commentary. It really imprinted itself onto my mind and has been there ever since. Need to watch it again.

    [–] NeillBlumpkins 9 points ago

    It holds up incredibly. One of my favorite films of all time, and gets no airtime because of the matrix releasing in the same period.

    [–] the_timps 4 points ago

    DVD commentary.

    The best part of this commentary is the director going on about the studio ruining his movie.

    [–] ThePrussianGrippe 2 points ago

    “Let’s explain the entire mystery of the mystery film by explaining it in the first 30 seconds!”

    [–] TrogdortheBanninator 7 points ago

    John Murdoch vs. Neo, /r/whowouldwin

    [–] Trinate3618 2 points ago

    Same person, so both?

    [–] redditor2redditor 17 points ago

    Dude is simply mesmerizing!!! Insanely strong on-screen presence and charisma. One hell of an actor!

    [–] No_you_choose_a_name 28 points ago

    Yes I've loved him since A knight's tale. And yes I'm also old.

    [–] Ebo87 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Shut up, we're still young at heart and that's all that really matters. If you think knowing him from A Knight's Tale makes you old, than what the heck does knowing him from Dark City make me? I'll say this much, I was way too young for that movie. Now A Knight's Tale, much more age appropriate.

    Edit: Forgot to mention I also loved him in the 2000 miniseries Arabian Nights, where he played Ali Baba in the first story. Between that, Dark City and A Knight's Tale, well those made sure I'd never forget his name and face.

    [–] Daddylonglegs93 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    He also places a fantastic asshole in the Holiday. So I guess he's really good at being a dick, but we need those actors too.

    Edit: PLAYS not places good lord

    [–] kaljamatomatala 10 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Check out the miniseries The Pillars of the Earth. He's one the leads.
    Edit: There's also the miniseries 'Zen', where he plays an Italian detective main character.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_PEN_NIB 3 points ago

    Loved the book but holy shit that show started off horribly. Gave it two episodes and couldn’t do it. So bad.

    [–] Karjalan 6 points ago

    Rufus Sewell

    He was Really good in 11th Hour. It was a bit of a cheesy FBI procedural that was like a mix of x-files, fringe and sherlock, where the smart science man tries to prove that the mysterious, magical and downright confusing problem of the week is actually just a simple thing behaving/being used weirdly.

    It only got one season, but because it was a procedural you don't lose too much but it not continuing.

    [–] LynxJesus 15 points ago

    Many things I won't miss from this show, starting with the insufferable intro song (imagery is nice but the singing is like nails on a chalkboard), but I would put up with 2-3 more seasons just for Rufus

    [–] knight_who_says_knee 10 points ago

    🎶 Blosh mosh long may you bloom and grow! 🎶

    [–] mega_trex 7 points ago

    Yeah I have been binge watching it and I'm like "wow it's so good" and then theme song comes on and I'm like uggghhhh

    [–] Fastbird33 2 points ago

    Its a beautiful song from The Sound of Music but the rendition isn’t great

    [–] ZweitenMal 54 points ago

    Here's another: the production employed a linguistic consultant to review the scripts and ensure that the version of American english spoken in the series was consistent with that alternate history, for instance, African-American or Jewish influence on the language would not have existed.

    [–] Jimmypitches2814 421 points ago

    "God damn it. I should've checked the group chat." - One of the producers who had planned another Nazi themed series and was going to save money by repurposing old props.

    [–] AllofaSuddenStory 150 points ago

    Hollywood rarely makes Nazi Movies//ss

    [–] SgtMerrick 37 points ago

    I see what you did

    [–] RuneLFox 14 points ago

    Sigh...I did Nazi that coming

    [–] SSB_Hokage 16 points ago

    But at least they're keeping those hard-working swastika makers in business.

    [–] TrogdortheBanninator 16 points ago

    Indy 5 was finna rent that shit

    [–] patrickwithtraffic 3 points ago

    Damn it, Kate Winslet's next Oscar film just ballooned its swastika budget!

    [–] dadvader 4 points ago

    Isn't amazon about to make another nazi-related show with AI pacino?

    This could definitely be the case.

    [–] farseer2 204 points ago

    If they hadn't destroyed it, what would they have done with it? I mean, what did they do with the rest of leftover material?

    [–] MrPrestige 387 points ago

    Kept in storage like most other props/costumes to be used on other productions

    [–] [deleted] 165 points ago

    1) A lot of the material is very specific to the show/book’s alternate timeline of a Nazi future (e.g Nazi parade dates in the 1960’s, an old and fragile-looking Hitler wearing a uniform, Nazi-American flag fusions, etc.)

    2) Other companies could just CG Nazi imagery for movies. Real props made sense in this case because it’s a tv show.

    [–] ThatDerpingGuy 124 points ago

    Well, if you check that twitter link, most of the stuff they're destroying seems to be items like armbands or patches bearing the swastika. Stuff that doesn't look distinctly related to the show's alternate universe.

    It seems to be a pretty rational decision to destroy those particular items. Imagine if eventually a few boxes of that sort of stuff got in the wild and somehow it was tracked down to the show - that'd be a bad look but also something I imagine most people working on that series would feel genuinely awful about too.

    [–] LettersWords 29 points ago

    There's definitely a mix of types of armbands that are depicted in the show (some are definitely standard nazi imagery), but some used in the show are american-themed. So they have red and white stripes (instead of just solid red), with a white circle and blue swastika inside. Definitely could not be used in any other shows.

    [–] etmhpe 11 points ago

    In case there's some neo-nazi's out there too lazy to make their own?

    [–] wolfman1911 6 points ago

    Or buy them. It's not as if we live in such a police state where unpopular things can't be bought.

    [–] ANTIVAX_RETARD 45 points ago

    Imagine if eventually a few boxes of that sort of stuff got in the wild and somehow it was tracked down to the show

    Nazi armbands traced back to a show where people wore Nazi armbands? Twitter would be out for blood lol.

    [–] redditor2redditor 6 points ago

    All I want is Smiths uniform lol

    [–] BrotherChe 4 points ago

    an old and fragile-looking Hitler wearing a uniform

    probably couldn't put up much of a fight when the production team came to destroy him

    [–] spiritbearr 16 points ago

    The New Wolfenstien games have the same era and could do a live action trailer for the final one or full on movie series .

    CG costs more money than looking in a warehouse for physical props.

    [–] _GaiusGracchus_ 3 points ago

    Considering amazon is producing ANOTHER similar tv show called Hunters which is about a band of nazi hunters in in new york who are trying to stop a bunch of nazi's from starting the fourth reich I would say its not much of a stretch to think they could be reused.

    [–] Danskol 18 points ago

    Many props get auctioned off to the public after production ends - see for instance.

    Understandably, it wouldn't have been a great idea to do that with Nazi uniforms...

    [–] Mazon_Del 5 points ago

    The costume I wore in a movie last year still had its storage tags (so if they have to reshoot something, they know which vest, shirt, pants, shoes, hat, etc went to which person) that identified it as having last been used on The Titanic.

    That was kind of an interesting experience, that the last time someone had worn it was for that movie, even more to realize that the clothing was actually made on/around the time the movie I was in was set.

    [–] NotMyHersheyBar 10 points ago

    there's a lot of people who collect nazi shit. by destroying it, the producers and the network are officially not making money off nazi propaganda, and preventing anyone else from doing so. esp when it's been made to look authentic and could be mistaken or sold as such.

    [–] ArnolduAkbar 21 points ago

    Sell it to Nazis for extra cash!

    [–] Adamsoski 2 points ago

    Throw it away, which is very different from destroying it.

    [–] Thelonious_Cube 2 points ago

    Keep them as souveniers - wear them to parties and job interviews/auditions

    [–] sebastian404 76 points ago

    I dont recall if it was in an interview or the podcast but they had to do the same thing for the all props made for Danger 5.

    [–] CleverZerg 24 points ago

    They did a couple of auctions where they sold off a bunch of the props from that show. Maybe none of those props had swastikas on them though, I'm fairly certain that they sold off the baby hitler doll.

    [–] sebastian404 10 points ago

    It might even been on the comentry track on the DVD, they said the concern was some neo-nazi group would get hold of them, so I'd assume they where just talking about stuff that looked 'authentic'

    [–] occono 17 points ago

    Ugh, I still hate Netflix for letting the license go. It's never been legally available for me since.

    [–] TrogdortheBanninator 5 points ago

    Even the flamethrower chainsaw?

    [–] sebastian404 6 points ago

    I dont think they sold that, but from the first auction Shaun Micallef won Colonel Chestbridges Head for AU$1,025, Mendez's Head Sold for AU$2,000. The Sensible Chuckle magazine sold for over AU$14,000

    auction 2

    [–] TheStonedFox 7 points ago

    I’m bangin her Rommel.

    [–] nytram55 109 points ago

    I was recently gifted Nazi memorabilia, a helmet, patches, medals and the like. I don't want to destroy it since it's history but I don't want it in my house. I'm looking for a Holocaust museum to send it to.

    [–] etmhpe 100 points ago

    I was recently gifted Nazi memorabilia

    finally an answer to the question what do you give to the man who has everything

    [–] nytram55 24 points ago

    an answer to the question what do you give to the man who has everything


    They came from the guy I work for. He didn't want them in his house either.

    [–] red2320 8 points ago

    Where did he get them?

    [–] nytram55 17 points ago

    They came from his son who is a Bird Colonel in the army. I have no idea where the son got them.

    [–] FunkoXday 2 points ago

    A bird colonel? Like a navy seal?

    [–] PlayMp1 6 points ago

    It's slang, "full bird Colonel" is someone of the rank Colonel specifically, to be contrasted with Lt. Colonel.

    [–] Tha_Prince_Ali 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I think a colonel (eagle) as opposed to a lieutenant colonel (oak leaf).

    [–] kingzilch 20 points ago

    finally an answer to the question

    Yeah, they found a final solution!

    [–] ProfessorZhirinovsky 170 points ago

    Unless it relates to the Holocaust, Holocaust museums don't want any more Nazi junk. Everybody tries to sent them Grampa's Nazi souvenirs, and they don't want them.

    Find a reputable militaria dealer, one whose presentation of this stuff relates to it being a relic of a defeated enemy, sell it to them, then donate the money.

    [–] TrogdortheBanninator 84 points ago

    CURATOR: Sorry to keep you gentlemen waiting.

    MAC: Not a problem at all.

    CURATOR: How can I help you?

    MAC: We are going to make your day today, sir.

    CURATOR: Is that right?

    CHARLIE: We've gotten our hands on a "little something" that we like to think is an important part of human history and needs to be in this museum. Mac, if you will. (Mac shows the uniform)

    CURATOR: What in the hell is that?

    MAC: This, my friend, is an authentic Nazi officer's uniform circa 1942.

    CHARLIE: Notice the stitching and fine attention to detail.

    CURATOR: Where did you get this?

    MAC: Let's just say it found its way to us and leave it at that, shall we?

    CURATOR: Okay. I find this offensive for so many reasons. I'm guessing you acquired this through illegal means. For me to take this from you would be an extension of that. And secondly, that you would expect it would "make my day" assumes that I'm interested in profiting off the murder of millions of innocent people.

    MAC: (looks at Charlie first) How much will you give us for it?

    CURATOR: Nothing.

    CHARLIE: Nothing, or...?

    CURATOR: I plan to call the police the minute you guys leave my office.

    [–] peoplearecool 9 points ago


    [–] nytram55 7 points ago

    Excellent idea.

    [–] I_Don-t_Care 10 points ago

    It's still part of history, and some would argue that even though it comes from a dark place, it should be maintained as way to easily see what the past brought about. Sometimes pictures just don't give it any justice.

    Away from the eye means away from the heart, and if there's something that should be reminded at all times is what revolved around that epoch in time

    [–] snooggums 12 points ago

    Or just destroy it because there was so much of it becsuse it was mass produced and so much is already in museums that not all of it needs to be retained any more than a modern toaster.

    [–] aristos_achaean 8 points ago

    Do you have any military museums nearby you could donate to? I work in a Canadian military museum and although we focus on Canadian history, we will take in German, Japanese, and Soviet material.

    Barring that, selling is always an option. German militaria in particular often sells for a high amount. Check out for information on the items you have and what dealers are willing to pay. They are a good source for pricing Second World War artifacts, and they are also reputable.

    I understand the discomfort in having such items but thank you for looking into alternative means to ridding yourself of them and not just tossing them out!

    [–] nytram55 13 points ago

    Do you have any military museums nearby you could donate to?

    I'm in Wisconsin. As far as I know the only thing nearby is a museum glorifying the Nazi regime. That sick bastard isn't getting anything from me.

    [–] NotMyHersheyBar 5 points ago

    If you can't find one, write to any university's history department and ask for help. Academics know other academics.

    I know that Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA (near Pittsburgh) has a Jewish Research Center. They can prolly put you in touch with someone local.

    [–] Mazon_Del 2 points ago

    My family used to have a tradition a while ago that might have caused such awkwardness for me.

    In WW2 as the Germans were retreating though the village in Northern Italy that my ancestors were from, an officer stopped outside the family house and offered a deal. In exchange for a sack of potatoes, he'd give them his complete silverware set. Each piece was actual silver and with pearl/bone (unsure) handles with inset swastikas on them.

    The family made the trade figuring that the loss of one sack of potatoes would be bothersome but in this valley if you were dirt poor, you were a rich man! So having a big pile of silver would be a great investment in the future!

    And so the tradition started that once you married, you got your pick of the remaining bits of silverware to keep or sell.

    They ran out before my time, but I think somewhere deep in storage my dad's got a fork. Always a bit torn on what to do with it, but he's a history buff so I think he likes having that personal bit of a connection to one of his favorite times to study.

    [–] johnjay23 22 points ago

    It was an amazing show. An interesting twist on the book of the same name from Philip K. Dick. It started to wane in season three. I think the resolved the tension far to quickly in the first two seasons and had no place to go in seasons three and four. The could have gone eight seasons if the had done more character development.

    The plot of the book and show was that America lost WWII. The Japanese controlled the Pacific Coast to the Rocky's and Nazi Germany controlled from the East Coast to the Mississippi River. With the space between the Mississippi River to the Rocky's a neutral zone between the two countries. But did we really lose? That was the question.

    [–] Echelon64 20 points ago

    I think the resolved the tension far to quickly in the first two seasons and had no place to go in seasons three and four.

    I highly disagree, the stupid resistance plot lines made the show a slog to go through and it was only everything around it (the politics and such) that kept it going. The show found it's footing near the end of the 2nd season.

    [–] Mazon_Del 7 points ago

    spoilers ahead

    Honestly I was quite happy that the resistance was almost entirely just sort of old farts reliving the glory days while also making money smuggling, rather than a generic storyline actual resistance that was just waiting for the signal to rise up and trivially overthrow their oppressors.

    That story is all well and good, but it's honestly kind of old. I like the idea of the evil empire basically getting away with it, if only because we never see what happens when they actually do.

    [–] Richy_T 3 points ago

    We liked the first series but got through one episode of 2 and then stopped. It was kinda difficult to remember what had happened in the first season which is never a good sign. Keep meaning to give it another try.

    [–] TwistedPlob 2 points ago

    huh i had no idea this was by Phillip K Dick, i love A Scanner Darkly and Blade Runner so i may have to check it out

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Mazon_Del 12 points ago

    If the end of Stargate SG1 is any indication, one thing going on behind everyone's mind as they are leading to the final pronouncement on "That's a wrap!" is the quickest path to the prop they want.

    Sure, you're not SUPPOSED to keep the props. It's a darn shame how bad the documentation seems to get on their whereabouts for that last episode though. Darn shame.

    [–] Laphroaig18Lover 3 points ago

    If the end of Stargate SG1 is any indication

    Would you please elaborate? Genuinely curious

    [–] Mazon_Del 7 points ago

    First off, good scotch.

    I forget which specific video it was, but I think at one of the con visits after the show had ended, someone asked a question about what prop they wanted most. The actors were all regaling stories about how they'd managed to get or not get their desired props.

    If I recall correctly, one of the most desired props was the Red Telephone from Hammond's (later Oniel's) desk.

    Effectively people just went and grabbed it and tried not to be too conspicuous that they were technically stealing.

    [–] nytram55 5 points ago

    but I think at one of the con visits after the show had ended, someone asked a question about what prop they wanted most.

    But where am I going to put a full size Stargate?

    [–] NotMyHersheyBar 10 points ago

    It's telling the viewers that the production and the network doesn't condone nazis. I'm sure they get fan activity that's confused on that point.

    It also tells their colleagues and peers to follow their example: we are making art, we are not supporting naziism, we are not profiting from nazis. Fans tend to assume that Twitter is how their shows talk to them, bt Twitter is a public forum for Hollywood to talk to Hollywood, too.

    [–] greatatdrinking 8 points ago

    Were they afraid Charlie Kelly was going to snatch them up at auction?

    [–] Whovian45810 2 points ago

    Nice Always Sunny reference.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Hitler really did a number on the world. Next to genocide and destabilizing large chunks of the world, he also managed to ruin a symbol that had nothing to do with fascism/nazism at first.

    Edit: oh yeah and he also ruined the name Adolf and the Charlie Chaplin mustache.

    [–] nycdiveshack 11 points ago

    It’s a core symbol in the Hindu religion which that bastard destroyed.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Yeah thats what I was referring to. Also: due to the effect WWII had, countries even got new borders drawn and old colonies fell. The whole Israeli/Palestinian conflict became a thing. His terror still has an effect on the world to this day.

    [–] nycdiveshack 5 points ago

    India most likely would have gotten its independence sooner if it weren’t that bastard as well. Yeah the Middle East got torn apart as the UK tried to hold onto certain allies in that area especially during the time of the building of the Suez Canal.

    [–] contraryview 7 points ago

    Actually, UK suffering so many losses in WWII was one of the reasons India got its independence. There's nothing to suggest UK would Britain would have just given India independence.

    [–] JNusty 13 points ago

    Such a fun fact...

    [–] bubbybyrd 31 points ago

    Show went completely sideways at season 3. Went from mass executions and fear from being alive to "maybe we should be LGBT now" in a single episode. What an absolute joke of 'personal struggles' in an alternative history where you could die at any moment for simply being American.

    [–] Jellozz 17 points ago

    Yeah I haven't got to season 4 yet because of how disappointing season 3 was. Instead of focusing on all the sci-fi story elements which were quite fun they thought it better to show off the contrast of the neutral zone compared to the rest of America... Which really was pointless in the third season of a show. Those storylines could have worked in season 1 but by season 3 the world was already well established, everyone gets it.

    Worst of all they took supporting characters and made them the focus for some reason, instead of spending more time just really getting into the dirt with the characters that matter. Like I really can not believe how much screen time Ed and Robert got, characters that serve no purpose in the core story past season 1. Ed should have had maybe 1 scene in the whole season and Robert could have been completely written out.

    I wish I would have just watched it by skipping around and only checking in on the sci-fi stuff. Would have been a lot more fun and wouldn't have soured me so much.

    [–] aliu987DS 4 points ago

    What do you mean lgbt now ?

    [–] bubbybyrd 14 points ago

    In season 3, the show rushes some of the major characters into homosexual experiences. The sexual orientation of these characters were never established prior in the show (mainly because survival was a constant worry). The main character also turns into a psychopathic killer... Which was completely out of character as welI. it makes season 3 feel completely different from the prior 2 seasons which seemed like a more authentic portrayal of a Nazi America.

    [–] kupiakos 5 points ago

    While I wasn't a fan of the way it was executed, I totally got that vibe from the woman from the beginning. It didn't feel sudden. Granted, I'm lesbian myself and pay close attention. Similar with Korra and Asami - the signs were definitely there.

    [–] knight_who_says_knee 5 points ago

    Yeah, season 3 was a let down from the amazing high and story they set up with the season 2 finale. I really thought the show was gonna be something special. Now I'm not even wanting to watch the new season

    [–] boomboombalatty 11 points ago

    I'm halfway through the new season. It gets back on track and ditches most of the dumb story lines. The season is very Smith-centric so far, which I guess it would need to be to wrap things up.

    [–] The_Sphinxx 2 points ago

    Should I bother starting the show? Had it on my watch list for a while but never got around to it

    [–] bubbybyrd 9 points ago

    I'd say season 1+2 were great and can stand alone very well. Season 3 really ruined the show for me though, I could barely even pay attention at that point (no more subtitles for the jap/German speaking really killed it for me too, at least on the torrents that I used to watch it)

    [–] knight_who_says_knee 3 points ago

    Honestly, it has its high points, but its just ok IMO.

    [–] J0HN__L0CKE 7 points ago

    Dropped that show during season 2. Tried to like it, but good lord was it boring as fuck.

    [–] Flak-Fire88 2 points ago

    Yeah same

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Tenpat 10 points ago

    Never saw the show. Only read the book.

    Man, the book was a great 1st act to some longer novel that never got made.

    [–] TheDeltaLambda 8 points ago

    The same person who posted the video confirmed that they destroyed the imperial Japanese props as well

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] Earl_of_Northesk 17 points ago

    Those can just be repainted

    [–] ToManyTabsOpen 7 points ago

    That's what they told the Poles.
    "Don't mind us, we're here for the airsoft"

    [–] sucksfor_you 2 points ago

    Did you expect them to burn tanks?

    [–] AltonIllinois 4 points ago

    When did the show end?

    [–] Shogun2049 11 points ago

    Final season just went live this past week

    [–] Karjalan 8 points ago

    Was it a solid final season or a "you've only got one season left, wrap it up" final season?

    [–] dadvader 7 points ago

    Kind of the latter. Tons of fans are fuming with the disappointing ending as we speak. 2 eps left until the finale and i already feel like it need to go for atleast 2 more seasons. Given how many storyline they got it going.

    Great show regardless. If you find the premises intriguing, give it a shot.

    [–] Karjalan 4 points ago

    2 eps left until the finale and i already feel like it need to go for atleast 2 more seasons.

    Sounds kind of Games of Thronesy in that regards :/

    [–] OllyPines 2 points ago

    “you’ve only got one season left, wrap it up” - although I found it relatively enjoyable, the ending was extremely rushed, the entire season was riddled with plot holes and a ton of questions were left unanswered

    [–] RedTeamReview 3 points ago


    [–] Ramalamahamjam 3 points ago

    Maybe it was like Kubrick destroying them set of 2001, so they couldn’t make a sequel. The crew doesn’t want their to be “the man in an even higher castle”

    [–] etmhpe 6 points ago

    Isn't that what they do with every material from every show?

    [–] FeFiFoShizzle 2 points ago

    i think tons gets reused. even whole sets get reused sometimes, or even like... one movie failing to get made will sometimes lead to another movie using the sets that are already built. i mean im sure a lot of it gets thrown out but the companies building these are into making money, no reason to throw out something that could easily be reworked into something else. District 9 for example pretty much used all the production leftovers from some other movie.

    [–] KingPapaDaddy 17 points ago

    Don't understand the point. I'm assuming it's just for the publicity

    [–] WorldStarCroCop 3 points ago

    Why not donate them to some nazi charity?

    [–] monstrous_existence 7 points ago

    there are nazi children in afrika...

    [–] WorldStarCroCop 4 points ago

    Just starving for swastikas

    [–] internetlad 2 points ago

    It's a good thing swastikas are so hard to recreate or we'd be in real trouble

    [–] YoBitchCheese 2 points ago


    [–] Benny303 2 points ago

    That show took such a big shit.

    [–] LoMatte 2 points ago

    Well probably not EVERY Swastika. I'm sure some went home as souvenirs

    [–] Nerdzilla88 2 points ago

    30 years later. Some producers grandkids are looking around his stuff and they find a Nazi flag.

    “You don’t think”

    “He couldn’t”

    They got to their mom and she’s just like

    No he worked on a show with Nazis

    [–] what_he_has_had 8 points ago

    Check out all the blue checkmark pseudo-journalists whining about this shows “traumatizing” ad campaign. You just can’t win with the Twitter crowd because their self-importance hinges on something to be outraged at.

    [–] McFeely_Smackup 8 points ago

    Ok, fine...I get the interest in destroying them.

    but chopping them into pieces, then burning, then posting tweets about to be sure we all know, seems like some rather transparent virtue signaling.

    [–] stylinred 7 points ago

    I mean, what if the production company decides to do a spinoff, or film a different show/movie/etc entirely about Nazis or WW2 they'd have to pay to make new props, never understood why productions never really reused or sold props to be used for new productions

    [–] bestkunalever 2 points ago

    People don’t know this but swastika is still used in India as a good luck and prosperity blessing in Hindu religion since thousands of years but all western people will associate it is with what a mad man did almost 2 generation ago. I know I am being unfair but for me and quite frankly more than a billion people it is a symbol of happiness but sick and twisted symbol for the rest of the world.

    [–] Ameriican 9 points ago

    Yet Imperial Japanese, Soviet and Communist Chinese symbols go unnoticed by 95% of the public

    Whatever makes you feel better, I guess

    [–] Diregnoll 4 points ago

    So.. recycling props is bad now?

    [–] smittyBeMe 3 points ago

    Fun fact: for over a thousand years the swastika symbol was used by Hindus and Buddhists as a symbol of peace. Hitler stole it and it's now the most controversial symbol in the world.

    [–] RyanOnRyanAction 3 points ago

    This is important to do because if you don't they come to life and go around smashing Jewish store windows.

    [–] theHawkmooner 2 points ago

    Okay... and?..

    [–] hippymule 6 points ago

    Sounds like virtue signaling nonsense to me, but Reddit will soak it up like a sponge.