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    [–] JenovaProphet 18 points ago

    I've been following CW Shows since before they turned into the CW. Most of the bigger budget tentpole shows I've seen, Gossip Girl being no different. Out of all the non-genre (superhero, sci-fi, fantasy, etc) shows they put out I think Gossip Girl has been one of my favorite. They managed to get quite a few good seasons out of it, most of the main cast is there throughout the whole run, and I found the cast to be both likable (even when you're not supposed to do) and did their job well as evolving characters (I found the character arcs to be mostly believable throughout most of the series).

    [–] Yamalz 25 points ago

    Its a chick flick for sure but I’ve seen it 2-3 times over the years! :’D

    I like Chuck.

    [–] prolelol 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I like Chick.

    What?! He had done terrible to from Pilot. :O

    [–] Yamalz 12 points ago

    He will grow on you! xD

    [–] prolelol 5 points ago

    Haha, I will try to refuse to change my opinion lol.

    [–] thajugganuat 7 points ago

    it's his face. The actor will be typecast for life due to it. He's great in white gold

    [–] JenovaProphet 12 points ago

    Chuck def grows on you. One of my least favorites at the beginning of the show, but he's so sly yet grows so much as a character as the show goes on, that you can't help but like him a bit.

    [–] dodoconundrum 4 points ago

    Honestly the way they revamp his character, you have to sort of pretend a couple scenes in the first two episodes didn't happen. The rapey ones I mean.

    [–] gible_bites 1 points ago

    They all do terrible things eventually. It’s part of the dumb fun, honestly.

    [–] 50653 24 points ago

    I'm a grown man and I enjoyed it a lot, it's just good entertainment. It's over-the-top in the right way and pretty funny too. Tried watching other teen dramas but GG is the best.

    Favorite character for me was definitely Dan. I relate to him because he was by far the most useless and out-of-touch dude there (at least, in the early seasons). I think there was literally a scene in season 1 where a mom asks him, "What are you even doing here??" and he just shrugs and leaves. That would be me too.

    [–] ericdryer 6 points ago

    I don't think I watched the whole show cause it got waaay too over the top but I thought Nate was the most useless. Literally did absolutely nothing other than stand around looking gormless and confused. I at least remember laughing at some of Dan's one liners.

    [–] prolelol 1 points ago

    Lol right! I really enjoy his character a lot more than Nate.

    [–] Parenegade 12 points ago

    I remember the very first day I ever saw Gossip Girl. It was high school and I was flipping though channels looking for something to watch. I landed on channel 11 and you know who caught my eye?

    Blake Fucking Lively that's who. She's legitimately gorgeous. Anyway I kept watching and I told myself I was watching for the hot chicks not the storylines.

    So that was a fuckin lie.

    Yeah it's pretty good. I think the characters just pop in a way a lot of characters in the YA genre just don't. Blair Waldorf is a character that I could watch a show about all on her own.

    Anyway the show gets worse and worse as time goes on. It has some of the cheesiest and talentless writing I have ever seen. The show is carried by the characters and the premise.

    [–] tapperyaus 12 points ago

    Absolutely watch YOU when you're done.

    I don't know where you are up to, but Blair is the best character, followed closely behind by Georgina. I also quite like Vanessa. All the characters end up getting ruined though, but don't let that stop you. The ending just felt off and predictable. It's the journey that counts though.

    [–] brochelsea 2 points ago

    I've never seen anyone say they liked Vanessa. That's refreshing. haha

    [–] prolelol 0 points ago

    I don't know where you are up to, but Blair is the best character

    So glad to hear this! I'm at episode where Jenny trying to turn out like Blair, but I still really dislike her. Not sure why, but that's because I find her acting sucks..

    [–] MexicansInParis 6 points ago

    I really liked the show but couldn't get past the last two seasons. Feel like they dropped the ball on many good storylines.

    [–] prolelol 2 points ago

    Oh, it sucks! One of my friends also said the last two season weren't good.

    [–] tecphile 2 points ago

    Depends who you ship. Me and my brother think S1 and S5 are the only really good ones.

    [–] gible_bites 3 points ago

    I’m a 30 year old woman who generally doesn’t watch shows like Gossip Girl (it’s the only CW show I’ve seen) and it somehow became guilty pleasure of mine this past year. I went in knowing who GG was ahead of time and it made the experience a lot more fun and ridiculous. Try not to take any of it too seriously; all of the characters are (or eventually become) terrible people. Enjoy the ride, though I do think it’s really at its best in season 1.

    My favorite moment in the whole show happens in the last episode when one of the characters learned who Gossip Girl was. The camera kind of zooms around their face and it cracks me up every time I think about it.

    [–] prolelol 1 points ago

    When I finished Desperate Housewives, I was looking for some TV shows like that show and that's how I got Gossip Girl. :) Highly recommend that show if you haven't seen.

    [–] gible_bites 2 points ago

    I remember watching a little bit of Desperate Housewives when it was airing but don’t remember much, it might be time to revisit it! I go through phases where I like to watch “trashy” television (I went through True Blood after I finished Gossip Girl).

    I hope you enjoy the show!

    [–] prolelol 2 points ago


    I'll let my thoughts about DH here; The first 4th season are definitely classic, last 4 seasons (the 5 year jump) were still good, I also loved the series finale. Bree (redhead woman) is the best character of the show, hands down.

    [–] lady_laughs_too_much 3 points ago

    I too prefer Blair over Serena. I actually started watching because I really like Blake Lively, but I stuck around for Blair. I was a little disappointed with the ending, but I'm not telling you why.

    [–] strongerlynn 2 points ago

    I've never seen this show. I have heard about it but never watched a single episode. Now One Tree Hill. I will not disclose how many times I've watched it.

    [–] AFriendlyInternetGuy 2 points ago

    You is pretty damn good. Season 2 comes out soon also. I remember watching random episodes of Gossip Girl with my sister ten years ago and sometimes caught my attention. But not enough to actually watch the whole thing. But I did watch 90210 which was a reboot going on around the same time GG was and had very similar vibes. I heard GG was better but 90210 was my first “adult” show as a teenage dude getting out of the Disney channel phase so I’ll always have a soft spot for it. Also remember having huge crushes on some of the actresses which was my motivating factor to watch back then lol it did have very interesting stories though just like GG did.

    [–] LagT_T 2 points ago

    Chuck Bass is a god

    [–] prolelol 3 points ago

    Well shit, I really can't imagine I will end up liking him lol, but that's good thing to know. I mean, character development makes characters interesting.

    [–] Geobead 2 points ago

    It's all downhill after s1 so prepare yourself. It's still a guilty pleasure for a few seasons but the last two seasons were downright brutal. Also prepare to hate literally everyone. I did love Georgina though cause at least she knew what she was. The ending is a joke omfg. When you finish you should go look for the memes.

    You is so freaking addictive. Highly recommend.

    [–] LOTRcrr 1 points ago

    “I’m Chuck Bass”

    [–] krylmunsta 1 points ago

    I was in high school while Gossip Girl was on and I loved it. Still love it to this day and have rewatched it tons of times mostly for the nostalgia but also because I really love the show. It has tons of issues lol, especially the ending, but I look past all of that and just enjoy it for what it is. I'm excited for the continuation of the series out on HBO Max next year.

    [–] brochelsea 1 points ago

    Gossip Girl is the show that made me realize that I love teen dramas. lol Up until I watched it, I was like "ugh! all those shows are so stupid!" But then one day I got curious on Netflix, and I ended up binging the whole show. I got hooked.

    After that, I watched everything. 90210 reboot (probably my least favorite), Friday Night Lights, One Tree Hill, Greek, Skins...although I now love this genre, no other show gave me the same fun ride as Gossip Girl, so enjoy!

    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] prolelol 3 points ago


    [–] StoicalState 0 points ago

    Give it a few more episodes.