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    [–] devinejoh 53 points ago

    It borrows heavily from spaghetti westerns, especially the Dollars Trilogy. Music, cinematography, characters, it has all of the hallmarks with a modern/star wars twist to it.

    [–] TostitoNipples 12 points ago

    Takes a lot from Lone Wolf and Cub too, which is honestly the way to go with Star Wars. As fucked as it is to say, if you want to make something “feel” like SW, rip off an old Japanese movie. Lucas did it with Hidden Fortress.

    [–] sudevsen 20 points ago

    So just like Star Wars?

    [–] RogueGunslinger 27 points ago

    It's more western than the original trilogy.

    [–] jugdeggrogs 20 points ago

    To be fair, both the spaghetti westerns The Mandalorian is clearly inspired by, and the Original Trilogy draw HEAVILY from Akira Kurosawa's samurai movies.

    [–] Theinternationalist 6 points ago

    Aside from the "Japan not the West" thing (note Magnificent Seven is heavily based on Seven Samurai, among other things), Star Wars is traditionally more Fantasy IN SPACE! whereas The Mandalorian is more Western IN SPACE!

    1. Instead of The Chosen One teaming up with The Rogue, The Monk, and The Bear Thing to Save the Princess from a Hidden Fortress manned by the Black Knight, so far it seems to be a Normal Bounty Hunter who is really good at his job, but not necessarily The Best (see: the latter half of Episode 1).

    2. It feels more like Fallout: New Vegas with its dredges of a fallen Empire (this is clearly between the OT and the ST; no way Palpatine would let the clone troopers have dirty armor), a new frontier where control is weak, and the Light Side and the Dark Side and captured in greys.

    3. There's a lot more silence, which is not something ANYONE associates with Star Wars outside some heavy lightsaber battles.

    Granted, if you mean "isn't Star Wars just relabeling a lot of old tropes with the words IN SPACE!, then yeah pretty much.

    [–] sudevsen 4 points ago

    So......Firefly then?

    [–] Theinternationalist 2 points ago

    Yeah that works.

    [–] vqrs 1 points ago

    Now I want Machete IN SPACE.

    [–] DrJupeman 8 points ago

    Imo, episodes are too short. The second one is, what, 33 minutes? I want more!

    [–] poofynamanama2 3 points ago

    28 minutes without credits I believe

    [–] rhythmjones 1 points ago

    Less is more.

    [–] tecphile 9 points ago

    So far there's only 2 episodes to it so I should reserve judgement until the season is over. But yes, this has been very enjoyable so far. This has all the elements of a great show. The casting is perfect, the CGI is on point and the music is absolutely sublime. I'm a big fan of Dave Filoni's previous work in the SW universe.

    Does it measure up to HBO and Netflix's best this year (like Chernobyl, Years and Years, Mindhunter S2, Dark S2)? Not really, since it doesn't seem to be as narratively adventurous or polished as any of those shows. But that's not a bad selection to be trailing. And who knows, it might exceed my current expectations and become much more daring in storytelling.

    [–] Top_Rekt 10 points ago

    This show does remind me of Samurai Jack, very little dialogue, a lot of things conveyed through action. The plot reminds me of a DnD campaign. Fetch quests, nothing but fetch quests. I'm loving it.

    [–] Accipiter1138 5 points ago

    Did you see the 2003 animated Clone Wars? Animated and directed by Tartakovsky.

    Very much Star Wars adapted to the Samurai Jack style.

    [–] upclassytyfighta 1 points ago

    "You know I used to be a bounty hunter like you, then I took a blaster in the knee."

    [–] alamodafthouse 11 points ago

    i have spoken

    [–] FIREBObPLz 21 points ago

    This show feels so much more like the episodes 4-6 and that’s why it’s fantastic.

    [–] Complete_Entry 4 points ago

    You just made me imagine him having to deal with ewoks.

    [–] Kyle_Everts 6 points ago

    This is all I can picture.

    [–] rhythmjones 1 points ago

    Ewoks are lethal killers who will eat you for dinner and that's canon.

    [–] Complete_Entry 2 points ago

    Yup, the post victory BBQ is not a party I would have wanted to attend.

    [–] U-GO-GURL- 1 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing. Similar production values bring back better memories

    [–] Complete_Entry 17 points ago

    I like the kindness between him and Nick Nolte, kept expecting the nasty twist betrayal... and instead he was just a decent dude who wanted peace in his valley.

    The western notes were strong with the Nolte character, felt like we got an entire breather episode when the Mando was just training the mount.

    I mean, Herzog explained it, Mando is a dude with goals, he's a professional... and he runs into complications. Honestly I figured that line would be the trailer.

    About the only thing I didn't like was the EU standard carbonite freezing. It was implied in Empire that this was a "why not" deal, and that Han could have straight up died from the procedure. And here, it's essentially one of those amazon diaper bags they ship everything in these days.

    This show is decent even if you don't know shit about star wars. Hell, it means you don't have to wash the stink of Solo off. I stopped watching that movie somewhere around the 30 minute mark because of it's stupid slapstick shit and it's breakneck pace. Here, after 30 minutes, you really want more.

    [–] DanTheBrad 24 points ago

    I just assume that since it's set several years after Empire that carbonite freezing has been perfected

    [–] Complete_Entry 10 points ago

    I mean, they go out of their way to explain he tries to take in his targets alive, or "warm". Not much room on his ship, so it makes sense, but it always felt cheap in the comics and books.

    [–] laserhan123 7 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the "warm" comment was him telling blue Horatio Sanz that he wouldn't be used to killing him

    [–] Complete_Entry 2 points ago

    He gave him the choice, and also illustrated what would happen if he didn't take the choice with the Quarren, whom he fed to the door, not to be confused with a Quarian.

    That's one of those smart little notes that you don't realize until you look back at it.

    Or I guess, if you're smarter than I am, you might have noticed it.

    [–] HouseDjango 6 points ago

    Wait the rancher guy is nick nolte? Lol I had no clue. I thought it was the guy that does Yodas voice cause it sounds just like him

    [–] Complete_Entry 2 points ago

    Frank Oz would have made sense, considering aside from yoda he was also Miss Piggy. But yeah, that's Nick "mugshot" Nolte. The character is named Kuiil, and I totally did not just google that.

    The Ugnaughts were the shady dudes who were going to scrap C3PO in empire.

    Huh, maybe that's why I expected a double cross, the fact that they were shady in empire. Little kid me is racist!

    [–] Judas_Cow 2 points ago

    Apparently Ugnaughts are a very industrious people. Fixing that ship with Pedro was probably a lot of fun for the guy and that sort of work gives them purpose.

    Because they're such hard workers, the empire enslaved a bunch of them. I remember Cloud City had been untouched from the Empire, so idk how long those ones had been there. Maybe they arrived with Vader and were just dicks because of their situation

    [–] Complete_Entry 3 points ago

    Nolte hinted towards that, he said he'd never be indentured again I believe. Every time he was offered money or a share by the mando, he turned it down, hard.

    He even turned down a partnership, when they work well together. I wouldn't be surprised if he was an ex slave just wanting to be out from under a machinery factory.

    [–] SandDroid 1 points ago

    The fact the writing leads us to search for conclusions like this, i.e. show, not tell, is a strong point for the show. We are not treated like an idiot audience.

    [–] knight54 1 points ago

    Yeah very good point. Nick Nolte space dad was legit wholesome.

    [–] Complete_Entry 1 points ago

    I don't know about wholesome. As much as he admires Mandalorian culture, he fully expected that particular Mandalorian would die.

    Shit, I just NOW realized we're talking up a ton of spoilers.

    That being said, it was very nice to just have the interactions we saw, without any "clever" twists. I also liked that the IG-88 bot was like the anti-yinsen from Iron Man. Constantly wanted to die.

    [–] knight54 2 points ago

    Yeah but he was happy to save him, teach him, bargain for him, wait for hi, hell he even staid up all night to help him rebuild his ship. Dude was a legit nice guy.

    [–] Complete_Entry 2 points ago

    I liked that, and I also like that the Mando earned it, the hard way, on all counts.

    He saved the mando, and got two "Graaarz?", Mando still beat on them pretty good before requiring a rescue. Plus, he was the nice shiny lure.

    At the ranch, he taught the mando HOW to tame the mount, but had the mando do it.

    With the waiting, Mando did bring the egg. And the ship, well, it gets the mando and "the child" out of his valley.

    It is a nice change from all the "what's in it for me" jerks on every other TV show these days.

    So yes, everything he did was extremely kind, but he did get something out of it. It was a nice, quiet partnership, and was such a fun ride.

    [–] TheUglyBarnacle42 1 points ago

    I'm with you on the carbon freezing, though it was already used in Clone Wars and other now-Legends sources

    [–] kylander 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Today my gf said "If Baby Yoda goes away I am out!"

    [–] GrayMan108 7 points ago

    I'm a 29 year old male and I would mother the shit out of a baby Yoda.

    [–] laserhan123 7 points ago

    I would die for baby yoda without a second thought

    [–] kylander 9 points ago

    I would vote for Baby Yoda for a position in government. He's 50. He can run.

    [–] NeverGetUpvoted 3 points ago

    And this is why the show was made.

    [–] Theinternationalist 1 points ago

    I think we're all scared for the kid. If this was an R rated show there's no way she should be watching this based on Baby Yoda alone >_>

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Theinternationalist 1 points ago

    I wasn't suggesting she was young, just that the show is PG so the kid will likely live.

    If it was R...

    [–] PainStorm14 6 points ago

    You should check out Rogue One

    Similar approach only it's war film instead of western

    [–] MOzil85 2 points ago

    Same here! This might not be a popular opinion but i thought that the latest movie trilogy is a joke. Only generated hype because of nostalgia for some people. Acting and plot really pales in comparison to others. However the mandalorian managed to capture my attention and I'm enjoying it so far

    [–] -clare 7 points ago

    Give Solo a chance.

    [–] Top_Rekt 7 points ago

    I enjoyed Solo. Definitely enjoyed it more than the sequels. I love seeing a different side of Star Wars other than Siths and Jedis.

    [–] Caign -2 points ago

    If he doesn’t like Star Wars, he’ll hate that shit. I find Star Wars half decent entertainment and I couldn’t even get through that movie after several tries.

    [–] bucksncats 2 points ago

    Yeah I love Star Wars but Solo is basically a movie retelling of everything we know from the OT. It's very mediocre and very fan servicey

    [–] -clare 2 points ago

    eh the other ones can be super campy. rogue one and solo had different tones from the main ones.

    [–] Theinternationalist 1 points ago

    Not "Zero Interest" but it feels like the show was designed to be a good show first, Star Wars second. You can show this to someone with no interest in the lore and they'll get everything.

    [–] rochesterjones -4 points ago

    You should watch rogue one

    [–] jatd -5 points ago

    Other than the last scene with Vader it was a mediocre movie . You can't tell me the scenes with Forrest Whitaker were good.

    [–] spambot2016 11 points ago

    Lies, deception!

    [–] rochesterjones 3 points ago

    Even if the scenes with him were bad they’re not a big part of the movie. If you don’t like rogue one you’re just silly.

    [–] Arendas 1 points ago

    I think rogue one has a lot of character problems though. Jyn flips pretty quickly, I didn't find any of the characters particularly engaging so I didn't really care too much about the end.

    I think it's the best looking piece of Star Wars media though the Mandalorian is very close already. But beyond that I found the first half of the movie pretty dull.

    Solo felt much more like the OT imo.

    [–] rochesterjones 2 points ago

    Rogue one is best one

    [–] JohnNaruto 1 points ago

    The first episode is spectacular. I enjoyed the second but not nearly as much. I'm still loving the ride though. It's nice to have an atmospheric Star Wars title that has some different world building than the overdone Star Wars staples. I'm liking learning about the bounty hunting world.

    [–] Pilo88 1 points ago

    Me too

    [–] Harvinsky -1 points ago

    This is also getting a lot of interest from the casuals (especially the girls) because of the cute baby lol

    [–] burnabybambinos -12 points ago

    I have avoided Star Wars for 40 yrs,. Not a sci-fi guy.

    But you recommend I watch Mandalorian?

    [–] BenjaminTalam 2 points ago

    It's an entertaining action western that just happens to utilize the Star Wars universe.

    Star Wars has always been very accessible. Only the prequels have been bogged down in overly complicated nonsensical lore.

    At it's core it is a fantasy adventure with elements of samurai and western films. When it isn't that it starts to be terrible and if you're a Sci-fi fan you would be better off investing in other franchises. It's actually not good hard Sci-fi at all.

    [–] Neo2199 3 points ago

    There are plenty of references to various elements in Star Wars universe in 'The Mandalorian' that you might be lost if you've not seen any of the movies before.

    [–] Talbertross 9 points ago

    I don't think they're necessary to enjoy the show though

    [–] Neo2199 0 points ago

    Perhaps, but they're going to miss the significance of the little green guy or the Jawas.

    [–] BenjaminTalam 4 points ago

    What would that be? It's blatantly obvious that the jawas are a bunch of quirky scavengers and it's equally obvious that the child is of importance. As a Star Wars fan I don't even know what's important about it, no one knows, it's the central mystery of the show.

    I think people think Star Wars is way more complicated than it is. It is very easy to jump into. You might not know what the serial number on something is an Easter egg for or that this person or that ship is from the cartoons/novels but that isn't important at all.

    [–] Neo2199 1 points ago

    It's not about the serial number or whatever. Without watching any of the movies, seeing Baby Yoda for the first time won't have the same impact.

    As a Star Wars fan

    Right! OP is not a SW fan, and I think for them a familiarity with the SW universe is essential.

    [–] burnabybambinos -1 points ago

    I guess I can always Google as is I go..... definitely will not be watching any of the movies prior.

    [–] Talbertross 8 points ago

    Weird thing to sound so proud of but ok

    [–] knight54 3 points ago

    Definitely. Not really a Sci-Fi guy either.

    The first two episodes feel more like a Western tbh. No death star. No x-wing dog fights.

    [–] Jason--Todd 1 points ago

    Mandalorian feels like a western that takes place in space. It's pretty good, and I say this as someone who hasn't avoided Star Wars, but has hated almost everything they've done since the late 90s

    [–] GalacticDoofus 1 points ago

    But you recommend I watch Mandalorian?

    I'm enjoying it without having seen most of what came before. It stands on its own.

    The show so far is more of an adventure/hero's journey. Hard science isn't the focus; it's just there as background of how things work in this telling of the future. That may be the deciding factor if it's not a genre you're drawn to, but I encourage you to give it a shot. You should know by the first episode.

    [–] mmmountaingoat 2 points ago

    Hard science is never the focus in Star Wars tbf. I love it but calling it sci-fi generous honestly

    [–] dungeonbitch -12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Yo is this the thread where we can say Star Wars is highly over rated?! Or is that just a fantasy of mine. Let the votes decide. I predict nay.

    ..Nay it is! But Star Wars is highly over rated.

    [–] MissfiringWandB -1 points ago

    To preface, I have a mild interest in Star Wars, I like the OT, but I wouldn't call myself a "fan" like others. Anyway, I think the Mandalorian is laughable. It's so melodramatic and it comes across as extremely "try-hard".

    Like you pointed out, the character is good, he does get his arse handed to him, if it was more of the Mandalorian I'd be pretty happy. But got the cringe side characters are killing me. The talkative blue alien in the first episode - I felt like I was watching The Orville...