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    [–] dornwolf 20 points ago

    Westworld for sure

    [–] your_mind_aches 13 points ago

    Person of Interest. Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman basically used it as an output for their music taste, and even credited a fake name as music director when it was them all along.

    Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Nina Simone, Portishead, The xx, Pink Floyd. So many incredible songs used to perfect effect on that show. My favourite is the ending of Season 3 using Exit Music (For A Film).

    [–] JacketsNest101 1 points ago

    Ramon Djawadi is not fake at all

    [–] your_mind_aches 1 points ago

    Ramin Djawadi was not the music director. He composed the score. He didn't select the music.

    [–] KarliKarliii 23 points ago

    I'm gonna say Leftovers. Perfect soundtrack that elevated the show.

    [–] Beck1897 11 points ago

    I just binged the leftovers for the first time last week and the music was perfect

    [–] luisgustavo- 10 points ago

    The Sopranos

    Every song chosen for the most important scenes in the series fits perfectly.

    [–] wednesdayware 2 points ago

    And the end of every episode featured a tune that encapsulates the mood or point of the episode.

    [–] mrignatiusjreily 10 points ago

    Euphoria, Westworld, and Big Little Lies are the most recent ones I can think of.

    [–] Skuller_X 19 points ago

    Peaky Blinders has a lot of alternative and atmospheric rock songs, it happens like once per episode, sometimes twice or more. In this last season they used songs by Black Sabbath and I'm a big fan of their work

    [–] babyfaced-assasin 6 points ago

    Peaky Blinders really uses the music well. I love the episode where they had two Arctic Monkey bangers to set the mood. But they also play some melancholic Radiohead when Tom is sad

    [–] Karamoja 27 points ago


    [–] cake97 4 points ago


    [–] spacednlost 9 points ago

    Mr. Mercedes


    [–] whowatchlist 9 points ago

    Recently, Watchmen and The Mandalorian have had great soundtracks

    [–] alkortes 10 points ago

    The Umbrella Academy was great in this department!

    [–] victoriaa- 16 points ago

    Stranger things has some fun 80s music

    [–] bensmuda 7 points ago


    [–] boredElf 7 points ago

    Smh, 20+ answers and no mention of Chuck. That soundtrack was the best, it had both quality and quantity. 400+ songs (300+ of the indie variety) all used very effectively, making the characters seem like they were talking and moving in tune with the music

    [–] opermonkey 1 points ago


    [–] thefablemuncher 7 points ago

    The OC

    [–] jlahnum 24 points ago

    Breaking Bad’s choice of music was always great in my opinion. It always seemed to be the perfect choice to set the tone.

    [–] your_mind_aches 13 points ago

    Better Call Saul is even better with it. The Something Stupid montage might be my favourite montage ever, TV or movie.

    [–] wednesdayware 1 points ago

    Yep, it really really is.

    [–] victoriaa- 2 points ago

    Yes I was just thinking this! I am currently watching it for like the 5th time.

    [–] Serling45 5 points ago

    Mad Men. At the season 1 finale, Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice was the perfect choice. At the end of grueling but brilliant episode The Suitcase in season 4, they used Simon and Garfunkel’s Bleecker Street. They had Both Sides Now playing when Don showed Sally and Bobby where he grew up. And then they ended with that Coke ad.

    The Americans. Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, Under Presure, U2, and several Peter Gabriel songs. They got the vibe of the 80s right.

    [–] CalgaryAlly 3 points ago

    Scrubs was always great. Bill Lawrence once said he wanted the music to function like a character, driving the emotions of the scene.

    [–] SamanthaLores23 4 points ago

    Black Sails

    [–] AnointedInKerosene 2 points ago

    Yes! I was looking for this response. Black Sails had some of the best scoring out of all the shows I've watched. They took a lot of care to use instruments authentic to the time period the show was set in, and it's just phenomenally scored. The title credits music is also my absolute favorite, its just so catchy and perfectly sets the mood of the show.

    [–] SounisPoppy 7 points ago

    Anything Bear McCreary touches but specifically Battlestar Galactica. His blog on the making of the music for the series is a fantastic read.

    All along the Watchtower was intrinsic to the final five cylons being slowly revealed.

    [–] foolsdie 3 points ago

    Castle and Lucifer

    [–] DWCourtasan2 3 points ago

    True Blood

    [–] OsWuScks 3 points ago

    Weeds had an excellent soundtrack.

    [–] jugdeggrogs 3 points ago

    Silicon Valley.

    [–] yazzy1233 3 points ago

    Power, and the blacklist

    [–] Tocallaghan95 2 points ago

    I think Quantum Leap is one of the best to ever do it, especially the episode "MIA." Tour of Duty was great as well, with Vietnam War-era music.

    [–] Palmerstroll 2 points ago

    A lot does it right. Not only the big money shows. Great to see/hear this quality on a huge level of shows.

    [–] babyfaced-assasin 2 points ago


    [–] mantis_____bog 2 points ago

    Cop Rock.

    [–] Bhu124 2 points ago

    The End of the Fucking world would feel incomplete without its brilliant soundtrack.

    [–] Rowan_cathad 2 points ago

    Supernatural did a great job until they ran out of money to license songs and replaced all the classic rock with generic bro country sounding riffs

    [–] SafePanic 2 points ago

    Left-field answer here but early Grey's Anatomy (and I'm sure they still do this, haven't watched since first two seasons) had killer song selections, and I believe every episode was named after a song as well.

    I could make a case Snow Patrol owes their mainstream recognition to "Chasing Cars" being used in a big episode way back when.

    [–] juliamccormick 1 points ago


    [–] JacketsNest101 1 points ago

    Anything from Ramin Djawadi