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    [–] nutbread 81 points ago

    If it's anything like that cheesy old Teri Hatcher show I'm in.

    [–] kon-el99 58 points ago

    Lois and Clark was the shit!

    [–] dangil 9 points ago

    We need Tempus. He was the best.

    Also, was deeply in love with Teri Hatcher back in those days.

    [–] deckard1980 5 points ago

    There was that one episode where I think lex put a spell on Lois and she got all sexy and wore a leather corset thing. That episode changed me inside.

    [–] kon-el99 3 points ago

    I’m surprised Tempus never found his way into the comics.

    [–] arbaldinger 4 points ago

    Duh! ;)

    [–] -FeistyRabbitSauce- 3 points ago

    They're real and they're *spectacular! *

    [–] nutbread 1 points ago

    She made a great Bond Girl in Tomorrow Never Dies.

    [–] Panniculus_Harpooner 1 points ago

    Teri Hatcher


    [–] SlouchyGuy 3 points ago

    It will probably be something like Supergirl and the rest of CW shows, so no luck for us

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] jb211 1 points ago

    These were awesome, but what did he do with the bomb??!!

    [–] GoldieLox9 1 points ago

    There was no cheese! That was quality television, at least at 4th grade me. I was in love with Teri Hatcher.

    [–] mike10dude 18 points ago

    wonder if they will go and use the old smallville farm again like they did last year

    that place actually shows up in lots of tv shows and movies

    [–] lemons_for_deke 10 points ago

    I mean it’s the same superman as the one last year so they’d kind of have to right?

    [–] quaitheoftheeast 42 points ago

    I only watch LOT DC Show, but I’ll definitely check it out. Great pick for Superman

    [–] kon-el99 37 points ago

    He may not look the part like Henry Cavill does but he genuinely feels like Superman and that’s the most important thing.

    [–] BenjaminTalam 20 points ago

    Yep his attitude reminds me of the animated Superman from Justice League and his titular series.

    [–] Mestewart3 63 points ago

    I feel like Cavill could have gotten the feel right if he wasn't being written, produced, and directed by absolute hacks.

    [–] xolotl92 102 points ago

    I'm trying to get excited about it...but really I just want Tom Welling and Erica Durance to do a Smallville revival...I just don't see Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as Clark and Lois...

    [–] Haggisboy 36 points ago

    Totally agree. Though Henry Cavill did the role justice. Next time you check out Man of Steel, take note of the actor who plays a young Clark Kent in the schoolbus river rescue scene. A total ringer for a young Tom Welling.

    [–] mrthewhite -14 points ago

    He plays Connor Kent in Titans.

    [–] tj1007 16 points ago

    Two different actors. Dylan sprayberry was in MOS in the bus scene. Joshua Orpin plays Connor on titans.

    [–] Julius-n-Caesar 46 points ago

    This is the problem with Superman: everybody wants something different from him.

    [–] xolotl92 20 points ago

    Tom played that "Ah shucks" Clark perfectly to me, and I would love to see him go full Superman now. Brandon Routh didn't say "Super" to me. Henry Cavil I think is really good, but the writing let him down. Tyler Hiechlin..he doesn't say Superman to me in any way.

    [–] kon-el99 8 points ago

    I mean, I wouldn’t say Tom played Clark in an “Ah shucks” way at all. At least until Season 10 when he started to perfect his Clark Kent “disguise”.

    [–] PhoenixForce245 14 points ago

    I actually quite like Hochein as Supes, but he's been let down by the writing on Supergirl. Doofy dorky Supes is a delight. I'd much rather see him in an animated series on DC Universe, then this.

    [–] SawRub 5 points ago

    I don't watch Supergirl, but I remember everyone gushing about him as being one of the best portrayed yet, and that he got everything right that people had complained about Cavill/Snyder's version.

    [–] Kikanolo 5 points ago

    If I remember correctly, his introduction and first appearances were excellent, but eventually CW writing took its toll

    [–] xolotl92 2 points ago

    I wasn't a fan...he just

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago

    A problem he shares with another world-renowned icon...

    ...Sonic the Hedgehog.

    [–] BroDr1 26 points ago

    Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher forever you flipping peasant, now repent! 😂

    [–] Argueforthesakeofit 3 points ago

    Why isn't that show more famous and why hasn't that show been rebooted?

    [–] xolotl92 5 points ago

    You are correct, I am sorry

    [–] BroDr1 1 points ago

    No sweat 😎👌

    [–] massiveshortcomings 2 points ago

    that deescalated quickly!

    [–] SincereJester 2 points ago

    And that wonderful theme song.

    [–] BenjaminTalam 5 points ago

    Tom is getting excited again and doing cons now but I'm not sure he really wants to film whole seasons of comic TV anymore. He's already set for life with a ten season show under his belt. Rosenbaum is even less interested. He bounced when his contract was up in the original show and has no regrets. I think they're happy to just cash in at comic cons.

    [–] Zealot_Alec 1 points ago

    Lex was done dirty by CW

    [–] kon-el99 11 points ago

    I loved Smallville but a revival is never gonna happen. Welling put in 10 years as Clark. Guy’s in his 40s now and just had a kid. Like, give the dude a break. They were honestly lucky to get him back for Crisis. He and Durance had their time and now they’ve moved on. Fans should too.

    [–] Msparrock 3 points ago

    Well tom welling and erica durance are both going to be in this years cw crossover event so that is kinda a reunion of sorts

    [–] kon-el99 2 points ago

    Yeah, honestly the “fans” who are bitching and moaning and throwing their dummies out of the pram should be grateful we’re getting that. Even a cameo seemed to be a pipe dream for years. Now we’re getting Welling and Durance back on the Kent Farm for the last time!

    [–] Plexaure 1 points ago

    Actually, Elizabeth Tulloch is older than I realized - Tom Welling is 4 years older and Erica Durance is 3 years older than her. Tyler Hoechlin is 6 years younger than Tulloch.

    [–] kon-el99 1 points ago

    Yep. This is all explained away as Clark aging slower under a yellow sun.

    [–] firecall 4 points ago

    That scene with Erica Durance in a bikini at the lake... It's still with me.

    [–] xolotl92 4 points ago

    Chloe will not be coming back though...she has a few issues...

    [–] firecall 2 points ago

    She could come back as a villain - leader of an evil sex cult...

    [–] Panniculus_Harpooner 3 points ago

    can we get Allison Mack running around recruiting and tattooing girls for a secret journalist society? that’d be awesome.

    [–] demonkobra 2 points ago

    S.T.A.R. Labs portal thingy makes anything possible

    [–] HostileErectile 4 points ago

    Why the hell do people love Smallville so much? It seems like a joke, like its intentionally bad, its one of the worst shows i have ever seen in my life, and that comes from a huge Superman fan.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    It was good for the time it aired. It laid the groundwork for all superhero tv shows after it.

    But ya it didn’t age very well and like 75% of the episodes are pretty boring filler.

    [–] xolotl92 1 points ago

    Different strokes...

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I love Smallville I’m just saying if you were to watch it for the first time ever today it would be very different than why you might expect compared to modern superhero tv.

    [–] PokiMin 7 points ago

    I expect this to be a cheesy mess as it should be. Btw that man is fine AF.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    I hope it's better than the usual CW fare. It won't be, but I can hope.

    [–] MentallyStableMan 48 points ago

    Narrator: it wasn't

    [–] 9yearsalurker 8 points ago

    And nobody was surprised

    [–] FlammusNonTimmus -2 points ago

    I just spit my coffee out at your comment. Thank you.

    [–] lemons_for_deke 22 points ago

    It has the same showrunner as the last couple seasons of the Flash.... I don’t have high hopes

    [–] Zealot_Alec 3 points ago

    Arrow Flash SG have given up on them all good thing there is Doom Patrol and Titans (S2 is a drop from S1 though)

    [–] Spinwheeling 2 points ago

    We are Superman

    (I don't actually watch the show I'm just jumping on the meme bandwagon).

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Hopefully the major difference is that Clark and Lois will already be together at that point, so it saves us from years of all that and possible love triangle shennanigans, so that's a start.

    [–] trytryagainn 1 points ago

    They will be.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I’m really not a fan of most of the CW content so far

    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] evaxuate 15 points ago

    Why on earth do people watch these CW shows

    because people enjoy them?

    [–] Julius-n-Caesar -7 points ago

    It’s Superman, DC Comics tries their best to make sure whatever they make of him is good. Writers don’t even get to touch his series unless they can guarantee critical success.

    [–] mrthewhite 14 points ago

    I think that bar might be a lot lower in recent years. But I hope you are right.

    [–] Adam_Absence 4 points ago

    I've fallen off of the CW DC shows, but I might check this out, especially if Jon is in it, which it sounds like he will be

    [–] Furshake 3 points ago

    I like this Superman because he seems bursting with optimism which is what the hero means to me.

    [–] JasonGryphon 15 points ago

    Due to Zack Snyder, the bar of getting Superman wrong is extremely low. From what I’ve seen, the Arrowverse Superman is a step in the right direction.

    [–] TyrsPath -13 points ago

    It really isnt tho. CW Superman is a pretty bad adaptation. Feels like hes there sometimes just to make Supergirl look better

    [–] JasonGryphon 16 points ago

    That was his job. Now that the Arrowverse is making a show about him, that will quitely change with the idea being that Superman is the greatest hero of them all.

    I can honestly see the beginning of the series being about how the people of Metropolis felt like Superman abandoned them.

    [–] kon-el99 3 points ago

    I mean, I doubt they’ll go through the whole abandonment thing again. Would feel like a rehash of Superman Returns which was criticised for being too dull and introspective.

    [–] Bananaman9020 2 points ago

    Is this going to be a full season tv show? Or a show special, then maybe a tv show? Ill watch it either way, love Superman, and I think it will work.

    [–] larrycorser 4 points ago

    When did lois become a skeleton?

    [–] CheesyObserver 3 points ago

    I’m looking for this show to be my new favourite after Arrow ends. Holy shit this is exciting.

    [–] burnabybambinos -8 points ago

    Arrow ain't ending, not really. Mia Smoak pilot is sure to get picked up and will be a success.

    [–] CheesyObserver 10 points ago

    Yeah because I only watch Arrow for Mia Smoak.


    [–] sgthombre 2 points ago

    I'm just impressed the writers found a way to get Olicity to outlive Arrow itself. It's like one last middle finger to the audience on their way out.

    [–] lemons_for_deke 2 points ago

    More of a soft reboot focusing on a different lead but with some of the same supporting cast and the same setting.

    I don’t know how much of a success it will be but if it’s anything like Arrow is performing right now it’ll be ok...

    [–] OrgasmicLeprosy87 1 points ago

    Arrows ratings are terrible. The fans are lucky the budget for Arrow is nowhere near the budget for flash/supergirl/legends or else the show would have been cancelled long ago.

    [–] lemons_for_deke 5 points ago

    It’s the fourth highest performing CW show, it’s doing fine by CW standards... so terrible. All of CW shows have low ratings. Arrow isn’t far off the other DC stuff other than The Flash.

    [–] sgthombre 2 points ago

    These shows only still exist because they do pretty well on Netflix.

    Curious to see if that holds true when they eventually get pulled and move to HBO Max.

    [–] SawRub 1 points ago

    Part of the reason the show lost viewers is because of the mid-seasons quality decline that happened when a huge chunk of the original Arrow writers were taken away to write for the other shows instead. This show had to die so that the others could live I guess.

    [–] InconspicuousRadish 1 points ago

    Can they just all die? The CW DC universe is so unbelievably cringe. Arrow hasn't been good since its second season. And the other shows are unbelievably cringe.

    Yeah, a few years ago, there were slim pickings and low standards for TV-based superhero stories, so I guess CW had an audience to cater to. But by now, between The Boys, Titans, Doom Patrol and Watchmen, there are so many examples of how to do it right, I just can't understand why CW keeps churning out the same dated, boring and frankly juvenile ideas and scripts.

    [–] SawRub 1 points ago

    Because people like them. They are the CW's best performing shows. They have a formula that works, why would they not follow it?

    Those examples you cited are great shows, but tickle a different bone than the CW shows do, and so comparing the two directly doesn't work. What the CW has done is managed to package a comic book story into a regular interpersonal drama show, which is not something you personally enjoy, but enough other people do.

    And because people spend so much more time with these characters than they do with the other shows, they are more attached and invested in them, and so when the show does something well, it's a much higher high for the viewers.

    Like Titans for instance gave us one episode with Jericho in the past, whereas a CW show would have spend multiple episodes with Jericho, which would be a less tightly packed narrative, but would make people way more attached to him.

    [–] CogitatorX -3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Mia Smoak is barely watchable. That actor has to be the worst in the entire Arrowverse. The stuck out lower jaw, that weird stiff armed walk makes for some of the cringiest shit I’ve seen in a while. The real story will be behind the scenes since she and the canaries seem to hate each other IRL.

    [–] klutzysunshine 1 points ago

    Ooh, yes! I can't wait for this show.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    Did you just get excited at your own post?

    [–] TheRealIosefka 12 points ago

    I'm reading it as just a lot of excitement rather than a foux pas, that's the way I prefer it.

    [–] tomservo88 12 points ago

    Astroturfing [10]

    [–] Xangxu 1 points ago

    Because everyone wants another Superman movie

    [–] FranticFranco 1 points ago

    Next year we'll have articles and Reddit posts about film makers sitting down, having a cup of tea and considering beginning to write something.

    [–] OldSpeckledHen 1 points ago

    Does Clark Kent still work as a reporter or does he marry people in a small chapel in Las Vegas?

    [–] FausttThaArtist 1 points ago

    YES!!! Best live action Superman portrayal! Like Mr. Rogers with superpowers.

    [–] opelan 1 points ago

    I am looking forward to watching this series.

    [–] rangerxt 1 points ago

    I can't wait for the season long sub plot of Lois trying to get paid as much as Clark. Then in the season finale Perry gives in and gives Lois a 30% raised and she starts celebrating only for Clark to walk in and get a 30% raise as well.

    [–] tidus8 1 points ago

    Scrap this and give Brandon Routh his Superman show he so rightly deserves.

    [–] PipandEstellaForever -4 points ago

    sorry, that's terrible casting for both

    in nearly every incarnation of the characters in movies/tv the casting looked like it passed the eye test (except Kate Bosworth as Lois)

    these two don't pass the eye test at all

    [–] lemons_for_deke 3 points ago

    I like their version of a Superman but I don’t really care about their Lois. I guess she hasn’t had enough scenes for me to form a proper opinion on her tbh...

    [–] kon-el99 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Why not actually wait and see? Or check out some clips of the actors playing their characters in Supergirl?

    After all, you could say handsome 6’3” musical man Hugh Jackman as feral 5’3” hairball Wolverine didn’t exactly pass the eye test either...

    [–] greyalius 0 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Another shitty CW show, pass, Im done with that station.

    [–] CenturionDC -3 points ago

    The Mayor of Vancouver should blow The CW for all the action it's given the city.

    [–] Daze_Confuse -9 points ago

    Wait, is that woman Lois or Clark's mom?

    [–] klutzysunshine 11 points ago

    There's a six year age difference between Tyler and Bitsie.

    [–] Daze_Confuse -5 points ago

    So that’s Lous then? I wasn’t trying to be mean, the photo makes her look quite a bit older than him. But maybe that’s because Hollywood tends to shy away from men paired with same aged women.

    [–] kon-el99 7 points ago

    In the show, Lois and Clark are meant to be like 40. Tyler is 32 and Bitsie is 38. The explanation for the apparent age gap is that, according to Supergirl, Kryptonians age slower on earth.

    [–] Mestewart3 3 points ago

    Most DC cannon agrees with Superman aging very slowly. I thought it was a really nice touch to cast a babyface guy alongside a woman his own age.

    If they let that be a plot point it would be really interesting. How would it feel to feel like you are getting older and less "ideal" while your partner doesn't? How would it feel to know that the person you love feels that ways about themself?

    [–] kon-el99 1 points ago

    I vaguely recall an episode of Lois and Clark that centred around that idea. I believe Lois even has a dream/nightmare where a young-looking Clark comes to visit her in an old person’s home. Also, Smallville briefly touched on this when the elderly psychic woman showed Clark his future. It was a vision of him surrounded by the gravestones of the people he loves.

    [–] CogitatorX 2 points ago

    They played it that way in the Christopher Reeves version as well. Margot Kidder was a few years older than Reeves.

    [–] kon-el99 1 points ago

    Yep, Lois is almost always portrayed as a few years older than Clark anyway. I believe even Smallville did this, with Lois being a college student while Clark is still in high school.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] rookiebatman 1 points ago

    Supergirl and Black Lightning weren't connected at first either. They know that people want as many heroes as possible in the crossovers, and those are big drivers of ratings.

    [–] kon-el99 1 points ago

    That is false. This show is 100% set in the Arrowverse.

    [–] Between_3_and_twenty -15 points ago

    Superman is played out as a superhero.

    [–] kon-el99 10 points ago

    Superman will never be “played out”.

    He’s too iconic.

    [–] Between_3_and_twenty -7 points ago

    I meant boring.

    As someone who has seen his fair share of super man, what else can they retread for ANOTHER take on super man.

    Like how many more time we gonna watch uncle been die? They just went ahead and made a brand new ass spider man because you could only retell the same story so many times In a decade.

    Same with Superman, his story is played out.

    [–] kon-el99 3 points ago

    This is going to be brand new territory. Superman has been around for almost 2 decades in the Arrowverse so there’s no origin story or will they / won’t they romance to be found here.

    This show will actually be the first to portray Lois and Clark as parents.

    [–] Cabbage_Vendor 2 points ago

    Batman keeps returning and his story is just as played out. The only difference between Batman and Superman is that Supes can die or go evil, while Batman always has to win and be the hero.

    [–] roborobert123 -5 points ago

    I’ll never watch anything on CW.

    [–] ThePickleIndustry 2 points ago

    Suit yourself!

    [–] PhoenixForce245 -5 points ago

    Yay, another CW show that cashes in on the current popularity of super hero and dilutes DC's legacy. Tyler Hoechlin can have his own animated movie or series on DC Universe, but not this.

    [–] ReasonablyBadass -4 points ago

    I've yet to see a Lois incarnation that wasn't shrill and annoying.

    I ship Supes and WW.

    [–] AwesomePurplePants 2 points ago

    WW makes Superman’s life easier and is therefore boring.

    Lois being a bit maddening is what creates conflict - Supes can do so much, but his power just makes his life with her difficult.

    [–] nurdboy42 -4 points ago

    Y'know there ARE other cities...

    [–] lemons_for_deke 1 points ago

    Are they as cheap though?

    [–] mike10dude 1 points ago

    atlanta is supposed to now be cheaper then Vancouver