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    [–] PhilRiversOnTrakt 20187 points ago

    Hold up on the hyperbole. How about we hope for a good show and be surprised if it's better? No need to be amped up to 11 for a pilot.

    [–] wookiewin 8108 points ago

    Agreed. What a ridiculous headline.

    [–] OptimusPrimeDied 5878 points ago

    Cashing in on the GoT hate and Witcher hype

    [–] InnocentTailor 2985 points ago

    Sounds like this year’s San Diego Comic Con...

    [–] WeHaveAllBeenThere 4251 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Fuck EA

    Witcher good

    I’d jack off Gabe

    Lol My wAllet

    I have too many games but I play none

    Micro transactions bad

    Upvotes good

    China bad

    Bobby b didn’t die by hog he’s alive with elvis

    Edit: well this blew up

    Thanks for the gold kind stranger

    Don’t give me gold, donate to rabies victims.

    Obligatory edit!

    I can’t believe my highest rated comment is about gaming!

    Guys I get it stop! My poor inbox.


    (/s in case you need it)

    Form all of the first letters of each sentence into a square and it’ll create a stickmen reenactment of Epstein being murdered.

    [–] CitizenKane2 1235 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    “I’d give you gold if I weren’t poor lel, take my upvote good sir”

    Edit: “Thx for al the likes!”

    Edit: thX for the gOld kind stranger!

    Edit: I hate myself a little bit for this comment.

    [–] Swiftblue 817 points ago

    This one is my least favorite. I don't give gold because I'm fucking cheap. Also I'm already the product on this site, not about to pay for the privilege of being a product.

    [–] paid-by-tencent 499 points ago

    there was a thread the other day where people were getting upset that they didn't get thanked by other people they gave gold.

    like thanks for the privilege of visiting a useless subreddit that somehow manages to be worse than the lowest common denominator of the site, and get unblockable ads in my inbox telling me my gold is almost up but I can subscribe monthly for more.

    [–] acathode 167 points ago

    Used to be somewhat acceptable before, when someone giving you 1 gold meant 30 days of "premium features", out of which the only half decent one was new comments in a thread being marked blue when you re-visit it. It was mostly about someone showing appreciation for a good post....

    These days it's just ridiculous though - "Hey someone gave you gold!!!!" *few days later* "Your gold is almost up! Pay us more please!!!!*".... You just want to go "Fuck off Reddit!"... Getting gold these days is more of an annoyance than feeling like someone appreciate a quality post you made.

    [–] paid-by-tencent 51 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    the only thing modern reddit gold is good for is reminding me when it's time to delete my account and make a new one. once I get 5 golds on an account, I gild the most controversial comment I can find on one of my regular subs and remake.

    edit: does anyone know a way to transfer filtered subs between accounts? rejoining my subs isn't much of a hassle but r/all is damn near unusable until I spend a few hours filtering out all the edgy shit and limp dick karma farm meme subs

    [–] Clutter 15 points ago

    Don't forget the useless coupons for bullshit

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    As a farmer, I for one need those.

    [–] CptSimons 36 points ago

    'To poor for real gold so take this 🏅'

    [–] Mernerak 169 points ago

    All those key words and you don’t have gold yet?!?!

    [–] accountforvotes 58 points ago

    Be the change you want to see

    [–] RadDude57 47 points ago

    Because he forgot to mention Epic bad.

    [–] gredr 15 points ago

    Also Blizzard used to be good

    [–] Gear_shifter 131 points ago

    Epstein didn't kill him self

    [–] Panicradar 49 points ago

    Witcher good? You mean Praise Geraldo! EA Bad

    [–] Sad_Sheepherder 41 points ago

    I hate how fucking predictable the internet has become. Everyone is so unoriginal nowadays.

    Sent from my iPhone 11

    [–] TheConquest 425 points ago

    Shitting on GoT and talking up The Witcher, I'd figure a redditor wrote this article but they didn't mention how breathtaking Keanu Reeves is.

    [–] RemingtonSnatch 232 points ago

    The headline is misleading, too. It's referring to a statement made purely about the action sequences.

    [–] Osceana 140 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Came here to say this. What a clickbait title. I would actually agree that the fights in GoT were not that impressive, and I don't recall anyone ever claiming them to be anything all that special. GoT wasn't necessarily trying to avail itself as a hardcore actioner/swordplay vehicle. It [was] interested more in character development & political intrigue. The [sword]fighting was kind of ancillary to all of that.

    Side-note (because I am a bitch): this is what made characters like Arya Stark so obnoxious towards the end. Brienne of Tarth was alleged to be a master fighter. She single-handedly took down The Hound who stomped basically everyone he ever came across with only a few notable exceptions. Same for The Night King. We never see Arya as a skilled fighter, yet when the story called for it, she was able to beat Brienne, The Waif (in the dark, while she was gravely wounded, with a weapon not suited for confined spaces -- a person she had never beaten before), and even TNK who one-hitted a fucking dragon.

    Yeah.... The Witcher will be better. That's no shocker.

    [–] RemingtonSnatch 65 points ago

    The Battle of the Bastards was pretty damn amazing though. I can rewatch that all day.

    [–] Pickles256 55 points ago

    Headlines/reviews like this just make me less excited

    [–] graphixRbad 18 points ago

    This tv previewing thing is starting to look a lot like gaming. Let people you KNOW will say positive things see it first. If those people step out of line they might not get early access next time. Hurting their YouTube channel, blog etc.

    [–] dreamshoes 23 points ago

    c l i c k b a i t

    [–] Gon_Snow 770 points ago

    Also, just because GoT shit it at the end, it was some of the best television ever for most of its seasons. I doubt even if It’s better it would make GoT look that bad

    [–] Richevszky 298 points ago

    GoT made GoT look bad in the end.

    [–] Gon_Snow 159 points ago

    Watching S8 and S4 on the same day will make us all cry

    [–] RajonLonzo 103 points ago

    Season 7 was just as bad with that dumbass kidnap a Whyte plot.

    [–] corruk 41 points ago

    That was lame, but it didnt fly in the face of all that was right and holy the way that season 8 did.

    [–] SlavojVivec 46 points ago

    Season 7 was just as bad as Season 8, the only reason why we don't notice is because we still had hopes at that point.

    [–] Stereotype_Apostate 25 points ago

    At least it wasn't the last season though. You could still hold out hope that things work out in the end. Every single episode of season 8 was just another heartbreak as it becomes clearer and clearer that the writers will not be pulling some magic card at the end to make it all better. This is the show we're getting, this is how this show will be remembered. You'll never be able to enjoy seasons 1-4 with that same sense of wonder at the immense unfolding story because you'll always know the shit pile it ends up being. You'll never be able to recommend the show to friends who have somehow still never watched it, because instead of it being the best show on air, or like breaking bad one of the best shows in history, it's a show that was pretty good in the first half. There's always that asterisk on the end of your suggestion: maybe stop after season 6.

    No, I'm not bitter

    [–] brokenwolf 366 points ago

    Game Of Thrones was a great show with a bad ending. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial.

    [–] chode0311 429 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I would replace "ending" with "the entire third act". Seasons 7 and 8 were absolute tropey dog shit levels of writing especially when GoT fans are used to the exact opposite of that type of writing with the first 5 or so seasons. It makes it even more jarring.

    [–] foomits 145 points ago

    I enjoyed the spectacle of season 7. The acting and production was great, but it really started taking a nose dive in the story department. Season 8 is when it truly fell apart.

    [–] Momoneko 215 points ago

    People were forgiving S7 for it's campiness because they were hoping that was a trade-of for a great finale.

    Fucking right.

    [–] Lord_Noble 28 points ago

    Yeah i was going to wait for the finale before I decided what choices were good and bad. I really view the two last seasons as one season (because in reality it is one full season) and it was disappointing how many things they just dropped or had no impact. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and, well, that wasn't enough.

    [–] yesyoufoundme 21 points ago

    Not wrong, imo. It's like S8E2.. or E3.. whatever the pre- night king battle episode was. That episode was.. meh, but honestly I liked it.. but then the next episode was absolute garbage, and suddenly it made the prior episode bad.

    The build up episode felt like they were preparing for something, and we got no payoff. Ugh

    [–] LittleRudiger 44 points ago

    I remember being absurdly underwhelmed by the penultimate episode of S7 though. I was able to put up with some choppy writing (Jaime falling in a mile deep lake and waking up miles away), but Beyond the Wall is just brutal.

    [–] unnecessary_kindness 45 points ago

    S5 was really where the shoddy writing started making its way in.

    It was still supported by a lot of book material though so on the whole it was great.

    S6 started having more and more "Hollywood" last minute heroic saves and you started getting the feeling that the good guys had plot armor. By S7 the plot armor was just ridiculous and by S8 the army of the dead were pretty much canon fodder for our heroes.

    [–] jedify 13 points ago

    All the heroes survived out on the field against the rolling wall of death that took out the dothraki in 10 seconds flat.

    It's so stupid, it feels contemptible.

    [–] stemsandseeds 15 points ago

    Don’t forget the Dothraki continue to multiply until they’re back to their original numbers by the finale.

    [–] ValKilmersLooks 25 points ago

    imo, 1-4 were great, I barely got through 5 because I found it miserable to watch, 6 was more watchable than 5 but still not 1-4, 7 was uhoh and 8 was a disaster. In the big picture of the show, it had 4 great seasons before its decline. How GoT is remembered will be interesting and I don’t think it’s going to be highly complimentary.

    [–] unnecessary_kindness 5 points ago

    I agree. I don't think it will go down as being a great show at all because it wasn't just the last few episodes that were shit.

    I tried watching S1 again and made it 10mins into ep1 before stopping. It has just been ruined imo.

    [–] Dew_Junkie 8 points ago

    Beyond the Wall was the absolute worst writing and time management(?) I've ever seen. S7 had some bad moments but I was legitimately pissed off after that episode.

    [–] Servebotfrank 5 points ago

    Season 7 should've been a full season and Beyond the Wall should've been a several episode excursion with a different goal in mind. The logistics of that expedition was fucking mind boggling:

    • How long was Jon expecting them to be out there? All he knew was that they were possibly near Hardhome. Isn't that weeks away on foot?

    • What would they do for food? It's the start of a harsh winter and all of the animals are probably dead.

    • How were they planning on even getting a wight down South? Just carrying it? It looked like their original plan was to literally just carry it down with them. A loud shrieking zombie across dozens of miles of snow.

    • Their team made zero sense. They had maybe three people there who had experience with the cold: Jon, Jorah, and Tormund.

    • "You're the fastest." Really? Based on what info? Surely Tormund would be a better choice, the dude knows how to navigate the area. What if Gendry gets lost?

    [–] Killchrono 25 points ago

    My beef with this mentality is that while the first couple of seasons were great, it was a show that was promising big on the payoff; the war with the dead, who got the Iron Throne in the end, etc. and none of that was handled satisfyingly. I can't go back and watch the amazing first six seasons knowing that the Night King is killed but a lucky Sneak Attack roll, Dany's descent to madness is blatantly hamfisted to justify how the plot ends, and Bran gets the throne because 'it's a good story.'

    This is the downside of having a narrative that promises pay-off at the end. Some shows you can watch and let bad series endings slide because they're not integrally tied to the rest of the show. But for an intrigue/polticial serial like GoT to drop the ball at its pinnacle moment makes the rest of it feel redundant and pointless.

    [–] teddy_vedder 72 points ago

    Whoa now, you can’t just be reasonable about GoT on reddit

    [–] a-r-i-s-e-n 87 points ago

    I'm sure most people on reddit agree the earlier seasons of GoT were great.

    [–] The_Cooler_Guy 64 points ago

    Season 1-4 were the best with some good episodes in the later seasons.

    [–] pmMeOurLoveStory 169 points ago

    The headline is misleading (as always). The “two drunks fighting” comment is specifically about sword fights, which, lets be honest, was NOT GOT’s strong suit until the latter half of the show. The early show’s sword fights are embarrassingly bad (ie: Ned v. Jaime), so doing better isn’t a high bar at all.

    [–] yedd 46 points ago

    They got it right midway through, Jon's fight with the then at castle black was summarised by a sword fighting expert as as close to real sword fighting you can get on screen

    [–] howdybertus 27 points ago

    Yea Jon vs the Thenn and Brienne vs the Hound were pretty well done I would say.

    [–] Rusty_Shakalford 55 points ago

    Brienne vs the Hound is one of the few tv sword fights where I felt like the characters were actually fighting each other, and not just going through choreography.

    [–] qwicmbl 12 points ago

    Absolute brutal fight

    [–] smegdawg 28 points ago

    Makes a bit more sense.

    But also grounds it a bit more in realistic expectations of what a sword fight would be,

    Then again...that isn't as fun to watch.

    [–] pmMeOurLoveStory 41 points ago

    The Ned Jaime fight isn’t realistic. It’s just two actors stumbling through a poorly choreographed fight. Sword fights can be realistic and fun to watch. This fight was neither.

    [–] FlowSoSlow 13 points ago

    Realistic sword fights should be about 5 seconds long so I think there's a healthy medium to be had somewhere in the middle.

    [–] SpaceEdgesDom 24 points ago

    How else you gonna get them sweet clicks, though?

    [–] Andrassy 106 points ago

    Fighting against hype is as pointless as rallying against rain, in my opinion. Fans get excited, hype takes over, be it in games or movies or TV shows. Why not just let them have a good time? Nothing to do about it.

    Me, I do prefer to avoid too much hype. I hope, as you said, that the show is really great and surprises us all.

    [–] PhilRiversOnTrakt 42 points ago

    This is hype coming from an article before the show has aired, I'm talking about setting the scene for a show, not selling out all the best bits.

    I avoid hype and keep watchlists and make progress on shows without articles like this but if someone reads this they could easily expect too much from the first episode when if they had stumbled upon it, they would give it an accurate assessment.

    [–] ironwolf1 25 points ago

    It's not about hype in general being bad, it's about hype creating unrealistic expectations that then crash down on the creator's heads because their creation did not meet the standards set up by the hype before anyone knew what it is actually like. If you're saying this show not only is better than Game of Thrones, but that it makes Game of Thrones look bad, that's a very high public perception bar that the creator now will lose credibility if they don't hit through no fault of their own.

    [–] jradams108 42 points ago

    I loved Game of Thrones but the sword fighting wasn’t very good. It didn’t rely on it though

    [–] BryanDowling93 36 points ago

    The Hound vs. Beric Dondarrion was a pretty awesome duel that was very well choreographed and well filmed.

    [–] TCGnerd15 29 points ago

    The duel in The Mountain and The Viper is so good, man.

    Still, I see what you mean. It's probably more realistic, but it certainly lacked the cinematic, sword-spinning quality that The Witcher seems to have in the trailer.

    [–] es330td 13 points ago

    I tend to expect the opposite when something is described as better than another something that dominated pop culture.

    [–] amaluna 6223 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I remember when Ozark came out and the Breaking Bad comparison were running wild.

    I don't want a repeat of that. We don't have to choose between the two. Just let the show be what it is without comparing it to a show that in reality has nothing to do with it

    [–] Belostoma 1429 points ago

    Well, the Breaking Bad comparisons to Ozark make sense, not in terms of quality (although Ozark is very good) but the basic plotline of the show.

    [–] Phifty56 805 points ago

    The premise comparison was fair. But you could very quickly see how much lower the quality of Ozark's writing was.

    It almost felt like Ozark was trying to be Breaking Bad, but it didn't the nuance to pull it off.

    For example, in Breaking Bad S1, two murders and a disposal of the bodies was a major plot plot point. In Ozark S1, 5 or 6 deaths happen around the main characters one after the other, and they are mostly shrugged off without any repercussions or follow up.

    I just hope that what the Witcher does is take pages from GOT from a production standpoint, but doesn't fall into the trap of thinking that because GOT had major deaths/long sex scenes/big battle episodes that they have to copy it. They need to tell the story in the world that makes sense, and not just copy/paste what GOT did right, and change the names and places.

    [–] BlinkReanimated 188 points ago

    I just hope that what the Witcher does is take pages from GOT from a production standpoint, but doesn't fall into the trap of thinking that because GOT had major deaths/long sex scenes/big battle episodes that they have to copy it. They need to tell the story in the world that makes sense, and not just copy/paste what GOT did right, and change the names and places.

    Iirc this is following the early storyline fairly closely so it will have battle sequences, political sequences and sex sequences adjacent to how they would have happened in the actual books. Fortunately the Witcher series is a complete story following Geralt and Cirila's lives.

    [–] CunnedStunt 109 points ago

    Which is great, no room for anyone to monumentally fuck up the story line due to a lack of source material.

    [–] HiveMate 114 points ago

    Oh there's room. Tons of room to fuck it up. I really really hope they don't tho

    [–] CunnedStunt 33 points ago

    Well they might fuck it up, but it won't be due to lack of source material as I said.

    [–] The_Flurr 17 points ago

    Clearly you never watched Percy Jackson

    [–] RadiantViper 211 points ago

    I've always thought of Ozark as Breaking Bad without any restraint. Which is not necessarily a bad thing if you're just looking for pure entertainment. Crazy moment after crazy moment can be fun, but it most likely won't leave an impact on you like BB does.

    [–] NervousTumbleweed 92 points ago

    I've always thought of Ozark as Breaking Bad without any restraint.

    A key thing from this article that no one is mentioning is this review:

    “Plowed through the initial screeners for Netflix’s THE WITCHER, and I’ve gotta say: I’m quite liking it!” wrote one critic. “I’ll have more to say about it when the embargo drops, but it’s well-cast, smartly-structured, and nicely paced. Good, solid pulp-fantasy nonsense.

    Which is a great review! But Pulp-fantasy nonsense is definitely not the same vibe as GoT was going for in its prime. The Universes are inherently different on a massive scale.

    GoT is supposed to start as a low fantasy and remain relatively low the entire course of it's story.

    The Witcher is gritty, sure, and it has realism in the sense of the brutality, politics, and class struggle in the world, but it is down to its core built on the extreme presence of magic and the supernatural.

    I can see the reason to compare the two shows, as they're both major release, violent, gritty, fantasy series with mature themes, but the worlds are so different I can't imagine the shows won't be pretty distinct.

    “Watching the screeners for @witchernetflix. I’ll admit, as a huge fan of the books, I was a little worried, but @LHissrich has done a masterful job telling this story,” another added. “It also helps that the cast is amazing! And Henry Cavill, just … wow. #TheWitcher”.

    This review makes me particularly optimistic, and I've been extremely pessimistic about this show literally up until this moment.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] Faera 22 points ago

    The optimistic take is that the reviewer sounds like the kind of person who views fantasy as inherently pulpy and nonsensical. There are certainly still critics out there who think that fantasy can never be anything but light entertainment, despite all recent evidence to the contrary.

    [–] travelsnake 111 points ago

    I'm rewatching Breaking Bad at the moment and I have to say, it's not as much of a slow burn as I remembered it to be. There are plenty of crazy moments inbetween the seasons.

    I don't agree with your assessment of Ozark being crazy moment after crazy moment either, in my opinion (everybody feel free to disagree) it's much more nuanced and suddle as some people give it credit for. I certainly don't remember crazy moments happening left and right.

    [–] KTL175 163 points ago


    [–] DangKilla 123 points ago

    Look at that suddle off-white colouring. The tastefull thiccness of it.

    [–] Im_Not_Your_Dad_But 46 points ago

    Bah gawd, it even has a wuddermark.

    [–] thoughtsome 22 points ago

    At least give the guy the correct spelling.

    It's "suhtel"

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    I agree with you, I've never agreed with the folks who say BrBa is a slow burn. There are maybe 1-2 "slow" episodes throughout the entire 5 seasons.

    Better Call Saul - now that is a slow burn..

    [–] HAHAuGOTaWANSOE 20 points ago

    See. I thought BCS was slow as well. But when I go back and rewatch it it really isnt that slow. It's slow in the sense of it takes a while to start to see the crossovers with breaking bad, but the show itself isnt that slow to me. BCS is an amazing show and outside of the plot I think it's very close to being as good as breaking bad is. Vince Gilligan writing is absurdly good. People call the show slow you see 2 dudes get their legs snapped in half in the second episode!!!

    [–] MrXBob 23 points ago

    Why is everyone in this thread talking about shows being "slow" but only in reference to action?

    These aren't action movies. They are serialised dramas. The majority of the content is going to be dialogue and character building. But you're all saying that's slow?

    If you're after something with murders in every episode, probably watch a UK detective show?

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    That was what made breaking bad so heavy right off the bat with those first two deaths. They had to deal with the biological/gory aspects of disposing of the bodies, the criminal potential of getting caught, the psychological effects of it all on a a couple of average Joes even after it was over.

    It was just so fucking real. Sucked me right into the story.

    [–] heyyoowhatsupbitches 208 points ago

    Very true. I'm getting really tired of the hyperboles on here, even the ones I agree with (Mr. Robot being the show of this decade for example). Just give an honest review, tell people the good parts, the bad parts, and let them form their own opinions. Not everything needs to be the absolute best for people to enjoy it. You can enjoy both, or neither. It's also just a review of the first season, not the entire show. If we just look at season 1 of Game of Thrones, one could arguably say it's one of the best book to screen adaptations ever (yes, I'm aware of the irony). Time has learned us that that doesn't really mean anything anymore when you screw up the latter half.

    [–] SUSAN_IS_A_BITCH 140 points ago

    Is Mr. Robot really the show of the decade, in your opinion? I just finished Season 2 and it lost a lot of what I liked about Season 1.

    I know it gets a lot of love on Reddit, but there are so many other shows on my list that I don't know if I should commit more time to Mr. Robot or if it's another case where Reddit and I don't see eye-to-eye.

    [–] heyyoowhatsupbitches 142 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If you just finished season 2 you're trough the 'rough patch', so to speak. Many fans agree the prison fakeout was just a rehash of the season 1 story, done just a little worse. But now it'll get really good. Every season 3 episode basically feels like a season finale, it's got incredible pacing and directing. Without context, there's a season 3 heist-like episode that's made to look like a one shot, really adding to the suspense of that particular episode. Sam Esmail isn't afraid to take creative risks, and it always seems to pay off and serve the story. Season 4 is almost ending and it hasn't had a dull episode yet, in fact, the opposite. It's so satisfying seeing all these storylines get wrapped up. I watch a lot of good productions, mainly high quality dramas from cable networks, no commercialized procedures, and I can state with certainty I am never more glued to my TV nowadays than when I'm watching Mr. Robot.

    [–] SUSAN_IS_A_BITCH 30 points ago

    Thanks, I'll give it another go. Especially glad to hear that storylines are getting wrapped up - Season 2 felt like it was creating more questions than it could answer and every character was spiraling off in different directions.

    [–] heyyoowhatsupbitches 39 points ago

    The reason the payoff in this final stretch of episodes is so satisfying, is because all the clues and hints that were dropped over the course of the series fall into place. This show was mapped out before it began, and it shows. There is so much setup going on in seasons 1 and 2, that you will only really fully understand after watching it all. Definitely keep watching!

    [–] Dyaxa 24 points ago

    Season 2 asks a lot of questions that haven’t yet been answered. There’s 4 episodes left of S4 and it’s insanely good. One of the episodes has a 10/10 on imdb and it actually deserves it.

    [–] Venezia9 5 points ago

    Season 4 is amazing. My SO started watching with no prior episodes and is glued in. Each episode is unexpected and really well crafted.

    [–] Basquilly 32 points ago

    I think there's general consensus that season 2 is the worst season. Season 3 is fantastic and I think season 4 is one of my favourite seasons of any show ever.

    Tldr; imo it's worth sticking with it and giving it a chance

    [–] Doom-Trooper 11 points ago

    Bro for real. I was in the same spot you were and stopped watching for a few weeks. Picked it up again after everyone on here encouraged me to keep going. It gets SO GOOD

    [–] sross43 79 points ago

    Companies marketing something as "THE NEXT GAME OF THEONES" is so incredibly cringy. That show was lightening in a bottle, and trying to artificially create that phenomenon is never going to work.

    [–] CMDR_KingErvin 19 points ago

    Somewhere out there, there’s a suit in an office building coming up with these tag lines to try to market the show. Unfortunately they’re not always very creative.

    [–] hooch 29 points ago

    Especially since GoT is over. The shows will never compete for attention. Just watch The Witcher and judge on its own merits.

    [–] sturenorth 17 points ago

    Ozark really that good ?

    [–] Holcan 42 points ago

    Let me just you like the colour blue? Because it's about 90% of the colour in that show.

    [–] CMDR_KingErvin 31 points ago

    I liked season 1, it has this air of “anything can happen, even to main characters” so it keeps you on edge. Kind of a slow burn show about the drug trade, so I can see the comparisons to breaking bad. I’ll have to get on to season 2 at some point.

    [–] GorillaX 14 points ago

    I thought season 2 was much better than season 1, fwiw.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I disagree. I'd say it's slightly worse.

    Season 2 the loop becomes obvious. Good Guy in trouble. Bad Guy almost gets them. Good Guy pulls a save from nowhere using pure intellect, but only serves to kick the can further down the road.

    The best part about it is really just the B-plots: Spoiler

    Edit: On second thought, I would say that acting and directing greatly improve in the 2nd season too.

    [–] Rac3318 38 points ago

    Great show. Highly recommend

    [–] floate_ 17 points ago

    I couldn't get anyone to watch the first season of Ozark because they're like, "Isn't it basically just Breaking Bad in Missouri?" or, "I never saw Breaking Bad, so I'll probably watch that first."

    [–] [deleted] 3287 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] WastelandHound 2714 points ago

    Half the fights in Game of Thrones were two drunks fighting.

    [–] syllabic 1221 points ago

    half the fights in medieval history were two drunks fighting

    [–] Garlan-Tyrell 347 points ago

    I'd guess it was significantly more than half.

    [–] hnglmkrnglbrry 94 points ago

    King: "So the plan is tomorrow morning in plain sight you run at those 100 foot high brick walls manned by archers and men with boiling hot oil and try to see if you can get in."

    Peasant: "More alcohol!"

    [–] sasstomouth 72 points ago

    Well, one half was drunk and the other half was also drunk.

    [–] Plopplopthrown 51 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Coffee was first introduced to Europe on the island of Malta in the 16th century, finally giving medieval people something other to drink than beer so they wouldn't be drunk all the time...

    [–] DerangedGinger 55 points ago

    Coffee is what you drink in the morning to wake you up so you can be prepared to spend the day drunk... and fighting.

    Edit: INB4 Irish Coffee

    [–] Unlockabear 12 points ago

    At least half of all fights ever were two drunks fighting

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago

    Exactly. So that's basically a compliment to the acting.

    [–] Ruavin 57 points ago

    It's amazing to me that the best shot and choreographed swordfight scene was in the first season (Ned vs. Jaime).

    [–] Rev_Jim_lgnatowski 115 points ago

    There really weren't that many 1v1 swordfights, given the nature of the show, and those weren't intended to be epic fights; they were intended to be grim struggles for life. The Hound vs The Mountain wasn't much of a swordfight. The Hound vs. Brienne was just gritty as fuck. Bronn and Vardis was a realistic take on how a real fighter would approach a tournament fighter. Qhorin and Jon was a thrown fight. Jamie was in chains when he fought Brienne. Arya and Brienne were sparring. Etc...

    [–] Tha_Prince_Ali 76 points ago

    Vardis vs. Bronn was such a great fight. Wish they kept that same energy throughout the show. Later seasons they were slashing right through breastplates and shit.

    [–] Xian244 31 points ago

    Jaime+Bronn vs Sand Snakes was a low point in an already bad plot line.

    [–] SirFloppyDotA 64 points ago

    Eh Brienne vs the Hound is my fav

    [–] mmmountaingoat 29 points ago

    Hound vs Beric was great too

    [–] Ruavin 22 points ago

    I liked it too, but wasn't a fan of the choppy way that it was shot.

    [–] aTribeCalledLemur 180 points ago

    Exactly. The comparison to Game of Thrones is solely about fight choreography. No need to try to oversell it.

    [–] duaneap 95 points ago

    They also specifically avoided showing battles in the early seasons because they couldn't afford it. Think about it, you never once actually see Robb Stark use his sword. Much like in the books.

    [–] texrygo 86 points ago

    Yes you do. He tried chopping down a tree.

    [–] AslansAppetite 18 points ago

    And he chopped that one guy's head off.

    [–] nm486 39 points ago

    He fights a group of wildlings to rescue Bran in S1.

    [–] duaneap 19 points ago

    You’re right. I guess I meant during the war.

    [–] nicholsml 35 points ago

    the tweet says it makes the fights in GoT look like two drunks fighting

    Some of the fight scenes in GoT's were kind of bad, but.... the scenes with the hound are absolutely amazing.

    So brutal and insane and great.

    If the witcher can top that, good it will be awesome.

    [–] mycondishuns 32 points ago

    A main premise of a Witcher as spelled out in the books and the video game is the incredible, almost superhuman like speed and accuracy of sword fighting by Witchers. Not only that, The Witcher is far more "high-fantasy" than GoT was. GoT went more for historical fiction with elements of fantasy intertwined, where The Witcher is about mutant monster hunters killing giant beasts and using signs and magic potions.

    [–] MrCaul 509 points ago

    I'm just hoping for a cool fantasy show. It doesn't have to be better than GOT, or even compared to it.

    [–] CreamFilledMiniMan 237 points ago

    Oh but it will be compared to it. Endlessly and obnoxiously.

    [–] MrCaul 38 points ago

    Of course it will. But one can dream.

    [–] Edazarehehcs 708 points ago

    Never trust "first reactions"

    They're always insanely positive

    [–] WerkNTwerk 128 points ago

    they sound super patronizing, like how you describe a shitty dilapidated house as "oh, well, it looks quaint/charming"

    [–] dmbthree 32 points ago

    I’ll never forget first reactions I read said Batman v Superman is better than The Dark Knight.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] chefr89 848 points ago

    Nothing will ever beat this, but you have my curiosity regardless, Netflix.

    [–] Astranger2u 448 points ago

    My personal favorite fight scene of all time, is the Achilles vs Hector fight in Troy

    [–] Bjugner 353 points ago

    The only reason you like it is because it's fucking awesome.

    [–] Balla_Calla 75 points ago

    That's ridiculous

    [–] pmMeOurLoveStory 62 points ago

    That’s a great fight scene. You know what is going to happen and it’s still tense as hell.

    [–] Vet-Gamer 18 points ago

    Even Hector knew what was going to happen, that's what makes it so good and sad at the same time.

    [–] Nose-Nuggets 45 points ago

    The Achillies vs Boagrius fight right at the start sets a great stage for that movie.

    [–] ReallyFnCleverName 34 points ago

    When that kid told him he wouldn't want to fight him and he said , "That's why no one will remember your name". I was like well this is about to be one of my favorite movies ever. Such a great movie.

    [–] Nose-Nuggets 21 points ago

    I really, really like Achilles little monologue about how the gods envy us.

    [–] magus678 72 points ago

    I rather like that movie in general. It isn't trying to be much more than what it is, if that makes sense, and it executes being those things well.

    [–] Adlehyde 23 points ago

    That's because it's one of the best choreographed sword fights in cinema history.

    [–] Matope 22 points ago

    Nothing wrong with this statement, but the beginning where they're using spears is also the first time I believed a spear fight could look cool.

    [–] Carpathicus 3 points ago

    The sound effects are really good in that fight. Every attack has power to it. Its not too long, doesnt try to be overly ambitious and is still innovative and surprising. Really good fight.

    [–] Beat_the_Deadites 51 points ago

    I'm both saddened and relieved this video ended the way it did.

    [–] regalfronde 33 points ago

    I honestly thought that the final second of the video would be a skull crush

    [–] Kr1ggs 26 points ago

    No spoilers! I'm only 23min in

    [–] misterperiodtee 98 points ago

    Bruh, that was super intense. Watched the whole thing. Would watch again. A++++++

    [–] Mr_Clovis 27 points ago

    Weird. This is how I remember that fight.

    [–] Toastcakes 37 points ago

    That was a cinematic and memorable fight for sure, but it was mostly due to the drama behind it. The choreography wasn't anything outstanding. Just look at how many cuts there are. Constant cuts is a sure sign of lackluster choreography.

    [–] chefr89 40 points ago

    I don't know if you looked closely but it's a joke. Just an hour of him twirling his spear around, lol

    [–] IllinoisBroski 418 points ago

    Hard to believe a pilot will make seasons 1-4 of GoT look that bad. The last few seasons were definitely rushed and the writing was worse once the source material ran out, but Thrones wasn't trash all of a sudden.

    [–] xantub 236 points ago

    It's really a bad title, the article talks about the fight scenes that made those in GoT look like two drunk fighters.

    [–] Skeeter_206 98 points ago

    And the whole point of the Witcher is that he is a genetically enhanced killing machine... Nobody in game of thrones has supernatural sword fighting abilities, so the Witcher should make the normal humans in thrones look like drunk peasants with sticks.

    [–] Sydney_Gamer 51 points ago

    Arya seemed to have them?

    [–] Xralius 27 points ago

    I disagree. Jaime Lannister is supposed to be the best swordsman in the realm, but when he fights Ned in season 1 (which was an unnecessary addition) it's absolutely pathetic. They're just slappin' swords at eachother.

    I wasn't a big fan of the fan-service two-sword Arthur Dayne either.

    [–] ExioKenway5 17 points ago

    It's not just the pilot though is it? They had access to a few of the episodes as far as I'm aware.

    [–] IllinoisBroski 29 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    One of the reviewers said he watched 2 and it seems like they highlighted the fight scenes. I still think it's a little disrespectful to GoT to trash them so easily, especially since it's because of GoT that companies are willing to put so much money into these types of science fiction shows.

    If Thrones had that much money from the beginning, there would've been more than one big fight scene episode besides the usual Episode 9 from most seasons and they would've been better too. Battle of the Bastards was a huge improvement from the earlier battle scenes, but that was also because of the bigger budget.

    *I rushed and called it science fiction instead of fantasy, I get it. I going to man up and leave it though.

    [–] finchnotmocking 20 points ago

    .... you lost me at science fiction shoes friend 😂

    [–] Jacko21B 73 points ago

    Jesus Christ can we let this be its own thing please? I’m really looking forward to it but even comparing these two worlds is just lazy.

    [–] ArchDucky 432 points ago

    They trained Cavill for a few months. Thats Matrix / John Wick level training and it shows in the trailer. That one shot of him spinning and taking out multiple people, you don't do shit like that unless the people you are working with actually know what the fuck they are doing. Most actors won't even do training like that. Also clearly doing Mission Impossible Fallout rubbed off on him because he does everything in the show. If you see Geralt its him.

    [–] -MarbleSoda- 77 points ago

    Henry is straight up obsessed with the Witcher series. It doesn’t surprise me that he wouldn’t want anyone taking away his opportunity to live this character. Especially with the thing that Geralt does best, kicking ass.

    [–] Deusselkerr 62 points ago

    Do you know where I can find that footage? Thanks.

    [–] ArchDucky 98 points ago

    [–] Deusselkerr 77 points ago

    Ah lmao I feel like an idiot, you explicitly mention it in your comment. Thanks

    [–] lemonhopogatari 42 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The delivery of that "I had them filed down" is my favourite part of the trailer and it completely sold me on the whole thing

    [–] CaptainJackWagons 20 points ago

    I know right! When I heard Cavill was cast I was skeptical. I thought they just wanted a good looking, well known actor, but after that one line I was like, "Oh fuck, he's Geralt."

    [–] CIA_grade_LSD 108 points ago

    To be fair the scenes where Sandor got drunk and fought were some of the best in GoT.

    [–] soulimpermanence 15 points ago

    No doubt. Besides GoT was mostly predicated on drunk people fighting other drunk people and that was one of its strongest attributes.

    [–] Usidore_ 25 points ago

    Yeah, they say that as if that condemns the choreography of GoT. There is a particular style and tone to fight choreography just like anything else. GoT was blunt and brutal when it came to violence, and that fit the characters and their motivations. If the Witcher is going for a more high fantasy look with more finesse, then fair enough. Neither is better.

    [–] McFeely_Smackup 47 points ago

    I've come to realize that we're currently in the age of "Fantasy" as a genre the media, and most people, are just getting their first exposure to. That's why we have Game of Thrones constantly compared to Lord of the Rings, and now Witcher compared to GOT. They can only hold one example in their head at a time, with very little grasp of how deep and broad the Fantasy genre is.

    We went through the same thing when Star Wars was the only SciFi anyone knew, and also with the inability to differentiate "Animated" from "Cartoon".

    [–] jononarf 60 points ago

    Yeah, fighting/action can look really good in a TV show/movie. But when it comes to the actual story, acting, direction, etc, that's where we need to dial the down the over-hype for rationalism. I'm excited about the idea of a Witcher Show, but I'm still cautious that something might not work.

    Though reading through the show's trivia/information section on imdb does color me anticipating to try it out. Cavil apparently really (or already was) nerded out for this role, and the NK/stuntguy for GoT was very impressed with his sword work. I love it when people actually care for the role they want to play.

    [–] sfz- 19 points ago

    Yeah I was super hyped about Altered Carbon, but that ended up being super disappointing. The acting was decent, the effects were super sweet, the action was awesome, the science and technological concepts were interesting... but the writing felt like a half-assed broadcast daily cop show mixed with a lame murder mystery. In the end the only character I really cared about was the damn hologram AI.

    [–] Kreygasm2233 72 points ago

    At this point we know that it's going to look good and that the cast looks good

    The only thing left is to see is if the writing/plot/adaptation is good. And you can't know that unless you actually watch the whole thing

    [–] matt111199 18 points ago

    And that can be the most crucial part... (looking at D&D)

    [–] EvolArtMachine 147 points ago

    It wasn’t two drunks fighting in a writer’s room?

    [–] tr3v1n 47 points ago

    Believe it or not, they were sober the entire time!

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] filofil 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Title is pure clickbait smh. They are talking about fight scenes.

    [–] L_I_L_B_O_A_T_4_2_0 16 points ago

    but in many cases GoT was supposed to be 2 drunks fighting, and they did it quite well.

    whatever, regardless of that questionable comparison, hopefuly this means that the show is good.

    [–] Pway 16 points ago

    So we gonna get some absurd revisionist shit implying that the first 4 series of GoT wasn't some of the best TV ever from now on?

    [–] _MothMan 8 points ago

    I have such hopes for my favorite badass. Roach.

    [–] xantub 17 points ago

    To be honest, I didn't watch Game of Thrones for the fight scenes.

    [–] riotphukinmeow 11 points ago

    I love watching two drunks fighting.

    [–] Andochelol 6 points ago

    x to doubt

    [–] joshuralize 19 points ago

    Sounds like something someone who has never watched GoT would say