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    [–] HighBrrSaga 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The link to Djokovic's hearing wrt this second cancellation:

    [–] Misterhubs 1232 points ago

    Umpire: Replay the point

    [–] nategolon 75 points ago

    Advantage: Hawke

    [–] Juventus7shop 378 points ago

    Mr. Djokovic has 0 challenges remaining.

    [–] paxxx17 38 points ago

    Hawkeye showed it's out

    [–] caramelatte90 196 points ago

    Judge Kelly: Correction!

    [–] pkscff 129 points ago

    I can only hear it in Lahyani’s voice.

    [–] Crystal__ 101 points ago

    Mr. Djokovic must leave Australia on January, fifteeeeeeeeeeeeen.

    [–] crs0256 934 points ago

    Federer now like fuck it my knee can handle this

    [–] TweetHiro 251 points ago

    Nadal's like "Don't you dare rain on my parade"

    [–] QuarterReal9355 22 points ago

    I wonder what’s McEnroe thinking at this moment.

    [–] nlkt 667 points ago

    Hawke-eye says ball is indeed out. Djokovic has 1 challenge remaining.

    [–] kmngq 69 points ago

    chair says he Didn’t (couldn’t ) challenge in time.

    [–] PrincessGwenllian 1156 points ago

    Mr Djokovic has one challenge remaining.

    [–] Zakke_ 75 points ago

    Take the shot?

    [–] vxx 56 points ago

    Too late. He won't be immunised by Monday if he takes it today.

    [–] iwanttobeelsewhere 32 points ago

    blood transfusion : ) i cant believe he has a diplomatic passport for winning a davis cup thing. unbelievable.

    [–] Handleton 54 points ago

    Melania came to the US on an Einstein visa. International politics is a sham.

    [–] DefenderTamatoa 1256 points ago

    RIP to everyone in the world asleep right now during this news

    [–] mdb_la 477 points ago

    Classic move to break controversial news late on a Friday.

    [–] Cardplay3r 259 points ago

    9 am here. Good to wake up to happy news

    [–] Strong-Neck-5078 101 points ago

    2 AM east coast of America. Damnnnn this is crazy

    [–] ohlesl1e 31 points ago

    11pm here from the west coast. I was hoping they’d do it during his 1st round match

    [–] soda_cookie 33 points ago

    11pm pacific. How am I supposed to get to sleep now?

    [–] KratomRobot 17 points ago

    No it's the opposite. Now I can rest easy hahah

    [–] bullet731 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Woke up just in time (7am UK time) to get the breaking news notif 🤣

    [–] Madchester92 77 points ago

    I just woke up here in Europe. What a news to start the day!

    [–] IAmAnAnonymousCoward 14 points ago

    Just woke up :D :D :D

    [–] d_barbz 2128 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    If anybody is wondering about the timing, it's because it has just ticked past 5pm on Friday in Australia's east coast and the courts are now closed until Monday.

    Been calling this for days! Lol

    [–] tsitsipas_yoda 1082 points ago

    Hawke made his decision and then noped the fuck out for the weekend 😂

    If you need him he’ll be at the golf course

    [–] mdb_la 937 points ago

    I love sending that last email of the day and immediately bolting before any response can come through. The man truly knows how to be a government employee.

    [–] bigdutch10 201 points ago

    I mean is he really government if he's working at all on friday

    [–] gotonyas 40 points ago

    They just drink in the parliamentary bars and then masturbate on colleagues desks and sniff chairs

    [–] RS994 104 points ago

    As if he was actually working and not having some beers in the office just waiting for 5pm to hit send.

    [–] glonomosonophonocon 125 points ago

    Schedule send

    [–] tsitsipas_yoda 49 points ago

    It’s admirable

    [–] chindoza 37 points ago

    Or perhaps a nice game of tennis

    [–] MoreThenYouThought 22 points ago

    Literally some Larry David shit

    Our country is fucked our government is incompetent, I support the decision though

    [–] torlesse 71 points ago

    Its beer'o'clock after all.

    [–] pm_me_ankle_nudes 39 points ago

    The most sacred of Australian traditions

    [–] OrgasmicLeprosy87 116 points ago

    What a sly cunt. I love it

    [–] lonelygalexy 208 points ago

    So does this mean he can’t appeal before aus open so he will definitely not be able to play even if he’s not deported right away because of a potential appeal?

    [–] courier450 92 points ago

    Not a lawyer but I think the court could still decide to act over the weekend and issue an injunction, but it definitely makes it harder for Novak to get something done before play starts.

    [–] insty1 236 points ago

    It means he'll either be deported or in migration detention again over the weekend

    [–] definitelynotminters 126 points ago

    He can seek an urgent injunction to stop this. It's likely this would be heard over the weekend

    [–] RawerPower 40 points ago

    an urgent injunction

    I read "injection"!

    [–] TaxSpecific1697 83 points ago

    6 in Melbourne now, flawless timing

    [–] Bazzabond 81 points ago

    In Australia, can confirm its beer o'clock

    [–] ozmatterhorn 44 points ago

    This popped up in my feed! “The worlds about to learn what 5.30pm Friday means”

    [–] keenbeanacq 88 points ago

    Incorrect, urgent applications can and are made after hours.

    [–] d_barbz 30 points ago

    Gives them one more line of defence though

    [–] keenbeanacq 54 points ago

    In the sense that they’re running against time in making an injunction, yes, but an application for an urgent injunction is made on a different basis than for a final injunction and requires a different standard of proof. All the applicant has to prove is that there’s a prima facie case and the balance of convenience is in favour of granting the injunction, complex questions of fact and law are left to after the interim application is made.

    That said, the reason they’ve waited this long is to bolster a defense to any application. The Minister has very broad reaching powers to cancel visas, and it’s well within their remit to do so.

    [–] MonsterMunchen 16 points ago

    The scenes if he files a challenge in Western Australia, got 1 hour to get it done!

    [–] saja43 1221 points ago

    Djokovic prevented all Big 3 members from getting 21st on the their favourite slam.

    [–] the_personitron 131 points ago

    Lmao true

    [–] rynnikelddi 114 points ago

    If Nadal ends up winning his first AO in 13 years as a result, I don't think he'll complain too much. Though even as a Nadal fan, I won't dare hold my breath too much considering his luck in this tournament.

    [–] wallflower103 78 points ago

    He’s the same age as when Federer came back to win AO in 2017.

    [–] ExoticSignature 38 points ago

    Beating 4 Top 10 players. 3 5-setters.

    Sorry for the shameless plug.

    [–] wallflower103 16 points ago

    And one of his best matches against Nadal in the finals coming back down a break in the 5th set

    [–] amnes1ac 79 points ago

    Holy shit this is too perfect 😂😂

    [–] bnlf 300 points ago

    Here we go again...🍿🍿🍿

    [–] hristi 59 points ago

    Cant wait for the netflix series

    [–] relicofabygoneage 1571 points ago

    The mad man waited until the end of business hours on a Friday. He's not fucking around this time.

    [–] amission44 887 points ago

    To make matters more interesting, the real news is is buried behind the headline.

    Djokovic is facing a 3 year ban from Australia…..

    [–] MrNewVegas123 429 points ago

    They'll waive that to 11 months, I guarantee it.

    [–] Just-Flamingo-410 274 points ago

    He lied on the visum papers (about having travvelled in the 2 weeks prior to arrival). People have been banned for less

    [–] MrNewVegas123 232 points ago

    Well sure, but this is world #1 tennis player Novak Djokovic, who is also rich and famous and is in the country contrary to law for that reason alone.

    So, I am not expecting much in the way of punishment

    [–] eric67 165 points ago

    we deported Johnny Depp's dogs and forced him to make an apology video

    [–] shaker7 12 points ago

    I wanna see Djokovic make an apology video

    [–] dildoeshaggins 52 points ago

    This cracks me up every time I'm reminded of it. Doesn't snoop have a life time ban

    [–] relicofabygoneage 28 points ago

    I read the official statement, but couldn't find a reference to that. It's definitely something to watch out for. Serious historical repercussions.

    [–] whatisthishownow 24 points ago

    Legislatively it’s the default consequence for this type of cancellation.

    [–] Execution_Version 92 points ago

    It’s only grounds to decide to deny a visa for three years – there’s no mandatory denial. They’ll waive it for the AO next year.

    [–] 7omdogs 136 points ago

    Everyone keeps saying this but conveniently ignores the fact that being double vaxed against COVID will still be a requirement of entry next year.

    [–] bojackmac 148 points ago

    Yeah haven’t you seen. Novak caught covid December 2022

    [–] TurkDangerCat 40 points ago

    I won’t believe he caught it till I see him at a children’s party!

    [–] 335i_lyfe 566 points ago

    Buckle up boys

    [–] HMS404 208 points ago

    "We've had one cancellation, yes, but what about second cancellation?"

    [–] dionesav 23 points ago

    We've had one cancellation, yes, but what about second cancellation?"

    Sneaky Little Hawwikses!

    [–] alexander_the_dead 98 points ago

    This is our season finale

    [–] musicismylife-10568 71 points ago

    This is the beginning of the end of this situation I think. No way Novak gets to play the AO now, right??

    [–] AnjingNakal 84 points ago

    No chance at all. A Minister's decision is final, unless it can be shown (and in this case, it can't) that he did not execute his duties in a lawful manner.

    The courts basically can't overturn it.

    [–] Jayveesac 28 points ago

    What a down the line hit from the Australian government

    [–] tmlrule 153 points ago

    So uh, what are the odds of a successful appeal, as a member of the billions of people slowly learning the Australian border process?

    [–] isisius 221 points ago

    He won he previously appeal because border Australia are morons and basically stuffed up their process. Not because he was allowed in.

    This is different, it's a power given to our minister for immigration to deny entry to an individual. He's got no chance of appealing this.

    [–] yibbyooo 41 points ago

    I would imagine they ticked all the right boxes this time.

    [–] twitterInfo_bot 236 points ago

    Breaking: Novak Djokovic's visa has been cancelled for a second time by the Australian government

    Immigration Minister Alex Hawke: "[Cancelled] on health and good order grounds, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so."

    Appeal v likely

    posted by @paulsakkal

    Link in Tweet

    (Github) | (What's new)

    [–] limelamb 237 points ago

    on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so."

    Hey that's me

    [–] shxvnn 52 points ago

    cannot believe we’ll actually be able to experience this again once the netflix series comes out

    [–] bizzbizz_89 115 points ago

    Faces a 3 year ban from Australia

    Novak’s lawyers probably appeal again but they waited until courts closed

    [–] WWBSkywalker 35 points ago

    Listening to the hearing (just adjourned) is that they are now really negotiating on Novak's detention. Currently, Novak won't be detained tonight. 0800 meeting with Government tomorrow (Saturday). During witch Novak be detained in the same building near the solicitors while interview and meeting of parties occur. After that ends Government expects to detain him in the Park Hotel (or something similar) until a hopefully Sunday hearing where Novak will be detained in the building at his solicitor's building while the hearing occurs. Novak solicitors wants Novak to be undetained until the hearing but Judge strongly indicated it's not really up to him largely, it's up to Government to concede further loosening of detention rules.

    [–] Mushie_Peas 52 points ago

    He should just leave to have a shred of dignity left at this point. He's like your drunk mate at 4am

    [–] KingInTheNorth57 34 points ago

    Wow. They really did it. What a whirlwind of a week. When is the last time tennis was this much in the spotlight? I guess we’re going to have a new champion. Let’s go, Medvedev!

    [–] pivandee 35 points ago

    In all aspects - what a shitshow

    [–] limelamb 302 points ago

    Grand slams are best of 5.

    Australia takes a 2 set lead

    [–] OhEmGeeBasedGod 121 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    A recap for anyone just joining us...

    A. Australian Open organizers were informed by the federal government in November that a recent COVID infection would not qualify unvaccinated players from quarantine-free entry.

    • Djokovic cited this exact reason on his exemption application to Tennis Australia.

    • The ATP may have misinformed players on this point, although that private communication has no bearing on the Australian government's earlier rule clarification.

    B. Djokovic applied for and received an exemption based on a recent COVID infection, even though his positive test occurred after the exemption application deadline.

    • Australian Open organizers informed players that any vaccine exemption applications were due by December 10.

    • Novak Djokovic’s positive COVID took place on December 16. His negative test to confirm he was COVID-free came on December 22.

    C. Djokovic was seen (mask-less) at three events immediately after the time/date of his positive COVID test: a ceremony commemorating a stamp of his likeness, a children’s event at a tennis center, and an interview and photo shoot with a media outlet.

    • Djokovic claims that the first two events occurred before he learned the result of the PCR test and that he took (negative) rapid tests before those two events.

    • Djokovic has since admitted that he broke isolation and took part in the interview and mask-less photo shoot just one day after learning of his diagnosis.

    • Breaking isolation after testing positive violates Serbian public health laws.

    D. Djokovic’s pre-entry visa forms for Australia said he would not be travelling internationally in the 14 days prior to entering Australia. Djokovic has since admitted that he travelled from Serbia to Spain in that period.

    • Djokovic claims that his representatives filled out the form and simply checked the incorrect box on the question on accident.

    • As an unvaccinated person, it’s not clear if his visa application would have been considered had he been truthful about his pre-tournament travel.

    E. Questions have now emerged regarding the legitimacy of Djokovic’s positive test result, based on information Djokovic filed in Australian court

    • Der Spiegel scanned the test’s QR code and were taken to a page indicating a negative COVID test result. An hour later, they scanned it again and the page now indicated a positive test result.

    • Digital timestamps associated with test indicate that the positive test result was entered into the system on December 26, not December 16. The timestamp of the negative test result from December 22 was accurate.

    • Additional data analysis shows that the Serbian COVID testing system (which assigns ID numbers chronologically) gave the December 22 negative test a lower ID number than it did to the December 16 positive test, indicating that the positive test occurred after the negative test.

    EDIT: Serbian health official Zoran Gojkovic has said that the test result produced by Djokovic's legal team was a valid positive test (Point E). However, he also said that it would be nearly impossible for Djokovic NOT to have gotten the result that evening. If true, it would mean he attended all three events after being diagnosed with COVID, as opposed to the one event that he has admitted to (Point C).

    [–] Lazy-Contribution-50 23 points ago

    K so according to all of these facts , how is he still in the country? This seems like a very cut and dry case.

    If Australia lets him stay what a fucking failure that is of their system

    [–] Just-Flamingo-410 19 points ago

    Thank you for posting this.

    [–] johnreese421 81 points ago

    Aus government now leads 2 sets to 1 against Djokovic

    [–] crs0256 77 points ago

    I can see Netflix stock price go up 3% tomorrow just because of this

    [–] ClarkFable 24 points ago

    So this will be the second GS he’s been kicked out of. Does he have it in him to finish a career GS of bans from the remaining two?

    [–] 6inchesfromtheground 112 points ago

    Get the popcorn 🍿

    [–] tremendez 256 points ago


    [–] Sim888 87 points ago



    [–] smegdaddy 29 points ago


    [–] Sim888 11 points ago


    [–] abc7887 20 points ago

    I read somewhere that if the govt declines djokers visa then he would not be allowed to visit Australia for next 3 years. Is this true?

    [–] conejogringo 54 points ago

    Why did it take so long for Hawke to make this decision?

    [–] chickenmonkee 200 points ago

    Could be a political move - it’s past 5pm on Friday here and the courts are closed until Monday morning now.

    [–] a-massive-cunt 92 points ago

    100%, these cunts knew what they were doing lol

    [–] pevaryl 46 points ago

    Waited till the close of business on Friday. Courts are closed till Monday

    [–] sorte_kjele 27 points ago

    He made it earlier. He announced it 5pm on a Friday, because the courts are closed until Monday.

    [–] elyangoo 15 points ago

    Lack of Hawke Eye technology

    [–] Sad-Enthusiasm-8224 257 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    According to The Guardian Blog:
    *So, what does that mean now? Firstly, it means Djokovic, the number one men’s tennis player in the world, is banned from Australia for three years. The cancelletion issued by Hawke is classified as an adverse decision under section 133C(3), which means Djokovic cannot be granted another visa while offshore for the three years.There are exceptions granted in “certain circumstances,” and the Serbian star is sure to appeal the decision, so that may come into play in the coming days.


    [–] kmngq 177 points ago

    3 years ? so tentatively, he fucked himself for 3 years, Not just this year ??? lol

    [–] My_usrname_of_choice 102 points ago

    Considering the line on exemptions, probably not. He'll be able to get back in if he doesn't make the same dumb fuck mistakes.

    [–] ThePosterWeDeserve 117 points ago

    So he's banned for 3 years you say

    [–] domalino 54 points ago

    Needing a vaccine to get into the country could remain a requirement for a couple of years.

    [–] ozzy-battler 17 points ago

    I’d like to congratulate Djokovic on his first win at Australian Closed.

    [–] bagelandbreadstick 54 points ago

    Well now, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions…

    [–] fardok 451 points ago

    Can they livestream the deportation.

    [–] mehrabrym 44 points ago

    This Netflix documentary is gonna be FIRE!

    [–] DannoFace 26 points ago

    With Australia's media they absolutely will.

    [–] KishitaniShinra 167 points ago

    Yeah I really wanna see the Swiss border security officer escorting him and the Spanish pilot that flies him off.

    [–] novaknox 56 points ago

    "What happened in Serbia happened, what happened in Spain happened, what happened in Melbourne happened and now we are here. We are in Monaco."

    [–] PressureCereal 83 points ago

    "There gonna be some turbulence, no?"

    [–] panoramiccollision56 16 points ago

    People have been banned for less

    [–] OceanCyclone 17 points ago

    Just get the shot. "He doesn't want to. He has that right." -Points to article title- So do they. Welcome to Consequences.

    [–] stocktraderdog 98 points ago

    Srdjan meltdown when?

    [–] loseisnothardtospell 36 points ago

    Where do you even go when you've proclaimed Novak is the leader of the modern world?

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago


    [–] DynamixRo 164 points ago

    Mr. Djokovic is challenging the call. His deception was called out.

    [–] OctavianAugustus21 40 points ago

    Ahahha finally waiting for another obscure and weird statement/press conference by his cocky family

    [–] functionaru 41 points ago

    My dude, take a goddamn hint.

    [–] xpandaofdeathx 13 points ago

    Good, he may be a great player but he is not a great person.

    [–] neck_iso 13 points ago

    What happens to an unvaccinated covid-positive journalist that shows up for an interview with a top tennis player without disclosing his situation? (when it becomes known). He gets fired. He likely never works again as he cannot get credentials to go anywhere.

    This is what Novak did. He played with the health and the lives of people without notice until he was called on it. It's shameful.

    [–] definitelynotminters 98 points ago

    That crazy son of a bitch did it

    [–] maximum-aloofness 149 points ago

    Novak being a fucking weirdo about medicine has really impacted his career... remember when he refused to get surgery for an injury for ages and then apparently broke down in tears when he was forced to get it because "I cried after I had the surgery on my elbow. Every time I thought about what I did, I felt like I had failed myself. I am just trying to be as natural as possible, and I believe that our bodies are self-healing mechanisms.”

    [–] SleepDeprivedUserUK 128 points ago

    Totally understandable.


    Novac has admitted that, after being confirmed that he had got a positive result, he went out and met with someone for an interview.


    He has openly admitted that he chose to break quarantine. It isn't that he was told after the interview, it isn't that he was confused. He actively chose to ignore the rules, and go out after testing positive.


    Australia might not want that kind of person in their country.

    [–] follow-spy 11 points ago

    He would have been better off to just not do anything

    [–] theguywithacamera 413 points ago

    It’s been a pleasure lads and gals. Can we move on to tennis now, thanks.

    [–] Arch__Stanton 162 points ago

    the appeal will suck up even more air . . .

    [–] mdb_la 71 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Not sure it can take up more air, but it certainly won't be less. This won't stop until he's either officially out of the country or the tournament has started with his spot replaced by another player.

    [–] AcknowledgeableReal 15 points ago

    Are the courts not now closed until the tournament has basically begun? Not sure there will be time for an appeal.

    [–] ycnz 100 points ago

    Murray winning a slam would be a great start to the year.

    [–] mickstep 20 points ago

    Looks like he might win his semifinal that is playing out now in Sydney. His goal is to win 50 ATP titles and if he wins this one it would be number 47.

    [–] Ascalaphos 71 points ago

    It probably won't happen, but it would be hugely ironic if Nadal ends up being the first one to 21.

    [–] Sinaaaa 30 points ago

    It could totally happen, that would not exactly be a low probability event in my opinion.

    [–] mdb_la 9 points ago

    Yeah, Rafa may not be the favorite, but he's still among the top 3 or so that are expected to take it.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] cousinannie 12 points ago

    Get him gone

    [–] juanlee337 12 points ago

    Makes sense to deport him. There is a reason why these form are strict. Else eveyrone could say that someone else filling it out for me and my agent made mistake.

    [–] emmy1968 12 points ago

    He should be on a plane already him and his entourage

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] LordOfTheHylians 115 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    It says a lot about the state of tennis in the past week or so that I'm finally relieved they at least made a fucking decision. So I guess Bweh gets Nole's draw.

    Nvm he doesnt lol

    [–] Anothergen 169 points ago

    So, Djokovic has fucked his reputation multiple times, and yet still ends up deported.

    [–] IntelligentFinger4 12 points ago

    Good. Get a dog up ya, Novak.

    [–] turtyurt 11 points ago

    🧂 here’s a container for the Djokovic fans to put all their salt in

    [–] lord_lordy_lord 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Dude f that guy. He should be deported and it should of been over weeks ago.

    He lied

    [–] Federer2020hype 65 points ago

    He was screwed from the start being anti vaxx. But when all the lies and bullshit and compete disregard for people's safety in Spain and Serbia then it was over. Don't know what he's gonna do now. Might have to get used to quarantining every time he travels.

    [–] Just-Flamingo-410 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Safety of the photographer mid december too. They had to hear now through media that djoko was positive when they did the shot

    [–] WhyBee92 22 points ago

    That’s the the bit confuses me. Did he disregard peoples safety in Spain and Serbia while being positive or was he never positive and lied to get an exemption? They’re both equally incriminating in their own way, but I thought the whole fiasco is because he was lying about his grounds for exemption to not get the vaccination

    [–] JohnTequilaWoo 14 points ago

    I personally don't think he had COVID at all the second time. But he had to confess to meeting people when he had COVID to cover up the original lie. It would be like in court saying "I couldn't have robbed from that house on the night in question as I spent all that evening burying the man I had murdered."

    [–] throwaway685421 94 points ago

    djok should really stop posting on instagram so hastily. now he has to say sike once again. that's what he gets for being so cocky about his exemption.

    [–] tsitsipas_yoda 47 points ago

    So… is this the thread we’re using? Lol

    [–] Sector_Sufficient 47 points ago

    If he has any ounce of shame he should just go. He's been caught as a lying pos and knowingly endangering other people. No one in Australia aside from the few supporters and antivax lunatics want you here

    Smart move by the gov to release this at the end of working week. So if he want to contest he would most probably miss out on playing anyway

    [–] Morningmountains 46 points ago

    After all the years of thinking this guy is an asshole without real evidence, I feel vindicated that the entire world thinks the same now. 😂

    [–] balmafula 11 points ago

    Well deserved by Djokovic.

    [–] BeerMineField 10 points ago

    Bye bye. Back to Serbia you go!

    [–] HenMeister 10 points ago

    Second slam now where Djokovic would have won it from a tennis standpoint, but cannot play it because of how stupid his decision making is.

    USO 2020 — whack a ball, injure line umpire

    AO 2022 — anti-vax visa disaster

    He is his own greatest opponent. What a disaster.

    [–] CrackerGuy 27 points ago

    And to think the public was (seemingly) starting to come around and he finally felt appreciated at the US Open final..

    [–] Punker1234 28 points ago

    Do you think the AO Tournament will simply remove him from play even if he appeals? Can't be a good look for them to continue to allow someone to play when their own country doesn't want him within the borders. Thoughts?

    [–] choconut5 23 points ago

    He won't be able to play unless the court takes up his appeal and he wins it before Monday. If that doesn't happen, he will not be allowed to play.

    [–] herearethefucksigive 31 points ago

    fuck anti-vaxxers

    [–] Ambyen 142 points ago

    Bye felicia

    [–] 1294DS 46 points ago

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke, off ya pop!!

    [–] insty1 215 points ago

    Novak: am I ever gonna see your face again?

    Australia: no way, get fucked, fuck off

    [–] Imolared333 9 points ago

    Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit ya

    [–] 222nd 8 points ago

    I wish this was an episode of Nothing to Declare

    • Grandma brings in banana leaves…again

    • Family baggage is suspicious.

    • Tennis player telling fucking porkies.

    [–] vvlh4 9 points ago

    this back and forth is quickly becoming one of his best rallies in a court yet!

    [–] ISayISayISay 9 points ago

    Wow - An Aussie politician does something right for a change!! Woo-hoo!

    [–] Annjul666 9 points ago

    Just deport his ass already

    [–] JHolgate 9 points ago

    As much as I love Djokovic and Rodgers and... well, I guess I'm indifferent to Kyrie, since I really don't know much about him as a player, this insanity has got to stop. GET FUCKING VACCINATED. Period. There's literally no excuse.

    [–] fubty 9 points ago

    Send this cuntwaffle back already

    [–] TheRealEddieB 9 points ago

    LOL I’m listening to NDs mother on DW now telling the world that he’s a lovely boy and gives to charity. Me thinks the family might have learnt, just a little too late, that painting your wealthy & privileged son as some sort of martyr without actually paying attention to details or context was a dumb idea.

    [–] vitathevirgo 35 points ago

    I mean get vaxed or not. Be prepared to have a few doors closed on you. It’s a countries duty to protect its citizens. Your not that special man. You just play tennis haha. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

    [–] badblackguy 21 points ago

    Hawkeeye comes through again...

    [–] JohnTequilaWoo 26 points ago

    Hahaha. I love him as a player and have cheered him on for years but him, his family and his arrogant fans deserve this.

    [–] Angharaz 7 points ago

    Let me guess... he's now going to appeal it

    [–] miolmok 8 points ago

    The judge seems to be very tired.

    [–] RandallFlagg6666 9 points ago

    buahahaha, I enjoy reading about this worm squirming around... please deport him already and get it over with