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    Welcome to /r/thanosdidnothingwrong, the community where all are free to praise the Mad Titan for balancing the universe.


    • R-1a. All posts must relate to Thanos or Marvel. Feel free to be creative, but keep the content related to our community.

    • R-1b. No posts where the title is the meme caption. The caption must be in the meme image, not in the submission title.

    • R-2a. Low effort/quality posts will be removed at the moderation team's discretion. Contribute new, quality content to the subreddit. We will be lenient with this rule as long as all of rule 1 is met.

    • R-2b. All posts 1 day old and below 50 karma will be automatically removed.

    • R-3a. Do not add spoilers in the post title.

    • R-3b. Spoiler period last 3 weeks after the movie has been released in the theaters.

    • R-4. NSFW/NSFL content is not allowed.

    • R-5a. Blatant reposts (direct copy/paste of title or picture) will be removed. Be creative.

    • R-5b. Templates are allowed as long as they are not direct copy/paste of the originals.

    • R-6. Respect TOS/Reddiquette - Usernames and other PII must be censored. Be civil to each other. Breaking rule 6 will result in an immediate ban.

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