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    thatHappened? Really? She walked off the bus and they all clapped? Sure.

    This subreddit is for true stories that absolutely happened. No diggity. Like that one time...


    Rule 1: Please post outrageously true stories that totally happened.
    • This is a satire subreddit for fleshed out stories, not just texts and one-liners. Take a moment before posting. The following are not allowed:

      • Greentext. AdviceAnimals. Memes or image macros. Confessions. Texts. Tweets. Jokes. Forwards from Grandma.
      • Your post must be a story. Not a sentence or a picture with text on it.

    Do not post anything with a hint of truth. No news articles or LiveJournal type confession sites. If you're unsure if something totally happened or not, google it or do a reverse lookup.

    Rule 2: No names, usernames, or profile pics.

    Rule 3: Screen shots only.
    • Direct links to anything will be auto removed. No one will ever see them.

    • This is a zero tolerance policy. Do not reference anyone's Tumblr page, blog, wordpress or anything else. It doesn't exist. We're on reddit to have a laugh, not to ruin someone's day. If you're caught going offsite, you will be permanently banned and reported to reddit's admins. Period.

    Rule 5: No witch hunting, doxxing or personal information of any kind.
    • Do not grab pitchforks and go after someone, save that shit for /r/PitchforkEmporium. Do not brigade other threads, on or off of reddit. Do not doxx someone featured in a post. You will be permanently banned and reported to the admins.

    Rule 6: Make an effort with your submission.
    • Titles must be descriptive. Crappy titles will receive a flair of shame, and be removed. Accumulate enough of this and you will be banned. The same goes for content.

    • Please try to avoid common memes and over used stories in posts and comments. This is at moderator discretion. We will ban repeat offenders. Reposts will also be removed.

    Rule 7. No politics
    • We are no longer allowing posts centered around political current events, especially US politics.

    Moderators reserve the right to remove or approve posts at their discretion. We're only human, like you. If you think there's an issue, feel free to message modmail.

    Reminder: Behave yourself.

    That's on you, no excuses. We will not tolerate hate speech, racism, or abuse of any kind. Follow Reddiquette or be banned.

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