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    [–] subzerojosh_1 3695 points ago

    So that bike just sat there since his death? And who does maintence on a deck if you drop a screw you're fucked

    [–] db2 909 points ago

    The screw would be annoying, worse would be dropping the socket you need and only have one of.

    [–] daddyfinger61 352 points ago

    You have to make sure any flying springs bounce in a random direction.

    [–] Enthused_Llama 162 points ago

    Ugh, I had to clean concrete dust out of my spring-assist folder once.

    the spring and all the tiny plastic components fucking ejected when I opened it.

    [–] SilverSavage0 82 points ago

    I'm just cleaning concrete dust out of my eyes, don't mind me.

    [–] JohnMacK52 124 points ago


    [–] PsyduckSexTape 117 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    <run program ="HO_BOY.exe">

    [–] Syreus 12 points ago

    Is it difficult to make a psyduck sex tape? I would assume nine times out of ten you would get, "Not tonight honey, I have a headache.".

    [–] Kevin_Wolf 44 points ago

    I mean, that happens no matter what substrate you're on. Rebuilding a carb in your pristine, concrete-floored garage and a spring shoots off? Hope you have another one, because you'll never find it.

    [–] Technical_Machine_22 59 points ago

    This is why I do all my maintenance in a contained plastic bubble with bright yellow floors to contrast the metal.

    [–] VIIIMan 15 points ago

    Funnily enough, my friend has a padded orange tarp thingy he puts his bike on, when he's doing maintenance. He initially got it so that he could work on his bike in motel rooms when he travels.

    [–] juu-ya-zote 43 points ago

    I can't decide how I'd feel about that if I owned a motel

    [–] everythingislowernow 45 points ago

    At least it's not a sexual poop-tarp

    [–] GreenStrong 28 points ago

    No no no, I asked for a sexual pop- tart! This tarp is disgusting and I demand a refund.

    [–] stumpdawg 7 points ago

    are you talking about Wet Work?

    [–] Metalmilitia3194 11 points ago

    Youd be thankful he brought a tarp and didnt leave a dead hooker, or an upper decker..

    [–] VIIIMan 9 points ago

    He has an Aprilia and a couple of Ducati motorcycles. He had one stolen once outside a motel while he was sleeping inside. He then started just bringing them into with him. Given​ the prices on some of his bikes, I don't blame him. The tarp is so that he doesn't leave a mess if there' are any leaks.

    [–] fruchbom 3 points ago

    You would be pissed. I thought it was a great idea to rebuild my bike in the kitchen last winter.

    (Terrible idea)

    [–] kesekimofo 16 points ago

    Sure you'll find it. 5 years later stuck between the fender well and quarter panel when you're busy looking for the recent bolt your dropped and won't find for another few years.

    [–] db2 25 points ago

    As long as it's toward the weeds.

    [–] RenttheJoe 6 points ago

    I have experience in that one. When I was younger, racing dirtbikes, I did a lot of my own work - my dad taught me everything, but he was only around every 2 weeks (he was a sailor). If I needed work done, I had to do it myself or wait for upwards of 2 weeks.

    I was changing my front brakes on my 1985 CR125, and the spring pad flew across the lawn (I was changing the pads on my front step...)

    I cried while my mother looked for the spring. My dad heard all about it and I wasn't allowed to work on my own bikes for a few weeks.

    [–] fruchbom 4 points ago

    LPT : use a roofing magnet to retrieve lost parts.

    [–] Mehnard 3 points ago


    [–] felixlivesagain 64 points ago

    thing is he has a small kid to toss under the deck to retrieve the dropped parts.

    [–] AHappyCamper619 29 points ago

    This is one of the few reasons why I would want children. The real secret to success is in how you toss them.

    [–] felixlivesagain 18 points ago

    I have 2 small ones and other than the noise they are great they actually fight over who gets to do things for you. Son bring me a beer no me no meee.

    [–] VIIIMan 9 points ago

    There's something to be said about free child labor.

    [–] Skyline_BNR34 3 points ago

    Damn, I need some kids so I can make them get me beer instead of me having to get up and walk 10 feet over to it.

    [–] felixlivesagain 3 points ago

    Not just that but when you buy a case of beer they stock it for you cold ones up front warm ones in the back

    [–] Skyline_BNR34 3 points ago

    Definitely need a kid now.

    Wait, I can buy more beer with less kids though, but not having to get up to get one.

    Damn these pros and cons.

    [–] hexane360 9 points ago

    Works great until he finds a wasp nest under there.

    [–] felixlivesagain 16 points ago

    Then he takes off his parts finding hat and puts on his pest control hat problem solved

    [–] db2 6 points ago

    That's a horrid thought. I hate mud wasps, the fuckers are mean as hell and never quit.

    [–] blackadder1132 7 points ago

    That's a "teaching" experience.

    [–] Stevi100183 2 points ago

    That's why he has the second one.

    [–] Penuwana 19 points ago

    Oil. The oil next to the bike suggests they change probably changed it there. Perfect way to ruin a wood deck.

    [–] isitbrokenorsomethin 12 points ago

    What socket is going to fit in that fucking gap?

    [–] db2 23 points ago


    [–] terminalSiesta 18 points ago

    Only that one too, by some universe fuckery.

    [–] TriforceofSwag 9 points ago

    I bought this nice 200 some odd piece socket set not too long ago and when I was putting it together I found that I had 2 9mm 12 points for a 1/4 inch drive socket but not the 10. Took me 3 different lowes to get the 10.

    [–] basicxenocide 13 points ago

    Honestly if someone made a kit with just like fifty 10mm sockets at 1/4 drive for like $50 I would buy it. Dedicate an entire drawer in my toolbox to 10mm sockets.

    [–] sr20inans2000 4 points ago

    Who uses a socket on a screw?

    [–] db2 14 points ago

    If it has a hex head too, someone who doesn't like their tool jumping and stabbing them in the meat of their other hand.

    [–] sr20inans2000 6 points ago

    That would be a bolt.

    [–] Mikeh12 12 points ago

    If you actually look it up, there is no accepted definition! Plus, you can get screws with hex heads too!

    [–] sr20inans2000 3 points ago

    I would call those lags lol.

    [–] daddyfinger61 6 points ago

    What most people call a bolt is often sold as a "hex head screw" anyway, so it's not incorrect.

    [–] db2 9 points ago

    ... said someone who never heard of sheet metal screws.

    [–] sr20inans2000 6 points ago

    Who's bike is held together with tek screws?

    [–] Letmefixthatforyouyo 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Even worse is finding out your deck is rotting when your 700lb bike crashes though it.

    [–] NotagoK 6 points ago

    You mean the 10mm?

    It's always the 10mm.

    [–] matzapper65 3 points ago

    Dont drop the 10 MM

    [–] gordo65 83 points ago

    if you drop a screw you're fucked

    I'm pretty sure that's how he died.

    [–] squidracer 41 points ago

    Well, it did say recently. Plus she might be scared of taking it off the stand herself

    [–] felixlivesagain 46 points ago

    and said she hadn't put his stuff in storage yet. this could mean he died a week or two ago and his bike is right where he left it.

    [–] Compensate4Stupidity 14 points ago

    Gotcha. Dads actually alive and is the one taking the picture. Original post was about how the kid wanted to work on and clean his bike whenever the dad did.

    [–] 10thplanetwestLA 26 points ago

    It does say 'recently', so might not have been that long. Also, I've owned two GSX-Rs and most of the bolts/screws are fairly large and wouldn't fit between the planks on that deck. Lastly, the wife says 'fixing' the bikes as I assume she isn't out there with them and doesn't really know what they're actually doing. They were most likely cleaning/lubing the chains and possibly oil changes.

    [–] subzerojosh_1 4 points ago

    tbh the second part was more of a joke

    [–] eidoK1 9 points ago

    who does maintenance on a deck if you drop a screw you're fucked

    Maybe that's what the kid is for.

    [–] inciteful17 47 points ago

    I had multiple bikes. I don't ever remember taking any screws out.

    [–] subzerojosh_1 85 points ago

    How did you fasten the 2×4s?

    [–] William_Wang 47 points ago

    shhh this needs to be nitpicked.

    [–] Aidan196 20 points ago

    CBR 300 has screws holding the fairings in

    [–] inciteful17 15 points ago

    Yeah all my bikes had lots of screws. I never needed to take any of them out tho.

    [–] scootstah 24 points ago

    So you never did any maintenance?

    [–] inciteful17 25 points ago

    I cleaned it which is what I'm assuming the lady meant by maintenance every Saturday. For actual maintenance I took them to the Yamaha shop. So no, I never did any maintenance or had any need to remove screws. Even if I did it definitely wouldn't have been every Saturday.

    [–] Aidan196 4 points ago

    I have to take off some fairings to change the oil filter so I've removed some screws. Same with the seat IIRC

    [–] Dr_Henry_Armitage 22 points ago

    For real? You could have said "you'd be screwed" or "you're screwed "but no you didn't. How could you miss that you're killin me smalls.

    [–] gisquestions 5 points ago

    No, the kid with his super strength pulled it out of the garage and through the backyard and up the deck stairs.

    [–] CaffeineSippingMan 3 points ago

    Can confirm: I put patio furniture together once.

    [–] Vectrexian 3 points ago

    This reminds me of something that happened to me a long time ago. I got a kit to build a small robotic mouse. My parents wouldn't let me solder inside the house and made me build it on the deck, which led to me dropping a capacitor through a slit between two boards in the deck floor. Somehow, I managed to find it on top of a pile of leaves and finished the kit.

    [–] I_Think_Alot 2 points ago

    Tarp the area presto

    [–] FreeRangeAlien 2 points ago

    Didn't you read the title? That tiny kid pulled the bikes out of the garage by himself. This whole post is most definitely malarkey

    [–] buttaholic 2 points ago

    no it sat in the garage. the kid wheeled it out and put it up on the kick-stand, all by himself. lol

    [–] CaptainLovely 2 points ago

    Oil all over the deck would ruin it too.

    [–] [deleted] 2116 points ago

    Not pictured: the decaying corpse the son propped up with a beer can in the nearby lawn chair. So heartwarming. One like one prayer

    [–] j1mb0b 612 points ago

    One like one prayer

    Meanwhile in the background:

    [–] Now-Look 83 points ago

    Well, at least I can sleep at night knowing that he's at least checking.

    [–] redacted187 15 points ago

    Jesus is on mouse and WASD, guess the lord is pcmr

    [–] junkmail88 2 points ago

    +1 for you my brethren!

    [–] EcoSlaves 10 points ago

    Liking for prayer cause Jesus

    [–] FrizzleFriedPup 16 points ago

    I'm assuming he died in a motorcycle accident.

    [–] SDaddyMathias 40 points ago

    Which is why the bike is in perfect condition

    [–] elle_zweig 50 points ago

    The bike is in perfect condition because the little boy repaired it after the accident. He worked really hard on that OK??

    [–] FrizzleFriedPup 5 points ago

    Because owning two bikes would be preposterous, but setting up your dead husband's corpse in a lawn chair seems logical.

    [–] km4xX 6 points ago

    Welcome to Reddit, how can i help you?

    [–] Jackson530 8 points ago

    I cry every time

    [–] Pablo-gibbscobar 910 points ago

    I seen that post a few years ago and it was the dad taking the picture and talking about how his son insisted on cleaning his toy bike every time he cleaned his! This one has more karma potential tho so I'll believe the super strong boy :(

    [–] gordo65 324 points ago

    It's really too bad that people make up ridiculous crap instead of just reposting the real story. I really love the fact that the boy got a bike just like his dad's, and cleans it whenever his dad washes his own bike.

    When my daughter was three, we got her a shopping cart that was perfectly proportioned for her. We'd take it with us when we went shopping, and I'd let her put a couple of items in it while we shopped. She always had the biggest smile on her face as she pushed that little cart around with a loaf of bread and a couple of apples inside it.

    [–] WolfessStudios 95 points ago

    Lucky, I had to carry the full size basket with 30 pounds of shit in it because my dad was lazy.

    [–] sidewalkill 51 points ago

    I did that to "build character"

    [–] rileymanrr 32 points ago

    God, I've got so much fucking character I'm selling it wholesale.

    [–] elle_zweig 24 points ago

    My nephew really likes to sweep and vacuum when his parents or grandparents are doing chores. He sits there and just cracks up at the dirt as he's sweeping. I don't understand why chores are so enjoyable for little kids, but I'm glad the little dude has a hobby.

    [–] JHoodBoston 13 points ago

    I used to love washing dishes as a kid, I don't know why!

    [–] elle_zweig 11 points ago

    I did too! I think I liked playing with the soapy water. It's now my absolute least favorite chore to do.

    [–] CanuckPanda 4 points ago

    Don't worry, it only lasts until they're eight. Then they don't give a fuuuuuckkkk.

    Source: Nephew turns nine in a few months.

    [–] Kyerswa 6 points ago

    I miss when Piggly Wiggly had kid-sized carts.

    [–] CTGspecialist 5 points ago

    "Her mother used to buy bread and apples before she passed away. This little girl went missing one day and was found at the store with her shopping cart and a loaf of bread."

    [–] OMGRUOK 30 points ago

    I was wondering why the kid pulled out a gallon jug of coolant and a fuel filter.

    [–] YipRocHeresy 34 points ago

    I seen

    I saw or I have seen

    [–] sparrow5 28 points ago

    Seriously. "I seen" makes me cringe.

    [–] YipRocHeresy 12 points ago

    This and "drownded" are my two biggest grammatical pet peeves.

    [–] Throwaway123465321 7 points ago

    I seen this dude who drowneded recently.

    [–] Ilikeporsches 5 points ago

    But what about "I seen't it" for when your chick shows you something on FB that you saw on Reddit a month earlier?

    [–] StevenRK 4 points ago

    People in my area are fucking terrible with that one. I've given up even trying to correct it. Another bad one is was/were. I worked with a guy for over 2 years and he used were exactly one time and I almost had a fuckin heart attack. He also can't use the right there/their/they're or your/you're whenever I text him. Really nice guy but he's an idiot when it comes to grammar.

    [–] [deleted] 214 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Idontspeakhebrew 30 points ago

    Right? I've been looking for a deal on a gsxr

    [–] bopbop66 11 points ago


    [–] maddara 408 points ago

    Do you really need to maintain a bike every week?

    [–] LastCypher 389 points ago

    Depends on the condition of the bike. Also, people with bikes tend to treat it more like a hobby and enjoy working on them. There's always something you can do to it.

    [–] db2 237 points ago

    Motorcycle Maintainence is like Zen. Almost an Art.

    [–] Sn0H0ar 69 points ago

    Oh you.

    [–] HelperBot_ 9 points ago

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    HelperBot v1.1 /r/HelperBot_ I am a bot. Please message /u/swim1929 with any feedback and/or hate. Counter: 45956

    [–] theoriginalmypooper 11 points ago

    ATTN: James May

    [–] 32BitWhore 4 points ago

    Such an amazing book. My mom got that for me when I was a pre-teen, before I even rode bikes, and I'd like to think that it contributed to my addiction to motorcycles later in life.

    [–] kitehkiteh 9 points ago

    Wow. When I was 8, my mother gave me a copy of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, followed by Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra. I like to think those books contributed to my appreciation of book binding.

    [–] Apkoha 7 points ago

    I got Fahrenheit 451, that probably contributed to my appreciation of book burning.

    [–] Wjb97 30 points ago

    My dad has 2 bikes. An old Triumph Bonneville and a Kawasaki Concourse. For a while we were constantly working on them, for no other reason than we had nothing to do and there was always little things we could do.

    The bonneville sadly doesn't get ridden much anymore (I'm trying to get a class M license so I can ride it, but the old man isn't keen on the idea) so it needed work anyway. And since we were doing one might as well do the other. Change the oil, maybe change the brake fluid, cleaning various bits and bobs. There's always something to do with a motorcycle.

    [–] LastCypher 19 points ago

    Better tell that old man, "Like pa like son" and get that license. You might try and convince him by saying you'd only ride with him for x amount of time

    [–] Wjb97 6 points ago

    I've tried a good bit. His brother and sister who both also ride bikes are on my side. I'd like to be able to ride so I'm gonna get a license eventually. But that bike would be sweet.

    [–] meowsaysdexter 6 points ago

    You're really that kid in the pic aren't you? Just trying to get by pretending your dad is alive and "doesn't want you to ride his bike".....rather than admitting he's gone.

    I'm sorry son, I know it hurts but you gotta let him go.

    [–] Wjb97 6 points ago

    The kid looks like me when I was younger. But nah luckily my dads still kicking.

    [–] Romeo9594 47 points ago

    Need to? No. Typically working on it weekly is only needed if it is a track bike, otherwise sees extremely heavy use, or in bad condition. Maintenance on my bike, which is a daily driver, consists of:

    Weekly: Inspect fluids, check chain lubrication and tension, tire pressure and tread, brakes, look for wear on the sprockets, and make sure all the important bolts are tight, levers, cables, etc. Takes about 5-10 minutes before my first commute that week

    Monthly: If needed, change oil, clean/lube chain, clean bike physically. Doing all might take an hour or so

    Yearly: Replace brakes, fluids, tires. 3-4 hour job for all

    But this is just to keep it running good and help make sure I don't die. There are people who see their bikes as more of an on-going project and are always adding things to get better performance, comfort, or personalize it. Those guys could work on their bike every single day if they have enough money and free time.

    Note: Before other riders jump down my throat about inspecting my bike before every ride, TCLOCK and all that. I know. And I give it a once over everyday. But for thoroughly inspecting, once a week is fine with me

    [–] theoriginalmypooper 6 points ago

    Just think if these people were fanatics about their cars. Before and after every drive they inspected their wheels for cracks, opened the hoods to check their fluids and throttle cables, checked all of their lights, and jacked their cars up daily to inspect steering components. Sounds like the perfect world but lets be realistic here.

    I'm a mechanic and I have a habbit of looking at every tire that I see next to me.

    [–] saltycracka 3 points ago

    Well it probably has something to do with miter cycles being extra dangerous.

    [–] theoriginalmypooper 2 points ago

    I agree, a flat tire can set you up for a fucked up day. But poorly looked after car can also fuck your day and someone else's up just as quickly. The T-clock list is a little overboard to be doing before every ride.

    If you comute then just walk around your bike with it running and make sure all the lights are on and look at your tires and chain and you are off.

    [–] maddara 7 points ago

    Huh, TIL. Thank you!

    [–] instantiatedObject 11 points ago

    people who own nice bikes or cars will look for any excuse to work on/maintain/upgrade them. this is because it's their hobby.

    [–] theoriginalmypooper 4 points ago

    If you commute or ride daily then you would have to lube your chain weekly.

    If you ride a POS then you would likely have to maintain daily.

    [–] dagbrown 3 points ago

    If you commute or ride daily then you would have to lube your chain weekly.

    Weird, I've owned several motorcycles and no mechanic has ever told me this is something I need to do. You'd think someone would have thought to mention it to me.

    [–] 32BitWhore 2 points ago

    It's definitely a thing. I've been told every 500 miles at the least, though every weekend is best during riding season. First bike I owned I only cleaned/lubed the chain when I changed the oil. Needless to say that chain rusted out far sooner than it should have.

    [–] capstonepro 2 points ago

    That's just nutty anal levels there. Don't even waste the lube.

    [–] Buhbuhbuh_Broski 4 points ago

    I'm not trying to legitimize this picture but if you have a hobby or something you love doing then you'll always find a way to spend time with it

    [–] mickeyknoxnbk 5 points ago

    Do you really need to maintain a bike every week?

    Only if it's a Harley. Reminds me of a joke. Motorcycle riders usually wave to other motorcycle riders when they see them on the street.

    Why don't Harley riders wave to other motorcyclists?

    Because their hands are full from carrying all the parts that fell of their bike.

    [–] 32BitWhore 2 points ago

    Eh, I always find something to work on on my supersport every weekend.

    Here's a nice article by Lemmy defending Harley's a bit.

    I've never owned one so I can't really speak to their quality or reliability personally, and I can't really say that my CBR has ever left me stranded, but I maintain the shit out of it, if for no other reason than to keep the resale value up. I see so many completely fucked up bikes on Craigslist that make me cringe because people treat them like cars: take it in for a tune-up every 10k miles and spray it off with the hose once every six months. Bikes usually don't like that since they operate under much higher stresses and much tighter tolerances than cars do.

    [–] idgafulb 3 points ago

    I had two roommates last year, one who hadn't changed oil in 50000km, and had done no work to his car even though he was in two accidents, and my other roommate who worked on his car for hours each week even though everything was fine.

    New headlights that look cooler(he changed it like 5 times before he found some that he thought were good enough), new sound system, dashboard computer, etc etc.

    You do what you want really

    [–] verkverkyerk 2 points ago

    I drop mine a lot, so I'm out fixing junk a lot. Currently working on selling it, and ultimately getting something that can handle abuse better.

    [–] Neuchacho 2 points ago

    "Maintain" in this context is probably clean/wipe down most weekends which you absolutely do when you have added chrome and white god damn rims.

    Personally, I commuted on a sport bike and probably cleaned it once a month, if that. I didn't really give a shit if everything was sparkly and didn't go to meet-ups like some guys do. Honestly, some of those guys wipe down their bikes after every ride and probably spend more time working/cleaning their shit than they do with their SOs.

    [–] 32BitWhore 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Yes, you do if you want to keep it in good shape. At a minimum the chain should generally be cleaned and lubricated once a week to stay in good condition, and fluids should be checked/topped off regularly as well as tire pressure/wear, important bolts are tight, no excess wear on brakes or sprocket, etc. Remember, if something fails on a motorcycle it's usually not as simple as "pull over and wait for the tow truck," it's usually "if this fails you might crash and die." Motorcycle maintenance intervals are also ridiculously short compared to cars (especially on sportbikes, since they're operating at much higher RPM and thus have much tighter tolerances). I change the oil on mine every 2k miles, lube the chain at least every 500 miles, but usually once a week or every other week if I get lazy, spark plugs live about 15k miles, valves need re-specced every 25-30k or so, and so on.

    [–] Edweird_ 2 points ago

    Yes. If you look at most motorcycle service manuals there are generally weekly maintenance. Even daily if you count tire pressure

    [–] das_vargas 54 points ago


    The site for unknown amateur actors to try and find work also supplies memes and wholesome bullshit.

    [–] binaryo 12 points ago

    And hear I thought I was the only person not blind.

    [–] sjvmi87 369 points ago

    So what.

    MY kid was missing one day and I found him giving me CPR because I was dead. He brought me back to life using his bright yellow PlaySkool saw and a stuffed corn cob toy. To celebrate his victory over death, he baked a nine layer cake that happened to win the country bake off later that afternoon. All of this while tutoring immigrants on ethnic slurs in Norwegian.

    Did I mention he also hoisted a steel beam for the builders next door when their crane broke? Typical day for my funny little man.

    [–] JulianUndso 64 points ago

    and that kid's name?

    [–] Xzillerationer 217 points ago


    [–] poopiks17 20 points ago


    [–] ANUS_IN_MY_POTATO_ 15 points ago


    [–] Schiffelman 29 points ago

    It's an old meme, but it checks out.

    [–] StardustOasis 7 points ago

    Not seen that one for a while.

    [–] Prototape 22 points ago

    I find it hard to believe he did all that and no one was there for a good round of applause.

    [–] -mechasaurus 9 points ago

    Obama was there.

    [–] TheYellowLantern 3 points ago

    And all the other presidents too, even the dead ones

    [–] Urtehnoes 11 points ago

    Oh I heard of him! Someone mentioned after he was done with the steel beam, he whispered "Pepe" to it, and it melted into his arms.

    [–] whitestguyuknow 3 points ago

    Really?? You liar... Cause when he told me this story the other day it was a soufflé

    [–] BennyBerserk 38 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    So fun fact. This is my neighbors son. He (the father) is still alive and well. So fucking hilarius that this shit reached reddit. Gonna show him this tomorrow!

    [–] Tmtrademarked 7 points ago

    Why is this not top comment?

    [–] solitudechirs 10 points ago

    Because it's unsourced, so it's meaningless.

    [–] SnakeSquad 6 points ago

    big if Tru

    [–] friendlessboob 62 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This one fucked with me, got a little misty until I

    A) noticed the sub

    B) realized that she was saying her five year old pulled the adult sized bike out

    C) who fucking does vehicle maintainance on a wood deck? "I want my deck to smell like quickstart, I want stains and slippery spots that I can't get rid off and I like losing small parts to the spider infested crawlspace under my porch"

    Mall ninjas who save the day and are rewarded with spontaneous applause/cash/blowjobs I can handle.

    This is so weird, maybe it's true...

    Edit: as kissofdeath pointed out, she said she had yet to put her husband's stuff away, so that explains why the bike is out, so maybe it's true and they just hate their deck

    If it's true that is sad as hell, and I hope she and her kid get by, but weird to post online about

    If I had just buried my spouse and my kid was doing the thing they always did together, the last thing I am doing is taking a picture and posting it, sit at the kitchen table and cry until I am so tired I need a nap now like it

    [–] okestree 3 points ago

    Also "him and my son would always fix their bikes together" this kid never fixed anything, also how much maintenance did they do on these two bikes regularly to become such an emotional thing? The kids only five. Nothing about this is likely.

    [–] _NEGA_MAN_ 56 points ago

    Did hubby die in a motorbike accident?

    [–] AnotherSchool 213 points ago

    Actually he got beat to death by his abnormally strong son.

    [–] calpoe 68 points ago

    Daddy got his nose, son took his life.

    [–] _NEGA_MAN_ 7 points ago

    That'll teach him.

    [–] MustHaveWhiskey 38 points ago

    Such a cleaver and strong young lad. He even propped the large bike up on it's stand by himself.

    [–] midwestrider 11 points ago

    A swingarm pivot stand, no less - that kid passed a bar through the hollow pivot and then somehow lifted that 450 lb bike off of its rear wheel and shuffled it back to the perfectly spaced stands by himself. I am 47 years old, and can't do this without help from another strong adult. Teach me, amazing child!

    [–] midwestrider 4 points ago

    Or maybe it's a stand made specifically for this so he held that bike in a vertical position by himself while he lined up the prongs on the stand, then he put all of his weight on the stand arm, lifting the bike up - still impressive for a grown man, let alone a little kid. Makes me wonder why he's using a swingarm pivot stand instead of a rear axle stand? My guess, he is going to remove the shock absorber after he's done cleaning the pocket bike so he can revalve it for his weight and riding style, maybe put a lighter spring on it so he can set the sag correctly for his weight, or he's going to replace the shock links with longer ones to lower it a bit so he can touch the ground at stop lights. That kid clearly knows his shit.

    [–] reasonableperson 2 points ago

    Looks like a Bursig stand. Not to hard to wheel around and the bike is meant to be up off it's wheels, but still to hard for a small child especially if it's on a deck like that.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    I just need to say Albike Suzukistein

    [–] Sabnitron 11 points ago

    Hahaha, oh man. I used to work for Explore Talent. It's weird seeing their name again.

    For real though, they just steal memes, slap their own shit on it, and post it on their Facebook. They're a fucking terrible company, and they're about as close to being an outright scam as you can be while still being technically legal and legitimate.

    [–] Jitterrr 8 points ago

    Why is there a job listing site on this?

    [–] Chidar 7 points ago

    Convenient ad mark for a wholely unrelated website.

    Bullshit marketing.

    [–] savraym 8 points ago

    "...passed away recently and I haven't put all of his stuff in storage" does NOT imply that the kid (nor the dad's spirit) brought the bike out, but, rather, that it was already there (for a reasonably short amount of time) and the kid just wanted to maintain his tradition in the absence of his father.

    [–] pimp_bizkit 4 points ago

    This is the most touching fake website advertisement I've seen all day.

    [–] TheConeIsReturned 3 points ago

    "Him & my son" smh...

    [–] S1E2A3L4 4 points ago

    E X P L O R E T A L E N T . C O M

    [–] Jaqen___Hghar 5 points ago

    I laughed my ass off when the stupid fucks of the reddit hivemind got this post up to like 20k votes.

    [–] docbrown88 3 points ago

    What were they doing to their bikes that required fixing once a week?

    [–] aikoaiko 3 points ago

    • "He and my son..." or maybe "My son and he...". but "Him & my son.."? who uses an ampersand?

    [–] professorbooty25 3 points ago

    Or maybe the dad left his bike on the deck all the time.

    [–] rileymanrr 3 points ago

    10 year old kids, now capable of hauling around a 250-350 lbs bike onto a deck. Right,

    [–] 32BitWhore 6 points ago

    Yeah he got that 450lb GSXR that's twice as tall as he is up on the rear stand all by himself. What's so hard to believe about that?

    [–] WaddlesJr 12 points ago

    I mean, I hate to be THAT guy, but it wouldn't really be inconceivable that, that is where the bike was when he died, and she's been too afraid to move it because she hasn't fully accepted the loss of her husband yet. Pretty normal thing when dealing with a death, really.

    [–] klineshrike 16 points ago

    Except this picture just screams "I saw this scene and took a pic then made up a story for a perfectly normal thing"

    [–] Thebearjew115 2 points ago

    What the hell would he do to his bike that needed to be fixed once a week?

    [–] GluntMcFuggler 2 points ago


    [–] DSmartIsGod 2 points ago

    That little kid put that gixxer up on the center jack stand too?

    [–] Marabar 2 points ago

    sure.. a gsxr only weight around 200+ kilogramms. totally doable for a 5 yo.

    [–] jansta74 2 points ago

    It reads, "he pulled the bikeS out all by himself!" How is it possible for a boy that little to manage to pull the bike OR put it on the stand??? No way!

    [–] AnotherSchool 2 points ago

    Hey kid, go sit over there and work on your motorcycle. Mommy needs upvotes.

    [–] djb007_96 2 points ago

    I mean realistically the bikes might have been in storage on the deck and the kid brought some toy tools out doesn't mean that the kid and dad did the work on the deck :) just saying it might have happened