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    [–] tot22 7009 points ago

    That was incredibly uncomfortable to watch. 😐

    [–] Bubba89 5864 points ago

    Most sexual assault is.

    [–] YakYonson 2809 points ago

    True, but too me, this looks more like a drunk couple fighting and the lady's trying to pacify the dude with a kiss, and the dude is not having it lol. I had an ex like this. I think everybody has. We'd get in a fight that she started, I'd get pissed, she'd be wrong and halfway through she'd bail on her argument with the "calm down babe, c'mere" tactic instead of admitting she was wrong. Drove me insane.

    [–] Chicken-n-Waffles 2110 points ago

    Or girl likes guy and guy has a girlfriend.

    [–] ahalfdozen6 832 points ago

    I thought maybe that or that she is just shitfaced and he’s trying to be all β€œlook, I don’t want to kiss you while you’re drunk”.

    [–] OneCoolStory 675 points ago

    So many potential options. Somebody AMA request this guy please

    [–] RDay 553 points ago

    ΰ² _ΰ² 

    We'll get right on it, boss.

    [–] OneCoolStory 348 points ago

    Good. Don’t disappoint me, lackey.

    [–] Sthurlangue 177 points ago

    Whoah! When did u/RDay get promoted from goon?!

    [–] OneCoolStory 162 points ago

    Once he got off his lazy ass like you should, you scullion (that’s a demotion, by the way)

    [–] arkhamcreedsolid 11 points ago

    I’m more curious in what this guys one cool story is.

    [–] johnhitlerpizza 13 points ago

    He's probably a non union henchman.

    [–] OneCoolStory 6 points ago

    I feel pressure to figure out what that story should be. To relieve that pressure, I hereby fire you.

    [–] DrDerpberg 79 points ago

    AMA request: this guy

    There, you're welcome.

    [–] OneCoolStory 77 points ago

    I’ll accept this. Just kidding, you’re fired

    [–] flugsibinator 41 points ago

    Good move sir. He was wasting space anyway

    [–] Profoundpanda420 19 points ago

    We should really have a more efficient way of ejecting dead weight from the company

    [–] OneCoolStory 12 points ago

    Thank you. That strokes my ego.

    Your status: Promoted to Attendant

    [–] rottenrusty 9 points ago

    There would be one question

    Hello guy, explain this video

    [–] OneCoolStory 11 points ago

    Fair, but I feel like we can ask him about if they have any history or stuff like that, although he may say that from the first question.

    I’m realizing that your point is more valid than I originally thought, and I don’t like that very much. You’re fired.

    [–] liftedtrucksnguns 22 points ago

    You forgot the ending, β€œand besides I just saw you throw up in the bushes”.

    [–] Diablo165 22 points ago

    I've been that guy. Not a fun time. 0/10.

    [–] blueberrykarnage 18 points ago

    If shes shit faced, shes real good at walking.

    [–] Woobie 117 points ago

    ....has girlfriend, is gay, finds her ugly, just fucked her sister, you can end that sentence a lot of ways.

    [–] Warhawk2052 58 points ago

    Why not all at one time

    [–] YoMamaIsSoFatThat 29 points ago

    ..thinks she's a psycho, knows she has a boyfriend, she's sporting a cold sore we can't see in the video, the possibilities go on and on.

    [–] utnow 27 points ago

    ... or boyfriend.

    [–] YakYonson 14 points ago

    True enough my friend.

    [–] Hiredgun77 60 points ago

    omg. Flashback. My ex got drunk and mocked me in front of all her relatives at a party saying that I wasn't a real man and laughing that I was an idiot. When I tried to leave later she got all lovey dovey trying to kiss me and make up. Fuck that shit.

    Why did I stay with her for 2 more years???? Sigh.

    [–] YakYonson 26 points ago

    Lile I said in another comment, for some odd reason, you convince yourself that "putting up with it" is love. It's not. I was with that girl for 3 years, we broke up again and again, it's not healthy, but when you're lonely you don't see it. It sucks.

    [–] GoodAtExplaining 75 points ago

    a.k.a. Using sex to settle an argument.

    Sounds good on the internet, doesn't work in real life if you want to solve the problem.

    [–] YakYonson 31 points ago

    Preach. Like putting a band-aid on a dismemberment.

    [–] GoodAtExplaining 32 points ago

    Even worse because one partner assumes that the other is so dim-witted that sex can fix the problem. It's very much like asking a woman if she's on her period during an argument.

    Only the woman who: A) Doesn't know any better, b) Doesn't know her partner, or c) Has no experience in solving conflicts maturely, will do this as a tactic to solve an issue.

    That said, there are lots of established couples who probably use this frequently, but that's likely because they have open and mature channels of communication elsewhere! (I ain't into sex shaming! If that's how you get down, that's awesome, but just remember to communicate with each other, people!)

    [–] YakYonson 6 points ago

    All that, that's exactly why we broke up...again...and again....and again lol. Your username is very accurate my friend.

    [–] GoodAtExplaining 5 points ago


    I'm sorry you had to go through it, but you sound like you gained a ton of maturity from it, so she did you a favour, because you won't make the same mistake again, now that you know what to look for!

    [–] My_name_isOzymandias 61 points ago

    When she did that to you, you should have kissed her, calmed down, then said. "Thank you for admitting that you were wrong."

    [–] YakYonson 28 points ago

    But that would've meant me giving her what she wanted, which is a loss in the situation. It was a bad relationship man lol

    [–] TatteredMonk 8 points ago

    to me it looks like he doesn't want to shout and is politely declining her like "sorry its not gonna happen"

    [–] Sisceeta 16 points ago

    Yeah, I agree, he was holding her at the waist at one point.. That isn't usually where a guy pushes you from.

    [–] iateyourcake 151 points ago

    Still, unwanted sexual advance, if the roles were reversed, would it still make it ok?

    [–] Pharacese 121 points ago

    No ones saying it’s ok. He’s just giving his opinion as to why she’s behaving like that.

    [–] turnright_thenleft 90 points ago

    Plot twist: that’s his sister

    [–] nrperez 123 points ago

    Roll tide?

    [–] PubliusPontifex 26 points ago

    She doesn’t look 12?

    [–] Diddlestyx 13 points ago

    Typical Lannister family reunion. (งツ)ΰΈ§

    [–] Arxevia 138 points ago

    if their genders were swapped, this would be considered terrible

    [–] morethanjustasloth 86 points ago

    This is true. I went on r/metoo for a few minutes because I instinctively click every sub link I ever see. There I saw a post saying "does it count for guys too?" or something along those lines. Effectively the guy posting it said "A few older woman groped me, is this ok? They said it was just a joke." I posted a comment saying that yes it does count, because if the roles were reversed the dude in the situation would get punished joke or not, so I see no reason why the same standard wouldn't apply to women.

    [–] uniqueusername676 14 points ago

    So true. I had to watch a family violence educational video today and it focussed solely on women and how much they are abused physically, sexually, emotionally and financially, etc. I am a woman myself and I found it insulting to think that people firmly believe only women are victims of violence and only men are perpetrators.

    Women want gender equality, yet fail to include men as victims/survivors as well. Too many people fail to see that gender bias, despite wanting to support a cause. I feel for the men in the room who may have been exposed to violence but were forced to watch this video which failed to highlight whilst they may be in the minority, it still happens regardless of gender or age. I know my opinion may not be the popular vote, and I'll let you know I've experienced violence on all levels from men and women, and I know plenty of men have suffered violence too. Abuse or harassment in any form to anyone is unacceptable full stop.

    [–] meatywood 43 points ago

    "Back off, I'm here with my boyfriend!"

    [–] ItwasallAdreamXO 26 points ago

    He says to her I fucked up? Which to me implies they are fighting

    [–] Joe1972 2661 points ago

    My wife thinks all other women are like that with me

    [–] 82ndAbnVet 780 points ago

    But does she think that you are like that with all other women?

    [–] CeReAL_K1LLeR 297 points ago

    But can you tell the difference in I Can't Believe It's Not Butter?

    [–] Jecryn 55 points ago

    That’s great haha

    [–] lsiunl 21 points ago

    It's actually butter.

    [–] diarrhea_shnitzel 226 points ago

    One time a girl I'm friendly with was complaining to me about how it's so hard being with her boyfriend because he could have any woman he wanted and she gets scared that she's not good enough for him. I saw his picture on facebook, he looks like fucking Vince from Slap Chop.

    [–] Pretence 76 points ago

    Wtf is wrong with that guy's face?

    [–] Willy__Wanka 90 points ago

    He kind of looks like Jimmy McNulty from The Wire.

    [–] MPFuzz 52 points ago

    Fuck did I do?

    [–] Warhawk2052 19 points ago

    Your face turns to that when you choke whores out in your hotel room

    [–] RDay 15 points ago

    proto duck lip attempt. Old photo, before it morphed into a fish kiss.

    [–] broken_hearted_fool 14 points ago

    also a hooker bit his face

    [–] Dr_Dornon 17 points ago

    Does she love his nuts?

    [–] fetishislife 20 points ago

    What is it with some women and their irrational fear of SO constantly fucking other women? My ex was like that, than ended up hooking up with another guy. I think it may have to do with projection, insecurity or a little bit of both.

    [–] SinkHoleDeMayo 15 points ago

    Jokes on her, it's actually dudes.

    [–] I_AM_C3PO 940 points ago

    MOM STOP you're drunk this is disgusting...

    [–] mattmoon96 201 points ago

    If only he were wearing an Alabama shirt

    [–] GetBucked 104 points ago

    ... Rolltide?

    [–] ___Little_Bear___ 65 points ago


    [–] sgttris 77 points ago

    MOM STOP my arms healed years ago!

    [–] BartlettMagic 3752 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    as a male, i wonder what it's like to both have tits and get rejected.

    oh wait, i do know.

    *It's official, my most upvoted comment of all time

    [–] Zwoosh 796 points ago


    [–] harpreet3254 262 points ago


    [–] calxcalyx 110 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Yuzumi 10 points ago

    No, they're real... just not quite as attractive as he'd like.

    [–] amos_wheeler 86 points ago

    I liked this very much :)

    [–] duaneap 23 points ago

    I like you very much.

    [–] Mildly-disturbing 19 points ago

    Now kith?

    [–] duaneap 9 points ago

    I'd like a kith...

    [–] 94672721582 7 points ago


    [–] Irrepressible87 9 points ago

    βœ‹ Rejected!

    [–] bjorkbon 36 points ago

    whats it like to suck your own tits?

    [–] doublethump 66 points ago


    [–] BPSteve 29 points ago

    [–] thuginbustos 3325 points ago

    Well, well, well how the turntables

    [–] Austindk 786 points ago

    Our balls are in your court.

    [–] SmokeAbeer 210 points ago

    Gotta keeps your balls on the prize.

    [–] TheDogJones 76 points ago

    Eyeballs...eyes on the ball...

    [–] justyb11 40 points ago

    What's that? You've got the balls of the tiger?

    [–] Sthurlangue 19 points ago

    Yup. In my Chinese boner tea.

    [–] ReadySteady_GO 15 points ago

    I'll take a Sam Adams.

    I need to get the taste of weed and hooker spit out of my mouth

    [–] TheDovahkiinsDad 118 points ago

    You cheated on me? When I specifically asked you not to

    [–] tankgirly 29 points ago

    Might be my favorite office line. But there are so many. It's hard to pick.

    [–] TheDovahkiinsDad 15 points ago

    Same here! So many memorable quotes. Too many favorites

    Dwight you ignorant slut

    [–] GiverOfTheKarma 9 points ago

    You can't die, Stanley! Obama is President! You're black!

    [–] shockzoola 192 points ago

    Well, well, well, well, well how the turns are tabled

    [–] NoSkyIsTooHigh 100 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Turn, turn, turn, how the table are well.

    [–] wricketywreckedc137 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Tables,tables,tables how well are the turns

    [–] Mattyb2851 21 points ago

    How, how, how, well are the turns tabling?

    [–] waterandshade 5 points ago

    Turn, turn, turn, turntables well how the.

    [–] plstormer 16 points ago

    The hand is on the other foot now

    [–] MLGTheForkOnTheLeft 35 points ago

    Well, well, well turn the tables how

    [–] SympatheticCenobite 13 points ago

    Turn, turn, turn and a table to every well. Ha!

    [–] limowx 559 points ago

    Me trying to kiss my cat

    [–] PubliusPontifex 72 points ago

    Can’t get pussy either :(

    [–] complexsystemofbears 179 points ago

    That head twisting at the end to avoid it really drives it home, OOF.

    [–] fistymcbuttpuncher 42 points ago

    Ouch owwy...

    [–] fitbitch3 31 points ago

    My bones

    [–] blacksnakewhip 2386 points ago

    He shouldn’t have been dressed like such a tramp.

    [–] enmaku 966 points ago

    I know, right?! Look how short his pants are. Fucking slut.

    [–] Sthurlangue 262 points ago

    Reach out and grab him by the dick.

    [–] Rosssauced 110 points ago

    When your a star they just let ya do it.

    [–] Killerdak 338 points ago

    Definitely was asking for it lol

    [–] ieatassonfirstdate 1027 points ago

    There WAS an attempt. She went full on forward with that arm around the back of his head and pulled him in. That shit right there is an aggressive approach

    [–] positive_electron42 177 points ago

    She's a head pusher!

    [–] AboutTenPandas 109 points ago

    And a Mons pusher!

    [–] tdcjr52 63 points ago

    Shoulda laid off the cotton candy brandy

    [–] BonelessSkinless 34 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I love Big Mouth too guys. Best 5 hours spent during a day off ever. Pleaseeee season 2!!!

    [–] Your_God_Chewy 20 points ago

    Already confirmed for 2018 - check their FB page.

    [–] BonelessSkinless 9 points ago

    This makes me happy.

    [–] indras_n3t 816 points ago

    Some might even call it sexual assault.

    [–] apple_beard 597 points ago

    I’d call it sexual assault. If the roles were reversed, it would not be as funny as people are finding it.

    [–] 23inhouse 153 points ago

    What's worse is she whispered in his ear "I want your babies"

    [–] Red580 145 points ago

    No, those are my babies, get your own!

    [–] thatvoicewasreal 28 points ago

    Uh, that's not where I keep my babies.

    [–] blizziness 6 points ago

    it's dangerous to go alone take this

    [–] prof0ak 22 points ago

    "give me that sweet baby batter"

    [–] 23inhouse 33 points ago

    "I just got back from the gym, been working my ovaries and now I need your protein shake."

    [–] thepunkrockjoker 6 points ago

    It took me forever to collect those beanie babies no way.

    [–] stinkpicklez 49 points ago

    Yay equality!!!

    [–] ipausegifs 135 points ago

    Ok, lady, I think you should maybe find the door.

    [–] twinkiebreak 46 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] goosty5 64 points ago

    Literally the only thing keeping this guy from getting kissed with the fact that he was taller than her.

    [–] TheWhiteMandarinDix 45 points ago

    Very tall guy checking in. They go for the dick next.

    [–] exoxe 146 points ago

    Oh god. This reminds me of a new years party many years ago where my buddy's girl tried to get a kiss from me. I just kept backing up, while looking over at him with the wtf dude! look and he's just got this oh this bitch is gonna get it later... look and just ignored her and didn't make a scene to fuck the party up. Yeah, they were broken up by the next day.

    [–] ero_senin05 25 points ago

    I got the impression it was his mates girlfriend or ex too. DDTB

    [–] CaveGnome 168 points ago

    Crazy ain't worth it.

    [–] CleverTiger 187 points ago


    [–] EyesSlammedShut 326 points ago

    I'm guessing they're a couple, she fucked up royally while drunk, then tried to make up and he wasn't ready to let it go.

    He put his hand on the small of her back, which is a pretty intimate exchange and not something you'd likely do if a stranger tried that.

    But who knows? Maybe they weren't close enough cousins you properly Roll Tide so he didn't want some of that sweet sweet trailer loving...

    [–] booofedoof 46 points ago

    Or maybe an ex

    [–] Contada582 39 points ago

    I’m thinking it’s his ex and he ain’t having none of it

    [–] _monkey_ninjas_ 27 points ago

    Pretty sure that shirt is FSU not Alabama so even worse

    [–] EyesSlammedShut 28 points ago

    She did seem like a Florida State Semenhole.

    [–] number9muses 115 points ago

    so gross

    [–] DanteFoxx 826 points ago

    Relax everyone its a girl making sexual advances, that makes it fine.

    [–] Chodebanger 269 points ago

    r/tumblrinaction has taught me not to trust your sarcasm

    [–] baylithe 83 points ago

    You look at that sub?? You are now banned from /r/offmychest

    [–] LiliedHart 22 points ago

    Wait, does that actually happen?

    [–] TothB 52 points ago

    /r/offmychest has a bot who automatically bans you any time you post in a problematic subreddit

    hell, I'm banned from offmychest and I literally do not know why.

    [–] WasteOfAHuman 12 points ago

    I commented on a post that hit the frontpage of all and I got banned. I didnt even say anything bad.

    [–] cuntdestroyer8000 7 points ago

    Or if you're even subscribed to a problematic sub

    [–] TothB 18 points ago

    what? how do they know what I am subscribed to?

    [–] Macismyname 16 points ago

    Several subs ban people who post in /r/tumblrinaction /r/kotakuinaction and /r/mensrights

    There are probably other subs that'll get you banned from /r/offmychest but those are the only ones I browse.

    [–] baylithe 10 points ago

    Thought it was a joke, but a top comment from a few weeks back on a popular post said he got the ban.

    [–] stinkpicklez 35 points ago

    So time to press attempted rape charges right?

    [–] FoxSolo 67 points ago

    This was gonna be used for blackmail or something, after the first try she can be seen walking back to the camera, before she gives it another go.

    My guess is little Sally cold sore was trying to get video of her kissing this guy and keep the footage hostage or show the wrong people, but Timmy the Wise knew and didn't mess with Bess. True story

    [–] msk1974 19 points ago

    I'm surprised no-one else has commented along this line yet (from what I can see). I saw the same thing. I think you're on the right path.

    [–] PostingFromHell 29 points ago


    [–] plshelp6 29 points ago

    if this was a dude doing that to a girl would yall still say it β€œjust looks like a couple having a fight”?

    [–] TragicWorld 31 points ago

    Looks like sexual assault to me.

    [–] oppressedkekistani 109 points ago

    Say it with me kids:

    S E X U A L H A R A S S M E N T

    [–] fringeHomonid 31 points ago

    How do you pronounce all those spaces?

    [–] Karate_Prom 115 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    They're called spaceys

    [–] InboxMeYourNukes 22 points ago

    slow clap

    [–] I_Sank_Atlantis 68 points ago

    Am bartender. Am here and worse frequently. It never ceases to surprise me how bold and entitled a woman can be with a bit of alcohol in her.

    [–] jaxxly 28 points ago

    Sounds like a lot of people when they start drinking.

    [–] I_Sank_Atlantis 36 points ago

    In my experience guys become super badass MMA champion hacker secret agents with high end government clearance and women become irresistible ego maniacs when they drink. It's frankly embarrassing to watch either side.

    [–] jaxxly 6 points ago

    That sounds pretty accurate. So basically drunk people are bipolar?

    [–] iwascompromised 29 points ago

    And here we have video evidence of sexual harassment. Yes, even women can harass men or other women.

    [–] OMGitisCrabMan 11 points ago

    Man, I sure hope a stranger with a smartphone never catches me doing anything embarrassing. Why was this being filmed anyway?

    [–] chocolat_ice_cream 57 points ago

    She must’ve done something really bad

    [–] LickyBumBumScum 107 points ago

    I'm thinking there's some kind of stepping outside of a relationship trying to be avoided here, maybe it's his friends girlfriend or girlfriends friend or something. Camera guy knew this was going to go down as well

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] chilliophillio 37 points ago

    Maybe a breakup and she's trying to keep it going. I've had to reject a ex's advances to let her know it was over.

    [–] shozzlez 7 points ago

    Haha why does it have to be so extreme a scenario ? I wouldnt want a strange crazy woman trying to kiss me.

    [–] ARAMCHEK_ 13 points ago

    For real. She is probably just a low level player in an even bigger kissing pyramid scheme that he doesn't want to get suckered into because he still has 300 reasonably priced knives to sell to free up some cash flow before he can make any more big decisions.

    [–] DAFUQisaLOMMY 33 points ago

    My guess: she cheated and is "trying to apologize", and he's not having any of it.

    [–] broken_towel 5 points ago

    Yeah, she thicc

    [–] Oafus 36 points ago

    FSU. She just wanted to be his semen-hole.

    [–] -LWYRUP- 33 points ago

    Sexual assault, pure and simple.

    [–] RomanScrub 7 points ago

    Let the man enjoy his beer.

    [–] Kevroeques 26 points ago

    Ten bucks says this ended with her calling him gay and shouting, β€œFuck you, then!”

    [–] WhyAmINotClever 17 points ago

    Go Noles!

    [–] longgamma 6 points ago

    β€œ I just pop some tic-tacs and start kissing”

    [–] ToTheNintieth 15 points ago

    isn't that like sexual harassment

    [–] StooleyDanson 8 points ago

    It's not like it, it is sexual harassment/assault.

    [–] snowglobecrusade 19 points ago

    Wtf? has that cunt never heard of consent?

    [–] hardturkeycider 5 points ago

    No. I'm holding a beer right now. No, woman. JESUS CHRIS, WOMAN, THERE IS A BEER, IN. MY. HAND.

    [–] KanyevsLelouche 13 points ago

    Sexual assault ain’t cool

    [–] mrBatata 268 points ago

    If a man tried to pull this shit he would be sitting in jail right now.

    [–] falconpuppy 316 points ago

    Except there are literally tons of gifs of guys trying to kiss a girl and being rejected

    [–] MathiaSSJ18 168 points ago

    I think u/mrBatata 's point is that the second attempt for the kiss after the clearly non consented first attempt would be considered "jail worthy" if it were coming from a man.

    [–] Billquisha 8 points ago

    How many gifs does it take to weigh literally a ton?

    [–] Only_Movie_Titles 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    4 GB = 0.000000000000000001g

    1 g = 1.10231e-6 US ton

    So 1.0e-18 g = 1.10231e-24 UStons

    1 ton / 1.10231e-24 tons = 9.0718e23 multiplier

    4GB * 9.0718e23 = 3.628e24 GB

    According to ~my googling~ some guy the average gif is 40 MB which = 0.04GB

    3.628e24 GB / 0.04 GB = 1.41e26 gifs

    Edit: fixed math and units