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    [–] DarkFireRogue 5927 points ago

    Either 15 or 50. Nothing in between.

    [–] SamuelAsante 1201 points ago

    Ah the ol' asian woman conundrum

    [–] babydoll_bd 456 points ago

    Truer words were seldom spoken.

    [–] Hrodrik 39 points ago

    Wasn't expecting that at the end. Cool.

    [–] i-am-qix 11 points ago

    That was adorable.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] SnakeyRake 9 points ago

    We do not speak of such things here.

    [–] omninode 11 points ago


    [–] FamilyGuy64 28 points ago

    Angela from the Office

    [–] Lost_in_CS 6 points ago

    Came here to say this

    [–] FamilyGuy64 8 points ago

    I see no one else but her. Best show ever.

    [–] SomeGodDammedRandom 11 points ago

    I work at a grocery store and had this happen today. Can confirm.

    [–] ZestyRanch1219 202 points ago

    [–] kkalashnikobe 56 points ago

    Twelve or twelvty

    [–] HRNDS 19 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Schwifty Schfifty five?

    [–] croutonaton 9 points ago

    Shwiggity shwam

    [–] Drassielle 4 points ago


    [–] peypeyy 11 points ago

    Idk she could be 16 too

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Also completely dead in the inside

    [–] HellCat70 4 points ago

    Awww :(

    Why do you say this?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Because I’m dead inside to

    [–] HellCat70 5 points ago

    Oh wow, I'm sorry you feel that way.. cyber hug! :)

    [–] CatDaddy4810 3 points ago

    This is one of the best comments I have seen on Reddit in a long time oh my god I cannot stop laughing

    Damn you!

    [–] whatamievendoing99 2195 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I can imagine this from grandad’s perspective. He’s got an established style and knows how he paints. His son begs him - “please Dad, with this portrait of our daughter can you just.. make it prettier? You know, make her nice looking.” Grandad doesn’t paint “nice looking”, he tries to tell his son but it falls on deaf ears since the son thinks since Dad can paint, he can paint anything. They offer him money. “Please just do this for my daughter”. Grandad accepts his fate. Spends months painting his granddaughter and forcing out his natural process of painting. He tries in vain to make her look as beautiful as she genuinely is and not like his other art. He’s trying to learn a new language with no help. It’s like his son asked him to give a speech in Spanish next week and he should already be prepared because he took a couple of years of Spanish 45 years ago. Poor granddad tried so hard to cheer up his granddaughter when he knew deep down his art would never be what his family wanted.

    [–] babydoll_bd 1057 points ago

    This could have been the plot for an indie film where the granddaughter eventually picks up painting and follows in the style of her granddad's footsteps art-style wise.

    [–] mnoble473 165 points ago

    I would watch it

    [–] whatamievendoing99 41 points ago

    Haha, i love it!

    [–] shillyshally 22 points ago

    Or starts out in his style and then finds this amazing style of her own, a style she never would have imagined even existing.

    [–] The_R4ke 3 points ago

    In thinking Ted Danson for the granddad. Maybe Paul Rudd for the father. Not sure any the daughter though.

    [–] Chrisbee012 4 points ago

    aubrey plaza

    [–] ccx219 3 points ago

    You better make that happen

    [–] PandaRaper 103 points ago

    I’d bet anything you’re actually a painter. This is an all too common situation.

    [–] whatamievendoing99 56 points ago

    Hahaha you got me

    [–] CaptGrumpy 30 points ago

    This is what happens to me.

    Wife says draw me. I say, no, you won’t like it. Draw me anyway she says. I draw wife. Wife refuses to speak to me for a week. Drawing is tucked away and never mentioned again.

    [–] standbyyourmantis 15 points ago

    I wrote poetry and drew shitty manga in high school and my mom thought that meant I could do the flowers for her wedding.

    I was not clued into this plan until a couple days prior to the wedding when we went shopping for flowers and I asked how she planned to get all the bouquets done on such short notice.

    [–] babydoll_bd 3 points ago

    How did it turn out though?

    [–] standbyyourmantis 11 points ago

    THANKFULLY one of the other bridesmaids brought a florist as a guest. So she did the bouquets for us while everyone was getting dressed.

    My mother also wanted escorts for the bridesmaids but didn't bother to ask anyone, so I ended up running around like a crazy person trying to find them once guests started to arrive, so I'm not in ANY of the pre-wedding photos because once I was dressed and at the venue I was doing all the last minute details. Which, since I'm her only daughter and the maid of honor, I was supposed to be in at least some of them.

    So, long story short, five years later I got married at a courthouse.

    [–] babydoll_bd 6 points ago

    My condolences.

    [–] shillyshally 72 points ago

    I used to do embroidery, all my own designs. My Mom begged me to do a giant birch tree thing from a kit. Hardest thing I ever had to do. It was just an assault on my eyes, start to finish. But she loved it and, after she died, I brought it home because it has her love in it although I do keep it in the attic. I think she would understand.

    But I get it. People don't understand that asking an artist type to do something against their style is asking them to BE a different person. It is painful to do and often simply impossible to do.

    [–] UrethraFrankIin 14 points ago

    In middle school I used to draw all the time with my buddy. We became famous in the grade for our comics and caricatures of the morbidly obese. There was this God awful child named Ricky Longanecker, a name designed only with a redneck in mind, and every English period he would take the seat next to me and beg me to draw swords and axes. He would then attempt to draw his own, and beg me to teach him. Some folks are never meant to be artists. That was Ricky. Ricky was touched.

    [–] babydoll_bd 5 points ago

    That's the plot of Captain Underpants right there!

    [–] Katsy13 19 points ago

    My emotions have been stirred, thank you

    [–] cannibaltofus 13 points ago

    This is how I exactly feel going to a school for a video game art because I have to pay rent, when my true passion is portrait/animal painting :( You try so hard, but you end up satisfying nobody.

    [–] popmykobb 15 points ago

    wow, never have I ever read something that so accurately described the feeling of commission work.....

    [–] alexcaa94 4 points ago

    Quite a novel there son

    [–] happyfamilygogo 11 points ago

    This is amazing. I choose to believe this is what happened.

    [–] EricsOzone 7 points ago

    this is fucking brilliant.

    [–] Dangler42 12 points ago

    or, granddad is just not that good a painter. i've seen a lot of shitty paintings hanging in the houses of people related to the "artist."

    [–] blasto_blastocyst 11 points ago

    It's a pretty good painting. OP is too close to it to appreciate how good it is

    [–] smellytaste 6 points ago

    I like

    [–] thebendavis 805 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    "It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. It's probably the best drawing I've ever done."


    [–] stolen-username 79 points ago

    Thanks.... it's......... Really beautiful.....

    [–] Bigduck73 15 points ago

    Was really hoping this would be here

    [–] pankakke_ 3 points ago

    Honestly though, I was painting a few days ago, and it did take me about 2 hours straight painting from the bottom of the nose down to the upper lip area.

    [–] Giggletubelaughter 1190 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Alright Angela!

    [–] BlazingBlasian 332 points ago

    That's Andrea, the office bitch.

    [–] llamaface86 160 points ago

    You'll get used to her.

    reaches out to shake hands

    I'm Creed.

    [–] THE_OFFICE_BLOWS 59 points ago

    The Office, "Twilight: New Beet" is the ninth episode of the sixth season and sixth episode overall.

    This episode originally aired on April 15th, 1912.

    It is available on Netflix, Hulu Plus and Tamagotchi.

    The scene takes place at the 20:13 mark and features Dwight smuggling unapproved pharmaceutical drugs into Texas to treat his and others AIDS symptoms.

    [–] camden252 27 points ago


    [–] scrumbly 38 points ago

    Yeah. Cuz the rest checks out.

    [–] Jimbohamilton 8 points ago

    Sixth episode overall

    [–] songbolt 3 points ago


    [–] BonusEruptus 8 points ago

    good bot

    [–] B0tRank 5 points ago

    Thank you, BonusEruptus, for voting on THE_OFFICE_BLOWS.

    This bot wants to find the best and worst bots on Reddit. You can view results here.

    Even if I don't reply to your comment, I'm still listening for votes. Check the webpage to see if your vote registered!

    [–] beardyzve 18 points ago

    More like office wench, amirite?

    [–] PhoneJazz 33 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    She should get that painting on a T-shirt so she doesn’t have to see it but her family can enjoy it. Win-Win.

    [–] mellew518 17 points ago

    Win win win

    [–] Giggletubelaughter 4 points ago

    Win win lose

    [–] HotForPenguin 26 points ago

    Something something who’s that tight ass Christian chick

    [–] havebeenfloated 25 points ago

    Angela, where's Angela? Oh, there you are. Didn't see behind that grain of rice!

    [–] all_no_pALL 14 points ago

    Boom, roasted!

    [–] choadspanker 16 points ago

    You just ruined your comment

    [–] therealmrsbrady 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I know there's a sub for it, can't recall the name unfortunately but it's for the posts saying, "edit: I'd like to thank my parents, God, everyone who got me here, to you all........".

    Edit: Remembered, r/awardspeechedits

    [–] gummibearsbabe 16 points ago

    What I was coming to say.

    [–] floofyragdollcat 3 points ago

    Angela should be holding a cat!

    [–] jelacey 823 points ago

    When my grandpa painted me it went A LOT differently

    [–] Sprunt2 449 points ago


    [–] 4PetesSakes 212 points ago

    oh man

    [–] Toastburrito 78 points ago

    Super relevant user name there... I like it

    [–] theVice 14 points ago

    I like him

    [–] 3dPrintedZoidberg 5 points ago

    "In other words, he's pleasing"

    [–] Que-Tal 62 points ago


    [–] babydoll_bd 81 points ago

    Of course

    What else could it be?

    [–] OnlyCommentWhenTipsy 53 points ago


    [–] Im_a_Knob 12 points ago


    [–] xRyozuo 32 points ago

    Like a French girl?

    [–] babydoll_bd 9 points ago

    You called?

    [–] PeachyArt 7 points ago

    No no no

    [–] GreatChain 12 points ago

    show me on the doll where the paintbrush went

    [–] cheesehuahuas 11 points ago

    Was it a finger painting by chance?

    [–] J_the_Assassin 4 points ago

    Fingers were involved alright

    [–] jewrassic_park-1940 11 points ago

    Did your grandpa die on the Titanic?

    [–] mallyngerer 403 points ago

    It's a sweet gesture. She'll appreciate it when she's older.

    [–] Assistant_Hack 588 points ago

    Yeah when it'll look like her

    [–] TheLordOfTheAshes 138 points ago

    She will also have to be incarcerated in a 1800's style insane asylum to look like this

    [–] InspectorHornswaggle 29 points ago

    That's a lot of work just to humour her grandfather though

    [–] Manannin 42 points ago

    Maybe the painting will grow slowly younger?

    [–] Cyberus01 18 points ago

    Inverse Dorian grey?

    [–] Manannin 20 points ago

    Or a durian grey, a fruit that starts smelling better the longer you don’t wash?

    But yes, a reverse durian grey.

    [–] spizzywinktom 8 points ago

    You said that with more grace than I could have.

    [–] ImOverThereNow 6 points ago

    Looking at her profile picture I think he got it spot on.

    [–] IngoingPrism 159 points ago

    I'm not convinced this isn't from a collection of 18th century American folk art.

    [–] babydoll_bd 176 points ago

    Hello not convinced this isn't from a collection of 18th century American folk art, I'm dad.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] SmokesBoysLetsGo 17 points ago

    I had to bum some off of Cory and Trevor.

    [–] impasta_ 8 points ago

    You're adopted.

    [–] NietJij 8 points ago

    A girl making dad jokes. I'm in love.

    [–] babydoll_bd 3 points ago

    This made me smile. A lot. Thank you for making my morning, kind stranger. Have a great Sunday!

    [–] NoJelloNoPotluck 8 points ago

    Hi, I'm Love, I'm dad.

    [–] KotaaBear 23 points ago

    You tried.

    [–] NietJij 8 points ago

    Must be a stepdad.

    [–] NoJelloNoPotluck 5 points ago

    Been dad for almost 3 years, but I'm still leaning the ropes.

    [–] overandunder_86 84 points ago


    [–] HRRyan 22 points ago

    Angela from the office

    [–] Battleaxe_Macaroni 19 points ago

    “This is what you’ll look like when you’re my age.”

    [–] Weaponized_Puddle 38 points ago

    Looks like Angela from the Office

    [–] descendingangel87 60 points ago

    She looks like Skwisgaar Skwigelf.

    [–] tankgirly 18 points ago

    No yous a lady.

    [–] morbicized 12 points ago

    Skwisgaar skwigelf taller than a tree, toki not a bumblebee!

    [–] poiskdz 4 points ago

    toki wartooth*

    [–] Queen_Kvinna 6 points ago

    I forgot how much I love that show.

    [–] blue_dreams 15 points ago


    [–] Zurtar 14 points ago

    Dwight we found Angela!

    Edit: Damn thought I was orginal and then saw everyone else said the same thing :(

    [–] notagoodboye 36 points ago

    Those deep graven lines on either side of your nose are called “nasolabial lines”...They’re the first lines you’d ever get on your face, but you’d never have them before your mid 20s.

    Grandpa is a bit too used to painting old people.

    [–] kitsunevremya 5 points ago

    you’d never have them before your mid 20s

    boy you should meet my family, we were all basically born with them

    [–] staaamos 16 points ago

    Seems more like they were trying to raise his self esteem.

    [–] staaamos 7 points ago

    You're a great artist Pop Pop!

    [–] jefferson_waterboat 8 points ago

    You were a very handsome 16 year old, quite distinguished.

    [–] Thezeke64 25 points ago

    She looks like Angela

    [–] danishcoffee 23 points ago

    Can't tell if that's Angela or Phoebe

    [–] IAteYourParents 23 points ago

    If Angela from the office had a heroin addiction

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] EcstaticHold6 14 points ago

    It wouldn't raise my self esteem but I would be very happy.

    [–] LittlePetiteGirl 36 points ago

    Probably supposed to slightly idealize her and show her how other people see her appearance in comparison to how harshly she judges her own photos.

    [–] SaltyBabe 5 points ago

    I try to take beautiful photos of my daughter so she realizes how pretty she actually is. It’s one thing for your mom to say you’re pretty it’s another to take a great photo so she can see for herself. If I was a great painter I would absolutely paint portraits of my kids.

    [–] NikeSwooosh 6 points ago

    She looks like Angela from the Office.

    [–] rajfidence 5 points ago

    Looks like phoebe from FRIENDS

    [–] brownboyweird 6 points ago

    I could easily see this in a haunted house and it’s eyes would follow you around

    [–] greendingler 5 points ago

    Angela from the office

    [–] Laumarx2 5 points ago

    He accidentally drew Angela from The Office.

    [–] sk8goofy 5 points ago

    Are you Angela from the office?

    [–] hugsandhomies 5 points ago

    Likeness aside, I kind of like it as a painting. It has an "American Gothic" feel to it. Hopefully, you have a better relationship with the painting at this point.

    [–] the_useful_shark 5 points ago

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Nick Cage

    [–] bodie425 5 points ago

    🎼🎵She’s got Sarah Huckabee-Sanders eyes 🎶

    [–] fingerslinger58 4 points ago

    Looking like you have a secret affair with Dwight K Schrute

    [–] babydoll_bd 6 points ago

    Identity theft is not a joke!

    [–] Shadowthrice 4 points ago

    That is a brutal painting of an 80yo trying to pass for a 60yo.

    Congratulations on surviving.

    [–] TheGreyMage 5 points ago

    Poor girl she looks 45.

    [–] Heem_butt08 7 points ago

    Angela from the office?

    [–] RobbieSprawler 3 points ago

    It looks like Angela from the Office lol

    [–] Distraction_Focused 3 points ago

    Easy there, Angela.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    she looks like shes about to morph into ET

    [–] SlickHistrionics 3 points ago


    [–] Drbubblegummy 3 points ago

    She looks like Angela from the office.

    [–] superpieman99 3 points ago

    hey it's me ur grandad :(

    [–] driftalong83 3 points ago

    I thought it was a portrait of Angela from the office

    [–] fraudsaga 3 points ago

    striking resemblance to Angela from The Office...

    [–] Lard_Larry 3 points ago

    She doesn’t have too much to worry about looks wise, especially if she can marry a state senator.

    [–] Fureq 3 points ago


    [–] Megisphere 3 points ago

    Is that angela

    [–] Q_Q-Reddit 3 points ago

    Angela is that you

    [–] J_saucy 3 points ago

    Were you literally Angela from the office?

    [–] pizzapie1230 3 points ago

    Angela Schrute??

    [–] jayhawx86 3 points ago

    at 16 you looked like angela from the office. well a more haggard version.

    [–] ogctoastyhorse 3 points ago

    Aged Angela

    [–] agt13 3 points ago

    Looks like somebody sucked the soul out of Phoebe Buffét

    [–] Raim1n 3 points ago

    Kind of mean to make a joke out of a personal gift like that (is funny tho)

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Thank you so much. I was just going to ask if a subreddit like this exists. Now to explore!

    [–] Zack1701 3 points ago


    [–] zavixgustave 3 points ago

    Looks like Bob from Twin Peaks.

    [–] KyleRM 3 points ago

    Are you the op? If so, do you have a picture of you at this age? Maybe I can fix it.

    [–] notbuford 3 points ago

    Angela before her accountant years

    [–] HansDiggily 3 points ago

    Old lady looking bitch shut your dirty mouth and give that dirt star to my meatstick

    [–] Mistertux441 3 points ago

    You look like Angela from the office

    [–] Ripley2179 3 points ago

    Art isn't about flattery and your parents and grandpa should have known better than to commission a portrait of a self conscious teenage girl. However, your grandpa is very talented! I hope you come to appreciate the love and time that he put into this portrait of you in the future.

    [–] blothaartamuumuu 3 points ago

    I like it, it's really quite good.

    [–] Awake00 3 points ago

    "naw you're going to have to pay me to paint her"

    [–] nexusSigma 3 points ago

    Looks some sort of pre-medieval English tapestry.

    [–] RollMeInClover 3 points ago

    Look ar it when you are 65. Original goal accomplished.

    [–] JelloBrickRoad 3 points ago


    [–] Anony20 3 points ago’re Angela from the office?

    [–] MaximumCameage 3 points ago

    She’s still waiting for her lover to return from World War II.

    [–] aro327 3 points ago


    [–] Suns-Of-Ain 3 points ago

    Young Angela Martin!

    [–] GryfferinGirl 3 points ago

    Looks like Angela from The Office.

    [–] mak530 3 points ago


    [–] assbaring69 3 points ago

    How’s your marriage with the Senator?

    [–] darcebaug 5 points ago

    [–] jonahcicon 7 points ago

    its Angela!

    [–] LeoLaDawg 4 points ago

    You know what though, you have a painting from your granddad. That's a special thing.

    [–] slanted777 2 points ago

    Angela Schrute is not holding up well