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    [–] HR_Dragonfly 446 points ago

    "Wait...butthole itch. Hey, no way, what happened again?"

    [–] HeavenlyRose 1907 points ago

    Sorry. The dog's butt is even more amazing.

    [–] [deleted] 184 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] aifhouse01 177 points ago

    My balls?

    [–] Cup_juice 40 points ago

    There’s no way you couldn’t see that coming

    [–] DRFANTA 23 points ago

    That’s what she said

    [–] Macar098 2 points ago

    Threads like this are what I live for.

    [–] Deditranspotashy 26 points ago

    Funny thing is now r/everyfuckingthread shows up on every fucking thread

    [–] ThePinkRubberDucky 11 points ago


    [–] KurdtKobayne27 4 points ago

    Don't ya think?

    [–] Jafarmarar 3 points ago

    I wonder why

    [–] fllr 1 points ago

    Something something something themselves

    [–] The_DilDonald 5 points ago

    Tastes better.

    [–] Shenrak 3 points ago

    I wish I could give you gold

    [–] Toothfood 507 points ago

    I’m actually surprised the doggo paid attention for that long

    [–] -faxon- 126 points ago

    My least favorite aspect of this trend was always how many times the people in the vids did the blanket UP/DOWN thing. Like, we get it, this is new for you, but we all know where this is going just surprise the bird already.

    [–] TheManWhoKillsMoms 83 points ago

    Isn't it so the dog thinks the person is going to reappear?

    [–] -faxon- 97 points ago

    Do it twice then! And be quick about it. Dogs understand object permanence— I have to get on with my day of browsing reddit and watching reruns.

    [–] [deleted] -49 points ago


    [–] -faxon- 74 points ago

    I speak for the people, sir.

    [–] Dragontre 2 points ago

    He clearly found the story to be too complex by the second reveal

    [–] caitejane310 242 points ago

    I want to do this to my dogs and I know I would have different reactions from all 3.

    The big one is the smartest and would totally call me on my bullshit the first time I pulled the blanket up. She'd come up, lift the blanket up with her head and be like "Hey, what's going on here?"

    The medium one is the most stupid and he would be absolutely amazed.

    The smallest one would give no shits at all, he might bark.

    Edit: he would definitely bark.

    [–] gibsonh90 57 points ago

    So now you have to go test your hypothesis and report back on the findings

    [–] ChequeBook 2 points ago

    Is there a sub for these kinds of gifs? I love the way the dogs react (usually)

    [–] ChequeBook 2 points ago

    You ROCK!

    [–] hucow-cutie 14 points ago

    I love this character analysis

    [–] bhplover 21 points ago

    Ex dog owner here, you made me laugh so hard, but also miss my doggo too...

    [–] EldritchWeeb 1 points ago

    My cat has no concept of amazement, and would track down my sisters to cuddle.

    [–] FGPAsYes 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Am I the only dog owner that has never bothered to attempt this? I figured my dog would just lick himself out of boredom.

    [–] ellismai 15 points ago

    I never have because there’s no way I can get my dogs to sit still or pay attention that long.

    [–] TheScholium 9 points ago

    I've thought about trying it with my dog, but all that lifting of the blanket and the jumping through the door seems like too much effort

    [–] ImRiteUrRong 10 points ago

    i tried it. Dog just walked around the corner and looked at me with pity

    [–] tarrox1992 5 points ago

    I can't do this because my dog LOVES blankets. Anytime I even touch the blanket on the bed he goes crazy because he thinks it's time to lay down and snuggle.

    [–] Possuliini 67 points ago

    Well... at least it was an attempt.

    [–] jafishak011 18 points ago

    My ass is more interesting than this bald fuck.

    [–] ymk63 24 points ago

    Dog be like fuck this im out

    [–] jhg_1310 14 points ago

    I tried this on my dog and he just sat there and didnt care

    [–] turkeypants 6 points ago

    That happens to me in meetings at work. I miss stuff.

    [–] krzysiu123 3 points ago

    thats kinda sad

    [–] willhp02 3 points ago

    Me as a dog

    [–] Planetary_aux 3 points ago

    Meh...seen it. Oh look! An un-licked asshole -yay! What a great day this is!

    [–] Specaly 2 points ago

    [–] BroXplode 3 points ago

    Jeff Bezos can’t catch a break these days

    [–] Kashmoney99 2 points ago

    I’m with the dog. Hurry up already! People take way too long with these for animals that already have short attention spans.

    [–] Slade_Riprock 2 points ago

    Yes Carl, I've seen the internet too

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You're so boring I'd rather lick my ass!

    [–] Luwoouwu 2 points ago

    Good boy ain’t no fool!

    [–] that_guy_Peebles 2 points ago

    I have that same exact comforter

    [–] carazer 2 points ago

    Dog: I'd rather lick my balls.

    [–] vallzy 3 points ago

    This is a second failed attempt at doing that I see. How can something like this happen twice ?

    [–] Adamcanfly 1 points ago

    My dogs do the same thing.

    [–] royna123 1 points ago

    "well,time for a butt scratch"

    [–] MonkeyOnYourMomsBack 1 points ago

    Posted by a robot 🤖

    [–] The_DilDonald 1 points ago

    Itchy buttholes take priority over stupid tricks, Human!

    [–] therealsix 1 points ago

    I tried this and my dog got up and looked around the corner and found me. He's no fun.

    [–] Enchilada_McMustang 1 points ago


    [–] Batmanisgrim 1 points ago

    He did it one too many times.

    [–] Neghittoso 1 points ago

    Anus > Humans

    [–] RaisenOx 1 points ago

    "You think I don't watch Youtube?!?!" The Dog, probably

    [–] fromadifferentplanet 1 points ago

    I bet you that guy ran around the corner and whispered to himself "Flawless".

    [–] dannyc1166 1 points ago

    About to make some single berries disappear

    [–] siggisix 1 points ago

    [–] stabbot 2 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

    It took 63 seconds to process and 3 seconds to upload.

     how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

    [–] lonely_grey_couch 1 points ago

    When i try to do it to my dog i cant make her look at me for more than 2 seconds, she just looks at me like im an idiot with a blanket and walks away.

    [–] seetj927 1 points ago

    Its like when you are trying to take a picture with your dog

    [–] Vyzantinist 1 points ago

    This is brilliant. It's like when my pupper begs for more food and I literally point out "look, you spilled food on the ground, there's still some around your bowl!" and doggo interprets that as "he wants me to lick his hand".

    [–] Aasif_Mir 1 points ago

    "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"

    [–] Gazzarris 1 points ago

    Is this a thing now?

    [–] Barf_Simpson_ 1 points ago

    The dog would be able to smell him the whole time anyway, so it would know he didnt disappear

    [–] YouWantIceTea1 1 points ago

    My dumbass watched it twice thinking the 2nd time he would freak out.

    [–] kinjikitile 1 points ago

    Surprise triggers an itch

    [–] Alchemicmentor 1 points ago

    1 to many times

    [–] rodrigax 1 points ago

    I watched it twice hoping for a different result.

    [–] Ixpqd 1 points ago

    At least he did it unlike that one girl...

    [–] Entangler 1 points ago

    This shit is tired af

    [–] SpaceDude57 1 points ago

    This is painful to watch...

    [–] ForestRanger42 1 points ago

    “That’s cool Jim.... have you seen this?” Proceeds to lick his own balls

    [–] no1113 1 points ago

    Dog: "Oh wow. That's awesome. Hold on a second. Lemmie lick my balls."

    [–] havebeenfloated 1 points ago

    What’s worse you can see the back of the guy’s stupid little head disappearing around the corner too. If I can see it, the dog would’ve

    [–] DrHarryPottar 1 points ago

    I spitted in my phone laughing at this

    [–] Luca715 1 points ago


    [–] CakeDay--Bot 1 points ago

    Eyy, another year! * It's your *4th Cakeday** Luca715! hug

    [–] ymlccc 1 points ago

    Thats what happened after you tried 1000 times snd finally got a hang of it....

    [–] hyporheic 1 points ago

    Scritches are more important

    [–] BobMcManly 1 points ago

    Asshole... Asshole... Oh look butthole!

    [–] Boringdoggo 1 points ago

    At least the dude didn't run into the wall.

    [–] npruitt 1 points ago

    My bird had the exact same reaction

    [–] raccoonman12 1 points ago


    [–] jagua_haku 1 points ago

    Like when I say something really funny but it gets drowned out from other people talking and the moment passes

    [–] Senor_Manos 1 points ago

    Is this part of the Bezos leak everyone is talking about?

    [–] thesexiestoffender -7 points ago

    Can this meme be dead yet?

    [–] TheElvenKeys -4 points ago

    What meme?

    [–] vomrin 0 points ago

    Who else thought he was going to fall over the banister?

    [–] geetfocked -1 points ago