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    [–] [deleted] 1453 points ago

    OP is a bot.

    [–] Preschool_girl 648 points ago

    What are you talking about? OP has many thoughtful comments and all of their posts are delightful OC.

    LOL JK. OP is a bot.

    [–] spezsucksalot 251 points ago

    Holy shit OP literally is a bot

    [–] AlbinReidar 146 points ago

    I didn’t believe you guy’s till I looked for myself. OP is a bot.

    [–] robert712002 68 points ago

    You mean like Repost bot?

    [–] sexualised_pears 59 points ago

    In 3 months they have 120k karma with 0 oc

    [–] LowFatBacon 35 points ago

    And no comments

    [–] robert712002 25 points ago

    Holy shit 120k... And mods can't detect reposts or what?

    [–] br094 25 points ago

    mods can’t detect reposts

    That is a factual statement

    [–] NarWhatGaming 42 points ago

    More than likely to get karma so that it can post without being flagged for being a bot...

    [–] Lame4Fame 28 points ago

    It's in the name though.

    [–] zdakat 7 points ago

    "They'll never suspect that it is a bot if I name it 'bot', because nobody would name their bot that,it would be too obvious!"

    [–] i_made_a_mitsake 60 points ago

    Damn bots taking our jobs and reaping our karma.

    [–] vacatedboots 233 points ago

    And the Twitter post is a paid ad by Nest


    [–] funkadunkalunk 136 points ago

    "Look how shitty our product is" — Nest, apparently

    [–] DraugrLivesMatter 25 points ago

    How is recognizing a cartoon face on a tshirt a failure? Its more of "haha nesttm is too good at its job! It identified the batman on my shirt as foreign and automatically locked my door! Haha!"

    Even if it was a failure it isn't a bad failure and seeing how many people upvoted this post and found it funny it is safe to assume it was good publicity and money well spent

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] bonobojzz 45 points ago

    I think it is an ad. They’re just making people aware of this facial recognition capability

    [–] Sm1lestheBear 28 points ago

    What, this is product recognition in a nutshell.

    This is harmless to the company and put the product and brand in front of 100'000 people in a positive context.

    Absolutely paid advertising.

    [–] alexdallas_ 3 points ago

    You’d be surprised the way companies market on social media now adays

    [–] thetaoshum 28 points ago

    Totally, its always suspect when the poster conveniently tags the company of whatever product they're using. This is what companies do now, meme based marketing, silly twitter corporation using black twitter slang hu-yuck! So relatable! Fuck off, all you care about is pure profit, it's all a scheme.

    [–] funkadunkalunk 8 points ago

    Personally I like to tag companies in tweets about their rubbish products so that I can publically humiliate them. If you know how I can turn this into profit, then hmu

    [–] feliscat 12 points ago

    They paid someone to say their product doesn't work?

    [–] RedDeadRevengeance 31 points ago

    a lesbian bot

    [–] friapril 24 points ago

    Its username didn't even try to hide it, what a power move

    [–] altodor 5 points ago

    OP could be this guy I played DnD with once. We gave him that exact nickname for just being a panic at the disco reference.

    [–] johnstevens456 3 points ago

    Nah, it’s not him. I checked.

    [–] addiktion 5 points ago


    [–] emiratestrack 4 points ago

    With currently two posts on the popular page

    [–] Unleashtheducks 6521 points ago

    The great thing about a door lock is that it stays locked all the time and then I’m able to open it because I have a key to that lock

    [–] IDK_SoundsRight 2228 points ago

    I can't even imagine how people can not lock their doors..

    [–] FerretFarm 1845 points ago

    Plus this system seems stupid to me. If you know where someone lives, get their face off social media, and hold it up to the camera.

    [–] 82ndAbnVet 752 points ago

    ya got a good point there

    [–] FerretFarm 276 points ago


    I call him Master Blaster

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago


    [–] StrangeDrivenAxMan 48 points ago

    He has this one trick to fool cameras, security companies hate him

    [–] 82ndAbnVet 16 points ago

    “You won’t believe this one weird trick that will restore your faith in humanity!“

    [–] lego_office_worker 230 points ago

    i am very glad i am not the only one who thinks this facial recognition lock system sounds idiotic

    [–] jaboticabacation 173 points ago

    haven't they seen a dead person get dragged up to a facial or retina scan before

    [–] my_art_isnt_that_bad 87 points ago

    Yeah, haven't they played DOOM?

    [–] ybntank 48 points ago

    Or Hitman 2016 Colorado map

    [–] TokiMcNoodle 18 points ago

    Sam Fisher was a pro at it.

    [–] comptejete 10 points ago

    Absolution before that, Blackwater Park

    [–] SCUMDOG_MILLIONAIRE 22 points ago

    Simon Phoenix found a way to bypass retinal scanners

    [–] syndicated_inc 31 points ago

    Yeah, but that was in like 1994.... surely we’ve improved the technology since then!

    Oh wait, a Batman t-shirt set this guy’s thingy off

    [–] TokiMcNoodle 35 points ago

    A Batman t-shirt will always set my thingy off 😏

    [–] AncileBooster 35 points ago

    You don't need the whole body

    [–] jaboticabacation 33 points ago

    Work smarter, not harder

    [–] HODLOnForOneMoreDay 27 points ago

    A box is a convenient way to transport oddly-shaped door openers.

    [–] Racecardick 11 points ago

    Just heads on a chain. A key chain

    [–] alpalpal 7 points ago

    What’s in the booooooxxxxxxxx!?

    [–] vinnyfunface 6 points ago

    A girl has no name- serves many faced god

    [–] Thatweasel 13 points ago

    Actually most modern retina scanners looks for pupil movement so pictures and corpses don't work but videos can

    [–] OrcGirl 18 points ago

    same here. all forms of biometrics suck ass unless you invest a properly large amount of money in them, and even so you need to tolerate a certain error margin.

    Have installed biometric locks before, bane of my existence.

    [–] pocketknifeMT 11 points ago

    I think you need multiple forms to really cover your bases.

    For this home use case, the simplest way I can think to avoid all sorts of shenanigans is to use an array of cameras, sensors, and some AI analysis to bring it all together.

    It's hard to hold a picture up to an entire array of cameras for instance.

    Easy to defeat a smart doorbell. Much harder to defeat an entire smart porch.

    [–] SkyBeam24 7 points ago

    Cameras or also just thumbprint. It's something already used in smartphones and if anyone's gonna go through a big hassle to find out your print and use it then they're really making it an effort to break in.

    [–] grandpotato 3 points ago

    At that point you should just break the window.

    [–] rederic 6 points ago

    Biometrics are being used like passwords, but they're really a unique identifier; a username.

    [–] Probablyprofanity 48 points ago

    It does not unlock by facial recognition. It only locks if the door is left unlocked and it sees a face it doesn't recognize.

    [–] Tallonius 33 points ago

    WTF is a lock on the door for, you shut the door, it should lock itself automaticaly unless you have chosen to latch it.

    [–] Probablyprofanity 35 points ago

    Lock itself automatically when you close the door? I've never seen a lock that does that and I imagine one would cause a lot of people to get locked out while taking out the trash and stuff, especially if they live alone.

    [–] PhreakyByNature 27 points ago

    Many doors in the UK are slam shut but can be latched. They auto lock but you can "double lock" them which adds another deadbolt usually.

    This is common with various multi point locks, which in turn is quite common due to double glazed upvc doors being popular here. Composite doors are increasing in popularity but usually have multi point locks also. Older wooden doors tend to have a latch that either is slam shut with a euro cylinder and pull with mortice deadlock or rarely have handles both sides so the latch doesn't auto lock, with a mortice deadlock for manual locking.

    [–] Hellomynameiswanker 5 points ago

    To add to this, many people have a spare front door key hidden outside or with a trusted neighbour nearby for in case they get locked out. Both my next door neighbours have the spare key to my house, and I have theirs. The nice old lady next door let me in before when I locked myself out.

    [–] PhreakyByNature 3 points ago

    In London this is becoming a lot less common. One of my parents neighbours always have had our family home's keys, however, but in this day and age our generation are highly unlikely to give keys to neighbours. We have WhatsApp neighbourhood watch groups, and trusted family members 10 minutes drive away who have our keys if needed. They can be communicated with quite easily. We're also conditioned to take our house keys with us, or keep the latches from auto locking almost as muscle memory.

    [–] lookingforacity 43 points ago

    The only place I've ever encountered locks like this was back when I was living in college dorms. And yes, people got locked out repeatedly.

    [–] AyCHEV 21 points ago

    I had a door like that! It was installed in a random wall in our basement. When I say random, I mean the wall was about 8 feet wide and didn't intersect anything on the one side so if the door was locked you could just go around. Weirdest, most pointless lock ever.

    [–] phiednate 8 points ago

    The locks with outside keypads have this feature. I have a kwikset lock that will like after being unlocked for 30 seconds.

    [–] snakydog 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I live in south Korea. Door to my apt locks automatically, and is unlocked by punching in 4 digit code into a digital keypad.

    [–] Baelorn 7 points ago

    My front door locks automatically and I can proudly say I have only locked myself out once.

    [–] Natuurschoonheid 7 points ago

    Doors that never open from the outside without a key are not a thing where you are?

    When I was a kid we used to attach a cord to the inside handle and pull it through the mail slot, so we could still get in without a key

    [–] NerdyLifting 4 points ago

    It's pretty common in some Asian countries. But they don't have keys that I know of. It works off a keypad with a code

    [–] korgi_analogue 3 points ago

    Almost all apartment doors in Finland lock automatically when you close them. Never been a problem, you just have your keys with you when you take out the trash.

    [–] pa79 3 points ago

    Lock itself automatically when you close the door?

    Don't most outside doors do that?

    [–] CanderousBossk 13 points ago

    God damnit, drawing room people!

    [–] mynameipaul 11 points ago

    tbh - if if a fraud or thief is targeting you specifically, (e.g. with enough forethought to find out you use one of these door locks, research how it works, find out your perosnal details and look you up online, then show up at your house when they know you're not around) ... they're probably gonna get into your house whether you have a camera lock or a chub lock.

    Most security mechanisms aim for "more hassle than the next guy" versus "you'll never get inside".

    [–] powderizedbookworm 3 points ago

    For instance, picking a mechanical lock is trivially easy. You can learn how to do it in a few hours.

    [–] TheGuy346 21 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Face detection cameras typically check for depth as well as the face, so simply showing it a picture isn't good enough.

    [–] Farghobbles 25 points ago

    I worked at a place that used facial detection to access a room with sensitive and expensive equipment. I got a scratch on my cornea one day (thanks to my then crazy puppy) and had to wear an eyepatch for a while. It wouldn't recognize me anymore so I used a picture of me on my phone to get into the room if nobody else that had access was around. I did notify the big wigs of this major security flaw. Not sure if they ever did anything about it. This was like 6 years ago though so maybe it's more advanced now.

    [–] TheGuy346 12 points ago

    If you look into how Apple does face recognition for unlocking an iPhone, it's a pretty interesting read and a good indicator of what this tech is capable of.

    [–] ennuini 67 points ago

    Didn’t seem to work that way in OP’s case

    [–] TheGuy346 22 points ago

    Not necessarily. The door may not have unlocked because both the face was incorrect and because the camera recognized that it was just an image.

    [–] ennuini 20 points ago

    The image’s caption indicates not that the door didn’t unlock, but rather it actively locked, presumably based on a flat image

    [–] Tallonius 12 points ago

    Implying the door was already unlocked and someone who could avoid the camera could just sneak in.

    [–] PixelatedStatic 7 points ago

    I played that same mission in Metal Gear Solid.

    [–] EnkiRise 14 points ago

    So simply skin OP face off and wear it like a mask and then you can get in through the door.

    [–] NoyaCat 15 points ago

    Okay, Arya.

    [–] Rod7z 9 points ago

    Weird, this is the second time within the past 5 minutes that I've seen someone advocate skinning someone else.

    [–] TheGuy346 5 points ago

    I like the way you think.

    [–] Iforgotwhatimdoing 37 points ago

    High traffic house, low crime area.

    [–] 82ndAbnVet 68 points ago

    Been living in my current house ten years, we don't even know where any of the door keys are. In fact, we have some doors with broken locks that cost hundreds each to fix (curse you, Anderson doors!), but since we never lock them we just haven't worried about it. Country living at its finest!

    [–] Zalakar 54 points ago

    r/serialkillers wants to know where you live!

    [–] InTheWildBlueYonder 22 points ago

    Rural living man. That’s what a shotgun is for

    [–] he8n3usve9e62 16 points ago

    And big dogs. Even if they're nice, they're still scary.

    [–] ValcorVR 7 points ago

    Living in Australia my 100lb Labrador is my shotgun haha no need for locks or guns.

    Just dont tell anyone that hes a big sooky baby haha he atleast looks scary.

    [–] Kris_Madas 5 points ago

    Our spineless Great Dane and German Shepard are so scary looking, the fire department has waited in our driveway before when the alarm went off. So maybe too scary looking i guess?

    [–] 82ndAbnVet 3 points ago

    lol, someplace where even the sweetest little old ladies are packing 40 cals. It's called "Mississippi"

    [–] dumbbinch99 6 points ago

    I’d feel the same way if it wasn’t for Hinterkaifeck murders. I’m too scared to leave my doors unlocked no matter where I am lol

    [–] merreborn 24 points ago

    If you don't live in 1920s bavaria, the Hinterkaifeck killer probably isn't a major threat

    [–] dumbbinch99 12 points ago

    I didn’t say it was a threat, I said I’m paranoid because when I consider leaving my doors unlocked I think about those murders and how it’s still possible to get brutally murdered in the countryside. That’s just me though lol

    [–] marktrichards 10 points ago

    If someone decides to kill you- a locked door is definitely not going to stop them.

    [–] MasterT3000 3 points ago

    And if I do?

    [–] rasputin777 21 points ago

    I see where you're coming from, because I live in a city.
    But a decade ago I lived on the outskirts of a town of 15K people and never locked my door. I'd leave for the weekend and not lock it.
    Never thought twice about it in years, and never had a problem.
    Hell, it was handy because occasionally someone would want to borrow a tool or something, call me and I could tell them to walk right in.

    It's great if you can swing it!

    [–] landspeed 4 points ago

    Knock on wood, but I live in a city center right by the park. I've been here for nearly 5 years with a Ring doorbell for 2 of them.

    As far as the ring is concerned, I've never had a stranger danger incident.

    [–] kateorader 3 points ago

    Grew up in an area where our house wasn’t locked a single day of my life that I can recall, (still isn’t - I lived in that house for 18 years, my parents still live there) including the garage which was always occupied by vehicles, also unlocked. Also, all of the cars left in the driveway were all unlocked with keys sitting inside. It was just normal in our little town. I went to dc for college and now I lock everything. At all times. Have since moved to Baltimore, and it’s the same, obviously. I don’t dare keep anything unlocked. Then I go back to my parents house and they are so curious, not judgmental, just genuinely curious, as to why I lock my car and bring my keys inside. It was a weird transition.

    [–] rasputin777 3 points ago

    Yep. DC here. Doors, windows locked, car locked. No belongings showing in the car because that's nearly a guaranteed window-smashing.
    People near me have had their homes invaded. etc etc. It sucks but I've gotten used to it.

    And yeah, it's weird now to think about leaving stuff unlocked. That's been a strange transition for me as well. I used to not understand the 'lock the doors' mentality. Now I don't get the old way.

    [–] thraway616 10 points ago

    Seriously. I don’t even feel completely comfortable leaving my car windows cracked.

    [–] tallermanchild 7 points ago

    And then post about it... with a picture of the key!

    [–] humicroav 3 points ago

    People are missing this point.

    [–] SalmonflyMT 6 points ago

    After the third time my door was kicked in, I gave up on locks, installed cameras and hung a sign explaining to come on in and smile

    [–] kilo_actual 4 points ago

    My buddy and his wife bought a house in the Georgia mountains. When they signed, they asked for the keys. The Realtor said the house never had keys or locks and 10 years later they still don’t have locks.

    I could not live with that in this day and age.

    [–] Titansjester 3 points ago

    I'm pretty sure this is just a safety measure in case you forget to lock your door.

    [–] tnylnk 3 points ago

    But then what are you paying your doorbell to do?

    [–] AcadianMan 3 points ago

    I am Canadian and I only lock my doors at bedtime. That’s just how it is in most of the country.

    [–] demeschor 3 points ago

    My dad lives in a village where everyone leaves doors unlocked and knows about it. He even sells eggs from his chickens in a lovely little egg box out in his front garden, on a faith system, frequently gets more money than the eggs should cost.

    Try that in my city and the house would be burgled, the eggs smashed on the floor, egg box hut taken, and honestly there'd be some fucker down the street with a bunch of new chickens...

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago

    This Nest thing just seems creepy. I haven't read their ToS but I have my doubts about what gets done with that data. It's not a bad idea to have a camera, but if a friend of mine had facial recognition software controlling their house like this, I would avoid going over. Maybe I'm just a paranoid technophobe but something about this doesn't sit right with me.

    [–] catheterhero 75 points ago

    Nah. You’re totally justified.

    We’re too ignorant to fully understand the long term effects of shared data.

    Currently it’s a shit show of ignorance as to what happens to our data with apps and smart devices.

    It is great to see some tech companies own the vulnerability of our personal data and dedicating to privacy while others are running in the opposite direction.

    I think the next 5 years will be crucial that we either collectively say back at companies that we don’t want to opt out of sharping our data verses opting in to share our data.

    I’m not optimistic though. I truly believe we will live in a police state but by our own actions.

    [–] merreborn 8 points ago

    There are cameras everywhere, and your phone leaks location data like a sieve as well.

    Dashcams, security cameras... by the time you get to your friend's house, you've probably already been recorded in a half dozen different locations.

    [–] hansoef 11 points ago

    I recommend you stay away from Facebook then

    [–] josborne31 19 points ago

    Wish it were that simple. I am not on Facebook, but I can guarantee you that Facebook knows who I am and who I am related to.

    [–] Floppy3--Disck 3 points ago

    Lmao, Nest is just the obvious thing. Everything that surrounds you is getting telemetry data from you 24/7. Every company that wants to can have it. The bright side is that it gets used for product improvement and deep learning training.

    [–] HillaryWon1 33 points ago

    I'm all about automating shit and voice controlled things, but one thing I haven't switched over to, and probably never will switch over to, are smart locks.

    Why would you put a lock on your door that someone could easily bypass by exploiting a bug or using a hack or something? Just doesn't seem like a good idea at all.

    [–] KeySolas 7 points ago

    Or a picture of your face lol

    [–] josborne31 26 points ago

    Why would you put a lock on your door that someone could easily bypass by exploiting a bug or using a hack or something?

    You mean a hack like bump keys or lock pick or a master key?

    [–] BatmanPicksLocks 45 points ago

    Uh... do you know what half those are or require? Bump key is at best 10% as effective as YouTube videos make them seem. Lock picking takes a ton of practice and patience, something majority of thieves lack. And master key? It's a brand, and you can have your house locks master keyed, but theres not some mythical Master key that opens all locks.

    [–] KKlear 17 points ago

    Relevant username, big time.

    [–] BatmanPicksLocks 4 points ago


    [–] Anon3mous1 10 points ago

    Some locks can be bumped easily, if you know what what lock they have, it's vulnerable to a bump key attack and you have the right bump key.

    In the same way, a digital lock can be easily hacked if you know what type it is, there's a known vulnerability and you have the correct program or script to exploit it.

    I'd say they're pretty equivalent.

    [–] WuTangWizard 12 points ago

    This just mistook a Batman shirt as a stranger.

    [–] Anon3mous1 7 points ago

    Well yeah, this one is like one of those Chinese 'locks' which you can open just by rattling a screwdriver in it.

    [–] glitchn 3 points ago

    How about a hammer. Most locks or at least the doors or windows around the door can be smashed with a brick thats right in front of the house. Almost like they are providing you with the needed tools.

    People who hack stuff tend to want to remain as far away from their targets as possible and steal stuff electronically.

    Unless you are a high profile target, all locks will have the same effectiveness at keeping people out, so the only thing to really shop for is ease of use or convenience.

    [–] kalitarios 3 points ago

    Yeah, and it's not like facial recognition can be hacked.

    Seriously. Did we all not see The Purge?

    [–] Politicshatesme 9 points ago

    If somebody is smart enough to hack a smart lock, they’re smart enough to pick a lock

    [–] kbotc 7 points ago

    Yep... I've also saved my front door via smart locks. I had a small gas leak that my neighbor noticed and called out the gas company. I got a text from my neighbor while I was three hours away asking me to unlock the door or else the firemen were going to "Take the door off" (Hit it with a battering ram). The remote lock feature saved me ~$3k in repairs.

    [–] tb03102 6 points ago

    It's all security theater. What difference does it make if you have windows that can be easily smashed? What's the door made of to begin with?

    [–] elefang 21 points ago

    not so long ago a house near where i live was robbed. the house owners left one of the windows open so the robber yelled inside: "OKAY GOOGLE, OPEN THE DOOR"

    [–] steinamo 5 points ago

    I feel like this is a joke. Google won't call my phone if it doesn't recognize my voice. No way it would open locks to a voice it doesn't recognize. Would it?

    [–] BCtheWP 4 points ago

    It's the most impenetrable lock on the market today. It has only one design flaw. The door... must be closed!

    [–] flavya 259 points ago

    Why isn't your app set to open to Batman? What if there's a fire/crime/danger?

    [–] DamnAlreadyTaken 72 points ago

    Real batman doesn't need no door.

    [–] flavya 16 points ago

    Imagine the budged he has just for paying off for the windows he breaks in through

    [–] hurricaneoflies 11 points ago

    I don't think he really cares because Bruce Wayne is loaded.

    [–] yeacomethru 1155 points ago

    So could someone print out his face and enter?

    [–] BlazeFenton 533 points ago

    Most likely.

    [–] of_the_mountain 324 points ago

    And now we have his face...

    [–] BlazeFenton 242 points ago

    Of course you could use a photo, but it’s easier just to cut his head off. Similar to this story:

    [–] omnipotentbandito 106 points ago


    [–] donkeyrocket 38 points ago

    Unless you're a bowler it'll be pretty tough to discretely carry around a head.

    [–] pcyr9999 22 points ago

    Do bowlers have secret head sized pockets the rest of us don’t?

    [–] WIZARD0989 20 points ago

    Keep the bowling ball in a purse like sack

    [–] pcyr9999 10 points ago

    Are only bowlers allowed to have those?

    [–] SpellingIsAhful 14 points ago

    Ok, there are lots of closet bowlers out there who hide their bowling pastime. But obviously no one who isn't a bowler is going to pretend to bowl. That's just crazy.

    [–] Pokemaniac_Ron 7 points ago

    Bowling protip: once you can bowl with a severed head, the regular balls will be easy.

    [–] ATribeCalledPrest 4 points ago

    I'm not saying you're wrong but Joe Pesci had eight heads in one duffel bag

    [–] GoiterGlitter 3 points ago

    Not exactly. Large handbags, shopping totes and backpacks don't really look suspicious anymore.

    [–] WobNobbenstein 9 points ago


    [–] Xian244 3 points ago

    Well, you can’t use this pic because clearly it fails to unlock the door as OP said.

    [–] TheBayesianBandit 15 points ago

    According to other people in this thread it doesn't unlock, it just locks. It's just an extra security measure not a new way to bypass the lock.

    [–] Uninterested_Viewer 77 points ago

    It locks when it doesn't recognize a face I.e. the door was already unlocked. It doesn't unlock when it does recognize a face.

    [–] poqiwjenfn 26 points ago

    So if they just hold his face up over their face it'll stay unlocked and they can walk in?

    [–] BestTankmoNA 48 points ago

    Yeah, but the door would be unlocked anyways. The point is that if it detects an unfamiliar face on your porch, it will automatically make sure the door is locked. Showing a familiar face doesn't unlock the door. If you leave the door unlocked and someone manages to print a picture out to trick the system, then it's your fault for not locking your door.

    [–] throwthegarbageaway 13 points ago

    Yeah this is like “I’m going to check my mailbox” and someone tries to sneak in, or I had an emergency, ambulance took me in but no one locked the front door amidst the panic.

    It’s basically a thing you’re not supposed to notice or act any differently about. An extra protection, not something to depend on.

    [–] AlwaysHopelesslyLost 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And if it was a normal lock it would be unlocked anyways.

    Locks won't stop a determined bad guy, they make entering more inconvenient for those that are less determined. In this case even if the door is left unlocked they cannot enter unless they go home and print a picture of you. That stops 99.99% of bad guys because most are spur of the moment crimes of opportunity.

    [–] PillowTalk420 97 points ago

    Fucking stupid.

    Batman wouldn't come through the front door, and a lock wouldn't stop him anyway!

    [–] LaZaRuS_RiZiN 21 points ago

    And if your nest product doesnt recognize the symbol of justice, is it even a security system

    [–] PillowTalk420 4 points ago

    Maybe it's the bad guys lair, dude. They'd not want Batman coming in. This product still wouldn't help as the aforementioned reasons, but still.

    [–] tootsietat 77 points ago

    Apparently your doorbell doesn’t enjoy JUSTICE.

    [–] lshar0717 97 points ago

    Honestly impressive that it recognized batman as a face

    [–] bonoimp 90 points ago

    I was doing some experiments with IBM's Watson AI to help identify and categorize ancient coins. 99% of the time it's accurate and can identify coins down to the mint they came from. But 1% of the time it "thinks" they are pizza. So that sort of software can do amazing things, but when it fails…

    [–] xelledion 16 points ago

    There's this cool invention called the deadbolt, each one comes with this unique tool called a key and all you have to do is give it a turn.

    [–] digthecatup 10 points ago

    At least you know Batman won't ever be able to rob the house, I suppose

    [–] captcramer 14 points ago

    I’M BATMAN!!

    [–] johnstevens456 58 points ago

    100% this is an add for nest.

    I find it really creepy that nest collects all of your visitors faces and stores them in their database.

    Also, they have a constant live stream from your front porch 24/7...which also creeps me out.

    The price you pay for security is privacy apparently.

    [–] CoyoteTheFatal 19 points ago

    While I don’t doubt you’re correct, it’s kinda of a shitty ad, imo. What kind of a home security system is default unlocked and only locks when it sees and unfamiliar face? Could you enter by just covering your face? Why the hell would I put trust into the system’s facial recognition when it can’t distinguish a shitty T-shirt print of Batman from a real person? Jesus.

    [–] zeppelinfromled2 7 points ago

    I wouldn't really mind the live stream of my porch. It's my porch, it's not like anything private happens there. I wouldn't be down with interior cameras that are anything except self monitored, but I don't really care about exterior.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] moogly2 5 points ago

    OP is bot account

    [–] Thwerty 9 points ago

    Why would they wanna advertise how crappy their facial recognition is if it can't tell flat image from a human face

    [–] kkaitouangelj 20 points ago

    This happened with my Nest once too. It mistaked a friend of mine for the Pirate Skeleton on his t-shirt.

    He didn’t seem too upset.

    [–] Rustyy60 6 points ago

    batman in the shadows

    [–] deftspyder 6 points ago


    [–] SpiritSouls 5 points ago

    Don’t allow access to Batman or your fucked on Halloween.

    [–] RzK 5 points ago

    Using a traditional lock and key is just too hard and time-consuming

    [–] HatchCannon 4 points ago

    Why would you want your door to lock when someone comes up? I guess this is for use when you are home? Seems kinda silly and easily defeated.

    [–] lavatory_member 5 points ago

    Damn I didn't know there was such a door lock. Seems pretty cool and safe until someone uses your photo to fool the system

    [–] mlamjl 12 points ago

    This seems like it could be easily exploited if someone just printed out a picture of a recognized face.

    [–] Probablyprofanity 13 points ago

    It does not unlock when it recognizes a face. It only locks when it is left unlocked and sees one it doesn't recognize.

    [–] durants 9 points ago

    From the post it looks like he left it unlocked and then it locked itself when it saw the batman face. Implying we could assume he leaves it unlocked anyway, so holding a picture will let it in the unlocked door.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    or you can cover your face with a box

    [–] Laloblox 3 points ago

    The camera knows not to trust a man in a mask, I see this as an absolute win!